IHS: America in 2018 is expected to be installed 1.5GW

Polaris solar PV net news: latest analysis according to IHS, Honduras will lead to waves of 2018 1.5GW PV installation projects in Central America.

The market research firm recently predicted that as investors seize the emerging opportunities in the region, starting from next year, Honduras, and Panama, and Guatemala, and Nicaragua, and Costa Rica and El Salvador’s installation of 22MW will moderate this year jumped to 243MW.

Since then, said IHS, the PV of the Central American countries will really take off, installed new 2016-2018 analysis IHS accounted for 2012-2018 of the total installed capacity of 80%.

Senior Analyst at IHS solar demand Josephine ˙ Berg (JosefinBerg), said: “in Central America around 70% of electricity already comes from renewable sources, mostly hydropower. The past few years, however, increasing electricity demand has been satisfied by the new thermal power generation from oil, coal and gas power, the increasing dependence on imports of fossil fuels. To counteract this, and avoid the price fluctuations in the future, Governments began to support control of renewable energy deployment. ”

Honduras will lead the Setup project in the area, estimated that by 2018 the cumulative 499MW, followed by Guatemala 291MW.

IHS said the utility-scale projects accounted for 1.3GW, reserve most of the photovoltaic project in the area. In these projects, strengthening policy support for PV, half had signed power purchase agreements.

Political support quasi, IHS choose Honduras, and El Salvador, and Guatemala and Panama. Honduras 600MW project recently signed a power purchase agreement. IHS said, while El Salvador, and Guatemala through open bidding for contracts awarded six projects totalling 179MW. Panama will hold a tender in October.

Install projects in addition to the large capacity, IHS said that PV is also gaining traction in Central America, as an alternative to diesel auxiliary power, Honduras and Costa Rica have net metering scheme was introduced, which may help to promote the uptake of small PV.

Berger added: “we see that hotel owners and local business’s interest in solar is growing. A reliable and affordable supply of electricity would mean better business. ”

Original title: IHS: America in 2018 is expected to be installed 1.5GW

Jiawei shares to join hands in developing the next generation of Tsinghua University solar cells

Arctic star solar PV network news: due to intends disclosure major matters, Yu this week three opened up temporary suspension of Guangdong local company Yoga Wei shares, Yu yesterday evening released bulletin said, recently and Tsinghua University signed has technology development contract, in Tsinghua University has has Nano carbon-crystal silicon Sun battery technology of based Shang, both on “graphite Ene-Silicon film Sun battery of research” project for technology development.

According to the notice, the said contract for a period of 3 years. During the contract period, will complete the study and development of Tsinghua University and Graphene thin films of silicon thin film production technology; design and optimize the structure of Graphene-silicon thin-film solar cells studied Graphene-silicon thin-film solar cell production technology and influencing factors studied Graphene-related scientific problems for silicon thin film solar cells. Total contract price of 3 million Yuan, youjiawei shares offered. After the project is completed, both parties are entitled to the arising out of technology and intellectual property rights, including the right to apply for patent, transfer rights, use rights, in accordance with law.

Announcements, including Graphene, carbon nanotubes, including carbon nano-materials in the field of solar cells with great prospects. Graphene in its unique structure and excellent material properties and is widely used in fields such as physics, chemistry and materials science, which hopes one of the applications is the new generation of high conversion efficiency of solar cells.

Jiawei shares announced last night, with the highest price not to exceed $ 10 million acquisition of European company Lion&DolphinA/S (called L&D) all the shares. L&D operates mainly in LED lighting business, with “Duracell” lighting brands in authorized except for North America, China. Jiawei shares, said after the merger L&D, which will have “Duracell” lighting brand outside China’s global mandate to realize the “Duracell” lighting brands and global sales of the company’s own brand, its business in the European market, are expected to achieve more substantial growth after the acquisition is completed.

On the secondary market on Wednesday before trading was suspended, Jiawei shares closed at 26.15 dollars.

Original title: Jiawei shares to join hands in developing the next generation of Tsinghua University solar cells

Dr Shi 珺 on polycrystalline silicon ingot heating and melting process

Polaris solar PV net news: polycrystalline silicon ingot is usually divided into heat, melt, high temperature annealing, cooling, crystallization, in six stages. This paper describes the process heat and melt the two.

(A) heating ready

Mounted after good material, and then to once again check the furnace, furnace. Generally, vacuuming the oven first. Step by step vacuum pump is turned on, start heating. Vacuum process is very simple, usually is the first open primary pumps (machines, Rotary or rotary piston pump), drawn from the atmosphere after 2000Pa, and then open the roots pump, vacuum by 10Pa; clean material after cleaning, vacuum as long as you follow these steps in the order of it. About vacuum is less than 1000Pa, you can turn on the heating power.

In Silicon material heating Shi, can according to experience used constant power heating, considered to Silicon material of hot conduction sex poor, and RDS3.0 furnace used of is four week heating way, melting Shi, is from around began melting, then, due to temperature points in Crucible Central, so, around may has melting and to has is high of temperature, but middle of temperature does not high, so, if used temperature set of control way, may power will plus have is big. Power, easily lead to the rising temperature of the walls of the Crucible and Crucible because it is using Quartz material, once the temperature exceeds 1600 deg will easily react with silicon, resulting in erosion of crucible; if the temperature is rising to 1700 ℃, the Crucible and the Silicon reacts violently, leading Silicon liquid splashes, Crucible to melt through. Seriously, the silicone fluid might spill on top, cause damage to the insulation layer of graphite and. Therefore, the usual way of melting stage power control should be used, based on theoretical and empirical values, brings the heating power according to certain values, so you can ensure that the Crucible temperature could not be overestimated.

Furnace for RDS4.0, as a result of bottom and top heating method, the situation will be better, but if the power is too high, also occurred in the bottom of the Crucible temperature is too high, however, since both the top and bottom have infrared temperature, so temperature is too high. But if the IR-jam or out of control, then there is also danger of overheating.

No matter what kind of furnace, heater outside, so the Silicon internal and external temperature is always there, which is why warming up for some time, to carry out thermal insulation in order to let external heat transmitted to the inside, to avoid excessive temperature difference between inside and outside, leading to melting of the prone to accidents. Which is why in molten Silicon during heating curve have the insulation on process.

(B) the Silicon melt

Silicon melt, because of the need to absorb a lot of heat, so close to the melting point, the temperature rise will be slow. Note that in General, the melting point of Silicon is 1414, but when melted, SI-1420 c higher temperatures usually, will it be possible to make the Silicon melts smoothly. Otherwise, Silicon material may occurred melting Hou, due to around of Silicon also is solid, and began solidified of phenomenon, this is why sometimes temperature will appeared upper and lower repeatedly of situation; because, Silicon material in melting Shi, sometimes local in melting Hou, temperature will beyond melting point many, but around may also did melting of silicon block; Dang melting of Silicon liquid flow to silicon block following Hou, silicon block and show to, led to infrared temperature instrument displayed of temperature and below melting point.

Such phenomena tend to last for a few hours, duration of the heater power-related. Sometimes, when the majority of Silicon melt, there are large blocks of Silicon does not melt, once those chunks of Silicon drift into the field of thermometers, infrared thermometer shows the temperature occurs all of a sudden lowering of, serious and even infra-red temperature below Silicon liquid temperature of 50 ° c above. At this point, don’t mistake it for a Silicon fluid solidification, it may only be a temporary phenomenon.

Resolve incomplete melting method is all the more power to Silicon liquid until completely melted. Typically, silicone fluid heating up to 1490, and then stay there for a while, from the IR thermometer to see Silicon liquid surfaces become clear later, began to fade. Silicon liquid all melted, into the vacuum melting process.

(C) the powder melts

During the process of ingot, powder is sometimes encountered. These powders are usually produced by FDR in circulating fluidized bed technology. Because the powder at a lower price, therefore, many cast ingot the ingot manufacturers hope to powder. For powder handling requires great attention. Because, powder material in atmospheric State Xia is easy was vacuum pump by produced of airflow with up in furnace within flying, Silicon Powder flying not only will caused Silicon material of waste, in flying process in the Silicon Powder also will stained in heating pieces, and insulation body Shang, such, once these Silicon Powder melting, is easy infiltrated graphite material and insulation material, led to heating pieces and insulation body damaged; also, Silicon powder of flying will with gas to vacuum pump force, led to vacuum pump of damaged. Therefore, in the melting process of powder, to prevent dust of powder.

In order to solve this problem, we must first understand powder in any case easy to fly. Flying under the three stages of powder easily.

The first stage is to begin vacuum of the moment. Powder in the Crucible, gap is the atmosphere of the powder particles. When you start to vacuum, furnace air pressure under the action of mechanical pump suddenly decreases, gases due to a pressure difference between particles upward movement of air, the airflow can be very powerful, and will boost Silicon Powder dust.

To avoid this problem, for powder material, in began pumping vacuum Shi, cannot like General of block material as directly with mechanical pump vigorously pumping, and should will valve first closed, then slowly open, best is closed competent road, used a bypass of fine pipeline, with fine pipeline Shang of Regulation valve, from closed to open, gradually increases, such, pumping vacuum Shi, furnace within of pressure will compared slow to declined, does not produced suddenly of pressure drop, thus solution Silicon Powder flying of problem.

When the vacuum pressure fell to below 100Pa, due to low pressure and buoyancy of gases to Silicon Powder is very small, you can gradually open the main valve, using normal valve pumping air, at this time, because the air force is very small, not enough to take gas out and, therefore, can be pumped to vacuum.

Second stage is the stage of silicon materials to heat up to about 1000 degrees Celsius. First, 900 ℃ above, Silicon powder on will produced sintering phenomenon, and due to Silicon powder of thermal conductivity sex is poor, can said almost is adiabatic material, so, dang infrared temperature instrument measurement to Silicon Powder temperature to 1000 ℃ around of when, Crucible side of temperature may has reached close melting of problem, even has began melted, dissolved of Silicon encountered around of Silicon powder and will solidified and knot shell; and then, Crucible most central part of Silicon Powder due to adiabatic role, temperature may only 100 ℃ not to, such, Silicon Powder adsorption of moisture, as well as gas, has not been fully released. Dang external Silicon Powder knot shell formed closed body of when, with internal Silicon Powder temperature of gradually rose, gas expansion, pressure increased, in Silicon Powder internal gradually formed closed of high-pressure ball mission, dang pressure arrived must degree, on will occurred burst; or although internal itself of pressure no reached burst pressure, but knot shell Hou, due to heating body of role makes shell body again melting variable thin Hou, internal of gas will burst rushed out, produced airflow, will Silicon Powder splashed.

This process of Silicon Powder dust, difficult to avoid, the better way is in the upper part of the Silica fume to compare brittle material (sizes 10-30mm), covered with a layer thickness of about 50-100mm, so that even if the powder have splashes, block block, so that it does not spill too far, and reached the body of heating or insulation.

In addition, there is a way to make Silicon powder packed in, using thin steel, internal spacing bar a few small holes in Silicon Powder, from the top to the bottom, so that the gap around the hole larger, Silica fume is not easy to form a closed ball, this test is more efficient way.

Third easy flying phase of Silicon Powder, melting Silicon powder. Melting Silicon Powder, on the one hand and the sintering stage of the same phenomenon, on the other hand, in the stage of melting Silicon Powder, powder substance on the surface oxide layer of powder in particular, can react with silicone fluid, Silicon monoxide gas produced, as well as other gases, the gas will be in the form of splashes, leading Silicon or silicon liquid splashed out on the surface of it. Since this time, entire crucible of Silicon material will focus on similar effects, therefore, although local effects do not necessarily have the first two stages of serious, but the overall effect may be the splash is the most powerful.

Avoid at this stage and the second stage, it’s hard to avoid. Similarly, laid above the Silicon material of Silicon Powder, and pierced holes also have certain effects. A process approach, you can for your reference. Is, in heating Shi control power don’t high, makes temperature rose time also compared slow (prevent Silicon Powder internal language around of temperature had big), in melting point zhixia of a temperature, such as 1380 ℃ (also can 1400 ℃, but because temperature points and around has temperature, so, too close melting point Shi, may around of Silicon Powder has melting), insulation a time, makes whole Crucible within of Silicon Powder are reached 1380 ℃, then again warming melting. In this way, because the synchronization of high temperature, melting for a short period and, therefore, produce sintered and form a shell’s chances are greatly reduced. The technology tested and effective.

When most of Silicon Powder is melted in a crucible, Silica fume can form dough floats on the surface of silicone fluid, just like flour in the water similar to. Relationships within the powder because powder adiabatic, and therefore more difficult to melt, and the surface of the dough much lower temperatures than silicone fluid, when the dough quantity is large, may result in temperature are not allowed, or large temperature fluctuations of temperature measurement.

Therefore, only through the method of high temperature will gradually all the powder melts and continue to process until the surface is clean. Which is why the melting temperature of powder to be taller than the block reason.

