Taizhou splitting PV enterprises address the second “double reverse”

Polaris solar PV net news: Taizhou photovoltaic companies from the US and European markets “retreat” in a solar company in the workshop a worker is working hard.

Recently, the United States Department of Commerce to China PV companies conduct a second “double” (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy) investigation initially determined that Chinese exports to the United States of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to make excessive government subsidies, subsidies for 18.56% to 35.21%. Shortly thereafter, some solar manufacturers followed suit last spring in Europe, accused China’s PV enterprises that violate the agreement. In recent years, photovoltaic industry, “going out” in trouble. However, PV enterprises in Taizhou through adjustment of the layout of the market, shrinking market share in Europe and America, coupled with product transition, facing the “double reverse” investigation, mostly in a normal response.

United States and the European Union for the market was once the PV business “meat and potatoes”.

Past, the cable company limited, Zhejiang baoli company limited, Zhejiang Golden promise new energy co, Ltd Taizhou PV manufacturers are almost always jump into European and American markets, such as this “hot spot”, these corporate 80% business depends on u.s. and European markets.

In 2011, the United States began the Chinese PV industry will be “double reverse” investigation. In this round of “double reverse” investigation, PV enterprises in Taizhou has made expensive “tuition fees”.

“Domestic PV manufacturers in recent years are competing on price, rising raw material costs, product sales prices are falling, profit margins have compressed. Coupled with the anti-dumping duties, survival more difficult for enterprises in Europe and America. “Zhu Lizhi, Director of cable new Energy Corporation said.

The European and American markets “frictions”, PV enterprises in Taizhou are disheartened. For small photovoltaic companies, “go” will take no small risk, coupled with the bad policy, PV enterprises in Taizhou originally wanted to set up factories in Europe and has also been “on hold”.

PV enterprises in Taizhou adjust marketing strategies, from the European and American markets, “retreat”.

Xinhua learned from the Taizhou customs, in January-May, solar cells, I exported US $ 39.28 million, an increase of 49.5%. However, the EU exported 7.032 million US dollars, down 37.6%, the United States exported $ 1.568 million, down by 55.9%.

PV enterprises are mainly small and medium enterprises in Taizhou and ship small good turn back the part of export sales growth, mainly from Southeast Asia, Japan and other emerging markets.

“In 2011, the first United States ‘ double ‘ after investigation, we will look to the Japan market, and became the province’s first open Japan markets solar products. Now Japan has accounted for 80% per cent of our share of the market. “Zhu Lizhi said. He also said that apart from a few old customers, European and American markets in the near future, there would be no more extensions. ”

The “ripple effect” PV companies focusing on the domestic market

Special new energy in Zhejiang baoli, Deputy General Manager Zhao Dong, PV enterprises in Taizhou, though early exit from the European and American markets, but “double reverse” would still have a profound impact on the industry.

Today, photovoltaic companies worry that the United States “double reverse” investigation “ripple effect” is becoming a reality in Europe, Australia, and India’s PV industry also began to “double reverse” investigation request.

In the just-completed 2014 on the international solar and photovoltaic engineering exhibition, Zhao dongwan’s popularity this year significantly higher than in the previous two years to Mong Kok. This means that everyone can see the potential of the domestic market.

“In these circumstances, the domestic PV market should become the next ‘ high ground ‘, perhaps a new price war is inevitable. “Zhao dongwan said.

Cable new Energy Corporation has roots in Taizhou, in addition to metal recycling Park 13.8 MW of photovoltaic power generation demonstration project area, next, Binhai industrial zone, 50 MW of PV power projects will also be launched.

There are some enterprises transform their product “save him”. Jinnuo Jin Jianjiang, head of new energy technology in Zhejiang Province told reporters that the company walked out of the new world in the solar lamp, “products like solar lighting is not in the ‘ double ‘ range, is very popular in European and American markets, the current solar lamps have occupied more than 20% of total company sales. ”

Original title: Taizhou splitting PV enterprises address the second “double reverse”

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