Homemade solar-powered aircraft “Mo,” the end of the flight

Polaris solar PV net news: Switzerland solar airplane will fly to China from Burma, Chinese people to build a solar-powered aircraft also true. Yesterday, spearheaded by the private enterprises, colleges and universities and institutes involved in the research and development of “Mozi” solar-powered aircraft through the programme review. No one wing of this white-silver up to 13 metres and a takeoff weight of only 35 kilograms, on track for regular plane can’t do that 24 hours a day and night flying.

Now truly an all-day flight of the world’s solar-powered aircraft only two, belonging to the German and Switzerland who, while Americans this year will be a test flight. In theory, does not burn fuel solar plane is a perpetual motion machine-as long as weather conditions permit, it was cruising above the clouds at a lower speed, day edge flying edge charged, as long as 8 hours of daylight can last up to 12 hours a night. This flight mode in certain areas around the clock is left blank, in addition to its traditional airlines such as rescue and reconnaissance communication tasks, but also to make up for the lack of satellite coverage area.

The self-developed “Mozi” solar-powered aircraft, relying mostly on the wing area of around 10 square metres, covered with solar modules, will produce about 100 Watts of power per square meter of area. Micro-power, light body, environmental protection and energy saving not only at 6000 meters altitude cruising speed of 60 kilometers per hour, equivalent to the ground speed. But the flying height of more than 20 degrees Celsius below zero at low temperature, the battery plate and high density polymer lithium-ion battery is a big challenge, currently carried out by space systems 811 is responsible for the development of space power studies.

It is understood that “mo” research team mainly Shanghai aoke competition aircraft, cooperation may include air force College of Tongji University. Aoke competition starting from the 2008 production of the first human-powered aircraft, has now developed a fuel-cell aircraft, amphibious aircraft and other models, who last year won the industrial design excellence Gold Award Industry Expo, Shanghai, China. According to plan, “Mo,” the first aim is the use of light energy to complete more than 4 hours of flight, automatic driving form; ultimately aim for continual blank flight over 24 hours, automatic driving and single driving combination. Project leader Mao Yiqing, AudioCodes racing General Manager revealed that the first prototype flight testing by the end of it.

The gap with similar foreign aircraft, Mao Yiqing answer surprisingly, he believed that domestic hardware without any problems on the plane is the key meteorological support of long endurance flights, route planning and other “software” is not enough, lack of talent with experience in flight with flight management teams. “It is envisaged that within 10 years, China’s solar-powered aircraft and the advanced international model is at the same level. ”

Original title: homemade solar-powered aircraft “Mo,” the end of the flight

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