Some people said that melting Silicon powder and her small grains of this somewhat supernatural means. But quite possibly melting, melting Silicon Powder is not complete, many fine particles cause the silicone fluid in the still, therefore, nucleating more reasons. Solution methods, should still be high temperatures keep confirming that Silicon melts. But melt later, might as well in high temperature area to wait for a period of time, because our observation window can be observed only the Crucible is a small piece of the surface, there may be many not melting Silicon powder around. When the particles of powder when it is fully dissolved, metallurgy of powder should be exactly like the stuff.

Original title: Shi 珺 PhD on polycrystalline silicon ingot heating and melting process

Zhongmin cast transfusion escort PV distributed policies

Polaris solar PV net news: vote for 100 billion contract in Ningxia PV, 3GW-5GW PV investment construction projects on September 4 News zhongmin cast or removed a 30 billion yuan from Shanghai Dong Jia du massif, refresh the Chinese “land Kings” records. The same day, PV distributed the new policy ground, zhongmin cast and distributed PV only few moments also became popular in the capital markets.

Zhongmin cast involved in PV power plant that financial innovation is a means

Zhongmin voted through a partnership with GCL and Ningxia photovoltaic, power plant from the downstream and upstream polysilicon intervention, might radiation industry upstream, cell, and module links are directly involved, still need time to prove it. But no matter how involved, zhongmin capital invested in them and the role of financial innovation, is unlikely to enter industry. Zhongmin overall strategic direction was cast by “financial” to integrate “economies in transition” and “industries”, through equity investments a huge crop of private equity fund, to promote the integration of PV industry chain. However, industry consolidation is just way zhongmin vote’s ultimate goal is to establish a licensing financial group.

Zhongmin investment and capital injection point is PV power plant, non-PV modules

Zhongmin vote selecting PV power station as the injection point, is subtle and correct. PV power station, stable, and has a fallback Government policies, investment in tangible fixed assets also saw the station security. Also, PV is not involved in PV manufacturing, huge money chain from downstream electronics, this will affect upstream consolidation and restructuring and technological innovation, the positive effect of PV industry as a whole is positive, while photovoltaic manufacturing overcapacity, high level of indebtedness can be avoided, and so on. March photovoltaic power station is threefold. Photovoltaic power plant is a capital intensive investment, a single private enterprise can’t do. The cast as a stand-in Government’s generous investment in PV industry, is to become bigger and stronger to PV technology, second is to consolidate the country’s original small photovoltaic power plant. This is the problem, is also key.

Good policy fallback, zhongmin investment profit on September 4, the end of the new [2014]406, issued, distributed PV new policy ground in China. Power plant operations mark is expected to be driven by the market in the second half long sought after. Zhongmin now involved in power station investment operation and forward-looking significance. Insiders, along with new policy ground, as well as into wind power and PV installed capacity the peak season in the third quarter, PV power station construction will be concentrated, drive chain boom up. Or, as Dong wenbiao expect to be profitable this year.

2013 global PV market, its capacity has reached 38.7GW, the cumulative installed capacity reached 140.6GW; new 12GW installed capacity, an increase of 232%, close to 2013, its capacity in Europe put together. China also surpassed Germany, for the first time became the largest solar market in the world. World economic crisis since the end of war that Rockefeller devices using the power of finance capital, realized the United States steel industry consolidation. This vote with the aid of private capital integrated PV industry chain, not profits cut, reshaping industrial development through financial innovation, future needs time to prove.

Original title: escort PV distributed people voted in blood transfusion policy

Li Xiaoxue, or will take up General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy

Polaris solar PV net news: If you want to make a list of impact process of solar-thermal power generation industry in China the main character list, former China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development corporation General Manager Han Qinghao should rank in the forefront.

The unexpected

On July 1, 2014, China Guangdong Nuclear solar Delhi 50MW trough solar thermal power generation project started, which is said to be China’s first commercial solar thermal power station in the true sense, and the unexpected is, after just more than a month, there have been the main promoters of the project Han Qinghao leaving a message.

Everything seems to be nothing, Han Qinghao on August 23 at the solar-thermal power generation in China Finance Summit, also for the solar thermal power industry appeal. And this has to be his last on behalf China Guangdong Nuclear solar thermal team publicly vocal.

On August 29, Han Qinghao appears again in an article in the news media, but this time, it has nothing to do with light and heat, has nothing to do with China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy, new energy in his new title is CEO.

This positive confirmed Han Qinghao departure rumours all practitioners in the solar thermal industry by surprise.

In the new energy company is newly established private investment giant China Minsheng investment Ltd (cast) ‘s new energy business unit, Han Qinghao assumed office, is Han Qinghao by solar thermal industry comments for new beginnings.

With cgnpc is quite different, zhongmin cast is a private company, but at the same time with the biggest volume and energy.

Zhongmin voted on August 21 this year, officially, the private company since the date of birth you wear multiple rings, was signed by the premier himself approved the establishment of the first private company, registered capital of up to 50 billion yuan, the Minsheng Chairman Dong wenbiao, Chairman, Shi Yuzhu, Lo Chi-keung, bosses of private enterprises such as Sun Yinhuan all shares.

Zhongmin investment and financial holding and industrial integration business will be divided into two major sections, zhongmin voted not currently lead the development effort from a financial perspective, choosing instead to steel, PV, shipbuilding and other industries with excess production capacity at present to expand the company’s business.

For solar thermal industry, Han Qinghao departure is not good. “The Han General, if he is to carry on with solar-thermal power, China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy is the best platform, China Guangdong Nuclear solar thermal power generation deep to light for many years, has a deep understanding of technical reserves, and has formed a relatively complete solar thermal team. He left here, people voted in the current circumstances go to light and heat is almost impossible. “Some professionals in the industry, told reporters.

This means Han Qinghao for at least the next period of time leaving solar thermal industry, zhongmin invested in photovoltaic investment ambitions in the field of further confirmed this judgement. On August 28, officially only 7 days of zhongmin cast signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, announced plans to invest 3GW~5GW photovoltaic power generation project in Ningxia, a total investment of 30 billion ~500 billion yuan. In the new energy, President Han Qinghao pointed out at that time, “‘ major investment in the ground station, other than directly submitted to the national development and Reform Commission, will also buy the ground station, offers mainly to see the return on capital, and procedures are complete, and so on. ”

Current solar-thermal power generation market in China still has not fully started voting in terms of the investment giant of zhongmin, investing in solar thermal business almost impossible under the current environment, along with the policy of gradual landing, solar thermal market will gradually rise, the future does not rule out the possibility of the investment into solar thermal power generation market in. “Han Qinghao in particular that such a light thermal power generation leader with years of experience, zhongmin future investment possibilities of solar-thermal power generation business is quite large, but we must have a clear introduction of the supporting policies for solar thermal as a precondition. Zhongmin is essentially an investment company, is to pay attention to return on investment. “People in the industry said.

Influence of geometry?

Count the main power the Central leader Han Qinghao is one of solar-thermal power “fans”, who for several years actively promoted the steady development of Guangdong Nuclear solar thermal power, has made a series of achievements, to promote the development of solar-thermal power generation market in China as a whole has made important contributions.

Han Qinghao turnover, tossed to the solar thermal power industry in two key issues: first, in solar-thermal power generation market has turned a corner now, why is he leaving? Second, this geometry effect on the cgnpc Delhi station? Who will take over the post of General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy?

Perhaps no one knows the first real answers to personal questions, only Han Qinghao themselves. We can only make some more speculation, some people in the industry said, zhongmin cast is first and foremost a platform, system relative to its State-owned enterprises is more flexible, more conducive to flourish, people vote for someone really high salaries in the other hand, the solar industry turn to the people a vote is not Han Qinghao in person.

Many people may want to know if this is because Han Qinghao are not optimistic about the prospects for the development of solar-thermal power generation? Many insiders believe that no causal relationship between the two, it’s just a personal platform for professional selection.

It must be admitted that was as Commander of the cgnpc Delhi solar-thermal power station, Han Qinghao turnover on advancing work on the project will inevitably have a greater negative impact any time soon, sources said, the plant is currently part of the bidding has been delayed.

But China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy over the years to build solar thermal team is also, this ensures that the project can still be back on track after experiencing short-term shocks, lacking now is a new leader in optical thermal power generation with greater enthusiasm.

Exact message in recent days, said General Manager Li Xiaoxue of China Guangdong Nuclear investment development will succeed Han Qinghao served, General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development. Li Xiaoxue was responsible for cgnpc’s new business development, solar-thermal electricity generation cgnpc new business as an important component, held by Li Xiaoxue, General Manager seems to be a good place to start.

Original title: Li Xiaoxue, or will take up General Manager of China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy

China’s polysilicon production enterprises 16 3 output ratio up to 69%

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent years, China’s polysilicon production technology progress fast, electricity consumption has with international advanced enterprises of the industry-wide average level equivalent to continuous reduction of business costs, at the same time, industry concentration increased significantly, further strengthening overall competitiveness.

Vice Chairman of China Nonferrous metals industry association Zhao Jiasheng recently in Hohhot, in recent years, Chinese polysilicon companies through a number of technological innovation, production costs have fallen sharply, competitiveness improved significantly.

According to statistics, by the end of June 2014, China’s polysilicon industry-wide average comprehensive electricity consumption has been reduced by 2010 at 180-kilowatt per kg/kg 100-kilowatt, restore electricity consumption by 120-kilowatt cents per kg while at 75-kilowatt per kg, a small number of advanced enterprise integrated electricity consumption has dropped to 70-kilowatt per kg following, when you restore the power consumption has dropped to 45-kilowatt per kg, with international advanced technical level of enterprises.

Zhao Jiasheng said Silane in further advancing the application of fluidized bed technology, the application of this technology will further reduce production costs, new silane is expected after the fluidized bed technology for mass production, as part of the major existing Siemens process polysilicon products, whose production costs are expected to fall to below US $ 10 per kilogram.

Production technology progress? lower costs at the same time, China’s polysilicon industry sector concentration increased significantly, further strengthening overall competitiveness.

2011 years Qian, China total 43 home Siemens method polysilicon enterprise, 20 home physical method polysilicon enterprise, production maximum of 3 home Enterprise accounted for national total of 35%? Zhao Jiasheng said, near two years, with polysilicon price continued go fell, large low competitiveness enterprise was forced to shut stopped, and remaining enterprise through technology? implemented scale effect, way, constantly upgrade enterprise itself strength, polysilicon industry of overall competitiveness also with of strengthened.

According to reports, at present, the polysilicon production enterprises in China to 16, which yield maximum output of 3 companies accounted for more than 69%, industry concentration increase than before.

Original title: China’s polysilicon production technology has reached the international advanced level of overall competitiveness to strengthen

Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (9.5-9.11)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. the Energy Board issued on speeding up the cultivation of the notification of the relevant requirements of distributed PV Application demonstration area

In order to speed up implementation of steady growth, promoting reform and restructuring of the State Council, Huimin health and related policies, National Energy Board decision has been based on distributed PV Application demonstration zone construction work cultivating a number of distributed PV demonstration area, to further increase the intensity of distributed PV to advance, has issued formal declaration on accelerating cultivation of distributed PV power generation demonstration area of the notification of the relevant requirements.

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2. the Ministry of renewable electricity prices announced additional financial aid directories (fifth batch)

Under the Ministry of national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board on issuing < provisional administrative measures on additional subsidies to renewable electricity price > notice (wealth building (2012) the 102th) requirements, finance and the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board eligible projects include renewable energy electricity price list of additional financial aid, are made public.

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3. Yellowstone photovoltaic industrial policy support landing

On September 4, the municipal development and Reform Commission’s energy Branch issued a formal announcement concerning support for the development of PV industry in Huangshi city views, in accordance with circular grid enterprises should be ready for electricity metering, settlement of electricity charges in a timely manner and included in the national list of renewable energy grants distributed grid projects, such as State-subsidized fund transfers. Fully guaranteeing the purchasing of PV power generating capacity and more than distributed PV power generation projects generated electricity, electricity billing cycle in full settlement kWh of electricity, electricity billing cycle funds transferred State subsidies.

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4.20,000-kilowatt following PV industry the new deal into the distributed scale indicator

On September 4, the PV industry of the industry have been looking forward to the formal introduction of the new deal. Released today by the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and further clarified in terms of price, incorporations and subsidies of distributed PV incentives.

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5. the Energy Board announced 15 new policies to support distributed PV

On September 4, issued by the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (hereinafter the notice), determine the attitude towards long-term support of distributed PV, and in response to these challenges offer “full Internet” power stations enjoy benchmark pricing, additional generation quotas, allowed to sell directly to users, providing preferential loans, monthly allowances and a range of new policies.

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Market review

1. comprehensive analysis draft looking for photovoltaic and nuances in the new deal new deal of vigor

On September 4, 2014, the energy Bureau of the National Energy Board issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies from the notice suggests that the establishment of industry standards and quality management systems are the immediate needs of distributed industry accelerated to guide the healthy development of the industry upon completion. Strengthening the statistical information and monitoring system showed that the Energy Council on the development of distributed PV attention regularly to track projects, subsidies and other issues is conducive to rectifying the problems that occur on the industry in a timely manner.

