Dragon optical-half 742.8% is facing suspension risk

Polaris solar PV net news: Dragon photoelectric publish half-yearly report late Thursday said the 2014, loss of 53.8846 million yuan in net profit in the first half, down 742.8%; basic earnings per share loss of 0.27 Yuan per share.

Dragon photoelectric said due to the equipment of PV market demand, so fewer photovoltaic product sales. Sapphire market demand, Sapphire furnace sales to achieve slight growth.

Dragon photoelectric main photovoltaic equipment, in 2014, the main business is not a marked improvement, fewer sales, increased financial pressure. Dragon photoelectric insiders said, aims to turn a profit this year, is trying to drum up orders. However still not profitable during the reporting period.

Dragon optical in 2012 and 2013 for the second consecutive year of losses, 2014.5 annual losses of 53.8846 million Yuan. The company expects third-quarter loss before 2014 37 million ~4200 million. If the 2014 continued to lose money, its stock will likely be in 2014, annual report disclosure was suspended after listing.

Original title: Dragon optical-half 742.8% is facing suspension risk

EU will not perform SolarWorld charges China PV trade violations

Polaris solar PV net news: EU Trade Committee said in an interview, said that its EUProSun will be performed and SolarWorld referred to it, which show evidence of violations of EU and China price undertakings material of the allegations made.

The agreement set a minimum import price (MIP) and the annual import quotas. Do not follow China will suffer punitive tariffs of 47.6%.

In June, the EUProSun revealed that it had submitted evidence to the Committee, which implicated many top component manufacturer in China.

EU Trade Commission spokesman in an interview with reporters, said the materials cannot be used.

She said: “we can confirm that the EUProSun recently submitted information about a case in which alleged breach of promise in solar panels. However, the allegations relative to the EUProSun, this information is very limited. Violation of these allegations are far from reasonable evidence. Only on the basis of evidence of the Commission to act. ”

She said: “the Commission enables a variety of sources, continuously monitor compliance with trade defence measures, including price undertakings. Monitoring activities cover a range of activities, including the analysis of trade flows and on site visits to the exporter and its related importer. ”

“With regard to the latter, we can confirm that the first round of on-site verification visits home to the exporting producers in China in July. Since then, visits to their importers in the EU. At this stage, no conclusive findings. If the EU considers there is sufficient evidence in support of these measures being to avoid, they open anti-circumvention investigation may be required. ”

EUProSun Milan·nizixike, Chairman of SolarWorld Vice (MilanNitzschke) engaged to initiate anti-circumvention investigation programmes.

He said in an interview with Xinhua: “the Chinese are using a variety of methods to avoid, there is reason to initiate anti-circumvention cases as soon as possible. “But he was not sure this is coming.

He added: “We appreciate visits by the European Commission to investigate violations of the MIP Protocol, but due to large quantities of Chinese goods in EU trade well below the minimum price, absolutely no doubt that irregularities are occurring. ”

Nizixike warned: “with fake labels of origin in other countries have been trans-customs investigation of solar products in China. For importers great risks involved in such transactions. “He added that current advance notice of inspection system is not appropriate.

He said: “is necessary, for the purposes of the EU, not only to make notice of inspection visits, there is no notice of inspection visits. China will not be stupid enough in investigating before they could reach their company, not cleaning up their books. ”

Trina (TrinaSolar), LDK LDK (LDKSolar) as well as jinko (JinkoSolar) is confirmed by EUProSun appears in the list of enterprises.

Jinkosolar European Director fulanke·ningduofu (FrankNiendorf), told Xinhua in an interview, said the company was in compliance with the Commission’s investigation.

He admitted: “I’ve seen the evidence list, EUProSun. Some examples are very strange, and not very well argued. For example, Switzerland dealers to price below the MIP product. Switzerland is not part of the EU, so perfectly legal. Some illustrations in full compliance with the price undertakings, others may be closer to the edge. ”

“The ATP has some of our peers and EU inspection at our headquarters in mid-July. As far as I know in the ATP check found no evidence. As far as I know we haven’t found anything any peer. They really investigate us open books, reviews are positive. ”

Niendorf also stressed that many solar companies in compliance will be difficult to conceal key information.

He said: “we are talking about the United States stock market-listed companies, they must follow global accounting standards. Brussels with full transparency. From an accounting point of view, hide those things are impossible. In a book like this, the complaint will be immediately listed EUProSun see. I think some of the complaints are forced. ”

Original title: EU will not perform SolarWorld charges China PV trade violations

JA new capacity expansion will be positioned to avoid tariffs United States or Southeast Asia

Polaris solar PV net news: JA Solar’s management team said in its second-quarter earnings conference call, 2014 no further capacity expansion in China. Although did not rule out expanding capacity in China next year, but management said that its planned 2015 years of overseas expansion, which may include United States or Southeast Asia.

Its Q2 before anti-dumping decisions have raised the United States component shipments to 11.2%, 7.1% higher than Q1, but extra shipments 50MW will not last long. Management expects a strong United States market will keep for several years and therefore need an alternate strategy to circumvent the new tariffs, are considering in mainland China and Taiwan other than manufacturing or sourcing components, but the details were not disclosed. In addition, which have been completed in China’s latest round of expansion annual wafer production to 1GW, cell production of 2.8GW, annual production of 2.8GW.

Original title: ja new capacity expansion will be positioned to avoid tariffs United States or Southeast Asia

Jiangsu kuangda 22.14 million Yuan to buy Xinjiang 60MW of PV power generation projects

Polaris solar PV net news: Jiangsu kuangda 21st evening bulletins, company is a wholly owned subsidiary of electric power to be nobly to 22.14 million acquisition of fuyun NCP and Spa Guosheng 100% shares and the capital increase.

According to the announcement, passed by the company’s Board of Directors considered and agreed with the wholly-owned subsidiary Quantm power acquisition Guoxin sunshine energy, a licensed fuyun, Xinjiang NCP and Spa Guosheng 100% stake in both companies ‘ stock prices are about 11.07 million dollars, traded a total of 22.14 million dollars. Share transfer completed nobly and electricity to two project company fuyun and Spa Kunimori capital increase of 95 million dollars, 101 million dollars, respectively.

Fuyun, the League owns a 30MW fuyun photovoltaic projects, have been filing in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the NDRC, the basic operating conditions. The project site is located in PV class resources area, in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations, benchmark price is 0.9 RMB/kWh (including tax).

Guosheng Spa has a spa a 30MW photovoltaic project, has been included in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, national development and Reform Commission in 2014, photovoltaic power generation project construction plan, has not yet made the filing. The project site is located in PV class ⅱ resource area, in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations, benchmark price of 0.95 Yuan/kWh (including tax). Acquisition of 60MW of PV power projects the company will invest. It is estimated that after the completion of these two projects, forecast an average annual power generation is about 85.7205 million degrees, with an average annual electricity revenue of about 79.2758 million Yuan (including tax).

Company said acquisitions will further develop solar power plant operations, in line with the company in the development of the electricity sector positioning, company net profit growth will have a positive effect on future.

Company announcements on the same day, intends to wholly-owned subsidiary Quantm power capital increase of 250 million Yuan, after the capital increase-minded power will change to the registered capital of 500 million Yuan. Kuangda power is the implementation of the new energy business entity, the company will invest more in solar project development and construction of, and enhance its development in new energy capacity. Increasing capital funds will also be used for project acquisition and construction needs.

Released half a year on the same day the company reported that revenues 81,900 dollars in the first half, an increase of 30.39% and net profits of 84.8891 million Yuan, an increase of 27.29%, basic per-share earnings of 0.34 Yuan. Plate in the material performance of steady growth at the same time, last year’s successful takeover of Qinghai linuo solar power engineering company’s generating stable, in order to raise our company’s profit play a role.

Company expects earnings growth for the first three quarters of 10% to 40%, profit range from 123 million to 156 million Yuan.

Original title: Jiangsu kuangda 22.14 million Yuan to buy Xinjiang 60MW of PV power generation projects

Polaris solar network on August 21 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar network on August 21, news, photovoltaic power generation planning in Guangdong (2014-2020): 134, under construction project of public announcement, copy dijiu source group path Zheng JianMing capital exposure, the LDK LDK “coming back” subsidiary SPI preparations such as NASDAQ-listed, as follows:

Photovoltaic power generation planning in Guangdong (2014-2020): 134, under construction project publicity

Copy dijiu source group path Zheng JianMing capital exposures

LDK LDK “coming back” subsidiary SPI NASDAQ listing plan

RUC zhongmin voted today in Shanghai Dong wenbiao as Chairman

Ministry of Commerce blocked the US-ROK polysilicon processing

“Learning age” PV eco: While GDP indicators of achievement on the case of photovoltaic

Hina solar: Goodbye, this convoluted name!

A picture read “vote”

PV industry downturn face a shortage of production capacity for the first time in 8 years?

