Spaceflight machine backed by trimming the PV market in transition into primary risk

Polaris solar PV net news: among the many listed companies with photovoltaic power station, spaceflight machine is one of the few to taste the sweetness of family. The main automobile parts and new materials of company since 2000 after entering the PV field, Chase “hot spots”, and by the end of 2013, PV business has around 80% per cent of its total business.

From 2012, spending huge sums to bet on photovoltaic power plant, to now rely on the space resources of the brand become the industry leading, spaceflight machine in at the bottom of turn of the photovoltaic industry and backed by the Central SOEs have “flagging” it and liquidity facilities for two major advantages. By the end of 2013, the company had total sales of PV power station 150MW, and planned to “Twelve-Five” period total sales of photovoltaic power plant for more than 1000MW,2014 years to complete the sales of 400MW.

On July 12, the spaceflight machine earnings reduction announcement, projected the company sells photovoltaic power plant in the first half of 50MW, 100MW reduction over the previous year, resulting in first-half net profit fell to 80%. Insiders pointed out that, due to the photovoltaic power plant is a typical capital-intensive industries, if the company was unable to develop the smooth transfer of power, rapid withdrawal of funds, in the fierce competition in the future, its leading status or would face a tough challenge.

Bet on photovoltaic power plant

Spaceflight machine recent PV investment in Western China, was on June 12 this year.

The same day, spaceflight machine announcement, shares of subsidiary space Galaxy to lose out on energy 200MW Western PV power station projects have been completed acquisitions. Spaceflight machine Board of Directors agreed to share ratio (15%) up by real space Galaxy energy contributing $ 212.5 million Yuan. Think of listed companies, the foreign investment “will help the company to continue to diversify its photovoltaic power plant investment channels and realize photovoltaic power plant development and enlarge leverage effect, enhance the overall profitability of PV industry.”

In fact, as early as March this year, aerospace electromechanical bulletin, intended for two power projects while contributing $ 272 million dollars, media reports said, this is the company for nearly a year for the 10th time in bulletins announcing investments and capital photovoltaic power station project involving totaling more than 2 billion yuan.

Since 2000, after entering the PV module production link, spaceflight machine successively in various ways into the polysilicon, wafer production, and gradually formed a “Poly-wafer-cell-module-power plants” a complete industrial chain. But in the past two years the whole photovoltaic manufacturing overcapacity situation, the company also had to drop out of poly-silicon and wafer production processes in order to “stay alive”.

“As the ebb tide survived photovoltaic business, spaceflight machine became a typical representative of the betting on a PV end markets. “A personage in expressing this view in an interview with reporters.

On November 20, 2012, a notice will be spaceflight machine pushed to the front. At the time, is in the trough of the photovoltaic industry spaceflight machine from hell and made a momentous decision: alteration of capital investment projects, both intended for manufacturing technical transformation part of the funds to join Western PV power generation projects. Switch value amounted to 389 million Yuan, respectively, to Gao Ya son Tan 50MW, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, 100MW, Anyang, 9MW, Ganzhou district, South Beach and the PV of the Tan 9MW.

From the outside, it is undoubtedly the spaceflight machine broken wrist thing. Previously, saddled by photovoltaic business, the company net loss of 109 million dollars in 2011, and the first half of 2012, the company consolidated gross profit margin was-10.8%, solar new energy business, the gross profit margin was-25.4%.

“Under the influence of market growth of the photovoltaic industry, PV product prices, product margins in manufacturing also fell sharply in” spaceflight machine for the change to raise investment project to make such an interpretation, “and PV business links, with a certain degree of investment barriers, so maintain a relatively stable return on investment. “Aerospace electro-mechanical judgments are: photovoltaic power plant will become the industry hot spots.

In fact, before the changes raised the tender, spaceflight machine has made a series split Silicon business work. In October 2012, Shenzhou Silicon of the company owns 29.7% shares of the company, reserve price of 488 million Yuan, the Beijing equity exchange transfers.

Cut losses in upstream business, instead betting PV end markets, aerospace electromechanical transformation will soon pay off. The first half of 2013, the company achieved operating income of 1.21 billion yuan, an increase of 77% to achieve net profit of 170 million Yuan, up drastic increase of 472 million dollars, successful turnaround.

“(2013) the first half of the company added PV power station project to flagging 459MW, approved projects are accelerating the construction and achieved 150MW photovoltaic power plant to sell the better performance. “Aerospace electromechanical rose thanks to the PV business performance advantage began to appear.

Backed by the central space group

In 2013, the spaceflight machine revenues 3.359 billion yuan, an increase of 1.829 billion yuan, an increase of 119.62% to achieve 144 million yuan in net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, rose 1.033 billion dollars.

Spaceflight machine think that PV will be benefiting from domestic support policies on the one hand and fast-growing international emerging markets, photovoltaic market back down to pick up component shipments rose 89.54%; the other is due to speed up domestic power plant project development and investment, innovative profit model, power plant EPC (engineering contract) substantial growth in business 1111.28%.

According to China in 2013 NPDSolarbuzz PV project contractor (EPC) ranking, spaceflight machine more than 600MW, contractor installation into the nation’s second-largest photovoltaic EPC companies, second only to tebian electric.

According to the reporter, spaceflight machine worked out 2014 “self-built PV 500MW, undertaking EPC project 100MW, approval or registration reply 450MW, grid-connected operation of 400MW, distributed generation project development to achieve zero breakthrough” program and achieving power station 400MW sold form not less than 400MW of rolling development of photovoltaic power plant capacity, fast reaching economies of scale. In addition, the spaceflight machine “Twelve-Five” cumulative sales of photovoltaic power stations during the target from 700MW raised to more than a 1000MW.

Insiders pointed out that spaceflight machine behind the ambition, as the China Aerospace Science and technology group under the new energy photovoltaic business platform which has a unique advantage: project development and financing capacity.

“Substantial shareholder of Shanghai aerospace industry (Group) brands as well as background, aerospace electrical and mechanical advantages in the area of government relations. “The members of the Fund who asked not to be named told reporters that,” especially in Western power plants get more difficult context of flagging approval, aerospace electrical capacity advantages for development projects is more obvious. ”

In fact, numerous private enterprises or SMEs are still hard to achieve PV flagging when you travel, spaceflight machine has made full use of the brand resources, cooperation with local governments, power group, the current layout of the PV market has been extended to Ningxia, Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai provinces such as Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Yunnan.

“Spaceflight machine in hydropower development in China has been doing very well,” NPDSolarbuzz Lian Rui, senior analyst, told reporters. “The company’s components business is not too small, remain in second-tier, but it attaches more importance to the downstream. “Public information, aerospace electrical and mechanical construction of xigaze in 2000 No 42 photovoltaic power station of electric power engineering, has been building various types of power station more than more than 600 seats.

Worth noting is that current photovoltaic power plant business is relatively new, is still difficult to direct project financing, but other assets to guarantee or other liability guarantee and usually higher financing costs, the private small and medium enterprise’s financing capacity presents a great challenge. Spaceflight machine relies on trimming the background of space group, financing advantages reveals.

Reporters combed spaceflight machine results found, the company is currently the largest amount of a long-term loan of 600 million Yuan, the company acquired through space systems to apply to the Academy of aerospace group eighth. The loan for a period of 5 years, at only 5% per annum; in addition, aerospace electromechanical major shareholders underwritten to benchmark interest rate 6.55% 15 favourable terms for access to national development Bank long-term loan.

UBS Securities based on long-term borrowings of the spaceflight machine report information, calculate the weighted interest rate for long-term loans is approximately 5.66%, far lower than rivals. In addition, aerospace electromechanical 2013 annual report shows that its asset-liability ratio of only 51.42% also in the lower level, with more financing space. UBS Securities said that spaceflight machine advantages in financing capacity helps to improve the profitability of hydropower development in the business.

Plant sale is only the first half of 50MW

It is worth noting that, on July 12, and spaceflight machine earnings reduction announcement is expected in 2014, vested in the shareholders of listed companies ‘ net profit for first half of 33.89 million Yuan, down 80%. Spaceflight machine explained that the company sells PV 100MW reduction a year earlier in the first half. But the company also said that plans to sell this year PV power station 400MW, had sold the 50MW in the first half, the rest is still under construction, will transfer the second half of sales.

While spaceflight machine did not change the sales targets for 2014, but companies are still unable to sell as the first power project risk: since the project rate of return is not completely satisfy investor demand, or the terms and conditions on both sides, no agreement, the company power station not on track to achieve sales, leading to the eventual profits increased uncertainty.

In March, the media reported that since the end of last year to early this year, spaceflight machine package listed on equity exchanges twice transferred its stakes in two photovoltaic power plant project, the transferee was not found. Journalists from other news sources verifying that the spaceflight machine sold only 50MW photovoltaic power plant in the first quarter.

“General transfer of hydropower development enterprises in the second half, especially concentrated in the fourth quarter, which is the seasonal nature of the industry. “A long-term investment focus on PV power station told reporters, but for developers, timely transfer of power would cause capital precipitation, affecting cash flow. Pressure on cash flow will enable the power plant developer faces enormous challenges.

In addition, also the argument that, if it cannot find buyers, developers will have to become operators, early construction of power stations payback period will be spent by elongate, long-term risks to the project development.

Research institutes Solarzoom statistics, last August agreed, signing, and is disclosed internally reached 130,000 MW photovoltaic project development and construction, newly developed than countries at the 35,000 MW of installed capacity by 2015 “Twelve-Five” target exceeded more than 3 times more than doubled, mostly for large power projects. This means that, for some time to come, photovoltaic power plant development and intense competition will continue.

UBS Securities also pointed out that the 100MW PV power station construction needs to invest 800 million ~10 million, increased as the number of PV power plant developers in the future, have a smooth power transfer channels, rapid withdrawal of funds to improve efficiency, “will also become important factors.”

In addition, the spaceflight machine also clear that photovoltaic industry or face the risk of receivable cannot be recovered, such as the part of the customer’s credit is not high impact allocation policies are not in place or local tariff, resulting in loan payback period of uncertain or difficult to recover.

“In fact, developers to select customers, is mainly look at the capacity. “These investment professionals told reporters. In this regard, the spaceflight machine says it will strictly enforce the customer’s credit rating, credit management and offshore credit guarantee policies, closely tracking the renewable surcharges imposed and subsidies, on line after timely subsidies for renewable energy applications, also arrange the financing structure, debt and project accounts, guaranteed PV power plant project as usual.

Original title: spaceflight machine backed by central SOEs held two advantages of PV market in transition into primary risk

PV how leveraged capital markets in China?

Polaris solar PV net news: the night of July 30, 2014, jinko announced that country for international investment (“CDB”), Macquarie’s greater China Infrastructure Fund (“Macquarie”), as well as new horizon capital (“new horizon”) has agreed to jinko solar photovoltaic power plant and raw materials totaled $ 225 million investment in business.

It is reported that investors including new shareholders in this round of stake in Macquarie and CDB lead investor in international private equity investment, holding $ sitech power 45%. The money will be used for future investment in the development of new business, as well as continuing to strengthen the construction of power stations and development and so on. This means that apt will facing downstream strategies for continued large-scale investment. This success financed not only ensures the downstream development of hydropower development in business funding needs, and enhances and amplifies the enterprise’s market value, shareholders and business value maximization. While these two internationally renowned PE institutions of stakes, will also enhance the sitech sentiment in the capital market. An exclusive interview with journalists on this financing cooperation jinkosolar official.

Reporter: why apt will choose which two investors in this financing?