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2. poly-silicon “life and death”

In recent days, and chuantou energy published an article on “xinguang Silicon liquidation entertained” announcement has caused concern in the industry. High profile xinguang Silicon was first established, given its high market expectations. In practice, however, for a long time, xinguang Silicon is like a bottomless pit, eat away at chuantou energy profits. Since its July 2011 cutoff modification, xinguang Silicon has always been at a loss.

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3. Nam Cheong area of 3000 square meters of the roof of the new projects that require synchronization design of photovoltaic power generation subsidy of 2.15 yuan per unit

September 9, a reporter was informed that the Nanchang city, in order to optimize energy structure and make full use of renewable energy, promote healthy development of new energy industries, encourages the promotion of photovoltaic power generation, Nanchang, Nanchang city development and Reform Commission have drafted the opinion today drew attention to the Nanchang Municipal Government Executive meeting consideration and adoption. According to 2017 in Nanchang city of PV power generating capacity of 180,000-kilowatt kilowatts.

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4. PV pioneer “jiaxing” trail

Jiaxing is a city that took gold and silver to the roof was covered. Photovoltaic industrial park, jiaxing, distributed PV roof construction subsidies worth up to 2.8 yuan per kilowatt hour, almost 7 times times the State subsidies. Meanwhile, PV industry in jiaxing City Government has also set up a 1 billion dollar development fund to guarantee support, mortgage PV distributed projects.

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5. distributed PV new policies to speed up ground demonstration zone before the end of September must be built

Reporters learned that provinces issued yesterday to the National Energy Board on accelerate distributed PV Application demonstration area of the notification of the relevant requirements, harmonization in the construction time, Park, regional electricity trading business model innovation, and so did a detailed provisions and requested the files of each demonstration zone project before September 30 to ensure that distributed PV installed capacity goal for this year and next year to complete.

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Comment article

1. experts and Enterprise all the arguments of the photovoltaic industry, “No. 406” PV distributed heavy files

On September 4, the Energy Board issued—-PV blockbuster files for the further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policy notice (hereinafter “No. 406 of the text”), the file on the network, financing, quota and other angles, for the fourth quarter of this year and the next two years of distributed PV pulling plays a major role. Shen Wan analysis meeting held at 9 o’clock this morning, hareon topray solar new energy company executives separately reviews on this file.

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2. the debate in Germany PV: misfortune fortune depends on?

Nuclear, wind, photovoltaic, renewable energy, distributed … … A keyword points to the heart of Europe, known as Germany. And were given new energy development, “Vanguard”, “benchmarking”, “role model” after Halo, questioning and criticism are also on the rise.

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3. thin film amorphous silicon solar cell and solar cell who next?

On crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film batteries in recent years who are the future of PV so many arguments, figures from global solar cell structure, 2007-2009 rapid development of thin-film solar cells, the proportion has steadily increased, becoming a focus in the areas of solar cells. 2010 rise in proportion of crystalline silicon solar cell production, crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar cells total solar cell production of 87.06% and 12.94%, respectively.

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4. solar thermal power generation by 2020 and cost of traditional thermal power in photogenic competition?

Light hot power which a important advantage is can through cheap storage hot technology achieved can adjustable stable green power of production and supply, this can adjustable power of quality similar Yu traditional thermal power, but currently in cost Shang is and than traditional thermal power high out many, light hot power industry needs concern of is, future six years, that to 2020, light hot power whether will can and traditional base Dutch type thermal power in cost photogenic competition?

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5. Trina solar PV industry and raw materials of “irrational” serious competition

China’s fast growing photovoltaic industry has been battered by overcapacity, caused widespread performance of 2012 “Waterloo”. Today, photovoltaic industry over the Government’s support and self-regulation of the market gradually pick up, focusing more attention on the power station construction and raw materials in the industry. In this regard, Trina Gao jifan, Chairman and CEO at the 2014 Summer Davos Forum was presented to reporters during the PV industry is facing a new problem: downstream of the “irrational” is very serious.

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Enterprise version

1. people voted in PV logic: money to take care of everything

Zhongmin vote in each of the shots are great. Following a 100 billion upon signing in PV in Ningxia, on September 4, the sources said, zhongmin cast or removed a 30 billion yuan from Shanghai Dong Jia du massif, refresh the Chinese “land Kings” record. PV, land, Shanghai and Ningxia, zhongmin, and exactly where to vote? The Prime Minister approved the establishment of China private carrier, every action affects the market’s heart.

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2.3 1.1 billion tons polysilicon enterprises bankruptcy deal

Since its July 2011 cutoff modification, xinguang Silicon has always been at a loss. Reporters found, xinguang Silicon nearly three years of losses amounting to 1.15 billion yuan. Last November, the tongwei Group intends to Sichuan xinguang silicon industry restructuring, specific programs for tongwei group of xinguang Silicon audit, assessment and due diligence before prior agreed. However, with Leshan Court formally accepted the bankruptcy filing, xinguang Silicon’s restructuring plan has failed.

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3. sinovideo starts restructuring of LDK moved on to the next hot spot

Support development and growth of local government, was once the world’s largest polysilicon manufacturers has arisen now, during two years of Government, “blood transfusion”, finally hit the NYSE delisted and embarked on a restructuring program. LDK LDK struggling when the LDK, the founder stepped down as company Chairman.

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4. Yunnan tianda photovoltaic 120MW battery line was taken by Changzhou company 8.5 million

On September 3, the Yunnan tianda photovoltaic technology Corporation (hereinafter “Yunnan tianda”) of photovoltaic equipment auction ends, auction price is approximately 8.5 million dollars, was shot by a trading company in Changzhou, Jiangsu. It is reported that, a company recently bought 75MW battery cable and peripheral devices, and spent more than 10 million.

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5. Chinese overseas-listed PV 2014 second-quarter earnings: jinko’s leading

Up to now, the PV companies announced financial results for second quarter of 2014 is completed. Judging from the earnings, which results in varying degrees of growth, reflecting continued improvement in market conditions and the bustling business environment, especially the Asian and North American markets.

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Character articles

1. Gao jifan hailing Li Hejun: mainstream thin film solar cell is crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells only when the supporting cast

2014 Summer Davos in Tianjin in September 10-12th at the eighth annual meeting, reporters on the dialogue with Gao jifan, Chairman of Trina solar limited, Mr Gao said there are companies that film in the next alternative to crystalline silicon, as he considers the mainstream status of crystalline silicon 5-10 will not change in the future, thin-film batteries only when the supporting cast.

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2. Meng Xiangan: PV’s biggest challenge is bigger and stronger

China’s economic development into the “new normal”. In this context, as one of the emerging industries of strategic importance, what are the opportunities and challenges facing the future of PV industry? Meng Xiangan said China renewable energy society, for the PV industry, one of the biggest challenges is to change the direction of growth, China should come up with high-end products with high technology content, so as to “Invincible”.

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3. GCL Group Mr Zhu attended the 2014 solar leaders Summit and delivered speeches

On September 11, the leading international business specialization focused on clean energy and new energy energy group, Concord (Group) Holdings Company Limited (hereinafter “Concord Group”) attend the 2014 solar Leadership Summit opens in Beijing. Concord Group Chairman, GCL-poly, Chairman of the Board, Chair of the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association, Mr Zhu published ceremony as special guests.

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4. Trina Gao jifan Chairman: pay a price but also won the cloud at Yele project

On September 2, Trina announced announced the acquisition of Yunnan metallurgy 90% stake in energy company limited. Mr Gao said cloud at Yele project “the country’s largest single project” sense, and Yun Ye is a good partner, so “even if it comes at a price, Trina solar wants to win.”

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GCL-poly, Yingli Fors: crystalline silicon is still for a long time the mainstream

Polaris solar PV net news: “2014 PV leader branch” held in Beijing in September 11-12th. At the meeting, Li junfeng, Director of the renewable energy professional Committee of Chinese circular economy Association hosted “dialogue of business leaders: the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry,” battle on crystalline silicon and thin film in question GCL Shu Hua, the Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of Yingli Song Dengyuan Dr. In Shu Hua’s view, than from the comprehensive price point of view, can be applied to the commercialization of photovoltaic technology, is still going to be SI technology in the future. Song Dengyuan believes that films cannot reduce costs in the short term, and amorphous silicon solar cell cost can be accepted by the market, quite a long time in the future, crystalline silicon solar power mainstream.

Moderator Li junfeng: back to our question, Shu Hua investment polysilicon has spent a lot of energy, invested tens of billions of now, thin film amorphous silicon solar cell and solar cell how to look at the future competition, trends look like? Wait one more time Song Dengyuan added.

Shu Hua: Director referred to Lee’s problem is the PV industry’s hot topics and controversial issues, everyone in the study of crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film batteries, including other photovoltaic technology development, we are very much concerned about. Unquestionable terms, any of the modes of generation, particularly the solar energy as a power mode, all along with the progress of science and technology, continuous development. Crystalline silicon solar module-end conversion efficiency to 13%, or even lower, and early stages of development, today conversion efficiency is more than 23%, 24%. After more than a decade of development, SI in rapid development, conversion efficiency improvement, thin-film technology as solar power technology is growing. In general terms, today and in the future for a fairly long time, still occupy the solar power mainstream Silicon power generation technology, more than 50% technology uses amorphous silicon solar power technology. Original-most material quality, polysilicon manufacturing, 7 to 9 in the past can be applied to solar polycrystalline silicon, long-term commitment to scientific research, the majority of solar technology. We are a supplier of polysilicon production, I have 12GW wafer supply and use Crystal rose crystal silicon technology, improve conversion efficiency. In addition to components, battery technology, for the whole system to improve power conversion efficiency and, more importantly, in terms of polysilicon and rose Crystal technology upgrade. Thin-film technology to enhance, to solve the conversion efficiency and service life, had its application market, particularly with regard to future integration in construction, in which part of the given market, thin film technology also has its advantages. With further development of future silicon technology and conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon technologies have more than 23% to 25% per cent, alternative to crystalline silicon technology, and comprehensive price point of view, can be applied to the commercialization of photovoltaic technology, is still going to be SI technology in the future.

From polysilicon manufacturing links, poly Association Xin in Siemens method of process technology cost aspects has down 14 dollars following, this months and next months is products referrals FB2 of particles silicon, cost will in 8 dollars following, such a Silicon cost of fast declined, again plus we in rose Crystal technology and wafer cutting technology aspects upgrade, and will for downstream battery manufacturing process provides efficiency contribution and cost contribution, this will will for we whole global commercialization of expanded, PV Application market provides we of cost advantage and technology advantage. So this point we of progress is quite of fast, so I wants to may future soon also will produced except film yiwai, like light hot power, other application solar of power technology, but in recently, and future quite long a time within, to with crystal silicon technology, and crystal silicon efficiency growth and cost and parity Internet, and national Government subsidies, into households, market application situation view, has became mainstream.

Song Dengyuan: everyone afternoon good, talked about crystal silicon film, also has other technology, concentrated battery, and calcium titanium mine technology are is parallel of technology route, from development view, most important which more can close now user can accept of, is degrees electric cost, in market Shang has compared good of performance, especially PV industry, has point and other industry, including real networking, including car, has a different points can’t than of, PV industry it of efficiency to high, also has very important of Red is cost, from theory, this technology good, But unable to scale production. Director Li, Apple iPhone, for example, Apple, $ 5,000, many bosses are willing to buy, no doubt. PV window, PV efficiency alone 20%, 80% I can do, it is assumed that theoretically, Lee and I said me 80% this is the world’s most advanced technology, 1000 dollars of electricity costs, Li said, I don’t buy it. I said I wasn’t as high, 2%, organic batteries, paint does not require high temperatures, high vacuum, the cost is 20 cents, with Director of marketing Lee, saying this is good, nothing lights can light up on the line. Solar essence cost as the first renewable energy technologies.

For now, technology is very large, daily birth of so many new technologies from the lab, but will actually get on industrialization, be accepted by the market, at present in the market very clear. Qian years, probably 2009 years of when, film battery, because crystal silicon very your, 500 dollars, see front of King Secretary-General PPT,500 dollars cost of film battery, United States relative cost low some, probably overall 2009 market share, film accounted for to has 16% around, 83% is crystal silicon, crystal silicon return itself value, 400 dollars return to 50 dollars, and 30 dollars, and 20 dollars. Meanwhile, its technical efficiency, resulting in crystalline silicon and thin film development and faster than thin-film, lead to lower cost per kilowatt, and that was reflected in market is obvious. After 2009, the five-year time, the film’s share of the market, more and more small, crystalline silicon is increasing. 2013 statistical data, thin film accounted for slightly more than 9%, SI accounted for close to 91%, SI this year increased by 92%, thin film solar cell 8%. For any technology, due to many technical courses in order to create the technical diversity, creating a competitive, can push costs down. Key question is which technology to quickly bring down the cost, that is, for each kW of PV modules into the system, per unit costs down so the markets behave well.