Anti-circumvention shadows Central cage PV PV industry trade or in case of late

Xiamen clenergy technology IPO: financial data deteriorated net profit and gross margins of triple drop

Be granted a further $ 220 million in financing jinkosolar listing or plant operations

East steel Tower intends to terminate production line 45.47 million switch to photovoltaic power generation project

Three major problems faced by distributed PV development has slowed down this year

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 21, the State grid Energy Research Institute researcher Huang Bibin “2014 PV power investment and financing peak Forum” on record, from the State grid Energy Research Institute of distributed PV monthly statistical data, distributed PV development has slowed down this year, sharply lower than expected, may have difficulty completing energy distributed PV 2014 annual filing to the Board size of 8 million-kilowatt tasks.

According to the State grid Energy Research Institute data, from January to May this year, distributed PV new 438,000 kW capacity, only the volume of 45% in the same period last year. In 2013, the net cumulative accepted distributed PV power station, business district, 2493 capacity reached 2.24 million-kilowatt. In addition, photovoltaic power generation in China promoting last year also are more optimistic about the national PV capacity in 2013, the world’s first, reached 12.92 million-kilowatt, about second, third, four of the Japan, United States, and Germany added the sum of capacity.

Huang Bibin also revealed that 18 of the Department of energy announced in August last year distributed PV demonstration areas progress has been very slow. In these 18 projects in 15 States is within the State power grid company, according to the Department of energy asked the 18 projects at the end of 2013 749 megawatts will be built, but only until the end of July this year the total built size more than more than 100 megawatts, less than the planned amount of 20%, the actual grid-connected capacity less, only 5% of the plan.

Distributed light that lurch, State grid Energy Research Institute at the beginning of July this year went to Zhejiang jiaxing field research, summed up the three issues affecting the industry.

A roof with limited resources. For achieving high and stable yields of the expected, distributed PV projects generally require large area of the roof, structure, bearing, and higher consumer electricity prices, power consumption, operating stability, good credit, so that most of the roof in “Golden Sun” being used in the project, so that the existing stock of less. Quality roofing resource scarcity makes the owners take the initiative in the rooftop lease negotiation, developers will take more maintenance costs in the construction of the project, it would be difficult to ask owners to share more benefits and take on more responsibility, which not only affect the owners ‘ investment activity the project proceeds.

Second, project financing. Distributed PV at present mainly uses “priority for personal use, the more power, electricity subsidy” approach, and the owners paid the main earnings come from the users own demand of electricity, this led to project owners in the design will offset higher electricity prices as much as possible the user charge. In such cases, according to the current state subsidies and preferential policies, taking into account the resources and different types of users in different areas price level, measured in accordance with 20% power, most parts of the country due to the low residential electricity prices, development of distributed PV without economy. East China, North China, Northeast China and other regions suitable for general commercial and industrial development of distributed PV, internal rate of return of more than 10%. Only appetite in Northern and northwestern areas to develop major industrial distributed PV, but profit.

Third, the policy is difficult. This manifested in three ways, the first detailed rules for the implementation of local policies is difficult to determine, such as subsidies, final performance there is a lot of uncertainty around second, coherence accountability needs to be improved, which requires the accumulation of experience; and, third, existing policies on attracting users of electricity shortage, many owners with quality roof resources lack of enthusiasm for participating in, caused the roof of scarce resources.

Original title: three major problems faced by distributed PV development has slowed down this year

“Runaway boss” reflection: excessive investment, PV I “planted” on the money trail

Polaris solar PV net news: over the past 4 years, and dozens of owners in Wenzhou “run” incident, also because of insolvency more than more than 10 owner committed suicide. After 3 years, Wenzhou “running boom” landmark event two protagonist–Hu Fulin, Sun Fucai finally untied, facing Xinhua News Agency recently, Frank opened her own journey. “At that time there was a ‘ bitter ‘ knot, I do not know how to unlock it. “Hu Fulin said. Hu Fulin, Sun Fucai from strife, and nowhere to put down everything, having gone astray, reflecting changing contemporary Wen Shang to face struggling hard to credit crash reconstruction.

Crisis: at 2 o’clock in the morning the debt collector squat Office

Hu Fulin, Wenzhou glasses industry leading enterprise group Chairman. On September 21, 2011, 2 billion yuan through the body so much insolvency exodus United States, became a sensation throughout the “running boom” landmark events.

Sun Fucai, Aomi business General Manager of Zhejiang. Hu Fulin “running away” after more than 10 days, he arranged more than 300 employees of the company collectively went to Yandang mountain tourism, and then took the opportunity to “withdraw its role.” He owed the Bank and borrowing more than 260 million Yuan.

Hu Fulin said: “every day there is a another group of creditors DUN sitting in my Office, until two or three hours early this morning refused to go, banks and a finally borrowed tens of millions of dollars from private lending ‘ bridge ‘ funds collected. I’m helpless hopeless people came down, quickly get away. ”

Sun Fucai recalled: the Omega company do well with the edge of the hygienic level fluid pump valve. In previous years due to a thriving, free hand and borrowing billions of dollars to banks, expanding the scale of production. Behold 2011 country tightened, I would like to renew loans of Bank funds appeared, after a one-month delay put down. Other side of the huge, high-interest lending also was unable to return, and the interest is rolled higher, DUN, more and more people, resulting in threats of physical harm.

“My funds to collapse the chain, people were also forced by debt, was eventually forced to flee. “Heavy Sun Fucai said.

In their respective Office facing reporters, the two talk about boss tone calm. Sun Fucai continued smoking, usually a pack of cigarettes, but in the “run” of the Shanghai one month he smoke two or three packs a day; every now and then while Hu Fulin pinch severe gout in his left leg with his hand, 3 years after the reunification, he has been too busy to attend to take to hospital for medical treatment.

“It was the kind of thing, is definitely the responsibility of enterprises. “Hu Fulin said from the eyewear industry leading to excessive investment in the photovoltaic industry, though it is highly profitable but also hidden high investment risks, subsequently suffered sluggish overseas market step by step fading, PV industry as a whole, such as stacking, investment failure almost inevitable. Hu Fulin, reflection, and its fall was mostly “planted” in the absence of a good grasp of financial chain. Enterprise products, markets, profit, and prospects are very good. I am ambitious to achieve the globalization of product. To this end, the supercharged energy accelerate the speed and scale of development, built a stage and occupies 30 acres on the second stage, and excessive financing to banks and private, debt is too large the results beyond endurance.

The two “run” bosses agree that, when encouraged by the easy credit environment, the local Government has also actively encouraged them to expand capacity and diversified investment, to a certain extent excessive release “get stronger” signal, making decision-making more heat.

They complain about most is the Bank. On one hand, every bank tries hard to “work” mobilizing enterprises let go loan mortgage shortage would encourage enterprises to find security, mutual insurance. The other hand, loan interest plus a variety of additional costs, an average of about 1.5 times the benchmark interest rate times due to high funding costs. Often began to buckle in a bank loan, loan, every bank has “galvanized” due to an almost instant “bleeding”.

Private lending was also “crazy”. “A phone call, ious not playing can be borrowed tens of millions of in one day. “Hu Fulin said. Private lending offers unparalleled convenience and soaring interest rates have remained at 60% per cent per annum, some short term “turn around money” commuted annual interest rate as high as 100%. Sun Fucai said, “but then wake up and see this is a vampire, but got just can’t get rid of. ”

Reconstruction: the rest of efforts to pay off debt to regain credit

Hu Fulin, from the United States came back, local governments and the banks, courts and other departments work together to support the letter group, asset restructuring, Hu Fulin after successful introduction of strategic investors, companies are “Heroes”. “Road of Wenzhou business losses is the biggest ‘ credit ‘ and ‘ confidence ‘. “Hu Fulin said. He disclosed that in the United States during a business leader Zeng Fa information in Wenzhou said to him: “your behavior on Wenzhou entrepreneur image damage, came back as soon as possible, we can help you. “” I see tears streaming down on the spot. “Hu Fulin said that Wenzhou people doing business in the early years, clearing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, bag a bag to each other,” is the most valuable credit “.

Sun Fucai also believes that he can come back, is hate kids and parents walked out the door to head in the future, being neighbors stuck into my back says “they’re deadbeat.” Today, Sun Fucai successfully introduced strategic investors.

In Zhejiang Province in recent years has been recognized “the runaway tide” on the various consequences of the credit system has been severely damaged, provincial Governor Li Qiang said: “Zhejiang can pay anything imported, but credit cannot be introduced,” “runaway boss, to be brought back at all costs.” And crack down on companies “debt escape”, already is a major task of Governments and law enforcement departments at all levels.

Return of the two businessmen from Wenzhou, still saddled with debt on the shoulders, in this regard, Hu Fulin found out, he gestures with his hands, told reporters: “the past is already below sea level, every step I take is now on the rise, climbing, which makes me feel calm. ”

“I am only 40 years old, then dry ten or twenty years no problem, as long as I live, be sure to make efforts to pay off, looked up man! “Sun Fucai said.

