On the altar of “farmer Alex”-shrouded in violence under a cloud of PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: want to write this post for one year. Originated in late June 27 Tibetans call reports and sent information on longyangxia 320MW “water and complementary” in China the largest single power station has a serious Jerry-building, 1.5 meters deep in the pile according to specifications only less than 70 cm. Rage was wasted on State-owned assets, photovoltaic power stations there are huge risks, on a Web site tracking reports on the matter. But the end result but much to our surprise: CPI attaches great importance to this matter, subsidiary of electric power construction in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in hydropower and construction units and other companies overnight investigation, found only piles do not meet requirements of these Tibetans, and wounded the owner during the dispute process with a female employee.

Built a branch Secretary of the CLP said the owner in conjunction with the supervisor checks completed, apart from the fact people do have a problem, others are in line with the rules. This part does not meet the requirements, supervision has been recorded before. Company report to your superiors of the Yellow River at the same time, this group of people have rioted to the corporate headquarters of the Yellow River.

According to the Director’s introduction, later, utilities had to pay for the sake of the Yellow River, Tibetans go home satisfied.

In the underwater part of the iceberg to 90%, and in subsequent interviews, the author found more problems, engage in common projects of migrant workers migrant workers in Northwest China called “farmer Alex.” Even after the end of the interview, I found that this “tip” floating in the water is still only on 10%.

Farmers in particular migrant workers often portrayed as most pathetic group of China, they were displaced from their homes, living in poverty, also face injuries and risks of unpaid hard. But from another point of view in the past, at least from the perspective of legal and media coverage, the owner is often the vulnerable groups.

End of February 2013, China railway tunnel group out of a fight: according to China railway tunnel group employed hundreds of men to Yunnan, Funing County, implementing AI Zhen yan Cun daza, hundreds of employees to implement RAID type, and message after official confirmation. This is not the iron for the first time in the event, only reports of dozens of times.

Funing County, according to the Vice Minister of the propaganda department: events the previous day, China railway tunnel group of two people riding a motorcycle passing rock village, skidding on mud, mud splashed onto the young villager’s body. Villagers asked them for 600 Yuan, then beat two men and cause personal injury. 13th, hundreds of employees of the China railway tunnel group has retaliated against villagers.

But detailed analysis behind the event, or can come to different conclusions. There are several points of doubt:

1, international big names such as Burberry trench coat dry, 200-300 yuan and tens of it out regardless of whether the villagers dressed in expensive clothing, why lose money again after beating railway employees? Not difficult to associate one of malice.

2, battered is China railway group leader, just two of the General staff, if not resentment is quite deep, no background work by one to two employees to baihao mobilized people can ride a motorcycle? Such things happen to know State enterprises, is to bear the responsibility of leadership, if it is only the case, this kind of thing could happen?

State-owned enterprises like the fight between the villagers and the fight between the big countries and the surrounding small, international public opinion is often one-sided orientation of the weak, ignoring the facts. Even in China, after two were backed by small “wuweiyanzhibuyu” precedent.

This is tough, “notorious” iron “fight record”, some oil, electricity, socializing with the local State-owned enterprises such as, would often choose to eat humble pie. Many of local State-owned enterprise workers under the older veterans or deployed soldiers, tough, and now in conflict with the local State-owned enterprises more choice in concessions. A CNPC subsidiary in a province under North China oil field, for example, that serious oppression of local companies in, but when the company relocated to the Mall, and County to use a much higher level, blocking the “God of wealth” run away, “survival, and death cannot.”

It has been said that sitech factory was smashed in Haining event, equally evil result of incitement. It is hard to imagine the kind of people to own the factory property used violent means, but the incident ends with sitech executives apologize to the collective marks of farmer grandfather once again.

Northwest sheep worth a million of money

Such as railway staff are complete money is not uncommon, because much of the photovoltaic industry in the Pacific Northwest, the lack of Foundation, this situation is not uncommon.

People of the Northwest Territories for a long time there are honest and simple and honest folk wild two faces, of our and foreign construction companies tend to be the latter face: complete money, lazy, trouble. It is even an outpouring of self-declared and real simple goodness of people hide the fact that in the Northwest. Yoga does not cover the so-called flaws, tend to be.

Woman who works for a well-known domestic photovoltaic company says: “our colleagues there is a real joke. Construction of Northwest China, killing a sheep, the locals asked for 10,000 yuan. Asked why, answer: Ewe can lamb. Crushed to death has been the Rams, also asked for 10,000 Yuan: the Rams and ewes to lamb. “A Northwest during the nation’s unique accent she says with a laugh, but the helpless are the same glance.

She also experienced the terrifying scene: an item happens to be caught up with the local migrant workers rioted in the Northwest, a group of workers after company technicians, carrying shovels, iron pickaxes sat in her Jeep chasing behind.

The alienation of Government: upper door promotion, grass-roots guanmendagou

Provincial government enthusiasm for PV investment strong, but cities and counties are more interested in short-term gains.

Many sell flagging now sell approved many of them haven’t heard of enterprise, one is approved, in principle, cannot be transferred directly to acquire the project company, so the PV enterprises registered company; the other is the company established local connections, knows little of photovoltaic through relations to get approval, changed hands for money. Now approved universal 4-5 cents, soared to more than 1 in a particular area, giving owners unit called “unreliable”. 2014 570MW project planning in Xinjiang, besides Huadian 20MW, remaining 550MW private enterprises were obtained.