Of course there is a connection, for some batteries to, applications may have some, relatively speaking, may be more suitable for some. Do flexible thin film solar cell, regardless of the traffic transformer or more widely used in the market. What we are discussing now, PV technology development is the most important material support, planning, 1%, PV 20GW, installation 11GW,2015 new year than 35GW States now do the “Thirteen-Five” plan, 2030, 2050 plan, China’s 2030 300GW,2050 years to 1000GW, accounting for about 11% the entire power planning. Material supply issues is a very important issue, because only the amount of crystalline silicon in Earth’s crust 27.1%, inexhaustible, inexhaustible, as with the Sun, Earth’s crust is silicon. Close to millions of tons of polycrystalline silicon, and into other materials, materials for thin film solar cell, no matter, gallium, indium, dysprosium, chromium, are very rare elements on the Earth’s crust, one out of 10,000, in particular indium and more for aerospace materials. Material support, SI: some time in the future, without major technological breakthroughs, so far, I don’t see, but also in a very long time domination. Thank you all!

Moderator Li junfeng: raising this question because recently there are many arguments for thin-film cells, amorphous silicon solar cell, I not generalize, these two technologies are photovoltaic industry booming technology, has moved on, there is competition, there is progress, but are not mutually exclusive. Is true for any industry requires a courage to enter, it needs courage to quit.

“Manufactured” Shi, LDK was his!

Polaris solar PV net news: in this era of wealthy frequent, making rich people are beginning to emerge.

Shanghai Lujiazui, 13/f, Bank of East Asia, until 12 o’clock noon, Invensys capital project meetings there is no end in sight, Vice President again and apologize, interview with Wang gang, was told only lunch time.

Wang gang, overseas background, he worked in France Czech Republic capital Hung (NPEA) served as co-founder and managing partner of China operations. In today’s domestic PE industry, founder has the background of sea turtles abounded, CDH, new horizon, saifu both created for the returnees. But Wang gang, Suntech, LDK LDK and other projects on the precision is known for in and out of the industry, even as the “richest manufacturers.”

Until February 2009, create Invensys gang came into its capital, at which point domestic PE Blowout is over, the industry as a whole into the calm, but the gang run is continued played the songs, best venture capitalist by Forbes for 7 consecutive years, admitted to the Qing dynasties, the Chinese selection PE institutions top 50.

Western “technology”

Wang gang’s colleagues, Wang gang, usually serious and introverted, managing partner of foreign PE was born, and more esoteric technical issues, so I’d better do more preparation told reporters here before.

Murphy was a “technical”?

“You’re a returnee, feel and local PE investors of different modes of thinking and working, please? “The journalist is really worried about the” technology “as an answer, but in fact the gang loud and full of magnetism.

“I think there is a difference, but also picked up some local investors way, actually is a combination of our team, I spent a dozen years in a foreign country, but 7 years later in domestic investment, must be localized to just go. ”

Wang gang said that Invensys capital team have a background of more than half of all sea turtles, are Chinese, with local investors is reflected in the difference between investment philosophy and strategy, very principled, very focused on technical analysis.

Born in a middle-class family in Zhejiang, Wang gang, graduated in 1989 from Hefei University of precision instrument engineering, but the “engineering men” have not joined the technical work, but chose to go to New Zealand to study, after a multinational company engaged in financial work.

Until 2000, the gang to get back home to become State technology Guangzhou company limited an Executive, in 2002, the company was acquired by NASDAQ-listed AsiaInfo technologies, but Wang did not remain in the State in Guangzhou, but chose to leave.

Originally, AsiaInfo rivals France originally settled on the Guangzhou State Foreign Trade Bank, but ultimately failed. Although the Bank did not get State, leaves the gang dug the past, and co-founded the NPEA, Wang gang is responsible for business in China, began his career as a PE investor.

Although Wang gang, time is not more than 10 years working abroad, is to deal with foreigners, but his bones are still not out of the traditional Chinese thinking. Invensys capital, other employee business atmosphere of Office, but his Office is a water of Chinese style, makes it difficult to breath and the modern Lujiazui financial links.

Richest man in manufacturing plant

There’s an old saying in the PE industry, 3 years opened open eating for 3 years. Final results showed that France knows the human eye of the Bank for foreign trade of sinister enough, the New Zealand Massey University MBA graduate entrants, soon showed a rare aptitude. As co-founder and managing partner of NPEA, Wang gang, the NPEA’s main areas for the then emerging new energy.

On December 14, 2005, China PV RSVPs Shi first people to stand on the New York Stock Exchange [Twitter] Hall, Suntech struck the first Gong of China PV industry. Until recently, Wuxi Suntech trader behind the scenes finally was exposed, he is a gang.

In September 2004, the gang first contact Suntech Power Management, when Suntech was State-controlled, Shi is still only a small shareholder. Wang gang but the company’s business and prospects are excited about – “gross profit 30% per cent in 2004, has more than 20 million dollars in net profit, and technology in China. “With a keen sense of smell, Wang gang, finds that Suntech is his ideal of” the game “.

Over the next month, Wang gang, most of the time in the market investigation, visiting as many as 5 Germany customers, which France NBP became the most understanding of the solar industry’s investment arm. Finally, Wang gang and detailed hypothesis testing team concluded that even without leaving the State-owned shares, they can still profit.

On February 24, 2005, France NBP and Shi signed a term sheet. Time for a “gang were” delighted that, Suntech exits a breakthrough State-owned shares, and if we had not decided, you have no chance.

Eventually, Wang gang voted for $ 15 million, this is the time of NPEA single investment CAP, albeit at Suntech’s second-largest institutional investor, but the NPEA is as lead investor-led market research, legal drafting and coordinating several other investment negotiations completed amounted to 86 million of private investment.

Following after Suntech, Wang gang, led by NPEA win a series of victories in the energy industry. In 2006, Wang gang, founder of first contact LDK LDK LDK, they started operations in June 2006 July gang called LDK decided to put their money in just three months, Wang gang, made a total of LDK3 investment, a total of 85.5 million dollars. In August 2007, LDK in 1.5 years revenues from zero to 480 million Yuan, stunned the industry.

On June 4, 2007, LDK LDK in the United States market, which was then United States financing the largest Chinese IPO project.

Suntech solar and LDK work perfectly for NPEA investors earn full fist, two projects of return were 11.6 times and 9.9 times times, Shi also with more than 18 billion worth, than Huang guangyu, the richest man in 2005 before the richest man. Previously unknown LDK, with 40 billion yuan worth sitting on the richest man in the 2007 hurun report at sixth, Jiangxi’s throne. Time, the NPEA headed by Wang gang, became the “richest man in manufacturing plants”.

But shortly after the listing in Suntech solar and LDK, Invensys capital decisively chose to quit, which escaped the disaster of the photovoltaic industry. “We all pulled out of the 2007 photovoltaic, PV bubbles just forming at that time, market mania. “Wang recalls, when they formed a report predicting photovoltaic industry will” commodities “, meaning that with the decrease of raw material and technological threshold, PV capacity will be dramatically expanded.

Reflections cause the solar bubble burst that year, Wang said, “one is lowering the threshold of investment, whether Government or private are pouring in, the other is the severe decline in European and American markets, while the domestic market has not been nurtured, third, at that time, many entrepreneurs have not experienced economic cycles, optimism is serious. ”

And now, with the gradual recovery of the US and European markets, and the domestic rise of distributed PV, PV companies to see hope, but Wang believes that PV is now through the most difficult times, but the capacity is still too large, if there is no new technology, short and difficult to pull out of its slump. But distributed PV is the new highlight of the photovoltaic industry, there will be a certain market.

Only a single project success rate

From 2004 to 2008, the gang at the NPEA altogether made Suntech, LDK 9 projects, 7 of which to make money, the success rate is almost 80%. When the ascendant, gang has chosen on their own. In 2009, Wang gang, Invensys capital was created to organize a new team, he wants to write myth on this new platform.

“When we set up the domestic PE industry bubble era of flying, there are institutions, a project has dozens of funds chasing, resulting in soaring valuations, want to make money all of the time. “The whole experienced gang of PE industry in China was impressive,” was seeing a dozen 20 times times price-earnings ratio of firms, the entire market has been playing bad, better businesses are rarely more than 10 times now. ”

2007-2009 3 year spurt PE institutions, that raise difficulties continued until now no big difference. However, the gang has received positive response from LP, the first fund raised 582 million dollars in just three months, from the earliest dollar funds to the present Yuan-denominated funds, total would exceed 2 billion dollars in 5 years.

Early in the Invensys capital was founded, Wang gang, still clean energy as the flagship brand, nuclear power, winning over the Taiwan Strait boiler, Jingye bearings, multiple projects such as waterworks, jiuwugaoke all fall into this category, but their vision began to gradually expand into emerging areas such as consumer, TMT.

“This can also be called transition, but better that is perfect, we will be investing in clean technologies, but I think politically more diverse. “Wang gang said that the most fundamental reason is that” with the evolving economic cycle, you can’t hold saying I only do real estate, you may have 10-20 you money in real estate, but real estate is hard upon you of the future. For example, if I vote for PV in years, it might not be appropriate. ”

After 2012, Invensys capital have entered Nanjing Hann, Phoenix City Hall, among the flowers, newtouch software, lasting wealth in the media, net entertainment wise believer understands the companies, and these companies are associated with daily consumption.

Up to now, Invensys capital invested a total of 15 projects, beyondsoft is IPO exits, jiuwugaoke has also been submitting the listing application, other projects in the fast-growing, none of its operations.

“LP said that 15 projects are too small, a lot of our dozens of funds of this size, I say we do not pepper, but the success rates of individual projects. “Wang gang said, although they cast fewer projects, but projects are a dime,” estimated that there are more than 2,500 more, at last only 15, but I’m very satisfied with these projects are, even if the vote is still very satisfied after a few years. ”

Wang gang said that their usual style is the “turning-point investment, precision investment” and once saw heavy warehouse after entering.

Profile Wang people in Lishui, Zhejiang, born in 1968, graduated from Hefei University of precision instrument engineering, New Zealand Massey University MBA;2000 year, Guangzhou state technology company executives in 2002, jiehong capital as co-founder and managing partner of Suntech to successful investing, LDK LDK, where Suntech exit returns of 11.6 times 2009, the creation of Invensys capital, incumbent President of Invensys capital.

Original title: gang top PV foam

Polaris solar network on September 10, news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar network on September 10, news, PV into the zhongmin logic: money to take care of everything, Nam Cheong area of 3000 square meters of the roof design of new projects that require synchronization 2.15 yuan per unit, distributed PV PV subsidies litmus test of the financial institutions, as follows:

PV into the zhongmin logic: money to take care of everything

Nam Cheong area of 3000 square meters of the roof of the new projects that require synchronization design of photovoltaic power generation subsidy of 2.15 yuan per unit

Touchstone distributed PV financial institutions

3 lose 1.1 billion tons polysilicon enterprises bankruptcy deal

LDK starts restructuring of LDK moved on to the next hot spot

Layout wind power Investment Corporation raised $ 2.18 billion yuan, Gansu power photovoltaic project

Subsidies, restructuring, disposals Dragon photoelectric countdown

Export pattern change in PV industry depends on technology innovation

By 2015, China’s PV industry would be like?

Large differences in West parts of China PV power plan 2014

Detailed United States Texas electricity liberalization “100% PV programme” (map)

Tower-type solar thermal power stations, such as how to reduce glare and light pollution affect you?

Thin film amorphous silicon solar cell and solar cell who next?

“Crab” eats the sugar plum grass-roots PV trying to “transition” PV solution provider

Polaris solar PV net news: as of now, Shijiazhuang, 36 households were distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects, installed capacity of 1447.4 kilowatts, of which 32 households for personal users. Compared with corporate users, electricity is low, but for the spread of renewable energies it is of great significance.

After one year, again went into An Huipeng family’s two-story buildings, it seems nothing has changed. The only difference is, last interview was in June last year, ceiling fans in the living room on the first floor and hum moving happily, and the visit, corner lot in a brand new air conditioning Cabinet machine.

As the provincial capital, one of the first to install “distributed PV home systems” one user since August 9 last year into the national power grid, who lives in An Huipeng in zanhuang County, city have their own solar power systems power generation throughout the years and 4 months. All appliances are power generation, electricity and the remaining were sold to the national grid. He told reporters that as of August this year, generating a total 2305, Internet transmission of 1658, revenue from electricity sales plus revenue such as State subsidies of up to 2012.

Today, the “crab” eats “sugar plum” An Huipeng, opens first solar accessories in the local dealership in the County realized from the grass-roots PV attempts to PV solution provider “in transition”.

Maximum one day on-site generation 12

September 5 at 11 o’clock in the morning, fine weather. An Huipeng home on the roof of the two-storey, 8 blocks arranged side-by-side in a slope shape of solar photovoltaic panels are working quietly, will exist in the Sun’s energy into electricity runs.

“The system is running quite stable, barely over, had not been worse. “Standing in the yard, told reporters An Huipeng, pointing to the roof of the spontaneous electric equipment, power system, he is 2-kilowatt, 6.3 average daily power generation, in addition to the daily citizen 3 kWh of electricity, and the rest were sold to the national grid. In particular makes him happy is that good weather increased significantly this year, generating capacity has increased from a year earlier, the “capacity of up to 12 degrees in the summer, or at least more than seven degrees”.

