Xiamen clenergy technology 2015-on-grid PV power station project equipment bidding and prequalification notice

Polaris solar PV net news: 1. Tender conditions: Qingyuan express advantage (Xiamen) new energy engineering limited of 2015-on-grid PV power station project equipment bidding, is inviting interested potential bidders (hereinafter the applicants) submit a prequalification application.

2. Tendering related matters as follows:

2.1 volume: 200MW.

2.2 project distribution: mainly in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Fujian, Hubei, Anhui and other places.

2.3 tender equipment:

① components

② Inverter

③ type package transformer

④ complete sets of high and low-voltage switch cabinet

⑤ SVG reactive power compensation

⑥ integrated self-protection

⑦ cable

2.4 delivery time: 2015 5 December, depending on other agreements.

3. Applicant eligibility requirements

3.1 the bidder must have independent rights to contract and to perform its contractual obligations;

3.2 has the expertise necessary to perform the contract, qualifications, with good after-sales service skills, have the ability to supply across geographies, distributed;

3.3 bank credit record is good, healthy financial position, with enough liquidity to take delivery of goods in this bidding process;

3.4 has a good business reputation and performance, no performance record, no bad record of the proceedings, not subject to punishment in violation of the record in the tendering and bidding activities;

3.5 bid and has its own production plants and after-sales service team;

3.6 production supply capacity:

3.6.1 with monthly production capacity of 30MW shall not be restricted tendering commitment order quantity;

3.6.2 permitted the tender side, owner related to supplier production field supervision of manufacturing and accommodation costs borne by supplier-related personnel;

3.7 bid is no bad run record; no bad after-sales service record; no technical, business owners believe that irresponsible record.

3.8 has a sound quality management system;

3.9 the same person of the legal representative of two or more companies (companies); a parent company, a wholly owned subsidiary of its holding company, mutual fund directly or indirectly holding relationship exists between two or more of enterprise (company). Have one of the foregoing, by only one firm (company) to apply for the bids. As to conditions and sign up for parent companies and subsidiaries, the tenderee is authorized to select its parent company to participate in the tender of the project or rejecting its bid;

3.10 does not accept the Consortium bid in the bidding process.

3.11 devices are not allowed in this bidding process by outsourcing production.

4. Prequalification method:

4.1 the prequalification uses a qualified business.

4.2 US company providing solar frame, combiner box product, and EPC services, cooperation with us companies to carry out projects plus the finalists submitted prequalification documents, please indicate (proposed cooperation project name, location, capacity, type of product or engineering collaboration with the original intention).

5. Submit prequalification documents

5.1 applications for prequalification documents submit deadline: March 16, 2015

5.2 prequalification document delivery: signature scan to send an e-mail message to the specified mailbox.

5.3 overdue or prequalification documents that is not delivered to a designated location, the tenderee is inadmissible.

6. Pre-qualified units mandatory fee per $ 1000.00 of tenders, this fee will not be refunded.

Note: enrolment application please submit method: mail or courier service.


Buyer: Qingyuan express advantage (Xiamen) new energy engineering limited

Address: Xiamen xiangan minan road 999-1009

Zip code: 361101

Contact person: Liu Guiyong

Tel: 13860122720, 0592-3110088-5084

Email: Ryan.Liu@clenergy.com.CN


PV equipment tender application for registration

PV equipment application for pre-qualification of bidders

Xiamen clenergy technology 2015-on-grid PV power station project construction supervision tender prequalification notice

Polaris solar PV net news: first, the tender conditions: Qingyuan express advantage (Xiamen) new energy engineering limited of 2015-on-grid PV power station project construction supervision tender invites interested potential bidders (hereinafter the applicants) submit a prequalification application.

Second, engineering

1, volume: 200MW.

2, project distribution: mainly in Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Fujian, Hubei, Anhui and other places.

3, the construction date: 2015 5 December

Third, the tender requirements

1, the scope of supervision work: sent out all civil works, installation, wiring and space engineering, main duties include quality control, process control, investment control, safe and civilized construction management, information management, contracts management, construction coordination and cooperation related to the acceptance of data preparation.

2, the duration of service: the timeline for the project shall prevail, each for about 6 months.

3, staffing: Director, civil engineer, electrical engineer, professional engineer, installation data manager. Directors should reside, not below the 25th calendar day of each month; permanent supervisor of the site no less than 4 people.

4, the basic eligibility requirements

4.1 the bidder shall enter into a contract with independent legal personality.

4.2 is not being closed, the property was taken over, freezing, and bankruptcy.

4.3 in last 5 years not being successful, serious breach, fraud large safety accidents or significant quality problems and for their own reasons are that any contract is terminated.

4.4 must be operating in good condition, two consecutive years of profit.

4.5 the same person of the legal representative of two or more companies (companies); a parent company, a wholly owned subsidiary of its holding company, mutual fund directly or indirectly holding relationship exists between two or more of enterprise (company). Have one of the foregoing, by only one firm (company) to apply for the bids. As to conditions and sign up for parent companies and subsidiaries, the tenderee is authorized to select its parent company to participate in the tender of the project or rejecting its bid.

4.6 does not receive a consortium bid.

5, special qualification requirements

5.1 qualifications: an independent legal personality of the qualification of electric power engineering construction supervision enterprises, its registered capital to up to 3 million dollars and above;

5.2 management system requirements: passed ISO9000 quality system certification.

5.3 performance requirements: almost 3 years undertaken 2 or more similar solar PV projects construction supervision.

5.4 supervisor qualification: Chief Engineer, professional engineer should have the supervision engineer qualification certificate, and participated in the supervision of similar projects.

5.5 other requirements: supervisor-owned car a car, regular testing tool set, accommodation while at work at their own expense.

Four methods of prequalification

1, the pre-qualification uses a qualified business.

2, US company providing solar frame, combiner box product, and EPC services, cooperation with us companies to carry out projects plus the finalists submitted prequalification documents, please indicate (proposed cooperation project name, location, capacity, type of product or engineering collaboration with the original intention).

Five, prequalification documents to submit

1, submission of prequalification documents deadline: March 16, 2015

2, submission of prequalification documents: signature scan to send an e-mail message to the specified mailbox.

3, delayed or not delivered to a designated place of prequalification documents, the tenderee is inadmissible.

Unit 4, pre-qualified mandatory fee per $ 1000.00 of tenders, this fee will not be refunded.

Note: enrolment application please submit method: mail or courier service.


Buyer: Qingyuan express advantage (Xiamen) new energy engineering limited

Address: Xiamen xiangan minan road 999-1009

Zip code: 361101

Contact person: Liu Guiyong

Tel: 13860122720, 0592-3110088-5084

Email: Ryan.Liu@clenergy.com.CN


Supervision application for registration

Management application for pre-qualification of bidders

Ancai.NET.CN tech 1 home loss PV Zhongyuan natural gas assets will be increased to 480 million purchase of 55% shares

Polaris solar PV net news: An Cai tech launched the assets replacement programme in March 10, to 1 Yuan price buy ancai solar 100% shares held by the company, as well as claims on part ancai.NET.CN solar, placing assets 458 acres of industrial land use rights.

Journalists noted that the company also publish additional plans, to be closed not more than 144 million shares, released no less than 4.75 Yuan per share to raise funds up to 685 million dollars, after deducting the cost of issue 480 million acquisition of Zhongyuan natural gas 55% stakes, the remaining 185 million additional liquidity. Company’s investor presentation scheduled for March 11, 2015, and disclosures investors notice will be convened at the same time shares resume trading.

Home equity losses bid preparation 1

Reporters noted that An Cai tech assets to be put out was ancai solar 100% shares held by the company and claims on the part ancai.NET.CN solar, home assets, ancai solar 100% of equity estimates-89 million Yuan, developed the asset purchase price for 1 Yuan. Announcements, as at December 31, 2014, claims An Cai Tech Center on An Cai solar book worth 423 million dollars. Intends to put the company on An Cai claims the amount of solar energy based on placement and ancai solar 100% equity purchase price of assets finalized. Not replacement finished of on An Cai solar of claims, big shareholders commitment 2015 late Qian by An Cai solar through itself funds withdrawal reimbursement or by Henan investment group in its has of other this company using of land and housing ownership certificate handle completed Hou replacement; reset into assets for Henan investment group holds of Ann color high section actual using of 458 acres land industrial with to right, pre valuations for 247.33 million Yuan.

Reporter noted that, as of December 31, 2014, ancai solar-133 million Yuan, and net assets total assets of 800 million yuan from 2012 to 2014-sales income of 176 million dollars, 308 million dollars, respectively, to 314 million dollars net profit respectively,-90.015 million,-and-211.4953 million. Ancai.NET.CN solar energy after the reset, in order to maintain its stable operation will take the form of trusteeship by An Cai Tech Center to continue operating ancai solar float glass business and related operating assets.

A futures analyst told reporters that the glass industry currently faces overcapacity, mainly due to the real estate downturn, construction starts lagging and reduced, pent-up demand for float glass, many glass manufacturing industry has had negative gross margins, operating under enormous pressure.

Rose raised a total of 685 million Yuan

This reporter learned that, ancai.NET.CN Tech Center the rose raised $ 685 million Yuan, of which 480 million Yuan to buy natural gas in central China 55% equity, 2014 revenues of natural gas in central China and 52.67 million dollars and net profit of 339 million Yuan, respectively (unaudited). Subsidiary of ancai energy as the main supplier of natural gas in central China, while the Central Plains natural gas owns 10% shares of ancai energy. 55% completion of the acquisition of natural gas to the Central Plains will help to increase natural gas company and the Central Plains Business synergies, promotion of companies and the Central Plains natural gas business development and profitability improvement.