Sitech is still there remain many Fund choices is finally doing a mix, we think this combination is very advantageous. First cooperation party needs has common of concept and vision, believes industry, believes industry of future; second, they can brings except funds yiwai more non-funds of elements, and these elements for Crystal section future business expand very of important; again, as respective field of leader, they such of select, has direction marked of role, representative with capital markets of a species trend or message, for Crystal section power future listed this is a is good of foreshadowing.

Macquarie infrastructure investment as the world’s largest organizations, assets under management amounted to $ 396 billion, as an adviser in mergers and acquisitions and capital markets business is worth more than $ 83 billion. Apart from transport infrastructure, real estate, financial institutions have deep expertise in the field, they were very keen on environmental protection, in many parts of the world have successful development or acquisition financing solar power plants, has accumulated deep industry experience, global connections, even well versed in local policies and laws, the sitech helping future hydropower development in overseas business development.

State international is more familiar, as the first domestic bank private equity investment company, mainly engaged in energy, equity investments in infrastructure and urban development, and other services. ATP in this cooperation with the CDB has repeatedly before, as early as 1 billion dollars at the end of 2012, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation agreement, January 14 for 15 years and 400 million Yuan project signed the loan agreement in April and signed two PV loans amounts to 241.4 million Yuan. This cooperation of meaning care, country opened international as for China mainstream scale Fund, official investment PV station, is based Yu on China future especially energy development of strategy judge, this displayed has China capital of a investment direction, this while also showed that China capital for currently domestic PV station development of policy, and commercial mode recognized, capital including Bank funds, and social funds can entered PV industry; domestic savings can to sound low risk of medium-and long-term investment conversion.

Reporter: why do you speak in front of sitech choose them, so why choose apt investment agency?

First is because they research and a thorough understanding of the industry itself for a long time, whether it’s the trajectory of global development, foreign experience, artery to domestic policy, although industries have high or low, is still not off the upward trend line. Put it on a global scale, judging from the asset performance, PV investments have proven to be stable and long-term return on investment, even more than other investment products.

Interviewer: so many PV companies, why invest in apt, I think the main value is:

One. Forward-looking strategic thinking and early market distribution. Sitech is the earliest from the wafer, cell, and module production to systems as a whole one of the vertically integrated company; was the first energy to the transition from a production-oriented enterprises manufacturing company, one of the first dabbled in downstream of hydropower development in business and has developed a considerable scale.

II. professional and industry leading position. ATP in recent years, both in technological innovation, product quality, plant quality, cost, operational performance, financial performance, profitability and industry reputation with good results, as the investment company, which is their major consideration. Sitech strong business growth in recent years, laid the Foundation for the successful financing of financial data, has become a promising apt.

III. strong execution and pragmatic, and teamwork of enterprise culture is the important thing to make it believable.

Reporter: new shareholders to come in later, the ownership structure of future ATP, apt in some major decisions on the future will be subject to new structure?

Together they accounted for 45% owned by apt 55%, apt is the largest shareholder, major decisions on ownership and control of all operations. As a pure investment, they will not interfere with the Crystal section of daily operations, in terms of strategic decisions, they will give opinions and advice, but business decisions related to the decision are apt. We value or is in need of these views and proposals, help us to avoid errors and reduce risk. Such equity management structure for the sitech is currently developing are healthy.

Reporter: thaw to 250 million dollars will be used to mainly the business development?

Mainly used for hydropower development in China, including large power plants and distributed, without compromising the quality of overseas plants.

Reporters may account for how much of the ground station and distributed overseas hydropower development in which countries?

As a professional project company, focusing more on project risk and reward, whether it is a ground station or a distributed, giving priority to investing in high quality plants, there is no specific limit

We are interested in major PV markets are, more important is that the project itself, risks and rewards

Reporter: jingke has been the level of profitability is a leader in the industry, finance and cash flow is good, this time needs the money right?

Do not lack money to change again, must be in the company’s profitability, and a larger profit plans in the future, when capital will be attracted. PV with the clear and detailed rules for the implementation of favorable policies explicitly, it contains a lot of opportunity, on behalf of the potential is staggering, but power is separated from the capital, and require a lot of capital. ATP needs to take advantage of current market opportunities to maximize the financial advantage, to further strengthen its leading position in the photovoltaic power plant development, and gain the initiative in the upcoming new patterns.

Reporter: the equity financing, ATP funding into traditional investment conglomerates and financial giants, indicates that investors are optimistic about the Outlook for its commercial, but why apt will look favourably by investors?

First based on favorable policies and implementation of PV power plant in China, it boosted profits, market capacity to less than in other countries. Sitech II model has been proven to be bigger and more profitable. Apt to show investors beyond the peer’s profitability is to attract them. Sitech a forward-looking ecosystem and its sustainable development in building photovoltaic power capacity, also won investor approval.

Original title: interview with jinkosolar: leveraged capital markets top quality Chinese PV power station

Adequate supply of polysilicon price pressures in the second half

Polaris solar PV net news: August 4, continues in the first half of about 160,000 tons of polysilicon production capacity at the same time, polysilicon imports close to 50,000 tons in the first half, due to abundant supply, domestic polysilicon prices under pressure in the second half.

The first half of the domestic polysilicon manufacturers continued in production, including GCL-poly energy, TBEA, daqo new energy over more than 14 starts of total capacity to about 160,000 tons. While polysilicon imports close to 50,000 tons in the first half, higher than imports over the same period last year, with June imports 9566 tonnes, an increase of 99.3%.

In January 2014, under the influence of factors such as demand picks up, China solar grade polysilicon prices picked up about $ 15%, and at the beginning of February dropped to 165 Yuan per kg on high, then the United States, South Korea and China, polysilicon “double reverse” measures be introduced, together with related policies clear, polysilicon prices down for a short time. Since the end of March, polysilicon prices picked up slightly after 3 months remained stable, while in June polysilicon prices down slightly.

According to domestic work, and poly-SI production short to be stable, so expect July 2014-December China poly silicon productions should be kept approximately 8500 tons/month, 2014 domestic productions is expected to exceed 100,000 tons.

The demand side, the 2014 PV installed capacity less than 3GW-half the domestic market, with similar to 2013 from the domestic photovoltaic power stations, the situation, expected to installing tide in late 2014.

But analysts believe that polysilicon imports surge, brought serious polysilicon supply pressure, even fiery installing end-market in the second half, domestic polysilicon price stability is still worrying.

Xian de PV should lead the new energy development

Polaris solar PV net news: with step by step and adjusting national solar policy, distributed PV is the 2014, one of the industry’s most important topics. All over the about local policies, debates on photovoltaic roof, on subsidies, how perfect, the industry buzz to Beltane. While the United States is relying on innovative financing, asset-backed securities as an important means for the PV industry has created a new takeoff, this pattern of China PV industry is appealing that captures and new opportunities. To solve these problems, press interview jinkosolar Xian de, Chairman.

Xian de, Chairman

Distributed PV plants three major risks to the investment

Reporter: at present, the industry is most concerned about issues of distributed PV policy, State beginning in 2013 on intensive introduced many policies. Year 8GW goal implementation, there is a need to adjust or refine policies?

Xian de: in fact, 8GW for power resources and planning in China as a whole, is not a very big number. China’s current resources and fully able to support the roof on this scale. But in order to achieve goals, also depends on the trade. Distributed PV is an investment industry to develop first of all to get capital into, no money could not do anything, and to enter an industry, be sure to have a very full, mature business models.

Now we see that throughout the distributed business model is not mature, there are still many shortcomings. When enterprises are doing requires constant communication with banks, hoping to use the Bank’s leverage to pry investment yields, it is most important to investors. And in this communication process, banks are more interested in the project there are no stable elimination groups. For the banks, the ability to eliminate the certainty and continuing operations of the group will affect the continuation and profitability of power plants. When we do distributed, are faced with different customer groups, there is strong State enterprises, hospitals, airports, private enterprise, there are residential users, some are not particularly stable groups, such as small firms, it is likely to cause hardship on our distributed project financing of investment. If you have trouble financing, that distributed a large advance will encounter bottlenecks.

Countries need to consider from this perspective, it should make some adjustments in policy. Personally believe that distributed can also refer to the large ground station system model and subsidy mechanisms. We directly deals with power companies, was to coordinate grid by grid companies eliminate problems. I think that such a policy can better promote the development of distributed in China.

Reporter: China PV industry has just had a tough two years, financing is still one of the development of the difficulties so far. In the next stage of development when financing conditions will improve in the industry as a whole?

Xian de: from a manufacturing point of view, the entire industry is also in the process of adjustment. Financed to a large extent depends on the actual operating situation of the company, and banks want to see or the company’s ratio of debt, cash flow and profits. Banks must be very realistic, good companies will provide higher limits, financing conditions natural is better. From a plant’s point of view, banking concern three aspects, one is the power station itself, including both financial and profit model is no problem, return on investment is still relatively high. Second is the plant’s procedures are complete. For example, land use is no problem, power purchase agreement is not guaranteed. Complete procedures, identify, the risk is manageable, investment income is guaranteed, banks would participate. Third is the strength of investment, asset-liability ratio and operation conditions on the one hand, and other basic conditions is the professional investors, because solar is still a greater demand in specialized industries.

Reporter: compared to the ground station, the current domestic development of distributed PV challenges and risks?

Xian de: large photovoltaic power station’s business model is relatively simple, plant’s investors themselves to develop the power plant issue of electricity sold to the grid, electricity tariffs following the benchmark price policy, a class of region, class II and class III region three electricity prices. Such a simple business model, we can use the investment costs, coupled with power, to calculate return on investment.

Distributed power is a bit more complicated, because it involves three groups. One is to invest in power plants business, second is to eliminate businesses, there is also a power grid. In other words, investment in distributed generation, we must first eliminate groups signed a power-purchase agreement because you eliminate groups of roof, power purchase agreement may offer an electricity discount, or roof of the rental fee. But certain groups not absorptive have been using electricity generated by a roof, such as schools, holiday without electricity, another scenario is that electricity from the roof to dissolve groups than you, then Yu can do it, selling power, power to regulate the electricity and eliminate the conditions. But power prices and eliminate groups of electricity prices are not the same, because desulfurization benchmark price is 4 cents, but we sold it to eliminate groups of electricity price is 8 cents, more than whether it’s generated electricity price, and still eliminate groups of electricity price subsidy to the State 4-2. From such a policy, we can see the following risks:

The first is the question of property rights. Because you are in someone else’s building power plants on the roof, roof rights do not belong to the building if the roof was removed, solar power panels how to deal with it? Second is to eliminate groups of sustainability. For example factories, eliminate no problem. But investment in solar power plants are 20 lease, if the factory went bankrupt, absorptive capacity is lost, this is the risk. The third is to eliminate the uncertainty. Eliminate groups in a factory, it could be this year’s operation is very good, full load fully, that might get the electricity price is 8 cents plus 4 2 Mao, 1 total 2. If poor performance, such as shut down for a month, the entire financial model changed, this one-month electricity bill has only 4 plus 4 2 Mao Mao.

I have mentioned these risks, banks will see, this is the reason why bank capital was not in the industry right now. I suggest that the grid should shoulder this responsibility, since the network itself has assigned to dissolve the obligation, this place is no absorptive capacity, can be adjusted to a different place to go. If a factory has gone bankrupt, with no business, but the power is still in, it should still be adjusted to other factories inside and power to bear that responsibility.

Reporter: 2014, the policy supports efforts to strengthen, the industry itself also appeared with new vitality. Investment new energy PV plants financing innovation raised an important topic. Innovative financing, asset-backed securitization in China has not even got a chance?