As the provincial capital, one of the first spontaneous users install photovoltaic, An Huipeng family’s intention is very simple, “just more and more pollution of the moment and make whatever contribution to environmental protection”, but that he didn’t expect and he has a lot of like-minded people. According to rough estimates, more than a year, to come to his home “visit” has dozens of guests, more than 100 people, some still came exclusively from xingtai, Baoding and other places.

Cost over nine years to recover the cost

For An Huipeng, connected to power more than a year, the best news is that last August, State subsidies on distributed PV standards, subsidies increase: distributed solar power in accordance with the electricity subsidy, subsidy standards for 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt hour (tax included).

In other words, is only sold to the electricity grid has a subsidy before, and now, whether for personal use or sold to the grid, and 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt-hour are subsidies.

“For example, I made a total of 60 degrees, 60 per cent of subsidies, subsidies 0.42 Yuan. This means that many more State subsidies, which the cost recovery time shortened, fast. “An Huipeng for reporter detailed listed has distributed PV power to user brings of proceeds: first is since electricity by save of electricity (Hebei Province residents ladder electric price according to months electricity volume different from 0.52 Yuan/kWh to 0.82 Yuan/kWh ranging); second is will remaining of electricity sold grid of proceeds, each degrees electric 0.419 Yuan; third is national subsidies, each sent once electric of subsidies is 0.42 Yuan.

According to daily generation of 6.3 degrees, since the electricity measured 3 degrees, return An Huipeng home power generation a year is (3×0.52+3.3×0.419+6.3×0.42) x30x12=2011.9. The installed cost of the system is 20,000 yuan, calculation, cost recovery for about 9.9 years. An Ruipeng said his family the shelf-life of the system is 25 years, meaning that are expected in the next period of a dozen years of profit.

Progress: “turn around” parts dealer

“When you start to install this equipment, and did not expect it to make much difference to the life. “However, An Huipeng admits, it is because we see bright prospects of photovoltaic power generation, particularly after the subsidy increase, growing sense of its investment property is growing.

According to An Huipeng introduction, since the installation of the system, electricity sector settlement once every six months. “A few days ago, I looked at the card, and a total of more than 1400 Yuan. “He said, a recent settlement, that is, August 9-grid this year for an entire year.

Runs well, never mind, you can also earn money … … In July, An Huipeng again “build” had registered a PV accessories dealership, realized from the grass-roots PV attempts to PV solution provider “transformation”.

“Main show and sale of photovoltaic accessories, responsible for free installation for the user. “An Huipeng dealership located in the county on the East loop area is small, but sentiment was full, many people a day dying of curiosity into the store” inquiry “. An Huipeng told reporters that now, “photovoltaic” concept is increasingly being accepted by more ordinary people, but the installation fees, subsidies continued to be a matter of priority. Many people originally on “green power” interested, but at least a light buying components such as spent more than 10,000 yuan, and about ten years to return, many of the “looker” flinch.

Looking forward to looking forward to more good news introduction

Personal power is lower than the total, but is significant for the spread of renewable energies.

How can we encourage more families to “green power” way? This reporter learned that, in addition to existing national policies support, a number of provinces also issued a corresponding policy support. Like, Jiangxi province except national subsidies 0.42 Yuan/kWh outside, for early loaded fee implemented province special funds grants, a period engineering grants 4 Yuan/w, II period engineering tentative grants 3 Yuan/w; Hangzhou City is in national subsidies 0.42 Yuan/kWh, and Zhejiang Province subsidies 0.1 Yuan/kWh of based Shang, according to project built Hou of actual power effect, again gives 0.1 Yuan/kWh of subsidies……

“If the initial installation fee can support 4/w, power subsidy subsidy of 0.2 Yuan per kWh more, well, only a 2-kilowatt power system installation fee will be less 8000 Yuan. “An Huipeng is looking forward to that, as a result, the cost recovery period is at least two or three years, will appeal to people has been greatly enhanced.

Reassuring is that reporters learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission, for now, they are in the process of developing the city to speed up promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry related suggestions, including distributed photovoltaic, or PV, industrial policy support. To believe that there will definitely be more upbeat news about the operability of the introduction.

An Huipeng said then that he intended to put their own homes on the roof, exterior walls, Windows, fully carpeted PV modules and put themselves into a veritable “distributed PV platform” so that more people understand, using “green power”.

Original title: photovoltaic power generation a year 2012

New round of PV solar industry meet Qi Sheng big volume and price quotes

Polaris solar PV net news: distributed policy last week, and the PV sector’s share price spiked down indications, the market may interpret policies as positive cash, but we think this is the big round of price-volume Qi Sheng, main points are as follows:

1, policy release distributed in a disguised form, we raised the annual installed capacity reached 15GW

Market will distributed policy interpretation into meet expected, and we is think, distributed policy great mystery, core is will defines expanded and indicators release, such will led to annual installed volume Super expected; defines expanded: policy provides using abandoned land, and mountain shortage Po, and agricultural big shed, and beach, and ponds, and Lake, construction, and to 35,000 v and the following voltage grade access grid (Northeast 66,000 v and the following), and single project capacity not over 20MW and by electricity main in and dot variable radio district elimination na of PV station project To include distributed PV scale target management, implementing new benchmark local PV price (known as distributed on the ground); index opening: policy provides for all kinds of spontaneous use of distributed solar power projects are under construction scale indicator limit, provincial energy departments should adjust in a timely manner to resolve or to apply to the National Energy Board up-scale indicators.

The effect on the operational level are: distributed due to the roof (spontaneous mainly for personal use) does not limit (because scale can be appended to indexes) that local governments could use the land distributed to level of the original distributed application, which is in effect provided a lot of the ground and distributed. At present, we have observed in Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places have been launched under 20MW distributed ground and flexibility of the policy has been applied flexibly, the installed capacity of the eastern provinces will exceed the 6 Department of energy planning at the beginning (ground) +8 (distributed) guidelines.

In addition, we expect places like Xinjiang, Qinghai, Hebei is expected to be extra flagging, extra quantities or in southern Xinjiang is expected to reach 700MW, more than 600MW in the industry expected, Qinghai is expected or send Super 770MW, exceeds previous media reports the amount of 1.22GW, authentic flagging could keep a extra ground power station.

Based on this, we hiked the annual installed capacity, up from 13GW 15GW, the main areas of growth are distributed on the ground. 3GW installed in the first half, second half 12GW 11GW, distributed 4GW (mainly by spontaneous use).

2, the force behind the policies: Government officials set the tone PV steady growth and restructuring

Judging by the wording from the Department of energy documents, PV has been defined as the senior Government stable growth, adjust the structure of important areas.

We judge, in half completed task adverse of situation Xia, Energy Council by has Government senior of pressure, Energy Council Secretary Wu xinxiong Hefei visits and jiaxing speaks, reflect has Energy Council completed task of urgent degree, zhihou of distributed policy defines expanded and indicators release, is Energy Council to completed even excess completed task made of actual action, which set of terms, very with can implementation sex.

Facilitated by the rise, we believe that the industry will still be healthy growth, industry capacity next year is expected to reach about 18-20GW.

3, industrial chain has been brewing price price

According to Solarzoom PV industry chain, price, price of polysilicon prices has been brewing. Mainly due to the rapid growth in demand and supply is limited. The growth in demand mainly from China, supply constraints are mainly China United States of processing through, we judge the United States domestic polysilicon business survival environment is going to be bad, or even preclude the possibility of withdrawal, which will bring substantial capacity gaps of the industry. Current grade polysilicon price at 21 dollars/kg, the greater probability of up to 22 dollars next week, four quarters are expected to hit highs of US $ 25.

Due to conduction effect of the Silicon coupled with demand strong degree, we judge the price of silicon wafers, cells, modules will also be reflected.

4, investment strategies: recommended power operation platform, technology, TBEA, sunshine, and Solarfun power electronics, Eicon Technology, senyuan electric, hareon

Goal set the tone this year, policy price and give a clear direction to the background, price is intended to signal any boom booming, our identification there is still a lot of investment opportunities in the photovoltaic industry, the main attraction remains the station link. Ground power station is the protagonist of this year, distributed search for a way forward, distributed on the ground become a new flashpoint for this year, we recommend power current operating platform, technology, TBEA, sunshine, and Solarfun power electronics, Eicon Technology, senyuan electric, hareon. Follow-up focused on gaining companies distributed on the ground.

Main risk factors: (1) policy, (2) approves the increased competition

Original title: new round of PV solar industry meet Qi Sheng big volume and price quotes

Polysilicon prices to rally: has hit 165 Yuan/kg year highs

Polaris solar PV net news: by September end demand and other factors, the domestic polysilicon prices to rally in recent days has begun, high quality polysilicon prices reached 163 Yuan per kg (including tax, the same below), some polysilicon prices reached highs of 165 Yuan/kg.

According to the survey, with pause and PV installed capacity of polysilicon processing trade increased sharply, industry generally expect four quarter polysilicon prices are expected to continue to rise.

In September, the industry anticipated distributed PV new deal, can take advantage of distributed PV unreclaimed land, beaches and other construction, as well as select a benchmark price for full Internet access, it opened the space for the construction of distributed PV and September into PV power station project construction season, number of EPC developers have begun a large scale photovoltaic power plant construction.

Domestic polysilicon manufacturers cost around 110-120 Yuan/kg, leading firms GCL-poly in the first half with an average manufacturing cost of $ 15.7/kg (about 97 dollars/kg). Data displayed, domestic polysilicon of price from early minimum of about 145 Yuan/kg, rose to February of high 165 Yuan/kg, then two months, polysilicon price maintained in 160 Yuan/kg around shocks, entered 5 June polysilicon price stable in about 160 Yuan/kg, and due to component inventory volume of increased conduction to upstream, July polysilicon price Xia exploration to 158 Yuan/kg around, minimum sold price once reached 155 Yuan/kg, entered August polysilicon price began enterprises stability, Stabilized at about 158 Yuan/kg.

Original title: polysilicon prices to rally: has hit 165 Yuan/kg year highs

Zhongmin vote for “the warlords”

Polaris solar PV net news: seal-branding, root capital for private capital profit-seeking genes, zhongmin voted to take to resolve the excess capacity, reform Pathfinder to strut their stuff.

Late August day in Shanghai on the Bund, in the morning, sunlight through glass onto the Bund International Plaza, covered with a red carpet, just retiring Minsheng Chairman Dong wenbiao, China Minsheng investment joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as ‘ cast) as Chairman of the Board of Directors has once again become the focus. Dong wenbiao, like pledging warriors, confidently made the warlords to 59 private entrepreneurs: “fight for 5 years, people voted to become internationally competitive in the big, respected, sustainable development, investment group. ”

Different from the sunny Shanghai, located in Tangshan, Bohai Sea steel, many steel works hard to reproduce formation splashed scene, looking rusty steel blast furnace, part of the equipment was covered by spread of weeds. Only Tangshan has nearly 100,000 steel workers facing unemployment, entrenched business bad debts banks, idle land lacking development funds. National large and medium sized iron and steel enterprises in the first half of this year sales profit margin of only 0.41%, iron and steel industry has 11 consecutive losses. Similar to the steel industry, PV module capacity utilization was less than 80%, shipbuilding industry is less than 75%, and these industries with surplus production capacity in the deserted market suffering.

September accompanied by continuous rain, people’s enthusiasm of zhongmin cast attention began to turn cold, zhongmin cast and Dong wenbiao, PV of steel, shipbuilding and other industries with surplus production capacity of enthusiasm no reduction at all. This personally approved by Prime Minister Li keqiang, focusing on integrated steel, PV, ships surplus capacity of the private investment firm, much emerged as saying stepped in, through capital operation, to solve excess capacity in chronic illness find a way out.

The Chinese version of the Morgan

“Resolve the essence of overcapacity is who is going to pay for the costs of industrial restructuring, fostering new economic growth point of the problem. “Liu Haimin, Deputy Director of China Metallurgical economic development research center, told reporters. Resolve the overcapacity is an age-old topic has long been not resolved, but growing. Problem is not the industry itself, but the product of macroeconomic development disorders. Between tides ebb in the macroeconomic, industrial economy were stranded on the beach, a shortage of a flow of water, helping the industry off the hook complete the transition and establishment of new economic growth points.

Who is going to provide a flow of water, bear the risk? Is the Government’s fallback, or the introduction of social capital?

During the crucial period of China’s economic reform, in March 2014, a report on the preparations for the vote in Prime Minister Li keqiang, the programme placed the desk. Social capital formation of large private investment firms, through the integration of financial and capital operation means, stimulating industrial assets, resolve excess capacity for industrial restructuring and upgrading. Through industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, financial consolidation, and build a platform of private finance in China.

“(In the cast) to do a Chinese version of the Morgan group. “People voted Chairman Dong wenbiao has openly told the media. That year, Rockefeller in “World War I” during the economic crisis in the world after using the power of finance capital, realized the United States steel industry consolidation. Financial capital in industry, already profit is no longer pumped into a relationship, but through financial reshaping the industry.