Announcements, prior to the release, An Cai Tech’s largest shareholder and controlling shareholder of Henan investment group holds 59% shares in the company. The non-public offering of shares in Henan investment group and its affiliated companies do not purchase the shares issued upon completion in Henan investment group will own 48.8% shares of ancai high-tech, remains the company’s largest shareholder and the shareholder does not result in change in corporate control.

This reporter learned that, An Cai tech original restructuring plan is intended to be used to issue shares to buy assets acquisition United States Jie Division of Swiss companies, as well as China, Hebi city Zhongyuan natural gas 55% industry and trade limited company total stock holdings. Company says after talks with Zhongyuan natural gas, decided to terminate the original takeover plan to issue shares to buy assets purchase Zhongyuan natural gas 55% equity, would acquire the program changed to a non-public offering of shares to raise funds to buy the stake.

Brokerage investment banker told reporters that the company I change bid may be completed more quickly and is considering possible deals.

Original title: An Cai tech reset an unprofitable asset Zhongyuan natural gas will be increased to 480 million purchase of 55% shares

Hong Kong Stock Exchange query on “unusual” Chinese stock exchanges

Polaris solar PV NET: stock exchange of Hong Kong has asked Chinese film makers who have (Hanergy) explain reasons behind the surge in its share price in recent trading volume record.

In a paper on the Hong Kong stock exchange requirements, Hina said, it does not know, released on March 3 reasons behind the surplus. The company said the Board “does not know the reasons leading to this round of market price and trading volume, or must be released in order to avoid any false market information or the disclosure of any insider information. ”

News caused shares in the requirements as of press time, nearly 7%.

Since the beginning of December 2014, the company’s share price has increased more than twice. So increase the Li Hejun, Chairman of hanergy holdings became China’s richest man.

Hina’s film equipment manufacturing subsidiary, Fujian Apollo (FujianApollo) last month from Shandong Hualian new resources and new technology co (ShangdongMacrolinkNewResourcesTechnology) won a $ 660 million worth of orders. The components manufacturing sector also revealed that downstream solar business of order total for the group in 2015-2017 1.5GW.

In addition to the review, the company is also under pressure from the Hong Kong stock exchange, who has attracted more media attention, leading newspaper financial times (FinancialTimes) and the Wall Street Journal (WallStreetJournal) recently tried to clarify its complex business.

Original title: Hong Kong Stock Exchange query on “unusual” Chinese stock exchanges

Big Brothers of Chinese private equity: containing high share price fantasy fundamentals remaining concerns

Polaris solar PV net news: “Hina is a disenchanted with the market, but there is a worrying and company. “An evaluation of long-term investments by Shenzhen private equity bosses.

Look at the Chinese film the generation charts, this evaluation makes sense. On Thursday, the Chinese films the generation’s shares hit a record high, up 14.06%, worth more than $ 300 billion, when once-soaring over 40% in early trading, Cheung Kong is now bigger than HK $ 354.5 billion.

However, the share price of the Han dynasty flew, harvest not only the market amazed eyes, also criticized by many investors and industry professionals: the fundamentals behind the prices really so bullish? Based on this, the reporter interviewed the former private who tried to probe Chinese stock investment opportunities and risks.

Share price: the human factor

According to the company’s official website describes, hanergy Holdings Group Limited is the global clean energy multinational company, world’s largest thin-film solar power companies, is committed to “change the world with clean energy.” Company was founded in 1994 and headquartered in Beijing, and employs more than 10,000 people in several provinces of China, as well as the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, Africa and other regions with branches, business power over hydropower, wind power, solar thin film. Han power film power is a subsidiary of hanergy holdings group, is one of the most important piece of property.

For a competent new energy stocks, the aforementioned private said: “from the Hong Kong stock market and even the entire greater China and who in the area of photovoltaic thin-film power is a rarity indeed. In General, the scarcity of the underlying stock price will go through a dormant period or underestimated, phase, with negative and positive cash, shares of these companies often have consistently exceed increases in May. Hina films close to trend is more than a year. ”

According to Hina since going public in 2006 to 2012, the shares at HK $ 0.3 or less. The end of 2012, Hina’s share price of HK $ 0.35/share with a market value of HK $ 14.57 billion. Enter the 2013, Hina surging share price and market capitalization began, to the end of the year, shares have increased to 1.43 Yuan per share, market value close to HK $ 60 billion. In just the past 2014, Chinese shares were up 5.5 times the shock, the current share price has exceeded 6 Yuan/share.

Further analysis of the aforementioned private persons: “thin-film photovoltaic differs from crystal silicon technology, good conversion efficiency of the former, while the latter is still the mainstream market. From the perspective of technology, Chinese is more in line with the trend, in line with the trend of the stock will appear at some point, of course the price broke out. From this point of view, Chinese shares rose are inevitable and normal, or is inadvertently the return value. Of course, this round of price hikes, cycle is long, cannot be an exact value, there are ‘ interested ‘ catalyzed by human factors, prices broke out. ”

Since the beginning of last year, various Department focusing on topics of environmental policy, such as “water, ten”, “ten” and the control of air pollution and a series of policies to environmental protection theme runs through the whole of last year. Especially shortly before the documentary by Chai Jing haze caused the concept of environmental protection, and toast a new round of market funding. In the Hong Kong stock market, main silicon thin film solar PV products and construction of Chinese films the generation of rooftop solar power station and power station, naturally, under the influence of the craze.

In addition, the private persons, also cited a number of other possible causes an Hina shares rose, these causes can be attributed to interested parties “interested in”, such as Hong Kong capital inflows, the company just released Li Hejun, Chairman of Ying Hei and the share option arrangements, two sessions about new energy proposals, short short to cover short positions after a failed etc.

Risk: fundamental storage worries

“I’m bullish on Yu Hanneng is based on, but you can also see, finding that Han’s fundamentals. “The private equity source told reporters.

From the perspective of profitability, since 2010, Hina margins ranging from 50% to 75%, far exceeding the industry average. However, net profit growth of Hina changes a lot, before 2010 is slipping, then began to increase sharply. Even more worrying is, who in the past two years of operating cash flows and investing cash flows are negative.

The private said company fundamentals in addition to financial indicators, market share is also a key indicator. In February this year, Li Hejun strategy announced at the press conference, the company will focus on developing energy strategies suitable for civil applications in the mobile, and will be launched in October, solar-powered cars. He claimed that 6 square thin film solar cell integrated in the vehicle body, under the daily average 4 hours of light, you can drive a 1-ton vehicle traveling 80 to 100 km/h.

But in fact, according to the PV industry source, because of the high threshold for thin-film photovoltaic technology, the cost is expensive, almost no market at home, the mainstream market is dominated by crystalline silicon technology. But what’s surprising is, who currently has far exceeded HK $ 300 billion market value United States of thin-film PV industry leader first solar (FSLR,US).

In addition, the private persons also stated that: “many have worried investors on Chinese stock, the main reason is the extremely high proportion of related party transactions. “Specific view, first, Han can of business structure years are is single big customer (himself of mother company); second, annually to mother company sold of not film battery Board, but making film battery Board of equipment (not easy consumption products), also can insisted sold has so years; third, Han can of degrees electric cost has never no to out had positive exact of digital.

The source concluded, “so to speak, Hina technology markets for its optimism and confidence in the future, but if external factors disappear, such as the concept of environmental protection, financial speculation and raise doubts related transactions of fundamental questions, such as, who also may be a huge risk. Now, I hope to see more Chinese investment opportunities, but had to face the objective risks. ”

Original title: private big brothers of Chinese: high stock fantasy fundamentals remaining concerns

Yuexi County, Anhui photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation programmes for comments notifications

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the spirit of the Party-Government meeting in our County, now the County photovoltaic pilot project of poverty alleviation programmes (General programme, distributed to households, a village PV power plant scheme distributed power station scheme, enterprises, the roof) to solicit opinions and feedback from March 9 to March 12, Requested relevant departments and units, as well as on the afternoon of March 12 before leaving the community will modify the views and proposals submitted to the County photovoltaic pilot work leading Group Office for poverty alleviation (County development and Reform Commission, the investment section), the electronic version is sent to touzk@163.com.

Contact person: Xu Wenxi Tel: 2186724

Annex 1:

Yuexi County photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation in general programme

(Draft for soliciting opinions)

According to national energy Council, and State pro-poor Office on organization carried out PV pro-poor engineering pilot work of notification (country can new can (2014) No. 495,) requirements, for completed I County selected national first PV pro-poor pilot County work task, solid advance rural precision pro-poor development work, full played pro-poor funds using benefits, help poverty masses opened stable of increase channel, special prepared I County PV pro-poor pilot work general implementation programme.

A basic condition

1, natural geography

Yuexi County, is located in the hinterland of the dabie mountains, Anhui Southwest, geographical coordinates longitude 115 ° 50 ‘-116 ° 33 ‘ North latitude 30 ° 39 ‘-31 ° 11 ‘, across the Yangtze River, two major river basins of the huaihe River, border with Hubei province. Yuexi County, Anhui Province, is the only one set of old revolutionary base areas and poor areas, pure mountainous area, ecological demonstration area, a Ribbon of “five” in one of the counties. In 1936, classified and buried four counties of Huoshan, Taihu Lake, shucheng, and boundary setting. From the provincial capital of Hefei, 197 kilometers from Anqing 117 km. Yuexi County, the total area is 2398 square kilometers, governs 24 townships, 182 villages, 6 she ju Wei, a population of 401,000.