Xian de: China new energy is far more emphasis on investment in large power stations, as mentioned earlier, large ground power station’s business model is a more mature, so banks are also willing to give loans for such projects. As far as asset securitization in PV power plant, first to attract more low-cost funds into the industry is certainly a good sign, but we want to make clear, PV product property is more suitable for this kind of financing models. Because PV upfront, but future earnings are very stable and not under the influence of too many external factors. For example, we can compare the coal and electricity markets, the coal price fluctuations have an impact on station operations and bottom line, this is the volatility of external factors. Solar energy is the Sun, this will not be a big fluctuation, electricity and a stable income and asset securitization this model is suitable for the development of this industry. But to achieve this we must first have a common trading platform, could make solar power as an asset in this trade. However, the current financial environment in China and there are many policy issues, the propulsion of this model takes a long period of time. Abroad especially United States utility assets securitization has done very mature, home and it took a long time to build a better system, and platform.

Caution photovoltaic business transformation

Reporter: it is understood that the apt utility business will be split listed, how apt on the future planning of the sector? After adjustment, PV manufacturers shifted to lower station to the energy supplier’s restructuring in the direction of this trend are increasingly?

Xian de: from the perspective of sitech, pre-we are manufacturers, and if we entered the field of power plant and raw materials would become an energy supplier, which are two completely different business models. Why do we want it to be listed? Because our management believes that jinko’s type of business investment also has manufacturing, which both parts failed to distinguish between our company and not correct understanding of capital markets, we believe that the apt market is still undervalued. Sitech is a United States company, United States investors is not sensitive enough for power plant investment in China policy, and we are still in the manufacturing sector, accompanied, resulting in some assets are not properly assessed, but our operations are actually very good. Therefore, apt to split these two business model on sale.

Power plant investment business from the start and now has more than two years, after a trial and error process, we remain cautious advance in this section. At present, we have completed and holds a 200MW power plant assets, in 2014 we plan to finish a 400MW power plant construction, in addition to the project reserves a 1GW. Sitech attaches from the manufacturer to the transformation of energy suppliers, this strategic direction is very important for us. Sitech in PV manufacturing sector has consolidated its own advantages, but extends to the downstream development paths and irreversible, the spin-off plan will be completed at the beginning of the end of 2014 to 2015, at which time we will build a more sophisticated financing vehicles.

Manufacturing enterprises to enter the market is currently one of the more obvious trend, jinko is relatively early in the industry to do this thing. In this transformation, we are more concerned about the company’s cash flow problems, PV power plant with very large upfront investment, and operation and maintenance costs were relatively low, follow-up to the enterprise’s cash flow is very considerable. Manufacturing companies transition to a power station operators, should pay more attention to its assets turnover, from photovoltaic products to power stations, the industry’s asset turnover is fast, so as to guarantee the company’s cash flow.

Reporter: industry: after a deep restructuring and bankruptcy, company pulled through, and continue to consolidate the advantages, such as sitech. How do you evaluate the current landscape?

Xian de: from manufacture supplier, PV manufacturing in China has formed a complete industrial chain, complete industrial chain means that the cost advantage. Coupled with the current Chinese solar manufacturers have mastered advanced techniques, overall, China PV manufacturing remains in a leading position in the world. Application markets, Europe and the United States have a better structure and better financial platform, this is the basis for sustainable and stable development of their, United States, and Europe, next will be sustained and steady development stage. But the Chinese market is facing a lot of problems, primarily changes in policy, issued subsidies need to be funded through policy rules in place, of course, the grid of construction need to continuously improve. 35GW is not a big amount, but behind 35GW of how sustainable development is a challenge to both the Government and the industry leaders and grind our wisdom.

Photovoltaic industry beginning in 2014, the market demand is rising every year, 2013 demand between 35GW to 36GW, 2014, this trend will continue, followed by increase in demand may have 15% to 24%. But the problem still exist, for example United States double reverse trade, market pressures and channel need to be addressed. In addition, the advancement of the greatest focus is distributed in China policy. In my view, should lead the development of the new energy industry of the photovoltaic industry.

Original title: Xian de, Chairman of jinko interview: PV should lead the new energy development

Energy Board issued related to grid-connected distributed generation acquisition and implementation of subsidy special regulatory notice

Polaris solar PV net news: (a) focus

1. grid-connected distributed generation project acquisitions. Including: ① has production of distributed power project (main including PV, and wind electric and the gas hot and cold electric Alliance for,) capacity, and production time, and grid situation,; II distributed power project coordination work mechanism, and grid service process, and information disclosure situation, and project record situation,; ③ distributed power extra power of priority Internet and full acquisition situation; II distributed power project 2013 years and 2014 1-June of total electricity, and “spontaneous use” power and Internet power, and the “spontaneous use” Power ratio, and so on.

2. Internet distributed generation project electricity and subsidized settlements. Includes: distributed generation project electricity price, price subsidies and policies of implementation; II local Governments supporting the implementation of investment grants and subsidies policy that was introduced c subsidy eligible for subsidies, subsidy audit and disbursement of the funds about Internet access tariffs settlement and subsidies, such as availability of funds.

3. collection and use of renewable energy development Fund (2013 and 2014 1 June). Includes: electricity tax, levy and collection standards, collected, accounted for sales of electricity prices, second major subsidies for renewable energy projects (including renewable energy generation projects, Web projects, and common renewable independent power system) standard and the amount.

4. problem analysis and policy recommendations.

(B) focus on the scope of regulation

Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangdong and Jiangsu.

National Energy Board Office province: Hebei.

(C) schedule

All relevant agencies at the completion of regulatory work within their respective jurisdictions by December 2014, and submit the supervision of the National Energy Board.

Second half of 2014 resident special supervision plan table

Original title: grid-connected distributed generation acquisition and implementation of subsidy special supervision

Programme of large terrestrial power station seen from heat and dust-proof container complex

Polaris solar PV net news: from 2011, the container application access solution for PV systems began in the desert ground domestic photovoltaic power stations by 2013, over 70% of large power stations, airports, industrial enterprises and other large roofing plant, have adopted the solution container. Container-type program in construction costs, construction schedule, and overall system performance, such as the significant advantages, mostly owners and the EPC decided early in the project design of container route. After more than two years and the application of improved domestic container programme has not only kept its at the beginning of grid access friendliness, with economic advantage, thermal dust-proof power plant operation and maintenance, such as skills upgrading are also in continuous improvement.

Programme thermal dust container appearance

Container program how to do well in heat and dust-proof

Focuses on development of large-scale photovoltaic power station in Northwest China, while enjoying a good light conditions, sand is one of the factors that must be incorporated into the design. PV inverter system with the core of access equipment, dust-proof, heat has always been EPC focused content, how to reduce power consumption and improve ventilation efficiency based on lifting the protection class of the device, reducing dust has always been equipment supplier continuous improvement directions.

Experts, the container programme, not simply install the PV inverter into a standard shipping container, but as an integrated platform for the overall design of the system container, including further enhance the efficiency of ventilation, which is where the core technology and the value of the programme.

Reasonable space to reduce power loss in ventilation duct system design, combined with internal devices improve cooling efficiency, specially designed to increase for all air inlet filter, and so on, are ordinary building could not be achieved, users select the container programme abandoned building technology-driven.

A few days ago, by 2011 the first domestic plant operations apply a container found in a sandy grave in Northwest China, 1MW container internal cleaning and dust removal is usually conducted once every six months, every time you need a staff member will take about two hours, dust-proof effect is better than building, greatly facilitated the plant operations to reduce costs.

“Cross-border” integration further enhance

Container programme as a design platform for market access system and widely received by later, as part of the system, container has also been higher dust and heat of expectations placed in the industry. Domestic manufacturers in the independent study at the same time, actively learn from the outcomes for similar solutions in other areas, starting with the wind.

History of development of wind power industry in industrial scale, are more mature than the PV industry. Wind farm in a rich wind resource area, sand dust but not the daily operation and maintenance of the wind farm and important points, wind turbine towers in thermal dust must have merit. After a comparative study of new container programme of dust control technology on the market. Experience of wind turbine tower in air intake duct design, container programme using air inlet at the bottom of the new way, after passing through the bottom of settlement, enter the inverter housing dust is greatly reduced.

Figure 1: schematic diagram of bottom air intake programme

Drawing fans and the practical application of foreign main suppliers ABB maintenance instructions, several first-line domestic manufacturers to use the bottom air inlet design of inverter PV system container programme, so that the internal cleaning and maintenance work only once a year, every time you need to only replace the air filter. To power plant owners and operators, which will further simplify the maintenance of large power stations, maintenance costs are negligible.

Heat and dust-proof set of worries

With the rise of distributed rooftop station, the group plans to return to the country of the EPC vision, caused in the industry in the past year to argue which one is better the large power station.

Senior inverters technical staff, string type, there are some disadvantages, just such abuse because life is short and haven’t been widely exposed. Day-to-day maintenance thermal dust such as power station, String scheme to ground station is at risk of desertification in Northwest China. And now the most widely used compared to the container programme, centralized inverter’s own dust-proof structure shell plus specialized modification of containers of double protection, and hang directly on the bracket of string inverter single protection, dustproof result is self-evident.

“Some string-type products, with no external fan without external ventilation only cooling through radiator, to enhance IP protection class internal dust to resolve device problems. Such programmes in the environmental quality of the area of application is feasible, but in the dust bowl swept Northwest of restaurant, equivalent to critical devices under the radiator without any protection of the external environment, heatsink of dust would be extremely serious. “Technical expert evaluation Institute.

Experts warned that as the sole device for cooling, dust accumulation is not only seriously affect the effciency and then reduce the efficiency of power generation, more likely danger are unable to heat instead of airplane bombing. If high-frequency cleaning to reduce risk, per MW up to 30-40 dispersed open-air installation of our products, it is difficult to estimate how much additional funding to sustain normal plant operations.

Figure 2: the string inverter cooler dust picture shows (from left: dust right: no dust)

According to the actual situation, against adverse weather conditions such as desert zone of large power stations, both here and abroad, are dominated by container-type scheme, such as Helios is designed for the desert region to launch the 2MW integrated pressure system integration solutions. Due to thermal, dust almost harsh requirements-string inverter applied to this would significantly enhance the power station operational risks and costs.

Original title: programme of large terrestrial power station seen from heat and dust-proof container complex

Electric vehicles have the PV “gas station”

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday morning, the end of a pure electric vehicle charging, from Zhejiang Electric Cloud new energy photovoltaic charging stations for electric vehicles pulled out. Once upon a time, new energy vehicles was one of the more “distant” concept, now erected photovoltaic PV high-tech industrial park, jiaxing “filling station” for new energy vehicles to solve charging problem.

Zhejiang electric cloud in new energy photovoltaic recharging station reporters saw on each screen of the intelligent charging current charging mode, charging and charge the amount of relevant data at a glance.

“Charging process is the same as at the gas station to refuel, can charge by charge card or PayPal checkout. “Zhejiang Electric Cloud solar company official told a reporter,” endurance “on 250 km of pure electric vehicles where only 5 hours to fully charge.

According to reports, the electric vehicle charging station project invested 850,000 yuan, new energy generation installed capacity 20KW, 20KW˙h storage battery capacity, the annual average generating capacity of about 25000, electricity generated proceeds of about 15000, power station and can accommodate up to 4 EV charging.

