Sun power: committed to technological innovation as “Marathon” Enterprise

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) global consulting and research firm Global Data recently released reports, along with the falling cost of PV inverter, estimated that by 2020, global PV inverter income will fall from $ 5.7 billion in 2014, $ 5.2 billion, $ 500 million drop (3 billion yuan). Report predicted that by 2018, PV inverter shipments will continue to maintain annual average growth rate of 13.1%. Within the same period, the global solar inverter to $ 7.1 billion in sales, but the average annual growth rate of 2.8%. Inverter market gradually took on a strange phenomenon: global inverter shipments grew up, but incomes did not manifest advantages compared with a year earlier. Industry insiders said, the causes of this phenomenon and inverter basic offset lower prices and higher installation volume growth has a lot to do with it.

Along the way, PV inverter industry show price “falling over” phenomenon. It is understood that the centralized inverter price by 2012 of 0.8/0.4 Yuan/w w down to 2013, dropped to 0.32 Yuan in early 2014/w at the end even up to 0.24 dollars/w. The industry believes current inverter industry has entered the “hand-to-hand combat” phase.

“The tide goes out, learn who’s been swimming naked. “PV inverter industry also followed the” natural selection, survival of the fittest “principle. According to statistics, from 2010 to 2014 domestic inverter number fluctuated, reaching hundreds of. Billing cycle and the impact of price, there are a number of companies gradually withdrawing from the market. Insiders, 2010 there are over more than 400 inverter companies by 2014, only about 100 left, an average of 75 per year. As one of the oldest producers of photovoltaic inverters sharp power of Shanghai Airlines, have quit the inverter industry last year and deep field of PV inverters at the 2009 great wall great wall computer subsidiary of energy due to its customer bankruptcy, resulting in 2014 inverter business stagnation. Recently, Germany inverter manufacturer SMA Solar announced that its sales in 2014 is estimated approximately 790 million euros, losing close to 115 million euros, and announced that its cost-cutting measures will be implemented in the coming months, including cutting 34%, I cannot help but sob in the industry.

Inverter prices among enterprises hand-to-hand fighting gradually into industry pain points, insiders complain that part of inverter companies even launched a competition, which seriously affected the healthy development of the PV inverter industry. According to United States GTMResearch the latest report shows that in 2014, the Global Solar Inverter shipments 38.7GW. Recently leading enterprises of the domestic PV inverter sunny power announced its global shipping 4.23GW PV inverters, domestic shipments reached 3.8GW. Inverter business, this is a great success, for inverter prices among enterprises in hand-to-hand combat, Sun power, General Manager of Shanghai Wu Maung said that should rationally inverter industry price hand-to-hand combat, it has both an upside, it also has a negative side. If the inverter enterprises through technical innovation and achieve the goal of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, you can upgrade to promote PV ROI, will serve to promote PV inverter industry, and overall development of the photovoltaic industry. If companies simply try to cut-throat competition at the expense of product technology and quality, through initiatives such as marketing and low bid, and other ways to reduce the price, there is no long term planning, and core competitiveness, it is difficult for them to do in the long run. Inverter is the core equipment of PV power station, once product quality or service issues, it will affect the efficiency of power generation, thereby affecting the overall plant returns, but also detrimental to the healthy development of the industry as a whole. Wu’s appearance to introduce Sun power invested 100 million Yuan a year in research and innovation, at least once a year to launch a new product, virtually every product has become the industry’s mainstream models, fine-tuning the details on average once every three months. Products not only to the extreme, solutions are perfectly, for example, the actual situation of different types of power plants, the “according to scientific design” solutions, refusing a broad-brush. These essentially in order to advance technical contributions to the development of their own power. Wu’s appearance has also called for inverters can be truly technical innovation in enterprises, and ultimately achieve the goal of promoting the development of the industry as a whole.

Ministry in 2015, the further optimization of PV early opinions on corporate mergers and market environment, insiders believe that the documents issued to coincide with the time to optimize the PV market, achieve inferior results. Also expressed that support of 15 companies, is a kind of putting the cart before the misperceptions. In this regard, Wu Jia, Maung expressed his views, he thought the Ministry promulgated this policy orientation is good, but market competition decision is the market, mergers and reorganizations among enterprises are not simply refers to “the big eat the small” mergers and acquisitions is a means and not an end, and eventually in order to improve the industrial competitiveness. Who can come to the fore, are running a marathon of enterprises. Sun power inverter is the product, and have been committed to technological innovation, in order to truly service to its clients.

The night of March 16, Department of energy document 73rd heavy introduction paper scale 17.8GW 2015 national PV for new construction, roofing and all spontaneous use of surface distributed items without limiting the scale of development and to reduce electricity prices and the construction of a modest increase in size of the project indicators, establish a dynamic management mechanism “.

This document was issued, and immediately caused a PV industry buzz, Marvel, people will ask, what is the reason that is released? 17.8GW new installed capacity goal reasonable? Wu’s appearance presented their views. He said that under the circumstances of environmental pressure on countries all over the world, developing new energy has become an important breakthrough. Two early Chai Jing haze investigative documentary is caused the community’s concern for environmental protection. Two sessions on “green” also became a buzzword, on March 5, Premier Li keqiang said in the Government work report, stressed that the battle to fight environmental governance, to develop wind power, solar power, biomass energy and other renewable energy. In many choices new energy, photovoltaic power generation potential, increase the PV of new construction so this becomes one of the main reasons.

Wu’s appearance said paper on distributed PV without restriction, this PV is good. Domestic wind solar and other new energy limited, abandoned desert light, new energy to the power grid will also affect the impact of large-scale wind solar power station access, these can be resolved through energy storage technology, will bring the energy storage market. Sungrow power supply we have a lot of accumulation of mature applications and leading-edge technology, for example, at an altitude of 4800 m at cuoqin County, Tibet solar energy micro-grid demonstration projects etc. We are very bullish on the market, and expectations of subsidies for energy storage systems as soon as possible.

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