2, the poverty situation and development opportunity

Due to factors such as geography, nature and history, yuexi County of Anhui Province in dabie mountains in 29 countries priority counties for poverty alleviation and development work of poverty in one of the largest and deepest poverty counties. 1985 was as first national focus counties, 2001 was official approved for national pro-poor development work focus County, 2011 late, State dabie mountains tablets district regional development and pro-poor storming planning platform for (2011-2020) will Anhui, and Hubei, and Henan 3 province by’s of 36 a County determines for “dabie Mountains National even tablets SHC area pro-poor focus County”, I County is which is one of, this for dabie mountains tablets district regional development brings new of opportunities.

Second, objective

1, the overall objectives

According to the County’s poor villages, poor scale and distribution, combined with the region’s socio-economic situation, energy resources and power structures, transportation and other basic conditions, based on the deployment of the provincial energy Bureau and the provincial Office of poverty alleviation and requirements, by 6 years, by 2020, the following three ways to combine photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation. A 4MW per year is poor of distributed PV systems, according to the precision work of helping the poor, in the poor village of filter of poor households more than 1000 households eligible for construction of photovoltaic power generation (2000 2015 construction), construction of distributed PV system 3KW per household. The second principle is in line with the wishes of the masses of to encourage construction of distributed PV systems. Third, in 188 villages (communities) 60KW small distributed PV 2015 State card a poor village of 65 files, 12 provincial beautiful rural village and 22 province good village building collective can apply for the construction of village PV power plant to help village (community) 20-25 years collective annual income of 60,000 yuan. Four is the use of county-wide roof of the enterprises (including economic development zone) construction of distributed PV systems. Five County-barren slopes, agriculture greenhouses or facility construction 2-3 agricultural and other terrestrial concentrating photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic power generation enterprises and all sectors of society into full play in PV’s active role in poverty alleviation in the region, in order to fully achieve precision-oriented poverty reduction goals.

2, 2015 objectives

According to accurate work of helping the poor, 2015 in changpu town fan Cun, rock Kawamura, maojian Shan Hong Qi Cun, Guan Xiang Dong Chong Cun town, affect intestinal xinxu village, yaohexiang village, laibang town Maple Shen Qiaocun, tou Tuo Zhen Ying Zi Shu village 8 pilot village 2000 selected on the basis of poor construction of distributed PV system 3kW per household. Second, in line with the principle of voluntary, encouraging ordinary roof construction of distributed PV systems. Three is 2015 years plans in County 188 a villages, and neighborhood, 65 a built document state card of poverty village, and 12 a province first better village focus demonstration village and 22 a provincial better village construction village can applications construction village collective PV station, each village (neighborhood) intends construction 60kw small distributed PV station, each village (neighborhood) inputs about 480,000 yuan, in 20-25 years within annually achieved power income 60,000 yuan around, removed interest actual can years increased net income 230,000 yuan. Four enterprises and institutions are the roof (including economic development zone) distributed PV. Five are positive and orderly 20~100MW centralized PV power station construction work on the ground.

Three, working principle

During the process of implementation of photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation to adhere to the six principles, namely:

Adhere to the Government-led, market players and policy support, the pilot first, step by step principle;

Adhere to waiving the general households, enterprises and institutions of the principle;

Adhere to the people’s wishes, meet the criteria, publicity in place, the procedures in place, don’t force, the principle of adjustable;

Adhere to the strict implementation of the policy, reasonable distribution of income, and ensure that the poor benefit principle;

Open tendering to ensure a fair, impartial and quality the principle of long-term safety;

Adhere to the principle of overall planning, strict supervision.

Four way, organization and implementation

Yuexi County, setting up photovoltaic pilot work leading group for poverty alleviation, all townships have set up corresponding leading organs, strengthening the Organization and leadership of photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation, and photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation as a township and County unit straight to poverty relief and development work and the county unit straight to important content of performance appraisal. Clear County departments, enterprises and rural townships of winning responsibilities:

County Commission responsible for coordinating project record, indicators and related policy funding for terrestrial photovoltaic power station, as well as County PV work leading Group Office for poverty alleviation and other work;

County Office is responsible for the household (households and general accounts) distributed PV power generation projects for poverty alleviation organization and implementation, as well as related policy funding for work;

County party Committee Organization Department, County Office is responsible for the collective, distributed PV power plant project implementation;

County Committee through a letter is responsible for the enterprise (including development) factory roof distributed and centralized power plants construction projects;

County Finance Bureau, the financial Office is responsible for project financing, financing services such as consolidation work;

County procurement authority is responsible for the Organization and implementation of project bidding and technology third party (experts) work;

County Civil Affairs Bureau and County Federation subjects coordinate with poor audit;

County Forestry Bureau and County land and resources Bureau and County Environmental Protection Bureau for terrestrial concentrating photovoltaic power station construction project approval, environmental protection and other related services;

County power supply company, grid-connected small hydro power company is responsible for the access and work, provide and install a smart meter and meter settled on a quarterly basis, grant, subsidy and other work;

Successful company responsible for power generation equipment supply, installation, commissioning, training of daily maintenance, equipment repair and replacement, as well as projects for the record, the construction work;

Township assist completes the village collective, distributed power plants and centralized PV power station construction projects on the ground and poor screening of distributed PV poverty alleviation, financing and collection, to help identify, support measures, coordination of construction work.

Five, project construction schedule

A pilot programme preparation phase (end of December 2014): led by the national development and Reform Commission, poverty alleviation Office participation organizations completed in 2015 photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation programming, before December 5 draft report to provincial energy Bureau, the poverty alleviation Office, before December 15, reported the official version.

Second promotion phase (end of March 2015): establishment of yuexi County leading group for poverty alleviation pilot photovoltaic held mobilization meetings throughout the County, deployment tasks; township or village set up corresponding leading organs, the relevant led sector organizations carry out promotion and investigation efforts.

Thirdly, funding and procurement of equipment (end of May 2015): announced by bids County bidding procurement authority, completion of photovoltaic power generation system equipment purchase by May 2015, establishing the winning enterprises, installations, supply contracts signed. While County Department of finance, Finance Office, the responsible Department and the township or village in accordance with required to get financing in place.

Four is the installation and incorporation (end of November 2015): residential distributed generation system, collective economic organization construction of small distributed PV to choose better conditions first pilot, played lead model benefits sure to fully complete the annual construction tasks. Before November 30, 2015, the successful enterprises complete PV equipment supply, installation, commissioning, is responsible for the residential photovoltaic power generation system, the village collective small distributed PV plant operation and maintenance training. Small hydropower company in County power supply company, and the poor (General account) signed a contract of grid-connected electricity generation, responsible for bi-directional meter installed, according to the relevant regulations of the State power grid, realization of grid-connected installation, debugging, synchronization; establish equipment maintenance operations professional services team.

Five is the acceptance of the project (end of December 2015): the relevant led third-party sector organizations technology, monitoring, auditing, finance, photovoltaics, power supply units for a comprehensive assessment of photovoltaic projects, engineering inspection and technical inspection, providing a project evaluation and inspection reports.

Benefit analysis of six, investment and poverty alleviation

1, investment estimation

In accordance with national provisions, present relevant documentation, fees fixed, fee rates, and install a 3kW per household, total estimated investment for the project in accordance with 24,000 yuan per household, 6MW installed capacity with a total investment of about 48 million Yuan.

Source of funding: poor overall according to province, County, farmers bear the one-third of the mode of construction funds. Among them, the need to account for 8,000 yuan per household, the crowd raised part dominated by poor self, based upon the different support measures introduced in household conditions. Specific can through following two species way solution: a is on unable to funding of poor, through mutual funds or small loan way solution, poor from PV power benefit in the yearly reimbursement, by County financial gives discount support; II is on minority family special difficult of poor, through Enterprise donor, and Enterprise free discount loan, and social donor or to bank loan, to farmers power income in the staging reimbursement, County Government guarantees company be guarantees, way solution.

General construction of distributed PV systems in line with farmers ‘ voluntary principle, raise construction funds to the masses. For people who have difficulty, guaranteed by a security company, to apply for loans in the financial sector, credit lines to fund construction of 50% (about 12,000 dollars).

Each village (community) collective 60kw small distributed photovoltaic plant investment of some 480,000 yuan. Sources of funding, county-level financial arrangements for each village was established as a village Corporation with registered capital of 100,000 yuan, County unified in huishang Bank and other financial institution a loan of 300,000 yuan, the County guarantee company are secured, the village companies amortize, the remaining village self resolve.

Enterprises and institutions (including development) distributed PV and the roof surface centralized corporate self-financing of a PV power plant construction.

2, efficiency analysis

3kW farmer distributed power generation system by poor residents donated 8000 RMB per household cost calculating payback and return as follows:

3kW output estimate is as follows:

Payback period and income estimates:

Household-type distributed grid-connected PV power generation projects for full Internet access. Calculated according to the tariff per unit 1, 3kW system capacity estimate:

① three years before a capacity of 9310.69kW.h;

② 20 year power, a total of 58255.93kW.h;

③ 21-25 annual energy output for 13161.28kW.h

Summary analysis, households invested 8000 Yuan 3kW power station is expected to cost recovery for the third year, stable income can be increased to more than 3,000 yuan annually, taking into account the attenuation of photovoltaic equipment, maintenance costs and other factors, 25, expected profits of nearly 60,000 yuan, obvious economic benefits.

Village collective 60KW small distributed PV power station, each village (community) invested approximately 480,000 RMB, annual power generation during 20-25 income of 60,000 yuan.

Ground centralized PV benefits depending on actual construction measure of investment enterprises, according to the current state subsidy policy, expects earnings per watt installed year of 1 Yuan, which is 100MW PV annual generating capacity of about 100 million degrees, the output value of 100 million Yuan.

