Jinkosolar again participate in 2014, “North Star Cup” CREC annual top ten most popular highest rated photovoltaic companies

Arctic star solar PV network news: with new energy industry of fast development and national policy of support, increasingly more of enterprise began March PV industry, Arctic star solar PV network should domestic many PV enterprise of demands, following 2012, and 2013 session Award activities success held Hou, again opened third session “2014 degrees ‘ Arctic star Cup ‘CREC annual most by welcomes top ten PV enterprise” of award activities, to recognition and certainly these in 2014 for China PV industry development made outstanding contribution of enterprise.

It is reported that the registration activities are in full hot, up to now, has included jinkosolar holding limited (hereinafter “jinkosolar”) of more than 100 enterprises, took part. As the world leader in solar photovoltaic companies, jinko in 2012 and 2013, “Polaris Cup” in the annual top ten most popular cell/module manufacturers are regarded as such, 2013-award is at the top.

Jinkosolar located in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, Haining city, Zhejiang Province, as well as global marketing Center is located in the Pudong new area, Shanghai, China. In addition, the company set up a global marketing layout in China: Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, and Germany Munich, United States San Francisco, Australia Queensland, Canada Ontario, Italy Bologna, Switzerland Zug, Japan Tokyo and South Africa Cape Town set up a subsidiary.

Jinko energy producing high quality ingot, wafer, solar cell and single crystal component, according to the year 2013 earnings ingot, wafer, solar cell vertically integrated production capacity to about 2.0 GW, module production capacity reach approximately 2.1 gigawatts. In 2014, jinko (JinkoSolar) due to the expansion of its sales overseas and to establish its downstream business, recently reached a fifth consecutive quarter of profitability. The company’s total shipments of solar energy 659.5MW more 34.8%-2013 period, 37.8% $ 392.1 million earning less than a year ago. The company recently raised its annual project goals from 400MW than 600MW.

Jinkosolar focused on providing customers with the world’s leading photovoltaic products, sales network throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific countries, including Italy, and Germany, and Belgium, and Spain and the United States, and Canada, Eastern Europe, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Africa and other major PV markets.

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