Turns out in Dong wenbiao, zhongmin vote will become a holding group, is a collection of Minsheng Bank, China Minsheng lease financial-industrial Empires, people’s livelihood, such as e-commerce companies, participating in domestic infrastructure construction on the one hand, on the other hand hoping to enjoy Government preferential policies, relying on reserves and the State Development Bank credit in support of private enterprises in China to overseas mergers and acquisitions. Set up a private investment bank in China was a bold vision, out of risk concerns, China does not allow direct investment banking industry to directly hold stakes in industrial companies. Therefore, among the programmes submitted to the State Council, zhongmin thrown away the reference to investment banks, and resolve the overcapacity, financial platform solution is proposed.

Or not to batch, is a strategic choice for policy makers. Zhongmin vote again is stirring up a sensitive nerve in the reform of China’s economy. Compared to the 19 years ago, scattered for private capital to participate in reforming State-owned enterprises, resolve corporate debt quagmire of chaos and controversy, now private enterprise groups wanting to build and finance the platform, and then transition to investment banking, course more clear and bold.

In March 2014, China special report to the State Council leaders on many occasions and explained. Eventually, zhongmin vote was aimed at “private fund” and “Morgan” plans were downsized as investment joint-stock company, position and focused on leading the transformation of private economy, excess capacity in the integration industry.

On August 21, voted zhongmin was formally established, actual registered capital of 35 billion dollars, led by the Federation of industry and commerce, 59 domestic private enterprises jointly sponsored, funded, and every company that owned stocks on average less than 2%.

In a sense, zhongmin vote capital structure more like a smaller version of the Investment Bank. Raise the funding pattern for all, turned into a small range of corporate investment. In order to adapt to the upper limit of the number of corporate shareholders 60, zhongmin investment fund shareholders is limited to 59, including the suning appliance, Oceanwide construction, ZONGSHEN and other well-known companies.

“If you combine real bullish on excess capacity in business, 50 billion yuan in registered capital, enough that the company split, and even spend will intervene. However, each not exceeding 1 billion yuan of investment, with an obvious temptation means. After all, nobody wants to miss the first bus of the future private investment bank in China. “The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of industrial economics, industrial development Office Director Zhao Ying told reporters, Li approved of the Prime Minister, opened the new attempt of the private economy. However, it is also in the cast of warlords, which must use concrete actions to prove the value of China’s industrial and economic development.

To complete the tasks resolve the overcapacity, zhongmin on financial holding Group’s financial investment Corporation also plans to set up under the Civil Union of iron and steel, mining and logistics, navigation between the Republic of China in and new energy, such as specialized investment of 9 subsidiaries. Among these, the new energy business started early.

Blood transfusion in PV

On August 28, after listing as the first item, zhongmin investment reach the fertile hetao plain. Zhongmin investment plans to invest 3GW~5GW photovoltaic power generation project in Ningxia, a total investment of 30 billion ~500 billion yuan.

“Ningxia is a cornucopia of the photovoltaic industry. “Meng Xiangan introduces China renewable energy society, average annual sunshine time of 2,974 hours in Ningxia, frost-free period of 168 days, the maximum temperature 38 ℃, are light and heat resources-rich parts of the country, effectively generating light longer than almost nearly 50%, Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.

Meanwhile, Ningxia’s coal, oil and gas resources, is a leading energy base in Western China. Difficulty with grid-connected PV power plant in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang is different, without isolated operation in Ningxia’s embarrassment. In the “Silicon” above the waves as a mirror of the PV power station, State grid of transmission lines and lined, straight to the Southeast. Both resources and the grid, Ningxia has a unique advantage.

“Photovoltaic plant investment institutions all over the country to seize the resources of Ningxia. “Meng Xiangan said. However, Ningxia power grid, renewable energy capacity was around 1.6GW, near-saturation of the annual plan. In this case, zhongmin access 3GW~5GW in Ningxia project approval “flagging”, can be described as a miracle.

Zhongmin these persons declared: “this is a special approval from the national development and Reform Commission project. “Only get a” flagging “of PV projects in order to grid, received government subsidies. Prior to this, insiders say, zhongmin investment Ningxia photovoltaic power plant in the coming years, “flagging” almost entirely in the Pocket. Zhongmin investment picked up a whole cornucopia.

Although Dong wenbiao later denies this, and vowed that the subsidies as “double edged sword”, not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, but it cannot be denied is that PV power station completed, subsidies will bring real money cash flow.

According to the current price/kWh for grid-connected PV power plant in Ningxia 0.9 Yuan, 3GW~5GW PV project, zhongmin cast will bring 6 billion ~105 billion per year in cash flow. Life calculation based on 20 power generation, generating operating profit of 120 billion ~2100 billion yuan, even adjusting for capital cost and operational cost, project profits in the billions of Yuan. People voted in the vast capital guarantee the integration of upstream industry’s power and strength.

Trina Zhang MI, head of media relations, told reporters, zhongmin investment and industrial capacities currently directly involved in upstream of polycrystalline silicon, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic industry may not, however, based on available resources, by means of financial resources is quickly turning into a capital vote in strength.

On one hand, zhongmin investment through large-scale PV power station construction, pull the upstream of production, play a role in transfusions. Enterprises can reduce costs through further research and development in the upper reaches of the order, such power station construction and the upstream industries form a positive interaction. The other hand, zhongmin cast could use capital operation directly upstream of several corporate restructuring or mergers and acquisitions, through financial reform spin off debt, integrated industrial chain so as to eliminate backward production capacity, optimize the industrial structure.

On May 19, the people voted in only 10 days after registration, zhongmin on photovoltaic products and technology providers and operators of Concord Group’s primary industry reached 10 billion yuan fund agreements through capital Union over professional operators and instead cut into the upper reaches of the PV industry and polycrystalline silicon industry.

“Through its cash, capital operation and larger, transfer of capital, industry consolidation. Zhongmin invested in photovoltaic industry consolidation in foreign languages has been clear. Now the key is, how resources are to be realized, the formation of variable capital. “Shanghai Securities Senior Ni Jiwen, a researcher told reporters. At present, China PV power plant has no means for realization of assets, not mortgages, loans, market.

In this regard, zhongmin vote seems to have figured a way out. Dong wenbiao has confessed to the media, zhongmin PV power plant project capital costs only about 5%, so low financing costs could bring zhongmin started large-scale PV power plant project courage and ability. However, what kind of financing to be able to guarantee the financing of such low costs?

PV of 30 billion ~500 billion yuan Investment Bank apparently does not reality. In addition to national development banks can provide a small amount of low interest loans, but no banks willing to take that step in PV industry, finance is even less practical, 5% interest even banking earnings.

“People could rely on its own capital and other joint investments in enterprise, advance development, on the choose the financing channels, for example, through finance leases, trusts, funds, securities, lowering the cost of financing and, finally, realize PV asset securitization. “Ni Ji smell analysis.

In March this year, Dong wenbiao at the “two sessions”, to capacity as the CPPCC put forward proposals for further promoting securitization of credit assets in China. For now, Dong wenbiao recommendations have not yet been answered. Capital cannot be securitized, through exports of financial operations, zhongmin once ate too much resources and projects, as he himself brave General of the beast, topples the funding risks.

Cautious of the market for asset-backed securitization in China and zhongmin cast only a detour. Dong wenbiao bluntly stated that the current cast also is hoping to obtain financing through low-cost bonds issued outside, at the same time, the establishment of capital markets and private equity business, creating private equity investment funds, play a direct financial advantage and leverage. This is undoubtedly people voted present a better choice.

Ulterior meaning is not “steel”

Cornerstone photovoltaic industry earnings as profits in the future, step by step to advancing capital operation, zhongmin’s logic as investment an untapped gold mine, government resources, raising startup capital, dissolve the temporary overcapacity is not difficult.

However, if zhongmin is facing a gold that has been mined out, and what to do with it?

Ningxia’s “Silicon Valley” hot construction site, turning miles of steel city Tangshan. It was August hot weather there is some silence. Tangshan xingye industry and trade, one of hundreds of small steel mills hospital, rusty distant blast furnace, chimney once stood in last year’s “environmental remediation” were destroyed. Three-storey office building locked, freight yard, steel has been roped in to debt, leaving only one man high grass. Summer insects would whisper and talk to Porter’s sound clearly audible.

“The mills have long stopped almost two years without pay, still owes the workers ‘ funds raised more than 30 million Yuan. “The watch-man told reporters. Because of lagging sales and nearly 200 million yuan in credit extension, two years ago, Mills was unworkable, desperation to workers and local villagers collected money of 30 million Yuan, to regroup. In 2012, steel prices have slumped and letting Mills total defeat, land mortgage in the Bank right now. In 2013, the breaking capacity to dispose of the mills in Hebei province, blast chimney was blown up, but due to unpaid bills too many steel mills failed to complete collapse. Waiting list of more than 2000 workers or small business, the local government issued regular food and heating subsidies, allowing workers to eke out a living.

Similar to the situation in small and medium steel enterprises in Tangshan and minority. According to statistics, from 2009 until now, due to overcapacity and pollution of troubled steel, Tangshan and shutting steel mills have nearly 100 involving 40 million tons of steel capacity, nearly 100,000 people employed, involving nearly 600,000 people in Hebei province as a whole.

Zhao Ying on reporter said, currently China of capacity excess main is divided into two species, a is similar PV industry of relative excess, due to market development not mature, although needs growth is high, but capacity to timely conversion for products sales, as long as fake to time difficult not difficult solution; another a is is as steel industry of absolute excess industry, not only market needs growth near saturated, excess of capacity often to conversion for market value, and exists personnel placed and debt burden, large history burden.

Integrated steel production capacity will not only need to pay the cost of investment, but also pay huge social costs. This also means that resolve the excess steel capacity would become the toughest vote in future “hard stuff.”

As envisaged by the zhongmin cast in steel plate, zhongmin vote chose fangda group, DeLong steel group, Dragon group and Sichuan chuanwei Group 4 private iron and steel company as a platform for mergers and acquisitions and industry consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, control over 100 million tons of steel production capacity in the country. Meanwhile, zhongmin voted according to national and local situations, replacement, land inventory of steel production capacity of integration, and business development.

“For absolute excess capacity businesses, apart from the few companies also have industrial value, most businesses are reflected in the value of land and productivity indicators, and even some production enterprises have not even index. So-called industrial restructuring of the vast majority of that is land development. “Economic Zuo Dapei, a researcher at Chinese Academy of social sciences, told reporters. Alongside the old steel mills in China are concentrated in the cities, and even some steel mills have already surrounded by the city, once industrial land into commercial land, values have risen sharply.

However, under the existing national land policy, land property changes value, not the property, on the one hand could not be reflected in the companies ‘ assets, not trading cash; the other hand once the deal would hit a sensitive nerve of the privatization of State-owned assets.

Different from 19 years ago, the State-owned enterprise reform, zhongmin cast the opening to “liberal-minded” many say land development was no longer a taboo subject. From a marketing standpoint, huge stock capital was buried under steel mills and the irrational allocation of resources. And both land development, or the disposition of excess capacity, personnel placement need to pay huge amounts of money, through an open, fair and transparent market, and to liquidize the assets, you can solve the problem of capital.

Tangshan xingye industry and trade to steel mills, for example, its nearly 400 acres of land used for steel production has been surrounded by the city, adjacent to the steel mill across the street on the West side is a high-tech Park in Tangshan City and Motor City, less than 100 metres east of the business district, the Government floor price of land up to 3000 Yuan/sq m, property price up to 6000 Yuan/square meter. In Tangshan, here is the letter of the prime location. Xingye industry and trade steel mill once it is integrating, land will only generate nearly 3 billion yuan of value-added space.

Planing to repay funds, bank loans, overdue taxes, resettlement workers, along with about 400 million dollars to the cost, minus costs of initial development and governmental land leasing cost about 2.3 billion yuan, the project will still have more than 10% of the Maori. Financing cost restructuring process at a relatively low level, overall project profitability, if a local government development project implementation package, profitability can be further improved.

Aim land wealth, investment structure that can be seen. Docked in people voted in private iron and steel company as a mergers and acquisitions platforms at the same time, jiaye real estate company in the layout. According to the industry’s plan, will focus on the development of a city core area of land, new planning and land development in second-tier cities, listed in 35 years, a decade of real estate leaders. Ulterior meaning is not “steel”.

Capital “aircraft carrier”

In addition to land, according to the integrated steel industry overcapacity, zhongmin cast also has an ambitious goal, it is steel, mining, shipping, transportation vertical integration of four main.

Follow the simple logic of industry, steel overcapacity in the shipyard can provide cheaper steel, thereby activating assets; and the shipyard produced ships, through the Organization of fleet, can manage the shipping prices, reduction in iron ore charges; ‘s control over the price of iron ore resources and shipping, which in turn can reduce iron ore costs steel.

After the four industries into a platform for capital formation jijiaozhishi, overcapacity will not only be eased, industry voice in the global market, China will also be greatly enhanced. People voted in this is not wishful thinking, but the main pattern of the world iron and steel industry development. Japan, and Brazil, or the three major international mining giants, are taking advanced combination of mode of operation. The most typical is Japan Consortium system. Japan Consortium not only with Japan national finance and politics are closely linked, and in the field of combination is even more extreme.

