More than more than 200 companies are scrambling to sign up for the 2014 “Polaris Cup” the pomp of the CREC photovoltaic company in advance

Arctic star solar PV network news: with new energy industry of fast development and national policy of support, increasingly more of enterprise began March PV industry, Arctic star solar PV network should domestic many PV enterprise of demands, following 2012, and 2013 session Award activities success held Hou, again opened third session “2014 degrees ‘ Arctic star Cup ‘ top ten PV enterprise” of award activities, to recognition and certainly these in 2014 for China PV industry development made outstanding contribution of enterprise.

2014 “Arctic star Cup” CREC annual most by welcomes top ten PV Enterprise award activities by Arctic star solar PV network, and Arctic star grid joint hosted, CREC organizing Committee hosted, get has China power reported, and China industrial reported, and electromechanical commercial reported, and Sohu network (green), and China new energy network, and 5E new energy network, and China economic network, and bit network, more than 20 over media of vigorously support and enthusiasm participation.

The award voting consists of seven categories: raw materials and auxiliary materials (ingots/bars, wafers of silicon and Silicon-containing), solar cell/module manufacturers (including thin-film batteries), inverter enterprises, power plant EPC, PV mounting systems, PV enterprises, supporting solar thermal enterprises.

On September 5, 2014 registration activities since the opening, the enthusiastic participation of the majority of photovoltaic companies. Up to now, there have been more than 200 solar companies involved in registration that gathered in advance. Recently added list of highest rated enterprise includes:

Yingli energy (China) limited

Jinkosolar holding limited

Jiangsu shunfeng photovoltaic technology limited

Hareon solar technology Corp

Oriental rose new Energy Corporation

Changzhou Trina solar energy co

Zhejiang global photovoltaic technology limited

Sun power

Guangzhou sanjing electric co

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd,

Shenzhen zhongxing KT limited

Shanghai zhengtai power systems Ltd

TBEA an electric technology company Ltd

Shanghai zhengtai power systems Ltd

Li Tenghui in photovoltaic technology limited

TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis company limited

Jiangsu Eicon Technology Corporation

Wuxi longi silicon materials limited

Changzhou Wick photovoltaic new material Co Ltd

Luoyang Zhonggui high-tech limited

Xiamen clenergy technology (Xiamen) company limited

Haiyang energy group company limited

China singyes solar technologies Holdings Limited

It is reported that 2014 “Polaris Cup” CREC annual top ten most popular highest rated photovoltaic companies registration will end on September 22, 2014, more exciting vote started immediately.

This year’s award ceremony will be held jointly with the Organizing Committee of the CREC, at which time award winning 70 enterprises will be in CREC2014 China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Conference and Expo on the appreciation dinner marks the beginning the award.

Solar companies active overseas distribution costs across the Taiwan Strait and the sea is still the key

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan, China, the United States double reverse initial has been more than a month, related effects has continued to spread, including layout become overseas manufacturers shared policy objectives. TrendForce its new energy career at EnergyTrend research manager Huang Gonghui said, China manufacturers in near two years on has faced has Sino-US, and Central of trade dispute, so in overseas layout Shang also more early planning, as in the electro-optic v in Turkey set factory and the Yu fai Sun take global layout in day, and Han, and printed, and Poland, to of generation workers mode, are is by to breakthrough trade war of taxation limit. In response, the United States in the near future a new round of double reverse, contains jinkosolar, ja solar etc are selected in South Africa built 100~120MW assembly line. Other Yingli, Suntech and other outgoing overseas plan to increase production capacity in a third.

Taiwan factory also was incorporated into a new round this year in United States in anti-dumping investigations, and was eventually sentenced still have the possibility of tax rate changes, but in sales and prices under pressure, place overseas production. Currently Taiwan factory layout, except has clear of Tai Chi energy selected in Viet Nam added battery tablets and component produced line, and the liters Yang Ke in Malaysia investment battery tablets produced line outside, another has manufacturers planning displayed, Taiwan upstream manufacturers may will select in Thailand built reset component produced line, other battery tablets industry who also has plans in Americas built reset battery tablets or component capacity, early planning is falls in 100~200MW around.

A holistic, overseas production managed to avoid the current trade disputes as well as taxation, but the attendant costs may also be due to smaller economies and rising local labor costs. Huang Gonghui further pointed out that, in the planning of manufacturers, mostly among manufacturing cost considerations, and taking into account local needs and global strategy. But the cost is still the most important key in the solar industry, therefore most of the layouts are dominated by emerging countries, and many of these countries, such as tax concessions to attract investment, whether it really has the potential to develop solar energy market is open to question.

Currently third from overseas, such as Korea, and Malaysia is not affected by the double-reverse battery offers between US$0.40~0.42/W, 20.5% higher prices compared to the factory, about equal to Motech’s tax rates, price ceilings. Factory used to positive battery terminal development, may have created a higher conversion efficiencies in the mainstream position in the world, but in the middle of the supply chain, and limited sea plants face greater fluctuations in demand, so that in this new build plants overseas, contains a number of manufacturers to more aggressively expand its capacity, with a view to closer to the sea.

This week, the spot market price

Sequential move closer to its fourth quarter, States Rob get installed before the end of the more obvious requirements, but prices have been relatively steady this week supply chain. Polysilicon industry is planning a wave of price increases, despite the tentative price, but still remain stable, polysilicon remain at US$20.34/kg; silicon parts to maintain flat supply reduced at low prices set in October along with the polysilicon price; high performance polycrystalline silicon chips fluctuated in 0.1% came to US$0.935/piece; standard wafer remain US$0.898/piece last week; maintaining price US$1.17/piece single crystal silicon wafers. Battery partially due to capacity on the vacancy, price loitering at the interval, factory price US$0.335/watt; continental factory batteries offer slow heating up 0.64% to US0.314/watt; component prices, which rose 0.53% to US$0.572/watt.

Original title: solar companies active overseas distribution costs across the Taiwan Strait and the sea is still the key

Finance, photovoltaic “hand in hand” to promote industry development

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, guantao County of Hebei province’s largest distributed grid-connected photovoltaic devices generate electricity, supply staff on the part of the photovoltaic power generation equipment to conduct an inspection.

Jevons Lee photography

In the process of rapid development of PV industry in China encounter an obstruction, it is financing. Due to the upfront funding for photovoltaic projects larger, the need for financing, however, due to various reasons, financial institutions on the photovoltaic market, particularly distributed PV there is misunderstanding.

1. distributed PV project is “bad money”

“After China’s PV market, industry insiders feel an overwhelmed local, which is ‘ money ‘. “The national energy administration, Liang zhipeng, Deputy Director of the new and renewable energy Division undoubtedly hinder the development of PV industry in China at present.

Due to the relatively large photovoltaic plant invested capital in the early, rely solely on the individual or the enterprise is hard to bear. This year, China plans to add PV installed capacity of 14 million-kilowatt, if the average 8000 Yuan per kilowatt of input, you will need to 112 billion yuan of investment. Therefore, it needs financing financing platform, and this is a very big challenge to PV industry.

Reporters from the “2014 China Solar leaders Summit” to know, China PV industry difficulties in financing is a common phenomenon, especially distributed PV project is the most serious.

The reason, circular economy in China renewable energy Association Chairman Li junfeng, Director of the analysis, distributed photovoltaic project development there is no business model, banks see distributed the cash flow of the project, arguing that high investment risk. In addition, relative to conventional power generation projects, distributed PV project is still a relatively new thing, many financial institutions are not very understanding, not blind devotion.

A few years ago, PV manufacturing overcapacity in China, coupled with China to limit exports of photovoltaic products in foreign countries, causing many photovoltaic manufacturing companies into the business crisis, not bank loans, and some financial institutions will confuse photovoltaic and photovoltaic manufacturing, restrictions on photovoltaic power generation project lending and raise interest rates, resulting in financing photovoltaic projects.

Only thousands of Watts, shijiqian GW of small distributed PV power station project, due to the small projects, loans to small, ability to withstand risk is relatively small, banks are reluctant to lend to them.

Meanwhile, financing a single PV Application market experienced funding difficulties. Businesses and residents in the development of distributed power station project, raised much of the money loans from policy banks and commercial banks, if banks stop lending for PV companies, developers would be lack of funding, power station construction it would be difficult to go on, and there is no other alternative sources of funding.

Experts from the financial system from the perspective of institutional profit, that distributed photovoltaic investment income problem also leads to distributed power project financing difficulties. As a has in can renewable energy financing field work more than 10 years of “old investors”–zhongqing (Beijing) investment limited Chairman and General Manager daicunfeng think, China of PV station project essentially is a meet national policy of, and has stable cash flow of, and life period in 25 of, and full investment internal proceeds rate about 10% of assets, single from financial investment angle view, this actually is a worth concern of field.

But the capital is profit, financial institutions themselves have certain requirements for investment yields, even with a State subsidy, distributed PV sometimes is difficult to meet these financial institutions profit requirements, resulting in lower-than-expected investment income. In addition, the photovoltaic plant investment cost payback periods tend to be long, in return for such long periods, and low return on investment, in the view of Li junfeng, which is not very attractive to financial institutions.

2. in-depth communication strengthen policy support and network guarantee

“A nation’s hope lies in the industrial and manufacturing sector, we have to respect the manufacturing sector. “Li junfeng said PV industry needs financial support, in particular PV Application market. In his view, solve the financing problems of PV industry development, the most fundamental is the financial system, so that more money could flow to the photovoltaic industry, lower financing costs for developers building photovoltaic power plants. Financial institutions, insurance agencies, and enterprises should further interaction, establish a finance model of the situation of the photovoltaic industry, realization of photovoltaic manufacturing companies, power plants and even the building rooftop PV residents, as well as financial institutions and win-win.

For objective financing difficulties, Liang zhipeng, gives a more specific solution. In his view, understand what PV is first of all to make the financial institutions. First half of the year, National Energy Board start to build banks and PV industry communication platform, increased investor confidence. “We need to make financial institutions recognized investment value of PV power projects. For example, the Government and the power company has released a number of supporting policies, sending electricity into the grid in time, market protection. Product guarantees by the State, the risk is very low, there is no reason not to vote for PV industry? “Liang zhipeng said.

In addition, Liang zhipeng, argue that financial institutions should also be creative, change investment options. For a long time now, financial institutions are more likely to invest in large projects, distributed generation projects for some of the thousands of Watts, in particular rural projects, financial institutions often feel small, reluctant to invest. In fact, these small-scale investment in 5 years or so, can recover the cost and generate revenue. “Financial institutions should be for a number of small distributed PV power plant to develop new financial products to meet the market demand. “Liang zhipeng said.

In fact, some financial institutions have launched relevant financial products. In 2012, yingda taihe property insurance company launched PV products 25-year quality guarantee insurance, this year for photovoltaic power generation enterprises, develop photovoltaic “package”, in fact, is the PV industry’s comprehensive insurance, which PV manufacturers may take profits hit by natural disaster, all included in the insurance.

According to the statistical data of the past two years, China’s generating capacity every year, renewable energy accounted for more than half of that clean energy is a market full of potential, if a financial institution or just to focus on its investment in traditional coal-fired power will inevitably miss the clean energy market. “PV industry not only failed to grow, and also will lose a very good investment opportunities for financial institutions. “Liang zhipeng, said that local governments should also actively involve public guarantee funds, using financial leverage, lower financial institutions ‘ concerns about PV power generation projects.

“National grid companies supporting the development of distributed PV policy, will give capital market with great confidence. “Specializing in investments in new energy Institute, said Han Qiming, an analyst at shenyin wanguo securities, since the beginning of last year, the State began to focus on distributed PV power plant construction, financing problems, core of the paradox is that if distributed power plants is simply spontaneous, for personal use, so its investment cycle will be 20-25, and there is a very big risk. But State grid services to distributed PV can be full purchase of electricity generated by the project, which not only reduces the investment cycle and reducing market risk.

Original title: finance, photovoltaic “hand in hand” to promote industry development

Shangcai linuo solar power group signed 20MW hydropower station project

Polaris solar PV net news: Henan · zhumadian (Shang CAI)-Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province and Bohai Bay area superior industries to promote and project signing ceremony was held in Tianjin. The investment promotion activities organised by the zhumadian city people’s Government, shangcai, zhumadian City Bureau of Commerce and people. The signing ceremony, shangcai linuo solar power group signed a 20mw power projects on the ground.

It is learnt that the shangcai 20mw power station is a key investment project of shangcai County, by the United Front work Department is responsible for the County. Building is located in shangcai County, near West Huang Nizhuang, the project covers an area of 600 acres, the land is for general land from shangcai County, Lu gang line 110kv substation 3km, access is very good.

Shangcai County leadership attaches great importance to supporting the project. This project makes full use of space resources, does not change the nature of land, built and agricultural cash crops cultivation and collection of agricultural greenhouse, building integrated photovoltaic solar power generation projects to guarantee land resources can be fully utilized. Shangcai 20MW projects not only bring new green energy, but also local employment.

Shandong linuo solar energy group is the first combined photovoltaic and agricultural plant concept proposed by the enterprise, has built technology park 10MW photovoltaic PV power plant in combination with modern agriculture and animal husbandry, xiajin 9.9MW light complementary power plants, edible fungi in zoucheng 20MW roof greenhouse agriculture Changqing 78.4KW agricultural products of power stations, parks and other projects.

PV agricultural development and extension, for adjusting agricultural structure, build green agriculture is important, certain land space, PV agricultural greenhouses to achieve agricultural crops economic and energy benefits of “win-win”!