Annex 2:

Yuexi County poverty household PV power generation project implementation programme

(Draft for soliciting opinions)

In order to ensure that “four years of poverty, synchronize five years off” goal to fruition, County party Committee and Government in accordance with deployment and requirements of the national energy Bureau, the State Council poverty alleviation Office, decided to take advantage of the 6 years from 2015 to 2020 implementation within the new energy industry in the County poverty household PV power generation projects. For the project implementation, this implementation plan is formulated.

A, guideline

Deeply carry out the party’s 18 and 18 c in the plenary and the spirit of comprehensive

Implementing comrade XI Jinping, Li keqiang, on an indicator, poverty relief and development work, innovative poverty alleviation working mechanism to implement accurate poverty, poor “to the village, to the families, to the people, to” work to accelerate “the four pilot counties” building, poverty alleviation through industrial household PV power generation projects, helping some of the poor to build long-term income poverty alleviation project.

Second, basic principles

(A) poverty alleviation, eco-friendly

Combining clean energy industry and poverty alleviation, focusing on rural ecological environmental protection, the premise of not affecting poor households and family environment to the structure, realize industrial continued to increase steadily.

(B) the Government, poor voluntary

Government organizations responsible for poor household PV power generation projects, advocacy, implementation, in waiving the principle of voluntary, giving priority to the active, voluntary funding of poor subjects for the project.

(C) according to local conditions, respect for science

In strict accordance with project conditions and requirements of the selected households, and site selection, ensuring that after the project is completed to achieve maximum benefit of power generation.

Third, the objectives and tasks

The first task: first pilot 2000 2015. In 2014, filing card filter 2000 households in poor schools construction conditions of poor households (households), 3KW distributed PV systems per household to help every poor 20-25 years of an average annual increase of around 3000.

Four, scope of application and selection criteria

(A) scope of application

Implementation object from 2014 built document state card poor in the filter, 2015 first to TOU Tuo Zhen ying, and yaohexiang, and calamus town, and stone shut Township, and ring intestinal town, and to list town, and maojian Shan, 7 a township for focus arrangements 1334 households (indicators Cheung see annex 1), build Azusa tree village, and Shen Qiaocun, and hair fan Cun,, and rock Kawamura, and Dong Chong Cun, and new Hu village, and Maple village, and red flag village, 8 a pilot village, Township in meet pilot village needs of based Shang, Households in the villages and towns within the file select an eligible voluntary installation of poor households in the poor arrangement. Index arrangements remaining 666 to other towns (quota arrangements as described in annex 2), organized by the township level according to the village, poor enthusiasm, vote fair, just and open the selected implementation, due to poor households in the village of sloping, relatively centralized arrangement. Priority is given to families are particularly difficult and law-abiding, neighbourhoods, industry, health, harmony with basic maintenance skills of poor households (households excluded).

(B) the installation site requirements

Housing structure relative better, roof each square meters bearing capacity in 30KG above (3KW scale accounted for to area for 25-30 square meters); has sufficient of light conditions (years average sunshine Shi number not below 8 hours), PV power system four week no trees, and mountain and the buildings block, as has trees block Sun, must agreed cut shading trees; housing around has light sufficient, and meet installation conditions of site, in can ensure equipment and personnel security of premise Xia also can installation; has 220V Exchange power, Ease of integration towards the light to the cement roof flattened most apt to construction to the South, facing Southeast, Southwest followed.

(C) implementation of object and construction mode

Photovoltaic power generation project motivated poor households, volunteered to raise total investment of one-third (around 8000), houses illumination is sufficient compliance with the installation conditions, the poor have basic management capabilities (except households), on their roof to install power generation equipment, realization of use and grid-connected power generation.

The poor motivated, voluntary self-funded, but the Housing Authority or does not meet the conditions of illumination, ensure the safety of personnel and equipment can be coordinated in line with their own conditions where construction and bear the cost of venue construction and other related.

Country should actively mobilize the non-poor and the poor with relatively concentrated construction of distributed PV systems, forming concentrated even effect. Transfers may be occupied by farmers ‘ initiative, the village helped to coordinate, choose good sunshine condition and relative concentration of wasteland, barren hills, slopes and other places to build.

Five, application steps

(A) promoting the preexposure phase. (March 25, 2015)

County to set up a “yuexi photovoltaic pilot work leading group for poverty alleviation”, County Office of poverty alleviation led research diagnostic, planning, convening of the meeting of Heads of township or village, for advice. Township, and village established corresponding organization, held mobilization will, widely propaganda industry policy, and industry features, clear responsibility and task; organization personnel households diagnostic survey, on where village poor poverty degree, and wishes category, for diagnostic registration, fill in project implementation situation diagnostic table (annex 3), poor signed, while issued requirements installation 3KW distributed PV power system of applications (annex 4). County will be based on the Township and village level and poor enthusiasm, batch step shall be implemented according to the index, and motivated strictly by application, vetting procedures to prioritize the implementation of PV industry in poverty to household projects.

Before March 25, 2015 to complete all the type mapping and registration work.

(B) the application, audit and review stage. (March 25, 2015-April 15)

1, household applications, assessment, primary. Farmers to voluntarily apply to the village and provides heads of identity card, residence booklet, copy of certificate of house property or land-use permits. Convening of the villager of the village Congress for review, determine a project’s long list, Township photovoltaic pilot work leading Group Office for poverty alleviation and post the public, accept supervision by the masses.

2, Township audit checks. By publicity no objections Hou, Township organization personnel into village by households field survey, review primaries object whether for built document poor, and whether has project implementation conditions, and whether has basic of equipment management capacity, situation, and truthfully, and detailed records (annex 5), ensure intends implementation households has project construction conditions, Township PV pro-poor pilot work led group main head signed and sealed Hou reported County pro-poor Office record.

3, review. Organized by the County Office of poverty alleviation led the team members (and invite the successful business professionals) went to pilot Township (town) or village supervision and inspection work to advance implementation of control related conditions for each review, determine the final implementation of the object and to the public.

4, set up household reporting files. To be implemented at the village to determine filmed live in front of the House (family members), rear, left, right, up (installing photovoltaic roof) 5 bearing 5 electronic photographs, archive and electronic version of the report towns County Office filing a report, together with the application and the related information from the poor, village, town and sealed, for household filing. Ensure each household to declare neatly archive is complete.

Before April 15, 2015 pinpoint PV intended for poverty alleviation and household location.

(C) the Fund raising phase. (April 15, 2015-April 25)

Villages formed an organization to collect 8,000 yuan per household of self-financing, list of town raising money and zero progress reporting system, that is before 5 o’clock in the afternoon to the County Office to submit.

(D) the equipment installation, commissioning, grid-connected power generation phase. (April 28, 2015-September 30)

After approval of the project, the tender Board is responsible for tendering, equipment supply and installation companies; by the successful bidder is responsible for installation and commissioning and project implementation of townships, villages and installation training, distribution of daily management and maintenance manual. SHP group in County power supply company, grid-connected electricity generation contract with poor, responsible for metering Metering installations, according to the relevant regulations of the State power grid, grid-connected power generation. Selection criteria a good pilot, played lead model benefits sure to fully complete the annual construction tasks. By September 30, 2015, completing first projects in power generation.

(E) assess the acceptance stage.

Organized by the County Office of poverty alleviation and relevant experts, carried out a comprehensive assessment, inspection and assessment reports.

VI funding, operational management and the settlement subsidy

(A) Fund-raising

After calculation, project construction fund to about 24,000 yuan per household, the County government organizations to solve the total input of two-thirds (about 16,000 dollars), the poor themselves one-third (around 8000).

(B) operations management

PV power pro-poor to households project through tender way select meet qualification conditions, and has social responsible of PV power equipment supplier and the installation enterprise organization implementation, operations service by construction Enterprise provides basic training and using manual, supplier and the installation enterprise established after-sales service dot, provides equipment maintenance (warranty period within, non-artificial damaged of, by contractors Enterprise free maintenance; warranty period outside of, by contractors Enterprise obligations maintenance, farmers paid material cost fee) And explore the establishment of a specialized company responsible for the daily maintenance of the facility or establishment system of industrial property insurance for poor household PV power generation projects.

(C) the policy of subsidies and benefits settlement

SHP group in the County power supply company, according to the national, provincial, municipal solar power subsidies, according to the billing cycle (one quarter) spontaneous use of paid to poor implementation of the project and electricity electricity policy of subsidies. Poor households in the local financial sector payment card, a one card, and proceeds to enter the card; mortgages, in accordance with the agreed repayment amounts directly deducted from the proceeds from the financial sector, remaining into the card.

VII, safeguards

(A) strengthen organizational leadership

Yuexi County, setting up photovoltaic pilot work leading group for poverty alleviation, is responsible for implementation of photovoltaic power generation project organization and leadership. Set up under the Office of the leading group, with offices located in the County development and Reform Commission, the Office is responsible for the general coordination and daily work such as supervising implementation of, County Office of poverty alleviation led PV project implementation for poverty alleviation.

Township and village to set up by the Chief as head of the leading group for poverty alleviation pilot photovoltaic, strengthen leadership, co-ordination, implementation of project implementation and to advance work.

