Department of energy on 2015 in Qinghai province, Hubei Province, assessment of PV power plant project notice

Polaris solar PV net news: the shennongjia forestry district, city, State, and city of straight pipe, national development and Reform Commission (Department of energy):

2015 annual PV power station in Sichuan province (including distributed PV power station, the same below) construction work of the project and complete national energy Board issued the province by 2015-PV scale target, promoting the orderly development of the solar power station, I decided to take the form of assessment, identified 2015 enjoy State subsidies of PV power plant construction projects. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, declare conditions

New project reporting capacity of not more than 30 megawatts (continued projects declared capacity can be adjusted), could start in 2015 before the end of construction and power generation. Has been filed in accordance with planned project’s PV enterprises declare the scope not included in the report.

Second, application materials

(A) the project is located, State development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) preliminary review opinions issued by the file;

(B) project proposal or feasibility study report;

(C) the related accessories. Project site using or leased agreement, and project located Government related sector issued of support views letter (including land sector views letter, and County and the above power company views letter, and involving woodland of needs forestry sector views letter, and involving arable land of needs agricultural sector views letter, and involving Beach, and river, of needs water sector views letter), and license, and organization institutions code, and tax registration card, and funding letter grade proved, and near a years financial status proved, and similar project construction experience proved, and investment commitment, and construction period commitment, and Commitments to the authenticity of their claims, and so on.

Third, the requirements

(A) Please each city state development reform Board (Energy Council) on has submitted I Council of 2015 degrees PV power project construction plans in the of PV station project for once primaries, determines 3 a within of PV station as assessment alternative project, Organization project owners prepared project assessment declared material and trial hòu, will assessment declared material a type 7 copies (1 copies original, 6 copies copies) yú March 25, 2015 qián submitted I Council.

(B) the Bureau will organize experts to evaluate the material reported by the City State’s. Assessment work until further notice.

Contact person: zhāng míng Lán xiāo guāng wǔ

Tel: 027-87235171-027-87894027

Annex: 2015 solar plant in Hubei Province assessment approaches

Hubei Province in 2015 PV evaluation work programme

, Assessment purposes

Effectively using the scale of targets of the country, give full play to the benefit of State subsidies and promote photovoltaic applications, increase clean energy supply, protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development.

Second, assessment principles and methods

1, evaluation activities in accordance with an open, fair, impartial and objective, scientific and merit principle.

2, assessment of a comprehensive scoring method.

3, assessment activities are conducted under the Panel’s supervision.

Third, evaluation standards

1, resource endowment and project construction site conditions. (10 points)

2, technical solutions. Includes main device is selected by national certification bodies certification, PV module and Inverter selection meets the relevant requirements of the PV manufacturing industry standardized conditions, and whether to adopt new technology, new products, and so on. (10 points)

3, the construction programme. Includes providing a reasonable duration, grid connected project start time and completion time. (10 points)

4, grid access and eliminate the conditions. Including access routes and building plans and market local absorptive capacity, such as appropriate level of review issued by power companies. (20 points)

5, pre-work. Towards the project site or rental agreements, land Ministry letters involving woodland, farmland, and beaches, lakes and access to related departments opinion letters, etc. (20 points)

6, the enterprise comprehensive strength and ability to raise capital. (15 points)

7, business building experience on similar projects. (5 points)

8, the feed-in tariff. According to electricity price benchmark in PV feed-in tariff reduction were assessed on the basis. (10 points)

9, plus project (15 points)

(1) new energy model city, green energy demonstration project of the county or the core of water diversion from water source protection area is located. (2 points)

(2) the enterprise has documented and distributed PV power generation projects that can be put into operation in 2015. (5 points)

(3) has started construction and PV power station expansion project completed and put into operation as scheduled. (2 points)

(4) undertake the evaluation of renewable electricity quotas in our province enterprise reporting projects. (2 points)

(5) and ecological management, waste or contaminated land management and poverty alleviation work in poor counties combined PV and with modern facilities, agriculture, aquaculture, and the smart grid, an area with complementary combination of PV. (2 points)

(6) the PV product manufacturers in our province to invest in the project and under the same conditions a priority use of PV projects in the province. (2 points)

Four, assessment procedures

1, municipalities, State, submit application materials (March 25).

2 carry out assessment preparation (end of March). Selection of photovoltaic power generation, power system experts in areas such as the establishment of expert database; room monitored by the provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial supervision Department of energy oversight group.

3 carry out assessment work (in early April). Monitoring group composed of 5 randomly selected experts evaluate expert group assessment expert groups in accordance with the assessment criteria to evaluate and quantify the scoring and sort the filings.

4, determine and publish the assessment results (mid-April). Assessment results submitted to Office of the Secretary of energy will be discussed after the adoption, in the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial energy Board public notice and publish evaluation results on the portal site.

5, start the item record (end of April). At the National Energy Board issued a province within the 2015-scale target, provincial energy Board in accordance with the project evaluation results sorting order item record. Completed before April 30 filing into the scope targets projects late had not applied for the project canceled of record in the State to subsidize the scale target qualification, sorting results by selecting the substitute item in turn for the record. Projects from the date of filing, within 2 months of building work and start not completed within 8 months after or before put into production without authorization, cancel the inclusion of indicators of State financial subsidies eligibility, sorting results by selecting the substitute item in turn for the record and press scroll bench this way.

Five, the relevant provisions of

1 submitted assessment materials, strictly in accordance with the stipulated time if undeliverable, canceled projects participating qualification.

2, providing false declarations, to cancel the project participating qualification.

3, the assessment process carried out under the supervision of the monitoring group. During the assessment, businesses who come into contact with members of the expert group, once verified, participating eligible to cancel the project. Panel members and the staff members concerned should strictly abide by selecting the discipline and rules, not allowed to disclose assessment relating to the project stakeholders. For disciplinary violations, once verified, will seriously investigate and deal with in accordance with the relevant provisions.

4, selecting the work after the end of participating project owners who disagree with assessment results, may apply to the provincial energy assessment information to the Board, is granted the relevant assessment information on participating projects may be queried. Query if there are objections, may apply for reconsideration to the provincial Ministry of energy, provincial energy Board within the prescribed time limit to reply.

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