GCL Lu title: PV the trade-off

Polaris solar PV net news: Editor’s Note: recently, a piece of GCL-poly with integrated PV terminates cooperation news has caused concern. GCL is currently one of the world’s largest solar companies, after years of exploration and development, has become the world’s most professional photovoltaic system solutions provides expert and has a number of large PV plants on a global scale. For situations of domestic photovoltaic power plant and raw materials market boom in the near future, Vice President of GCL-poly energy Holdings Limited Lv Jinbiao confessed to reporters his view.

PV market recently offered a new round of recovery, opportunities, enterprises must not be hot-headed, single-minded March, I do not know choice.

GCL-power platform this week decided to stop a 400 million yuan of one-year bonds attracted market attention because of this short-term financing flows in the period interest rates than bank lending rates, GCL resolutely discarded, is just a very small amount of money, nor to develop increased financing costs.

Also make the trade-off is that photovoltaic power generation project in cooperation with other enterprises. GCL-poly 6 years ago in United States, California, South Africa, and domestic investment in the construction and operation of photovoltaic power generation project in coastal areas, more in last year’s acquisition of Hong Kong-listed company dedicated to the PV-GCL energy investment platform. PV policy in emerging markets at home and abroad, driven by leading enterprises dedicated to photovoltaic power generation using promotion must be dominated by efficient photovoltaic power generation project pushed, unable to copulate with item received.

PV industry ups and downs, tend to withstand wind and rain, irresistible temptation, this is our industry-leading think. Heard good demand in the market, we’re ready to make cross-border tens of thousands of tons of polycrystalline silicon project, but you are used to solve it? Heard of Western coal resources, will have to work fast, but your team ready for it?

As the GCL, leading industry polysilicon and silicon materials end, standing height, our poly team has improved Siemens process perfectly, but we need to be more advanced fluidized bed process for silane to do subtraction, the old is not reduced, new or not. Silicon wafers are the same, through the revolution, industry consolidation, low-cost expansion 20% the first half of this year, per 3-piece silicon, there is a high performance wafer for such a promotion to higher efficiency, lower costs for PV and cheap Internet access to make contributions. Our Chairman, Mr Zhu said, don’t retreat into the high-tech industry, we have been in the revolution, Revolution itself, to change your life than others to take the initiative.

PV good situation at present, choice, add and subtract, and lines and cherish!

Original title: GCL Lu title: PV the trade-off

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