(B) the clear assignment of responsibility

County pro-poor Office led is responsible for PV power to households project, integrated coordination and is responsible for drafted implementation programme, and part pro-poor project funds arrangements, and project construction scheduling advance; County NDRC is responsible for coordination project record, work; County Bureau is responsible for project funds financing, and integration and the Government procurement, and arrangements necessary of work funding; County tender Council is responsible for enrollment bid work; County powered company, and SHP group is responsible for on Shang related policy implementation convergence, and access system programme developed, and grid way select, and grid, and debugging, and Powered sector belongs assets of daily maintenance, and copy table and subsidies funds settlement, do to superior powered sector of coordination, and towards, and safety; County supervision Office is responsible for supervision supervising; County monitored Council is responsible for on project township implementation situation for effectiveness assessment; Township party, and Government on this Township PV power pro-poor engineering negative total accountability, organization Township (town), and village, and stationed in village pro-poor task force do implementation project poor of select, and publicity, and masses raised funds mobilization and charged, and project advance, and construction coordination, and Coordination and handling of problems during project implementation, with the check and acceptance.

(C) strengthening evaluation evaluation

As 2015 photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development industries to households, and the whole village to promote the importance of the project for poverty alleviation, incorporated into the Township and County support units in 2015, poverty relief and development work.

Township and village, scientific arrangement, grasp of policy, organizing, advance the implementation, of increasing poverty, benefiting this precision actually doing, good things do. County direct support units to organize relevant personnel immediately, according to the annual poverty reduction of the County party Committee and Government requirements, into the villages, supported the township or village project implementation forward.

PV why not ride up under the dome?

Polaris solar PV net news: February 28, 2015, by Chai Jing shooting documentaries at his own expense under the dome in the major video sites after the broadcast, caught the attention of many Internet users, whose popularity has surpassed most of the hit TV series. Meanwhile, its app, Twitter and other social networks is triggered “spam” effect, so that the general public to “Haze” in order to stimulate points extend to discussions of national study on pollution status and controlling method, and can be said to be opened in 2015 year hottest event.

Chai Jing mentioned in under the dome, on the problems of China’s oil industry and pollution, PetroChina’s top personal personally wrote a counter-attack of the Wan Cheung Chai Jing. Let us not to comment on both the right and wrong, just look at the two people stand up and speak the message–that is, only makes people more extensive understanding of an enterprise or industry in order to maximize the Elimination of misunderstanding due to lack of understanding. Like this one, I believe many people will agree that Chai Jing, further challenged the oil industry giants, Wan CHEUNG, will also have a lot of people hear words, see the efforts of China’s own oil industry over the years are not sinecures. They more collisions will reveal more information was not known to the public, and to make a wider range of people to think, to True enlightenment and promote construction of environmental protection.

It is said that “in the 2-hour, dressed in a white shirt and jeans, Chai Jing survey on Haze video boils over the whole of China, and PV is a little depressed because others did not mention” PV “Word, which was mercilessly hyped by media, less brokerage a subject. “But in my opinion, the subject-it is just one less hype? Or PV industry haven’t learned how to operate their own, relying on support from the State, hooded development? Perhaps, this is a reminder and a warning.

Vigorous promotion of distributed PV in recent years under the advantages and benefits of photovoltaic power generation into a knife deep into the hearts of the people, let the public fully aware of the photovoltaic industry, it has become an important part of the development process. Photovoltaic industry, could then homeopathy for the under the dome, for doing a different kind of propaganda? This is something worth thinking about things, maybe this time we missed, so next time a similar opportunity, industry can seize it? In this “fog” incident, push up Hong Kong stocks under the dome green concepts can be said is a good sign. Time waits for no one, absolutely not to be missed.

It is understood that, in Europe, in particular Germany, community collaboration, integrated with community electric cooperative, consumers Union, each household to install solar panels on the roof generate electricity, forming cooperatives sold together. Since 2013, also issued a document to encourage and support the development of distributed PV industry, notably the September 2014 release notification for the further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies, put forward 15 measures to strengthen the implementation of photovoltaic power generation-related policy, attaches great importance to the development of distributed PV generation. It can be said that we have innate power, and just how to make it work successfully, like Germany so naturally people still deserve consideration.

Although this “under the dome” the hot spot, did the audience of the photovoltaic industry, but the good news is that industry insiders are increasingly aware of the importance of external sound. During the two sessions, many celebrities have proposals, expressed concern for the environmental protection of the photovoltaic industry and for its own requirements, to show the PV as an important new energy industry representatives in the significance of the new era, making more people taking notice. From this point, for promoting the development of the photovoltaic industry is extremely advantageous, I believe there will be more and more individuals are starting to understand and try to install a PV system. Just like in previous years around the emerging “PV first person”, such as discipline of Tiger Ren Kai in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xu Pengfei, Kong Qingbin Zhu Qijie, Anhui, Jiangsu and so on, their family-PV power station with news everywhere, and let more people see the charm of photovoltaic power generation.

“I’m not happy with, I don’t want to wait, and I am no longer shuffle, I’m going to step up and do something. What I have to do, right now, right now, right here, in this lifetime. “It was Chai Jing fog against the Declaration made by her in his own unique way to break the spirits of casserole bottom out, wake up people numb to haze and watch! This is the story behind the under the dome and PV professionals now need the spirit.

PV Professional Committee of Chinese renewable energy society said on Twitter, forcing the “coal” Rob, what do we do? Answers other than natural gas, and clean energy. Who is a sucker for clean energy will add energy, alternative energy, and ultimately become major energy sources. Spike lives in the air, a process that can and must be the sooner the better … Let us believe that-under the dome must have PV up to a blue sky!

Original title: PV why not ride up under the dome?

The National Energy Board: 2014 amount of photovoltaic power generation rose 200%

Polaris solar PV net news: the National Energy Board: by the end of 2014, PV cumulative installed capacity of 28.05 million-kilowatt, an increase of 60%, where the PV power station 23.38 million-kilowatt, 4.67 million-kilowatt distributed, when the annual generating capacity of about 25 billion-kilowatt, an increase of more than 200%.

2014 its capacity 10.6 million-kilowatt, approximately one-fifth of new installed capacity in the world, accounting for one-third of the solar module production in our country, implementation of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry’s average annual growth in the number of observations of 10 million-kilowatt goals.

Original title: National Energy Board: 2014 amount of photovoltaic power generation rose 200%

Polaris network March 5, 2015 solar photovoltaic news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary of March 5 news, the 2014 top 500 analysis of China energy group report released (attached list), the “two sessions” delegates put forward which photovoltaic-related proposals, 2015, mainland China and Taiwan area PV or intensified competition among vendors, and details are as follows:

The 2014 top 500 analysis of China energy group report released (attached list)

The “two sessions” delegates put forward which photovoltaic-related proposals

2015, mainland China and Taiwan area PV competition among manufacturers intensifies

Secrets of PV plants financing innovation model (chart)

Li Hejun, Forbes: regarding “the richest man” that little bit of resentment

Meng Xiangan: energy storage photovoltaic power to dissolve or be solved problems

Nan cunhui is calling for policies to support solar power profitable

Jinke invested heavily in the development of wind power and optical energy

Saudi Arabia put off solar-thermal power development plan is intended to do?

Small solar-thermal power generation projects suitable for financing raised it?

Japan solar energy March cold orders rise but prices remain weak

Li keqiang: to develop wind power, solar power and biomass energy

Energy Secretary, visits: pushing for energy production and consumption revolution effectively abandoned the wind, water, discard light problem

GAO jifan: proposals to enhance grid PV access assessment

Polaris solar PV net news: Trina Gao jifan Chairman submitted to the Central Committee of the proposals on innovative mechanisms to promote the sustainable development in the photovoltaic industry has been obtained by the Central Committee’s approval and as a central proposal submitted to the National Committee of the CPPCC.

CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to PV industry development and on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, has issued a number of opinions (hereinafter referred to as the opinion), issued the notice on further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies (hereinafter the notice), effectively regulate and promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, but also encountered some problems during the actual operation.

First, the land is not clear, and hydropower development is hard to find

–At present, an important factor restricting the development of PV industry in China is to build a photovoltaic system’s real land requirement is difficult to solve, shown as: different delineation of the land property in the land and forestry departments and dual management caused the bulls approval, so many are already getting approval and filing of project delays in construction and power generation. The comments clearly provides that “Gobi wasteland of unused land construction of photovoltaic power generation project, be moderate in land-use planning, scheduling, lean”.

The circular also suggested that “the use of abandoned land, barren slopes, beaches, ponds, lakes, agriculture greenhouses, such as building local absorptive distributed PV.” But in implementation process in the, land sector and forestry sector on land nature finds of specification different, related database also no networking merged, led to some project with to in land sector of planning in the was designated for “not using to (saline,) or Heath”, and to has forestry sector of planning within is into has “planning woodland or should be woodland”, caused often actually barren deserted of mountain Beach, due to hanging Shang has “woodland” of hat and cannot get effective and timely exploitation.

Second, plant data and open, good and bad components difficult to compare

–PV industry has just experienced a roller-coaster round of growth. Stimulated by the substantial investment, within the industry there has been a mixed bag of situation. Although improved, but due to various reasons, low-quality products still occupy a certain share of the market. Of the notification of the fifth article calls “perfect distributed photovoltaic engineering standards and quality control”, intended to hold on to quality control from the application end, promote the survival of the fittest, and achieve long-term, healthy development of the industry.

–But in practice, we found that due to major photovoltaic plant developer the power and quality of the secrecy of individual power plants, resulting in China is still not a single authority for the brands in actual use, the components of the main performance indicators for effective data acquisition and analysis and ranking. Perfect system of quality standards and evaluation mechanisms could not be established. Select “quality” component of good intentions, often end up in puff sellers and buyers unable to position.