Jinkosolar again participate in 2014, “North Star Cup” CREC annual top ten most popular highest rated photovoltaic companies

Arctic star solar PV network news: with new energy industry of fast development and national policy of support, increasingly more of enterprise began March PV industry, Arctic star solar PV network should domestic many PV enterprise of demands, following 2012, and 2013 session Award activities success held Hou, again opened third session “2014 degrees ‘ Arctic star Cup ‘CREC annual most by welcomes top ten PV enterprise” of award activities, to recognition and certainly these in 2014 for China PV industry development made outstanding contribution of enterprise.

It is reported that the registration activities are in full hot, up to now, has included jinkosolar holding limited (hereinafter “jinkosolar”) of more than 100 enterprises, took part. As the world leader in solar photovoltaic companies, jinko in 2012 and 2013, “Polaris Cup” in the annual top ten most popular cell/module manufacturers are regarded as such, 2013-award is at the top.

Jinkosolar located in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, Haining city, Zhejiang Province, as well as global marketing Center is located in the Pudong new area, Shanghai, China. In addition, the company set up a global marketing layout in China: Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, and Germany Munich, United States San Francisco, Australia Queensland, Canada Ontario, Italy Bologna, Switzerland Zug, Japan Tokyo and South Africa Cape Town set up a subsidiary.

Jinko energy producing high quality ingot, wafer, solar cell and single crystal component, according to the year 2013 earnings ingot, wafer, solar cell vertically integrated production capacity to about 2.0 GW, module production capacity reach approximately 2.1 gigawatts. In 2014, jinko (JinkoSolar) due to the expansion of its sales overseas and to establish its downstream business, recently reached a fifth consecutive quarter of profitability. The company’s total shipments of solar energy 659.5MW more 34.8%-2013 period, 37.8% $ 392.1 million earning less than a year ago. The company recently raised its annual project goals from 400MW than 600MW.

Jinkosolar focused on providing customers with the world’s leading photovoltaic products, sales network throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific countries, including Italy, and Germany, and Belgium, and Spain and the United States, and Canada, Eastern Europe, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Africa and other major PV markets.

2013 major PV stent manufacturers capacity and ranking

Polaris solar PV net news: solar PV mounting systems, are placed in the solar photovoltaic power generation system design, installation, fixed solar panels a special bracket. Common materials are aluminum, stainless steel. PV mounting systems products can be ground support systems, flat roof mounting system, adjustable angle roof bracket system, roofing support systems, column bracket systems.

In order to get maximum power output of photovoltaic power generation system as a whole, combined with the geography and climate of the project location and conditions of solar energy resources, the solar module needs to be headed, tack down the arrangement and spacing of the support structure, usually a steel and aluminum structures, or a combination.

According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of December 2013, China PV power capacity reached 10.66 million-kilowatt that year, PV cumulative installed capacity reached 17.16 million-kilowatt. Through a statistical understanding of PV mounting systems company, 2013 annual PV mounting systems the company has shipped more than 300MW Jiangsu Elken, Shenzhen, Beijing antaike Norseman, Kunshan, Jiangsu hua, Hangzhou Wei Kang sheng, CITIC blog and so on. Jiangsu love Kang as domestic only of PV bracket listed company, annual shipments stability home industry topped; Hangzhou Wei sheng and Changzhou purple Asahi 2013 years performance fell very obviously; Shenzhen antaike and Beijing Norseman continuous years keep high of domestic sales; Guangdong baowei and Xiamen Qingyuan main market also is in abroad, domestic general sales not more; a new of PV bracket company as Changzhou peaks, and Changzhou huakai, and Jiangsu Wo can, keep more fast of development momentum.

In terms of capacity, Icahn in Jiangsu Province and Shenzhen antaike photovoltaic capacity with 1200MW the stent in 2013, topped the list, Hangzhou curtain Sheng to 1000MW capacity then … … In late 2013 solar rack capacity how? Below, offer domestic PV mounting capacity of enterprises in 2013 and ranked in order further to fully understand.

NO.1 antaike Icahn and Shenzhen, Jiangsu–1200MW

Icahn in Jiangsu Province and Shenzhen antaike 1200MW in PV mounting capacity in 2013, but in terms of shipments, Jiangsu Elken slightly ahead.

Company profile:

“Jiangsu Aiko solar energy science and technology limited” (AKCOME): the headquarters is located in the southern town of Jiangyin, specialized in production and sale of accessories for solar panels and solar systems engineering design, construction, installation, maintenance. Existing products include solar panels Special borders, mounting system, special component EVA encapsulation adhesive film, junction boxes and a variety of PV modules and solar application products.

Icahn’s support system of Jiangsu have fixed terrestrial systems, roof systems, such as single or double spindle automatic track system. Solar racking system has applied for a patent for design on 13, a utility model patent.

In 2009, the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu provincial party Committee Secretary of the Party Secretary Yang weize, Wuxi and Nanjing University of yinxing Hong witnessed by Mr Icahn solar equipment, Deputy General Manager Huang Guoyun, Jiangyin and Coordination Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University, Director of the Institute of Honorary Professor You Xiaoceng sign cooperation Jiangyin Aiko solar energy equipment Co Ltd established academician workstation.

In 2012, the Jiangsu Icahn with BYD on distributed micro-grid photovoltaic power generation solutions, integrated solutions and smart grid solutions, such as the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation agreements and, on November 3, 2012, Jiangsu Icahn solar technology company limited signed the strategic cooperation agreement with BYD company limited.

“Shenzhen antaike”:

Shenzhen City antaike building technology limited established Yu 2004, is for industrial and the public building field of project customer provides advanced metal building enclosure system, and environmental drop noise system of design, and procurement, and making and installation for one of system integrated commercial, years main is committed to power, and chemical, and PV station, and road, and municipal and the large public building metal enclosure system, and environmental drop noise system and solar bracket system of integrated supply and installation.

Antaike in 2010 early entered China Solar PV industry market, launched cold bent thin-walled steel material of bracket system, including fixed, and can adjustable, and (oblique/flat) single axis, and double axis track, and floating put, bracket form, can and film, and Crystal, and more Crystal solar Board connection, from project of auxiliary (II times) design, and to products stereotypes, and manufacturing to installation technical guidance, provides system, and full, and standardization of development, and products, and technology and management service, as 2011 late, we has in desert grid station, and Workshop (light steel and concrete roof), residential roofing made of good physical performance, including nearly 350 megawatts of product sales and service, developing unique nodes and connectors (mode), accumulating a wealth of support, management and collaboration experience.

Hangzhou NO.2-curtains-Sheng–1000MW

Description: Hangzhou curtain abundant solar energy science and technology limited company was founded in 2009, is China’s first hi-tech company focused on solar energy installation system, headquartered in Hangzhou binjiang Hi, now the company has 300 employees, of which more than 60 engineers. Factory covers an area of 15000 square meters with a capacity of 1200 megawatts, and occupies 60 acres, total area is 60,000 square metres of industrial base is currently in planning and construction, expected completion in 2012 with an annual output of up to 2500 MW. Sheng solar curtains has been included in the national high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou high-tech enterprises, domestic sales is the largest, most complete product lines, developed the strongest supplier of mounting and installation systems. 2011 a total investment exceeding billion yuan, into a comprehensive PV industry.

Sheng solar curtain has always attached great importance to product innovation, maintain cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known research institutions, is currently authorized more than more than 30 patents. Wide range of product applications, comprehensiveness, including the full range of roofing, various terrain, BIPV building integrated photovoltaics, single-and dual-axis tracking systems, a full range of screw piles, pile driving equipment.

Beijing NO.3 North Pullman–850MW

Description: serve customers in China’s North German energy technologies (Beijing) Limited was established in 2007, is to provide solar power project design, construction, project management, operations, maintenance and other services of the professional engineering company. In China, the first Norseman energy “set solid” screw pile technique applied to ten megawatt class solar power station construction projects, as a national industry standard-setters, Norseman energy for solar power projects offers a total area, a sustainable solution.

Norseman energy has a technical team of experts, continued commitment to research and development of applied technology of solar power systems, Norseman independent energy systems, grid-connected systems, hybrid systems, in different ways such as BIPV solutions in areas such as electricity, public facilities, residential, communications become widely available.

Norseman energy services include:

Provide complete “turn-key” MW-class solar power system solution and from project planning to system construction, integrated, one-stop service;

Provides photovoltaic building integration solutions, from planning and design, production to one-stop service system integration;

Provide professional, environmentally friendly solar power stations “set solid” system solutions;

With NET series PV building integration components and auxiliary components.

Norseman energy and China building Science Institute, and national building quality supervision detection Center, and China corrosion and protective Center (world three big anti-corrosion research detection institutions is one of), and Beijing science and Technology University, and Tianjin University established has long-term of research subject, and results conversion, cooperation relationship, development, and promotion, and application has to “State solid” spiral pile for representative of more items new process, and new workers method, obtained patent 18 items, “State solid” spiral pile and the to anchor of continued development level and the application scale Home World forefront, and participate in prepared review has Specification for design of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power stations construction regulations, the acceptance of PV power stations, and the technical requirements for PV solar tracking systems and the technical standard for photovoltaic power generation station environmental impact assessment, guidelines for BIPV applications and other standards and regulations.

Jiangsu Hua Kang and NO.4 Wei of Guangdong–800MW

Company profile:

“Jiangsu Hua Kang”: Jiangsu huakang electric steel structure, the predecessor of Jiangsu Hua Kang galvanizing Ltd, founded in 1999, dominated by processed galvanized. Since 2003 expansion yihou, total investment up 45 million Yuan, company existing factory area 45000 square meters, which area 18000m2, to transmission line Tower manufacturing mainly, auxiliary external plated zinc processing, is production ship with outfitting loaded pieces, and 500KV and the following voltage grade transmission line Tower, and 220KV pipe rod, and substation architecture, and communications tower, and traffic facilities (nursing stopped, and logo tube rod, and advertising brand,), and steel, and solar power station bracket, and Outfitting for ships and professional manufacturers of hot-dip galvanizing process.

Jiangsu China Kang power steel limited is located Yu Zhangjiagang leyu town, Dr LO Wing-Lok electromechanical industrial park, tight according to 204 State Road, East by Beijing Shanghai railway line, Shanghai Ning along Highway, from HongQiao international airport only 2 hours car drive; south and Suzhou, and Wuxi received flaw; West even Nanjing; North Pro Yangtze River gold waterways, and Nantong across River across, water, and land, and empty traffic is convenience, environment beautiful, around economic developed, resources full. Since its inception the company has successively won the AAA corporate credit rating certificate or the 500KV transmission line iron Tower manufacturing certificate, the certificate of quality management system certification, 200KV steel pole products certificate of competency of the production license for broadcasting, communications towers and other certificates.

“Guangdong insurance Granville new energy limited”: insurance Granville PV bracket by senior aluminum extrusion and metal processing industry expert team created, factory accounted for to area 60,000 over square meters, is located in China aluminum extrusion profiles industry base–Guangdong Foshan, with rich of aluminum processing experience, and sophisticated of full automation line, and perfect of supply chain supporting, and rigorous of design validation, insurance Granville solar bracket quickly obtained both at home and abroad customer of recognized and favored, success for multiple PV ground station and the PV roof station provides solar bracket products.

Baowei has 22 extruding production lines, extrusion press tonnage range 600MT to 4000MT, can fully meet customer design requirements in PV mounting systems, provide multiple section sizes of aluminum. Company and another three anode oxidation production lines can be up to 8 meters of aluminum profile surface treatment. Baowei aluminium extrusion capacity of 120,000 tons, and yearly production capacity of 600MW PV mounting systems. In addition, Wei and most innovative screw pile production line, with a daily production capacity of 500KW.

Baowei mounting products passed international quality management system certification, China ping an insurance company of 12.7 million product liability insurance, became the only for the solar PV mounting systems industry own brand products purchase liability insurance company. In addition, Wei PV mounting systems gained TÜV Germany Rheinland certification (certificate ID:0000034067), became the sole owner of the TÜV-certified products for solar PV mounting systems companies. Baowei also received the qualification certificate for electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contractor, providing strong protection for power station construction. And Suzhou NO.5 CITIC BO Rui en–600MW Description:

“CITIC blog new energy technologies (Suzhou) limited”: CITIC blog based on industry, actively promote scientific and technological innovation, company technological innovation in traction, scientific management to ensure and improve core competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to be CITIC BO into a domestic first-class solar PV mounting systems integrators and operators.

Company independently developed products include dual-axis tracking system, single-axis tracking system and fixing bracket system, and has more than 20 national patents, can provide world-wide solar system solutions in complex environment.

Founded in 2009, is located in economic development zone, lujia town, Kunshan, Jiangsu hefeng, close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the transportation is convenient. Company covers an area of 12000 square meters, factory area of 9500 square meters, building area of 2500 square meters, the company has a professional design team, efficient management team and other highly qualified personnel of more than 300 people, the company registered capital of 60.8 million dollars. Is currently the largest supplier of solar tracking systems and PV mounting systems and integration operators.

“Suzhou ruide en”: Suzhou ruide en solar energy science and technology limited company is a professional manufacturer of solar technology clean energy-related parts as well as surrounding high-tech laser mapping products and spare parts business. Company also has research and development, production and marketing system. Lake is located in the famous Millennium town-mudu, Suzhou is only 10 km away, about 100 km away from Shanghai. Since the company since its inception, through the integration of domestic and foreign resources to better serve customers with accessories new energy solutions, launched a solar PV mounting systems, solar aluminium border, combiner boxes, junction boxes, laser surveying instrument precision scaffolding and a series of high quality and innovative products.

Suzhou Rui en companies in Australia and the United States, and Germany and set up branches in other countries will follow.