Original title: Wenzhou “running boom” protagonist talk about running: at that time had a “bitter” knot

Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (8.15-8.21)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. photovoltaic power generation planning in Guangdong (2014-2020): 134, under construction project publicity

For implement implementation People’s Republic of China can renewable energy method, and State on promoting PV industry health development of several views, and Guangdong Province Government Office on promoting PV industry health development of implementation views, promoting I province PV power ordered fast development, according to national can renewable energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, and solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning, and Guangdong Province energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, and Guangdong Province strategic industries development planning,, This plan is enacted.

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2. in Hefei on accelerating supplementary notice to further improve the application of PV subsidy policy

Counties (cities), the district people’s Government and municipal government departments, affiliated institutions:

To further accelerate the city’s PV application, to create the “first town of Chinese photovoltaic applications”, in respect of PV Application supplementary notice is as follows:

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3. the promotion of photovoltaic industry in Inner Mongolia: the PV industry will implement a number of key projects

At present, the polysilicon production capacity has reached 22,000 tons, building and planning the size of 100,000 tons, has constructed a polysilicon material as the core, wafer, solar cell and solar module production matched the PV industry. For the implementation of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry opinions (guofa (2013), 24th) spirit, further promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry is now put forward the following suggestions.

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Market review

1.4 months of 10GW capacity will be leveraging the multi-billion-dollar PV investment pie who able to share

Industry and capital markets are eagerly looking forward to the PV market, a wave of simmering.

Causing people to make that determination on the grounds that the Department of energy at the nation’s new PV on-grid capacity in the first half although the YOY increase in 100%, but still only reached 3.3GW, far less than the industry expected;

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2. the public impact PV power plant project under construction in Hualong County, Qinghai province fired a warning, the Commander (photo)

Hai Dong Shi, 15th in Hualong County, Qinghai province, issued this afternoon: the County’s 13th “violent boycott of major projects” event at the disposal during the “Commander-in-Chief” fired a warning shot, but caused no casualties. The event origin in Hualong County Commission, the County decided to mount bayanzhen Racecourse and the Ertang Township in the County GA my Hill Construction the total installed capacity of 500 megawatts of photovoltaic parks.

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3. the “acquisition time” PV eco: While GDP indicators of achievement on the case of photovoltaic

Since the end of June on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policy notice (draft for soliciting opinions) is assigned to each province and the capacity of the Central enterprises, there have been news, distributed PV new deal will be formally announced. Had gone through late August, distributed the new deal still “demure”. Recently in infinite wait and “perspective” was a message: distributed PV hard assessment will be incorporated into the State Department.

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4. the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs: imports suspend polysilicon September 1

14th, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs said in a statement, given previously for the United States and the European Union solar-grade polycrystalline silicon after taking trade remedy measures, polysilicon imports surged under China’s processing trade, decided to suspend polysilicon processing trade imports since September 1.

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5. household PV-“the truth” (Shanghai Edition)

Starting in 2012, emerged around “photovoltaics first person”. Today, these people’s situation? Can bean gentleman from August 15 to bring you around the family distributed photovoltaic power generation for the first series of interviews. After following the Beijing Ren Kai photovoltaic power generation for the first interview, can bean today-June on “Shanghai PV first person” discipline of interviews with Tiger.

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Comment article

1. the efficiency of the photovoltaic power plant who is affected?

Photovoltaic power plant generating capacity determined by three factors: capacity, peak hours, efficiency of the system. When the plant’s location and size are determined, the first two elements have settled, in order to improve power generation, only from “efficiency” to work hard!

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2. jiaxing modes: distributed problem solving ideas?

In case of facing policy constraints, and regulatory authorities have to accept the reality, so as to improve the ground station location and distributed simultaneously.

State Secretary for energy research, said Wu xinxiong recently in jiaxing, photovoltaic applications is one of the foundational way to develop photovoltaic industry, our advocates sent out both centralized and distributed, centralized approach to development in conjunction with local absorptive photovoltaic applications.

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3. PV double reverse: Chinese official intervention!

Last Thursday (August 14, 2014), the Department of Commerce and the General Administration of customs suspended from September 1, the acceptance of applications for solar-grade polysilicon processing trade imports, finally began to stir up in Europe and America, “double reverse” trade war was in self-defence for the first time.

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4. the PV industry downturn face a shortage of production capacity for the first time in 8 years?

Photovoltaic industry in the doldrums, companies continue the insolvency of the day is a major reversal. 18th, Bloomberg News said that PV industry is faced with a looming global shortage of solar panels, which will reverse in one fell swoop for up to two years of global overcapacity in the industry slump.

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5. how the PV industry breakthrough “anti-circumvention” investigation?

Sources said EU anti-circumvention investigations proposed photovoltaic products to China this fall. Insiders said that from 2012 the anti-circumvention investigation of light will emerge as a desk or, these initiatives clearly protectionist tendencies of the European Union. In this regard, the Chinese PV industry should actively cooperate with Governments, associations, jointly cope with risk.

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Enterprise version

1. suspected resurrection has arisen now and the evolution of a new energy crisis

On July 28, the LDK LDK production base is located in Xinyu city, Jiangxi Mahon LDK Solar polysilicon held the production launch. The world’s single largest polysilicon project in 2012, after being put into operation, hung upside down and was forced to stop production due to costs to date.

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2. a picture read “vote”

“China Minsheng Investment Corporation” (hereinafter “vote”) in Shanghai today.

Apparently, zhongmin cast steel, PV, ships that were aimed at three major sectors, leaving more to the markets confused. Insiders said the intervention would produce catfish effect into the zhongmin, but face great integration difficult, zhongmin voted whether to recall the three major industries with surplus production capacity remained unknown.

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3.*ST tianwei photovoltaic Trina stripping, Tong Wei grabbed

On August 19, *ST tianwei publish semi-annual, displayed by June 2014, the company made a net profit of 263 million dollars in the first half, up from a loss of 1.2 billion yuan has been greatly improved. A year is a key year for tianwei, which in 2011, 2012 and 2013 for three consecutive years of losses, faces delisting if it can’t make up deficits this year.

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4. restructuring of CDB’s commercialization is referred to as “reverse” deep PV-related losses of nearly 5 billion

Set foot on the business trip of CDB are indeed experiencing the seven-year itch: according to incomplete statistics, over the past few years, it is to the prosperity and decline of the photovoltaic industry provided a credit line of at least 250 billion yuan. While it’s in the fall of PV “double stars” LDK LDK and two selling on Suntech could pay nearly 5 billion yuan through “tuition”.

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5. the Sunwell production “behind”: Xinyu Consortium game stocks the main board support

On August 13 with the first furnace polysilicon materials well baked, discontinued two years Mahon owned by LDK Solar polysilicon plant renewed vigor, also intended to return to Wall Street Board trading market has arisen now playing a booster dose.

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Character articles

1. Li Hejun: people know my ambitions

Li Hejun have an “ambition”: China to become the third industrial revolution, “overlord”. In his view, every industrial revolution is the core of the energy revolution, and its production and use is not complicated, and thus realize the ambition of the endoplasmic is simple.

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2. decrypt: Dong mingzhu, solar air conditioning cows where?

Where is dongmingzhuniu? cows in her futuristic vision and exceptional courage.

Nine-time United States by Fortune magazine, “50 most influential business women” list of Dong mingzhu, achieved this success also depend on their fight it out bit by bit. In his autobiography, entitled Chess in no regrets says: 36 entrants, dealers insured companies change channels … … Her way, is struggling.

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3. “a prophet,” Tong XING Xue: PV continues to lead the world

Back in 2000, worked for United States GTSolar Tong XING Xue will polysilicon ingot, slices, cells, modules and other photovoltaic equipment, technology introduced to China in 2009, and here he was at the time when the situation is superior to proactively predict Europe will launch a trade war against the China PV.

Now, in the face of vicissitudes of China PV, Tong XING Xue vowed. In his view, China PV “two out” dilemma has been completely transformed, and with over 15 years of rapid development, China will continue to lead the global PV industry development.

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Super Bond real where the creditors?

Arctic star solar PV network news: August 18, Shanghai Super day solar technology Corporation restructuring case first times creditors Assembly Shang, Shanghai Super day solar technology Corporation restructuring case property management programme was through, management people said will continues to survey overseas should collection of situation, especially on its trading opponents take necessary of legal action and held necessary of business negotiations, to as soon as possible reached some debt restructuring agreement.

On one hand, the once-per-share price of 36 dollars, landed the platelet is facing significant arrears of listed companies unable to pay, faces delisting risks on the other, issued by the accounting firm’s audit report shows that companies with large overseas receivables. So, these receivables can be collected back? Overseas business dealings related to the Suri, exactly what kind of company is it?

Daxin certified public accountants issued “Shanghai chaori solar energy science and technology company limited in 2013 in the audit report, a list of receivables is especially interesting, this is a Super day top 5 companies of the accounts receivable. The aging one year short of the companies, long three-year cumulative count down, Super day for their receivables more than 1.8 billion, these funds accounted for Suri total accounts receivable 78% proportion. So, what kinds of companies are these debt companies, Suri also receivable are recovered to the possibilities?