Japan’s Nippon Steel Corporation steel, Mitsubishi heavy industries, shipbuilding and shipping, Mitsui is responsible for investment in Brazil, and Australia’s iron ore. In Japan’s steel, shipbuilding, shipping and overseas mine belonging to the independent’s table behind both Nippon Steel and the Mitsubishi, Mitsui, in fact belong to a Japan the chaebol system. Through cross shareholding between the chaebol and dispatch of personnel, capital and personnel management as a whole. The peak in the 1990 of the 20th century, Japan six consortia of above average internal shareholding ratio almost 50%.

Consortium banks become the industry’s settlement Center, steel, mining, shipping, shipping companies were largely settled by the same banking system, and by the same system commands directly through securities, shares, loans or multiple channels, such as allocation of resources, coordinate the interests of all affiliates.

This is not a power structure based on the head office and branch office, but a collection of capital, financial, administrative, and even military architecture. In the enterprises development, banks help companies secure rights, business development; enterprise performance deteriorates, enterprises will transfer rights to the Bank, the Bank is responsible for rescue.

Zhongmin was to emulate the organization management mode, covering iron and Steel Union, people in mining investments in logistics, navigation, between the Republic of China in several plates, the formation of professional management, the investment team. Meanwhile, the equity Alliance, some private steel companies, shipbuilders, logistic companies, sales companies, investment companies by way of capital, the cross-shareholding Alliance. Zhongmin investment capital intended to make the whole industry chain “aircraft carrier”.

The ancients is easier said than done. Throughout the capital consolidation of people voted in the current operation and financial strength, zhongmin vote can eventually create “aircraft carrier” remain uncertain.

Financial industry lacks strength, people voted in the uneven integration platform is the biggest problem. Currently, zhongmin total registered capital of 50 billion yuan of investment, as a private enterprise scale is not small, but as a financial business is a drop. If zhongmin can’t get through connecting with the Minsheng Bank total assets of more than 3 trillion yuan, to integrate large-scale industrial chain early.

As zhongmin investment and industrial integration platform of the private enterprises are also alleged to have put together. Iron and steel industry, since the beginning of May this year, zhongmin layout details of the cast have been announced in the steel industry, fangda group, DeLong steel group, Dragon group, chuanwei Group 4 private iron and steel company as a platform for integration of acquisitions and investments. However, four privately-run iron and steel enterprise in China’s iron and steel industry basically doesn’t rank high on title, and rarely even in civil-owned enterprise leaders.

6 months ago, DeLong steel setbacks in haixin iron and steel restructuring. In June, China fangda Group senior anti-corruption event in Jiangxi province. In July, the chuanwei group generated 27.2 billion dollars debt hole, was ordered to “judicial reorganization.” Only Tailwinds that jianlong steel, zhongmin vote solicitation “we first get their own business right,” Deans.

In the field of shipbuilding, zhongmin vote again at a steady Foundation. On May 6. Zhongmin cast Shi Yuzhu subscription rongsheng heavy industries, one of the sponsors, be understood as people voted in by boat lift. However, under the influence of bad shipping environment, rongsheng heavy industries for more than 30 billion yuan of debt problems remained to be addressed.

“Shipping is the international trend towards the poor situation. Currently State-owned large-scale shipyard orders with high-end boats, offshore equipment support, dominated by low-end bulk carriers private shipbuilding enterprise would make it difficult to turn a chance. “Zhao Ying told reporters. Even if people voted through the capital operation and the integration of the private shipbuilding industry, as long as the South and North, two State-owned shipbuilding Giants keep side, China’s shipbuilding industry is hard to beat.

Steel, shipping case of domestic industries in the area, dominated by global giants such as mining, shipping field is the storm of unpredictable. Zhongmin investment and lack of industrial Foundation and the weakness of the industry titans help out significantly without continued support at the national level, zhongmin invested in industry consolidation inevitable twists and turns.

As a litmus test of resolve the overcapacity, zhongmin vote has put a dent in the market, but would become the cure “leftover” weapon, has yet to be fuzhongzhiyuan.

Original title: people vote for “the warlords”

First Solar completion of Texas commercial photovoltaic power stations

Polaris solar PV net news: First Solar recently completed initial 18MW Barilla PV plants in Texas stage, which is in the State’s first power plant that runs without a power purchase agreement.

The Delgado Peixe County in West Texas “commercial” PV power station will be sold in the Texas ERCOT grid spot market power.

Unsubsidized commercial power generation projects are in some countries has become more common in these countries, such as Chile, solar power for expensive fossil fuel power generation provides a viable alternative, but in the United States without extensive testing.

The project will inevitably violate the First Solar,First Solar approach has been tended to before the sold its power plants to power producers, obtaining a long-term power purchase agreement for them.

First Solar TimRebhorn, Senior Vice President for business development, said: “with clean, renewable energy into the Texas market is exciting, its high cost compared to traditional peak resources at competitive prices. This project proves FirstSolar rapid development, construction and production capacity of solar assets, at competitive prices to the grid when needed to provide a clean, renewable energy. ”

Albeit solar in Texas to take off a United States slow in other regions, but the national renewable energy laboratory, said in the United States in the development of solar energy potential, recently completed projects, including 400MWAlamo the first phase of the project, has made the Lone Star State a strong implementation of solar energy.

• Delgado Peixe County Judge Joe; Schuster (JoeShuster), commenting on the announcement, saying: “First Solar is a pioneer Texas, West Texas solar to diverse energy portfolio. In West Texas, we have a lot of land, some of which there was plenty of oil in the ground, and all places have sunshine, making it very suitable for solar power plants like this. I am glad to see the Barilla as the first project, and I hope that it will soon become the ‘ Texas solar patch ‘. ”

Original title: First Solar completion of Texas commercial photovoltaic power stations

Tech giants love energy-saving: the Apple as the “flying saucer” carpeted headquarters of PV modules

Polaris solar PV net news: the high level of external walls, progress for secrecy, these traditional tactic obviously can not stop people to Apple (Apple) company “flying saucers” bursting curiosity of new headquarters. This is Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) before public appearances the last release in the works.

According to foreign media reports, recently a YouTube user manipulate the drones flew over the not yet completed Apple’s new headquarters and Gopro cameras capture the shocking scene: at present, the Foundation has been playing well throughout the building, into the second-tier circular wall, surrounding facilities are also being improved gradually. Compare with construction vehicles on the ground, the building is like a science fiction movie the spacecraft base, Grand and vast.

Gopro camera Apple (Apple) company “flying saucer” foundations of the new headquarters

Funny thing is, Apple and solar, these two seemingly companion things, this seamlessly.

When California decided to create the new Apple’s new headquarters, the design industry as a whole is to hold your breath–does this mean, the new headquarters building will follow the Big Mac of its iPad, iPhone and other industrial art both clever, smooth and cool style?

It is reported that this 4-story circular building covers an area of up to 2.8 million square feet (about 260,000 square meters) and can accommodate up to 14,200 employees, is expected to be completed in 2016. Building among gorgeous gardens, 6000 trees make it green area reaches 80%. Steve born’s own words to describe as “a landing spacecraft”, while the San Francisco weekly, playful likened it to “oversized glazed Donuts”.

“Flying saucer” is mainly composed of a field Centre for low-carbon energy supply, will use more than 650,000 square meters of rooftop solar panels (enough to produce 800KW of energy, 1MW=1000KW,1KW=1000W) to offset energy use and increase the trappings of solar, wind, climate response window, and so on, in order to achieve “zero energy expenditure”, the city’s electricity grid will serve as backup power resources. Thanks to the glass panels and Windows, the building for most of the year without the use of air conditioning at all times. Upon completion, the behemoth of the roof will be nation’s largest photovoltaic array.

But Apple and PV origins did not stop there. In addition to the technology giant, which is another somewhat low-key supporter and active promoter of renewable energy.

Ranked first and installed capacity different from the retail giant Wal-Mart, Apple’s usual practice was in data centers around the large PV projects.

Apple data center in North Carolina area assuming Apple include app store, AppStore, iTunes, Siri series of online services such as data processing, the energy consumed by all of its use of renewable energy and curbing greenhouse-gas emissions, while reducing energy consumption through eco-design. The data center was built with two sets of 20MW solar array and 10MW methane fuel cell, to generate 167 million kWh of energy each year to meet demand for energy in data centers.

Just two months ago, the United States media reported, Claremont, California’s City Hall has passed Apple in the Driftwood area near third PV applications. PV of this 17.5MW the project’s initial investment of about $ 55 million, and indirectly create 75 jobs.

Another industry leader Google has made a similar choice. A few years ago, Google has set ambitious energy strategy. At present, the company’s investment in solar and wind power totalling more than $ 1 billion.

Neither Apple or Google, heavily involved in renewable energy fields purpose is clearly not as simple as make eye, high energy consumption in the data center, in front of California’s high electricity prices, relying on renewable energy offset the cost is where the logic of its energy strategy.

For Internet companies, the high energy consumption in the data center is always lingering problems, plagued by environmental groups criticized. The New York Times has reported that “cloud” services provide foundational support for data center is actually a greater efficiency than the guy who is very low. In accordance with the relevant test results, these data centers to maintain the operation of all electrical energy around 10% of electricity as a data processing work, while the remaining 90% power is used to keep the load of the server, and other auxiliary equipment operations.

2013 fourth quarter, Google’s data center and infrastructure spending as much as $ 2.25 billion. This enormous amount of money the company heavily involved in solar, wind and other alternative energy sources one of the reasons, it wants to use the energy to power distribution in data centers and servers around the world. This will not only protect its own energy needs, but also to build environmentally responsible corporate image, Internet executives so why not?

Original title: love energy-saving tech giants: Apple is “flying saucer” carpeted headquarters of PV modules

The encouraged industry catalogue issued in Western China solar energy industry tax 15%

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 20, for the further implementation of the Western development strategy, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure in the Western region and development of industries with local advantages, China’s national development and Reform Commission published the catalogue of encouraged industries in the Western region, which go into effect on October 1, 2014. As early as April of this year, national development and Reform Commission told the West encourage the catalogue of industries open for comments, resulting in you can see the official presentation.

The Directory consists of two sections, is a national directory of existing industry encouraged industries, the second is added encouraged industries in the Western region. Which, in West area each province (district, and city) added encourages class industry in the, solar power, and wind power, new energy industry impressively in column, covers has back pressure type thermoelectric cogeneration unit construction and the operations, and efficient solar component technology development and the production, and wind power field construction and the operations, and solar power system construction and the operations, and relies on distributed energy of smart micro grid technology development and the application,. List each region to encourage industries are different, can be seen based on resource characteristics, geographic differences in each region to set a different direction.

Which, Sichuan, and Yunnan encourages efficient solar component technology development and the production, and material development and manufacturing; to Gansu, and Qinghai, and Xinjiang, and in Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia for representative, advocated encourages solar power system construction and the operations, wind power field construction and the operations; Yunnan, and Ningxia, and in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang also encourages relies on distributed power of smart micro grid technology development and the application, national encourages distributed energy construction, and promoting solar, new energy local elimination na of intent at a glance.

11 Western provinces (regions and municipalities) into the directory and new energy-related projects are as follows:

Chongqing: high-voltage power transmission and control equipment development and manufacturing, energy saving and eco-friendly materials for prefabricated construction components;

Sichuan Province: high efficiency solar panel technology development and manufacturing, Nano-Graphene and graphite, biochar, carbon materials, fine structure negative electrode of lithium-ion batteries, such as the development and production of novel carbon materials;

Yunnan province: rely on smart microgrid technology development and application of distributed power, efficient solar panel technology development and manufacturing, special environments (high altitude, damp-heat, cold, heavy pollution and other environmental) power transmission, distribution and control equipment, small hydropower plants in Plateau type of electrical products, research and development and manufacturing;

The Tibet Autonomous Region: the solar photovoltaic system testing, construction and operation;

Shaanxi Province: back-pressure construction and operation of combined heat and power units;

Gansu province: back pressure type cogeneration unit construction and operation, construction and operation of the solar system, the construction and operation of wind farms, the grid system of energy-saving equipment manufacture (no-load loss decline reflected than similar products, load loss by 5%), solar heat vegetable low-temperature drying technology development and application;

Qinghai Province: back pressure type cogeneration unit construction and operation, construction and operation of the solar system, the construction and operation of wind farms;

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region: back pressure type cogeneration unit construction and operation, construction and operation of the solar system, the construction and operation of wind farms, relying on intelligent micro-grid technology development and application of distributed energy, large or very large data center construction and operation;

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: back pressure type thermoelectric cogeneration unit construction and the operations, solar power system construction and the operations, wind power field construction and the operations, relies on distributed energy of smart micro grid technology development and the application, wind electric unit control system, wind electric unit with new generator, and high-speed leaves, and full power converter, and variable pulp controller, and growth gear box, and spindle, and bearing, key parts, sea wind electric engineering construction mechanical development and the manufacturing;

Inner Mongolia: the backpressure cogeneration unit construction and operation, construction and operation of the solar system, the construction and operation of wind farms, relying on intelligent micro-grid technology development and application of distributed energy, high oil microalgal biomass power generation, residential small wind turbine manufacturing in pastoral areas, large or very large data center construction and operation.

