Who has the most chance of becoming a new company in the energy sector?

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent times, everyone was outside Ma whole photos to an over-saturation of the bar, her thumbs, watching him on the New York Stock Exchange, beaming pictures, did you find out? In any case, have to admit, MA this well done! Let those who have been as far East markets Alibaba slightly bossed about by Western investors by surprise, “today, you don’t know the answer, and tomorrow, I will let you were out” attitude.

Let us come back to our main story. Let us temporarily forget Ali Baba is the United States largest IPO and forgot Ma instant has become China’s richest man, forgot its employees are so wealthy, also put aside sigh of shame when you miss Ali. Only Alibaba the company, give some thought to what it’s success has brought us? Ma envious of what the draw new energy company executives?

First of all, you have to have a pair of forward-looking insight. I have to say, Alibaba always insight into industry trends, with forward-looking insights, faster step speed robbed in front of competitors. As an important part of Alibaba, Taobao and eBay campaigns are typical. Beginning, Taobao free policy, attracted a large number of businesses, only this one, just enough to eBay for a choke. However, MA know that alone is far from enough for free, and more importantly provides a good platform.

Payment Bao Taobao is one of the most important steps in the buyer did not receive goods, remaining risks, and the seller could not be bound by time, PayPal as a third-party intermediary highlights the huge role. Taobao catch risk that everyone avoided the risk of gaps before they succeeded, leading individuals, businesses, eBay beat the commodity online trading platform.

Then the new blank where the risk in the energy sector? Speed of wind power development in China, far beyond imagination, with just 5 years through Europe and the United States 15 to walk the road. However, the capacity of rapid growth is a big market for wind turbine operation and maintenance services.

At this point, goldwind is in the front. After experiencing overcapacity, fan off a series of changes in the industry, and after the accident, goldwind wind industry wind turbine manufacturing companies of the first recovery, thanks largely to its wind energy services market and other “professional” layout in advance.

Small clumsy in 2009 on wrote had a article articles, mentioned service will became at has early dew excess signs of wind electric industry of blue sea, now even 5 years passed, small clumsy still think, wind electric services still promising, as long as China of clean energy strategy not variable, on will constantly has wind electric grid, with wind machine of using years constantly increased, maintenance of needs also on will constantly increases. Industry insiders predict that by 2020, China’s wind power market possibly as high as 100 billion yuan.

Are similar but the good news is, PV industry in June 2013, the enterprises already have many PV industry leader from simple materials and processing, turned to the downstream, such as Yingli, Crystal, solar, etc, they also admitted that downstream profits were much bigger. Small Zhuo for the photovoltaic industry giants have not appear prior to tender and excess, applauding layout and raw materials, the next step, such as who would have this integration of upstream and downstream businesses, “combined” typed and upgrade, who will become even more powerful.

Secondly, you have to know how to “cock wire in the world.” Taobao’s popularity is that it has the biggest clout, I ask, which shopping sites or shopping malls in double 11 this day, a record that people all over the world at record levels of sales. New energy industry’s clout is distributed. On the occasion of of large grid-connected photovoltaic power plant in the East is in the ascendant, distributed PV are getting their way into ordinary families, do not underestimate individuals distributed solar power, activate a huge user of distributed PV development. Little time being unable to grasp the conditionally installed family of distributed PV roof figures, but you can imagine, it must be a huge number.

To quick step, one must seize the individual user market, on this point, the CLP did a good job. CEEG on PV users will focus on families, themselves as home photovoltaic system is a one-stop service provider, at present, the CLP in Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces, has contracts with many home users.

In small’s view, developer, business is not the size of the but the passage of time, play popularity, wealth will be far behind?

Once again, you have to have an insatiable heart. Company since its inception in 1999, by a 17-member team, evolve into an international Internet company, in the process, Alibaba’s continuous investment, merger, split. Buying Yahoo, investment of evergrande, will split into Taobao Taobao (Taobao.com), Taobao Mall (tmall.com) and Tao (etao.com), from online to offline, and domestic to overseas, itself via all mergers and acquisitions to grow, eventually making Taobao became United States largest IPO.

New energy industries, each leading wind power, photovoltaic industry leader, however, who do not want to be a General is not a good soldier, leading companies in the consolidation of their own at the same time, also look to the industry, which moves when it moves.

Forget who is industry veteran said: “every business is the same will eventually evolve into a competition between several groups, such competition may be cruel, but is the embodiment of stepping into normal, healthy development of the industry. ”

And the integration of wind power industry a few years ago had similar, photovoltaic industry will also face an integration, may last for years at a time, but all in all, it must be a Darwinian process.

Finally, Excel find greater profit for themselves. Alibaba in established has leading of consumers e-commerce, and online paid, and B2B online trading market and the cloud computing business Hou, and in Taobao Shang launched has balances treasure, relies on third party paid platform paid treasure, Ali for personal user build has a items balances value-added service, despite recently quotes has fell, but balances treasure seems to has became a funds over 250 billion yuan, customer number over 49 million households of big Fund.

We balance regardless whether treasures could let customers make money by simply saying that Alibaba’s earnings, even without Taobao, B2B, cloud computing services, Ali also “die hungry”.

New energy industry is even more so, as the technology-intensive industry, neither wind nor the PV manufacturing industry should be more forward looking in the long run, more profit. Small clumsy not to encourage diversified investment in light industry, new energy enterprises, but that, enterprises in the main business of roots at the same time, should expand financial services in the industry. In today’s PV financing environment, photovoltaic manufacturers may wish to set up their own finance company or trust company, specifically for other business loans within the industry, this can solve other pressing can also generate profits for themselves. After all, in the industry, PV enterprises financial companies rather than banks and other financial companies to better understand characteristics of the industry, to avoid risks, and secondly can profit as well as future acquisitions and industry consolidation. As they say, their industry’s business, why let someone else do it?

Alibaba’s success much more than 4 points above, market, such as battlefield, both sides are studying the art of war, but there are still points of victory or defeat, the winner you know how to change. Who will be the new company in the energy sector? We’ll see what happens.

Original title: who has the most chance of becoming a new company in the energy sector?

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