When it comes to project highlights, head of the company said: “the low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection and new energy power generation combined with the design concepts into the electric car is the highlight of this project for filling station, this pilot project demonstration, shifted the new energy electric vehicle charging station in the country to promote, thus boosting the rapid development of electric vehicle industry. ”

Of energy comes not just from photovoltaic charging stations, according to reports, the new energy electric vehicle charging station composed of photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, energy storage battery, micro-grid control systems and intelligent charging sections, through the use of new energy generation or grid complementary way to recharge an electric car. “We are relying mostly on solar power charging station projects, but at this stage it’s not completely leaving the independent operation of the grid, grid support are needed to fully meet user demand for charging. Grid support to balance the demands of PV power supply and car-charging, especially up photovoltaic power supply of short boards. “The head of the Zhejiang Electric Cloud solar company said.

The head said, project of PV power used has 280KW high conversion efficiency polysilicon double glass component, wind power used has 2KW of wind machine, storage can system used has 20KW of storage can battery and BMS battery management system, through smart micro grid energy management control system achieved has on inverse variable device, and controller, and distribution grid, equipment of power information, and run State, and charging State for monitoring and management, and achieved and smart grid of seamless switch, achieved 24 hours not interrupted charging.

“This demonstration application can reduce electric car charging power system focused on the impact and influence, solve the problem of electric car charging effect on the power quality, and participate in the grid control, achieve two-way interaction with the network. “The head of the company said.

Original title: electric car with PV “gas station”

Shares in central copy “model of Inner Mongolia” invest more than 2 billion “snowball” built 10GW photovoltaic projects

Arctic star solar PV network news: July 31, in the ring shares released bulletin said, its recently and Sichuan development, and Leshan power, and Tianjin Jin Alliance and SunPower signed has understanding memorandum, will in Sichuan Province development, and has and/or sold main using efficient (efficiency not below 24%) low concentrated PV technology products built of power plant, currently intends development construction capacity for 3GW of efficient PV Center project, long-term development construction target Super 10GW.

Consistent with the people had speculated, Central stake had taken on “Inner Mongolia” was successfully copied in Sichuan. And the so-called “Inner Mongolia”, that is, shares in Central and local governments, such as SunPower take a collaborative approach with regard to development projects in Inner Mongolia.

According to the announcement, this time shares, Sichuan’s development, in Central Tianjin to be respectively invested 720 million dollars and 700 million dollars, 560 million Yuan, total registered capital of the new company 73.8%; funded Leshan electric power to be 580 million Yuan, accounting for 21.6% of the registered capital; SunPower invested 125 million yuan of registered capital: 4.6%. This includes 2.685 billion yuan of registered capital, also includes the development of Sichuan and Tianjin two provincial investment platform.

Got through plant developed the power generation process is successfully copied the “Inner Mongolia model”

As early as in December 2012, and shares the company intends to invest in central China concentrated (Inner Mongolia) of PV power Bill adopted by the Board of Trustees considered. According to the motion, and shares invested 160 million yuan in central China focusing 40% shares; SunPower donated 100 million RMB, China concentrated 25% shares of Inner Mongolia electric power (Group) limited liability company invested 80 million Yuan, China concentrated 20% shares, Jinqiao development limited liability company of urban construction in Huhhot invested 60 million Yuan, Hua Xia 15% stake in the spotlight.

“Inner Mongolia model” and similar parts, just got through plant from the development of the combination of the whole process of generating mode. According to press the investigation, each party involved in the joint venture company was gobblers. Sichuan development is Sichuan Government of investment platform, representative Sichuan Government on project of support, in joint venture company in of role positioning natural is solution Government of approval process, and flagging, needs Government support of related things; Tianjin Jin Alliance is Tianjin country funding Board of a investment platform, natural representative has old Club on in the ring shares of support, again once 560 million big of injected, can be described as on its full has confidence; Leshan power participation to project can be described as somewhat accident, but according to informed persons revealed, Mainly because the networks behind it is Sichuan electric power company, which can help the grid-connected power plant to solve problems in Central share and SunPower, as always, on behalf of CFZ+C7 advanced technology provider, responsible for resolving power of high efficiency and low cost.

Sunpower partners receive financial support, technology is authorized

Shares of Central “CFZ core technologies combined with SunPower high efficiency solar cell + low-concentrated technology (C7)” pattern, as the field of PV technology in strong cooperation, allegedly bringing disruptive change: will be diluted to 0.4 Yuan/kWh costs below. Although so far there is no specific data to confirm that, although cooperation between the two sides still expect a lot from the industry.

SunPower, as the international photovoltaic industry “majors”, is a design, manufacture and sales currently can achieve high conversion efficiency, high quality and high reliability of solar modules and systems companies, while shares in Central, is its efficient providers of silicon materials.

Earlier, the Sunpower photovoltaic power stations have access to Buffett, highly recognized international giants such as Apple, Google, recently won the HASI company more than $ 40 million of non-recourse debt financing, which is the second debt financing from companies in 2014 for SunPower. HASI companies have said, their authorized SunPower high quality technology.

Central shares earlier announcements, Inner Mongolia and Chinese joint ventures of concentrating manufacturing C7 system receiver capacity is 300MW and SunPower to advance procurement 70MW battery package, used in saihan district of Huhhot 20MW solar plant project and bald Hai Xiang 100MW PV power plant project in wuchuan County, the two projects will be completed in 2015, power generation.

To be sure, in the domestic PV market development in the future, Central shares will continue to work with Sunpower; expansion in the international market, Central shares will receive Sunpower and their major shareholders, total support.

Own funds + financing channels provide guaranteed funding

Outside in technology, business model, financial shares to colonize Earth, Central, is an indispensable condition. Back in April of this year, shares issued in Central “has been signed with the Government of the ABA Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture, Sichuan the solar energy efficient photovoltaic power generation project in ABA strategic cooperation agreement, the preliminary planning 3GW of solar efficient photovoltaic power station” announcements. At the market’s biggest concerns is that its funding.

Reporters noted, as distinguished from “Inner Mongolia model”, more Sichuan joint venture highlights: not just got the endorsement of the local governments of the two places, the registered capital of more than 26 billion, much higher than the 400 million joint venture company in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan hydropower station in the world problems is solved directly. In accordance with industry accepted/w power plant costs 10 Yuan, more than 2 billion of their own money, if the use of financial leverage, and can be used to build more than 800MW power station scale. Under partial construction in central planning, construction of the power plant by realisation and follow-up support for power plant construction, the Fund does not really matter.

And crucially, not so long ago, Central equity said in a statement that the company is embarking on financial leasing and factoring, decided to adopt the Hong Kong Holdings Limited to wholly-owned subsidiaries in Central the capital increase of 500 million Yuan to support its Tianjin zhonghuan finance leasing company and Tianjin zhonghuan commercial factoring company.

Reporters a finance person, “leasing company access to bank credit can not be fully used, can revitalize the company’s stock assets such as photovoltaic power plants, wafer, in addition to leasing platform can also take international trade and make effective use of overseas enterprises low cost funding.”

Particularly worth mentioning is that “in Central Hong Kong in Tianjin Dongjiang free trade zone set up in Hong Kong Central rental leases are treated as foreign companies which, according to relevant regulations of the Ministry of Commerce (lease financing by the Ministry of Commerce supervised by the China Banking Regulatory Commission on regulatory, financial leasing), foreign-funded financial leasing company’s risk assets total net assets of no more than 10 times. In other words, Central leasing capital 10 times leverage is available, its capital up to a maximum of 5 billion yuan. “These financial sources told reporters that” the financing channels, Central, it’s no wonder the shares’s recent announcement of an end to corporate bond issuance. ”

Original title: shares in central copy “model in Inner Mongolia” Sichuan joint venture company more than 2 billion yuan of investment “snowball” 10GW building project

Shenzhen municipal development and Reform Commission published and distributed photovoltaic power generation project management notification

Polaris solar PV net news: development and reform Bureau of the district (District Development Bureau), power limited, Shenzhen investment limited in Shenzhen, the units concerned are:

Forwards under the Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission National Energy Board issued the notice on issuance of interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects (Guangdong development and reform to the new (2014), 37th), combined with the actual city, distributed photovoltaic power generation project management in our city are hereby notified as follows:

Subsidies, State funds management

National subsidies to need State funds balanced the amount of distributed PV power generation projects and the annual scale management guidance. I will given to the city, State, province, size of distributed PV annual guidance, I need to apply for State funding subsidized project scope management.

II, State financial subsidy

(A) uses its own residential and residential construction projects in the region.

Individuals using its own residential and construction of distributed solar power projects in residential areas, directly or in Shenzhen Shenzhen China merchant power companies to apply for registration, power supply company in Shenzhen City, Shenzhen investment focus to my board applied for entry into the annual subsidies on a monthly scale, I appointed in accordance with the city’s annual scale index issued by the views included in annual subsidies.

(Ii) enterprise use of industrial and commercial buildings, such as the roof construction of the project.

Units depending on the city’s investment in fixed assets of the project project management relevant provisions in the project area (area) development and reform Department to handle projects of fixed assets investment and filing procedures. Completed investment in fixed assets and filing procedures and have started construction conditions, to my Board (Civic Center Administration Service Hall Windows) applications submitted to the annual subsidies into national funds. I will scale according to the city’s annual index, meet the requirements of distributed PV project issued in a timely manner into annual subsidies.

Applications when annual subsidy must submit the following materials:

1. integration of distributed solar power projects in National Fund annual subsidies application documentation (includes project name, condition of building size, construction, engineering and technology programming, implementation planning, economic evaluation, financing and so on);

2. fixed assets expenditure filings;

3. business license and organization code certificate;

4. project detailed project location description material (needs detailing all roof area and the corresponding capacity, specifically to Dan Dong building);

5. the legality of all materials involved in 4 buildings show that real estate card project units and is based on the buildings, grounds and facilities when everyone is not the same body, required project units and signing of all buildings, premises and facilities used or rental agreement.

Integrated into the annual subsidy total size of distributed solar power projects to the national, province, ordered the city’s annual guidance after taking, I appointed the suspension when applications for distributed solar power projects of the year into subsidies. Have been included in the annual subsidies of distributed solar power projects, such as building the roof during the implementation process (place), the changing construction scale, investment, should report in a timely manner and in accordance with the above requirements apply to change the original file into subsidies views.

Third, grid, metering and billing

(A) in Shenzhen, Shenzhen China merchant power companies should actively support the development of distributed PV, high quality the incorporation formalities, and to provide for needs of distributed solar power projects collect payment of electricity service.

(B) connected to the public power grid of distributed solar power projects, access and access the public network by part of systems engineering, Shenzhen investment company investing in Shenzhen. Access user-side of distributed solar power projects, user-side support by units of the project investment of engineering construction, public power grids section due to the projects connected to the grid, Shenzhen investment company investing in Shenzhen.

(C) in Shenzhen, Shenzhen investment power company is responsible for the full generating capacity of distributed solar power projects, electricity metering, respectively, provide and install free electric energy metering, no reserve capacity fees charged to the projects unit.

(D) in national subsidies distributed in photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project was built and completed after acceptance, the company (individual) radial or Shenzhen in Shenzhen China Merchant applications for the subsidies allocated by the power company Shenzhen power supply Bureau, Shenzhen investment company certified scale projects included in the annual subsidy, amount of the monthly payment by State subsidies in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Four, the submission of information

Shenzhen power, and Shenzhen merchants powered company is responsible for this company grid range within distributed PV power of run monitoring, and project construction, and run information of statistics submitted work, and Yu monthly 5th Qian will year cumulative of project information summary table (by Annex 1) submitted I Board, Yu annually July 5 and the January 5 Qian will year half and Shang a annual distributed PV power project situation (by Annex 2) submitted I Board. Each unit of distributed solar power projects should actively cooperate with Shenzhen power supply Bureau and Shenzhen merchants provide the information submitted by the power company.