According to national tax General Bulletin 2012 12th, national tax General on in-depth implementation West big development strategy related enterprise income tax problem of bulletin, since on January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2020, on set in West area to West area encourages class industry directory in the provides of industry project for business, and its when degrees business income accounted for enterprise income total 70% above of enterprise, by enterprise applications, competent tax organ audit confirmed Hou, Pay corporate income tax can be reduced by 15%. That is entering the catalog industry will impose the corporate income tax according to 15% and 25% the current corporate income tax statutory rate.

In 2012, when the State administration of taxation issued this bulletin, catalogue of encouraged industries in the Western region has not been publicized, but the announcement clearly preferential policies for enterprise income tax audit, application procedures and the level of. Enterprise applications enjoy tax concessions to enterprises to apply for the Western development, approval and confirmation by the competent tax authority management approach. Clearly for the first time the business the first year must be approved by the competent tax authorities shall review and confirm the second year and annual enterprise application of preferential conditions for changes in the future take the form of record to manage it. Specific record-keeping method is called by the State and local tax determined in accordance with the facts of the province in the Western region.

Section II of the bulletin also clearly meets the encouraged category directory business when pre-paid monthly or quarterly, in accordance with the rate of 15% declared, at the time of annual compilation, part of the enterprises of their current year income to achieve a 70%, then recalculating tax according to tax rules applicable to declare.

After a simple calculation, if PV project income tax in accordance with 15% to pay, the project capital internal rate of return of about were just 1%.

Original title: the encouraged industry catalogue issued in the Western region, and solar industries, such as the income tax 15%

India Solar project reserve capacity of 4GW

Polaris solar PV net news: India new Bonthe Island gantner (Telangana), and previously as part of Andhra Pradesh State, launched a 500MW solar power bid.

The pitch to join the entire India 4GW of solar project reserves development contracts.

Te re Gan Nabang recently suffered blackouts, and recently formed solar auction to help it tackle its power deficit.

Solar power project developers can bid on public sector, Southern Power Distribution Company in the State of Telangana Limited (TSSPDCL), a 25-year power purchase agreement.

Bidders can bid on continuing a 25-year power purchase agreement of the general rates, or they can bid the rate is divided into ten-year and 15-year price.

The deadline for bidding on September 26, the bidding process is scheduled to end on November 23.

The tender will be allocated through competitive bidding power-purchase agreement.

Has since signed a power purchase agreement, grid connected project for a period of ten months. Receive multiple bids, items must be in 2-200MW, with the incorporation of the TSSPDCL substation.

Particular LUN Ganna 4GW of agriculture to help meet energy needs, but only 3.5GW is available, resulting in blackouts each day.

LUN Ganna solar auctions matching its current neighboring Andhra Pradesh 500MW solar for sale – the deadline is September 17. But while Andhra Pradesh also has more of a 12-month deadline, but due to the larger 200MW limit, as well as flexibility, Ganna Napoleon auction are expected to get more interested.

According to the solar analyst BridgetoIndia, Ganna and midazolam in Andhra Pradesh for its ambitious solar energy auctions, and involvement in the 4GW reserves.

Reserves in the 1.5GW of this project is part of the national solar energy plan.

According to BridgetoIndia, in Delhi and Punjab, along with new net metering policies across India new tender over 2.3GW items, including Haryana and Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand) 75MW 50MW and Maharashtra tenders.

The analyst firm said in a press release, India Solar market, “benefiting from more solar than clear intentions. Bureaucracy, however, especially at the State level, before making announcements and issue a tender does not effectively implemented. “

After BridgetoIndia showed that may contribute to the State-level solar auction is the “Central and State a road tie in the allocated time, more frequent, smaller allocation instead of a single large tenders, as well as a standard, simple and efficient allocation of online bidding process.”

BridgetoIndia said: “If India starts to more streamlined, and carefully considered policy implementation framework will become even more prosperous. ”

Recently, the United States developer FirstSolar LUN gantner said it is also building a 45MW solar power stations.

Original title: India Solar project reserve capacity of 4GW

PV industry in Daqing Enterprise moved to seize the new energy market

Polaris solar PV net news: Series III to the Daqing new energy focus

Daqing City, will focus on promoting the solar PV industry chain, high efficiency and low energy solar PV industry chain, GaAs micro-generation and development of optoelectronic industry chain, solar PV power plant construction as the leading industrial development a top priority.

Daqing PV target three industrial chain

Annual solar radiation between 4800-5000MJ/m in Daqing City, annual sunshine hours between 2600-2842h and is supported by the National Division II region

As a resource in Daqing City, in recent years has been to seek new paths to sustainable development. City solar energy advantages, the development of photovoltaic industry, is certainly a good choice.

For the PV market, though many people hold a pessimistic view, but foreign solar industry analyst in a research report, or is created no small repercussions in the PV industry, also shed new light on the development of photovoltaic industry in China.

Report says world is about to enter its second solar boom, 2014 basic needs is 46GW, is expected in 2015, demand will exceed 56GW, its major markets in China, Japan and the United States.

Has great development potential for the industry have vied for facing the country, the city also opened the “day by day” tour.

1. Daqing Enterprise entering the PV industry market

The past, Daqing City solar energy focuses on the application of solar water heaters, solar street lights, solar traffic lights, greenhouse and other fields. Moving to PV industry, is the city to seize the important move in the new energy market.

In fact, as early as August 2012, and is located in the city’s high-tech zone in Daqing low carbon 200MW single-crystal silicon solar cell, PV industrial park project has been built, and formally marks the beginning of the solar industry.

Earlier this year, around 5 main areas of focus in Daqing City planning 15 chain, focusing on medicine and two photovoltaic industry, PV industry had attracted much attention.

On June 25 this year, provincial development and Reform Commission Organization added PV power station construction tenders announced in Heilongjiang province, Daqing Henderson JI Yang new energy co successfully won the 10,000-kilowatt facilities. After winning the bid, businesses will invest 110 million yuan in high-tech zone 1 wind farm construction 10,000-kilowatt terrestrial photovoltaic power station.

The same day approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission, as well as construction of Jinghua investment in agricultural science and technology limited company of Daqing 5MW distributed electricity generation and the integration of modern agriculture and animal husbandry projects, total investment 38.5799 million Yuan, when the annual average generating capacity of about 6.4 million-kilowatt; permanent East New Energy Science and technology limited company of Daqing’s PV industry in Daqing high-tech scientific research incubator rooftop power generation projects, the scale of construction 0.93MW, total investment of 9.805 million Yuan, when the annual average generating capacity of about 1 million-kilowatt.

Today, the city formed low carbon photovoltaic industrial park as the core carrier, hengji weiye crystal silicon solar cell and module production and Ying Li Dafeng group 26MW holdings and national Golden Sun demonstration project to lead the pattern of industrial development. Among them, high-tech zone of low carbon efficient crystalline silicon solar cell, photovoltaic industrial park project by Germany of international advanced technology of back electrodes and batteries, components, integrated production lines, conversion rates more than 21%, is a national key encouraged development of photovoltaic technology.

2. resource endowment, industrial advantages for photovoltaic power generation opportunities

Beginning of PV industry in Daqing City, the misogynist, Daqing has benefited from favourable resource conditions.

It is understood that the solar resource distribution is more uniform in our city, annual solar radiation between 4800-5000MJ/m and annual sunshine hours between 2600-2842h and is supported by the National Division II regions. Especially solar thermal power generation by making use of direct solar radiation resource in our city was more plentiful. Statistics show that total direct solar radiation in the 2736-3162MJ/m of our city, direct radiation accounted for a larger proportion in the total radiation.

Not only that, city in saline-alkali land, marshes, sand, bare soil, grass and other unused land area of more than 2000 square kilometers, and its flat, open terrain for the development of the photovoltaic industry provides a good venue. Our existing 220KV substation 12, 24 110KV substation, 35KV substation 65, have strong absorptive capacity and power access, provides a vantage point for the development of photovoltaic industry.

In addition, the city has strong basic chemical and chemical materials of adequate, suitable for the development of PV materials such as films, silicone, size, conducive to the development of materials and transparent materials, energy storage materials, such as applied materials and raw materials potential.

These natural resources and industrial advantages, photovoltaic industrial layout more rational in our city.

According to the relevant staff, currently the city’s solar energy from solar water heaters, solar street lights, solar traffic lights and solar greenhouses, and gradually extended to the field of photovoltaic. With a series of supportive policies of the State and gradually implemented, PV industry in our city will usher in a new development opportunity.

3. important PV industry demonstration base in Northeast

PV industry in Daqing City, although the initial time is not long, but city development thread Combs is very clear.

The Daqing new energy industry chain formation and implementing cluster development programme pointed out that solar energy photovoltaic industry in Daqing City located in the northeast of important applications of solar photovoltaic industry demonstration base, focus on building a national demonstration zone for solar photovoltaic applications, high efficiency and low energy consumption of solar photovoltaic module manufacturing bases of gallium and arsenic in microelectronics Photonics applications base.

To achieve the goal, the city will focus on promoting the solar PV industry chain, high efficiency and low energy solar PV industry chain, GaAs micro-optoelectronics industrial chain formation and development of three industrial chain, Daqing applications market, solar PV power plant construction as the leading industrial development a top priority.

“High-tech focus on the development of the whole industry chain of photovoltaic manufacturing, supporting the development of industrial, commercial and office buildings photovoltaic applications. Dragon and Phoenix, honggang, Cosmos planning, photovoltaic power generation demonstration zone, Zhaozhou, Zhaoyuan, lindian, duerbote County area planning for distributed wind power generation demonstration area. Oil capacity, focusing on development of oil fields and saline-alkali soil, soak city, off-grid generation. “The staff said.

Meanwhile, I city also will focus support Daqing British Lee, and Daqing constant base JI Yang as soon as possible growth for leading enterprise, encourages development large PV station, while introduced cold to PV Research Center; focus support low carbon PV industry Park of industry project development, focus encourages its introduced efficient crystal silicon battery and the new film battery, technology, improve component conversion efficiency; focus support better Chang Jing can accelerated development, as soon as possible growth for leading enterprise.

Original title: PV industry in Daqing Enterprise moved to seize the new energy market

PV popularization of Hefei “articles” doing wonderfully

Polaris solar PV net news: create “photovoltaic application the first city of China” as a goal, Hefei feet strong and confident. Following the lead in the implementation of nationwide distribution kilowatt subsidy policy, and speed up the PV industry, PV, further standardize and speed up the application of supplementary notice of the application was passed by the Executive meeting of the municipal government, recently announced.

Many favorable policies, Hefei photovoltaic industry will usher in another round of development, PV industry in our city at the end of this year is expected to achieve an output value of 20 billion yuan.

PV production value in the first half to break the billions

Industrial development, is relying on. Industrial plants, agriculture, domestic roof … … Are the treasure of development of photovoltaic power stations, the city a series of PV power stations are orderly.

At present, the high-tech national distributed PV demonstration zone construction has advanced steadily, grid-connected power generation 5.64mw, under construction 40mw PV 100 PV in general poverty alleviation phase I project is running well, phase II PV 200 poor families has started construction in late June; feixi town Xinmin village PV community demonstration project goes well, grid-connected electricity generation is expected early next year. In addition, Zhu Xiang, Changfeng town lujiang 40mw, white Lake farms 10mW, 30mW, feidong County, our agriculture chaohu road conditions of solar street lights, a large number of projects have started.

In the “applications for production and manufacturing-driven applications” vein, PV industry in our city quality in full strength. Currently, solar cells, modules and the inverter capacity, I reached 8gw, January-June volume of 10.71 billion yuan this year, value added grew by 82.2%, has become a domestic PV manufacturing base with strong influence.

Encourage financing new impetus for the development of

Industry bigger and stronger, which requires continuous spending, also needs to be policy, financial guidance. This reporter learned that, the city is now set at 40 million yuan of special funds every year to support PV industry and development, has honored 13.6 million yuan in the first half of this year.

In order to encourage more social forces to participate in the PV industry, the city will encourage financial institutions to innovative financial services and products, and exploring the establishment of a city-level photovoltaic power generation investment in public-guaranteed funding, provided loan guarantees for photovoltaic power generation project, in which the individual installation of distributed PV projects, with personal income as credit conditions, guarantee loans approved. Take advantage of “bin Hu chunxiao” collective Fund loans trust schemes for SMEs, “Lake City” Innovation Development Fund for SMEs, increase financing support for PV Application projects.

In addition, the city will also guide the insurance agencies to strengthen cooperation with the power plant investment, reduce PV power plant operational risks.

Search for space propulsion “first city” construction

Reporter from city by letter Board was informed that, next city by letter Board will started organization on industrial enterprise concentrated of County District, and zone and various industrial park, system carried out can installation PV building roof and the other places of resources survey work, integrated considered roof area, and electricity load, conditions, end of full completed I city PV industry development and the PV power application planning (2014-2020) prepared work.

Meanwhile, the city will actively explore rural PV applications, combined with electric vehicle charging, solar power generation from electricity sales business model and strive for 2014 added PV power station 150MW and realize photovoltaic output value of 20 billion yuan, 2015 Hefei PV industry output value of over 30 billion yuan.

Original title: photovoltaic application of Hefei “articles” doing wonderfully