Huakai NO.6 Changzhou and Jiangyin and Changzhou peaks in Yongjia and Jin Hai Xin Yuan and Qing Yuan science and technology–500MW

Company profile:

“Changzhou Hua Kai”: Changzhou huakai insulators, Ltd is specialized in the production of solar PV power plant frame and the insulation of Zi Jin enterprises. Founded in 1978, has been to the national grid and auxiliary units producing insulator fittings, steel caps and other products, has a good reputation in the domestic power grid system.

2010 huakai depend on the success its industrial advantage into the photovoltaic industry, set to become solar mounting systems research and development, production, sales, installation and service of high-tech enterprises and companies to “become the leader of the support service provider” for the development of goals, making full use of resources superiority, innovative business models, providing system integrators with technological innovations in PV module mounting bracket. Our products are design involves fixed roof bracket system, stationary ground support systems, single-axis tracking system, dual-axis tracking systems; the company has obtained quality management system certification, PV mounting quality inspection reports.

Mounting system capacity – Changzhou huakai

“Changzhou peaks”: Peak District, Changzhou new energy technology company limited was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 20 million. Specializing in solar PV mounting systems: research and development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service.

Mountain peaks, Changzhou directly under the parent company of the new energy car accessories limited company, as a nationally renowned enterprise and business scope covers financial investment, steel manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, real estate and many other industries, the enterprises are located in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places.

Mountain new energy will be relying on the company’s strong team of research scientists, capital operation, steel structure design, finishing, technical personnel and other expertise, fully integrated marketing resources, based on capital operation, new energy industry highlights, solar photovoltaic industry bigger and stronger, and strive to blaze a trail with the features of mountain development, and strive to build a green energy business.

Changzhou peaks new energy technology company limited was established in 2012, has completed the mounting domestic production sales 180MW, with several EPC Contracting Parties, power station construction and PV power plant owners to maintain good relations of cooperation.

Company is expected in 2014 300MW PV mounting production and sales for the full year, while operations to broaden the scope of civil works, installation of the bracket Assembly step, to provide professional, efficient and comprehensive one-stop solar mounting solution.

“Jiang Yin Yong”: Jiangyin Yongjia machinery Ltd was established in 1999, primarily engaged in manufacturing metal products and machinery processing products, after ten years of operation, becoming larger in scale, the company is located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu-location, traffic is very convenient, Zhouzhuang town, Jiangyin City, adjacent to the Pearl of South Jiangsu huaxi.

Since 2003, the company entered the photovoltaic field, put into research and development team began its research and development for solar PV mounting systems to produce photovoltaic technology already has a number of experienced personnel, engineers to join, to undertake the above and well done-MW project, Yongjia, Jiangyin City, established in 2010 new energy technology co., Ltd. Major producers of solar mounting system, PV system companies to undertake the design of manufacturing and OEM orders, with many years of experiences in design of mechanical production, companies not only can according to customer drawings can also design plan according to the project requirements for customers to optimize to meet load requirements for project sites improved mounting system price/performance.

In recent years company constantly increased PV bracket aspects of development inputs, design of solar bracket system maximum of anti-wind capacity 216 km/h, solar track system maximum anti-wind 150 company/hours (is greater than 13 level Typhoon), in design solar bracket system Shi carefully of considered selection and process optimization, thus guarantee solar bracket system of using life up 25 years above, utilization aluminum anode oxidation super thick hot plated zinc, stainless steel, UV resistant aging techniques to ensure the mounting system’s service life.

Relying on traditional metal machining advantages of southern Jiangsu, so that the company’s mounting system was well under control in terms of cost and ease of installation, at the installation site does not require any soldering, do not even need to drill a hole, these are already taken into account in the design and production. Factories have ISO9000 certified product quality.

Currently a month can provide complex and PV system 30MW and 20MW of roof PV mounting system can also provide a variety of support accessories, customers can choose to use any of the solar module and component size to design their own support systems.

“Jin Hai Xin Yuan”: Jin Hai Xin Yuan electric limited is a new high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province and its predecessor, the original wing Ma Jin Mo electrical equipment factory in Zhenjiang city, through capital increase and share expansion and adjustment of product structure and the composition of the joint-stock company. Located in – the first solar photovoltaic industrial park yangzhong, Jiangsu Province economic development zone, mainly engaged in the transmission and distribution products, photovoltaic power generation system products, smart grid research and development, design, production, sales and service.

Company has a beautiful plant environment, modern office buildings, factories and product lines, the implementation of an efficient, systematic and standardized management, focusing on product branding, design and quality, and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.

Mounting system capacity – Jin Haixin source

Company since its inception, our “based on technological innovation, the development of a low carbon economy” concept, investing huge sums in Dalian and set up three research and development centers in yangzhong, vigorously develop the PV inverter, smart grid and other high-tech products, and the annual sales revenue of over 5% for scientific research and development to ensure that the products of leading-edge technology and manufacturing excellence. 70% above with the Office staff, senior and junior college degree or above in engineering and technical personnel, to create a team comprised entirely of doctoral, masters, highly sophisticated research and development team, which contains a number of experts and professors enjoy special allowance of the State Council. And with many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, scientific research and industry technical experts work closely together and Huazhong University of science, North China electric power University, Dalian University of technology and a number of colleges and universities to establish long-term relations of cooperation.

“Original technology”: Xiamen clenergy technology (Xiamen) company limited is a Sino-Australian joint venture, headquartered in Xiamen, China, in the United States and the United Kingdom, and Germany with subsidiaries. Xiamen clenergy technology is solar PV power plant building programme as a whole and the corresponding equipment provider, our main products include PV mounting systems, PV inverters and other clean energy products. Xiamen clenergy technology-rich PV solutions and products covering various fields including household, commercial, utility-grade, category can provide customers with a wealth of standard products and customized solutions, products in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and national industry standards for development and production, stable performance, reliable quality and meet the needs of various PV power station.

Mounting system capacity – Xiamen clenergy technology

Qing Yuan sci-tech innovative products, solutions and services highly competitive, won worldwide system integrators, installers and dealers widely favored. Now, many well-known PV enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term strategic partnership of cooperation. Xiamen clenergy technology of photovoltaic plant solutions and products through strategic partners and distributors all over the world, has been in more than 19 countries in the world to introduce and use.

Qingyuan has a strong marketing capability of science and technology and research and development capabilities, and now has established a global network of marketing and research and development, in addition to outside the headquarters of Xiamen, also set up Australia, and Germany and the United States, Europe and other branches, has now become an international enterprise.

Xiamen clenergy technology aim within five years, has become a distinguished world-class solar products.

NO.7 fuleshida and Jiangsu Sheng–400MW

Company profile:

“Fuller”: fuleshida (Beijing) Energy Engineering Limited was established in 2009, is a specialized in PV mounting systems design consulting services, mounting material supply of the new energy industry specialist, providing solar farms supports integration solutions. Fuller’s company, from product design, test, train, mass production stages are performed in strict accordance with national and international quality standards to ensure product safety and reliability, and been recognized and highly valued by the user.

Fuleshida not only has a production base, but professional sales companies, and engineering teams. Can provide customers with project design, field services to service all aspects of my job.

Our company has the most stringent (GB/T19001-2008IDTISO9001:2008) international certification system to ensure that products meet international standards. The company of PV mounting systems using the most advanced production technology, integration of practical application of optimum design, reaching a full set of bracket mounting easy, lifelong maintenance-free, safe and durable.

“Jiangsu Sheng”: Jiangsu Sheng generating equipment co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic PV mounting design, production, installation and related consulting services to hi-tech industries. Corporate headquarters is located in the famous “steel town” in Taizhou of Jiangsu Province dainan town, local resources, and since 2005, the number of colleges and universities in the United to jointly develop cost-effective automatic tracking solar frame, it not only enhances the PV system’s output, and are highly reliable, low-cost advantage, in the leading level at home and abroad.

Business and now owns a professional team and almost 20000 square meters of factory buildings, the main products are high performance automatic tracking solar frame and the fixed mounting. After years of accumulation, dongsheng PV has a first-class research and development team, not to provide customers with a single PV mounting systems products, more customers with PV mounting systems a full range of design and service.

Jiangsu weier NO.8–350MW

Company profile:

Jiangsu weier hardware co, located in Dongtai, Qin, Huadong town, is the production of solar PV system scaffolds and building pipe mounting bracket for the flagship product of professional manufacture factory, plant covers an area of 6000 square meters, fixed assets of 30 million. Production bracket per month can for 50MW above, set design development/production/installation/service Yu one, currently has development out variety dedicated solar bracket series, all bracket design, strictly followed international standards/national standards requirements, can should for various environment occasions, has ground fixed dip type bracket system and the can mode dip ground bracket system, single axis track bracket system and the double axis automatic track bracket system, has roof bracket system,, applies Yu General has box component or no box of film pieces component, Various support systems can be used alone or can be arranged and Phalanxes, mounting, simple and convenient.

NO.9 Changzhou Xu and purple mountain millions of new energy resources and Jiangsu world–300MW

Company profile:

“Changzhou purple Xu”: Changzhou purple Asahi Optical Co Ltd PV mounting system of research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction and the service as their duty, be stationary ground support systems, fixed roof bracket system, single-axis tracking system and a dual-axis tracking system successfully used in the field of photovoltaic systems integration.

In 2011, the total sales of solar mounting 75MW, customers located in China, Thailand, and Afghanistan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. The company has 21 patents for inventions and utility models. Asahi Optical was purple, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Association and photovoltaic Industry Association Director unit, is mounting trade standard setters. In 2012, the introduction of automatic production line of solar PV mounting systems, annual production capacity expanded to 350MW, sales volume is expected to exceed 150-200MW.

Asahi Optical made purple passed the international quality management system certification, CE certification, quality inspection reports, certification, installation of steel structures for three-stage qualification in Australia.

“Millions of new energy”: the Group was founded in 1992, billion new energy is the leading photovoltaic grid-connected inverter technology the internationalization of high-tech enterprise, specializing in solar energy photovoltaic grid-connected inverter product research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and grid-connected solar systems solutions of suppliers. Billion new energy sources at home and abroad, has 10 offices, which are located in Germany Munich, Australia, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Suqian, currently owns two modern factories, including a factory covers an area of 33,000 square meters, the second plant under construction for a period of six times. 2 covers an area of more than 1000 square meters, have doctorate or master’s degrees, led research and development team consisting of product research and development centers, 4 national and global sales of product-oriented marketing centers, the company has more than 600 people across the country, including all types of technical research and development staff of more than 200 people. Billion with a complete product range – from micro inverses to string inverters, inverter room until the last megawatt. We can help–from small, medium business, and get the maximum utility out of the ground, and shorten the time for cost recovery of investment. Company has more than 200,000 units in more than 20 countries worldwide have installed the string inverter. (For example: Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, France, China and other countries) companies at present 9 branches have been established abroad, respectively, in: Munich, Milan, Redding, Lyons, Sydney, San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suqian. Company engineers more than more than 200 people, to meet the demands of the whole product development. In addition, the company is also equipped with two modern, international standards certification production line (ISO9001:2008ISO14:000:2004), and two research and development centers.

“Jiangsu world”: Jiangsu world photovoltaic technology limited in xinbei district, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, was established in 2010. With registered capital of 20 million Yuan. Solar PV mounting systems is engaged in the development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service, and products are mainly stationary ground support systems, fixed roof bracket system, single-axis tracking system and dual axis tracking systems. Our company passed the international quality management system certification, CE certification, quality inspection reports.

Summary: along with the years of ups and downs, many traditional companies, or more attention to the field of solar photovoltaic. All the signs in 2014, the PV industry are good. While the solar frame low entry threshold, low technology content (excluding some roof bracket), many traditional enterprises are also squeezed into the circle. In practice, however, most companies entering the field of solar mounting found are not paved with gold, opportunity. In 2014, the Energy Board new PV installed capacity target adjusted to 14GW, this market will no doubt stimulate PV mounting systems. 2014 PV mounting systems who can grab the market, we’ll see.

Original title: 2013 major PV stent manufacturers capacity and ranking

Solar thermal power generation, “waiting to fly” 2020 market size or multi-billion

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation, due to its heat storage system of solar thermal power generation, flexible scheduling, continuous stable power and peak power generation, to ensure smooth and controllable power output, with grid-friendly properties, it became the world can serve as an important source of base load electricity.

Solar thermal power, which uses massive arrays of parabolic or dish-shaped mirrors to collect solar heat through the heat exchanger steam, combined with the traditional process of turbo-generator, so as to achieve the purpose of power generation.

Its principles through mirrors sunlight onto solar collectors, solar heat collection device in the heat transfer medium (liquid or gas), to heat water into steam-driven or direct-drive generators to generate electricity.

Compared to photovoltaic, solar-thermal power generation easily due to stable power output power to dissolve, compared with Silicon photovoltaic technology, is expected to reduce the cost of solar power. In addition, compared to other forms of solar energy conversion, solar hot water could be stored in huge containers, in the hours after the Sun will still be able to drive the turbo-generator.

Break policies

Many people in Government and business have said that before the end of October 2014 launch expected very strong to photothermal development policies, industry-2014 has been called the “first year of solar thermal development of China.”

Solar-thermal power generation in China never experienced, the biggest constraint is the policy. The most direct reference, are both forms of photovoltaic solar power generation. In 2013, in order to absorb excess capacity in State for photovoltaic power introduced a series of policies, including pricing, direct stimulation of the domestic PV market opening. This year, China PV installed capacity exceeds 11GW, almost United States PV module annual production capacity of the company.

At this stage, scenery, such as rapid development of new energy, directly depending on the Government’s policies. Solar thermal industry due to the smaller, three years have not been too many government departments concerned, this is quite different from solar thermal and PV development in China’s most fundamental reason.