On the face of it, these 5 companies are foreign, and Super day Sun matches over 85% of business in overseas markets. But that is the case? This reporter learned that, Suri’s second largest skybaseinternational in Shanghai’s Pudong has one location in arrears, so he went to the interview, but in the actual interview skybase staff has totally denied doing business with Suri. And frankly, in Shanghai which skybase in PV module by purchase, but is mainly targeted at the home market, while doing business with Suri, is the parent company of “skybaseinternational” registered in Hong Kong. After the reporter’s investigation was informed that “skybaseinternational” directors named Zhou Yun, are Chinese citizens living in Shanghai.

According to the audit report shows that at present, skybase ultra 500 million owed in arrears and the company operating what will, within a short time seems impossible to check up.

So, the biggest outstanding “Solarprojekte” then what kind of company is it? Reporter checked publicly available information shows that the financial situation of the company and the Super’s announcement risked his day. Like Super day of 2010 annual report shows that Solarprojekte of outstanding accounts receivable balances for 133 million dollars; but Solarprojekte the financial statements show that as of 2010 the period under review, the company’s total liabilities of 10.9741 million euros, of which payable trade accounts payable of 6.5068 million euros, company’s retained earnings € 489,200 book, only 176,000 euros net profit for the year. In other words, even if Solarprojekte then the debt is outstanding over the receivables, calculated according to the current exchange rate, had no more than 133 million Yuan, Suri may have exaggerated accounts receivable balances.

Also, 2012 of Super day half reported said, Solarprojekte not reimbursement company of should received account paragraph balances for 241 million Yuan, a as 2010, total assets only 13.5323 million euro, while bear with huge debt of company, its reimbursement capacity really let people worried, but in such of situation Xia, Super day why also continues to with occurred business exchanges, until last year late, should accounts receivable paragraph soared to 630 million Yuan Yuan?

In addition, several other receivables stalwart, also makes people suspicious clumps. For example, over 340 million yuan in arrears and the third largest parties in arrears PlamaInvestmentLtd arrears and fourth-largest party MBPOWER not only information is hard to find, but even the companies with the same name on the Internet is hard to see his tracer; as fifth largest company in arrears of up to 110 million yuan in arrears, “CHINASOLAR” was registered in Germany companies and their legal representative is also a Chinese name is Mr FUNG Kin-.

On one hand, Suri main revenues come from overseas markets, but most of its client companies are controlled by the Chinese, in the case of customer to payment, Suri is not only not control trading and shipping, instead of “business” grew and grew, and their generosity is incredible.

Over of earnings displayed, 2011 late, Super day sun of should accounts receivable paragraph for 2.211 billion yuan, this digital is 2010 with period of 3.4 times times; to has 2012 years, should accounts receivable paragraph more is surged, half reached has 2.586 billion, third quarter surged to 3.342 billion yuan, and of corresponds to of is, company of main income and no substantially growth, half and Qian three quarter of revenue respectively for 1.063 billion and 2.098 billion. In other words, ultra Sun’s revenues in the third quarter of 2012 and for 1.035 billion yuan, but accounts receivable increased to 756 million Yuan. On one hand, receivables in the increase in the number, on the other hand, quality of the accounts is worrying. Accounting firm “tip top accounting firms” Super Sun 2011 annual report issued by the qualified audit reports, one of the main reasons is that overseas power plant of the company partners the recoverability of the accounts receivable and when uncertainty over the recovery.

In fact, as a solar photovoltaic companies, Suri and contacts in overseas markets is a perfectly normal thing, but the question is, whether a customer or partner of the company conducted analyses and investigations of qualification? For information in this regard, Suri has been secretive. And as early as last year, as a sponsor of Suri “CITIC,” said regulators pressed its investigation Suri authenticity of overseas debts, but this is not too difficult to work and at present the only scant information. Over the past few years, continue to export millions of dollars of solar modules over, indeed, have a duty to investors to explain their criteria for selecting partners and determine the customer credit.

Original title: Super debt real where the creditors?

Anti-circumvention shadows Central cage PV PV industry trade or in case of late

Polaris solar PV net news: after the brief rally, China PV industry again in Capetown. Sources said EU PV manufacturing to be lodged an circumvention of photovoltaic products to China this fall survey application, it would be the United States against China PV products start “double reverse” investigation, China PV industry overseas this year suffered the second version, is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the development of the industry.

China electrical import and export Chamber of Commerce released material shows, including Germany solar world (Solarworld) EU PV manufacturers, accuse China of photovoltaic companies through Japan, and Malaysia and Chinese Taiwan, country or region of transit and other means to avoid EU high taxes imposed on Chinese products.

“Frankly said that in China PV industry’s competitive environment, there are individual enterprises,” ramming paste to “borrow some illegal means to seize the market. “Niu Axing, Chairman of Jiangsu jiasheng photovoltaic technology limited, told reporters.

In fact, it is the unfair competition of China PV industry, boosting the EU launched in 2012 China Solar “double reverse” investigation. Due to interest in massive, highly concerned by the leaders on both sides, after Chinese leaders actively mediated by price commitment agreements reached Europe as a sign proclaiming the dispute resolved peacefully.

This, China’s exports of photovoltaic products has picked up. China machinery and electronic products import and export Chamber of Commerce provides data show 2014 photovoltaic products, China exported US $ 7.42 billion in the first half, an increase of 13.85%.

However, shortlived. Following the 2011 China PV product picked up “double reverse” after the Club, earlier this year, the United States Department of Commerce on Chinese products launched a second “double reverse” investigation, and preliminary rulings in late July to make dumping. The EU’s “bandits” revives the industry attention.

“If the European Union really initiate anti-circumvention investigations is bound to adversely affect the Chinese PV industry as a whole. “The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of international law, international economic law Office Director Liu Jingdong, told reporters that” investigations and may even spread to China in the EU-funded solar companies “.

Data show that EU last PV friction, has great impact on bilateral PV trade. China electrical import and export Chamber of Commerce early disclosure of information showing that the European PV market in China than in total exports has declined from 70% in 2012 to 2013 30%.

“For now, the key here is the origin of the EU finds. “He Xiaoyong, Deputy Director of the research center of East China University of politics and law international law analysis, finding relevant PV products are simply assembled in-country processing, in essence, the” MadeinChina (made in China) “, then the anti-circumvention measures are inevitable.

Worth mentioning is that the European and American markets was the major exporter of photovoltaic products in China. Today, the two largest markets encounter trade barriers, China PV industry adjustment is imminent.

“Starting from the second half of last year, US exports to the EU have been reduced. “Linuo of Shandong high-tech CEO Wang told reporters.

While promoting market diversification to reduce excessive dependence on the US and European markets, is China’s PV industry “labor pains,” the inevitable choice. Data shows that first half of the year, China PV product exports to Japan reached 2.46 billion dollars, Japan has been replaced by the European Union, one of photovoltaic products for the export market, China’s first.

“In China, people still need a (PV) integration. “Wang believes that again this will avoid excess capacity and maintain market order, radically reduces the risk of PV products trade barriers.

Original title: anti-circumvention shadows Central cage PV PV industry trade or in case of late

Rates vindicate led Taiwan factory utilization rate of solar cell temperature

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of Commerce on August 19 notice to amend antidumping investigation found result, Motech tax rate from as high as 44.18% amendment to 20.86%, in one fell swoop by plants of the highest tax rate to a minimum, and will boost the overall Taiwan solar tax rates had dropped to 24.23%. Global market research firm TrendForce its new energy research unit EnergyTrend analyst Lin Yan Rong said at present Taiwan component plant with Taiwan battery using the amended rates and Taiwan products have a quality advantage so far, if you are willing to sacrifice a little gross profit United States market indirectly, orders may be able to regain it.

Lin Yan Rong further pointed out that Taiwan solar cell previously because of losing the initial anti-dumping prices plummet, recently dropped a total of US$0.06/watt per cent, current prices for main battery has not much difference with China. Market season has begun to ferment while Europe and Japan at the same price but better quality cases, visibility in order to substantially increase this week, though prices in the short term it is difficult to react immediately, but the sluggish improvement in utilization rates, first-tier manufacturers have generally recovered. In addition, the industry has eagerly demand in China has finally started showing signs of launch, but China will be suspended “processing trade imports” polysilicon abroad if you desire to enter the Chinese market need to levy customs duties, imported polysilicon shortage situations, upstream polysilicon and silicon manufacturers, China is expected to become a rebounding prices for the first bomb.

The whole, benefited from Europe, Japan, China and other markets need common fermentation Taiwan manufacturers ‘ utilization rate does not pose too much of a problem, but Taiwan battery factory orders is still built on the cheap, gross margins have not yet returned to previous levels. Motech tax cuts while the market roared, but in the long term if a trade war qiangshi it is hard to have any other way out except low prices, and lack their own estuaries is still Taiwan solar cell factory urgent problems.

