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Polaris solar PV net news:–China’s new energy industry pioneer in the development of Liu Hui yi

On a sun-splashed across the Earth days, reporters into Jiangxi Pu pump technology company Ltd, company Chairman, a famous Chinese photovoltaic technology experts interviewed, the “person of the year 2010-solar project in China’s top ten” and “pioneer of China’s new energy industry development,” Liu Hui yi. Halo behind the cohesion of efforts for years, Liu Hui yi has become a key figure in guiding the development of PV industry in China.

Liu Hui yi PV career path is a path of unremitting pursuit of technological innovation. From the beginning, Liu Hui yi clearly recognized that General or the company to grow, must branch out, avoiding extensive involvement of transnational enterprises and ultra-competitive large areas, but should advance to the widget area. Coupled with continuing innovation in technology in the right direction, Liu Hui Pu yi successfully led the daily or the company quickly became the leading enterprises of the domestic solar panel module development, production.

2010-2014, Liu Hui art investment more than 30 million Yuan, has and CSU, and Nanchang Aviation University, and Jiangxi industrial engineering career Technology College, and Baoding sails shares, more by University and the research institutions reached technology Union, established has two a development center, common development solar PV component and solar application products, by well-known colleges of senior Professor served as Development Center Director, and hired has professional Dr as technology consultant, formed has taught, and learn, and Institute integration of research, and experiment and the production base. The fruits of many years of hard work eventually technology. At present, Liu Hui yi-led research and development of product has 2 invention patents and 11 patents for utility models, with dozens of patents is declared.

In terms of sales, Liu Hui arts was established in the country with more than more than 100 dealerships nationwide, sales of nearly 20 million Yuan for two consecutive years, leading in the domestic counterparts. Meanwhile, he also pioneered in Nanchang “boutique model” new marketing model, which specializes in roof installation of distributed power plant. Industry experts predict that over the next 3 years General or the company will build more than more than 500 stores nationwide, more than 3,000 more Distributor outlets. In production, the company has built an annual output of 500 MW solar module of automatic production lines, becoming the solar lighting and photovoltaic module production and application of distributed power plant extension of large enterprises. The company has won the “2010 most influential enterprise of China’s new energy industry development” and “national quality trustworthy product”, in 2013, “the national product quality supervision and inspection qualified enterprise”, “high-tech enterprise” title.

It is easy to see, Liu Hui yi photovoltaic technology in the areas of innovation and market penetration in China has made remarkable achievements, China PV industry has made an outstanding contribution to health development. The future, as the country’s strategic industry, new energy related policies, the promulgation of Liu Hui yi in the PV industry in China will have a broader stage.

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