Focus Germany energy transition: solar and wind energy everything?

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Germany Agency for international cooperation (GIZ) released on Germany energy transformation 12 insights (Chinese version) (hereinafter the report). The headline of the first opinion of the report, is “solar and wind power is everything”. Throughout Germany renewable wind and solar power are “energy transformation” the two key pillars. Germany authorities estimated that by 2022, the country’s wind and solar power will account for renewable electricity 70%, then continued to rise reaching a percentage result.

Germany “energy transformation programme,” Chief RainerBaake said Germany hoped that over the next 40 years will be its power industry from the reliance on nuclear power and coal, switch to renewable energy, Germany this transformation of the energy system is called “energy transformation (Energiewende)”.

“Of course these opinions applies not only to Germany, and this is because wind and solar power in most parts of the world can be a large number of acquisition, production costs are also rapidly declining. Wind and solar PV will form the basis of future low-carbon energy system in many countries, these countries will also benefit from similar Germany challenges currently facing. “RainerBaake said.

Scenery is the largest future potential of technology

Germany has always been in favor of green energy than other European countries, also have a natural fear of nuclear power. Someone puts this down to the romantic feelings, or because they are living in a country where population density and scarcity of natural resources.

The report also notes that, by Germany in the renewable energy sources Act, setting off a technology race has two winners–wind and solar – the greatest potential in the foreseeable future, the most economical technology.

The report showed, with Germany the renewable energy sources Act price decline, and further reductions in the cost of wind power and photovoltaic technology, by 2015, the new wind and solar PV power plant generating cost is likely to remain in the range of 7~10 euro cents/kWh.

“Because wind and solar power are not always able to obtain, therefore dependent on both energy of any electrical system must be equipped with backup power plants, and these power plants will continue to rely largely on fossil fuels.

Short term, the existing power plants will assume that backing (current trading price of about 5 cents/kWh). The medium term, would need to invest in new power plants, so that even when renewable energy not power generation to meet demand. “RainerBaake said, because the new generation of gas-fired and coal-fired power plants cost about 7~10 euro cents/kWh, and peak electricity demand is also relatively cheap, expected by 2015, wind, solar photovoltaic power generation plant based on new and flexible system of thermal power plant generating cost, with the use of conventional coal or gas power system costs.

Germany “energy transformation” officially started for only two years, it’s every move but concern Europe and the whole world. Has been “cautious” with the Germans to more careful. Compared to the official rhetoric, the report seems to be more practical, from the technical and policy aspects of “energy transformation” suggestions to improve the proposals. Report, “energy transformation” faced the central challenge is how to implement fluctuations in wind and solar power plants in electricity production and consumer demand for sustainable and equitable. It will need to show flexibility—of electric power system on the supply side and the demand side is true.

Base load “power plants disappear

In report depicting of future scene in the, for established wind and solar PV for based of power supply system, must completely change future power system structure, makes power system in the other part are around wind and solar for optimization, eliminated Hou remaining of traditional fossil fuel power plant will main as alternate capacity exists, only in almost no sun and wind Shi only needs power, so-called of “basic load” power plant will became history.

“Of course, this scene is also facing new challenges, that is how the system is flexible enough to adapt to the fluctuation of renewable energy generation?” Qin Haiyan China Wind Energy Association Special Committee Secretary-General proposed.

At this point, the report noted that currently provides technical solutions already have enough flexibility, the crux of the matter is not a technical question, but in the appropriate use of incentives to create a fair competitive environment, ensure that cost-effective technical solutions were used preferentially. The flexibility of the system, through the supply side and demand side flexibility options, and power capacity and storage to achieve, for now, flexibility to increase thermal power plant is in addition to network expansion is one of the most effective ways.

Qin Haiyan told reporters that the thermal power generating units, has huge potential to enhance flexibility. Through technological innovation and optimize the organization structure, white-the minimum load of coal and lignite-fired power plant can be taken up respectively from the current installed capacity of 40% and 60%, to 20% and 40%. A kW-scale thermal power plant, and within 5 minutes the maximum load can be raised from the existing jiwanqian tile to 200,000 ~ 300,000-kilowatt, cold start time can be reduced from the current 10 minutes to 4 minutes to 6 minutes.

Grid energy storage system of low cost

Increased system flexibility on the way, the report argued that, in quite a long time in the future, compared with the new energy storage technologies, the integration of renewable electricity into power through the expansion of the network system costs less.

“The current new energy storage technology high, and is expected to remain high in the medium term, combined with low utilization, cost control from the system’s point of view, its poor economy, so should give priority to the use of other economy better ways. “According to the report’s estimates, only when exceeding 70% per cent of renewable power, new energy storage technologies to Germany cost control to the positive effect of the power system.

Germany Agency for international cooperation (GIZ) Director Mu Siwen also points out in the field of energy, energy storage technology can be an important area of research and development, but not necessarily the top priority. Expanding the scope of network connections and scheduling, can take full advantage of not only the area of renewable resources differences, sustained-release the volatility of renewable electricity, power can also be used as “indirect energy storage systems”, by regulating the market power in generation costs between the different regional free trade.

In addition, the report also suggested that the combination of electricity and heating, will greatly enhance the flexibility of the system. Compared with the energy, heat energy is easier to store, and losses are lower. Wind turbine made in the winter season and the peak energy demand, which is both natural and beneficial contact. According to the needs of both electricity and thermal energy, upgrading of existing power generation facilities is not a problem, Germany many power companies already installed “go hot” and the storage system.

Original title: Spotlight on Germany energy transition: solar and wind energy everything?

2014 “Polaris Cup” top ten photovoltaic company CREC voted hot start 160 companies compete

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014 “Polaris Cup” CREC favorite top ten photovoltaic business of the year award since its inception on September 5 by the vast number of photovoltaic companies participated. As of September 22, after screening and meet the selection criteria of the enterprises reached 160. Since the campaign carried out at the beginning, the domestic reproduced in all major Web portals, as well as some of the professional Web site activity information.

The award voting consists of six major categories: raw materials and auxiliary materials (ingots/bars, wafers of silicon and Silicon-containing), solar cell/module manufacturers (including thin-film batteries), inverter enterprises, power plant EPC businesses (including photovoltaic and solar thermal), PV mounting systems, PV supporting enterprises.

On September 22, the more exciting vote was officially launched.

As to September 22 16 o’clock, raw materials and the accessories row in Qian ten of respectively is: longi Silicon material Corporation, and Jiangsu love Kang Technology Corporation, and Jiangyin love Kang PV welding with limited, and Hangzhou foster PV material Corporation, and Changzhou Republika Granville grams PV materials limited, and new Energy Corporation, and Yantai Debon technology limited, and Changzhou downwind photoelectric material limited, and Kang Weiming engineering film (Zhangjiagang) limited, and Zhejiang people and PV technology limited;

Solar/component Enterprise row in Qian ten name of respectively is: Crystal section energy limited, and Oriental day liters new Energy Corporation, and Jiangsu downwind photoelectric technology limited, and Shandong force Novo PV hi-tech limited, and British Lee energy (China) limited, and Dongguan South glass PV technology limited, and in the energy solar technology (Zhenjiang) limited, and Changzhou days collection light limited, and solar (China) investment limited, and sea run PV technology Corporation;

Inverse variable device Enterprise row in Qian ten name of respectively for: Guangdong easy thing Special Power Corporation, and Guangzhou three Crystal electrical limited, and Huawei technology limited, and Hubei Chase day electrical Corporation, and Shenzhen Han’s inverse variable grid technology limited, and Sun Power Corporation, and special variable electrician Xian electrical technology limited, and AI v new energy technology (Shanghai) Corporation, and Shenzhen Crystal Fu source technology Corporation, and Shanghai are Thai power system limited;

Station EPC Enterprise row in Qian ten name of respectively is: zhenfa new energy technology limited, and Crystal section energy limited, and Wuhan Sotec energy technology Corporation, and Zhejiang are Thai new energy development limited, and in the Li Tenghui PV technology limited, and Hubei Chase day electrical Corporation, and solar (China) investment limited, and Association Xin new energy holding limited, and special variable electrician Xinjiang new Energy Corporation, and Beijing section Novo Albert Technology Corporation;

PV bracket Enterprise row in Qian ten name of respectively for: Meibert (Xiamen) new energy limited, and Ted Sun (Beijing) energy technology limited, and Tianjin China should be Alliance create metal limited, and Qingyuan technology (Xiamen) Corporation, and Shenzhen City antaike building technology limited, and Suzhou love Kang metal technology limited, and Jiangsu dongsheng new energy technology limited, and Norseman energy technology (Beijing) limited, and curtain Sheng technology limited, and Suzhou sea treasure metal limited;

PV supporting enterprise ranked Qian ten of respectively is: Beijing country can day new system control technology limited, and Shanghai kHz cool solar technology limited, and Hangzhou site information technology limited, and Asia wisdom system technology (Suzhou) limited, and Wuxi British Pegasus technology limited, and Dongguan South glass solar glass limited, and Changzhou constant big PV technology limited, and Shenzhen ZTE Kun Teng limited, and Qingyuan technology (Xiamen) Corporation, and Wuhan three workers photoelectric equipment manufacturing limited.

This selection of each category will be selected according to the number of votes the top ten enterprises, currently more than more than 500 photovoltaic companies is hotly contested, we come to vote for their favorite investment and precious.

One of of the old red PV for West China

Polaris solar PV net news: 228313-227085=1228 km, which is miles of my trip today. At four o’clock in the morning from Beijing via Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, 6:30 arrived in zhongning County, Ningxia. Zigging when what friends say: the mighty. If it weren’t for a little scare, might have been run over more than 200 kilometres in Baiyin city of Gansu province, because you want to shoot at night.

Alarm car in Ningxia, the more than 170 kilometers from Salt Lake to zhongning not even a gas station. Turn off the air conditioner, as far as possible down to the most economical speed speed, and watch the gas gauge, aside from in horror, feeling the Sun falling fast enough to require the rise above the forehead can be found. Looking at the shadows more wilderness, unable to find any light, after an hour of unrest, intuition tells me: oil table lamp that lit up. Allegedly can run 50 kilometers with its light, and then can GPS also has 70 km to zhongning, I faced a major decision: to move on and WINS, just goes to show that after the gas gauge light “cut” also ran more than 50 km. Lost, to be left alone in this wilderness of night; I chose immediately off the highway looking for the nearest gas station. Things are: straight out of the high speed gas gauge light comes on; if not high speed, from oil table lamp from the gas station where it is 52 km away. Gambling is not quadrennial, countless possibilities, gambling jiede, just 2 km from the gambling money (assuming “big” gas gauge light is on after just 50 km). Life is it not the case, “VI” I sound of natural selection. Not 15,000 kilometers of adventure for the next 30 days, I will choose to moderate.

Talk about today is two things that impressed:

First, perhaps because of the rain and fog in the North China plain. Enter the hinterland-fuping County in Taihang mountains when hot springs, Sunrise, blue sky, clean casts doubt on the truth of it. Marched out in Shanxi, I’m sure it’s not but it’s foggy haze. Across the plain of fen River in Luya mountains, pines and the blue sky again here. These images were thus formed an intuitive: too many Chinese people, wherever there are lack of trees, sky is not blue. Fewer people in the mountains, the sky is blue. Ten years ago, a town along the coast of Zhejiang Province, in my hundreds of Chinese ancient town impression, it is unique: the village before hills can be seen only in the rainforests of Southwest China to see the sights-the old vine around the pines. “Cannot cut down trees because of the lack of wood, is the coexistence of man and the environment”, this is to stick to the original Millennium ancestor training results.

Second, from Beijing to zhongning, I designed a three part never walk the route, just don’t go to Google map design by Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan high speed because Sinotrans coal, because the probability of a car is more than 70%. Lucky let me choose West of Baoding, Xinzhou, Shanxi Yulin in Shaanxi Province, and coal is here to East and to West from no less than the number of giant coal-Taiyuan high speed, just this side of the tunnel, and no chance of climbing coal truck congestion. Looking East to West to coal, I’m hypnotized: Highway is moved, coal is not moving, the highway is the largest industrial belt, coal is a coal on the conveyor belt, was their cycle and promote China’s economy. I think if PV power faster than the advance of human thought, when I designed the Western route, it won’t be so difficult.