Third, the project really is complete, grid-connected access trouble

–Grid access difficult, has been unable to avoid domestic new energy application and development issue. Grid-connected conditions have for new energy development, solar has had a big impact. Although views are explicitly required power to strengthen supporting network construction, ensure that photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project in time to ensure priority full purchase of photovoltaic power generation. Articles diqi、JIU and 13 of the notice from the Internet access pattern, the grid and grid technologies and other aspects are presented on request, but in actual operation, grid-connected still encounter a lot of problems.

–Renewable energy, in particular photovoltaic power generation, power instability, high requirements for intelligent grid management, objective increase the grid’s management requirements and workload, so some local grid connected photovoltaic power is not active. Even in some of the excellent conditions for development of photovoltaic power generation and the power to dissolve or problem areas, power companies are often for technical reasons, refused to comply with the relevant policies of the PV power plant (including ground projects and distributed project) network, or only has a fraction of building power plants handle the access formalities.

–To solve the above problem, it is recommended that:

–First, to further streamline coordination mechanisms. Led by national energy Administration to form specialized coordination mechanism, for the annual national energy Board to develop PV project capacity planning capacity, according to the actual situation of different provinces that matches PV specific indicators of construction land, or coordinating the land and Forestry Department data grid, according to the actual situation of the photovoltaic solution in order to truly implement the national development plan of Thirteen-Five photovoltaic.

–Innovative photovoltaic forest land use patterns. In actual operation, could be considered by the State Department in charge of energy lead forestry and land planning departments to carry out special studies, suit measures to local conditions to encourage solar, wind power and other new power innovation in forest land use patterns (such as lease or right of forest owners to buy into dividend, etc), jointly solve problems such as woodland approval harder, landing project.

–Second, the establishment of quality standard system and evaluation mechanism as soon as possible. Recommends that the Department of energy clearly requires that each power plant reported to the National Energy Board on a regular basis all PV electricity generation data, and as soon as possible after listening to the views of selected on the basis of a professional, objective and authoritative third parties to analyze the data, published on a regular basis, the establishment of quality standard system of China’s photovoltaic application and evaluation mechanisms.

–Third, strengthening assessment, ensure access. Department of energy should be based on the views and the relevant provisions of the notified, regularly verify the access grid PV power plant. Combined with the State’s overall planning for new energy development and network objectives based around the different situations on PV and other renewable power grid enterprises in accordance with annual percentage proportion and dissolve, and as one of the performance criteria. By setting the “hard” forms of urged the network to increase investment in improving grid access level as soon as possible, and ensure the full elimination of photovoltaic power generation.

Original title: Mr Gao recommends strengthening the grid PV power station access assessment

Wu xinxiong, “CPPCC National Committee first show”

Polaris solar PV net news: the morning of March 4, the railway hotel, economic level group outside a room where the 35th of the CPPCC, journalists waiting for admission early standing in long lines outside the door.

Reporters willing to wait, not only because the Group has a number of electric power, new energy and other energy industry “big brother” and has just been added as members of the National Committee of the CPPCC, former Director of the National Energy Board Wu xinxiong was among them. As an important official who had presided over the national energy, his “debut of the CPPCC” cause for concern.

Energy economy “plays” and increasingly environmentally and in the present context, energy has become a topic everyone is concerned about the people’s livelihood. In the Panel discussion in the morning, energy security and clean development in lively discussions.

“Energy security cannot be guaranteed, and that other security is impossible. Our country’s resource endowments are rich in coal and oil gas, first on the basis of energy conservation and emission reduction, coal was also used, but clean and efficient use of new units to meet the emission gas standards. Second is to develop hydropower. Third, the safe development of nuclear power, that is, three generations of nuclear power. In addition, to develop wind power and solar energy. “Wu xinxiong said during the discussion.

Complicated system of energy revolution, a heavy task. Improve energy legal, new energy to dissolve and a series of problems has become the industry focus, expect high voice. At 11 o’clock, the Panel discussion, Wu xinxiong haven’t got up and was mobbed by waiting journalists. “Do you think is the biggest change since the Energy Council to reorganize what?” ” What is the biggest point of the energy revolution? ” Energy development under the new normal, what is it? … … “series of” energy question mark “throws in a row.

“After the Department of energy restructuring, changing functions, changing style, prioritizing and solving the problem, important steps had been made to do useful and mechanisms established. Country attaches great importance to work on the energy, the energy Bureau under the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to deploy, pays special attention to major reform of strategic planning, major, major, major projects, great service, and major regulatory, concerning national, matter in the long run. “Wu xinxiong told reporters.

How to work vigorously to promote the energy revolution is the current energy maximum proposition. “The biggest point is to promote market-oriented process of energy reform. “He pointed out,” in which the energy supervision cannot be absent, to straighten out the regulatory mechanisms of institutional, what explicit regulation, who will monitor and how to effectively monitor, and improves the regulatory laws and regulations. ”

On November 20 last year, the State Council issued the energy development strategies action plan 2014-2020, defined the overall strategy of China’s energy development in the near future and the programme of action, energy work and arduous task.

“For energy development, the National Energy Commission has defined three major approach to development of economical, clean and safe, as well as energy-saving a priority, green, low-carbon, relying on domestic resources, innovation-driven four strategies for future clean, efficient, proposed a programme of action for the sustainable development of energy, a clear strategic direction, laying a good foundation. I am confident of our energy and hope! ” Wu xinxiong, waved said with a laugh.

Original title: Wu xinxiong: “I’m full of confidence and hope for energy”

Knowledge sharing – photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance supplies warehouse management

Polaris solar PV net news: 1. goods code management

Material code’s goal is to create an electronic information database, full record and maintain stock supplies important information (including product attributes, quality assurance, inventory parameters, etc) to facilitate power station visitor (demand side and supply side) and queries, thereby improving the efficiency of materiel management, ensure that hydropower production. Material code is the first link in the supply chain, are the basis of materials management and procurement, material coding work containing material coding system, the material code coding, alternative supplies coding rules, production supplies, materials quality assurance grading and identification and updated material code weight code, material code system build, coding, data entry, material code maintenance.

2. warehouse material management (Tools, spare parts, consumables)

To full using resources, according to business management similar sex, and coordination and convenience sex of principles on production material implementation unified management, warehousing material management contains warehousing job organization process, and warehousing regulations and program management, and warehousing job management (material acceptance, and material differences processing process, and material packaging, and out storage, and back library, and inventory management, and procurement and inventory control, and material maintenance and maintenance,), and warehousing security management, and material grading management, and warehousing equipment management, and material transfer management, and temporarily save material management, and Layout warehouse management, warehouse management, materials management, life cycle management, material scrap process exception materiel management processes, storage and file management, and more.

3. warehouse management

Configuration of the storage facilities, maintenance, will decide how much the materials safe, efficient and orderly. Storage facilities include racks, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, fire systems, lifting equipment, transport devices, heating devices, scan code devices, communication devices, information systems and so on. Warehouse inventory of facilities management includes facilities management, facilities maintenance, facilities replace the inspection record of periodic tests, facilities management, facilities management, and so on.

4. inventory and purchasing management

Plant materials storage group should be determined according to power station supplies the minimum on-hand inventory, minimum inventory list must be approved by the headquarters audit, Supplement usage according to the plant material procurement, the procurement process should meet the requirements of purchasing process.

Original title: knowledge sharing – photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance supplies warehouse management

The United Nations Environment Programme: renewable energy will provide opportunities for development in Africa

Polaris solar PV net news: local time on March 4, the 15th session of the high-level meeting of African Environment Ministers in Egypt’s capital Cairo. At the meeting, UN Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Achim ˙ Steiner said that renewable energy will provide machines for the leap-forward development in Africa.

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director Achim ˙ Steiner (right) and Egypt’s Environment Minister at a press conference.

In recent days, African countries attending the 15th session of the African Ministerial Conference on the environment, environment ministers gather to discuss environmental protection plans. During a press briefing, CNN first to the UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Achim ˙ Steiner, he threw an African people are very concerned about the issue: that is, how do you view the relationship between industrialization and environmental protection. Steiner’s first reaction was that this problem was “not small”. He said “development is not a simple repetition of the experience in the past, but to summarize and draw on others ‘ experience, learn new skills, to launch a new process of cooperation. A case study of green energy, South Africa has some deposits of coal, although the taste is not high, but South Africa through green energy economy in 2011 will be put on the agenda. At that time, largely by domestic capital markets, raised about $ 14 billion to develop green energy such as solar energy, attracted a lot of investors in the past. In addition, UNEP headquarters in Kenya, also is at the forefront in the use of green energy, whether residential or industrial electricity prices, were as geothermal and wind energy development and networking is reduced. Of course, Morocco, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Ghana and other countries, and also in terms of economic development and industrial use of green energy, in the face of fluctuations in world oil prices, but only less vulnerable to these economies. ”

Steiner also term referred specifically to natural capital. Natural capital are the people from the perspective of environmental protection, given the value of natural resources, this proposal is intended to remind mankind, once the destruction of biodiversity, then the cost of repair will be doubled. Of course, always consume some natural endowments grow, but the key is to make clear where the red line. What have adhered to, and what you can market, this issue is worth studying. But in reality, many industrialized countries, and some of the other industrializing countries on the road, is paying the price for failing to adhere to the red line. Steiner said: “environmental pollution can seize millions of people’s lives, the World Health Organization estimates that each year from indoor and outdoor pollution, lead (global) about 7 million early deaths, these are costs, but many theories and strategies of economic development were overlooked. ”

Steiner told reporters that in recent years, the cost of developing new sources of energy has been reduced a lot, network technical difficulty was not so high, depends on Africa’s ability to construct the corresponding energy system, he also called on the international community to give more attention and investment in Africa. “If Africa does not receive the appropriate technology, capacity and economic assistance, then it will, inevitably, on (via fossil fuels for the following) the old paths of development, it will mean a flood of new discharge of gases such as carbon dioxide, the situation arises, the whole world will not be able to cope with. ”

Of course, Steiner also have confidence in the development of Africa. In his view, advocated by African leaders aimed at optimizing resources for the benefit of the African people in Africa “Africa vision 2063” can be seen, the African continent has chosen new paths of development. In this journalist’s question, Steiner said: “choose renewable energy, will provide opportunities for the people of Africa realizing leap-forward development. I would like to say that Africa attaches great importance to gain experience and turn it into domestic policy, while Africa also attaches great importance to regional and international cooperation. In China, for example, between Africa and the United Nations Environment Programme, there will be tripartite cooperation agreement on environmental protection. I also learned that China has made it clear, ecological and civilized society. ”

Original title: United Nations Environment Programme: renewable energy will provide opportunities for development in Africa

Suk caught fire early this morning producing material damage are not known

Polaris solar PV net news: according to this (6) the Apple real-time news reports of the day, gigastorage in the Hsinchu industrial zone of fire accident at the plant at about four o’clock in the morning. Fire has been put out in the early morning, but because of fire plant deposited aluminium powder, and judging from the fire zone, Shuo Wo plant owned by larger waves, will have an impact on aluminum paste production, we have to understand.