This week, the spot market price

Domestic demand is still low in the Chinese industry positive cash prices significantly amended, polysilicon fell 0.73% to US$20.251/kg; high performance polycrystalline silicon wafer prices came to US$0.921/piece, or 0.43%; standard silicon-chip price fell below US$0.9/piece, down 0.88% to US$0.899/piece; single crystal wafer price turmoil, slipped slightly to 0.26% to US$1.163/ Piece; the battery because the market still does not activate, industry pressure on the stock is still large, offers more active operators subject to domestic and export markets at the same time, China is facing pressure, parts makers have started to put aside the goods, prices slipped to US$0.313/watt; team Japan influence market price declines, prices this week came to the US$0.571/watt, or 0.87%.

Original title: rates vindicate led Taiwan factory utilization rate of solar cell temperature

JA Solar’s improving component shipments goal

Polaris solar PV net news: main level integrated photovoltaic maker JA Solar holdings reports second quarter financial results on the target, but due to stronger than expected demand from China, raising annual shipments target.

The company reported total shipments amounted to 681.8MW, compared with the previous quarter by 6.8% year on year by 47%.

Is said to components and component processing 445.8MW for the second quarter, compared with the previous quarter by 14.9% year on year by 75.6%.

Solar cells and cell processing for 236.0MW, quarter fell 5.7%, year on year by 12.5%.

It was reported that the 2014 second-quarter revenue of $ 390.5 million, compared with the previous quarter by 6.5% year on year by 52.9%.

However, due to ship this quarter, China experienced more weakness in pricing of goods, as well as access to the EU market of minimum import prices for components to make adjustments, gross margin was 15.2%, compared with the previous two quarters of 16.7% fell.

JA Solar Holdings Mr Jin baofang, Chairman and CEO, said: “we have performed well in the second quarter, strong revenue growth and sustained achievement of guaranteed profit margins, and the transition from the battery to component development as our main source of income. This transformation makes us one of the world’s first class component suppliers as well. In addition, we are actively developing our downstream business. In the second half of 2014 due to accelerated activities in China, and continued favorable product and geographic mix, we expect to maintain our growth and profitability. ”

Revise shipments goal

In fact, 2014 increased shipments in the second half in China for distributed generation and ground installations of public-works projects significantly stronger-than-expected demand, leading to management raised its shipment target for the year.

JA Solar said it expects third-quarter cell and module shipments between 730MW 760MW, annual shipments of 2.9GW to 3.1GW, than the previous 2.7GW to 2.9GW per cent increase.

While JA Solar still expects incorporation approximately 100MW PV projects in China by the end of the business, but the company is expanding its 2014 project reserves to 200MW, is part of the increase in shipments this year.

Mr Jin baofang, added: “we have confidence in the prospects for the second half of this year. Several trends based on expected optimistic prospects. Public utility scale and distributed generation projects under construction in the second half, we expect Chinese demand to improve. We believe Japan due to their unique energy needs, long-term demand trend will continue, and we expect business to increase in North America. ”

Original title: JA Solar’s improving component shipments goal

Xiamen clenergy technology IPO: financial data deteriorated net profit and gross margins of triple drop

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the SFC website disclosure of Qingyuan technology (Xiamen) company limited (hereinafter: Qingyuan technology) of the prospectus, the company proposed public offering of no more than 37 million shares and raised $ 428 million dollars.

In recent years, Xiamen clenergy technology continued deterioration in key financial data, in 2011-2013, its net profit attributable to the parent company for 80.426 million Yuan Yuan and 40.0561 million Yuan respectively, declined. While gross margins were steep falls, its consolidated gross profit margin during the reporting period, and 51.84%, and 35.08%, respectively.

Key financial indicators falling to be listed companies, always attracted investors ‘ questions and discussion.

Decline in the gross margin

Xiamen clenergy technology as solar photovoltaic power generation equipment and services, mainly the production of PV mounting systems, PV inverters, photovoltaic power plant engineering services and other products. Mounting system is the company’s leading product.

Figures show 2011-2013 mounting revenue share of company revenues that year were 75.4%, 80.03% and 88.96% in 2013 and the product gross profit margin contribution of 32.55%, other product gross profit margin contributed 2.53% only.

Therefore, company revenues and profits on mounting products rely heavily on.

However, as the company’s products, PV mounting PV industry chain increasingly irrelevant in recent years, according to industry sources, the PV mounting systems may be the least technical content of products across the entire system, and most tenders are basically Institute or EPC provides a mounting solution manufacturers only simple processing according to the drawings. Barriers to entry are low, and can do simple cottage, who is specific to the project to make it depends on business skills.

In the same production of listed companies Icahn solar PV mounting systems products limited (hereinafter “Eicon Technology”) operating conditions, for example, can also be a horizon.

Eicon Technology Qingyuan technology is mounting one of the product’s main rival, a few days ago, the company announced the annual report of 2014.5, photovoltaic industry turnaround, coupled with policy guidance and market-driven factors, revenues 1.001 billion yuan in the first half, rose 40.48% and net profits of 36.2576 million Yuan, an increase of 700.16%. For the great performance of “explosion” Eicon Technology is concerned, its many revenues grow, even growth in electricity sales by a factor of more than 4 times, but the mounting bracket product revenues only 118 million dollars, has declined by more than 10%.

Eicon Technology explained: “photovoltaic mounting bracket lower revenue largely due to the company’s customer credit accounts and orders the margin level requirements more stringent. ”

In fact, 2013 Eicon Technology mounting brackets and other metal products has achieved relatively rapid growth, sales revenue rose more than 60%, but the company said: “amid fierce competition, the products, prices and margins declined. ”

Whether for price protection or to avoid margin decline, Eicon Technology stent products is already facing the plight of weak revenue growth and margin, falling prices, but for Eicon Technology, less than 20% of the business accounts for growth does not appear to have affected its performance.

However, concern is mounting for the “fist” products of Xiamen clenergy technology, which also faces a decline in gross margins and rapid growth of receivables in Exchange for slight growth in operating income of quagmire.

2012 and 2013, Qingyuan technology accounts receivable respectively increased by 35.6% and 63.2%, operating revenue increased 1.9% and 14.09%, respectively. 2013 accounts receivable amount up to 175 million dollars to 38.61% per cent operating income for the current period. That same year, consolidated gross margin only 35.08% 2011 almost half.

In addition, Xiamen clenergy technology products also declined.

According to the prospectus, PV mounting systems products unit price has been dropped from 1.04 Yuan per watt 2011 2013 0.56 Yuan per watt.

Competitive market

Sacrifice profit to price claimed city of effect is passable, data displayed, Qingyuan technology in each market of sales also now struggling state, company PV bracket products in Asia, and Australia, and European and the Americas are has market, however four a market in the Australia and Americas has appeared sales income declined, 2013 respectively drop 45.25% and 72.47%; Asia and European still keep growth, but growth is appeared obviously fell, 2012 and 2013, Asia market sales income respectively growth 351.7%, and 120.72%, respectively 173.67% and 58.35% on the European market, the growth rate slowed markedly.

In the case of traditional marketing Australia sales decline, Qingyuan technology shift to the domestic market and Japan markets preempted, but these two markets are not a blue ocean.

Industry sources said on condition of anonymity: “the fierce competition at the low price in the domestic market, low gross margins and prevailing in the domestic market accounts, many companies have given up the domestic market. International gross profit rate is relatively high, but overseas customers on support requirements are high, this requires that companies must maintain a high level of quality assurance. ”

May be based on overseas markets seriously, Qingyuan in prospectus shows that attention to investment in research and development of science and technology, and by the end of 2013, the company has made 66 patents and technical developers in the company and affiliated company staff structure, 100 people, second only to 125 the number of people the production staff, the total number of staff as much as 27.4%.

However, puzzling, is that research staff and research spending does not match, 2011-2013, the company developed into Yuan, 1.2298 million Yuan and 14.9776 million Yuan respectively, accounting for revenues in the current period, and 3.11% and 3.3%. Effort and investment is clearly disproportionate.

In addition, these 66 patents, of which domestic 58 for utility model and design patents, no patents for inventions. 8 outside were innovation patents and design patents.

Original title: Xiamen clenergy technology IPO: financial data deteriorated net profit and gross margins of triple drop

Recovery of PV industry in Changzhou, three “vulnerability” reflected

Polaris solar PV net news: the photovoltaic industry is an important industry in Changzhou area, was one of the top ten emerging industries of strategic importance, Changzhou, in the export trade is vital, and photovoltaic products exports have accounted for exports of Changzhou City 17%. Changzhou PV more than 160 enterprises, of which 69 enterprises above designated size.

And also occupies an important position in the domestic photovoltaic industry in Changzhou, Changzhou PV solar panel production accounted for one-sixth of the total national industry, Changzhou new energy photovoltaic industrial park is the first of China’s top ten photovoltaic industrial park, Changzhou region with Trina, Trina, eging photovoltaic technology, GCL solar, such as PV industry leaders. Recently, the Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic successfully acquired Wuxi Suntech to accelerate strategic acquisitions, restructuring, thus achieving Changzhou PV market in the world, “is there one”. Starting from 2010, Europe and the “double reverse” investigation, mutation, excess capacity in the international market and other factors, China PV industry development has encountered certain difficulties.

