Hefei: industrialization of photovoltaic materials will enter

Polaris solar PV net news: the first implementation of “PV to the countryside” project, in Hefei city in “combined” policy support, in January-July this year, explosive growth of PV industry, has become a domestic PV manufacturing base with strong influence. On September 18, the reporter was informed by Hefei city, the city based on creating “PV power application” the first city goal, strive to achieve PV output value of 20 billion yuan this year, achieved an output value of 30 billion yuan next year.

Industrialization of photovoltaic materials entered in the near future

“Upgrading” of PV products are born in Hefei. Jianghuai morning news, Jac network reporter was informed that the energy storage applications in the photovoltaic industry and raw materials, sunlight power supply in July, signed a strategic framework agreement with Samsung, jointly develop photovoltaic energy storage battery in Hefei, the Sun’s light energy “stored”.

Meanwhile, with more than 20 patents at home and abroad instead of common construction materials of photovoltaic materials, recently prepared to open the road to industrialization. Or will allow construction of Hefei “natural” has the function of transforming solar energy.

At present, the Hefei ja solar, hareon, South in optoelectronics, Tong Wei v solar lighting industry appears to be recovering growth in Hefei municipal Committee through a letter introduction of electronic information and software director Han Dong, with successively increase the intensity of technical innovation and investment, is in full recovery, and capacity expansion. Today, more new domestic PV industry ready to settle in Hefei, Li Tenghui photovoltaic technology companies recently decided in chaohu Lake in Hefei economic development zone to register and set up the production line, the company Lee Technologies Group (listed company) investment holding.

In creating “PV power application city” strategy lead, has produced several influential PV enterprises in Hefei.

However, abundant sunshine is to play PV product advantages of the country, so “go out” strategy, Hefei city, “excuse me” line, has for three consecutive years with PV companies to promote products in the Western region.

In the work plan of the Committee of Hefei economic and involve a number of PV application, such as investigation and research of PV Application market to Gansu and Ningxia, proposed PV standards development needs, develop solar policies funds to deliver rules etc.

Intensive policy of booster PV industry

Applications in the photovoltaic industry practice, Hefei-intensive policies to support it.

In June 2013, Hefei issued the Declaration on accelerating the development of PV application to promote PV industry views on clearly relating to subsidies, in addition to the policy State, province, and annual power generation project operators 0.25 Yuan/kWh subsidy in the country entering the PV “subsidies” era. A month later, again without a publication and interpretation of PV power generation projects and policy guidance on the funding cash. A few days ago, another in Hefei city “to further speed up the PV Application” supplementary notice on accelerating the construction of distributed PV distributed PV project finance model for speed, innovation, unity of distributed PV electricity price discount, planning to lead to clearly defined and solve many problems in the PV application development.

The application was linked with poverty alleviation in Hefei city, allows applications to promote poverty alleviation through poverty alleviation. In 2013, the city of green energy-saving and ecological security, the people’s wishes, farmers benefit from the principle of 100 photovoltaic pilot construction countryside anti-poverty projects distributed photovoltaic power stations. In 2014, the city implemented a second batch of PV countryside anti-poverty projects, involving a total of 200 poor families. Recently, the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council in charge of Hefei approach is highly appreciated.

At present, the rural PV applications are being explored in Hefei city, the nearest electricity sales combined with electric vehicle charging, solar power generation business model and strive for 2014 added 150MW photovoltaic power plant to achieve PV output value of 20 billion yuan, 2015 value of more than 30 billion yuan.

Original title: Hefei: industrialization of photovoltaic materials will enter

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