Previously, cgnpc, the first charged with solar energy and energy saving, and five power generation groups has the intent of investing in solar thermal, but are carefully tested, large-scale projects have little.

In June 2014, the National Energy Board released the survey of solar thermal power capacity commissioned letter, the principal electric power planning and Design Institute, national solar power industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as solar thermal industry Federation) and three units of China water resources and hydropower planning and Design Institute, to mapping the solar thermal industry development situation in China and provide reference for final sectoral policies.

Solar thermal Industry Association said that as of July 15, they issued a total of 124 research form, and 107 of them have received a reply. Meanwhile, the expert group also examined 12 typical companies, data analysis showed that the support and the trough solar thermal power Tower two prototype technology manufacturing industry chain form, the current localization rate is above 90%.

Multi-billion dollar market to be developed

It is understood that the solar thermal power industry in our country has experienced a decade of development, however, solar-thermal power generation in China has not achieved substantial progress. Ten years ago would have been my first operation of commercial solar-thermal power generation projects. At that time, pioneer in solar-thermal power generation, “Germany solar Millennium company” headquarters personnel and districts representatives actively promoting 50MWe trough power plant in Ordos, China’s preparatory work. In 2011, the project consists of construction of a central bid investment. However, due to the unreasonable pricing, bid price significantly away from the rational values, long in the pending status of the item.

However, 2014, the national energy Bureau, the NDRC’s price Department, General Electric power planning and Design Institute, and other departments have convened two Symposium on solar thermal power generation, to advance the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects focused on the related issues. Development of solar-thermal power generation industries, the Government again put on the agenda, and solar-thermal power developers have regained confidence.

At present, the resources in a project than control in the five major power companies, and private developers are gearing up. Some analysts believe that, after early demonstration stage, solar thermal industry is expected to usher in the outbreak period.

According to China’s Government had previously planned, to achieve 3 gigawatts of solar-thermal power installed capacity by 2020 of the minimum target, calculated in units kW cost fallen to 30,000 Yuan by 2020, solar-thermal power generation market in China will exceed the scale of billions of dollars.

Commercial prospects can be

According to China’s medium-and long-term development plan, annual solar resource exploitation amount in China reached 1.7 trillion tons of standard coal equivalent, including wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal and other renewable energy equivalent to no more than 6 billion tons of standard coal. Experts estimate that solar thermal power generation market prospects in China.

According to reports, the current development direction of solar energy include solar thermal and PV in two camps. At present, the PV industry’s core technology is all in the hands of the developed countries. European Governments to offer incentives to support business development of solar photovoltaic industry, using subsidies to encourage mass use of solar energy.

As we all know, Europe is not in his own country to produce polysilicon, but having polysilicon production in developing countries. China’s solar energy industry experts say, the “polysilicon production is an energy-intensive process that generates huge quantities of carbon dioxide, which has a carbon emissions issue, if the developed from the developing countries to purchase raw materials for solar poly-silicon, you must purchase the carbon emissions generated by developing countries use the funds to deal with the technical issues. “In addition, is the cost of photovoltaic power generation thermal power 10 times, high costs have hindered the development of photovoltaic power generation speed.

And core technologies, raw materials out of the country, high energy consumption, the production of electricity compared to the high cost of photovoltaic, solar-thermal power generation has “a core technology, production materials need glass and steel” advantage.

“Compared to photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation is more convenient and the domestic grid butt, because basic principles of solar-thermal power and coal-fired power similar to the principle of, and internal network construction of power generation is mainly dominated by thermal power generation. Due to the photovoltaic power generation is the use of multi carrier such as converting light energy into electrical energy, so the traditional great power control capability test. “Insiders said Jiang Qian, solar-thermal power generation is not going to peak, peak load causing a lot of pressure, this is the absolute advantage.

At present, the solar thermal power industry has taken shape in China and related companies have entered the industrial chain upstream and downstream links, emerged a number of enterprises in key parts of development, China has basically all the major equipment and key components of solar thermal power generation. Also, solar thermal power generation industry chain length, or accelerate development can promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

In addition, during the construction of solar thermal power stations in digestible, such as steel, glass, cement, aluminum current excess capacity and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industry such as machinery, electronics, and promoting the development of power generation equipment manufacturing high end. Yao Zhihao said, this is an opportunity of China’s manufacturing sector, once has leveraged industry, equipment manufacturing will be a trillion market, and may be available to the world of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

Original title: solar thermal power generation, “waiting to fly” 2020 market size or multi-billion

Dr Shi 珺 on crystal growth of polycrystalline silicon ingot processes

Polaris solar PV net news: after the vacuum melting, but after a cool and stable, enters the stage during Directional solidification. This process is silicon crystal growth process, are able to recycle materials and metallurgy process, impurities in polycrystalline silicon material is further purified.

(A) Directional solidification and segregation phenomena

Impurities in silicone fluid silicone fluid solidification from the bottom when the impurities tend to in liquid, but will not stay on solid. This phenomenon is called segregation phenomena.

When in the solid-liquid interface stability, the number of impurities in solids and in liquids in the ratio of the number, called the segregation coefficient. Impurities segregation coefficient is less than 1, directionally solidified when top tends to enrichment. The amount and degree of enrichment, depending on how many the segregation coefficient. In General, the segregation coefficient of metallic impurities below 10-3 (aluminium is approximately 0.08), so that Directional solidification modes and degradation, is more effective for metal impurities and boron and phosphorus segregation coefficient and 0.8 respectively 0.36 and, therefore, boron and phosphorus segregation phenomenon is not too obvious.

Purification of directionally solidified at the same time, taking into account the Silicon crystal growth technology, allows Directional solidification of silicon to polycrystalline silicon ingot slices directly, which is purified and United finished in one process of ingot. This General purified ingot furnace is an important means of purification. Due to the presence of impurities of silicon materials and crystals of high purity material and molten nature is different and therefore purified ingot furnace the temperature field and thermal field there is a difference between pure ingot furnace.

Development General company currently using their own patented design of a purified ingot integration, successfully resolved the problem, vacuum melting and casting is done in one process, purification can be solved both problems, also successfully completed the casting requirements.

(B) the process of crystal growth

Directional solidification is divided into the following four stages, including: formation and polycrystalline growth of embryos, the top top collection, annealing and cooling.

Embryos formed

After the melting, temperatures decrease to around 1440 c of silicon solutions and stay there for a while, and then make the bottom of the Crucible begins to cool, cooling below the melting point ℃ 6-10 or 1404-1408 degrees Celsius.

RDS4.0 method of decreasing the temperature at the bottom of the furnace body is to reduce power at the bottom, and gradually open the thermal switch at the bottom. With conventional ingot furnace upgrading insulation and heating element compared to because there was no cooling then gradually started around the central process, therefore, much more uniform temperature in the bottom.

When casting, bottom infrared temperature measurement data is not exactly Silicon liquid temperature at the bottom, because the measurement points and the Crucible silicone fluids are separated by at least one layer at the bottom of the Crucible, so the infrared temperature can reference only, and is based on the empirical data for each stove. At this time, the bottoms will form a supercooled liquid below the melting point, due to the bottom of the crucible of the fine structure of uneven on some particles will form a nucleus, namely the first solidification of particle, forming crystals. These particles may be prominent uneven points on the Crucible, is probably the crucible of SAG, because of its low position than any other position, so the time to cool down, the temperature will be lower.

Nucleus is formed, due to the large size of solar cells need to radial columnar, so best not to let grow upwards as soon as nucleation, once formed, this can lead to too much grain but after you first want to nucleation, first in the bottom of the Crucible lateral growth, and grow to a certain size, and then upward growth. In this way, requires the temperature at the melting point of the bottom of the Crucible after slightly lower, remained stable, no longer declining. In this way, bottom of the Crucible after nucleation, due to an upward growth, temperature is too high, it cannot, therefore, only horizontal growth.

When you begin to form the nucleus, because the bottom of the Crucible is not uniform, nucleating the formation is not uniform, some secret, some places are sparse. At the time of the nucleus lateral growth, grows to a certain level, will meet encounters due to a growing momentum in the face of other chips, it encountered resistance, resistance when the chip is too large, it will stop growing. Sometimes, this resistance may cause loose chips off combined with the bottom of the Crucible, so that the firmer chip will fall off leaving gaps continue to grow until after the entire bottom is covered with chips, and crush all the chip can start growing up. At this point, each Flake crystals began to grow up, it’s called embryos. This is the process of formation of embryos.

Nucleation in the pots start competition lead chips falling off, these chips due to lighter, will float above until the float to the Silicon surface. Due to the chip temperature is lower, therefore, leads to low temperature of the infrared thermometer, but usually melts quickly, so the temperature will reply. In this way, will appear in the temperature curve downward spikes.

Growth of polycrystalline

After the formation of embryos, began to grow up. Growth of polycrystalline silicon Mono-crystal growth of some different places. First, polysilicon Silicon of growth is many of Crystal column common growth, and mutual Zhijian also has competition and met; and Crystal is only a Crystal, not exists grain Zhijian of competition problem; second, more crystal silicon of growth is due to temperature field of role, bottom temperature constantly declined, led to solid liquid interface constantly rose; and crystal of liquid surface temperature basic not variable; third, polysilicon cast ingots of Silicon liquid relative still, and Silicon of Silicon liquid and Crystal is rotating of. These differences, resulting in polycrystalline silicon crystal growth has its advantages and disadvantages.

Once embryos form, it should be up to a certain speed is crystal growth. It needed to make Crucible bottom surface temperature drops slowly, which led to the melting point of Silicon liquid surfaces, in the slowly rising, increasing at a rate consistent with the Silicon crystal growth rate. Silicon crystal growth rate is not constant, has a range of between about 6~20mm/hours. Therefore, control the speed of the solid-liquid interface, so that it remains in this speed range, you can.

While in conventional ingot, many people think of the thermal mass speed is the speed of solid-liquid interface, which is completely wrong. Speed of solid/liquid interface and holding fast the body concerned, but also with the bottom surface temperature and heating power. Sometimes, the solid-liquid interface movement about insulation body moving speed of, at times, speed is less than the thermal insulation of the solid-liquid interface of movement speed. If the underside of the temperature is too low, when there’s not much heating element power, insulation represents a slight increase, within a region may cause the entire bottom temperature fell relatively quickly when moved faster than the solid-liquid interface insulation can be faster, leading to growth soon.

Most of the time, if the insulation is creeping up, and heating element power is large, when the insulating body at a certain level, because insulation body part below still has radiation so as to maintain a high temperature, then, the solid-liquid interface speed is much slower than insulation body movement. In short, Crucible also needs to constantly change in temperature at the bottom, and the Silicon liquid temperature at the top of, and is constantly changing. Is more complex, these two parameters change over time is not linear.

Taking into account the role of liquid silicon due to convection, temperature difference is small, solid silicon because Silicon cannot be moved, heat only by way of heat conduction, and the low thermal conductivity of silicon, with poor thermal conductivity and, therefore, can form a larger temperature difference within the solid silicone. In this case, embryos, once formed, can make to temperature gradient at the bottom and at the same time, can keep a relatively higher temperature at the top, so that the bottom of the column.

When columnar crystals grow to 80-120mm high, because of the poor thermal conductivity of solids and, therefore, decline in temperature based on a linear speed at the top, this can be uniform in favour of solid-liquid interface is up.

Dang columnar long to 160-220mm high Shi, due to most has is solid, so, bottom temperature on solid liquid interface of temperature effects has is unlikely to, but due to solid liquid interface in Crystal Shi of latent heat, so, produced of heat also is needs constantly to from bottom was away, so, bottom temperature must enough of low, to in solid silicon internal formed enough big of temperature gradient, put solid liquid interface of temperature away. At this point, prompting rose’s main power is the solid-liquid interface on top of the temperature dropped, and bottom temperature drops. When the temperature of the surface becoming the solidifying point of silicon, crystal growth, near-surface, closer to completion stage of crystallization.

Typically, ingot to be successful, to guarantee two basic conditions, low under a temperature gradient is always high, and crystal growth of solid-liquid interface we want to speed up and, secondly, to ensure the solid/liquid interface levels as much as possible. If solid-liquid interface are not level, it will inevitably lead to grow faster in the Middle, or next to grow faster. In this way, is not conducive to removing impurities during Directional solidification and Crystal Cross in the Middle, could lead to polycrystalline silicon ingot internal stress increases, makes the ingots easily breakable.

To ensure that the solid-liquid interface levels is no easy thing. Main reason is that the silicone fluid in after solidification, thermal conductivity is small, so silicone fluid and the internal temperature of the ingot heat of solidification and crystallization time release of latent heat of crystallization of dissemination is not very easy. Because heat during the four weeks, bottom heat dissipation, so that horizontal temperature differences will always exist. Especially in the second half of the Crystal time with increasing Crystal thickness, temperature and greater complexity.

Now casting-thermal field calculation model of DSS, HEM, RPDS, etc; these ingots with the actual real thermal distribution has a large gap. Impurities in Silicon-vapor pressure, free energy, entropy change of the Crystal, has an effect on crystallization process, and these factors, when Virgin polysilicon ingot is used does not need to be considered.

General solution to temperature gradient is, keep the bottom of the crucible of isothermal surface level, namely temperature difference, then, as the top surface is liquid, can be approximated as isothermal surfaces, so, in the upper and lower surfaces between, roughly the level of assurance is located in the middle of the solid-liquid interface.

Crucible bottom stay isothermal methods mainly from two channels, one was placed platform platform with good thermal conductivity graphite Crucible, graphite heat conductivity is good, therefore, when outside temperature difference exist in and around the Middle, given enough time, will be able to bring the entire surface temperatures are roughly tied. To do this, you also need to work on the platform of graphite structure, there is the General patented technology, basically guaranteed that.