V other matters

District (area) should actively coordinate within their respective jurisdictions equipped the roofs of factories and other buildings of the industrial park for the construction of distributed solar power projects, planning and construction of the new building roof considering conditions of distributed PV system design should be synchronized. Ladder spontaneous own demand of distributed solar power projects are not included in the price the scope included in various districts (district), Enterprise volume of energy-saving.

Hereby notified.


1. social summary statement of distributed solar power projects

2. social statement of distributed solar power projects

Shenzhen City development and Reform Commission

On July 8, 2014

Note: (1) should including investors, and construction sites and construction capacity, main content; (2) should including district, and street, and road and the building name; (3) should retained two bit decimal; (4) should fill in in business administrative competent sector registered of full name; (5) should fill in grid enterprise grid acceptance of date, specific to years, and months, and day; (6) should fill in distributed PV power project of construction way, as roof, and South State surface, and BIPV, and BAPV, and plant clearing, ; (7) should fill in distributed PV power load user in business competent sector registered of full name; (8) should according to distributed PV project user side features fill in “spontaneous use” or “contract energy management”; (9) should fill in property boundaries points of grid voltage grade; (10) should fill in run period annual electricity, run insufficient a years of indicate built run time; (11) should fill in estimates or construction stage investment total; (12) should fill in PV power load user of user side sales electric price, Peak-Valley electricity price should be filled separately peaks, flat, Valley price (13) in accordance with distributed PV 0.42 Yuan/kWh subsidy levels and annual energy output calculations, retained two decimal places (14) refers to electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation project to remove Internet section by power users to eliminate part of the scale.

Original title: Shenzhen City development and Reform Commission published and distributed solar generation project management notification

Zhejiang price owned the notice on further clear price policy matters such as photovoltaic power generation

Polaris solar PV net news: zh Chinese (2014), 179th on the circular further clarify the PV price policies and other issues

Municipalities, counties (cities and districts) price Bureau, the information Commission (Bureau), the national development and Reform Commission (Bureau), electricity (power supply), Zhejiang Province, State grid electric power company:

For further clear PV power price policy, accelerated declared audit and funds settlement, according to national development reform Board on played price lever role promoting PV industry health development of notification (sent modified price (2013) 1638th,), and Zhejiang Province Government on further accelerated PV Application promoting industry health development of implementation views (zhe political sent (2013) 49th,), and Zhejiang Province Government thematic Conference summary of ((2012) 59th,) and province prices Council, and province by letter Board, and Forwards the provincial energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission role of price leverage to promote healthy development of the photovoltaic industry notice (Zhejiang capital (2014), 26th), as stipulated in relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

, Solar power price policy

(A) the relevant provisions of the State

1, after September 1, 2013 for the record (approval), and filed before September 1, 2013 (endorsed) PV power station project put into operation on January 1, 2014 and beyond, out 1.0 Yuan/kWh (including tax, hereinafter the same) the new benchmark PV price.

New benchmark PV price above my new benchmark coal price, (including desulfurization and other environmentally friendly electricity prices, the same below) part, be subsidized through the renewable energy development fund.

2, implemented in accordance with the full power of distributed PV power generation policy of subsidizing electricity price subsidy standards for 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt hour, be paid through the Fund for renewable energy development, by grid enterprises to pay which, distributed PV system power use the Internet for personal use, consist of power grid enterprises in our province’s new benchmark coal price acquisitions.

Electricity price subsidy standards applies to the central financial investment subsidies of distributed solar power projects.

(B) the provincial subsidies

New benchmark in the PV price or distributed PV electricity price subsidies on the basis of appropriate subsidies on photovoltaic power generation project. Specific criteria as follows:

1, in line with the Zhejiang Government issued (2013), 49th, as stipulated in national PV power generation projects to fund subsidies for renewable energy development, provincial subsidy of 0.10 Yuan/kWh.

2, 2013-2015 in PV of the completion of the new high-tech industrial park, jiaxing rooftop PV power generation projects in the project after the completion of the first 3 years, the provincial subsidy of 0.30 yuan/kWh. Subsidies to enjoy a period of 3 years, do not enjoy the aforementioned provincial subsidies.

II, Declaration and examination procedures and financial settlement

(A) residents of photovoltaic power generation project

Residents of photovoltaic power generation project, by grid companies by country, province, photovoltaic power generation project electricity price and electricity price subsidy standards direct settlement, which, through renewable energy development fund, paid for in part by grid companies advance.

Zhejiang Province, State grid electric power company on a quarterly basis to residents of the clustered photovoltaic power generation project electricity price and price subsidies for implementation of the main provincial price Bureau, and copy to the provincial Committee through a letter, the provincial energy Board.

(B) non-residents of photovoltaic power generation project

Non-resident PV power generation projects by the project owner to local pricing departments to apply for on-grid price and electricity price subsidies, and the departments of municipal price reported to the provincial price Bureau approval. Among them, the solar PV projects in the high-tech industrial park, jiaxing, directly by the development and reform Bureau of xiuzhou District reported to the provincial price Bureau approval.

When the project owner to apply, shall provide the following information: registration confirmation or approval of the project document, feasibility study, project acceptance, the related parties to the contract.

Review of provincial administration for non-residents of photovoltaic power generation project is confirmed, notify the power grid enterprises to pay for electricity or subsidies. Through part of renewable energy development fund, according to renewable energy development fund-related provisions.

Third, the requirements

Formation of prices, Tsunenobu, development and reform authorities at all levels should work together to enhance photovoltaic feed-in tariff and price subsidy regulation on the implementation, ensuring that national and provincial PV price policies in place, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

Price Bureau of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Provincial Commission of economy and information technology the energy Bureau of Zhejiang Province

On July 21, 2014

Original title: the notice on further clear price policy matters such as photovoltaic power generation

Bureau of energy will hold a national model of distributed PV applications in jiaxing spot

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday afternoon, reporters learned from the departments concerned, on August 4, the National Energy Board held in jiaxing city, national model of distributed PV applications of spot to promote PV experience in jiaxing, distributed PV power station built across the roofs of the buildings, stations, terminals and other buildings. At present, the jiaxing city parties is of distributed PV power Conference held in the country make the final preparations.

Original title: national distributed PV power Conference to be held in jiaxing city

You must want to know Germany energy transformation of n questions

Arctic star solar PV network news: “omnipotent” Germany energy transformation–problem-revelation-opportunities Salon activities successfully ended, Salon brings together has many government institutions, and financial, and investment company, and international organization, and research institutions of can flour, certainly up of also is from energy company of basin friends were, including national grid, and Crystal o, and Han can, and Alstom, and Siemens etc.

Energy transformation in the traditional enterprise do?

Academician Xue Yusheng students, energy investment company staff: Germany in the transformation of energy, renewable energy’s share of attacks the interests of traditional power plant, Germany is doing?

Liao Yu: this question answered your best guests, a friend of mine, he was in Germany a traditional energy group RWE, they have coal, power plant.

Liao Yu friend: RWE now, my personal feeling is getting worse and worse, the company in fact, their volume is quite large, nuclear power, natural gas, there are Europe’s biggest lignite power plant. After 2010, the entire company found out the annual report more and more ugly, debt rate is continually increased, ratings are slipping, so in this case, the only traditional power companies can do is cut, he starting from 2012 to plans to cut 10,000 people, the company employs 70,000 people in total, this is by far the only thing he can do.

Second is this tradition in his previous power companies, also hopes to increase renewable energy, of course, they won’t be able to do PV, because their personnel structure as well as their traditional work of philosophy, is not going to do this kind of small PV power plant. They put a lot of money on a large-scale offshore wind power. Now, power gains are very stable, and basically matched the financial model, but its operation and maintenance costs far more than people imagined, said offshore wind power that does not bring the expected incremental cash flow. So now this large power companies, is not a good way to jump out to the ring, this is the current situation.

Liao Yu: but RWE’s electricity sales companies do best is RWE charging operations. For Germany a total of more than 900 companies selling electricity company, RWE electricity company is doing the best, provided him with post color covers happy for (bean really surprises you, should have evolved to this business), short message clearing, RWE is the best selling company.

First certainly is simple, can renewable energy up proportions high to must degree yihou, 30% also OK, over 30% traditional of energy group certainly finished, certainly benefits to declined, but you since has so more of talent, is made electric of, you why not ahead of point transformation to sale electric, you why not ahead of himself to investment PV, you why not investment this wind electric, you actually is can do of, if in enterprise internal can regulation words, on no problem.

Tao Guangyuan: renewable energy generation, but generators still can’t retire because after stepping down when there’s no wind, no light to do? Because storage electric also no completely with Shang, only electricity, then is average hours number obviously to reduced, now many power plant applications to Germany network prison Council (or called network Prison Department) applications closed power plant, now not allows he closed, Germany prepared take a new of measures, called capacity fee, to guarantees this capacity, because he lost has, so prepared to he plus this part money up.

Germany small distributed PV financing do?

Professional media: Germany distributed how small loans.

Tao Guangyuan: Germany the renewable energy Act guarantees the power gains, unchanged for 20 years, is fixed in the form of law, Germany is a country of law, because there are 20 years of electricity prices, because you hold the construction cost of photovoltaic panels is fixed, you can tell right away how much money can you 20 years, can cost a lot of money. Loans then you can get the loan with the lowest interest rate.

We have engaged in the import and export industry training to Germany, the Germans introduced renewable energy loans are loans all loans with the highest quality, and beat only two pens, he said that PV does not a bad debts.

Liao Yu: PV cost recovery generally is in 7-8, 7 years behind the 20th year for 13 years, is when you charge a fixed return, your PV power station just like printing presses, printing money.

In this process among, must also to said of is quality problem, is we all of shipped dimension this aspects, we PV station General of life is 25, everyone are knows this is design life, now view words, also on 20 around of level, in China of some area, may even 5 years are Dang cannot, above on into black of has, then PV of efficiency very declined. So in the case of policies is not very stable, he is a huge risk.

Germany is who is going to invest?

Powder of an investment institution: Germany is the subject of post construction? How to guarantee its return on investment?

Liao Yu: I now know that residential users of domestic electricity prices to charge for charging fees. Abroad, charging investors a lot, mostly to electricity sales companies such as Germany’s RWE or Berlin power company,. Type II is the automobile enterprises, say these big car companies Audi, BMW, he was able to provide services to its electric cars, such as Audi’s Power-UP plan, they hired 20 Audi parking spaces, these spaces can only be docked and charging electric car at Audi. Third category is companies that provide electric car rental services, they will have its own dedicated parking spaces for their leased electric vehicle charging.

These investors are the main revenue model generally through charge cards: user using a charge card can be charged at any charging station, charging a brush can deduct, so users of electricity companies can make money, the investors are in this way gains.

(The audience asked: so who are charging the price of electricity is fixed? )

Liao Yu: just as at home we use cell phone packages, which company are you entered into your mobile phone as if companies pay. You and selling company, what price do you pay, it’s that simple.

Post their prices, a feature an excellent post about 1000 Euro home wall hanging is 680 euros. But the post itself can also have a lot of additional costs, for example, changing a color or markings on the user’s own name, these can be more money, can also make money.