As the premier industry support policies to gradually boost the Sino-EU trade dispute settlement, as well as domestic market, PV business environment has been greatly improved. Starting from the second half of 2013, photovoltaic industry began to pick up, a case study of leading enterprises in Changzhou Trina, Trina of 2012, a net loss of $ 266 million, 2013 component sales reached 2.6GW, an increase of 62% revenues of nearly 14 billion yuan, an increase of 36%, first in the industry out of trouble in the second half of last year, profit, leading the industry gradually out of the trough. This year’s data are more optimistic, solar cell production around 600MW, Changzhou from January to February this year, an increase of 57.1%; above-scale enterprises output value of 6.68 billion yuan, an increase of 21.2%; total profits of 540 million Yuan, reversing last year’s loss. Changzhou PV product exports for two months of $ 340 million, 42.6% than a year ago. According to preliminary statistics, the first quarter of this year, Changzhou PV enterprises above designated size 10.06 billion yuan output value, 25.4% than a year ago. Encouraging data indicate that PV industry has opened a stage of recovery, so people seem to smell the taste of spring. However, various signs show that photovoltaic industry recovery still chilly and dangerous, there are many potential problems PV industry still in a weak period, mainly in three aspects.

Hazard: the international trade friction tends to be normalized. On February 14, the United States International Trade Commission on products imported from China, “double reverse” investigation to make preliminary rulings, initially determined that United States due to imports from China of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to the domestic industry suffered material injury. The United States “double reverse” investigation by industry-wide survey, ingots, wafers, cells, modules and other photovoltaic products include investigation of all, compared with 2011 ‘s first survey, expanded to almost all crystalline silicon photovoltaic products. Repeatedly hit the “double reverse” reveals a new trend normalized international trade friction.

Risk II: industry consolidation push still more difficult, transformation and upgrading of under pressure. As the market picks up, tight market changes, more production spare capacity before enterprise, industry consolidation is more difficult to promote overcapacity remains the shadow of the PV industry, how to upgrade is the homogenization of products of science and technology level is low, less serious, less competitive common problem faced by many businesses.

Risks III: tight credit policies, enterprises ‘ financing difficulties, reduced capacity for the sustainable development of enterprises. Currently PV industry of development rely on Yu Government subsidies, and credit offers of guide, in PV industry development early of China, financial policy of intervention is advance PV industry development of strong thrust, and in recent years China credit policy crunch, last year second half of yilai, Bank has continuous 4 times hike, 5 times raised deposits reserves rate, led to PV enterprise financing difficult, technology innovation capacity declined, sustainable development capacity weakened. Coexisting of opportunity and challenge PV industry needs the Government to play a more active role.

First of all, the Government should continue to support superior enterprises bigger and stronger to support enterprises ‘ technological innovation, management innovation, while supporting strong, branding, management, good companies who participate in the integration of industrial chains, encourages enterprises to participate in mergers, acquisitions and financing support. Meanwhile, set up mechanisms for fair and open competition, and full play the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, out of uncompetitive enterprises and enterprises easy access to resources and lead the industry on health and sustainable development. Secondly, the Government should focus on supporting enterprise construction and resource sharing of science and technology innovation platform, strengthening public technology research and development, inclusion in the emerging industries of strategic importance special funds for PV industry technology innovation fund, for use in advanced and generic technology research and development, enhance the competitiveness of PV industry in Changzhou, encourages the use of enterprise development platform, to achieve resource sharing. PV industry destined to calm this spring, on March 24, issued by the State Council on further optimizing opinions on corporate mergers and market environment. On April 1, the miit announcement of second instalment in accordance with the PV manufacturing industry standard conditions of business listings. Subsequently, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PV merger and reorganization of enterprises views on upcoming, believed by the Government to play a more active role and strong push chilly early spring is spring, immediately get answer to this question, photovoltaic industry will really usher in a more beautiful in the spring.

Original title: opportunities and challenges of PV industry in Changzhou

Guangdong solar 2014 exports reached 900 million surge in Asia-Pacific

Polaris solar PV net news: first half of 2014, according to customs statistics, Guangdong Province exported 5.052 million solar cells, increasing as much as 3.5%; value of 900 million Yuan, rose 5.5%, export prices for each of the 178.9, by 4.1%. June exports increased 74.5% to 968,000, and export price for each 115.9, by 59.9%.

This year, the monthly export volume fluctuations of solar cell, Guangdong Province. , Apart from in January, April, and remaining monthly export volumes were lower than the 1 million level. Mainly in general trade export-oriented, 3.776 million, up 5.7% over Guangdong Province, exports of solar cell 74.7%; export trend decline in processing trade, 7.9% to 723,000; special customs supervision zones exported 540,000, an increase of 3%.

In terms of exports, India export market, to 1.315 million, an increase of 56.8%; doubling exports to Japan and South Korea markets, 628,000, surged by 2.4 times times on EU exports 346,000, a decrease of 10.4% per cent, the United States exporting 440,000, 20.2%, Japan exported 726,000, surged 1 time.

Original title: Guangdong solar 2014 exports reached 900 million surge in Asia-Pacific

Lucky film half year results on increased industrialization of battery separator 4.08%

Polaris solar PV net news: lucky film for six months on Wednesday reported that 2014 achieved operating income of 454 million dollars in the first half, rose 1.12%; net profits of 19.1013 million Yuan, rose 4.08%; 0.0559 Yuan per share basic earnings per share.

Announcements, first half of the silver halide imaging market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, multiplex pattern is increasingly shaping the global PV market, United States, the European Union launched a new round of “double reverse” PV Enterprise capital chain tension, lowering the pressure increases.

However, lucky film achieved a sharp rally in share prices in recent days, mainly thanks to its raised investment project unfolds. On July 14, lucky film project releases new offering and intends to raise 600 million Yuan towards the industrialization of PE separator for lithium-ion batteries and solar cell back sheet.

Fluoride domestic Double welded (TPT) back sheet costs about 25 Yuan/square meter ~30 yuan/square meter, prices of imported back about 60 Yuan/square meters, imported and domestic back differential between 30 yuan/square meter, in the case of demand for PV industry as a whole has remained stable, demand is expected to further expand the domestic photovoltaic backplane.

The other hand, globally, market demand for lithium-ion battery separator showed an increasing trend from 2009 240 million square meters of 760 million square meters of rapid growth by 2013. With the promotion and popularization of electric vehicles in various countries, high performance lithium-ion batteries will accelerate growth in demand. The past, ROC imports Japan divide, although it has emerged a number of domestic divide, but quality still needs to be improved.

Original title: lucky film half year results on increased industrialization of battery separator 4.08%

Camel Big Makeover: transform solar energy mini fridge (pictured)

Polaris solar PV net news: Kenya camel were recently put on a “strange” environment-friendly refrigerators! As part of the plans camel mobile clinics, some African countries began a camel “wear” on the solar-powered mini fridge. The program organizers hope the environmentally friendly way to cheap and reliable transport for Kenya and Ethiopia’s rural areas, transporting local badly needed medicines and vaccines.

Over the past decade, in addition to some inaccessible areas, nomadic Community Trust Fund is already in Kenya’s Laikipia and Samburu use camels as mobile clinics. Although the camel convoy, cost effective, could cross the road the harsh desert regions, but until now they have no way to transport need to refrigerate medicines and vaccines. In 2005, the nomadic Community Trust Fund and the Art Center College of design in California and Princeton University’s materials science and Technology Research Institute, jointly designed a lightweight, solar-powered refrigerator, the refrigerator can be strapped to the camels ‘ backs used to transport medicines and vaccines that require cold storage.

Mini fridges are packed in a handy tenacity of bamboo in the camel’s saddle, camels can carry it easily through the harsh desert environment. Refrigerator covered with Crystal solar panels to provide energy for the generator of a refrigerator, and can also provide sources of electricity for lighting at night.

Mariana says, Executive Director of the Art Center College of design in California, the plan’s budget only a few thousands of dollars, so in order to save money, designers started with the camels in the Bronx Zoo in New York checking device, saving the trips to Kenya the cost of.

Recently this solar-powered refrigerators are Kenya and Ethiopia on the llama tested, but Mariane Pearl said the device could be allowed to walk camels of any rural community. If the plan is to raise more funds, will be fully operational by 2010 and universal. Currently only in Laikipia and Samburu districts, there are 300,000 people could not enjoy moving the clinic bailout, so let us pray these environmentally-friendly refrigerators are able to get enough money to support it.

Original title: camels Big Makeover: transform solar mini fridge

Resurrection has arisen now suspect and evolution of a new energy crisis

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 28, the LDK LDK production base is located in Xinyu city, Jiangxi Mahon LDK Solar polysilicon held the production launch. The world’s single largest polysilicon project in 2012, after being put into operation, hung upside down and was forced to stop production due to costs to date.

Xinyu City Government’s “first project”—PV market has two non-

LDK LDK seems to be showing signs of recovery.