Apple news pointed out that around four o’clock in the morning, near the shift workers witnessed the gigastorage company heard an explosion, then rushed out of the flames and smoke, then I inform firefighters to fight the blaze. Although fires at six o’clock, 51 minutes put out, but in production lines of the plant equipment and some of the raw materials are being affected, the cause of the fire and the exact cost is still pending further investigation.

According to the understanding, the fire factory store in aluminum, would have an impact on aluminum raw material inventory or production, remains unclear. As the site is total electric blackout, the compulsory licence came after/Shuo Wo today suspended work.

Compulsory licence came after in addition to optical disk manufacturing businesses, Taiwan important silicon wafer and solar Ribbon (Ribbon), Shuo Wo, owned by the world’s leading manufacturers of solar cell conductive paste, known Ribbon line has little effect. After the fire occurred, the compulsory licence came after shares fell today.

Original title: master caught fire early this morning producing material damage are not known

First session, LDK LDK Supreme Court for the first circuit v Yuchai, which was not adjudged

Polaris solar PV net news: 2nd at 9 o’clock in the morning, the first circuit court hearing on time. Appellant LDK LDK Solar Co (“LDK”) and appellee Guangxi Yuchai machinery company limited (hereinafter referred to as “Yuchai group”), due to contract disputes, several times in court.

The case by computer randomly divided into case and random form a collegial panel hosted by the first circuit court Vice President Zhou Fan and served as presiding judge, Li Wei, Yu Hong, two presiding judges, as members of a collegial panel. Both parties were not present, from attorneys to attend the proceedings.

First Circuit Court has specialized robing rooms for lawyers, the respondent lawyer all lawyer robes in court. The Court can also “digital courts”, parties, bystander are available through the courts are equipped with several electronic screen real-time viewing of the trial record, which did not enter the courtroom reporters and members of the crowd can be at other court Conference room or watch the trial broadcast in real time.

2nd trial continued until about 12 o’clock in the morning, as lawyers on both sides say there is little to add, the presiding judge said Zhou Fan, and continued in the afternoon session. Finally, taking into account the parties ‘ willingness to have a mediation of the collegial panel, and may also be involved, “according to a party’s judicial recommendations to the relevant administrative departments”, and so on, the presiding judge called a recess, and deal with them depending on the mediation case, which is not pronounced.

Has been to the Supreme Law of this case, where the focus of the conflict? It is learnt that in 2011, LDK supply company and Yuchai group, signed the agreement, agreed by Yuchai group has arisen now company purchased Silicon photovoltaic module and paid the appropriate amount, Savi company responsible for Yuchai group project survey, design and installation. LDK argues that after the contract is signed, the company actively fulfill the contract, put a lot of work, Yuchai group refused to perform the contract without reason. Yuchai group in reply said the supply agreement is only to declare the project materials, have no real sourcing, sale said, the two sides signed the supplementary agreement also clearly the supply agreement for reporting only, saving companies should participate in the procurement tender, later Savi company failed bid.

During the hearing, presiding judge Zhou Fan clear and concise points out two focal points: the contract is established? Yuchai group if you want to pay the penalty? In addition, Zhou Fan pointed out that this project is a national subsidy program, financial assistance fund of up to 297 million dollars, the project needs through public bidding, “this, both sides are well aware! LDK different interpretations to the company, we were also recorded in the volume. “Throughout the trial, Zhou Fan are patiently listening to lawyers on both sides to present, peacefully to reviews, and use the” as far as I’m concerned, “such a colloquial expression.

Many domestic well-known scholars also testified at the hearing, many of them are coming in from the field. People University Professor, and doctoral mentor yelin reviews road, this is once “consultations type of trial”, “party station in himself of position, may will avoided off some problem, this case judge take non-rigid guide, through in place of has wisdom of asked, will party both with back things origin, makes party knows himself of shortcomings, and advantage in which, more promoting both peace solution problem. ”

Original title: Supreme Court hearing consultations for the first time the first circuit court

Sichuan panzhihua residents first PV invoiced money

Polaris solar PV net news: “the problem has been solved, residents PV finally can be invoiced money ……” March 6, at 9 o’clock in the morning, citizen Xie Minghai, panzhihua, Sichuan residents of panzhihua power company staff who took over from the State grid PV invoice said with a laugh.

In recent years, with national strategies for development and construction of major new energy deployment further develops, the panzhihua unique PV solar lighting resources residents entered the fast track of development. According to statistics, 7 residents in panzhihua city built photovoltaic operation capacity of 74.8 kilowatts, cutting 0 end of February, when the total power generation capacity of 80,051-kilowatt. But due to non-taxpayers, billing difficulties and States for natural reasons such as photovoltaic tax policy adjustment was not timely, for a long time residents of photovoltaic power generation profits has been honoured in a timely manner.

In order to solve this problem, State grid power company in Sichuan province panzhihua electric power company under the guidance and help, to actively communicate relevant government departments, the IRS reported in panzhihua city, fight for policy support and landing. After repeated consultations, panzhihua IRS branch directly under the principal network in panzhihua electric power supply company’s tax, thoroughly solved the problem of residents of photovoltaic power generation difficult to make profits and cash.

It is reported that by the end of February, residents in panzhihua photovoltaic power on electricity bills amounted to 27752.57 Yuan, resident photovoltaic subsidy amounted to 28052.00 Yuan, all costs are in residents receipted invoice to be honored on the date, and future, these costs can be paid at the first residents of PV on-grid customers.

Original title: first residents in panzhihua of Sichuan PV invoiced money

Mr Zhu: on improving land-use tax policy to promote investment in solar photovoltaic power plant proposal

Polaris solar PV net news: national strategy for development of renewable energy has risen to, photovoltaic solar power as a renewable energy has become a important part of promoting the development of China’s energy and economic restructuring, an international environmental responsibility goals on climate change, achieving 18 developed rapid and healthy development of the national economy, and Twelve-Five, Thirteen-Five important part of the planning and drivers.

According to State on promoting PV industry health development of several views (country sent [2013]24,) of spirit, national and place each sector supporting introduced has promoting solar industry health development of policy measures, through solution project development, and land expropriation, and approved, and grid, and subsidies in place, and financing, aspects of problem, attract has social investment entered PV industry, 2014 national added grid PV power capacity 10.6 million-kilowatt, about accounted for global added capacity of one-fourth, Achieved average annual growth of 10 million-kilowatt goals. And beginning the development of 14 million-kilowatt target also has a small gap, causes all, the main obstacle is still focused on the project’s policy limits. Manifested in the following aspects:

1, and according to national energy Council on further strengthened PV station construction and run management work of notification (country can new can [2014]445,) of spirit, PV station with to range main for desert of land, and mountain Heath, and beach, and waste stacked taste abandoned mine and various not using land resources, encourages construction and ecological governance, and abandoned or pollution land governance of PV station project, so PV station with to main is no included land development planning range, follow-up exploitation value low, Away from the towns and agricultural and forestry land.

2, current land use tax policy to impose a standard range are wide, easily understand the ambiguity. Based on current land use tax is imposed by the minimum units of counties, towns and industrial areas, at present, the standard rate is around 0.6 to 12 Yuan per square meter, typically 10MW solar PV power plant project occupies an area of 350~400 acres (about 23~27 million square meters) of standard terms, a 10MW solar PV power plant required to pay 15~300 million annually and township land use tax. Different parts of the same project tax gap is too large, a denial of fair market.

3 understanding, land-use tax that defines ambiguity, is not clear. In some revenue-poor areas, thus expanding land-use tax. A case study of urban land use tax, the current interim regulations on urban land use tax provided for urban land use tax range, are in cities, counties, towns, mining land use of the area. But in towns that only a minimum level of the urban land use tax administrative point of view, this defines the scope of the existing Ordinance is the seat of town government. And because China’s current administrative division, town-level administrative bodies are normally under the jurisdiction of a variable number of villages (including streets and neighborhood), the definition of towns in subordinate villages, so there is a different interpretation of each place. Currently Xinjiang, and Qinghai, and Gansu, and Jilin, and Shandong, and Henan, and Anhui, and Jiangxi, and Hubei, and Guizhou, to, town land using tax of levy range on limited to formed town town government located (villages, and street or neighborhood); and in Shaanxi, and Inner Mongolia, and Hebei, and Liaoning, and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, and Guangdong and Hainan, to, not only including formed town town government where of villages or Street neighborhood, also including formed town administrative jurisdiction range within of other villages and Street neighborhood.