Today, didn’t see photovoltaic power stations, wind power is everywhere. Only me as the “big cut” when will panic due to no oil, surprised to see PV road signs in the Holy Land – Sun Mountain in Ningxia. Golmud and Lhasa to four interviews project was because of the increased need to travel, but also because of the “energy shortage” caused panic in Sun Mountain I can only regret. PV – after more than 20 days in Ningxia

Solar network on September 18, the North Star News review

Polaris solar PV net news: solar network on September 18, the North Star News, the world’s leading photovoltaic plant developer Concord new energy job PV elite Qu Xiaohua: I learned of the “unbiased”, Henan Henan province to monitor the ban on issuing the photovoltaics operate implementing rules of regulation, as follows:

World’s leading photovoltaic plant developer Concord new energy looking for PV elite

Qu Xiaohua: I learned to “normal state of mind”

Henan Jian ban issued implementing rules of the photovoltaic power generation in Henan province and controls

Dragon photoelectric difficult days before the expected third-quarter loss

Hareon frequency on the new projects the additional 3.8 billion to ease funding pressures

The renewable energy power years of quota assessment methods is expected to introduce the most bullish of distributed PV

Profit trouble promoting sharp spin off non-core assets or phasing out the solar industry

Why which is under Department of energy distributed PV demonstration zone “ultimatum”?

Low price could force mature photovoltaic energy storage devices?

Spaceflight machine and 4900 tons polysilicon project located on the right

Pioneers in Hefei are committed to exploring new PV application path

GCL-poly-SI impurity tests involved international standards to be released

High-speed implementation one main wings with more enterprises in North China has been awarded solar power station

Polycrystalline silicon ingot annealing temperature and ingot handling

Polaris solar PV net news: (a) the annealing temperature

Provide an environmental temperature of the ingot annealing refers to converge at a slow pace, and remain so for some time. Annealing ingot internal stress can be eliminated also defects such as dislocations in the crystal growth process with some degree of elimination, so crystal is not easy to break. Even if growth really well, improper annealing can also cause a breakdown of silicon ingots. For the next step for the ingot to be sliced, cracked was equal to scrap. If only purified without ingot, a complete silicon ingots are easier to work with than broken, such as the tops and tails. Therefore, the annealing process, should not be overlooked, not because growth has been completed, to the effect that by this time.

Crystal growth is complete, due to the high temperatures at the top and, therefore, need to keep the temperature cool slowly. Typically, power from the Crystal of power according to a fixed rate, meanwhile, will drop insulation body and heat hit bottom when power drops below a minimum value.

There are different versions of the annealing temperature. At 1300 ° c for thermal insulation, it is called high temperature annealing; annealed at 1100 ℃, known as low-temperature annealing.

Optimum annealing temperature is controversial. Generally considered long Crystal should be completed, middle of top and bottom of ingot temperature value, this argument seems reasonable, but also consider Silicon annealing from cold to heat up to temperature and annealing temperature from cool to hot, are subject to thermal stress is different. Cold temperature, thermal stress seems to be bigger, from this perspective, the annealing temperature should be around 1100 ℃ appropriate.

The annealing time, based on theory and experience, in 3-4 hours, after which the annealing temperature, then heat for 3 hours or so, and then, you can supplement the natural heating and cooling.

Natural cooling stage of so-called supplementary heating, cooling the ingot insulation inside were slow, and the temperature of the heating element should also be given a small amount so that temperatures do not drop too fast. Since at temperature up to 900 ° c, you can turn off the power, so its completely natural cooling.

Often think of temperature below 400 ℃, can turn on the stove, and then in about 100 ℃ Crucible even trim out, but kept in a closed, airless room, wait until more than 12 hours, remove shielding and the crucible.

(B) ingots

Ingots from the furnace out, best even with boards and backplane removed, wait until the temperature slow cooling after removing the trim to avoid cooling ingot cracking caused by too fast. After removing trim, first production records of the ingot.

Ingots of data records

Each ingot to data records as follows:

Photographed and must complete the orientation marking indicating the direction for each silicon ingot furnace, furnace (SI ingot refers to a furnace stove, furnace without), batch number and practice, record name.

Measuring the size of silicon ingots, including 12 bian Bian Changhe of the four sides of the central height;


If the ingot exception, to record anomalies. Such as the length and orientation of the crack, bulge at the top, uplift area, size and location; if possible photographed.

Silicon ingot is an important basis for quality assessment of the data. In addition, the ingot of data analysis of production process, quality, process improvement has an important role and should therefore be properly archived.

Dispose of silicon ingots

Yiqian, casting ingot go straight to the root machine for the successful conclusion of evolution. But now, due to the cost of the request, each ingot manufacturers hope will prescribe after the side leather and leather for recycling. Edge recycling of leather and leather need to be cleaned, so that some work needs to be conducted before prescribing.

First of all, the ingots are sand blasted and six planes to spray the 1~5 mm thick. Especially the top surface to spray off the thicker. This is because the crucible of silicon nitride coating on internal surface, some of these coatings in the ingot process of silicon nitride powder will permeate the solidification of ingot surface, so you want to remove it. In the top of the ingot, often there is loss of silicon nitride coated, but throughout the casting process, due to the evaporation of graphite heating elements, carbon will be rendered into the Silicon surface, formation of Silicon Carbide. Whether it is silicon nitride and silicon carbide, hardness higher than silicon, thus forming a Silicon in the so-called “hard spots” and, therefore, before the ingot is not prescribing use of sandblasted on the surface removed, is a relatively simple way to eliminate these hard spots. Once after the radical, form tails, sandblasting process was cumbersome, and may only be able to use the wheel except to come and go. After sand blasting, the ingots at the time of prescribing, and less prone to breakage phenomenon.

If it is a metallurgical method, or recycled, because impurities may be thicker at the top, band saw can be used to very top of the ingot resection, excision of thickness approximately in about 15mm.

After the ingot after sandblasting can be sent to the root machine, after the root, after cleaning, for the small ingots according to measurement of resistivity and minority carrier lifetime, dashes, and according to data truncation. Silicon for grinding chamfers to the truncated, aimed at removal of Silicon surface damage layer formed at the time of prescribing.

Wash immediately after packaging, or send the slice shop.

Truncate the Silicon material washing down can be repeated after casting.

Leather and leather after cleaning, cannot directly ingots or admixture with the original raw ingots must be carried out again after melting and purification, or mixed with raw polysilicon materials of ingot casting ingots. This is because the skin due to excess material inside the silicon nitride and silicon carbide, they cannot be removed by pickling methods, only the melting process can remove.

Shanghai General RDS series purified ingot furnace can whether it tails, top or bottom leather, as well as radical formed in the process of recovery of silicon materials for purification. Due to the Silicon purification melting temperature is higher than the ingot, RDS series purified ingot furnace process is different from conventional ingot furnace process, also has a special design of furnace structure.

Hefei again dreams PV development chapter

Polaris solar PV net news: yet another goal from a grand plan into the foot of a solid bench, which is leap to catch the experience of Hefei.

The construction of “PV power application first city”, to create “Great Lakes cities, Highland of innovation” on the journey, Hefei has set a goal for yourself.

Hareon solar Sun power from PV countryside anti-poverty projects to national first batch of distributed PV demonstration area … … Hefei caught industry and applications at both ends, continue to close, close, close to the target.

Footprint carved struggle time runner, to lift the giant hand of dreams a new chapter of history. Scores have been behind struggle never stop, targeting “PV power application” the first city goal, hearts together to make another new journey in Hefei.

Industry in 2015, and strive to achieve 30 billion yuan output value

Without industry, Hefei to create “PV power application” the first city’s clout comes from its own increasingly sophisticated industrial base.

Breakdown of PV enterprises in Hefei, and strength of each. Hareon, JA Solar’s investment of 10 billion yuan invested 7.5 billion yuan investment of 2 billion yuan, Sun, Rainbow PV glass power investment of 1 billion yuan, United States 3M to invest 1 billion yuan, some of these major projects have been completed and put into operation, it is speeding up the construction, its capacity is continuously released.

Leading enterprise drive, PV is speeding up the formation of industrial clusters in Hefei city, the initial formation of polysilicon raw material-solar-power-integration component works of PV industry chain, is speeding up the formation of industrial clusters. Products are mainly concentrated in Silicon rods, PV modules, PV system manufacturing, photovoltaic system inverter technology and market share in the country.

The development of photovoltaic industry, States, cities are experimenting with different direction, is also exploring the promotion of photovoltaic industry development in Hefei new tipping point. Committee through a letter, electronic information industry Department official told reporters, Hefei focusing photovoltaic products of research and development, production and application, are now targeting architectural PV artifacts, wants to foster being the next explosive economic growth.

At present, City economic information Commission is pushing Beijing new building materials group in micro-and nano-electrician, South, Hefei and PV PV artifacts for building product research and development, production and application of reach co-operation intention; promotion of micro-and nano-electrical company with the tongwei solar companies in the high-tech zone to manufacture photovoltaic components used in construction and open up the market. In addition, Hefei University and micro/Nano electric company building construction PV component test center was in communication and contacts.

Goals into the PV industry of Hefei accelerated forward momentum. Hefei and strive to achieve PV industry output value of 25 billion yuan by the end of 2014, the city distributed PV breakthrough 300MW of installed capacity; by 2015, the city’s PV industry output value of over 30 billion yuan in national demonstration city in the forefront of photovoltaic power generation for large-scale application of, becoming an important national production, PV enterprises agglomeration.

PV countryside in 2020, 3000 families enjoy the PV power plant

To promote photovoltaic applications, is a huge market in rural areas. In 2013, the Hefei launched PV anti-poverty projects in the countryside, opening a national precedent. 100 rural households as beneficiaries must first enjoy the benefits of photovoltaic power plant in the family.

In 2014, the Hefei city, continue to implement the “PV countryside” poverty reduction project, selected 200 poor rural families in the city, city and County (City) level Government allocated 6 million yuan of special funds for the “three noes” construction of poor families distributed photovoltaic power plant. Now, Hefei is door-to-door surveys to develop implementation plan is expected before the end of October this year 200 poor families grid-connected PV power station can be completed.

According to the Central Government, provincial views on innovative mechanisms to increase the intensity of accurate poverty alleviation, starting from next year, Hefei will also further expands the scope of ATD PV, PV countryside anti-poverty plans to expand to 500 households by 2020, 3000 “three noes” needy families will enjoy the steady income of PV power plant.

Apart from the PV power station, a complementary light, solar greenhouses and fisheries such as new applications emerge at Hefei, Hefei city, these new applications will become the future main battlefield of photovoltaic applications. According to Hefei PV countryside “millions” engineering implementation programme, Hefei will vigorously implementation PV countryside “hundred village advance, and thousand households pro-poor, and million home roof and million acres base” four engineering construction, plans to 2018, built 100 a rural PV Application demonstration community, and 1000 a rural PV pro-poor family, and 10,000 a rural family distributed PV station, and 10,000 acres PV facilities agricultural (fisheries) base, strive to put Hefei rural area construction became PV agricultural of first district and PV application of focus district.

Innovative ways of establishing multivariate investment mode

At present, PV applications in Hefei city, two forces of Government and enterprise investment go hand in hand, and jointly promote the development of industrial applications. In future, more investment will continue to be introduced, innovation and development.

BA Doo da Zhang Cun town, feidong County, Tong Wei Sun and 28 farmers cooperative, 70kw family built distributed PV power generation projects. Tong Wei solar company in accordance with the “farmer’s rooftop, investment operations, generating proceeds of” new model, exploring PV companies + farmers cooperative methods. For rural PV market, Hefei will also actively explore the photovoltaic power generation expected profit mortgages, banks, microfinance, energy management, Enterprise rental contract farmers ‘ roof and other methods, to explore more rural PV industry development path, strive for more input.

Recent on accelerating the application of PV in a supplementary notice, also encourages innovative distributed PV project finance model in Hefei city. Encourage financial institutions to innovative financing products and services, preferential loan rate of distributed PV power generation projects, extension of the loan term. Exploring the establishment of photovoltaic power generation investment public guarantee fund and guarantee loans for PV power generation projects in the region. Individual installation of distributed PV project, exploring personal income credit terms with loan guarantees. Encourage the combination of funds, insurance, trusts and capital, explore the establishment of photovoltaic industry investment fund. Actively guide insurance agency cooperation with the power plant investment, reduce PV power plant operational risks.

Original title: Hefei again dreams PV development chapter

Guangzhou distributed photovoltaic power generation project management approach (draft for soliciting opinions)

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to Guangzhou administrative normative file management provides, and Guangzhou administrative normative file developed rules, provides, by Guangzhou development and Reform Committee drafted of Guangzhou distributed PV power project management approach (sought views draft) and Guangzhou solar PV power project construction special funds management approach (sought views draft) Yu September 18 up in Guangzhou development and Reform Committee website Shang full text announced. In order to improve the quality of normative documents, so that broad public participation in, and is now open for amendments. Hope that active participation of the public and all segments of society may login to submit comments before the September 28; or send written comments to the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission’s Energy Department. Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission will be based on the careful study of positive efforts to encourage reasonable views and recommendations as required to complete the drafting and approval.

