Large solar project developer executives declared war on Australia in Canberra defended renewable energy goals

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 29, Australia large collective solar developer executives to the capital Canberra (Canberra) to declare war and said it would defend the renewable energy target (RET).

Several solar companies (including FirstSolar, FotowatioRenewableVentures and SunPower) executives held in Canberra and the key ministers and MPs to negotiate.

“We will tell them that, if RET is cut, Australia eclipsed the prospect of large solar projects market. “KaneThornton, Executive Director of the clean energy Committee said.

“In view of the uncertain future in RET, currently Australia renewable energy project investments have fallen sharply. Over time, Australia clean energy industries will be destroyed, and the field of large-scale solar energy project is the first to be destroyed. ”

FotowatioRenewableVentures (FRV) Manager AndreaFontana said: “we are highly capitalized investment strategies, so only if we are confident about the local regulatory framework, we will inject funds and resources. Large-scale solar projects is a very reliable product. But if RET is cut, we are likely to get around Australia and choices in other markets worldwide investment in large-scale solar projects. ”

FirstSolar Vice President of business development, JackCurtis claims that in developing large-scale solar energy projects, companies choose to cooperate with the local suppliers as much as possible, to ensure the largest measure of entering Australia project.

“We value those policies to support renewable energy and environmental stability in the country. If RET is cut, we will carefully consider whether to invest in the future Australia project. ”

WilfJohnston SunPowerAustralia executives revealed that for startup and operation of large-scale solar energy projects, and RET has been significant.

“Prior to the development of utility-grade solar project, investors must ensure that funds are available. Since its launch in 2001, RET escort for developers. No RET, and whether developers will invest Australia projects caught in the middle. “Johnston said.

Original title: large-scale solar project developer executives declared war on Australia in Canberra defended renewable energy goals

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