PV of “spontaneous” era to teach you how to annual income of 5,000 yuan

Polaris solar PV net news: July 2 was the “Nanjing, selling first person” Ginger his personal PV on-grid for one year, so far, Mr Kang was built when the cumulative power of 6 MW rooftop PV power station 7,750-kilowatt, in addition to meeting the demand for electricity in other than their own, and 5242.5 Yuan profit (tax included).

According to statistics, by May 2014, Jiangsu Province has accepted 669 distributed PV projects, of which 413 power generation total generation capacity of 430900 kilowatts, when generating a total of 139.73 million-kilowatt. Project scale, grid-connected capacity ranks the first in the country; of which 260 number for individual PV projects, ranking the second.

So what is distributed PV installation what are the benefits, how to handle photovoltaic grid-connected power generation? The website channel power company in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province Zhang Rui, Director of markets and great customer service, bring you all resolving distributed PV generation.

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Distributed PV be?

“Distributed solar power”, it sounds like high-end atmosphere on the grade, but in reality is all around us, every aspect of my life with you.

Distributed PV generation using photovoltaic modules, distributed generation systems convert solar energy directly into electricity, photovoltaic power generation projects is built on the roofs of the city. This type of project must be connected to the public grid, together with the public power supply power to nearby users. Can say, if there is no public grid support, and distributed systems cannot guarantee the reliability and quality of electricity for electricity.

To support the photovoltaic industry development, Jiangsu power beginning in 2013 on State grid voltage grid, a single 10,000 volts and below total installed capacity and outlets does not exceed 6,000 kilowatts of grid-connected distributed generation projects for service charge free, System standby fee exemption and external power supply renovation fee exemption schemes.

Processing applications for photovoltaic power generation revenue calculated?

Residents in distributed solar power, are most concerned about is that this benefit business, return. Nanjing electric power company-supplied data, and now, after measurement, PV 1 1-kilowatt in Nanjing when the installed capacity of photovoltaic power capacity of about 1000-kilowatt. Whether the electricity generated by private or Internet access, the State subsidy of 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt hour if the user grid “electricity” the electric company 0.43 Yuan per kilowatt hour. Nanjing power market and great customer service department director Zhang Rui, with an installed capacity of 5-kilowatt residents, for example, makes a Bill in two boundary conditions.

First is using the largest economic models, that is, all use electricity generated by, all third-step power deduction, an annual harvest of 6391.50 Yuan (including tax), after-tax earnings: 6086.50 dollars. “(0.8583+0.42), *1000*5=6391.50, 0.8583 third step pricing”

If the electricity used for Internet access, then this would be in accordance with the least economical models, 3632.5 dollars of income after taxes each year. “(0.43+0.42), *1000*5=4250 (tax included)”

How much money individual photovoltaic need? After a few years back?

According to reports, the 5-kilowatt set of PV devices currently installed, a total investment of about 60,000 dollars, 60,000 yuan, including solar panels, inverters, cables, dedicated network switches and construction costs. Power supply company offers measurement meter and consumption information collection device, and power supply companies in the incorporation process do not charge any fees.

Calculated according to the scale mode (that is, all use electricity generated by), the payback period was 9.86 years, minimal economic benefit models (that is, all electricity generated by Internet), the payback period for 16.52.

What residential customers more suitable for handling individual photovoltaic grid?

Nanjing power market and great customer service department director Zhang Rui told reporters “have proprietary roofing residential users more suitable for installation of photovoltaic electricity generation.” For equity roof users, application materials required the property as well as land titles, ownership and property of ID card, proof of legitimacy.

For a public rooftop PV projects, handle photovoltaic grid-connected user needs to provide property, owners ‘ committees or proof of the consent of all the owners within the same building construction also requires provision of land certificates, ownership and property of ID card, proof of legitimacy.

Generally speaking, 10 square meter roof 1-kilowatt can be installed photovoltaic power generation equipment, compared the current economic and installed capacity of 5-6 kilowatts, 50-60 square meters of roof area is therefore required. Actual power generation capacity specifically identified according to the user using the roof area.

“The large amount of electricity during the day, monthly electricity consumption exceeds the third step a user deserves more installed PV power plant, photovoltaic power for personal use issued by the higher proportion of the more cost-effective. “Zhang Rui said.

Distributed grid-connected PV electric company in Nanjing of “one-stop” service

Zhang Rui, introducing, for the convenience of users, and Nanjing electric power company opened a “one-stop shop” for service, residents of users ready to go through the information, documents, from the submission of applications for grid-connected operation, about 40 working days.

Residential users to handle distributed grid-connected PV applications, you first need to fill out an application form, provide customer evidence such as identity card, household register, real estate license, power supply after the company accepted applicants will send a site survey, for grid-connected application procedures are complete and meet the access requirements of distributed solar power projects, according to the national law, prepared free access system solutions. Access system programming is completed, access system confirmation issued by the power company and sent to resident owners, signed by the owner to confirm. Upon confirmation of user in accordance with the scheme of connecting residents select qualified manufacturers or companies to design and construction. User after the end of construction, power supply companies will provide free inspection services; after the inspection is completed, both sides can sign the relevant contract, official incorporation. For users personal use made up of more than Internet access is temporarily in a 0.43 Yuan/kWh (including tax) price of settlement, by 0.42 Yuan/kWh electricity subsidies (tax) price for settlement.

Specific business processes are as follows: 1, submission of applications for grid-connected–2 site survey – provide access systems, Customer Manager users within programme–4, construction–5, submitted to the on-grid applications for testing and debugging–6 and sign the contract–7,–8 installation, grid-connected acceptance of metering device debugging–9, grid-connected operation.

Handle how to choose electrical engineering and construction business unit photovoltaic and electrical equipment?

Residents in accordance with recognized scheme of connecting select qualified manufacturers or companies to design and construction, Ma 琎劼 reminds of the Nanjing electric power company’s technology Commissioner, electrical engineering construction company commissioned by the user must be issued by competent Government installation (repair, try) license of electric power facilities, construction Enterprise qualification certificates, safety production license. Equipment selection should be consistent with State and industry safety, energy saving and environmental protection requirements and standards. And construction units are not recommended by the power company, beware of the power supply company name of bad businesses.

This reporter learned that, although distributed photovoltaic power output is relatively small, but it was to some extent alleviated electric tension in some areas. In addition, compared with conventional power, distributed PV depends mainly on solar power, no noise during the power generation process, and does not pollute the air and water, very low carbon and environmental protection.

PV per issue 1 kWh is equivalent to saving 0.4 kg of standard coal. Nanjing capacity calculated for the 5-kilowatt residential users, can save 2000 kilograms of standard coal annually. As per 1 kilograms of standard coal combustion, CO2 emissions of about 2.493 kilograms, installed capacity of 5-kilowatt residential users, about 4.986 tons of CO2 emissions each year, equivalent to 150 tree planting.

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