Also keep the solid-liquid interface levels are a necessary condition, is the bottom heating element and thermal structure of bottom temperature uniformity. Shanghai General ingot furnace is currently able to ensuring international market only maintaining even heat heating and cooling in the bottom field and the furnace structure.

Top your top

When crystals grow to close to the top, top the final process is very important. Due to infrared temperature measurement of problem, often measurement of temperature does not necessarily is accurate, so, set of Crystal temperature may no crystal, when Department of Silicon liquid in the contains impurities of when (this is must of), Silicon liquid of melting point also will occurred changes, impurities more more, melting point more low, and impurities of content is to determines to of, so, hard control to temperature just top Department Crystal Shi ended. In addition, in Silicon in metallurgy, there will be a top layer of slag, the existence of these residues can lead to deviation of the temperature. Also, when Crystal long top, due to the difference in temperature in four weeks and Central, Central temperature even if accurate, the surrounding temperature may vary and, therefore, end in crystal growth processes, it is necessary to consider the entire ingot.

If ending malnutrition, can lead to more serious consequences, it may even lead to naught of the ingot process. First, if temperature control bad, closeout of when, joined Crystal distance top Department also has a distance, so, in closeout of when, due to always exists a fast cooling of process, this process will led to top Department of Silicon liquid from surface first solidified, such, in silicon ingots lower of Crystal and top Department of solidified into of solid shell layer Zhijian, will residues some liquid, these liquid in then of cooling process in the also will solidified, due to Silicon liquid solidified Shi volume will expansion, such words, light is led to silicon ingots surface “bulge” phenomenon of produced, Heavy then causes the upper partial rupture has been frozen. Due to the stress of the strength is very large, the rupture is not just part of the final set, but will also extend to the lower part has solidified silicon ingots.

However, the entire top of the ingot while crystallization is only a kind of ideal conditions, it is practically impossible to achieve. Under normal circumstances, ingots were the first to grow up to a certain part of the Crystal top of silicone fluid, the first complete crystallization. At this point, should the temperature is maintained for some time, slowly lower the heating power, the ingot slowly upward growth at other parts, usually about 120-180 minutes later, the entire top of the ingot growth could be completed.

Annealing and cooling

Crystal growth is completed, cannot be cooled immediately, because the crystallization is complete, at 1410 degrees Celsius on the top and bottom temperature 900 ° c or so, as much as 500 degrees Celsius temperature difference between up and down, and such a large temperature difference will produce a lot of heat stress and, therefore, must go through the annealing process.

Provide an environmental temperature of the ingot annealing refers to converge at a slow pace, and remain so for some time. Annealing ingot internal stress can be eliminated also defects such as dislocations in the crystal growth process with some degree of elimination, so crystal is not easy to break. Even if growth really well, improper annealing can also cause a breakdown of silicon ingots. For the next step for the ingot to be sliced, cracked was equal to scrap. If only purified without ingot, a complete silicon ingots are easier to work with than broken, such as the tops and tails. Therefore, the annealing process, should not be overlooked, not because growth has been completed, to the effect that by this time.

Crystal growth is complete, due to the high temperatures at the top and, therefore, need to keep the temperature cool slowly. Typically, power from the Crystal of power according to a fixed rate, meanwhile, will drop insulation body and heat hit bottom when power drops below a minimum value.

There are different versions of the annealing temperature. At 1300 ° c for thermal insulation, it is called high temperature annealing; annealed at 1100 ℃, known as low-temperature annealing.

Optimum annealing temperature is controversial. Generally considered long Crystal should be completed, middle of top and bottom of ingot temperature value, this argument seems reasonable, but also consider Silicon annealing from cold to heat up to temperature and annealing temperature from cool to hot, are subject to thermal stress is different. Cold temperature, thermal stress seems to be bigger, from this perspective, the annealing temperature should be around 1100 ℃ appropriate.

The annealing time, based on theory and experience, in 3-4 hours, after which the annealing temperature, then heat for 3 hours or so, and then, you can supplement the natural heating and cooling.

Natural cooling stage of so-called supplementary heating, cooling the ingot insulation inside were slow, and the temperature of the heating element should also be given a small amount so that temperatures do not drop too fast. Since at temperature up to 900 ° c, you can turn off the power, so its completely natural cooling.

Often think of temperature below 400 ℃, can turn on the stove, and then in about 100 ℃ Crucible even trim out, but kept in a closed, airless room, wait until more than 12 hours, remove shielding and the crucible.

Original title: Dr Shi 珺 on crystal growth of polycrystalline silicon ingot processes

Now is a good time to buy solar thermal assets yet?

Polaris solar PV net news: along with AREVA (Areva) level developers split solar-thermal power generation business, some inevitable problems arise, their project development processes will be affected? Techniques on how to handle them with independent intellectual property rights?

If you are considering buying a standalone has a complete technical and operational system of solar thermal enterprises, now might be a good time to entry. This summer, Areva announced after giving up solar thermal business, the company plans bundled and sold the entirety of its light and heat.

AREVA plans to adopt a years time will the company sell the solar thermal business, during which it can receive any takeover offer. But AREVA trade PR CarolineSagne said: “only the planned buy-out companies AREVA solar thermal business will be considered. ”

That means AREVA company now, at least for the time being does not consider the company’s solar thermal business segment sales. Even so, total package for sale for those who want to quickly improve the company level in the CSP field would be very attractive for buyers.

In fact, Areva has been pushing India and Australia solar thermal projects, but what is undeniable is the company’s solar thermal business, which has been losing money. The great loss of 373 million euros is the main reason AREVA company out of the solar thermal business.

Nevertheless, in the solar thermal industry, Areva is one of the most abundant accumulation of solar thermal technology. As a traditional solar thermal technology company AREVA solar thermal history dates back to 2002, Areva solar thermal business unit, formerly known as 2002 Australia established a Fresnel solar thermal company Ausra company, specialized research and development using Fresnel solar thermal technologies for high-temperature applications and in power generation.

Over a long period of time, in the solar thermal industry more attention to development of parabolic trough solar thermal technology, and followers of Tower-type solar thermal technologies more and more at the same time, Areva solar thermal team has always been dedicated to Fresnel solar thermal technology research, development and application.

But while AREVA for its compact linear Fresnel technology has found a new way of development, which uses molten salt heat storage technology, and has made a breakthrough in the technology research and development, Areva is as light and heat loss gave up solar thermal business.

Whether other companies would be interested in buying AREVA photothermal independent intellectual property rights of these may have great value in technology? From solar thermal industry development in recent years, we can see the answer would be Yes. Siemens group in 2012, when out of the solar thermal business when A Ben Beck group Rioglass subsidiary of solar collector technology of the company quickly acquired by Siemens.

Struggling solar thermal enterprises

Zhiqian, Germany insolvent it solar-thermal companies solar Millennium subsidiary Flagsol trough solar thermal technology company was transferred to Germany Ferrostaal company. Flagsol company again changed hands last year, Spain TSK group all acquisitions.

Even some small solar-thermal companies when they get into trouble, it succeeded in finding the House.

For example, last November, Israel Qnergy’s acquisition of United States Infinia Corporation, Infinia Corporation is an international application has been committed to the difficult dish-Stirling technology commercially run companies.

But for Areva and others also want to sell solar thermal business for companies, they need light and heat is the problem facing the industry now, not many buyers. Many still insist on more thinking about how to maintain the existing solar thermal business rather than the acquisition of new solar-thermal business.

However, it would still have a small amount of solar thermal industry has the ability and needs of the company would be given to the light and heat from being imminent sale or merger the assets. For example France multinational Alstom has recently emphasized the company’s commitment will be entering the solar thermal market.

In addition, Saudi ACWA power companies in acquisitions last year Germany Flabeg mirrors manufacturers have been tuned for more light and heat at the same time merger possibilities, because the company wanted to be able to quickly capture the vast solar thermal market in the Middle East.

Would also like to emphasise is that Areva in the solar thermal business before you abandon and Korea electric power company reached an agreement in any common areas of renewable energy options of the Asian energy giants will be given priority. Can be assumed is that the agreement should also apply to AREVA solar thermal business being sold.

Lux Research for solar research senior analyst MatthewFeinstein said: “the solar market is stabilising, will attract more investors. ”

Potential buyers

However, MatthewFeinstein said, every solar thermal potential buyers of the assets prior to formal acquisition will definitely do your homework.

MatthewFeinstein goes on to say: “as the market recovers, a lot was abandoned between 2011 to 2013 solar thermal technologies is likely to be a buyer reconsidering the acquisition. But before the formal takeover, these buyers need to be sure to buy these technologies are also valuable. New technologies should be evaluated according to their own values, rather than on market assessments. Outdated technology even when the boom wouldn’t make a difference, and excellent technology is going to be a big success, even in bad times will be competitive in the market. ”

A manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the infrastructure sector in the Middle East OmarMahmoud believe that buyers will need to be purchased before any technology technology has a comprehensive full assessment.

OmarMahmoud said: “if I were a buyer first of all, I am definitely going to have to buy technology for evaluation. I would ask whether there is a case before, plus if I were using this technique, it can bring me anything. If one technique is excellent, for enterprises, it would be very wise to make acquisitions to, because it can save businesses time and money. To the buyers need to have one independent analysts can provide an impartial assessment. In General to strictly technical surveys are hard to come by. ”

Original title: now is a good time to buy solar thermal assets yet?

Photovoltaic pumps use advantages

Polaris solar PV net news: photovoltaic pumps, also known as solar water pumps, mainly by photovoltaic pumping inverters and water pump. For specific application, again depending on the lift and daily water consumption needs with a corresponding power solar array, collectively known as the PV pumping system.

PV water pump system automatic operation without manual unattended, system consists of photovoltaic water-inverters, photovoltaic arrays, water pump. Systems save energy storage devices, such as batteries, water storage as an alternative to electricity storage, direct-drive pumps pumping.

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PV pumping Inverter control and adjust the operational implementation of the system to achieve maximum power point tracking. When the sunshine guarantee system rated to run, when the Sun is low, setting the minimum operating frequency to meet to ensure full application of solar power.

Solar cell array formed by the solar modules series-parallel, absorb the sunlight radiation energy, converting it into electricity, power supply for the entire system.

Pumping water from deep wells or water sources such as rivers and lakes, into the tank/pool, or fountain, or direct access to irrigation systems. DC, AC pumps, centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, mixed flow pumps, deep well pump can be used.

PV water pump system using sustainable energy from the Sun, Sunrise, day and resting without custody, without fossil fuels, without an integrated power grid, independent, secure and reliable operation. Can be used with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, irrigation, irrigation facilities, and effective solution to the irrigation of arable land and increase yield, save water and energy, reduce the input costs of traditional energy, electricity. Hence the use of clean energy substitution of fossil fuels is the most effective way to become the world’s “food”, “energy” new energy, new technology products to integrated solutions, particularly in line with the national construction “resource conservation” and “environment-friendly” strategies for social development.

Photovoltaic investments: sunk costs is a pit

Polaris solar PV net news: sunk costs, as they threw down the memories of the past, or sweet, or bitter, but are more or less affected in today’s decision, it is difficult to really live in the moment, it is hard to parachute

“Seeing him Lou Zhu, seeing his dinner guests, seeing him collapse! ”

PV manufacturing in recent years of ups and downs, like the peach blossom fan, this simple phrase of deduction in General, yesterday is still under work fast, and suddenly, today has been waking up in the market turnaround. Many investors follow the PV manufacturing industry, especially those after the 2010 business enterprise, and are almost caught in an awkward position.

Although these inputs from entering after May is not too small, but compared with market-leading businesses, regardless of size, or brand has a large gap, as market competition becomes more shape, its Outlook is more uncertain. Once the market downward, these businesses could easily tap orders often have to stop production and a shutdown state.

Problem is these enterprises, how to activate has invested assets and capacity? Or, is the continued to increase investment, through hard efforts in quality, channels and brands to overtake mainstream companies grab market share? Or exit manufacturing other?

Increase investment in addition to face increasingly fierce competition and thinner profit margins, also had to deal with the increasingly severe debts woes in the industry. Restructuring, but could not bear to have losses of investment, also fears another nadir has previously giving a feast of riches.

These are not just into confusion.

Actually, market Shang of some mainstream enterprise also also faced with similar of dilemma, even more distress–in operating profit long-term for negative of situation Xia, is based on has some brand, and channel, and capacity scale or market share and entrepreneurs of personal fame, causes, and teether insisted with, more is who zaguomaitie continues to increased inputs, to through “who more thanks to up” of non-rational way left in market Shang.

In fact, this is a typical kind of obsessed mentality misunderstanding of sunk costs.

Sunk-cost trap is that the larger the upfront investment, investors are more reluctant to give up, even if the input cannot be valued.

It is in thinking of this only on input costs, regardless of the enterprise, or some local governments are putting more energy into the inventory of assets and purchased at additional inputs, as well as some “rescue” starting point of policy is also based on this, and totally ignored the direction of sustainable development are fundamental to business and industrial development.

So, in addition to deeper outer also ignored another possibility is greater–opportunity costs.

There is no doubt that prospects of photovoltaic industry is becoming more and more clear, and broad space of development. But the principal contradiction in the industry at this stage, but it is severe overcapacity. Even more important is that development opportunities is tilting toward the lower reaches, this is the best window into the downstream.

This is actually greater missed can not afford the cost.

It is said that a good investor, should have no memory.

Sunk cost, as they threw down the memories of the past, or sweet, or bitter, but are more or less affected in today’s decision, it is difficult to really live in the moment, to a parachute.

