2014 World’s top ten ranked solar PV module suppliers (table)

Polaris solar PV net news: IHS’s latest report shows that in 2014 the world’s ten largest PV module suppliers ‘ shipments reach 23.7 GW, accounting for 49% per cent of the global total in 2013, representing a ratio edged up slightly. China continues to dominate the local market, leading the global solar market.

“Given that China is the world’s largest solar market and closed to foreign suppliers, component manufacturers, China still led the list of IHS. “IHS solar supply chain analyst Jessica Jin said,” in addition, China suppliers in Japan and the United States and other markets are also performing well. ”

IHS’s latest list of the world’s top component suppliers, component suppliers in China get seven seats, Japan and United States vendors accounted for two and one seat respectively. Although among businesses and 2013 2014 list the same, but the rankings have changed. For example, in 2013, “third overall” Trina 2014 won the top champion. Last year, the Enterprise components shipments soared nearly 52% per cent to 3.66, GW, 61.26 million dollars in net profit, and gross profit 16.9%. Merge with with Q Cells, hanwha energy jumped to fourth from tenth position in the rankings.

IHS predicted 2015 global PV market growth 30%, to 57 GW. Global utilization increased from 61% in 2014 to 2015, 69%, one of the first manufacturers of utilization ratio is equal to or greater than 90%.

“In 2015, top PV module maker market share will continue to expand. “Jin pointed out that” 20% ja solar module production capacity this year is expected to increase. Trina solar also said plans to add 1 GW of capacity. ”

Original title: seven Chinese enterprises selected for the top ten continue to lead the global PV module market

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