China has the basic function of charging the cost should be around 3000 to 5000 Yuan. Equipment there is a plug at both ends, and a billing system, billing system theory and the billing system of the national power grid, but there is probably no such docking and recharging cards available. So, I think the key to the development of domestic electric vehicles is that “placing separate” system is not able to achieve. Once separated, for example, Jingdong immediately launched his “Jingdong charge card”, or even your cell phone charge card charges docking: you charge me $ 1000 phone calls, give you 500 minutes of charging time. Later to go back to the national grid to checkout, the problem will be solved.

Charging the industry personally, I think it is a very low threshold of, which itself is not difficult, but it is difficult is that you need to communicate and municipal sectors to determine installation site.

He says: in the eye of a researcher of smart grid, electric vehicles it is actually one of the smart grid “distributed energy storage system”. Smart grid allows users to electricity costs low when filling in, scattered everywhere, is a system to store energy for electric vehicles.

When it comes to our domestic status quo of electric vehicle, there are a few words can be a summary of the electric vehicle industry in our country: the diversion of resources, foreign invasion, and leaderless, the subjects are unknown.

Our domestic problem for electric cars is not a technical question, is the mechanism. If there is some kind of mechanism, we worry about technique.

(The audience asked: will Germany charging standard is what? )

Liao Yu: charging standard is divided into two schools: one for Japan, CHAdeMO standard. There is a Germany more auto makers in 2009 on the development of the Industrial Union consisting of a charge of industry standards. Last month when Merkel visited China and signed a Sino-German unified charging standard. In fact, itself Germany charging standard itself needs more development and unity, I predict that ultimately, the standard AC and DC, speed charging socket must be all in a compact plug above, then all manufacturers and all the regions, even China and Germany between the electric plug can be mixed with each other.

Germany Mannheim is Germany’s smart grid demonstration city, because he is the headquarters of ABB, they also develop wireless urban charging schemes, is the so-called smart grid demonstration. Wireless charging is possible now, but I didn’t measure conversion rate.

Original title: you’ll want to know Germany energy transformation of n questions

Polaris solar network on July 31 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV news network on July 31,, LDK is celebrating his new platform against assaulting SPI dormant three years can the Savior? Multi-billion dollar projects attract cattle once ten research Central disruptive photovoltaic electricity price of shares to be empirical, three companies intend to offer hyper-GCL upstream assets or borrowing, as follows:

LDK is celebrating his new platform against assaulting SPI dormant three years can the Savior?

Multi-billion dollar projects attracting bull ring shares ten study disruptive photovoltaic electricity prices stay positive

Three companies intend to offer hyper-GCL upstream assets or borrowing

Billions of polycrystalline silicon project resurrection campaign LDK LDK started the most difficult period has passed

Tianwei group debt ratio appeared near 95% of State-owned enterprises bond risk

Hareon: overseas extension 6271MW solar power plant is located within four years a number of subsidiaries

Distributed solar projects in Beijing without municipal subsidies

Courting European city or lower minimum import prices of solar panels?

United Kingdom 200 million new solar power plant construction by soup was forced to reduce energy subsidies must

Inventory number of the most competitive string inverter brands

Industry standards relating to solar energy Board approved 164 item 5

Classification of insurance based on industry examples the pan on the PV industry

Photovoltaic cable export large numbers return

Chaori solar reforming progress: 2,076 bondholders have submit a claim

Arctic star solar PV network news: Shanghai city first intermediate people’s Court Yu June 26, 2014 made (2014) Shanghai a in the people four (commercial) broken Word di1-1hao civil ruled book and the decided book, ruled accepted applicants Shanghai Yi China metal limited on Shanghai Super day solar technology Corporation (Xia said Super day sun or company) of restructuring applications, and specifies Beijing city Kindu lawyer firm Shanghai points by, and KPMG huazhen Accountants (special general partnership) Shanghai Branch as the Sun managers. Super Manager will be used during daily solar reforming management model, information disclosure obligations as managers of the company.

The Shanghai first intermediate people’s Court has issued a notice to Suri creditor shall commence on the day of the Sun to the managers report their claims before August 11, 2014, the first meeting of creditors is scheduled for August 18, 2014 2:30 P.M. Yang Wang, nanqiao town, Fengxian district, Shanghai economic zone, Qi Gang held road No. 738. Chaori solar energy enters the restructuring process, according to the People’s Republic of China relevant provisions of bankruptcy law, administrators comprehensive chaori solar reforming work.

For easy “11 Super day debt” bonds holds people declared claims, except mailing declared material and site declared form outside, management people through Shenzhen securities exchange trading system and Internet voting system to bonds holds people provides network form of declared claims platform, bonds holds people through network form declared claims during for: July 21, 2014 to August 1, 2014, bonds holds people through network form declared claims of specific operation process and related note matters see 2014-068, on ” 11 Super debt “bondholders through Web forms to lodge their claims concerning notice and 2014-069” 11 Super debt “bondholders by network for corrections to submit a claim notice. As of July 30, 2014, supervisors, there were 2,076 creditors to submit a claim, reporting totals 217,290.60,000 yuan. Shanghai Municipal first intermediate people’s Court has approved Sun continue to operate during the period of reorganization, in order to reduce losses, administrator and Super Sun Management will prepare production plans, fighting for orders, raising working capital, prepared to resume production as soon as possible.

Due to daily Sun in 2011, 2012, 2013, three consecutive fiscal years audited net profit is negative, according to the rules of the stocks listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the listing rules) of the relevant provisions, its shares had been suspended on May 28, 2014 listing, corporate bonds have been listed on the May 30, 2014, the company restructuring program will not change the State relevant dealings in the securities of the company.

Original title: chaori solar reforming progress: 2,076 bondholders have submit a claim

PV enterprises “rush” power plant business Shi Yuzhu carries a $ 4 billion in cash waiting for entry

Arctic star solar PV network news: July 30 evening, United States listed of PV leading enterprise Crystal section energy (JKS) Bulletin said, country opened international investment (Xia said “country opened international”), and wheat grid acting big Chinese based facilities Fund (Xia said “wheat grid acting”), and new days domain capital (Xia said “new days domain”) has agreed on Crystal section energy downstream solar PV station business for total for 225 million dollars of investment.

The emergence of new horizon, instantly attracted the industry’s attention. However, new horizon in three combined proportion of investments of less than 10%, it makes one wonder if the PV power plant thrives.

Can determine is that the station platform war has been fired, a large number of private companies are lining up to wait for relying on power plant businesses listed, even the capital Giants Shi Yuzhu carries a $ 4 billion in cash waiting for entry.

Prelude to spin-off

According to the announcement, jinko development and operation downstream business of solar PV projects wholly-owned subsidiary Crystal power Ltd (hereinafter referred to as sitech electricity) have separately with the country’s international, Macquarie and new horizon to sign formal purchase agreement.

These three investors to sitech electricity total investment of us $ 225 million, investment transactions and jinko additional ATP power after making three sitech power a total of 45% shares. Currently, Macquarie’s investment has completed delivery of the CDB international and new horizon capital investment will be completed soon after settlement customary delivery conditions are met. Three investors in project financing, project development, operations, global green network, and many other for ATP power business development help.

Crystal section brand Director Qian Jing said, wheat grid acting for global maximum of based facilities investment institutions is one of, management assets scale up 396 billion dollars, its in global around has success development or merger has large solar station, its experience, and contacts and on around regulations of understanding can help Crystal section development overseas project; country opened international is is domestic first Bank Department private equity investment company, main engaged in energy, and infrastructure and city development field equity investment.

Jinkosolar has not announced three investors of the investment amount. But insiders told reporters, said CDB international, Macquarie accounts for the vast majority, over 90%, new horizon in the proportion of three very small.

Previously, new horizon in the field of wind energy has invested goldwind and sinovel and big money, PV manufacturers in the GCL and Yingli new energy (YGE) have access to their investment. New horizon in December 2006 with the $ 5 million investment in Yingli energy, retired in June 2007.

Jinkosolar Chairman Xian de believes that this round of financing will become sitech spun off a milestone in the downstream market. “China international investment reflects national capital interests for the solar power plant and the increasing level of willingness to enter. We look forward to Macquarie’s global network of resources to help jinko solar power to further explore the international market. “He said.

One ATP Executive told Xinhua in an interview, said the sitech is preparing to split its power plant business in the Hong Kong stock market, “time will not be too long, and completed next year at the latest.” Qian Jing said, at present the three investors will split along with the power plant business.

Worth noting is that jinko currently held by some number station is not much, operation is only 213MW, so apt it will also impact performance is for pre-IPO.

Plant platform wars

Xian said sitech 2014 more than 400MW of a PV project development objectives up to 600MW, so that by the end of the ATP holding power station more than 800MW.

According to the Department of energy planning in 2014, power plant construction, a total of 8GW,800MW per cent of the total 10%. And the fundraising amount of $ 225 million, as calculated in accordance with three-sevenths lever, nearly ready to install a 600MW power station, is able to achieve this year’s target.

Throughout this year’s photovoltaic industry, leading companies have announced their ambitious plans. Planning for Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV 3GW, combined PV plan 1GW, GCL new energy plan 1.15GW, Yingli new energy plan of 1GW.

Has announced the total number of goals, far more than the above planning objectives of the Department of energy. Insiders worry that this year will have a large number of companies ultimately cannot implement its own installation program.

Meanwhile, 2014 is real war years became the station platform. Other than jinkosolar, there are a number of unlisted PV enterprises also hope to expand its utility business and listed it. Including faith groups, new energy and new energy, Zhen FA Zheng Tai sheng new energy.

An increasing number of cross-border capital began to enter the field of photovoltaic investment operations expert. On July 29, Shi Yuzhu in the blogger post an assignment: “I took the helicopter over the alashan are peek at solar power plants in the desert. ”

In fact, as early as a few months ago, the giant Group had already started to build a photovoltaic power station platform, set up this “Hulk” of the company. Hulk from team executives, Henderson Albert, a reporter asked during a chat, make the advantages of hydropower station platform where the Hulk, whose team only gave one word answer: “money.”

And almost every meal of the photovoltaic industry in the near future, “have you ever been the Hulk has no”, will talk about the topic. Number of visiting PV industry insiders told reporters the investigation of the Hulk, Hulk in the photovoltaic industry ambition is huge, its executive team says there are 4 billion of funds in the account, acquisition of power plants using their own funds, not all need a loan in the future, and their plant targets mature project will be locked.

Original title: photovoltaic companies rush power plants business: jinkosolar secures USD 225 million private equity investment

2014 global installed or 51GW

Polaris solar PV net news: the Worldwatch Institute, Worldwatch’s latest report shows that 2013 39 gigawatts of solar power installed capacity record, with hydropower installed capacity of almost the same amount, and for the first time surpass the wind, accounted for one-third of new renewable energy capacity. Region of Asia replaced Europe as for the first time the world’s largest solar market.

In 2013, the total global solar photovoltaics and concentrating solar thermal power generation rose from 30% to 124.8TWh, 0.5% to meet global electricity demand. Europe’s solar generating capacity of up to 67% per cent of global, to at 23.9%, followed by Asia and North America accounted for more than 8.1%.

Although the global installed capacity to refresh the record, but the solar sector investment from $ 142.9 billion in 2012-2013, $ 113.7 billion, or 20%, further reflecting the cost has fallen sharply. While in Australia, and Brazil, and Denmark, and Italy, and Germany, per megawatt-hour rooftop solar costs have been lower than retail electricity.

Worldwatch said although the 2013 world solar cell production growth is only 3%, but component shipments rose 24%, indicating oversupply problem has eased, is also expected in 2014 solar GW installed capacity is expected to reach 40-51.