Guangzhou distributed photovoltaic power generation project management policy (draft for soliciting opinions), which read as follows:

Chapter I General provisions

First to actively promote photovoltaic applications, accelerate the construction of distributed solar power projects, to further standardize the photovoltaic power generation project management, forwarding under the Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission National Energy Board issued the notice on issuance of interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects (Guangdong development and reform to the new (2014), 37th), spiritual and practical work in this city, this management approach.

Article management approach called “distributed solar power projects”, refers to area industrial parks, enterprises in Guangzhou plant, logistics bases, public buildings as well as residential buildings, such as the roof or side facade construction of solar photovoltaic power projects. Grid integration of distributed PV power generation projects into the power grid planning, for electric power and energy balance, and considering the regulation of grid. Distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects have all Internet access, all for personal use and spontaneous use power more than three, chosen by the project owners.

Article management method of distributed solar power projects involved in managing content mainly include the project file, project, project acceptance, grid-connected electricity metering for water, electricity and access charges, subsidies paid, operation management, and so on.

Chapter II responsibilities

Article development and reform agency responsible for the management of distributed solar power projects. Municipal development and Reform Commission is responsible for co-ordinating management of distributed PV power generation projects in the city, size of project records, all responsible for information collection and management, project development, level, and in conjunction with the City Department of Finance issued finance special funds distributed photovoltaic subsidy program; district development and reform Bureau is responsible for the management of distributed solar power projects in this region, responsibilities for the size of the project file, project information and statistics, submissions, and so on.

Fifth City Department of finance is responsible for city-level grant funds budget management, according to the relevant provisions of the Treasury centralized payment appropriated funds, the municipal development and Reform Commission approved the implementation of a project, issued a funding plan, organize and implement financial inspection and performance assessment.

Article sixth power supply Department is responsible for distributing electricity photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project access, statistics, subsidy payments and other related work. Guangzhou power supply Bureau responsible for distributed grid-connected photovoltaic project access, settlement and subsidies to pay for electricity, collecting and filing of distributed solar power projects for household record, summarize, and submitted to the PV project-related information such as area power supply Bureau responsible for receiving applications for grid-connected, households depending on permissions provide grid access, one-stop management of distributed PV projects PV project-related information services, statistics in the region.

Chapter III administration of scale

Seventh energy Administration Department under the State Council for needed State funding subsidised distributed PV balance of total amount of scale management and annual guidance. Provincial energy departments in accordance with State issued the annual guide scale decomposition and released at the municipal level throughout the annual guide scale. Municipal development and Reform Commission practice of this municipality, the province issued the annual guide scale is decomposed and released in various districts.

Eighth of municipal development and Reform Commission in accordance with the order of distributed solar power projects to be completed and put into operation developed into the city’s annual project plan all guidance, and incorporated into the city’s annual guidance range of dynamic management of project, according to project actual completion time to fine-tune the plan, based upon the facts of city projects, sizing recommendations to the provincial energy departments in a timely manner.

Nineth article in accordance with the provisions of the completion of the relevant procedures and household PV power generation projects and automatically included in the city’s annual guide scale, receive relevant support policy.

Fourth chapter of project construction management

The tenth item record. Need to incorporate the city’s annual guidance range of distributed solar power projects, submitted to the municipal development and Reform Commission for the record. Among them, the household PV power generation projects to the respective district offices of the Department of business directly receive filing related materials, after Guangzhou power supply Bureau Summary by quarter reported to the municipal development and Reform Commission and annual guide scale applied for entry into the city. Do not need to be incorporated into the city’s annual guidance range of distributed solar power projects, but in the above district-level development and reform Department filing.

Article 11th record of distributed solar power projects, the project owner should be implemented effectively in accordance with the filing organization. Really need to change the project owner, address, building size, building ownership and so on, should go through the relevant procedures to the original filing Department, distributed PV power generation projects that must govern the transfer of rights and responsibilities involved. Unauthorized alteration, failure to implement projects without grid access.

12th distributed photovoltaic project for the record you want to fill in the application form for corporate capital investment projects in Guangdong Province, and provide the following materials:

(A) the basic situation of project reporting: includes project name, address, building size, building conditions, engineering technology, business model, implementation plans, economic assessment, etc;

(B) the project construction company business license and organization code certificate (household items to provide personal identity card photocopy);

(C) projects with a total investment over 20% of certificates of deposit to the bank account;

(D) project is based on proof of ownership documents for buildings;

(E) building roof or side elevation of the project contract or agreement (using its own building construction are not required to provide);

(Vi) grid-connected electricity sector agreed that the intention document;

(VII) required to approve bidding plan, submitted tenders basic statistics;

(VIII) other required materials.

13th article other administrative examination and approval procedures. Distributed solar power projects after the filing and other administrative examination and approval procedures can be simplified, eliminating the power business licenses, building permits for the project, environmental impact assessment, energy-saving assessments, soil and water conservation, shock absorption, such as disaster prevention, land use planning and site selection and pre-trial procedures.

Article 14th distributed PV power generation projects involving building, should not affect the safety of its original structure and function, related to the design, construction and operations shall comply with the requirements of the relevant standards.

15th to participate in construction of distributed solar power projects for the design, construction, testing and operating enterprise must have the appropriate qualification.

Article 16th distributed PV projects subject to approval by CNCA certification bodies the certification of photovoltaic products. Product selection should be consistent with safety certification, energy saving, environmental protection and other related provisions of the State.

Article 17th project acceptance. Needs of distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation must be issued upon completion of the project to completion. Project owner should be entrusted to a national laboratory accreditation certificate of inspection issued by the institution of distributed PV systems for detection and test reports, inspection includes but is not limited to PV modules, inverters, combiner box, AC and DC power distribution equipment, transformers, safety and power quality detection. Distributed residential photovoltaic power generation project by supplying the Organization for the harmonization of inspection.

Chapter fifth grid access, electricity metering, tariff and subsidy and settlement

Article 18th by the electricity Department is responsible for distributing photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project access, electricity metering, tariff and subsidy matters such as settlement, concrete operational procedures in the light of the China Southern power grid company distributed PV Services Guide (interim) implementation.

The sixth chapter the information management

19th of municipal development and Reform Commission is responsible for co-ordinating the city’s photovoltaic project information management, responsible for summary records, construction and operation of the project information, submitted to the provincial development and Reform Commission on a quarterly basis (new energy industry).

20th district development and reform Bureau carry out regular collection and compilation of distributed solar power projects within their respective jurisdictions for the record, the construction and operation of information, distributed PV project construction in completing this operation information sheets, quarterly submitted to the municipal development and Reform Commission.

Article 21st of the project construction project information management, completing this unit of distributed solar power projects run information tables, quarterly submitted to the municipal development and Reform Commission, and copied to the area in which the project development and reform Bureau.

22nd reported household PV projects in Guangzhou power supply Bureau and the construction of making households distributed PV project construction and operation of an information sheet, submitted to the municipal development and Reform Commission on a quarterly basis.

Article 23rd Guangzhou power supply Bureau responsible for summarizing my municipal, electricity photovoltaic network within the region, and other related information and funds disbursed, fill in grid services and subsidies fund information sheets, quarterly submitted to the municipal development and Reform Commission.

24th all relevant units should strengthen the management of project information, designate a person to serve as information liaisons, timely, accurate, complete and submit the relevant information, and in the first month of every quarter 5 working days before quarterly information report on municipal development and Reform Commission (the Energy Department).

The seventh chapter

25th/2014-2020 years, Guangzhou Municipal-level financial resources earmarked special funds to support the city’s solar photovoltaic power generation application. After grid connected projects, or running for a year, on October 15 of each year, requests for funds or individuals can apply for subsidies to the municipal development and Reform Commission, issued 1 funding plan in principle before the end of November each year. Specific reporting requirements are detailed in the Guangzhou construction of photovoltaic projects of the interim measures for the administration of special funds.

26th annual guide scale target range of distributed solar power projects, within two years from the date of filing was not completed, canceled in its annual guide scale, and cancel the qualification of State subsidies.

27th article in an existing roof or side facade construction of distributed solar power projects, roof or side facade used since the signing of the agreement is not started within six months from the date of the item as well as the failure to submit the required information, and enjoy relevant policies to support qualification shall be cancelled.

The eighth chapter by-laws

28th article of the management practices from the date of promulgation, valid for 5 years. Problems encountered in the implementation process please do not hesitate to reflect to the municipal development and Reform Commission.

Original title: Guangzhou distributed photovoltaic power generation project management approach (draft for soliciting opinions)

SMA to win Canada’s largest PV inverters, and operations and maintenance agreement

Polaris solar PV net news: Germany SMASolar inverter manufacturer recently selected as set by Canada’s largest photovoltaic power plants provide inverters and operations and maintenance services.

SMA will provide Ontario 140MWKingstonSolar 125 800CP-USSunnyCentral inverter for projects, and over the next ten years to provide operations and maintenance services.

SMA was named for another large Canada project, is also located in the 130MWGrandRenewable Solar Inverter for projects in Ontario.

SMA Canada Inc President HenryDziuba said: “SMA has been known as the world leader in solar technology, such as Kingston and Grand Solar Renewable Solar project is consolidating SMA as North America’s largest operation and maintenance, and public-sector solutions provider status. We are honored to have selected to supply and maintain Canada’s two largest PV system. ”

KingstonSolar will also be based on SMA so-called “positive” operation and maintenance plan operations.

Original title: SMA won Canada’s largest PV inverters, and operations and maintenance agreement

Spaceflight machine photovoltaic business

Polaris solar PV net news: spaceflight machine in terms of cells, modules, or photovoltaic power plant development and construction are the formation of a high quality and pragmatic style. The latest development of the n-type single crystal component is expected to increase generating capacity compared with conventional products by 30%, and apart from the rolling development of photovoltaic power station 400MW annually, spaceflight machine is more concerned about how to give customers the most core value: everything from solving practical problems, through value-added services as much as possible, solve financing and improving power generation in the late early.

Grounded grounding when the tall, space technology and spaceflight machine will give the industry what a surprise?

Reporter: spaceflight machine in the industry’s most difficult moment did not give up research and development and innovation, what are the scientific research company recently?

Shiller: we recently launched an n-sided cells, module efficiency of about 17. Compared with upgrading the efficiency of general industry 16% 1%) we currently have achieved mass production, then we’ll do a test by a 200kW pilot project and a final validation of the product.

Reporter: is to introduce new components to build a station, please?

Shiller: Yes, an actual power station by way of comparison, according to our lab data, this product will generate about 30% more than conventional products, because it back to power. Then we have to verify, so we did a pilot project to 200kW and others compare the p-type single crystal and polycrystalline.

Reporter: what do you say 30 I think I think it is a very alarming figure. You say to increase high performance power station refers to a collection of new technologies to create a whole, still apart from the components do not, other equal conditions can increase 3%?

Shiller: the only component to it. First based on single crystal n-type characteristics, attenuation of the n-type single crystals much smaller than p-type. According to SunPower’s data, n-type batteries do very little attenuation of components five years ago, after 15 years of decay is at such a low level 0.5%, which has a generating capacity of increase. And compared to conventional technology, improves the efficiency of 1.5% n-type batteries.

And the best thing is the back of the power generation technologies: back generation capacity able to effectively compensate for the positive angle defect, making some components in the corner or a less important place, back to power. Especially the snow in many areas, power generation on the back of the component of the winter snow melt very quickly, making the winter of efficiency of power generation, power hours and power generation efficiency will be greatly enhanced.

This examples has in Japan get has confirmed: positive snow covered has component, and due to n type component back can power, produced heat snow will soon to of off, in Germany, and Netherlands this latitude high of national, snow yihou solar on not power has, application n type component, in light good of situation Xia, back of power on can will positive of snow melted, makes positive also can power, extended has power time.

Reporter: is there any electricity from the back is said to be positive and the number of percentage?

Shiller: positive efficiency of our 20.5%, we require at least 18 per cent on the back, front and back of the efficiency difference is less obvious, and according to the angle of the Sun, after the afternoon sun in the past, could generate more than the face amount on the back.

Reporter: back contact solar cell material requirements are not very high, or what difficulties are on the device?

Shiller: single crystal material itself is generic, you need to consider is how to reduce process steps because shortening the process steps means lower costs, more reliable quality.

The purpose of our research is on the leading-edge technology to service to our products, the most important thing is to define a suitable product, good performance, then the cost is acceptable, use products to improve market efficiency, and technology does not in itself increase the benefit.

Reporter: research and development of military enterprises which must have this Foundation to transform to upgrade later. Spaceflight machine also continued this tradition?

