Photovoltaic motivational sales guy: addicted to talk customers

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, haven’t contact z sent a message saying, in some equipment to the first solar cell manufacturers, his company successfully won. In addition, he has successively signed several customers. As a friend of awareness for a few years, genuinely happy for him. Suddenly, this year, we have intermittent contact, can hear good news from him all the time.

Z continue to talk, “I have several harvests this year: 1. reduced product costs, basic 50% lower cost, higher quality 50%;2. client groups targeted more successful experience several big lists down there; 3. finding the right partner, laid the future directions. ”

Businesses back from the dead

Period of 1.5 years, z not only back and radiates vitality rosy prospect. In this small company, z’s contribution is notable.

Z Jiangsu youth work fine, seriously, striving for perfection and skilled in the use of resources, to be good at selling; and when talking to z, and you will be his focus and passion that has been affected. These are my impressions of z.

In 2007 into the PV industry; the end of 2010, z and a few friends formed a photovoltaic device company; the second half of 2012, z company was influenced by the downturn of the environmental impact, teetering. Remember that time, z more than once told me, “and then hang on another six months, if you do not go on to have survived the. ”

After that, we had less contact, every two months to hear his message, not on a business trip, was on a business trip on the road. It turned out that he had run a market and sales. A few words of conversation, can feel his “spell” determination. Understandably, downturn, businesses struggling, if not proactive, is tantamount to death.

The good news is that, z June sown in 2013, sweat does not flow in vain, hard work has paid off, move into 2014, finally see the z plane. Talk from one after another in the customer, to talk about a number of customers, and then into the first major client was done by him, z’s experience is a motivational show, fiery interpretations.

Four sales tips

In this chat, he told me, “to talk about clients really addictive. “This sentence has caused me a great deal of interest,” questioning “he sold what was the secret.

Z concludes, “there are four important points–looking for someone very important, customer demand is important, it is important to understand the competition, networking is very important. ”

In z view, always to the needs of enterprises, the key is to find the right person. “Pawns pawns” useless, my boss is useless, looking around her boss’s “reds.” Looking for the right person usually invincible. It is like a river, only to find the ship and the bridge to the past.

“I don’t care about price, I take care of the customer’s needs. “I’m not selling equipment, but to help customers solve problems. ”

Z tell me that sales must be empathy, for example, we went to the store to buy clothes, the attendant should not be asked “what do you want to buy”, but to let customers “a casual look” while talking to keep a certain distance, so that the customers, there is no burden, but can easily buy.

Sales deal is the object of purchase, z savvy purchase. “Every word is meaningful procurement said, understand the underlying needs are important. ”

Z not many rivals, photovoltaic devices operated by his company between the intermediate position, more favorable. Product price, rebate is high, they are not, in his words is “better”.

The sales process is a process of accumulated contacts. It is said that successful three-minute fight, seven network, z shares the view that choosing partners, customers but do not overlap, you can share resources, work together to win, why not? Open mind and contribute to success.

In addition to selling handy, two years in the team’s efforts to improve the device, with a competitive advantage. In addition, the single product last year, and this year expanded its product line, cost-effective feature allows customers to accept a higher degree. Z said, in order to expand markets, increase sales, continues to expand product lines next year.

Z nearly ten years of hard work one or two line PV manufacturers bagged enough to shine. But as sales, a much-battered profession z, experiences of frustration, of course, abound.

For example, a company in Zhejiang Province, in about 5 minutes, lets put information out. There would be another company’s cell inspection personnel, z calls five times will not have the chance to visit. This became the heart of z, he secretly vowed to “take” behind the company.

Also have to take care of it soon, “done in a recent order for two days, so fast as to be unthinkable. ”

A sentence is to say that “character determines destiny, grace decided to structure”, z finds himself doing the sales material. It now appears that his sales route moving ever closer, moving more freely, which is why “sales addiction” reasons.

Interview with PostScript:

Z was originally thought after six months to accumulate some customers accepting my interview, but his two-year restructuring and selling I am sincerely impressed with really, when I talked to him, feel the positive energy is sufficient. Wrote this article, so as more PV friends struggle with sales on the road “bright road”. At the same time with Daniel sales experience and skills.

Another point, z June sales had not been mentioned throughout the article, and inevitably someone will ask: does he earn big bucks? In fact, I’m curious. However, z replied, this is not the case. “Only alive, still have a chance. ”

Market, the high operational costs of the company, product market breadth of influence, corporate profits will be limited, although z money bag is not full, but there is no denying that, z are on a bright road to wealth.

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