Original title: Worldwatch shot a dozen: global solar installed capacity or up to 2014 51GW

Risk forced the new opportunities

Polaris solar PV net news: for more than 30 years reform and opening up, China’s financial system under the planned economy system “unification” to the current stage, market maturity, financial market structure evolves, but the financial risks are accumulating in the process, and the Socialist market economic system in our country is still in transition under the background of, showing some of the complexities and particularities. Mutual transmission of economic and financial risks, as well as new and old risks intertwined influence seriously challenge for China’s economy at the same time, also with “forced” has led to new opportunities.

The complexity and specificity of financial risk

First, the reform coordination issues in the transformation of the financial system itself may face greater risks. Since China’s economic reform has been “touching the stones,” walking in the River to “deep end”, change to reforming what kind of rhythm, have a critical impact on the development of China’s market economy. As regards the financial markets, more radical reforms or reforms stalled, may lead to greater financial risk.

Second, the problems of operation of financial institutions is also formed special causes of financial risks in transition. Current China financial system to Bank led of indirect financing mainly, non-bank financial institutions and the business development time relative more short, normative problem quite degree to exists Yu financial institutions of daily operating activities in the, highlight surface now various financial institutions of violations operating problem Shang, as part commercial banks missing necessary procedures of violations loan, and policy sex Bank funds failed to real achieved closed run, and TIC across range operating, and misappropriated customer funds,.

Third, the lagging pace of financial supervision in transition may lead to greater financial risk. From the perspective of history of world finance, effective regulation is undoubtedly the controlling financial risks, improve financial efficiency and an important guarantee for safeguarding financial security. The particularity of the transformation of China’s financial supervision has a more complex problem. With the development of global economic and financial integration and the deepening of China’s reform and opening up, the financial industry will face greater impacts and challenges, financial supervision tasks more difficult, and will be further increased the difficulty of maintaining financial stability.

Various types of financial risk overlap brought about severe challenges

Facing a series of financial risks, development of the financial system itself is not perfect, the monitoring mechanism is not perfect cause, others accumulated since the reform and opening up of the economy risk reflected in the financial sector. So far, real estate, local government debt, excess capacity in areas such as the formation of credit risks of banks and shadow banks risk is financial risk the core issue in the near future, high corporate debt rates, liquidity imbalance issues that need attention.

First, as the economy from rapid growth to a moderate speed shift earlier sustained upside real estate will usher in “turning point” in some cities and areas of exposure to bad real-estate loans are accelerating. Meanwhile, shadow of the real estate industry as represented by the Trust Bank financing has increased dramatically, and this Fund is exposed to higher risk levels. 2013 real estate trust balance has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, new real estate trust 684.8 billion yuan, an increase of 116%.

Second, from China economic development level, and Government sex debt of status and assets and liabilities of mutual relationship see, China Government sex debt risk General can controlled, short-term within outbreak full debt crisis of possibilities smaller, but part economic development level weaker, and industry structure single, and pillar industry exists obviously capacity excess, and financing capacity weaker of area claims debt pressure larger, exists outbreak debt crisis of May.

Thirdly, according to the National Bureau of investigation, national steel, coke, cement, electrolytic aluminum, ship, photovoltaic, construction machinery industry capacity utilization only up to 75%, these loans have become bad loans in the field of “disastrous”. With the “excess capacity” promotion of some enterprises to the funding problems of overcapacity in the industry turned to getting funds from the shadow banking system, which to some extent increased the potential risks to the financial system.

Worth noting is that excess liquidity and structural imbalance became focused on major problems in financial operation. From 2008 to 2012, the Chinese money supply surged by 50 trillion yuan, almost double. But because of the serious mismatch of financial resources, a lot of idling in the excess money in the financial system, there is no effective capital to boost the real economy.

Financial risk as the spur of new opportunities

Passing each other on economic and financial risks, as well as new and old risks intertwined under the influence of complexity and specificity of the financial risk in transition to seriously challenge China’s economy at the same time, as a “forcing” approach has brought new opportunities.

Financial risk of real estate “forced” financial institutions adjust their asset allocations to form a more rational capital structure. Current main banking institutions ‘ real estate loans and other real estate-mortgage loans account for the shifts close to 40%, a real estate loan concentration ratio of banking institutions higher. Emerging real estate financial risks, financial institutions began to take the initiative to adjust the real estate lending, improved asset allocation structures. This will definitely help to promote financial institutions to deal with future real estate price fluctuation risk resistance capacity.

Local government debt risks “forcing” separation, gives the market more fair and more free gaming the rules. Restrictions in order to circumvent the system of issuing bonds, local governments often rely on more subtle ways of borrowing, in this context the Government sector and the financing, complex relationships among financial institutions, financial resources, greatly affected the market a decisive role. Local government debt risk exposure, policy level started to clear local government powers and expenditure responsibilities, speed up the adjustment of financial institutions doing business with government financing platforms, will help standardize the order of financial markets, shaping a fair and free market rules of the game.

Financial risks of overcapacity “forced” financial institutions adjust credit policies, accelerating the pace of industrial restructuring. By the end of 2013, China’s iron and steel, cement, plate glass, non-ferrous metal smelting, ship five industries with surplus production capacity totaled 1.65 trillion yuan of loans in 2013, representing a decrease at the beginning of 55.543 billion yuan, a drop of 3.26%. This portion of the funds exiting the current capacity is clearly insufficient for industries such as high tech, new energy finance has created favorable conditions.

Shadow banking financial risk “forced” reform of financial regulation, effective safeguards for financial stability. Shadow banking system based on modern information technologies, through financial innovation objectively improves financial efficiency, plays similar to the term-transformation of commercial banks, liquidity, credit transfer as these basic functions, to a certain extent, satisfy the pressing investment and financing needs of the real economy. Therefore, shadow banking financial risk does not mean that we need to close the shadow banking, but for further regulating the shadow banking and shadow banking as an important complement to traditional financial institutions to play a role to create an important opportunity.

The structural risks of liquidity mismatch “forced” money flow enterprises, promotion of financial services to the real economy. Last June, a special pattern, ostensibly a periodic shortage of funds of financial institutions, the Central Bank’s monetary policy outcome of the larger shift in thinking is actually insufficient inventory for stock funds, liquidity mismatches, currency “idling” were responsible. In order to avoid falling into a similar risk, has begun this year to speed up financial institutions adjust their allocations, take measures to revitalize the stock funds, a move that is conducive to further implement financial services to the real economy, realizing the benign development of enterprises and financial institutions. (The author is a doctor of Economics, worked for ICBC’s Institute of urban finance)

Original title: risk forced the new opportunities

Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (7.25-7.31)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Polaris exclusive: 2014-39 record photovoltaic power generation project in Guangdong Province published

It is reported that, starting this year, countries the annual guide scale management of photovoltaic power generation. On release, according to the Department of energy released by 2014 annual notification of new construction scale of photovoltaic power generation, Guangdong Province this year added PV power 1 million-kilowatt, including distributed PV 900,000-kilowatt, PV 100,000-kilowatt, new construction size the same as Hebei, second only to the provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

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2. Polaris exclusive: 2014-17 record PV project in Hebei province released

It is reported that, starting this year, countries the annual guide scale management of photovoltaic power generation. On release, according to the Department of energy released by 2014 annual notification of new construction scale of photovoltaic power generation, new photovoltaic power generation capacity of 1 million-kilowatt in Hebei province this year, including distributed PV 600,000-kilowatt, PV 400,000-kilowatt, new construction scale is only second to Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

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3.2013-2020 solar power development plan, Inner Mongolia (chart)

For full played I district resources advantage, promoting solar power industry Health ordered development, I Council according to national development reform Committee can renewable energy development “Twelve-Five” planning, and solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning, and can renewable energy quota management approach and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, “Twelve-Five” power industrial development planning, related results, special developed Inner Mongolia autonomous region, 2013-2020 years solar power development planning (following referred to planning). The Plan articulates the guiding ideology and basic principles of solar power development in my area, clear development goals, development and utilization of solar power generation distribution and construction focus, is my “Twelve-Five” and later “Thirteen-Five” basis for solar power development.

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Market review

1. PV in Xinjiang face: power station as “flesh” slaughter

Journalists in Xinjiang’s development and Reform Commission launched in May by the State development and Reform Commission issued the notice on inclusion in the 2014 photovoltaic power generation project construction plan files see 2014 total planning 570MW PV projects in Xinjiang, with the exception of Huadian 20MW projects and the rest were private enterprise out. Why is no match for State-owned enterprise private enterprises?

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2. anti-dumping initial release: Taiwan average rates more than 30% (schedule)

United States Department of Commerce on anti-dumping initial results published on July 25, local time, sales from China to the United States of products related to solar energy, mainly anti-dumping taxes levied between 26.33% and 58.87%, while Taiwan sold to United States products are 27.59% 44.18% to anti-dumping duties. According to the announcement, the Commerce Department anti-dumping final award results will be announced on December 16, 2014.

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3.SolarWorld: is “won” or “Mama”?

On July 25, the United States Commerce Department said applications for SolarWorld’s China PV trade survey results. A preliminary investigation found that from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan import crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping, and decided that high tariffs on products involved.

Despite the CASE, as well as a number of other organizations to pay for the lawsuit had made hard efforts, SolarWorld is still a great victory. As far as SolarWorld said the decision blocked the Chinese PV manufacturers use units of factory production of solar cell manufacturing component then evade, circumvent United States tariff loophole.

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4. photovoltaic double reverse preliminary landing toward China Taiwan battery manufacturers Straits

On July 25, the United States Department of Commerce’s preliminary view, imports from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan part of photovoltaic products in the area of the existence of dumping practices and determine the corresponding dumping duty rate.

Crystalline silicon photovoltaic products from mainland China and only Trina rates below 30%, the other responding company’s tax rate was set at 42.33% or 58.87%, not responding to corporate tax rates were forced at 165.04%; Taiwan’s Gintech energy tax rate was 27.59%, Motech industries 44.18% other companies at 35.89%.

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5. about counting renewable energy demonstration project

New energy for my country is a new thing, and how this development, government authorities, project developers, network enterprise, and even what to do is a personal, these demonstration projects are needed to gain experience, achieve the purpose of application. Here, small series by consulting relevant government files, combs 8 at national level since 2009 new energy demonstration projects and see what these demonstration projects demonstration, served its purpose, recommendations for relevant demonstration projects carried out in the future.

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Comment article

1. interpretation of PV in the five aspects of purchasing and selling contract demonstration text

National energy administration and the State administration for industry and commerce in the wind/PV was issued on July 1, 2014, the purchase and sale contract (demonstration text) (hereinafter “new model”), which marks the PV and other renewable energy purchase electricity for sale finally had a “tailor-made” contractual text. Operating period 20-25 years of power plant projects, importance of the purchased electricity for sale there is no doubt that in practice, electricity right to pledge the proceeds and a power station a popular way of financing, new model so we really need to do some reading.

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2. “bite” PV for what?

On July 25, the United States Department of Commerce issued a statement initially determined that crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping from China. The industry believes, United States Department of Commerce’s approach is not conducive to Chinese firms, on United States domestic installers, operators and terminal which impaired the interests of consumers, as defending appeals enterprises, but contrary to the wishes of the industry.

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3. distributed PV plants financing predicament and solution

Energy Bureau of national development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of finance and State administration of taxation, such as ministries, national power grid has promulgated a number of policies since the second half of 2013 to support development of distributed PV market. Of distributed PV 2014 has been hailed as China’s “development first”, but even so, small and scattered, distributed power plant but encountering financing bottleneck to get mass promotion.