Shiller: Yes. We have a lot of technology stocks, but now we emphasize the product, how to use technology with reasonable economic cost to products, making our products for consumer acceptance. For example: we have a leading space photovoltaic cells, but there is no way to commercialization, the cost is too high. But we can take the technology used in existing products, the introduction of low cost, more cost-effective products, so that consumers will accept.

Please talk about spaceflight machine in the photovoltaic industry in the layout and positioning of the company.

Shiller: we don’t want to do capacity of giants, this doesn’t make any sense. Enterprise is the ability to say its profit contribution, giants of our industry a lot of capacity to its profit contribution are very poor, are largely at a loss. Spaceflight machine will look for a reasonable amount of capacity is the most economical, the second was more conducive to our technology. We’re looking for the right kind of capacity, now we see 1GW capacity is appropriate. Photovoltaic manufacturing companies very much pressure on cash flow.

Reporter: is n-type battery capacity of your company how many?

Shiller: currently we have formulated a capacity of 10MW. Technology until you have shaped us to no rushing. This capacity is in our view no problem cases, and we have received some cooperation intentions.

Reporter: what prices will be higher?

Shiller: high price will certainly be higher than conventional products, we are not saying we want to sell higher-priced products, we sell high quality products.

N-type batteries are you entering a foreign market? Because foreign markets itself more considering the price, on the other hand, residential users, he might want to install higher capacity limited roof.

Shiller: Yes, cost is the area of the roof, for as much electricity as possible has high requirements for efficiency and quality of components. I personally think that there are two trends in the future of this technology, a cheaper polycrystalline products. Much cheaper or cheaper grain to cover vast areas of land, then we say n-type product is probably going to some of the high end of the market, residential, commercial roof space-constrained and high cost of its area, and then by n-type high efficiency power generation to make up for it.

There are many special applications, for example, we launched the “Highway”, on both sides of the highway if you install these components, then he was not under the influence of angle, double power, greatly improving the efficiency of power generation, but also to the new energy and building together.

Reporter: could you talk about spaceflight machine market strategy.

Shiller: our main market is divided into three blocks: domestic support, Japan, and India we will have big moves, and potentially large demand this year in Europe and America. To relative stability, I think it’s globalization, India Japan market driven demand in the first quarter, European Union to stimulate demand in the second quarter, coupled with domestic as well as some other markets will have a good performance in the three or four quarter.

Just you also mentioned has Europe market, feels Europe market of (situation) I feels in gradually deteriorated, may United Kingdom will good point, Germany, and United States this, Germany is traditional market, United States is future a emerging market, I feel market are in by some challenge, some double anti-some market atrophy has, that we how to viewed such of market, addition, space electromechanical did looking for some emerging of market?

Shiller: spaceflight machine we still want to make the world’s top 500 companies this year, not only in the India market with, in India the market strength, but we are the South American market, actively for the African market, in the European and American markets, according to the launch of his two-handed backhand, we will also adopt some emergency response plans will break through the market’s resistance. PV trends from Europe is very successful, today it may be the future of our country today. Increasing demand of market transition from the big power stations to the roof of the small power station, energy storage technology development in Europe is also very leading, we see if the trend is likely to grow in the future to the roof of the power station to change really can do very little European countries like, most major is energy storage breakthrough technologies and breakthrough in energy storage power management technology. I think Europe is promising to do.

Reporter: you mean that is most apt to get rid of subsidies in Europe realize real profit?

Benji: Yes. Because electricity prices in Europe is also very high, separate small roofs and small projects combined with energy storage technology, possible lower price than traditional electric, miniaturization of PV market will provide direction for further development. This is also from a technical point of view we are bullish on single crystal n-type of reason.

Now, manufacturers are not open around one topic: turnover. Then inside the module manufacturer, how to make the higher turnover?

Shiller: we do not support blindly to ask suppliers dianzi, spaceflight machine trying to build a very stable environment. We have a very stable accounts, this payment may be provided us with stability of purchases acquired, rather than all of a sudden a lot of weight, because of large orders in the past, many suppliers are also contradictory. Seasonal fluctuations are extremely strong, high season buy very much, very little in the off-season.

So we propose is a stable procurement, pulling it to stabilize. Customers and we are looking for a stable customer, he needs each month, demand fluctuation within probably not I give you how many orders this month, next month, and none. This customer is not our long-term customers.

Reporter: but many State-owned enterprises are purchasing on the amount of one year’s total procurement, if you can’t get into this, possibly the hundreds of MW a year and lost it all.

Shiller: so, from the perspective of orders is to be Division. Our orders for large power companies, no more than one-fourth, we built in our may account for its share of one-third to one-fourth in this way, in other words, or to the EPC to find some stability in the world, stable client, they can give you a capacity of stability, stability will be able to bring the cost down. Our philosophy is to stabilise rather than reduce the amount of cost, experience tells us that this is impossible, because if it is, a large number of purchases, today there is no tomorrow, then this will not make the supplier’s cost reduction. They can’t cut costs, has not revealed a low price.

Reporter: Wu Hao, first of all, we want you to tell us about our spaceflight machine in terms of station layout.

Hao Wu: we divide the plant into four categories. From a power plant on the surface is the same, but the four types of power plant business model is completely different, we build photovoltaic power plant first before looking at their business model. In terms of large power stations, our business model has come through, has sold a 200MW. Our large terrestrial photovoltaic plant services covering eight provinces in the country in 16 municipalities.

First large power station, spaceflight machine can guarantee almost 400MW of rolling development of capacity each year. Second class is and agricultural phase combines of station, currently we has in do pilot, will in Central of a place do such a station, although said it and large station of category should almost, but it core of is can effective to solution Central land problem, and now and agricultural combines from a species degree Shang said investment cost increased has, but for station, it do for agricultural big shed of extra proceeds also increased has. Third category is what we call a distributed access, current distributed access and we are already considering this business model, we should say in distributed access entire industry this year there should be a breakthrough. There are some small solar applied products, the relatively small, I need make no elaboration.

Benefit from trimming the background spaceflight machine, a lot of our peers or the media asks me, what exactly is our core competency? I think our core competence in strict sense is our project for ability and skills as a financing.

Our aerospace electromechanical components, aerospace-quality engineering. While a maintenance company in Gansu province has set up a company. The profitability of power stations rely on electricity, how to ensure that electricity production and is good and steady 25 years power output is the key. In the area of distributed access, we will also take this mode, just distributed it to some objective factors as opposed to large power plants can be much more complex, we have been on our first investment in the technical specifications and construction of internal norm or internal norm.

In terms of rating quality, when we are doing system integration design compatibility with particular emphasis on major equipment, systems integration is our strength. Our understanding of costs does not mean that the construction costs and pursue the lowest capital cost of what we think is not responsible for customer, give the customer assures lowest life cycle cost 25. Is operation and maintenance company will be set up because we think photovoltaic operation is a special product, it has characteristics of PV and characteristics of high pressure, and grid interfacing is the characteristics of the electric power company from a professional we hired a professional team, then in combination with my own PV team make it a combo.

Reporter: are you referring to “internal controls” is risk control?

Wu: that’s right. We made over more than 600 power plants, the quality, the technology is still very confident. And we suspect that distributed power station’s legal and business conditions, as well as national policies are not perfect. We have developed a series of specifications, project selection was done, according to our financial model financial investors as mutually agreed, we went ahead. Distributed project financing issues have all been resolved, now we are concerned about is how to control the risk, ensuring a steady revenue to our clients.

Reporter: spaceflight machine expects to sell this year how many PV?

Hao Wu: we as a whole are expected to be sold to 400MW. Portfolio is concentrated in five Northwestern provinces, plus eight provinces of Hebei, Shanxi, Yunnan.

Reporter: spaceflight machine time for PV investment institutions reached an agreement, completes the plant immediately after the transfer?

Hao Wu: we don’t want to make a premature sign strategic agreement. This is a culture of spaceflight machine to sell this standard involves two aspects, from an investment standpoint is a rigorous process. Not only are customers in the us, we also selected customer. Plants for sale we are to turn off State CDB loan, involves State CDB we are selling this customer recognition. Now only in the implementation process, but I feel that this is a two-way process, rather than used to be a one-way process. Many companies are most interested in this one, in addition to the technology, integration, project gets, we are truly to make photovoltaic power plant into a deep understanding of financial products is well done.

Reporter: you are the industry’s first in preparation for these businesses.

Hao Wu: Yes, we understand PV from a financial perspective, so no other companies sell power station, we give customers he can think of in our range of value-added services to do.

Original title: Aerospace electromechanical photovoltaic business

Analysis of solar crystalline silicon photovoltaic module packaging (process control article)

Polaris solar PV net news: from process control to discuss and identify components encapsulate key points in the process, so as to focus on control, guarantee that component of the performance and reliability

I have engaged in photovoltaic module packaging for many years, and along the way has experienced countless thorns, UPS and downs, flowers, applause, suddenly I can remember from the initial knowledge of solar photovoltaic packaged Dim ignorance is a dangerous thing to the inclinations, and finally to control each step carefully. Each change were lessons learned every step of the way, paid a heavy price.

This will be discussed from the process control to identify components encapsulate key points in the process, so as to focus on control, guarantees the performance and reliability of the components.

Critical control points summarized as: empty, plastic, dear.

(A) “deficiency”

Cold solder joint may cause numerous problems, such as the impact of packaging power, producing hot spots, circuit breakers, arc, leading to late decay too large. I think judge cold solder joint in two ways:

“Virtual 1” that battery Xu Han, bus empty now. How to determine the cell-chip cold solder joint it? I believe that there are many ways, describes some commonly used methods. Cell welding quality, generally judged in two ways: first, by the naked judge: cold solder joint appearance for the contact is not in place, Middle gap, second, judging by the tools: to welding cell to put on the tensile testing machine, observe the force size. Manufacturers generally requires positive welding force is greater than 1.5N/mm, welded on the back is greater than 3N/mm (vary depending on the plant), the premise is to guarantee stability in the material changes, temperature monitoring and personnel changes in recording and monitoring to avoid volume fluctuations, affect weld quality. For bus bar deficiency judgments, are generally judged by eye, see if the contact is firmly (welding rounded, seamless between the bus and so on). Some factories during the welding spot welding operation and control through interoperability testing. I think, the best way is by changing the employee’s action skill improve (such as pressed Tin hanging pinch pressure welding, welding, welding).

“Imaginary 2” means a virtual connection between junction box terminals. At present there are two wiring junction boxes and bus: embedded and welded. When embedded junction box during operation, if an employee mishandling (false contact or contact area is too small), prone to bus and socket does not match the problem or module installation site were rain-soaked, box body into the water, causing Terminal corrosion.

Results in the two series resistors become larger, leading to junction box burned to the ground. Soldering terminal boxes, parts manufacturers in the junction box terminals low hung Tin, and for the sake of convenience and efficiency, direct welding, this warranty for 25 is a very big challenge.

(B) “two plastic”

“Tape 1” refers to the degree of cross-linking and Peel strength. EVA film role bonding and sealing, to solar cell quality and life expectancy plays a vital role, in a sense, solar panels life expectancy determined by EVA. EVA depends on the formulation and modification of technical quality (recommended use manufacturers production of film). Degree of Crosslinking should be controlled at about 85%; Peel strength: glass/plastic film is greater than the 30N/cm,TPT/film is greater than 20N/cm.

“Rubber 2” means the package resin, encapsulated adhesive containing sealants and potting. Its action will not go into, but two points need technicians to enhance control: first, monitor glue that staff are executed in the SOP. (Because some employees prefer to reduce the amount of glue in order to ensure the cleanliness of components. But this kind of operation can cause cracks in glass and aluminum frame, serve seal). Second, verify that the sealant ageing stability, performance, liquidity, bond and its compatibility with back (not all sealants can easy access with the back plate). Therefore, material change, must match. For potting it, be sure to monitor the proportion of two rubber, though most of the factories are already using glue, but cannot always guarantee the accuracy of its proportion, ratio incorrectly can cause two extreme results: potting fast curing, with or without curing. Neither of these results is that managers do not want to see, and can affect the reliability of the components at a later stage.

(C) “two”

“Loss” means the tile can be divided into “tests after packaging” and “use”. Package will directly affect the direct earnings, while its losses will indirectly affect the enterprise’s reputation (affected customers directly gain). How do reduce the two Watts, not only put forward higher requirements for manufacturers (part of the enterprise in pursuit of immediate benefits, relax in the process control, material selection criteria), but also put forward higher requirements on installation engineering company (Installer professional training, installation quality improvement). Tile effect the author classifies issues, summarizes the influence factors of w.