Photovoltaic industry development to date, is emerging more and more rich business opportunities and innovation needs, if an investor wants to make a difference, that decisively lost the burden of history and leave those sunk costs like chicken, which focuses on innovation and new opportunities will it be possible to not miss out on a great source of energy reform event.

Original title: photovoltaic investments: sunk costs is a pit

Critical data is read first half of 2014 PV power developments

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014 will go more than half the 1-6 of the photovoltaic industry in the past months in the industry under a warming trend in the larger environment, gradual adjustment, mainstream businesses have returned to profit, and the whole industry chain-making side and weak differentiation, m willing. While in the terminal station, the Chinese Government’s support brought a strong development in the Chinese market.

Polysilicon prices rose, led by Li Xiexin profit

According to the data of the Ministry of Electronics Division, raw materials, and by the end of June 2014, polysilicon production enterprises increased from 16 and 7 from early last year; poly silicon productions from 62,000 tonnes, an increase of 100%; imported polysilicon 45,900 tons, an increase of 17% and imports of $ 1 billion, an increase of 38.8%.

Prices, 29.3% polysilicon prices rose in the first half, compared with last year’s $ 18/t, polysilicon import price of about $ 21 per ton this year, major importing countries focused on Germany, and Korea and the United States and China’s Taiwan region. Germany imports about 14991 tonnes, an increase of 22%, Korea imports 13775 tonnes, an increase of 51%, United States imports 10030 tonnes, down 19.6% affected by the double reverse. Taiwan imports 4755 tonnes, an increase of 72.4%.

Enterprises, in GCL-poly, daqo new energy, TBEA, has arisen now, mainly of domestic polysilicon polysilicon manufacturers produce and sell more and more concentrated, especially GCL-prominent among them, under these circumstances, 2014 GCL-half sales income of HK $ 17.22 billion, gross profit reached 3.68 billion HK dollars, increased by more than 400% over the previous year.

According to the GCL Shu Hua, the Chief Executive introduced from polysilicon manufacturing, GCL-poly in the Siemens process technology costs have fallen to under $ 14 and October is granular Silicon product line FB2, cost under $ 8, such a rapid decline in Silicon cost.

He said, “coupled with rising grain and wafer cutting technology upgrade, will the battery manufacturing process and raw materials provide a contribution and cost efficient contribution, this will give our entire global business expansion. ”

Wafer production 18GW, Taiwan’s biggest export

According to the Secretariat of China PV Industry Association statistics, wafer production 18GW first half of 2014, an increase of 20%, wafer about 1.112 billion dollars in exports, exports, 4.6GW, “double reverse” preliminary impact mainland China from the China Taiwan imported cell number, but also indirectly affects the wafers to China’s Taiwan region’s exports, particularly poly film.

2014 1 June silicon chip exports, data source: Secretariat of the Photovoltaic Industry Association, China

1-in June, wafer exports to 24 countries and regions, China, one of the largest export region for China’s Taiwan, the export amount of US $ 705 million, 63.5% per cent of the total exports, followed by Korea, exports about $ 121 million, accounted for more than the total exports of 10.9% third for Malaysia, exports about US $ 115 million, followed by the Philippines, Japan, and India, and Germany.

Polycrystalline silicon chips for export, export volume is about 3.1GW, mainly exported to China, respectively Taiwan 2.4GW, Malaysia 390MW, Korea 190MW. Silicon chip exports, 1.3GW, mainly exported to China, Taiwan 300MW, 500MW, Philippines Korea 25MW, Japan 110MW, Malaysia 90MW.

From exporters, and multicrystalline silicon exports mainly concentrated in Concord, has arisen now, firms such as chun, GCL exported approximately US $ 318 million, 44% per cent of total exports, saving around $ 82 million, 11.3% per cent of total exports.

Silicon exporters are concentrated in several businesses such as longi, Central, which the Lungi about 159 million dollars in exports accounted for 40.6% silicon chip to total exports, followed by the Central (Central Europe) is about $ 144 million, exports large amounts of 5 companies with exports amounting to $ 371 million, 94.8% per cent of the total exports.

9.5GW component exports, Canadian solar 694 million dollars exports

Middle reaches manufacturing, at the end of June 2014, component prices rose 7.3%, several leading battery companies to turn a profit, some companies continue. Components around 6.6 billion yuan, slightly lower exports, 9.5GW,2 months, 3、4、5yue stable in June by the United States “double reverse” impact the slump in exports, with exports to the US dropped about 220 million dollars.

First half of 2014 component exporting countries/regions, data sources, photovoltaic industry association, China Secretariat

Half component production about 15.5GW, component total sales income 72.2 billion yuan, export aspects, export to 192 a national and the area, which exports maximum of for Japan, about 2.37 billion dollars, export accounted for than about 35.9%, export volume about 3.5GW; second for United States, exports about 1.35 billion dollars, export volume about 2GW; export to European area about 1.34 billion dollars, export volume about 1.9GW, this three a national and the area accounted for total exports of 76.6%, Top ten exporting country or region for Japan and the United States and the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and Australia, and India, and South Africa, China, Taiwan, and Belgium, and Chile.

Enterprises 1-June, Chinese exporters more than 1500 (including production enterprises and foreign trade companies), in which the largest solar reached 694 million dollars in exports, followed by Trina solar and Yingli, top ten companies total about US $ 4.2 billion, 63.6% per cent of the total exports.

Battery export 1.4GW, ja led by $ 145 million

According to the Secretariat of China PV industry association figures first half of 2014, China produces about 14GW of solar cells, which exports about $ 520 million, exports, 1.4GW, export to 92 countries or regions, one of the largest exporters of Korea, exports amounted to 138 million dollars, followed by Canada, and exports amounting to us $ 119 million, exports about $ 94 million in Europe. The top ten exports for Korea], Canada, and India, and Japan, and Germany, and Italy, China, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Austria, and South Africa.

2014 1 cell June monthly exports, data source: Secretariat of the Photovoltaic Industry Association, China

From the perspective of enterprises, 1-June, China solar cell export more than 200 enterprises (including foreign trade company), with the biggest exports for ja, amounted to $ 145 million, 27.8% per cent of the total exports, followed by the take drops and exports of about $ 69 million, top ten companies with exports amounting to $ 395 million, 75.9% per cent of the total exports.

According to the survey, about 1:12 single crystals and polycrystalline, mainly due to high poly is more cost effective.

Small amount of PV projects in the first half, quarter to climb

Terminal station, according to Department of energy data in 2014, China’s new PV on-grid capacity 3.3 million-kilowatt, about 100% than a year ago, with a new grid-connected PV capacity 2.3 million-kilowatt, 1 million-kilowatt new distributed grid-connected PV capacity.

When cumulative kWh photovoltaic power generation by about 11 billion-kilowatt, an increase of 200%.

Gansu, Xinjiang and Qinghai cumulative grid-connected PV capacity up, respectively, and 4.45 million-kilowatt and 3.65 million-kilowatt; new grid-connected PV capacity in Xinjiang’s largest, at 900,000-kilowatt.

Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong today distributed grid-connected capacity up, respectively, and 700,000-kilowatt and 420,000-kilowatt of Jiangsu new distributed grid-connected PV capacity maximum, 270,000-kilowatt.

According to 2014 14GW PV installed capacity target set by the National Energy Board, domestic PV projects in China in the second half are expected to climb, especially four-quarter since Sprint 10GW domestic installed capacity target, the domestic photovoltaic industry jumping might occur, forming shock development curve, industry will remain deep correction.

Original title: critical data is read first half of 2014 PV power developments

An interview with Zhao Yonghong: still waters run deep PV life

Polaris solar PV net news: Zhao Yonghong: doctor, graduated from Singapore National University, has taught at Zhejiang University College of mechanical and energy engineering. Current PV industry in Zhejiang Province science and technology innovation Strategic Alliance Secretary-General, the solar photovoltaic Industry Association General Secretary, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the solar photovoltaic industry early warning model of foreign trade point directors and other staff.

Interview with Dr solar photovoltaic Industry Association General Secretary Zhao Yonghong, Hangzhou City

Since 2009, she actively promoted the PV industry’s innovative service platform construction, warning of foreign trade, industrial policy in industry research, industry collaborative innovation, international exchanges and cooperation, technology transfer and investment and financing aspects of positive work. Her in-depth research, carefully refined and active advocate of “differentiated collaborative creativity” new patterns of industrial development, for the promotion of photovoltaic transformation of industrial clusters in Zhejiang Province has played an important role in the development and form a nationwide influence. Meanwhile, Dr Zhao in recent years, actively promote “cross-border cooperation”, especially in the construction industry, power industry, construction of new urbanization actively speaks for the photovoltaic industry in Zhejiang Province, for enterprises to establish exchanges and cooperation platform.

2010 fall of madness after the wave of huge industrial, Zhejiang small PV companies have bucked, constantly blaze new trails, a single flower in Chinese photovoltaic industry shows quite striking. Therefore, also one of the driving force behind Industry-Association of solar energy photovoltaic industry in Hangzhou City with new eyes.

In 2010, Dr Zhao Yonghong, who worked at Zhejiang University and several local photovoltaic companies jointly founded the solar photovoltaic industry association, Hangzhou City, more than four years, the Photovoltaic Industry Association of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City, became one of “House”, not only won the recognition and trust of enterprises and Government departments, has no small reputation in the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad.

With this performance, for a civil society institutions with no official background, but also in the entire industry faces severe overcapacity in the most difficult period, is not simple.

Along with the top management of decentralized market, actively advocate the reform of government management function, will no doubt have many management functions will gradually be devolved, including the Association of social service agencies. So, how do these institutions for economic development and Enterprise Services? Is a continuation of the previous old thinking from top to bottom? Innovation or active market positive?

Perhaps, Hangzhou’s exploration of solar photovoltaic industry association, has some reference sample values.

Difficulties and opportunities

Zhao Yonghong who seems to have an affinity similar to the magnetic field, bright, gentle personality, childlike innocent smile, as it is kind like a woman next door.

She said that her personality is very suitable for the Association.

Decisions for the year, still makes her feel have benefited, although tough outsider or unimaginable.

2010 was a year of expansion of global PV industry the most popular. Unfortunately, did not last long, but suddenly, with huge capacity far exceeds market demands focus release, international market sniper series of trade industry as a whole is suddenly in deep winter, business is getting harder.

Hangzhou municipal solar photovoltaic industry association, described as “untimely”.

No money, no support, no prestige, no activity … …, upheavals of industry recession, newly established Hangzhou City faces a huge test of the solar energy Photovoltaic Industry Association.

In order to find out the real situation, to join soon Zhao Yonghong visits included government officials, industry experts and entrepreneurs and enterprise employees, many in the industry. She found that all known, almost exclusively negative about the industry Outlook.

“People are speculating the next how much is the rate of business failures, and some even consider that industry will have only a dozen companies, most companies would not have survived. Even some government officials see I asked, what’s up with this industry? Not a sunrise industry, became the sunset? ”

The wind of pessimism in the industry filled the air, Association Zhao Yonghong also once had a sense of powerlessness, because it causes problems, is not such a civil association to change.

“Failing to get reasons are a common mode of thinking. But in the face of strife, a variety of efforts to cause profound analysis of the problem, it seemed to do little to restore confidence in the development of enterprise and Government. To break through this predicament and urgent need for a new mode of thinking and methodology. ”

So Zhao Yonghong began another dimension of reflection: such a look for reflections on the root causes of the problem and its consequences, have little real value for enterprise’s development and its significance? For Association work to find a breakthrough and how much real help?

When they visited around, Zhao Yonghong found that compared to before the crisis, the enterprise there have been some new requirements, start has been made on many previous neglect of new way of thinking, there are many demands she had never been thought of before.

“Companies in transition, industry association services must be restructured to enhance and keep up with it. “It made her think about a fundamental shift in attitudes of the industry crisis. She suddenly realized, is just such a huge industry crisis, her Association has brought development opportunities.

“People want to ‘ turn crises into opportunities ‘, but more often but always staring at people who can’t change their own difficulties, while ignoring their own ready to do improvements in specific, bit by bit. “Zhao Yonghong said, in the face of crisis, the Association must first transform attitudes towards difficulties to stay away from trouble actively see the crisis contained opportunities, but also to discover new needs and good practices.

“Turning crises into opportunities”

For those who have a positive mental attitude, difficulty, success a key to the front door is open.

“Being questioned in this industry, the enterprise become difficult cases, we found that recalls the past to find a cause and there is not much help. Since we can’t dial it back again and again, and I began to think, whether a fresh look at the industry woes? See what things we can do something different, you can let yourself go a little bit? ”

This is referred to as society works by Zhao Yonghong’s “new thinking”.

Through on industry situation of in-depth analysis, Zhao Yonghong see has a active of results, serious of capacity excess and tragic of industry competition actually brings has a very favourable of situation–PV application has in increasingly more of national achieved or close parity Internet, PV power of application prospects has never no so broad, industry chain Shang enterprise between of products development and collaboration also is rendering out unprecedented of active trend.

“This is what a good app to the market timing of the force! “Even if three years have elapsed, time also validate her judgment, Zhao Yonghong but still heartfelt sighs.

See the trends and directions, society is starting to change the focus shifted to actively encourage and guide enterprises to “leveraging the cooperation,” “photovoltaic products from research to research solutions” and so on. Meanwhile, more important change is that Zhao Yonghong members very clearly that its “differentiated collaborative innovation” proposals.

To this end, the Association organizing its members to not only set up three specialized committees, thematic seminars, Zhao Yonghong also tried to communicate with the relevant government departments, consultation, actively reflect the industry’s innovative ideas, new demands, new practices, strive for financial and policy support for business innovation.