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4. can one sets solar street light take to recover the cost?

Does not consume electricity, not laying cables, simply a solar panel, you can light cities evening. Once when, solar Street lamp seeping into the streets in some cities. However, the environmentally friendly lamps are always free in the “mainstream” edge. In major cities, traditional power lamp is still the absolute protagonist.

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5. Hong-Wei: be careful of PV in PX tragedy

It is said that PV is the zero pollution, zero emissions, but upstream of the photovoltaic industry, polycrystalline silicon manufacturing and production are highly polluting and high energy-consuming. In a Word, because polysilicon production process is not environmentally friendly, and photovoltaic industries are not green industry.

China poly silicon industry development to date, Siemens, the technology has developed to the fourth generation of modified method. Pollution that is targeted to first generation improved Siemens process views, now has been exaggerated.

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Enterprise version

1. check: first half of 2014 on “road to bankruptcy and restructuring” of PV enterprises

At the beginning of the new year, there will be people who come up with a pessimistic expectations: 2014 will become uncompetitive PV enterprises in China’s bankruptcy for years. The corporate bankruptcy reorganization a day earlier, China PV industry day earlier entered a period of sound development. Now, 2014 nearly in half, recalling the PV industry in the first half, as prophecy says, “years of bankruptcy”? Following a look at exactly what PV enterprises mired in bankruptcy and restructuring in the first half.

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2. the multi-billion dollar projects attracting bull ring shares ten study disruptive photovoltaic electricity prices stay positive

Through the boom and bust of the last round of industry after the baptism, the majority of domestic PV manufacturers are cautiously relaunched cautiously forward. But there is no lack of radical, veteran ring shares in semiconductor companies for nearly two years after another announced that it would start the total would exceed 10GW of large photovoltaic power plant construction plan, and to achieve this goal needs the funds could reach hundreds of billions of dollars.

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3. Trina-ahead “ambush”: in the United States “double reverse” former bonded stock

United States of China PV companies again raised his “double reverse” stick. Prior to this, China PV companies have been made in advance, “ambush”.

This reporter learned that, United States listed company Trina warehouse stock in the domestic photovoltaic modules in the near future, this approach is extraordinary. Some people speculate, may be to increase the company’s sales in the second quarter, or “double reverse” destined for United States and elsewhere.

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4. Kyocera three grid Patent Wars: who will be next hanwha QCells?

In mid-July, Japan PV module maker Kyocera group a paper suit owned by hanwha QCells Japan sued the company to the Tokyo District Court, on the solar cell “c gate line electrode structure” official patent infringement dispute case, unlike Europe and “double back” policy, local protection and patent barriers to certification is Japan a silent Declaration of foreign competitors.

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5. the three companies intend to offer hyper-GCL upstream assets or borrowing

After Suntech bankruptcy case, the PV industry in another bankruptcy case because the Concord group involved became the focus of the industry.

In recent days, was declared a bankruptcy reorganization June chaori solar program was uploaded and Golden Concord group contacts, while the latter is currently the PV industry worthy of leading enterprises. Concord Group focused on energy industries, now has two of GCL-poly and Concord new energy listed companies in Hong Kong.

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Character articles

1. China’s new richest man Li Hejun: lucky PV “madman” to change the world

Whenever a “new richest man” appears, people tends to think of two issues: he’s exactly how much money? How does the money come from? In May 2014, an “2014 the new Fortune 500 rich list” onto China’s Li Hejun, “richest man in the new” location. The legendary Li Hejun “87 billion dollars worth”, which made him almost overnight became the focus of public concern. At first, Li Hejun chose to be silent about this, two months later, he accepted an interview with global people magazine reporter finally said: “don’t put the richest man in this thing too seriously. ”

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2. the LDK is celebrating his new platform against assaulting SPI dormant three years can the Savior?

Recently, the LDK LDK Mahon polysilicon plant production, makes this almost out of public view PV companies back into the spotlight. Mahon polysilicon plant reproduction has arisen now activated the precipitation of 12 billion yuan of assets, is LDK LDK to avoid delisting a powerful blow.

However, little is known, LDK LDK to the upper punches, while also trying to expand downstream. LDK LDK bought in 2011 United States subsidiary of SPI is into a station platform, impact NASDAQ Board.

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3. New Solar Empire can Hsu go far?

The solar industry is an industry allows us to struggle for life, is an industry that for posterity, to enter this industry, we feel infinitely exultant and proud.

This sentence, in the East Sunrise solar Corporation Headquarters is located in Lianyungang city, Jiangsu Province, was placed in a you can be very conspicuous place inside. And say those words, Xu Xinjian, founder of the company.

I don’t know, today’s SEO new, rekindle that year said this sentence, how would feel?

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Three steps to fix the PV power plant location problem

Polaris solar PV net news: with the built up over the PV, PV power plant site selection work more attention, find a good place is more difficult. Most owners see a similar place, you will find a professional staff to help him see if suitable for PV? Can do to capacity? Based on their experience of a multiple site location, say a few tips of my own experiences.

My location field is divided into three steps, as shown in the following table:

Explain in more detail below:

1, site preparation is required before

Photovoltaic power plant sites are generally located in relatively remote places I go often spend a lot of time on site costs, and labor costs. Therefore, preparations must be made before.

First of all, you want to communicate with owners to understand what work he had done before, his demands and ideas. Frequently asked questions: 1) project site locations, longitude was best; 2) sites about how large area, planned to do more large-scale; 3) site about what are landforms; 4) step-up substation of sites nearby, whether there was access, how much voltage level. Although most of these owners are unable to answer, but it feels like this is very important!

Communication, first to be prepared is to understand the local PV-related policies. For example, the country gave the province the size indicator be? PV projects in the province have a separate subsidy policy? Such policies, as much as possible about it. If you can understand to a project site for completed projects, return? If the construction project, to what extent progress, so much the better.

Secondly, if you can, it is best to do an indoor macro-site. If the owners can provide the longitude and latitude of location, using Google Earth, and look at the surrounding terrain, to site conditions probably in my mind. Check the local solar resources available from local solar resources such as NASA or the Meteonorm monthly total amount of radiation, the calculated output and the rough estimate the project’s level of investment income. Basically mastered the project proceeds, after telling owners to communicate and make each other heart bottom.

Finally, to prepare the hardware and software. I usually carry handheld GPS, Google Earth, Gaussian coordinate conversion software and CAD’s notebook. In addition, a scratch resistant clothing and comfortable shoes are essential.

2, site visit

Flat site is relatively simple, use a mountain site said several problems.

1) observe the mountain to mountain, is a North-South or East-West? Mountain is East-West, must have the slopes to the South. In addition, surrounded by other mountains block are not considered. You can press two mountain range above the mountain’s height is 3 times more than double the estimated.

2) mountain slope greater than 25 ° is not taken into account. Mountain slopes are too big, and subsequent difficulty in construction will be very big, difficult uphill job of construction machinery, construction work difficult, the project cost would greatly improve. In addition, future maintenance (cleaning and maintenance) will be greatly increased the difficulty. Meanwhile, in such a large area on the slope of the mountain-moving development (cable channel), and approval may also fail. But there are in a particularly steep hill (pictured below), personally I think it’s a failure.

(Photo provided by Liu Xinzheng, thanks! )

3) basic geological conditions. Although accurate geological conditions to do geological prospecting, but can be rough visual of what, the best eye have a certain thickness of soil layer. Can be excavated from some fault or sections that look at how thick soil, soil here is what happens. If visually a half meter is hard rock Foundation’s workload would be particularly great in the future. There are situations that can be seen by the naked eye, such as the landscape is bare rock cannot be used, otherwise the formation too much work! Such sites should not be used in the following figure. If you don’t rock surfaces were cleaned, rolled down one day hit the boards to do!

(Photo provided by Liu Xinzheng, thanks! )

These problems are resolved, GPS around the field several border points make a few points, delineation of site-wide. Meanwhile, we should look at sites within the geological situation from all angles. Because PV sites is too big, you see no picture at all from one border point, is likely to ignore many important factors.

These important factors include: 1) alluvial valley. I at a site, at sites near Southwest side is particularly flat at, that are basically the same, not go on the northeast corner. Turns out, the southeast corner is a very large alluvial valley. 2) sensitive goods. For example the Tomb. Often see graves at option PV site, if the ring came in May will be in serious trouble, even causing delays. In addition, also have farmers own land reclamation of land collapse of one or two small houses, sheep and cattle … … The land useless no tube, once it was, someone will have to pay for.

3, follow-up to the visit

1) determine site area. Hit the spot on Google Earth falls, take a look at satellite photos of sites in and around within this range, measurement of area, the capacity of the rough estimate of what you can do. General 50~100MWp is a good size, which is 1~3km2.

2) determines access to the substation. According to the site area estimate the size, will want to use how much voltage is sent out. To enquire from the project sites recent step-up substation voltage, capacity, it is best to get the electric diagram of the substation, determines whether there is surplus capacity can be connected to our project. If you can access, to see how far is the distance, transmission line cost is also very high, if the project is small, send out far, the benefits may be less than ideal.

3) determines the site categories. After the above work well, you got to check on the land Bureau in the second diagram to such sites. Now second adjustment is generally 80 coordinate system coordinates of three degrees. So, first hit the GPS coordinates of latitude/longitude coordinates are converted to 803-band, brought to the national land agency and the forestry Ministry to check. Land and forestry check is very necessary. Often a site where all good, is that class is not used. If you blindly follow up, will cause a lot of waste. In addition, most of the time, was regarded as wastelands, in class diagram is farmland; look no trees in class diagrams inside this is public forest.

In addition to classes, if possible, preferably with the local government understand the planning of sites around. One time I chose a very good site, and was told, near the site is the future planning of the new town, our projects from the proximity of urban areas, so whether it is.

Great! Above everything, this piece of land suitable for PV projects will be more clear. Owners made a few questions is summarized below.

1, site area is too small

This is the most important factor of whether the sites were. Because PV project covers bigger, 50MW items about 1.5 square kilometers of available land, the equivalent of more than more than 200 courses area. In many cases, the owners eyes gaze into the distance, very excited a wave of his hand, and said to me “you know, this large tracts of land are!” I made points in the surrounding, back it out just 10MW, whether this site was … … Site area is not enough, are most prone to problems.

2, the terrain does not

There is a saying “just because in the midst of the mountain”. When exposure to the foothills, although can become clear mountain is going, but you are unable to see the mountain panorama, can only see a small part of it. Therefore, in many cases, we feel that this is a South-facing mountain slopes, but use Google Earth bird ‘s-eye view, found that most of the South-East, South-West, even toward the East and toward the West. In addition, you can also see the entire landscape. In addition, owners sometimes not in the entire range of round, found no mountains beyond mountains. If the mountain beyond mountains, then it could easily cause a mountain shelter.

3, inappropriate hills

Solar project owners, many of them are from before the wind turned around. Some small hills, and they were very gentle (compare with copycat sites, indeed quite slow). “Very flat, I could drive on it! “I went to the site to see, on the other hand is relatively flat, but the site at, is a hill, between hills and even big Groove! I had figured that if there was a 5 ° North dip, then spacing the array must increase by more than 50%. Therefore, PV projects can only be used on the South slopes, up again with a little downhill and to the East or to the West of the Hill. If is a small hill, then arrays much more decentralized, dispersed, all investments should be increased. Therefore, PV power station site, preferably rolling acres of the mountain.

Original title: three steps to fix the PV power plant location problem