To sum up, to protect the station returns for 25, you must start with details, strengthen photovoltaic module packaging process quality control point controls to protect themselves in the increasingly fierce competition in the PV product core competition! These views but to stimulate, hope more devoted colleagues in the PV module package to be able to express their opinions, and for further communication and work together to upgrade. (The author is a hang Yu, Executive Director of solar technology)

Original title: analysis of solar crystalline silicon photovoltaic module packaging (process control article)

Carbon trading: PV “securitisation” breakthrough

Polaris solar PV net news: carbon dioxide emissions into the local Government’s performance appraisal, except perhaps to announce support for photovoltaic application development will contribute directly to local government measures, greater significance is likely to PV “securitisation” open breach.

PV “securitisation” the importance of needless to say, both photovoltaic power plant investment too high a threshold problem can be solved, expanded sources of funding, and can take this extension PV industry chain, Quicken the development of surrounding its derivatives business.

Just now, notwithstanding the photovoltaic project by way of introducing trust partly solve the financing problem, but from a system point of view, PV “securitisation”, the primary is still at a very primitive stage.

According to the national development and Reform Commission issued the carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP target responsibility assessment and evaluation methods, in provincial units of its unit GDP carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for assessment, as in the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people’s Government leading bodies and leading cadres ‘ comprehensive evaluation of content. Among them, the evaluation result is not qualified for the provincial governments, to examination and evaluation within one month after the announcement of the result, make a written report to the State Council and propose rectification measures, and copy to the national development and Reform Commission.

The carbon dioxide emissions included in the performance appraisal, the most direct effect of the carbon market, perhaps regardless of transaction size and trading activity of, could have a positive impact.

As to reducing carbon dioxide emissions has a better effect of photovoltaic power plants, will undoubtedly benefit. Thereby increasing selling carbon emission rights in addition to the direct benefits, but more important is that the carbon trading the opportunity to gain access to opportunities in the financial markets, as well as a wide degree of “securitisation” is established.

Carbon trading opportunities

Statistics show that so far, including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other 7 official start of emissions trading pilot.

Figures from Guangdong Province, the province in December last year officially launched the pilot carbon trading, 2013-total of 184 companies were incorporated into the control objectives, quotas paid income of about 667 million dollars that year.

The secondary market, there have been more than more than 10 investment houses, dozens of individual emissions Exchange in Guangzhou to open an account, participate in secondary market transactions. As of July 15, the province paid allocations and market trading a total of 12.31 million tons, turnover of 732 million dollars.

Guangdong Province, Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission recently published the carbon emission quota allocation plan for 2014-, electric power, iron and steel, petrochemicals and cement industries a total of 211 control and new project include a carbon management and trading, including iron and steel co, Baosteel Zhanjiang within the province of new expansion of combined heat and power, gas and newly built projects are included in the scope.

From carbon trading, mostly free of charge distribution and possible combination of auction payment methods. This also means that if quotas are sufficient for free enterprise use, eliminates the need to purchase additional quota paid.

However, for including power, some high energy-consuming industries such as iron and steel, petrochemical and cement, you will need to purchase a certain proportion of the paid emission quotas.

And the incorporation of carbon dioxide emissions into the appropriate performance evaluation, may prompt local corresponding modifications to the existing carbon emissions rules, including expanding into the scope of carbon control industry and enterprise, reducing control free emission quotas for enterprises, which will on the subject of carbon market transactions increase, paid carbon dioxide emissions requirements, and secondary market activity has a positive impact.

A case study of Guangdong Province, the provincial development and Reform Commission has organized the relevant bodies to carry out ceramics, nonferrous metal, textile, papermaking, chemical industry and transport, carbon emission guidelines for work in the field of architecture, will be followed by group work such as historical inventory and allocation of quotas, strive for late 2014 or early 2015 into the scope of carbon trading.

“Securitization” beginning

Under the background of good policy, carbon trading market activity, or PV could significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions to benefit directly.

Data show that relatively good in light of resources West, a 10MW solar plant, in duration of 25, compared with thermal power, and cumulative emission reduction of 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, 1850 tons, 120 tons of dust and ash 4.06 tons.

The wider significance is that, as a kind of financial trading platform, PV will be obtained through carbon trading market “securitisation” opportunity.

It is understood that the Guangdong carbon market activity and liquidity in order to enhance, head of Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission will, in conjunction with provincial and municipal finance departments corresponding to the carbon finance and carbon derivatives products. Meanwhile, attract and mobilize other organizations including financial investment institutions to actively participate in carbon markets in Guangdong Province, strengthen control enterprise training, enhance awareness of carbon and carbon asset management and improving enterprise management level.

Its ultimate goal is to explore carbon benefits system, market mechanisms to encourage enterprise, low carbon behaviors such as voluntary public participation in energy conservation and emissions reduction.

To address the financing of PV is undoubtedly an opportunity.

Financing of PV power station, and present some of the Bank’s lending standards were not adapted solar industry, with many financial institutions, including banks, understanding of the PV industry are not related.

Wangjin, Director of the NDRC Energy Research Institute, Center for international cooperation in the international view that bank loans is through the traditional model of collateral and guarantees to avoid risk, as long as the company’s assets, reputation as collateral to get loans, which are more beneficial to state-owned enterprises and listed companies in the photovoltaic industry solve the loan problem, but SMEs are mainly based on distributed PV business more difficult. In addition, the loans with the Bank for the PV industry’s risk enough to learn more about.

King believes that for banks, you need innovative risk management and control mechanisms in this field. If the pilot succeeds, one or two domestic banks, other banks will follow later.

Therefore, for people who solve financing problem of the photovoltaic industry, also needs across all platforms to increase interaction and understanding of financial and other related industries. Carbon-trading platform, is undoubtedly a better chance.

Original title: carbon trading: PV “securitisation” breakthrough

Carbon assessment distributed PV policy price

Polaris solar PV net news: National Energy Board figures show, China’s new PV on-grid capacity is 3.3GW. Clearly, this data than 14GW target set early this year, there is a big distance.

Data from the State grid Energy Research Institute show that in January-May this year, distributed PV new capacity of 438 MW, only 45% in the same period last year.

Contrast can be found in the new PV installed capacity in the first half of the year, large ground power station still serves as the absolute main 3GW of installed capacity, has been with the goal defined at the beginning of the 6GW installed not far from each other.

Integration of information, distributed development present situation of slow, might be some targeted policies, including addressing roofing resource connection, electricity billing and other issues.

From looking at the long term, real major plus to PV development, is the national development and Reform Commission recently issued energy conservation directly linked to the performance appraisal of this major initiative.

According to the national development and Reform Commission issued the carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP target responsibility assessment and evaluation methods, in provincial units of its unit GDP carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for examination, examination results to the State Council approval, handed over to the Department in charge of cadres, as provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people’s Government leading bodies and leading cadres ‘ comprehensive evaluation of content. Among them, the evaluation result is not qualified for the provincial governments, to examination and evaluation within one month after the announcement of the result, make a written report to the State Council and propose rectification measures, and copy to the national development and Reform Commission.

Judging from the specific guideline and adjust energy structure and task completion is one of those indicators, which will no doubt be to directly stimulate the development of new energy including PV.

Can be expected to be, and those provinces that have not introduced support for photovoltaic application development, there will be some new initiatives in the near future.

Distributed in three major obstacles

The litmus test for the market is the best.

Compared with the ambitious early today, it doesn’t work all that well.

Data from the State grid Energy Research Institute show that from January to May this year, distributed PV new 438,000 kW capacity, only the volume of 45% in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, the State grid Energy Research Institute researcher Huang Bibin said the Department of energy announced in August last year distributed PV 18 demonstration area progress has been very slow. 18 projects in 15 States is within the State power grid company, according to Department of energy requires that 18 projects at the end of 2013 749 megawatts will be built, but only until the end of July this year the total built size more than more than 100 megawatts, less than the planned amount of 20%, the actual grid-connected capacity less, only 5% of the plan.

Huang Bibin introduction, according to the State grid Energy Research Institute, in early July to results of field research conducted in jiaxing in Zhejiang Province, three major problem restricting the development of distributed: roofs with limited resources, project financing, policy difficult.

Resources on the roof, large area of the roof, good, strong load-bearing structure, higher consumer electricity prices, consumption, operation stability, credit good roof, most of them in “Golden Sun” being used in the project, so that the existing stock of less.

“High quality roofing resource scarcity makes the owners lease negotiation to take the roof, the developer will take more maintenance costs in the construction of the project, it would be difficult to ask owners to share more benefits and take on more responsibility, both affecting the owner’s investment, as well as gains. “Huang Bibin said.

NDRC Energy Research Institute, Center for international cooperation in the International Director Wang Jin thinks, including commercial certainty, project loans, insurance industry Fund, financial innovation, problem can be solved, will be key to deciding the future of rapid development of distributed.

Local policy will raise

According to the National Energy Board issued of the interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects, provincial and lower energy authorities according to the provisions on administration of investment project of the State Council and the State Council Energy Department issued annual guide of the area of distributed PV scale target, the record management of distributed solar power projects. This means that local governments have access to all the items in the context of their total annual installed capacity of assigned permissions.

Meanwhile, the management approach also provides for concrete measures for the archival filing of distributed PV projects formulated by the provincial government. However, for the moment, at the local level, there are many places to improve.

This has also been confirmed by Huang Bibin. Huang Bibin said that policy is one of the important factors controlling the distribution. Which is reflected in the three areas, detailed rules for the implementation of local policies is difficult to determine, such as subsidies, final performance there is a lot of uncertainty around; the responsibility relationship coherence needs to be improved, which requires the accumulation of experience; attract less than existing policies on power users, a lot of owners who own quality roof resources lack enthusiasm for participating in, caused the roof of scarce resources.

Therefore, in the “fragmented” backdrop, the role of local government is critical. Performance evaluation is undoubtedly one of the most effective means of improving the enthusiasm of local governments.

According to the national development and Reform Commission issued the carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP target responsibility assessment and evaluation methods, in provincial units of its unit GDP carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for examination, examination results will be handed over to the Department in charge of cadres, as provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people’s Government leading bodies and leading cadres ‘ comprehensive evaluation of content.

This assessment also provides assessment results as nonconformity of the provincial people’s Government, the evaluation within one month after the announcement of the result, make a written report to the State Council and propose rectification measures, and copy to the national development and Reform Commission.

Judging from the specific contents, mainly from the following aspects, major positive to the photovoltaic industry.

First, local government in order to complete the annual carbon dioxide emissions, in addition to the existing fossil fuel application of technological innovations to reduce the emissions of pollutants, you also need to reduce the use of conventional fossil energy from total, which is bound to develop solar and other new energy sources, is required to cover the resulting shortfall.

In addition to photovoltaic applications, the other is through the development of photovoltaic industry, to achieve the goal of adjusting the industrial structure.

In this assessment, the most direct benefit from assessment to adjust energy structure and task completion. Which provided that the area of hydro, nuclear, wind power and solar power proportion of primary energy consumption and coal accounted for the proportion of total energy consumption rate the two indicators change over the previous year, including hydro, nuclear, wind power and solar power proportion of primary energy consumption has increased over the previous year, had 2 points.

It can be predicted that local Governments foster the development of PV power station, there will be action.

Original title: encoded distributed PV carbon assessment policy

Hefei: industrialization of photovoltaic materials will enter

Polaris solar PV net news: the first implementation of “PV to the countryside” project, in Hefei city in “combined” policy support, in January-July this year, explosive growth of PV industry, has become a domestic PV manufacturing base with strong influence. On September 18, the reporter was informed by Hefei city, the city based on creating “PV power application” the first city goal, strive to achieve PV output value of 20 billion yuan this year, achieved an output value of 30 billion yuan next year.

Industrialization of photovoltaic materials entered in the near future

“Upgrading” of PV products are born in Hefei. Jianghuai morning news, Jac network reporter was informed that the energy storage applications in the photovoltaic industry and raw materials, sunlight power supply in July, signed a strategic framework agreement with Samsung, jointly develop photovoltaic energy storage battery in Hefei, the Sun’s light energy “stored”.

Meanwhile, with more than 20 patents at home and abroad instead of common construction materials of photovoltaic materials, recently prepared to open the road to industrialization. Or will allow construction of Hefei “natural” has the function of transforming solar energy.

At present, the Hefei ja solar, hareon, South in optoelectronics, Tong Wei v solar lighting industry appears to be recovering growth in Hefei municipal Committee through a letter introduction of electronic information and software director Han Dong, with successively increase the intensity of technical innovation and investment, is in full recovery, and capacity expansion. Today, more new domestic PV industry ready to settle in Hefei, Li Tenghui photovoltaic technology companies recently decided in chaohu Lake in Hefei economic development zone to register and set up the production line, the company Lee Technologies Group (listed company) investment holding.

In creating “PV power application city” strategy lead, has produced several influential PV enterprises in Hefei.