In her view, bottom drop out of the global PV industry development at the same time, in fact, are also periods of rapid advances in technology, is the key to industrial relocation period. Because, while the industry is growth spurts, due to market demand, corporate profits in a large space, many companies are difficult to focus on technological innovation. But with the difficulties of the industry threaten the survival, it will pressure businesses seek to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

In the face of crisis, through the Association’s positive guidance, PV enterprises in Hangzhou innovation initiative was soon active again.

Once invited an international testing organizations to give Member companies of the Association to do the training, when lecturers mentions they have a PV module to optimize packaging innovations can provide annual savings of more than 1 million of expenditure, immediately received warm response from the enterprise, and even enterprise offered to cooperate on the spot.

“Saving so much money, in its previous PV companies, it is clear that not many people are willing to spend time considering. “Zhao Yonghong says.

Zhao Yonghong realized that “if we do not the same market, then the excess capacity will no longer be. When another angle to recognize the problem, we find that dilemma is in fact the companies the opportunity to form a new starting point. ”

“As long as innovation, once formed a new operating model, you can get rid of the low price and quality competition. “In her opinion, enterprises not only need to be differentiated development, Association work, too. Only found in enterprise based on the needs of, and others do not like the service pattern is found, the Association can obtain market approval, have room for survival and development.

Small steps go

Between two points, the quickest, is not the only straight lines.

Association for four years of work experience, bring Zhao Yonghong maximum feel, is also growing.

“When flowers filled with traps, depressed time full of opportunities. “These friends gave her words, and her understanding of the industry.

“Anything is possible, not dead. “Zhao Yonghong said that at a time when trade is particularly difficult, the Association, in fact, the new demand came, as long as these requirements are met, will naturally produce value.

Zhao Yonghong, an enterprise does not have any mandatory binding civil institutions, in addition to actively to identify and meet the needs of enterprises, there is no alternative. The dilemma facing the industry as a whole, as well as enterprise survival challenges, her solution, is a step along a problem a problem to be solved.

Four years later, small achievements, accumulated considerable. “When we went to do some little things in a pragmatic manner, through a little bit of accumulation, but found that accumulation is slow. When enterprise thanks when we do a lot of things, we found that he already has done a lot of work on the new directions of work and service, also brought many opportunities for enterprises and resources. ”

That is perhaps a few years Association experience a change to her own style. When it is no longer tandaqiuquan, but one that is based on specific things one thing at a time, Zhao Yonghong found that problem before, seems to be easily solved.

Therefore, Zhao Yonghong regularly to inculcate a philosophy, even small membership thing, also must be done carefully. “Even if the general membership dues only pay 2000 dollars a year, that he thought the service was worth it, to spend more time to discuss and work with associations, only in this way, the Association may have developed. ”

Zhao Yonghong believes that more tough business needs that are both innovative and meticulous service, and more need for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. Hangzhou municipal solar photovoltaic industry association has been able to develop, but that in fact caught in bad timing, went through a number of specific services to the enterprises with a valuable service, which received industry recognition.

To that end, she has not only maintained a hotline in touch with business executives, also used to run the Government, run businesses. Many business executives say, “Zhao’s Secretary-General,” who is the most complete business information. “What we do service, but it is not dominated by us, but communicate fully with the enterprise and discuss what you need? What I do is more helpful to you? ”

Is also in demand for such a service in enterprise mode, Zhao Yonghong had seen a lot of new demand.

“In the past when times are good, corporate bosses may just need the Association organized the peer party, but today, all they need is a real role to play ‘ platform ‘ to support the development of enterprises. “Zhao Yonghong believes that if they work hard to serve the urgent needs of enterprises, enterprises need Association and will genuinely value of accreditation association.

Zhao Yonghong and her colleagues ‘ efforts, in recent years, the association with architecture, urbanization, power grids and other fields of work and launched a vigorous exchanges and communication, for the Member companies to build a platform for cross-border cooperation, received high evaluation from the corporate and Government sectors.

“Positive energy” type of communication

Zhao Yonghong left impressed the author most, she resists clarity of negative thinking.

It is evidently a clear no, but natural and is not stiff, appear to be similar information to her, like clouds of mud into the sea, without visible instantly disappeared without a trace.

It in her communication with enterprises and Government departments, and helps a lot.

Zhao Yonghong almost never simply dismiss them. In her view, whatever the circumstances, everyone has his proper place, and that he must be his own most understand. In her view, whether it is an enterprise development was slow, and fixed step or temporary and must have reasonable cause. “How could I possibly know better than he himself? If I were them, may is much better than them. ”

Even more important is that “you have to trust each other, because you can’t replace one another, to trust his own ability to solve problems. “Zhao Yonghong said only on the premise of encouragement and confidence, more help to resolve the problem. Otherwise, “the problem is not resolved, it is still your problem. ”

“I never put pressure on entrepreneurs or any official, this principle is a very important work of the Association. If the debt is not too positive, I will certainly adjust their thinking and mindset. “Zhao Yonghong said there were so many associations, if you can’t bring value to the enterprise, cannot let the Government become aware of your role, what use is it complaining about?

“You do in front of people naturally understand your value. I am the first service done in place to allow the Government to this matter over to the Hangzhou Association is assured of, definitely do a good job. Such things are more than a number, we will gladly offer to do things with me. ”

Seems nice, actually, in Zhao Yonghong’s view, if the struggle for linguistic or literal meaning, and tends to bring new divisions, thus more difficult to solve the problem. And just look at the positive side, or strengthening the common ground, it will help to maintain mutual acceptance and understanding, will be more likely shifted from confrontation to cooperation.

“The communication between people, if emotionally by the mutual recognition and understanding, willingness to help others may become a willing, so that, communication becomes an atmosphere of positive and full of positive energy, problems are more likely to be resolved. ”

Zhao Yonghong said that anyone doing anything, in fact, first of all for themselves, way to accomplish what others in this process. So, as long as you don’t take yourself so great and important, there won’t be so much dissatisfaction and complaints.

In her view, the result of success only in passing, as long as the process of doing things seriously, other things will come.

It seems to have fitted into a potential, as the tranquil River following tidal streams flow to the sea, the more positive things, are being attracted into Zhao Yonghong and her associations–including an increasing number of businesses and Government approval, also includes more business opportunities and development opportunities.

Original title: still waters run deep PV life

Chuantou energy, tianwei baobian polysilicon “dying” before the dawn

Polaris solar PV net news: polycrystalline silicon industry in China under the background of slow recovery, the first thousand metric tons of polysilicon production enterprises-Leshan, Sichuan xinguang silicon technology limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as xinguang silicon), but now he is facing bankruptcy and liquidation of embarrassment.

Recently, the company’s two major shareholders chuantou energy, tianwei baobian respectively, said in a statement, has received notice of Leshan city, Sichuan province of the people’s Intermediate Court, the Academy application under chuantou energy GmbH, decides to accept xinguang Silicon case of bankruptcy and liquidation.

Public information display, xinguang Silicon was the first company to launch thousands of metric tons of polysilicon business, was China’s polysilicon market gainers. Their registered capital amounted to 362 million Yuan, mainly produce and sell polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon slicing, high purity metals and other related products.

Chuantou energy, tianwei baobian has high hopes the two major shareholders of xinguang Silicon from 2011 into troughs of PV industry begins long “cutoff modification” total loss is as high as 1.15 billion dollars in almost three years, and at the end of last year, xinguang Silicon assets amounted to 623 million dollars. To get rid of polysilicon burden, last November chuantou energy has announced plans to jointly tongwei group to restructure it. But now xinguang Silicon filed for bankruptcy, display previous restructuring efforts, or has failed.

3 loss of 1.15 billion

On September 6, the xinguang Silicon chuantou energy of the largest shareholder said in a statement, from joint venture company Sichuan xinguang silicon technology limited liability company is unable to pay the debts, and official capacity as creditor of the Corporation on August 25, apply to the Leshan intermediate people’s Court of Sichuan province xinguang Silicon liquidation of shares 33.14%.

According to the announcement on September 4, and chuantou energy officially received the Leshan intermediate people’s Court of the civil order book, received xinguang Silicon forwarded simultaneously to the notification of Leshan city intermediate people’s Court, Leshan intermediate people’s Court on September 3 to accept chuantou energy xinguang Silicon filed for bankruptcy liquidation.

Public information, xinguang Silicon was founded in October 2000, is the first to have tons of polysilicon production enterprises, and has several manufacturing core technology team and top experts, while companies or domestic polysilicon industry technology standard-setter. Currently, chuantou energy, tianwei baobian separately holds xinguang Silicon 33.14% and 30.38% shares.

Xinguang Silicon reportedly was established in October 2000, its 1260 tons/year of polycrystalline silicon project was the construction of the national development and Reform Commission approved in 2001 ‘s first high-tech model industrialization projects and estimates a total investment of about 1.29 billion yuan. In February 2007, put to trial a one-time success. On the set up time, and it can indeed claim to be China’s polysilicon industry “exists”.

Xinguang Silicon since its establishment under the Sichuan provincial investment Group LLC, 2007 chuantou energy at the cost of nearly 420 million Yuan scored xinguang Silicon 38.9% equity, cash payments 371 million Yuan, to jiangyou coal-fired 12.605% the equity price to pay 48.8245 million Yuan. According to the media, and xinguang Silicon initial total assets reaching nearly 2 billion yuan and net assets of more than 1 billion yuan.

Acquisition was completed in the first year, despite the impact of the financial crisis, causing xinguang Silicon product sales in the fourth quarter sales dropped sharply, but xinguang Silicon in 2008 and still made a net profit of 807 million Yuan, and chuantou energy brings to 314 million dollars of income.

Did not last long however, and chuantou energy 2009 annual report, xinguang Silicon profit that year had declined by 89.67%, this has also led to the chuantou energy’s net profit fell by more than 50%. By 2010 xinguang Silicon’s business situation continues to deteriorate, which has only 1.7388 million yuan in net profit.

In the context of 2011 polysilicon prices, xinguang Silicon chose production technical, since the company has fallen into the deficit trap. According to 2011 net profit-37.5273 million, 2012 loss widened to 410 million Yuan last year, losses increased to 709 million Yuan. Total loss of 1.15 billion dollars in almost three years, and ending on December 31, 2013, xinguang Silicon 622 million Yuan total assets total liabilities of 634 million dollars, owners ‘ equity-11.26 million Yuan.

Some analysts have pointed out to reporters, polysilicon belongs to the threshold for high-tech industries, high investment, even for reconstruction, but also less likely to get out of the red, technology, after all, is limited, and the equipment is updated. In terms of energy consumption, if enterprises do more than 2000~3000 tons, and can be recycled, not only can increase economies of scale, high energy consumption and problems can be improved.

Previously, chuantou energy xinguang silicon production technical has been attributed to “the slowdown of the world economy, the European debt crisis continues to deepen and expand, further reductions in PV subsidies in developed countries of Europe, multiple factors such as banks restricted credit, market, xinguang Silicon technological stagnation”.

The analyst said years before 2008 as polysilicon prices skyrocketed, stimulated by the development of domestic polysilicon industry is very fast, but in contrast, Leshan polysilicon production enterprises are scattered into durability is worse, with Leshan electricity price is high, has no competitive advantage, Leshan polysilicon manufacturers are therefore more than the other.

Reorganization run aground?

Chuantou energy Dong bi Gong Yuan once said in an interview prior to the media “in order to activate the new silicon, has made a lot of effort, but all did not go through. If you really want to save, need financial, technical and other support. Is difficult to reach agreement between the shareholders, shareholders can’t think of a better way, and don’t want to be put on, which is why xinguang Silicon drag even bankruptcy today. “

Xinguang Silicon since discontinued in 2011 after severe lack of funding, has been unable to maintain the normal production and operation activities, relying mainly on major shareholders chuantou energy loans to survive.

Chuantou energy nearly three years annual report shows that ended March 8 chuantou energy has accumulated to xinguang Silicon offers 340 million Yuan loan, maturing loans totaled 65 million Yuan, including December 2013 to return 40 million dollars and overdue loans amounting to 25 million dollars. By the end of 2013, xinguang Silicon’s assets totaled 623 million Yuan, total liabilities of 634 million Yuan, is insolvent.

To get rid of polysilicon burden, and chuantou energy had planned to introduce tongwei group Sichuan xinguang silicon industry restructuring. On November 6 last year, and chuantou energy bulletin, the Sichuan investment group of controlling shareholders of the company with the tongwei group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement tongwei group voted for Sichuan xinguang Silicon 38.9% owned by energy industry restructuring.

Furthermore chuantou energy Web site message display on January 7 this year, and chuantou energy General Manager Zhao Desheng with the Leshan City Government team to negotiate before xinguang Silicon restructuring, xinguang Silicon General Manager Chen Changjiang, Deputy General Manager Xie Hongxian chuantou energy, standing Vice President of tongwei group a surname jen is also involved in the talks.

Earlier, news that Yeong-tongwei group shares becomes the most likely to offer. This year, however, May 24, and chuantou energy announced the official launch of the new light Silicon of the insolvency proceedings. However, with the Leshan intermediate people’s Court accepted xinguang Silicon liquidation procedure has officially started. Restructuring means that the interested parties have to face not only xinguang Silicon massive debt problems, follow-up technical inputs will also be “bottomless pit”. The Sichuan xinguang silicon industry, investment and energy announced the bankruptcy, display previous restructuring efforts, or has failed.