Private enterprises, according to a senior project development manager, these projects in Xinjiang and elsewhere is not dominant in the competition of private enterprises, or often requires interest swaps. Currently, Xinjiang and Qinghai power station allocations in accordance with the “3:3:3:1” issue, 30% investment in local enterprises, to SkyTeam, for example, to the Turpan Government promised that after the local construction components factory, got a 1GW of quotas this year, plans to build a 300MW, as far as I know is now on equipment bidding. Assembly plant to be built after the Turpan Government can collect VAT 17%.

PV played a leading role in the early development of Northwest China State-owned enterprises, and is normally equipped with administrative level, unique in government relations, can account for the quota by undiscovered.

While the TBEA, blue/vote for unique local businesses, such as get 30%. 10% left by the other queued for approval of private enterprises and many hope this year.

Northwest’s approval for the 1.5 Yuan in an unsuccessful 50MW cost 75 million dollars, but the cost is a fraction less. This is the extreme example, but approval is now the photovoltaic make money the fastest, highest-margin segment.

FirstSolar recently renounced 2GW project in Inner Mongolia. Remember the 2009 FirstSolar hesitated when entering the Chinese market full of, domestic component companies very nervous. That even former heads of State, the introduction of the project could not escape the fate of the stranded, electricity prices in over 5 years with no clear, and also require the purchase of local devices. That year United States Steelworkers filed a complaint against China’s solar industry and important article, pointed out that China FirstSolar this “United States dog” gave up a, and a dozen years.

The situation is particularly severe in Xinjiang. PV development for several years, on more than one occasion have PV enterprises lack awareness complained that local government services, after the Gong before, enterprises in the administrative cost is too high.

While visiting several power plants in Hami in 2011, saving, cgnpc and TBEA in the case of on-grid capacity is not yet perfect hundred MW photovoltaic power plant have been built. This plant’s policy is very loose, but later in Hami, there have been frequent changes in land: media reported three or more per square meter of grass land pasture fees and one-off levy as required. But a prefix because they do not meet the unreasonable demands of the migrant workers, after the disputes were fined tens of thousands of local government, the company has refused to pay.

Mafia infiltration, farmer Alex bully

One of the senior members of the operation and maintenance of the light tells of Qinghai province encounter: Chinese components clean manual, 1000-1500/MW Northwest contracting costs, business modest, but the relationship is complex. Some SOEs to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs, purchased a few cleaning cars. But even is laundered through local dealers to buy cars still did not manage to get into field work, by a group of evil forces forcibly detained, later local government coordination, the result was the continuing use of manual cleaning, washing vehicle idle, seems to be a silent taunt.

One of the things he tells of witnessing: a project site, he and a friend visited the power plant construction, a supervisor to the contractor says bracket, which is not arranged in a straight line. Foreman leaned forward a bit, got up and said, “you get down to see it. “The simple and honest supervisory staff really went down, was trampled by foreman beaten. Scared out of him and his friend drove away from the scene as soon as possible.

Yuzhu Shi posted a Tweet in May, said a friend of 950 million to build 100MW PV power station, due to the incorporation rate of only 50% and suffered heavy losses. According to insiders, this is located in the District of Jinchang project among low incorporation rate, also middle tier subcontract the construction process, resulting in high costs and quality problems, supervisors had threatened by the mafia. As the exchange of benefits, the owner shall set up components factory in Jinchang fate remains to be seen.

Farmer dude on Mafia wife on the one hand, on the other hand often meet contractors unreasonable demands the “weapon”. Add community event has become the standard in media reports today, local minority construction teams are farmers of Alex “battle master”.

Just go to the project site, whether dry or not working, whether full throughout the day, are a day’s wage, waiting for material costs to be borne entirely by the owner. Even to the beginning of the article not complying with the requirements, construction of savage and unrest is not uncommon. So a lot of companies would rather from Hubei, Sichuan and other areas from the local people don’t want to hire.

At the date of closing, yarkant, and there was a severe storm in Xinjiang terrorist cases, resulting in dozens of casualties involving people of all ethnic groups. In fact, in many private enterprises, investment has become a restricted area in southern Xinjiang. In mid-July, National Energy Board organized the southern sidizhou PV plan review meetings, participate in the assessment of the Energy Council, State grid, new electric power Design Institute, dozens of units, but, to be the development of photovoltaic industry, also needs your business a stable business environment.

Law enforcement be left “bitter Carnival”

Local Government is also boosting atmosphere for local people partial to an important cause. Northwest ethnic mix, complexity tends to stabilize the Government and save trouble, often choose to favour local people. Meaning is to protect those who abide by the existing law rather than “weak” or on the surface of the “weaker sex” when law enforcement by law enforcement officers and people’s feelings are not based on the law and facts, people would fall into “affliction talent”-style binge: who can tell a worst story and who has the most votes.

Also called on mass media, covering similar events can be as objective as possible. Right behind Michael Jackson during his lifetime notoriety and reputation, are included within every slap on the face of the media.

Original title: on the altar of “farmer Alex”-shrouded in violence under a cloud of PV power station

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