Longi stock 2014 wafer sales in the first half of 789MW

Polaris solar PV net news: major silicon manufacturers longi silicon materials (LONGiSiliconMaterials) recently reported that 2014 wafer sales in the first half of 789MW, up 41% from a year earlier.

Longi silicon materials report 2014 earn about $ 236 million during the first six months, up 49.87% from a year earlier. Net profit of about us $ 1807 431.99% increase from a year earlier.

Wafer sales abroad accounted for total sales over the period of 78%, however, the company noted that the subsidies will continue to promote efficient monocrystalline silicon wafer demand, China’s growing demand, particularly for distributed generation projects.

All silicon wafer manufacturing process of the company has been committed to research and development activities, during budget amounted to $ 23.4 million. During this time the company adding 500MW of new capacity to meet future demand.

Original title: 2014 longi silicon materials silicon wafer sales in the first half of 789MW

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