However, abundant sunshine is to play PV product advantages of the country, so “go out” strategy, Hefei city, “excuse me” line, has for three consecutive years with PV companies to promote products in the Western region.

In the work plan of the Committee of Hefei economic and involve a number of PV application, such as investigation and research of PV Application market to Gansu and Ningxia, proposed PV standards development needs, develop solar policies funds to deliver rules etc.

Intensive policy of booster PV industry

Applications in the photovoltaic industry practice, Hefei-intensive policies to support it.

In June 2013, Hefei issued the Declaration on accelerating the development of PV application to promote PV industry views on clearly relating to subsidies, in addition to the policy State, province, and annual power generation project operators 0.25 Yuan/kWh subsidy in the country entering the PV “subsidies” era. A month later, again without a publication and interpretation of PV power generation projects and policy guidance on the funding cash. A few days ago, another in Hefei city “to further speed up the PV Application” supplementary notice on accelerating the construction of distributed PV distributed PV project finance model for speed, innovation, unity of distributed PV electricity price discount, planning to lead to clearly defined and solve many problems in the PV application development.

The application was linked with poverty alleviation in Hefei city, allows applications to promote poverty alleviation through poverty alleviation. In 2013, the city of green energy-saving and ecological security, the people’s wishes, farmers benefit from the principle of 100 photovoltaic pilot construction countryside anti-poverty projects distributed photovoltaic power stations. In 2014, the city implemented a second batch of PV countryside anti-poverty projects, involving a total of 200 poor families. Recently, the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council in charge of Hefei approach is highly appreciated.

At present, the rural PV applications are being explored in Hefei city, the nearest electricity sales combined with electric vehicle charging, solar power generation business model and strive for 2014 added 150MW photovoltaic power plant to achieve PV output value of 20 billion yuan, 2015 value of more than 30 billion yuan.

Original title: Hefei: industrialization of photovoltaic materials will enter

LDK LDK United States subsidiaries are planning to apply for the 11th chapter of bankruptcy

Polaris solar PV net news: Cayman LDK LDK (LDKSolar) three of its United States subsidiaries would file for the 11th chapter of bankruptcy, supported attempts to restructure rather than closing the company.

LDK LDK joint provisional liquidators said LDK SolarUSA,Inc., LDK SolarTechUSA,Inc. and LDK SolarSystems,Inc. will be in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the 11th chapter.

United States 11th chapter bankruptcy means the company will try to reach a restructuring plan with its creditors, as the company continued to operate, may recover a higher proportion of investment over time.

Previously released documents show that if there are surplus assets in cash, very little Cayman LDK LDK, and must seek funding to continue our restructuring program in the Cayman Islands.

LDK LDK’s principal asset is still in China, unable to meet interest payments on bonds brought United States and Cayman Islands other than the litigation.

Original title: LDK LDK United States subsidiaries are planning to apply for the 11th chapter of bankruptcy

SolarWorld supported United States proposed spy laws

Polaris solar PV net news: SolarWorldAmericas recently supported the proposed bipartisan legislation in order to strengthen the protection of business secrets.

The component manufacturer is the people’s Liberation Army (PLA) members referred to prosecution of one of five of the affected companies. Pricing information, manufacturing, data is said to be in 2012 and its business strategy is to hackers. United States Commerce Department is currently considering the allegations for a long time to investigate the influence of solar trade.

New legislation proposed by Senators Chris ˙ Coons (ChrisCoons) and the Olympus ˙ hatch (OrrinHatch) support, unified trade protection, and its copyright, trademark and patent laws under equal conditions. The supporting bills, by Representative George ˙ Holding (GeorgeHolding) suggested that the recently passed by the Judiciary Committee.

SolarWorldAmericas DesariStrader, Director of government relations, said: “United States companies need the most powerful tool in the fight against cyber attacks, as well as for their trade secret theft. Give these companies the Federal right of civil action would prevent the use of illegally obtained information about the Government and quasi-government organizations. ”

Strader said: “as an organization, such as CrowdStrike’s leading Internet security company, recently reported that hacker groups such as this one, stealing Western intellectual property and financial, sales and cost data, is designed to provide competitive advantages for Chinese industries. ”

She added: “two years later, although access to business secrets, we still exist, to be sure, we will use all the tools available for United States jobs United States fight innovation. ”

Manufacturers include 3M, General Electric (GE), DuPont (DuPont) and Philips (Philips), supported the proposed new legislation.

Democratic Senator Chris ˙ Coons, “said intellectual property rights to promote United States economy has never been more important or fragile. Congress needs to pass this legislation to prevent job losses and income losses resulting from theft of trade secrets. ”

Original title: SolarWorld supported United States proposed spy laws

Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (9.12-9.18)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy

1. Henan Henan province to monitor the ban on issuing the photovoltaics operate implementing rules of regulation

For strengthened province PV power industry market order regulatory, real guarantees PV power system effective run, optimization energy supply way, promoting energy emission reduction, I Office according to national energy Council PV power operations regulatory provisional approach, and national energy Council on further implementation distributed PV power related policy of notification, file requirements, combines Henan actual, organization prepared has Henan province PV power operations regulatory implementation rules. Please implement it.

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2. the first half of 2014 construction of photovoltaic power generation statistic evaluation report released

Recently, in State “advance Government functions change, strengthened thing in the afterwards regulatory” of guide requirements Xia, hydropower water planning design total homes, and national can renewable energy information management center according to national energy Council on issued strengthened PV industry information monitoring work programme of notification, and national energy Council integrated Division on strengthened PV power project information statistics and the submitted work of notification of related requirements, on each province (district, and city) PV project company reported data summary, and Check with provincial energy departments and major investment companies prepared on the basis of the review confirmed that the first half of 2014 photovoltaic building statistical evaluation report was published.

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3. with regard to organization to declare financial incentives for green building labeling program notice of funds

According to the Ministry of housing and urban-rural construction on accelerating the development of green building suggestions and the Beijing municipal development and green building green ecological demonstration zone construction incentive provisions of the interim measures for the administration of funds, financial incentives for green building labeling program funding application and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

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4. strictly control the simple expansion of polysilicon project in Shandong province

Will strongly inhibit photovoltaic blind expansion of production capacity in Shandong province, and control simply increasing expansion of production capacity of polysilicon, solar batteries and component projects. Reporters learned from the provincial executive meeting, held today, PV manufacturing on new projects within the province, to meet the requirements of polycrystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency of not less than 18%.

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1. distributed PV encounter “scalping flagging” awkward

“Want to distributed power plant investment, will find a lot of enterprises, as well as commercial roofs, build power plants on the roof, the problem came. “Not only that, but encountered by building power stations of” flagging “issues, financing and so on, are tested with distributed PV generation performance results and prospects.

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2. distributed PV GB the forthcoming operation and maintenance market in smoke

Yi Ma fashion projects for total installed capacity of 1MW,25 years when the total power of around 25 million-kilowatt, can save approximately 401 tons of standard coal each year, carbon dioxide emissions 999 tons. Yi Ma fashion Director Zhan Binghuang told reporters, after you install the distributed project, could cut electricity bills millions of dollars a year. Zhang Xucheng introduced sungrow power supply 3 year free maintenance, primarily in 3 years operation system helps building owners, train operation and maintenance personnel. Sun power through the remote operations, background monitoring, you can monitor each component of power station operation.

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3. solar thermal power generation is expected to usher in outbreak enterprises rushed to layouts

At present, the resources in a project than control in the five major power companies, and private developers are gearing up. Some analysts believe that, after early demonstration stage, solar thermal industry is expected to usher in the outbreak period. According to China’s Government had previously planned, to achieve 3 gigawatts of solar-thermal power installed capacity by 2020 of the minimum target, calculated in units kW cost fallen to 30,000 Yuan by 2020, solar-thermal power generation market in China will exceed the scale of billions of dollars.

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4. the critical data are read first half of 2014 PV power developments

According to the data of the Ministry of Electronics Division, raw materials, and by the end of June 2014, polysilicon production enterprises increased from 16 and 7 from early last year; poly silicon productions from 62,000 tonnes, an increase of 100%; imported polysilicon 45,900 tons, an increase of 17% and imports of $ 1 billion, an increase of 38.8%.

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5. focus on solar PV market update

Watching the lately PV market dynamics, especially in the latest week, distributed and the ground station will enter a period of accelerated domestic manufacturers optimistic about the market in the late PV prices began to rebound. See overseas solar markets, Japan 2012 filing large PV project was officially cancelled, why? Brazil PV market is stuck in a financial and tax? Following a review of the photovoltaic industry’s most recent market developments.

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1. why which is under Department of energy distributed PV demonstration zone “ultimatum”?

The National Energy Board on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policy notice (new [2014]406 at construction time, Park unified coordination and regional electricity trading business model innovation, detailed provisions, and requested the files of each demonstration zone project before September 30 to ensure that distributed PV installed capacity goal for this year and next year to complete. The notice clearly says do not start construction before the end of September 2014, or built to scale lower than 20,000-kilowatt the end of the demonstration area, cancelled their demonstration area title. Distributed PV demonstration how development area now? Why the Department of energy has issued “ultimatums”?

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2. Liang zhipeng: open private capital into the photovoltaic industry, investors have been waiting for?

Liang zhipeng, 2014 PV leadership forum speech the Financial Secretary said: network access is barrier-free, State-subsidized policies, the filing system has been perfected, investors, waiting for what?

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3. distributed PV popularization what are the real problems?

Promote internally distributed PV analysis said there had been a major problem is the lack of distributed photovoltaic turnkey solution and service, but I think, really missing, not even service, but the lack of ensuring EPC and basic industry guidelines for maintaining a trust relationship between the user and safeguard and protect the interests of the third party neutral platform.

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4. low price could force mature photovoltaic energy storage devices?

More and more solar power how to receive it? Currently grid is undoubtedly the main channel, but with the continued increase in the total amount of photovoltaic power generation, even pig’s stomach is not necessarily such a big appetite. Moreover, in some countries–such as China, domestic grid-connected distributed also on the implementation of existing policies and monopolized the power restrictions. But don’t forget, we still have the original design-the electric energy storage device.

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5. photovoltaic investments: sunk costs is a pit

PV manufacturing in recent years of ups and downs, yesterday is still under work fast, and suddenly, today has been waking up in the market turnaround. Many investors follow the PV manufacturing industry, especially those after the 2010 business enterprise, and are almost caught in an awkward position.

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6. distributed the new deal did you really understand? A picture tells you!

Recently, the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies, compared to previous drafts, the formal scripts released 1th, 7, 10, 15, and in many areas there are more clearly defined, do you want to know where distributed highlights of the new deal? A picture tells you!

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1. domestic listed PV enterprises in 2014 in the list be decided who who profit

From camp today, corporate profitability is still not optimistic. If you consider the other small and medium sized enterprises, losses will be higher, especially profit-making enterprises ‘ profit was contributed by other businesses, in fact, photovoltaic business is still losing money. In this article, again, PV business “report card” summarizes the semi-annual report of the domestic PV companies listed, who’s who profit and earnings seen know.

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2. SI shelled film giants who have become

On September 12, early trade war, foreign invasion, and PV and staged two crystalline silicon, thin film technology “technique of ambidexterity”. On September 11, “2014 solar leaders Summit”, the GCL Shu Hua, the Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of Yingli songdengyuanli Cheng SI, directed at the film route weaknesses.

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3. the liquidators halted Suntech asset transfers Singapore where Suntech belonging

Suntech Power September 10 announced that overseas liquidator from Singapore has won an injunction from the Supreme Court, will freeze their claims that Suntech will transfer assets to international bond holders outside the control of the Act. Suntech liquidation David Walker (DavidWalker) said: “the liquidators are seeking to take all corrective measures available, block is in any jurisdiction by any party to recover assets rightfully belongs to creditors. China is our priority, in particular of assets were moved to Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV. “But focus mainly fell on Singapore on Suntech’s assets.

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4. why contrarian sumec group become the energy powerhouse?

Sumec success thanks to its different from the traditional photovoltaic companies in thinking. For example terrestrial photovoltaic power plant, Cai Jibo noted that “PV power station lies on the ground. “Sumec in cooperation with local government, delivered right after station construction is complete. Power station has been completed by more than 60% shares will be transferred to local governments or enterprises, own shares.

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5. chuantou energy, tianwei baobian polysilicon “dying” before the dawn

Chuantou energy, tianwei baobian has high hopes the two major shareholders of xinguang Silicon from 2011 into troughs of PV industry begins long “cutoff modification” total loss is as high as 1.15 billion dollars in almost three years, and at the end of last year, xinguang Silicon assets amounted to 623 million dollars.

