IHS: America in 2018 is expected to be installed 1.5GW

Polaris solar PV net news: latest analysis according to IHS, Honduras will lead to waves of 2018 1.5GW PV installation projects in Central America.

The market research firm recently predicted that as investors seize the emerging opportunities in the region, starting from next year, Honduras, and Panama, and Guatemala, and Nicaragua, and Costa Rica and El Salvador’s installation of 22MW will moderate this year jumped to 243MW.

Since then, said IHS, the PV of the Central American countries will really take off, installed new 2016-2018 analysis IHS accounted for 2012-2018 of the total installed capacity of 80%.

Senior Analyst at IHS solar demand Josephine ˙ Berg (JosefinBerg), said: “in Central America around 70% of electricity already comes from renewable sources, mostly hydropower. The past few years, however, increasing electricity demand has been satisfied by the new thermal power generation from oil, coal and gas power, the increasing dependence on imports of fossil fuels. To counteract this, and avoid the price fluctuations in the future, Governments began to support control of renewable energy deployment. ”

Honduras will lead the Setup project in the area, estimated that by 2018 the cumulative 499MW, followed by Guatemala 291MW.

IHS said the utility-scale projects accounted for 1.3GW, reserve most of the photovoltaic project in the area. In these projects, strengthening policy support for PV, half had signed power purchase agreements.

Political support quasi, IHS choose Honduras, and El Salvador, and Guatemala and Panama. Honduras 600MW project recently signed a power purchase agreement. IHS said, while El Salvador, and Guatemala through open bidding for contracts awarded six projects totalling 179MW. Panama will hold a tender in October.

Install projects in addition to the large capacity, IHS said that PV is also gaining traction in Central America, as an alternative to diesel auxiliary power, Honduras and Costa Rica have net metering scheme was introduced, which may help to promote the uptake of small PV.

Berger added: “we see that hotel owners and local business’s interest in solar is growing. A reliable and affordable supply of electricity would mean better business. ”

Original title: IHS: America in 2018 is expected to be installed 1.5GW

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