Sanjing electric PV inverter to Sri Lankan community to solar power

Polaris solar PV net news: as the PV inverter, inverter and PV pumping controller’s zero-carbon energy technology leader, sanjing electric recently announced a partnership with Sri Lanka’s State-owned enterprises “Western provinces combined consumer and marketing cooperatives limited (referred to as WESCO)” cooperation.

The project will provide around 500 families of roof-mounted solar panels annually a total of 3 million kilowatts to meet 1500 households in need. The first PV inverter will arrive in October, before November are installed. The entire project will be completed by June 2015.

Sanjing electric sales director Su Xing evaluation of the cooperation: “is proud to be certified supplier of WESCO, to contribute to environmental protection in Sri Lanka. Sanjing electric quality inverter will provide free solar electricity to the residents of these communities. ”

The EPC Chairman IsharakaPerera of the project, commented: “the sanjing electric PV inverter already occupies a considerable market in Sri Lanka. After understanding the sanjing inverter performance and first-class service, and visited the sanjing electric newly-built modern factories, in-depth understanding of the sanjing electric production technology and quality control, WESCO will choose sanjing electric as the core part of the project-and grid-connected inverter supplier. ”

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