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More than more than 6.2 companies are scrambling to sign up for 2014 “Polaris Cup” pomp of the CREC photovoltaic company in advance

Polaris solar PV NET should many domestic PV manufacturers demand after 2012 and 2013 campaign success, again opened the third “2014-‘ Polaris Cup ‘ top ten photovoltaic business” award, since September 5, 2014 registration activities since the opening, the enthusiastic participation of the majority of photovoltaic companies. Up to now, there have been more than 200 solar companies involved in registration that gathered in advance.

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1. “make” Shi, LDK was his!

Wang gang, overseas background, he worked in France Czech Republic capital Hung (NPEA) served as co-founder and managing partner of China operations. In today’s domestic PE industry, founder has the background of sea turtles abounded, CDH, new horizon, saifu both created for the returnees. But Wang gang, Suntech, LDK LDK and other projects on the precision is known for in and out of the industry, even as the “richest manufacturers.”

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2. Qu Xiaohua: I learned to “normal state of mind”

Business schools rarely develop entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are rarely out of, but the teacher Catholic atmosphere for learning and problem-solving skills is to provide lifelong benefits. In my more than 20 years of career, fortunate to have a great mentor Guide, so I am very blessed person.

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3. Liu: join the PV industry “$literal”

In 2010, Liu inadvertently while browsing on the Internet search for solar power, find the PV industry is promising, then became interested again. Later, he reverted to his more mature area of Jiangsu photovoltaic industry has found that this is indeed a very promising industry. At that time in Shanxi, the industry is only just beginning. After about 260 million yuan in investment, by March 2012, Liu’s factory began trial production, two months after products enter the market.

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4. Li Xiaoxue, or will take up General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy

On July 1, 2014, China Guangdong Nuclear solar Delhi 50MW trough solar thermal power generation project started, which is said to be China’s first commercial solar thermal power station in the true sense, and the unexpected is, after just more than a month, there have been the main promoters of the project Han Qinghao leaving a message. Han Qinghao turnover, tossed to the solar thermal power industry in two key issues: first, in solar-thermal power generation market has turned a corner now, why is he leaving? Second, this geometry effect on the cgnpc Delhi station? Who will take over the post of General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy?

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5. an interview with Zhao Yonghong: still waters run deep PV life

Since 2009, Zhao Yonghong actively promote innovation in PV industry service platform construction, warning of foreign trade, industrial policy in industry research, industry collaborative innovation, international exchanges and cooperation, technology transfer and investment and financing aspects of positive work. Her in-depth research, carefully refined and active advocate of “differentiated collaborative creativity” new patterns of industrial development, for the promotion of photovoltaic transformation of industrial clusters in Zhejiang Province has played an important role in the development and form a nationwide influence.

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6. Li junfeng: energy innovation needs of compatibility

National climate change strategy Li junfeng, Director of the Center for studies and international cooperation issued a statement, after listening to quite touched, now finishing as follows to readers: we want collaborative innovation, collaborative innovation, all inclusive, containment refers to what? Inclusion is not just that it merits, and also to try and contain it faults, shortcomings when it started, we have to try and contain it and overcome its shortcomings, let it grow and expand.

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GTM: small commercial PV project handover

Polaris solar PV net news: market research firm headquartered in Boston GTMResearch studies have shown that, under the influence of market incentives and technological innovations, small commercial PV project will revive.

Although the capital markets over the past five years, increasing investment in the large-scale commercial solar projects, but for small commercial solar projects to attract investments is facing considerable difficulties. These small commercial solar projects tend to adapt to a variety of contract terms, lack of industries and electricity purchasers themselves have credit ratings or does not have a value, then there is the construction site of the project has a number of special requirements. In addition, compared with the much larger projects, small commercial solar projects related transaction costs flat.

All these faults, cause investors to lose confidence in small commercial solar projects, to larger investment capacity solar projects, especially projects that power output greater than 1 MW.

This investment trends over time on an increasing trend. In 2010, the non-residential electricity installed capacity of solar power plant project 70% is the sum of less than 1 MW, and by the year 2014, this proportion had dropped to 44%.

Map: distribution of non-commercial photovoltaic installation. Data source: GTM United States solar market observation reports second quarter of 2014.

Creating market conditions for small commercial solar energy project is of great significance. In theory, to a large extent, the development potential of this market is actually pretty huge by today’s standard. Is pleased to note that, we already foresee some emerging market trends, and these trends should help small commercial solar energy project development.

First, the United States have realized the importance of developing small commercial solar projects, it is necessary to differentiate, is now pushing stimulus project to expand its market.

Secondly, we have seen a lot of different companies are constantly introducing innovative technologies, reduce the cost of investing in small business management of solar energy projects, such as online attendance system project points system, and investment platforms.

Finally, some companies in order to attract third-party capital, large-scale commercial projects in development at the same time, have begun to set up their own small commercial solar project. Development trend of small projects over the next few years will eventually be reversed, we remain optimistic about this.

We expect the United States civilian output this year will exceed 1.3 GW of PV industry and increase of 21% in 2013.

Original title: GTM: small commercial PV project handover

Analysis on the string type and the reliability of the centralized inverter

Polaris solar PV net news: Editor’s Note: the long-term reliability of PV products directly impact investor returns, in a 25-year payback period, increasing generating efficiency, reduce product failure is an eternal theme. Quality long-term reliability risk heavy domestic photovoltaic power stations, of which inverter reliability has become the focus of everyone’s attention.

2014 of Munich of Intersolar Forum Shang, senior of PV practitioners persons ManfredBachler (had is global maximum of EPC manufacturers Phoenixsolar of Chief Technology Officer) proposed has with Group series type inverse variable device transformation existing of concentrated type inverse variable device of programme, to out of conclusions is 5-6 years can recovered transformation of cost, main of causes is because concentrated type inverse variable device maintenance trouble, available sex poor, just in available degrees aspects on than group series type inverse variable device poor 6 %。

Recently, the industry for string type with the centralized inverter failure rate, reliability controversial. So who is more reliable, who is stronger? Based in detail following and attract valuable comments.

1. inverter failure rate, a centralized above-string, is 3 times times

-The industry’s leading string inverter under the 25 systems reliability design with IP65 protection rating and achieve internal and external environment, keep the internal components in a dust-free and stable operating environment, greatly reducing the temperature, wind, humidity, salt spray, such as external environmental influences on device lifetime, so reliability is greatly enhanced. Also no wearing parts, no fuse, no fan needs to be replaced periodically, such as devices, maintenance of the system; the malfunction rate of less than 1%.

Centralized programs generally use conventional housing or container room, protection class IP54, but rooms generally in-line air cooling solution is actually only achieve IP44 or lower, can hold back the wind, dust and corrosive gases into the inverter. Centralized inverter protection grade IP20 only, internal circuit element easy exposure to poor working conditions. Like dust in inverse variable device within circuit board, and Terminal row, of cumulative will caused climbed electric distance reduced, eventually caused discharge, and fire, security risk; wet dust in PCB or components between easy formed leakage effect and corrosion effect, caused signal of exception or high-pressure pulled arc sparking, also has may caused grid on PE of short-circuit, caused inverse variable device exception shut machine or blew up. While the inverter fan is wearing parts, with an average service life of about 5 years or so. Centralized inverter failure rates than the industry 3%, the failure rate is a string inverter 3 times more than double. Many power stations were built in the Gobi desert in the North, which is actually typical of saline-alkali soil and dust containing large amounts of salt ions. In intermittent duty day and night mode, corrosion and much bigger leakage than conventional electrical devices.

On auxiliary power supply from the inverter, centralized auxiliary power failure rate is generally between 2~5% on the market, the main reason for its high failure rate is straight-through air cooling, dust, salt fog will affect reliability. Series inverters in series with the auxiliary power supply is circuit, working in a closed environment, the failure probability is extremely low.

History from inverters, SMA introduced in 1995 for the first inverter is-string inverter, after 7 years, was launched in 2002, the first centralized inverters. Outdoor string inverter has gone through nearly 20 years of practical tests, used in large power plants in Europe’s history longer than centralized inverters, technology is more mature.

Figure 1 figure 2 inverter room dust inside the inverter device dust

2. cooling effect on reliability: centralized is greater than the string type

Group series type inverse variable device single power hundreds of w, can achieved natural thermal design, and can meet 60 ℃ environment temperature Xia reliable run, concentrated type inverse variable device, especially 10 feet container programme, 1MW of loss up to 30-kilowatt, equivalent has 30 a 1-kilowatt of furnace silk in 10 feet container internal baking, single by several fan is hard achieved reliable thermal of, great increased has burn machine of risk.

According to the actual measurement, ground station in the West, string inverter hanging underneath the component, open airy, ambient temperature of 21 ° c internal temperature of 43.8 degrees Celsius, temperature of 22.8 degrees centigrade, and centralized in room temperature 23 ° c, Cabinet body temperatures as high as 53 degrees Celsius, temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. In the hot summer, room temperature exceeding 50 degrees is a regular thing, centralized inverter Cabinet body temperature is higher and more severe. Will be the reduced life expectancy from high temperature, Derating even blow up risk.

Sandstorm affected areas in the Northwest, inverter ash deposits result in dust-proof net congestion, poor radiator thermal performance, sharp rise in the temperature of large power devices, cause a temperature alarm, more serious will corrupt the internal IGBT devices, the device continuously restart, even burn. Since the first half of this year, almost every month because of cooling problems, and bombing incidents, such as the centralized program.

3. system availability and its effect on electricity: the loss of centralized groups a series of 17 times

-Europe’s top string inverter, can do to 350,000 hours MTBF, annual failure rate is below 1%, some factory owners can be done below 0.5%, and centralized conventional General can do 50,000 to 100,000 hours MTBF.

Centralized localization needs to manufacturers and maintenance, long processing time, affecting power generation; and string inverters can be directly processed by the site operation and maintenance personnel replaced, quick and easy, guaranteed power, then the fault analysis and maintenance. String-any inverter fails, the other inverters can keep working, without affecting the other generating capacity. Centralized program if any of the links in the system equipment failures, probably the whole square will stop working, fixed time depending on site location and spare parts to prepare the case may be, generally at least 2-3 days, up to 1 week, or a month, loss of generating capacity well beyond the expected value of the loss.

10MW power plant, for example, calculated according to the peak sunshine hours 6 hours a day on average, centralized programs with an average annual loss of generating capacity will reach 7154KWH, and string-only 420KWH, contrast, centralized loss is a string of 17 times.

4. String maintenance costs are much lower than the centralized

Centralized inverter maintenance must be carried out by professional maintenance personnel, skill requirements are high, even if it is damaged, also calls for professional operation and maintenance personnel to the site, to locate replacement, except parts replacement costs, labor costs, travel costs are high maintenance costs. Also, centralized inverter if it is the machine completely, replacing extremely troublesome, admission to the heavy machinery and equipment, inverter, remove from room is very difficult. Match software and hardware, such as the effect of centralized inverters must use original manufacturer’s spare parts, once the factory closed down, the future maintenance will be forced to shut down, owners only replacement of the product. String-just need to directly replace the machine, do not need professional maintenance personnel, 30-minute replacement is complete. 5-year maintenance period, free replacement failure outside of the warranty period of the machine, using modern logistics platform, low-cost return to Depot, only charge a small service fee, maintenance costs are much lower than centralized programmes.

Current inverter brands in the industry, and recently-some say string inverter required after 5 years a large number of claims is biased. -If the string inverter no breakthroughs in the design, and the centralized inverter, cooling fan and fuse protection class lower, that after 5 years and need a large number of centralized. However, if you select IP65, design of natural cooling and no fuse brand, these problems do not exist. For string inverter selection should give full consideration to its quality. Preferred quality, superior quality, to permanently station a good operations and large-scale application of inverter manufacturers. -The world’s top string inverter, annual failure rate is below 0.5%, far less than the centralized program. Some string brands a few years closed or does not exist, you can also replace one other brand of string inverters, replacement of lower cost, little impact on the overall capacity of the system.

In summary, centralized compared to-string inverter, both in the failure rate and operation and maintenance costs are more dominant, can guarantee the plant long-term reliable operation. In the past more than 10 years in development of inverter, 2-3 European technology leader in the global market, is a barometer for technology and market, China, the United States and Japan and other markets, basically follows the European routes, while absorbing the European experience and the lessons learned. Now represented by SMA technology manufacturers in the United States and Europe are pushing string program. More and more domestic photovoltaic power stations are also used string program. Therefore, string type is becoming a mainstream PV power station construction plan. Of course, when the select-string device manufacturers, we should also choose products of reliable quality and good reputation, to let owners of 25 real at ease the worry-free!