On July 28, the LDK LDK production base is located in Xinyu city, Jiangxi Mahon LDK Solar polysilicon held the production launch. The world’s single largest polysilicon project in 2012, after being put into operation, hung upside down and was forced to stop production due to costs to date. LDK LDK, President and CEO of tongxingxue says: “Silicon material plant production is a new starting point for full production, LDK LDK will lower production costs and better quality products at a new round of market competition to seize the initiative. ”

Insiders are not promising. A professor at Zhejiang University of technology told China business said in a newspaper interview, although approved, but energy production is hard to say, in addition, even with cold hydrogen project LDK LDK transformation, helps to reduce some costs, but the earlier investment costs are too high, and after 2 years of stagnation, as opposed to other major manufacturers in the country, it may not be competitive.

Xinyu information Commission official, who declined to be named told reporters, of LDK (LDK LDK Chairman) Kui Kui in Mahon on the polysilicon project, worth more than 12 billion dollars.

While LDK LDK signs appeared to be new at the same time, reporters found in Xinyu interview, the LDK LDK made famous in ganxi town, new session of leadership is the reflection of Xinyu industrial photovoltaic crisis planning, developed a new industrial strategy—not to put all their eggs in one basket.

A crisis for emerging energy city was bleak: PV market miserably

LDK, defeat also LDK.

After 2011 after years PV peak in 2012, due to the global economic recession and the impact of industry competition, covered with thick haze of the photovoltaic industry. Has arisen now experienced the most severe test of the market since its establishment and survival challenges.

More than 30 billion dollars in debt has arisen now has actually become a “zombie” companies. A person familiar with the situation told reporters at the end of 2012, LDK LDK had cash and cash equivalents of $ 98.3 million, short-term borrowings, long-term loans and bills due to 2.09 billion dollars, with total assets of $ 5.275 billion, but its total debt had reached $ 5.42 billion, debt-asset ratio rose to 102.7%, this means that the LDK LDK can actually bankrupt.

At this point, relying on LDK Solar wafer resource advantage, Xinyu has introduced Silicon purification, solar cell manufacturing and Assembly encapsulation of solar cells, solar energy applications and a number of downstream industries in the PV industry chain. Peak of PV and hundreds of upstream and downstream enterprises. But for now, most enterprises have been shut down the bankruptcy stage.

LDK LDK recession directly affects the revenue of Xinyu city. Statistics show that has arisen now Xinyu, has contributed more than $ 60% in revenues, while the first half of 2012, saving tax plunge 99%, led directly to Xinyu City sales tax and corporate income tax reduction of 848 million yuan in the first half, revenue fell 13.5%.

Appointed as Chief of the new energy industry Qian Xiping of Xinyu city workers told reporters that there are large and small photovoltaic business 38, fenyi yushui district, and there are a few, mostly in high-tech zone. Under the impact of the market, some companies have been completely discontinued or converting, no production plans and even several withdrew Xinyu, and abandoned during the build process.

In the high-tech development zone, Xinyu, Jiangxi tianneng power one doorman told reporters that the company had stopped, when started don’t know, courtyard overgrown with weeds, was bleak. Xin Yu JI Yang new energy limited is also the door shut.

“Shut down again. “Although the LDK LDK starts, but it is also woefully inadequate. An LDK LDK office worker told reporters that their slicing plant shut down, the company provides that are not allowed to leave, still must go.

Qian Xiping told reporters that the LDK LDK Solar wafer starts to 60%, produces 1.2 million pieces, opened 2 line cell 8 lines. Employee who works in the LDK LDK told reporters that business is not so good, in fact, often stop-open. He said that previously started, LDK LDK had more than 20,000 employees as a whole, and now thousands of people.

Reporter to be interviewed about LDK LDK, a Director surnamed Peng in charge of propaganda of the company declined a request for an interview.

Yushui district, in Xinyu village industrial base, reporters saw some enterprise covers an area larger, but the plant has not been completed have stopped working. Base Office a head surnamed Wu told reporters that their original plan was to build photovoltaic industry base of the base, but later encountered solar crisis, hence the industry plan was adjusted. There are only six or seven enterprises settled in, normally produces only one grain company.

Jiangxi risun solar energy technology co, a staff member told reporters that rexchip currently even the best of them in Xinyu PV companies, basically in a half-saturated production. Cell 17 production lines as much as eight or nine in the production, the formation is basically guaranteed under article 6 article 12 starts.

Near the high-tech zone management committee, Xinyu city, Xinyu city, the Government’s “first project”, Xinyu city, plans an annual trading volume of 50 billion yuan of PV market has been reduced to a ghost town. Reporters at the scene saw, the original trading markets were converted into electronic Street, identifies many solar companies are hardly tear up on Taobao clothes sign in already. A dealers told reporters, who moved here more than a month, the former two-year rent-free. His opposite, a piece of “e-business incubator, Xinyu” sign up.

Lao Peng of Jiangxi true new energy technology limited, told reporters that when they first opened is very lively, there are at least hundreds of businesses to settle in, but after a solar crisis, many companies are leaving, now none left.

Insider told reporters that market actually only worked for 3 months on miserably. Xinyu Xinyu high-tech zone of a PV market, 60% has arisen now accounts for 32% great beauty information 8%, total took 2 years to build and costing 200 million Yuan, and 60,000 square meters, a total of thousands of first-stage shop.

To rethink getting policy makers to adjust the industrial plan: neither one big steel alone nor has arisen now dominate

Experienced solar crisis, some media have reported that the LDK falling Xinyu economic setback for 10 years. But after two years of adjustment, Xinyu economic there seems to be a good sign.

High-tech development zone, Xinyu, Deputy Director of the Office of the CMC said in paying for that new reporters, statistical data from 1 May this year, the economy turned.

A job paying for that new appointed Bureau in Jiangxi province, Jiangxi province and Jiangxi province Jiangxi industrial monthly newsletter prepared by the national development and Reform Commission in May 2014, the main economic indicators of major industrial parks, 1-in May, the Park’s main business revenue totaled 29.153 billion yuan, an increase of 13.23%. In Jiangxi province, the total ranked second among 14 national parks, next to Nanchang high-tech industry Park, 37.621 billion yuan.

Paying for that new, told reporters that in previous years had fallen into 3, 4, and last year even worse, fall into 6th place, but are best kept in 2nd place, is now back on the 2nd. He told reporters that has arisen now-mainly thanks to recovery. Large amount of has arisen now, slightly better, have a greater impact on the economy as a whole. The other hand, also benefited from the high-tech zone in PV after the crisis, actively readjust the industrial structure.

“We can’t just sit back. “Paying for that new told reporters, after experiencing solar crisis, high-tech district leadership has formed a consensus, can no longer do the” dominance “of industrial layout. Single industrial layout, good times are having a hard time, but a risk, economic rout, is not conducive to sustainable economic development, more industrial linkage development. Specifically in the original industry leading enterprises on the basis of, the formation of a new energy industrial park, the optoelectronics industry, new material industry, iron and steel industries in Garden, bio-medicine and food industries and modern services in Garden Park, 6 “area in the garden.” Have signed up in the first half of this year, 50, contract funds 6.529 billion dollars. One billion yuan more than the 17 projects, more than 1 billion yuan project 2. 17 project has started construction, all added launching project 13.

Paying for that new, told reporters, according to the city’s policies, the Government will not provide a special support policies, nor will introduce region-wide effort to support a business.

Prior to this, Xinyu city, puts the city’s power, introduction of talent and infrastructure in the land development construction, power supply, and so support the LDK. Power of the Jiangxi provincial government has put forward the province’s support the development of PV industry in Xinyu.

In fact, Xinyu city leadership has wanted to get rid of “a single” disadvantages emerging from “one big steel alone”, and the formation of “sinovideo dominance”. Appointed Chief Xia Xuyang integrated planning section in Xinyu city told reporters that as early as 2012, solar crisis, again proposed at the meeting of the principal leaders of the municipal government as well as trees, vast stretches of forest that is an argument, but there has been no formal documents. To put it bluntly, is actually egg cannot be placed in a basket of development thinking and let go of “dominance”, much industry development pattern.

A company change a region’s industrial system: neighboring villagers hope LDK die

LDK LDK from the introduction of the Government to borrow $ 200 million Yuan has been controversial from the start, from land, power, talent, and other preferential policies to Sunwell LDK pollution and other areas. Rumours, LDK LDK in addition to looking beyond GDP, Xinyu hardly had any contribution, even neighboring villagers hope LDK LDK hurry up and die.

“Not because of problems with LDK, and repudiate the role has arisen now. “A cadre Xinyu City Government told reporters, without the introduction of sinovideo, Xinyu economic development quickly; there has arisen now in the national and global influence, Xinyu’s popularity cannot be so big; no, LDK, Xinyu international standards, including the international outlook of leading cadres cannot get so quick promotion. Officials also learned to more space, greater vision, the international market in the allocation of resources.