4, PV land use tax increased the cost of photovoltaic power plant investment. To the measured light level average existing one 10MW project covers an area of 350~400 acres (about 23~27 square meters), such as land usage tax rates take middle value, an average of 6 Yuan/square meter, per year required to pay land use taxes as high as 140~160 million, after deducting corporate income tax, then PV power generation projects it is difficult to speak of how much revenue.

In view of the above mentioned solar PV power plant development in the real problem of land-related taxes and fees, we draw attention to the proposal to use tax exemption of solar PV power plant. One is to refer to the national conventional thermal power industry based on the State administration of taxation on exempting the land use tax rules and other related policies, enjoying related preferential policy of land shall be exempt from the land use tax. Other hand belong to the power industries of solar photovoltaic power generation and environmental protection and pollution-free, carbon-free, should enjoy this policy to real policies to encourage environmental clean renewable solar energy, improve energy structure adjustment and optimization.

Original title: Mr Zhu Shan: on improving land-use tax policy to promote investment in solar photovoltaic power plant proposal

Three banks grant SPI solar billion yuan line of credit

Polaris solar PV net news: headquartered in Shanghai, the photovoltaic solar energy application developer SPISolar announced on Thursday, has been with the Minsheng Bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of Suzhou signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the three banks will provide 7 billion yuan respectively to the SPI, 2 billion yuan and 1 billion yuan renminbi loans, project financing, mergers and acquisitions and financing to support the latter, as well as other financing needs.

SPI is a global supplier of photovoltaic solar energy, and utility-scale solar systems provide distributed power generation business. SPI said the partnership will enable the company to execute their strategic plans.

At present, in the context of global markets, the solar sector is attracting more and more attention. According to data from the National Energy Board in 2014, new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity 10.6 million-kilowatt, by February 2015, the cumulative number of grid-connected solar power 26.52 million-kilowatt, the year when power 23.1 billion-kilowatt. According to the State Council recently issued the 2015 national scale grid-connected PV annual plans to add table (draft for soliciting opinions), 2015-15GW national grid-connected PV annual plans to add scale.

Galaxy international, China predicted that China’s installed capacity will reach 15GW and 16GW in 2015 and 2016 respectively (2014-10.6GW). In addition, taking into account the total installed capacity of solar energy accounted for 2% of the national electric power total installed capacity of solar installed capacity in the medium term, there’s a huge upside.

In overseas markets, the technology giants Apple and Google in the near future with the solar industry. Apple announced in February with the first solar energy company to invest $ 850 million to build a solar power plant expected capacity of 280 megawatts, enough to meet the electricity demand of more than 70,000 families. Followed subsequently, Google has invested 300 million US dollars involved in United States largest residential solar energy system installation company in Sun City, creating a total of 750 million dollars in funds for residential solar projects, its Google, by far the largest renewable energy investment.

Original title: three banks grant SPI solar billion yuan line of credit

Hitachi hybrid solar thermal power tower technology and Fresnel design has been questioned

Polaris solar PV net news: though few doubt Babcock-Hitachi’s innovation capability, but its linear Fresnel technology and tower technology of hybrid technology for the construction of solar thermal power stations decided to so many bystanders are at a loss.

Last year, Babcock-Hitachi plans to introduce an innovative hybrid solar thermal power generation design has inspired many industry experts question.

Many respondents have questioned worried about linear Fresnel technology and technology mix-building solar thermal power Tower design is able to achieve the expected results of the Mitsubishi-Hitachi power systems company.

TRMancini solar ThomasMancini, head of consulting firm said: “we can learn from the company’s online data, they are using the Fresnel system as a pre heater tower system. Linear Fresnel system than the Tower system inefficient, but its cost than the addition of much cheaper heliostat extra, this is where the value of the design. But frankly, I don’t see the advantage of this design. ”

According to Mitsubishi, Hitachi power systems limited (MHPS) statement released last September, Babcock-Hitachi to “develop and validate technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” on behalf of the Japan Environment Department won the development contract of the project, and then publish the design.

Map: Fresnel and hybrid solar thermal power Tower’s image

The Asahi newspaper reported: “Babcock-Hitachi-Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems Corporation is constructed a verification facility in Yokohama plant, will begin in 2016, the new system testing. ”

Developers say the hybrid solar thermal power systems “using Fresnel system heat to produce steam, then before using the Tower system to collect heat generated superheated steam saturated steam for heating output. ”

Babcock-Hitachi’s statement showed that Fresnel to preheat the system because they have chosen to reduce the overall system cost.

Cost advantage

Fresnel solar-thermal power generation technology is generally considered mainstream cheaper solar thermal power generation technology, so theoretically it as part of the overall system can reduce costs. But at the same time it is also the least efficient solar-thermal power generation technology, the defect may be offset by its cost advantage.

Although MHPS’s statement does not disclose, but speculated that the hybrid solar thermal power generation technology will most likely use HitzSuperLowProfileFresnel, developed by Hitachi Zosen Corporation (hereinafter referred to as HSLPF), Hitachi Zosen in 2013, the company Al-Jubail built a demonstration plant in Saudi Arabia.

Photo: HSLPF demonstration projects in Saudi Arabia

Hitachi Zosen Corporation has said in a press release: “the traditional Fresnel spotlights with flat or fixed mirrors in the shape of a surface, and HSLPF can control the angle and curved mirrors, according to the Sun’s position for better focusing. The traditional Fresnel concentrated rate 50 times times trough concentrator was raised to the same level of more than 70 times. ”

Above the completion in 2013, the demonstration project site is located in Saudi Arabia width: 12.7m () *103.0M (North-South) and total aperture area: 662 m; suction pipe height: 3.8 m; concentrating ratio: 80 times times thermal power: 390kWth.

Traditional linear Fresnel technology can overcome the low efficiency is the key to the success of this hybrid design will, and the current status of the solar thermal market is our fear of the Fresnel technology in the future. Current solar thermal market, trough technology has achieved great success, and most recently for Tower technology is becoming more mainstream.

While some analysts think the Fresnel technology in smaller-scale solar thermal power stations predominate, but the fact is there is no support a large solar thermal company Fresnel technology research.

Last large Fresnel technology providers last year, Areva formally withdrew from the solar-thermal power generation market, they did not make it from Australia Ausra’s Fresnel technology for further development of the company. But some solar thermal industry experts believe that not only bleak prospects for Fresnel solar thermal technology applications, developed by Hitachi Zosen Corporation HSLPF Fresnel technologies would not be spared.

Thermal energy storage technology

Sweden’s Royal Institute of technology in solar thermal power development engineer RafaelGu é dez said: “my concern is that they are going to adopt in a pilot project which energy storage technology. ”

Guedez think Babcock-Hitachi announcement referred to in its ongoing “validation of the technology of high-temperature thermal storage system”, but has not made clear what kind of thermal energy storage technologies, this could be the key to the success of the design.

Guedez said: “If there is no storage system, the technique is relatively no competitive advantage for PV. ”

The Guedez statement, some of the other ideas were also questioned, he said, “the company said they will produce saturated steam and Tower system will play the role of superheater, but from the power cycle perspective, this may not be the best choice. In fact I do not understand their real intentions, maybe they just want to put saturated steam, but this may not be the most effective. ”

Babcock-Hitachi and Mitsubishi-Hitachi power systems before companies haven’t built a commercial solar-thermal power plants, but MUFG photothermal industry contacts all the time.

2011 Mitsubishi group bought the shares of AccionaTermosolar company 15%, the company’s business involves 4 Spain solar thermal power plants, with a total installed capacity of 200MW.

In 2009, the Mitsubishi group signed a memorandum with Acciona, announced that it would “establish a comprehensive strategic alliance with Acciona to explore solar-thermal power generation, photovoltaic, wind power, and other opportunities related to cooperation in the field of environment. ”

In addition, the Mitsubishi group in Jordan Maan won the right to a 50MW solar thermal power plant construction, and that the technology behind the power plant has not been made public.

Switzerland solar technology development company AirlightEnergy company IlariaBesozzi, business development manager, said: “I think that Mitsubishi group is exploring the feasibility of more solar-thermal power generation technology, the chance to explore some of the more valuable. ”

Original title: hybrid solar thermal power tower technology and Hitachi Fresnel design has been questioned

2019, building-integrated PV systems installed capacity is expected to be super 1152MW

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the market research firm TMR has just released the BIPV market research report showed that in 2013, the global building-integrated PV systems of 343.1 megawatts of installed capacity, with the deepening global social concern for energy conservation and emission reduction, estimated that by 2019, this figure is expected to reach 1152.3 MW, compound annual growth rate for the period was 18.7%.

Product type, solar roof, walls and Windows are the most important of the three types, which is led by solar roof in 2012, its market share was about 67%. In addition, the past few years, solar curtain walls also favored by many builders, a gradual growth trend. Coupled with the constant innovation of products, transparent Solar Windows are starting to be the favorite architect of fashion.

From technical point of view, building integrated photovoltaic systems mainly based on C-Si technology, film technology and OPV&DSC technology. In 2012, application of C-Si accounted for more than 60% of the world. The next few years, C-Si technology will continue to dominate. However, the compound annual growth rate of thin-film technology during this period is expected to reach the highest, around 19.1%.

From the regional markets, Europe is the world’s largest building-integrated PV market, its market share of the world’s 41%, followed by North America, 27%. Meanwhile, by 2019, the Asia-Pacific region for BIPV applications along with the accelerated process of industrialization and economic expansion and rapid development.

Original title: 2019, building-integrated PV systems installed capacity is expected to be super 1152MW