On the altar of “farmer Alex”-shrouded in violence under a cloud of PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: want to write this post for one year. Originated in late June 27 Tibetans call reports and sent information on longyangxia 320MW “water and complementary” in China the largest single power station has a serious Jerry-building, 1.5 meters deep in the pile according to specifications only less than 70 cm. Rage was wasted on State-owned assets, photovoltaic power stations there are huge risks, on a Web site tracking reports on the matter. But the end result but much to our surprise: CPI attaches great importance to this matter, subsidiary of electric power construction in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in hydropower and construction units and other companies overnight investigation, found only piles do not meet requirements of these Tibetans, and wounded the owner during the dispute process with a female employee.

Built a branch Secretary of the CLP said the owner in conjunction with the supervisor checks completed, apart from the fact people do have a problem, others are in line with the rules. This part does not meet the requirements, supervision has been recorded before. Company report to your superiors of the Yellow River at the same time, this group of people have rioted to the corporate headquarters of the Yellow River.

According to the Director’s introduction, later, utilities had to pay for the sake of the Yellow River, Tibetans go home satisfied.

In the underwater part of the iceberg to 90%, and in subsequent interviews, the author found more problems, engage in common projects of migrant workers migrant workers in Northwest China called “farmer Alex.” Even after the end of the interview, I found that this “tip” floating in the water is still only on 10%.

Farmers in particular migrant workers often portrayed as most pathetic group of China, they were displaced from their homes, living in poverty, also face injuries and risks of unpaid hard. But from another point of view in the past, at least from the perspective of legal and media coverage, the owner is often the vulnerable groups.

End of February 2013, China railway tunnel group out of a fight: according to China railway tunnel group employed hundreds of men to Yunnan, Funing County, implementing AI Zhen yan Cun daza, hundreds of employees to implement RAID type, and message after official confirmation. This is not the iron for the first time in the event, only reports of dozens of times.

Funing County, according to the Vice Minister of the propaganda department: events the previous day, China railway tunnel group of two people riding a motorcycle passing rock village, skidding on mud, mud splashed onto the young villager’s body. Villagers asked them for 600 Yuan, then beat two men and cause personal injury. 13th, hundreds of employees of the China railway tunnel group has retaliated against villagers.

But detailed analysis behind the event, or can come to different conclusions. There are several points of doubt:

1, international big names such as Burberry trench coat dry, 200-300 yuan and tens of it out regardless of whether the villagers dressed in expensive clothing, why lose money again after beating railway employees? Not difficult to associate one of malice.

2, battered is China railway group leader, just two of the General staff, if not resentment is quite deep, no background work by one to two employees to baihao mobilized people can ride a motorcycle? Such things happen to know State enterprises, is to bear the responsibility of leadership, if it is only the case, this kind of thing could happen?

State-owned enterprises like the fight between the villagers and the fight between the big countries and the surrounding small, international public opinion is often one-sided orientation of the weak, ignoring the facts. Even in China, after two were backed by small “wuweiyanzhibuyu” precedent.

This is tough, “notorious” iron “fight record”, some oil, electricity, socializing with the local State-owned enterprises such as, would often choose to eat humble pie. Many of local State-owned enterprise workers under the older veterans or deployed soldiers, tough, and now in conflict with the local State-owned enterprises more choice in concessions. A CNPC subsidiary in a province under North China oil field, for example, that serious oppression of local companies in, but when the company relocated to the Mall, and County to use a much higher level, blocking the “God of wealth” run away, “survival, and death cannot.”

It has been said that sitech factory was smashed in Haining event, equally evil result of incitement. It is hard to imagine the kind of people to own the factory property used violent means, but the incident ends with sitech executives apologize to the collective marks of farmer grandfather once again.

Northwest sheep worth a million of money

Such as railway staff are complete money is not uncommon, because much of the photovoltaic industry in the Pacific Northwest, the lack of Foundation, this situation is not uncommon.

People of the Northwest Territories for a long time there are honest and simple and honest folk wild two faces, of our and foreign construction companies tend to be the latter face: complete money, lazy, trouble. It is even an outpouring of self-declared and real simple goodness of people hide the fact that in the Northwest. Yoga does not cover the so-called flaws, tend to be.

Woman who works for a well-known domestic photovoltaic company says: “our colleagues there is a real joke. Construction of Northwest China, killing a sheep, the locals asked for 10,000 yuan. Asked why, answer: Ewe can lamb. Crushed to death has been the Rams, also asked for 10,000 Yuan: the Rams and ewes to lamb. “A Northwest during the nation’s unique accent she says with a laugh, but the helpless are the same glance.

She also experienced the terrifying scene: an item happens to be caught up with the local migrant workers rioted in the Northwest, a group of workers after company technicians, carrying shovels, iron pickaxes sat in her Jeep chasing behind.

The alienation of Government: upper door promotion, grass-roots guanmendagou

Provincial government enthusiasm for PV investment strong, but cities and counties are more interested in short-term gains.

Many sell flagging now sell approved many of them haven’t heard of enterprise, one is approved, in principle, cannot be transferred directly to acquire the project company, so the PV enterprises registered company; the other is the company established local connections, knows little of photovoltaic through relations to get approval, changed hands for money. Now approved universal 4-5 cents, soared to more than 1 in a particular area, giving owners unit called “unreliable”. 2014 570MW project planning in Xinjiang, besides Huadian 20MW, remaining 550MW private enterprises were obtained.

Private enterprises, according to a senior project development manager, these projects in Xinjiang and elsewhere is not dominant in the competition of private enterprises, or often requires interest swaps. Currently, Xinjiang and Qinghai power station allocations in accordance with the “3:3:3:1” issue, 30% investment in local enterprises, to SkyTeam, for example, to the Turpan Government promised that after the local construction components factory, got a 1GW of quotas this year, plans to build a 300MW, as far as I know is now on equipment bidding. Assembly plant to be built after the Turpan Government can collect VAT 17%.

PV played a leading role in the early development of Northwest China State-owned enterprises, and is normally equipped with administrative level, unique in government relations, can account for the quota by undiscovered.

While the TBEA, blue/vote for unique local businesses, such as get 30%. 10% left by the other queued for approval of private enterprises and many hope this year.

Northwest’s approval for the 1.5 Yuan in an unsuccessful 50MW cost 75 million dollars, but the cost is a fraction less. This is the extreme example, but approval is now the photovoltaic make money the fastest, highest-margin segment.

FirstSolar recently renounced 2GW project in Inner Mongolia. Remember the 2009 FirstSolar hesitated when entering the Chinese market full of, domestic component companies very nervous. That even former heads of State, the introduction of the project could not escape the fate of the stranded, electricity prices in over 5 years with no clear, and also require the purchase of local devices. That year United States Steelworkers filed a complaint against China’s solar industry and important article, pointed out that China FirstSolar this “United States dog” gave up a, and a dozen years.

The situation is particularly severe in Xinjiang. PV development for several years, on more than one occasion have PV enterprises lack awareness complained that local government services, after the Gong before, enterprises in the administrative cost is too high.

While visiting several power plants in Hami in 2011, saving, cgnpc and TBEA in the case of on-grid capacity is not yet perfect hundred MW photovoltaic power plant have been built. This plant’s policy is very loose, but later in Hami, there have been frequent changes in land: media reported three or more per square meter of grass land pasture fees and one-off levy as required. But a prefix because they do not meet the unreasonable demands of the migrant workers, after the disputes were fined tens of thousands of local government, the company has refused to pay.

Mafia infiltration, farmer Alex bully

One of the senior members of the operation and maintenance of the light tells of Qinghai province encounter: Chinese components clean manual, 1000-1500/MW Northwest contracting costs, business modest, but the relationship is complex. Some SOEs to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs, purchased a few cleaning cars. But even is laundered through local dealers to buy cars still did not manage to get into field work, by a group of evil forces forcibly detained, later local government coordination, the result was the continuing use of manual cleaning, washing vehicle idle, seems to be a silent taunt.

One of the things he tells of witnessing: a project site, he and a friend visited the power plant construction, a supervisor to the contractor says bracket, which is not arranged in a straight line. Foreman leaned forward a bit, got up and said, “you get down to see it. “The simple and honest supervisory staff really went down, was trampled by foreman beaten. Scared out of him and his friend drove away from the scene as soon as possible.

Yuzhu Shi posted a Tweet in May, said a friend of 950 million to build 100MW PV power station, due to the incorporation rate of only 50% and suffered heavy losses. According to insiders, this is located in the District of Jinchang project among low incorporation rate, also middle tier subcontract the construction process, resulting in high costs and quality problems, supervisors had threatened by the mafia. As the exchange of benefits, the owner shall set up components factory in Jinchang fate remains to be seen.

Farmer dude on Mafia wife on the one hand, on the other hand often meet contractors unreasonable demands the “weapon”. Add community event has become the standard in media reports today, local minority construction teams are farmers of Alex “battle master”.

Just go to the project site, whether dry or not working, whether full throughout the day, are a day’s wage, waiting for material costs to be borne entirely by the owner. Even to the beginning of the article not complying with the requirements, construction of savage and unrest is not uncommon. So a lot of companies would rather from Hubei, Sichuan and other areas from the local people don’t want to hire.

At the date of closing, yarkant, and there was a severe storm in Xinjiang terrorist cases, resulting in dozens of casualties involving people of all ethnic groups. In fact, in many private enterprises, investment has become a restricted area in southern Xinjiang. In mid-July, National Energy Board organized the southern sidizhou PV plan review meetings, participate in the assessment of the Energy Council, State grid, new electric power Design Institute, dozens of units, but, to be the development of photovoltaic industry, also needs your business a stable business environment.

Law enforcement be left “bitter Carnival”

Local Government is also boosting atmosphere for local people partial to an important cause. Northwest ethnic mix, complexity tends to stabilize the Government and save trouble, often choose to favour local people. Meaning is to protect those who abide by the existing law rather than “weak” or on the surface of the “weaker sex” when law enforcement by law enforcement officers and people’s feelings are not based on the law and facts, people would fall into “affliction talent”-style binge: who can tell a worst story and who has the most votes.

Also called on mass media, covering similar events can be as objective as possible. Right behind Michael Jackson during his lifetime notoriety and reputation, are included within every slap on the face of the media.

Original title: on the altar of “farmer Alex”-shrouded in violence under a cloud of PV power station

Li junfeng: energy innovation needs of compatibility

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 17, the DuPont innovation Center in Shanghai in the opening ceremony of “innovation and collaboration” interactive dialogue process, national climate change strategy Li junfeng, Director of the Center for studies and international cooperation issued a statement, after listening to quite touched, now finishing as follows to readers:

Along with economic development, with the improvement of people’s living standards, or improve the quality of life of the people, demand for energy is constantly growing, it is a big trend, this trend won’t change in the short term. Its biggest challenge is to produce clean, safe every day, so that everyone can afford to pay for energy, this is not something one day, two days, but sustainable, so that a sustainable energy supply is one of the biggest challenges. Our President and Prime Minister spoke of energy innovation, energy revolution, as a particularly important task in energy, that now we are faced with serious challenges, to maintain energy security to ensure a sustainable supply of energy.

For the energy situation, first and foremost saving, how to improve energy efficiency. Referred to President XI Jinping of the revolution’s top priority is to improve the energy efficiency of energy and control energy consumption. Second is increased energy of supply, this is maximum of a problem, on like we President said of, he out half of task is find oil, and Russia, and Middle East, and Argentina, and Mexico, and African, country on of basically are is energy supply, buy oil buy gas, so increased energy supply is we now maximum of challenge, this including solar, we to increased innovation, increased new of energy sources way.

DuPont talked about cooperation in innovation, inclusiveness and innovation, which is a necessity of history, starting with internationalization, integration in the global economy, we need global cooperation. Addition now technology increasingly complex, past in energy problem Shang, like found coal mine solution all of problem, later found oil solution all of problem, now we find not to any a technology can solution global of energy problem, we needs more complex of technology, like PV, a simple of battery Board, has tens of thousands of species of material in inside, we needs research various of material, to put it even in together only effective, while also needs all of participation, this is most difficult of things. We of energy and food, and car not as, car can has differences of service, like has Austrian extension, has Maserati, poor 1000 times times of price, we of rice can sold to 90 Yuan/kg, also has 2 Yuan/kg of rice, but we of electric only sold a price, cannot said this electric good on sold 10 Yuan, this electric bad on sold to 1 Yuan, we do not to, we must to sold also of price, let everyone together support it only line. Such as electric vehicles, a minority support could support Tesla, good products, such as high-end milk powder was up minority support, but not for our energy, energy innovation needs the support of society as a whole, this is a very difficult point. We hope that collaborative innovation, collaborative innovation, all inclusive, containment refers to what? Inclusion is not just that it merits, and also to try and contain it faults, shortcomings when it started, we have to try and contain it and overcome its shortcomings, let it grow and expand.

Original title: Li junfeng: energy innovation needs of compatibility