These cadres told reporters, although the LDK LDK in the development of Xinyu also bring some negative things, even the remnants of many problems for local governments, banks, economic development must go on. PV is a very has prospects of industry, Xinyu has first a step, if PV market recovery, undoubtedly, Xinyu has ancestors a step; addition, to insisted market means, the Enterprise do of things Enterprise do, the Government sector tube of thing government sector to tube, don’t and Enterprise stuck have too deep, tied have too tight, should according to market law, let enterprise with market means to solution problem, including Bank of loan, and interest,.

Jiangxi provincial office bearers of the information Commission who asked to remain anonymous, told reporters, both LDK LDK faces up to what kind of environment, but one thing must be clear, Xinyu city, its industrial system has played a positive role in promoting. Xinyu iron and steel has been formed at present three major industries, new energy and new materials, systems, and have laid a foundation. Xinyu in inland cities, there is no advantage, neither port nor airport and away from the rapid development of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, it is difficult to direct radiation. He believes that in the process of economic development, seize the opportunities, extraordinary, and even some radical is understandable, and opportunity waits for no one, after all, gone too soon.

The official also said that the next Government will not necessarily for LDK LDK to create special policies, but will continue to support the development of LDK LDK. He said that Suntech had not encountered LDK LDK’s predicament, but finally fell, Xinyu, Jiangxi has arisen now in terms of the Government’s attention. Even more important is that as new energy technology demonstration of the nation’s oldest city, Xinyu, PV industry in Jiangxi province and the country as a symbol of the city, Xinyu has arisen now could mean the failure of industrial policy failed, Xinyu city, which directly affect the Government’s image, Xinyu, also affects economic development.

Xia Xuyang told reporters, in fact, existing industries, Governments could do has been done or is being carried out. Jiangxi provincial Government had already clearly put forward, will be introduced in such aspects as finance, power package, support has arisen now as soon as the company returns to normal production.

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Solar-thermal power: not easy to say love to you

Polaris solar PV net news: compared with the high degree of attention China PV, fellow field of solar energy, solar-thermal power generation is a bit too “solitude”.

Before entering the development cycle in PV and wind power, and solar-thermal power generation projects in China would not be pursued blindly, not occur for a while “great leap forward”, excess capacity, and so on.

Although in the early 80 ‘s, many research institutes have started research and development of solar-thermal power, but many years have passed, solar-thermal power generation is still in the development stage, demonstration projects is scarce.

However, since 2014, solar-thermal power generation industry suddenly appeared light.

Not only the national energy Bureau, the NDRC’s price Department, and other departments on promoting the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects were focused on has been more outgoing–solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects electricity price has been finalized, in the price range 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan/kWh.

The news, the “solar thermal power industry experienced explosive growth” views immediately spread like wildfire. However, solar-thermal power generation industry in China would really be introduced through demonstration projects electricity prices East wind, and took to the fast-growing roses, please?

Far from market

Statistics show that by the end of 2013, the global solar thermal power generation have been put into operation around 3320 megawatts of installed capacity, commercial stations and experimental demonstration projects with a total of about 120. Among them, about 15 megawatts of solar-thermal power installed capacity in China in 2013, new installed capacity of 13 MW.

At present, solar-thermal power generation industry in China is still in the early stages of development and demonstration project is industry-led, can they really rely on market operation and very few profitable projects.

Vice President of China renewable energy society, Meng Xiangan said in an interview with reporters: “compared to photovoltaic installation of 1900duowanqianwa in China, where 15 megawatts of solar thermal power installed capacity was too small, far below a minimum installed capacity of thermal power plant. ”

Is different from photovoltaic, solar-thermal electricity generation through from the heat to the complex process of converting mechanical energy into electricity. Each link will require significant investments, but only in areas under direct sunlight, such as the Western provinces have used value.

“High costs, poor technology, industrial policy and other factors constrain the rise of solar-thermal power industry, its gap with photovoltaic, wind power is growing. “The investment advisor wanxuezhi, a researcher in the energy sector, told reporters.

In addition, the current solar-thermal power generation industry chain in China still has not formed. In this regard, the business intelligence network Research Institute researcher Fang Fuliang points out that in the energy sector, although the material, equipment and other products have been exported, but system integration technology in the industrial chain is still very backward.

Prices tempt companies bottom line

According to the 2009 National wind power feed-in tariff rule, four types of wind Ziyuan District, 0.54 0.51 Yuan per kWh, respectively, and 0.61 0.58 Yuan Yuan. National solar power grid that was introduced last year the benchmark price, Ziyuan District according to three types of illumination is 0.9 RMB yuan/kWh, 0.95 and 1 Yuan/kWh/kWh.

In contrast, solar-thermal power generation demonstration project on-grid price if located 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan, far more reasonable.

It is understood that the first commercial operation of solar thermal power stations-the delingha, Qinghai province 50 MW solar thermal power Tower, a 10-megawatt project, has been successfully grid-connected electricity generation in July last year.

Fang Fuliang said the project unit cost of electricity is about 0.9 Yuan per kilowatt hour, according to this calculation, 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan price there is a certain amount of profit opportunities.

However, Meng Xiangan were of the view that from the current input and output analysis of solar-thermal power generation cost, 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan/kWh price is not high, “can only be described as ‘ so-so ‘, businesses unable to get higher profits.”

No doubt, the Government plans to introduce pilot projects on-grid price more aims to promote the marketization of solar-thermal power, want to take this out of the industry in research and development for a long time.

But compared with 2008, once as high as 4 Yuan/kWh of PV electricity price subsidies, the current exposure of solar-thermal power generation electricity price would be low. Mistakes have made the Government aware of photovoltaic, wind energy, long-term subsidies not only not conducive to healthy market development, even reduced the enthusiasm of enterprises rely on progress of science and technology to reduce costs.

Meng Xiangan pointed out that the gate does not open, the enterprise is still in wait-and-see the marketing comes as discussing the on-grid price does not mean much, all need to be left to the market to start only after inspection.

In fact, 1.2 ~1.25 Yuan/kWh price only in testing the boundaries of the enterprise. “Whether the price is reasonable, or whether the money to be, the key to us depends on whether companies are willing to ‘ real money ‘ to jump in – if you want to prove that the price is right, while the Government will be adjusting its prices. “Meng Xiangan said.

Market acceptance is the kingly way

By May 2014, many solar-thermal power generation projects are in preparation stage. Due to economic considerations, they were stranded after the project is completed in the early stages, signs of short term does not start. “Because the support policy is not in place, investors and operators are waiting. “Fang Fuliang told reporters.

And as solar-thermal power generation demonstration projects the implementation of pricing policies, in order to seize market opportunities, investor and operator in a wait-and-see will speed up the construction process of the project, solar-thermal power generation market will experience some growth.

However, the “solar-thermal power generation will have exploded” views, many industry insiders said they were not accepted.

“Solar thermal power generation market process how fast? Can future large-scale development, it is difficult to say. “Meng Xiangan said that although Europe already has a successful operation of solar-thermal power plant, but if copy its model in China is not the reality. Because residential retail electricity prices in Europe are much higher than domestic, the power plant can achieve much higher profits. By contrast, domestic, if wholly dependent on current 0.4 Yuan retail electricity prices rather than subsidies, solar-thermal power station development prospects do not look good.

Wanxuezhi also believes that tariff policies stimulating development will to a certain extent, affected industries, but the potential for explosive growth was close to zero.

In his view, far less wind solar thermal power industry maturity and profitability, industry position in the short term will not appear. In PV and wind power before getting into the development cycle, solar-thermal power projects will not be sought after, would not occur for a while “great leap forward”, excess capacity, and so on.

“Solar thermal power generation in China really do not, eventually was dominated by the market. Only be accepted by the market, and the formation of large-scale development to be truly successful. “Meng Xiangan said.

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EU’s “anti-circumvention” hustle up the new daylight statement did not assist the manufacturers in China

Polaris solar PV net news: China solar industry reports last week that the EU would be for Chinese exports to Europe solar products are “anti-circumvention” investigating a matter, said today more wars, Taiwan, and Japan and Malaysia will also be investigated. New daylight to make statements, does not assist the manufacturers in China with “anti-circumvention” behavior.

Because the factory just before the United States Department of Commerce slapped a hefty anti-dumping duties than you intended, making Taiwan solar energy sector jittery if another EU taxation, would lengthen the industrial layout and reorganization measures. Factories involved in assisting China to avoid “limit-limit”, and could face European Union “the anti-circumvention investigation”, a new Sun put forward a four-point instructions and clarifications:

New daylight never helping mainland firms engaging in so-called “anti-circumvention” behavior.

New batteries of the solar output to Europe to “direct selling” to European customers for the bulk.

According to the European Union on Chinese anti-dumping law stipulates that if mainland manufacturers to buy Taiwan battery assembling components for resale to Europe land components, there would still be the lowest price limit, so in effect the mainland manufacturers and no commercial incentive to act.

If there are unscrupulous operators to assist mainland manufacturers to switch labels, and belongs to the individual manufacturers as illegal, and not involved in the company.

The EU has not yet been made officially, on “the anti-circumvention investigation” of the details remain to be clarified.

Original title: EU’s “anti-circumvention” hustle up the new daylight statement did not assist the manufacturers in China