For restructuring failed assertion, a potential restructuring of tongwei group Yongxiang, Sichuan company limited official had previously publicly denied, “the two sides remained in contact, try to find a best solution and create maximum value for all parties. In the process of further initiatives, Yeong-shares of Sichuan xinguang silicon industry restructuring from the market mechanism must be taken into account, including past debt and other related conditions. For Yeong shares, and not a burden. Meanwhile, as chuantou energy, nor any impairment of State-owned assets. ”

It is understood that enterprise filed for bankruptcy to be reviewed by the acceptance of bankruptcy, insolvency, bankruptcy announcement and call a meeting of creditors in several aspects. After the people’s Court has accepted a bankruptcy petition before bankruptcy is declared, the review found that the debtor does not comply with the conditions of bankruptcy, decide to reject the application. At present, the xinguang Silicon’s bankruptcy is still at an early stage, in front of the Court did not make a final decision, there is great uncertainty in corporate bankruptcy.

It should be noted that is the year polysilicon industry has started to recover, major domestic polysilicon production enterprises operating rate rose significantly.

China Nonferrous metals industry association data showed that domestic polysilicon prices averaged 161,000 yuan per ton in the first half, up 23%. However, since domestic polysilicon production equipment, technology update, no advantage to their production costs, this requires companies to conduct technological transformation, but technical innovation also means huge capital investment, and any new disk access is involved in future to Sichuan xinguang silicon industry restructuring is still unknown. China Nonferrous metals industry association data showed that domestic polysilicon prices averaged 161,000 yuan per ton in the first half, up 23%. However, since domestic polysilicon production equipment, technology update, no advantage to their production costs, this requires companies to conduct technological transformation, but technical innovation also means huge capital investment, and any new disk access is involved in future to Sichuan xinguang silicon industry restructuring is still unknown.

However, chuantou energy Executive told Xinhua in a telephone interview, said, “everything is subject to the company’s announcement, should be disclosed and undisclosed information does not currently exist. ”

Original title: chuantou energy, tianwei baobian polysilicon “dying” before the dawn

Put new energy United States commence 30MW photovoltaic power generation project in North Carolina

Polaris solar PV net news: a few days ago, and put new energy subsidiary ETCapital co-developed with Geenex 30MW United States photovoltaic power plant in North Carolina to start.

It is learned that the project for North Carolina and the United States one of the largest photovoltaic power plant on the East Coast. After the project is completed, it will bring about significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

The project can generate clean electricity for more than 3,400 households in the local, peak power station construction period over more than 150 jobs will be created, the effective use of the old airport, 220 acres of vacant land.

Projects around the Education Center for community residents about new energy provides a window, nearly 100,000 put high-quality photovoltaic modules will provide stable power output, power station is expected to be more than 20,000 tons a year in greenhouse gas emissions.

Original title: et new energy United States commence 30MW photovoltaic power generation project in North Carolina

Shandong Weifang 25MW ground grid-connected PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: a few days ago, Shandong Weifang Jing Shiqian 25MW PV grid-connected power generation. It is reported that the project is a ground of the first grid-connected PV power station in Shandong province, when the yearly energy production up to 45 million-kilowatt.

According to understanding, Shandong Weifang Jing Shiqian 25MW PV station is located in Shandong Weifang City Marina economic zone Harbour Logistics Park, accounted for to more than 700 over acres, points 20 a PV power unit, respectively by DC Confluence box, and inverse variable device boost Hou meeting received to PV station within 35,000 v switch station bus, used single bus wiring, by 35,000 v line access 110,000 v Dragon Granville substation, to 35,000 v voltage grade access grid.

After the plant’s power generation, according to time of 6 hours of light a day, 300 days a year effective days, when an annual generating capacity of about 45 million-kilowatt, saving 13,500 tons of standard coal, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 35,000 tons, sulfur dioxide emission 115 tons.

According to reports, the power plant investment of 280 million Yuan, calculated in accordance with 1.2 Yuan per unit, can recoup their investment costs within 6 years. In addition, the PV power plant combined with the geographical characteristics of coastal mud flat, a “Polish fishing under” pattern of PV above, below, fish farming, excavation of PV panels beneath the ground into a pond used to breed shrimp, crabs and other marine fish, and “power generation, fish does not delay.”

During construction at the plant, Weifang supply grid-connected companies actively provided advisory and preliminary acceptance was organized on August 15 in the power system protection, automatic scheduling, communication, and combined transformers have been inspected, to find out that a written summary of the issues, and as power plant technicians, construction workers and puts the car-oriented, grid-connected ensure smooth implementation of the plant in September.

Original title: Shandong Weifang 25MW ground grid-connected PV power station

Organizations reporting financial incentives for green building labeling program notice of funds

Polaris solar PV net news: jingjian “2014”, No. 343

Districts and urban and rural housing construction authority (Housing Authority), Dongcheng, Xicheng District, housing authority of urban construction, Bureau of economic and technological development zone construction (premises), all the parties involved:

According to Treasury housing urban and rural construction on accelerated promoted China green building development of implementation views (fiscal built (2012) 167th,) and Beijing city development green building promoted green ecological demonstration district construction award funds management provisional approach (Beijing financial II (2014) No. 665,) (following referred to award funds management provisional approach) of related provides, for do green building identifies project financial award funds of declared work, now will related matters specific notification following:

A standard, incentives and rewards

This financial incentive funds support municipal green building labeling program for reporting financial incentives for green building labeling program funding the construction, reconstruction and expansion projects (including projects) or the owners of construction units (except for full government investment projects). After 2012 to obtain two-star and three-star green run identifies public projects and residential building construction projects be able to claim a financial reward capital for green building labeling program.

The financial reward standard for the two-star labeling program 22.5 Yuan per square meter, 40 Yuan/square meter three-star labeling program, award criteria and costs change, and make the appropriate changes according to technological progress, the financial reward fund can be used to subsidize green building consulting, construction and energy-efficiency evaluation of incremental cost.

Second, incentive project application

Meet award funds management provisional approach related requirements of identifies project declared units fill in Beijing city green building identifies project financial award funds declared book (following referred to declared book, see annex 1) and Beijing city green building funds Award project annual Green operations management report (template see annex 2), with green building identifies certificate and other related proved material together submitted to Beijing housing and urban and rural construction technology promoting Center, proposed financial award funds applications.

The financial reward fund organizations reporting twice a year, respectively, in each year between March 1-31st and August 1-31st report. 2014 deadline for reporting is September 30, 2014.

Three, rewarding project audit

City Housing and urban and rural construction Commission, green building certificate of the Declaration and the relevant supporting documents for review to determine bonus items and amounts.

Project audit include:

(A) the financial reward fund to declare whether they meet the requirements, procedures are complete.

(B) to verify the basic information and data of the project. Units, including project identification certificate, application, data, operations, investment and energy consumption.

(C) project funding sources, project settlement etc.

(D) whether other government subsidies are requested to indicate problems.

Bonus items in the city housing and urban and rural construction Commission website show. After publicity without objections, the city housing and urban and rural construction Commission will award funds disbursed to the applicant. In front of the Central incentive funds released, incentive funds deducted and 50% green building labeling program.

Four, rewarding project supervision and management

The city established the financial reward Fund uses performance tracking evaluation and supervision system, city housing and urban and rural construction Commission to oversee financial rewards of green building project management and performance measurement; Municipal Finance Bureau and the municipal auditing Bureau of financial incentives for the use of funds and project implementation for monitoring, inspection and audit, respectively.

Access to green building incentive funding for public construction projects shall establish energy consumption, water consumption and other operating data annual information report system. Construction of municipal housing and urban and rural construction Commission, “Beijing municipal financial incentives for green building labeling program funding and operational data reporting system” platform, project unit in the green building should be scheduled per year within three years after the financial reward fund to the municipal housing and urban and rural construction Commission filled out online identity projects related to green building operating management situation.

Five, application materials, and contact

The applicant must submit the following materials:

1, the financial reward capital for the Beijing Municipal green building labeling program Declaration (annex 1), and one in six copies, sealed with the official seal;

2, the Beijing Municipal green building green business of the year award project management report financial funds (annex 2), and one copy, and stamped with the official seal;

3, identifies a copy of the certificate of green building, one original and six copies;

4, project approval documents and other (project approval documents, planning permit for construction land, land use permits, planning permit of construction engineering, construction drawing design review and construction permit eligible files, completion inspection record sheet), and one copy, sealed with the official seal;

5, funding sources, information notes and other relevant supporting documents, a copy of stamped with the official seal;

6 other relevant supporting documents (such as obtaining green building run identified, significant technical changes, should also submit change information, including design specifications, drawings, calculations, design changes, and so on), one copy;

7, all of the above materials provides an electronic version of the CD a copy.

Contact person and contact information:

Housing and urban-rural construction technology promotion center in Beijing Zhang

Phone: 59937509


Address: 5th Canton Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, Beijing mansion, 402

Zip code: 100055

Annex: 1, the financial reward capital for the Beijing Municipal green building labeling program Declaration

2, the Beijing Municipal green building green business of the year award project management report financial funds

Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban-rural development

On September 3, 2014

Original title: organizations declare financial incentives for green building labeling program notice of funds

Response to double up Yang Ke, a Tai Chi move on the Southeast Asian market

Polaris solar PV net news: in response to United States new double variables, solar-powered factory started overseas distribution, Sheng Yang Ke, announced on September 11, Malaysia joint venture factory producing batteries. Tai Chi is also expected Taiwan removed about 20% battery capacity to Viet Nam.

Sheng Yang Ke announced at RM 100 million Yuan (about 950 million NT dollars) and Malaysia joint venture battery plant TEKSENG holding company TSSolartech, will set up solar cell production line, initially planning to set 2, each of the production capacity of about 70-80MW, plans to complete and put into operation by the end.

Guangyun Tai Chi for the parent company in Viet Nam have strongholds, in response to the United States a new pair when planning overseas distribution, with regard to Viet Nam for consideration, and established a new joint venture company will work with the parent company, including Tai Chi 90% stake, investments amounting to us $ 10.8 million (approximately US $ 324 million), line capacity about 100MW. Chi estimated that Viet Nam positions starting in the 4th quarter the fastest production.

Original title: response to double up Yang Ke, Tai Chi in South-East Asia

Chao Yang spend $ 1 billion to build the solar farm

Polaris solar PV net news: bullish on the future potential of new energy generation, fuhua Hotel Group President Liao Donghan, former Deputy General Manager Qiu Xinfu UIs, such as major shareholder, venture Chao Yang agro-technology company, and spent 1 billion cheque-book, in Mailiao in Yunlin to create is known as Asia’s first fun Solar Farm “Chao Yang new energy park” that will give further impetus to the stock market in the future Cabinet.

Chao Yang in September 2012 to Yun Linlun three back, Paochung, Mailiao Township building 22 solar plant, covering an area of 12 hectares, total 7 million Watts in the set volume, 1,400 families 1-year supply of electricity which, 6.7 hectares to solar farms special ecological features, planning family vacations and group travel diverse recreation field.

Chao Yang agro-tech 2013 revenues account for only about 20 million Yuan, tariff revenue this year to pump, and tend their vegetable and farm sales, with annual revenue of 80 million yuan in 2015, revenue will be further challenged by 200 million Yuan.

Qiu Xinfu origin of financial management says ventures have been expressing willingness to invest, therefore, Chao Yang is expected to go through before the end of this year increased to 350 million dollars, stocks listed goals.

Original title: Chao Yang spend $ 1 billion to build the solar farm

Renewable energy quota revision completed wind power, photovoltaic ushered in the “feast”

Polaris solar PV net news: renewable energy Research Institute of NDRC Ren Dongming, Director of the Centre revealed on 11th, in mid-August, the renewable electricity quotas discussion has passed the assessment methods and Director of conferences, the last revision has been submitted by the National Energy Board new Energy Division. The methods of provinces and the electricity grid will be renewable energy quota requirements put forth by the company.

Ren Dongming was made the above remarks at the 2014 solar leaders Summit. The measures also proposed incentives, review the total annual energy consumption, achieve the quota target provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), non-hydro renewable electricity consumption, power supply coal consumption levels in accordance with the national average that year converted into energy and not included in the control of energy consumption. For failure to complete the quota of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), depending on the outstanding amount of energy converted for saving unfinished tasks, deducted from their total amount of energy.

National energy administration Wu xinxiong in jiaxing, has made it clear at a meeting last month, will focus on research and implementation and renewable energy quota, sparking anticipation for this policy.

Qilu securities had estimated that through the sub-region’s total generating capacity, less thermal, hydro and nuclear power generating capacity, roughly estimate non-hydro renewable electricity generation and calculating absorptive proportion in all regions. Results showed that none of the provinces in 2012-2013 two years in a row to reach the quota system of the drafts of the specification, and eliminate proportional to the index significantly in most parts. Regionally, northeast of gap is smaller, about half of the targets in the Northwest, significant discrepancies between the eastern part and, therefore, if the final draft and the draft specification differences too much, so local governments in the eastern part have great incentive to new renewable energy installed capacity, distributed PV will bear the brunt.

Qilu securities believes that from the improvement of memory capacity, quotas for the most favorable wind power, seen from the installed drive, quotas for the most favorable distributed PV. First half of 2014, in addition to local areas such as Xinjiang, most parts of the country to abandon the air rate is still declining, quotas will abandon further improvement in wind power. Goal of 2014 installed capacity exceeding 18GW is the probability of the event, is now gradually into the commencement season, local manufacturing and there are even shortage of supply, Qi Sheng will create larger profits for wind turbine manufacturing flexibility.

For the PV industry, qilu securities believes that incorporation 13GW Wu xinxiong, the Secretary of energy (installed above 15-16GW) exceeds target goal set the tone for the industry development in the second half, distributed a new deal, such as quotas, “French policy,” forthcoming, power plant projects to start season, distributed business model will accelerate the formation and is expected to come of age.

Original title: renewable energy quota revision has been completed, wind solar ushered in the “feast”