Lucky film: the solar back plate cool idea

Polaris solar PV net news: while the company’s film business has largely ended, but when used to work in the film business, holding three key technologies, including technology, film technology coating technology, particles. These three core technologies that agrees with wet battery diaphragm process, so the company imagination huge lithium diaphragm.

PV encoded into lithium battery separator, backplane, made a significant step in transition. Company business for image material and new film material production and the sales, image business by residents consumption habits of effects larger, in digital era of today, traditional film industry boom degrees poor, company gradually transformation, in national policy and the company existing technology accumulated Xia, raised funds for production lithium diaphragm and the overweight solar back Board, project all up postpartum is expected to added lithium diaphragm project and the solar back board capacity respectively for 5700, and 15 million square meters, annual tax Qian profit 9148, and 24.73 million Yuan, 3.27 times times the total pre-tax profit stood at approximately 2013.

Film business core technical support, power assisted Lipo battery diaphragm first to achieve high-end products of import substitution. Company project reaches the postpartum high performance diaphragm will achieve a production capacity of nearly 60 million square meters, approximately 21% of 2013 domestic demand for high performance diaphragm, estimated 2016 potential demand for 10%. Future with consumer electronics replacement and upgrade of technology and the popularization of electric vehicles are expected in the next few years the global divide annual demand will grow to around overnight in 2016, demand of 1.472 billion square meters. Our high-end products accounted for more than 70% of the diaphragm needs, import dependence is serious. Company project reaches the postpartum is expected to quickly take the domestic high-end market, taking into account the arrival takes time, expects lithium 14-16 divide revenues 0.2, 0.6, 300 million Yuan, respectively.

Company backplane product take shape, prospect to look forward to. Global PV market is gradually warmed in recent years, has led the development of solar panels and back panels is expected in 2015 new photovoltaic installation 53.57GW need back 375 million square meters, with an average annual growth rate up to 20%. 2014 and 2015, new installed capacity in China is expected to bring back panel needs approximately 0.91, 105 million square meters. 2008 into the back field of the company, the project reaches the postpartum expected to total capacity of 35 million square meters, total production is expected to dominate the back-sheet capacity of domestic 22%, is expected to back project 14-16 revenues were 1.9, 3.5, 460 million Yuan.

Restructuring become clear, battery separator, solar back board sailing in the area. Company high-end diaphragm manufacturing core technology products reached the national top level, our assurance of good technical team to raise the tender offer and the company’s efforts to restructure, trust in the company at the high end of the diaphragm and back panels in the market products to market quickly to break the monopoly. Do not consider the issuance of equity dilution, 2014-2016 is expected to achieve earnings per share were 0.16 and 0.32, 0.22 Yuan, currently shares corresponding to respectively 2014-2016 PE seventy four-fifty fourths/37 times.

Original title: lucky film: the lithium battery cool conception of diaphragm and back panels

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