2014 exports China PV overview

Polaris solar PV net news: to a certain extent, PV industry in China is still faced with raw materials, market “two out” situation, the present photovoltaic cells and modules in China, mainly in processing trade exports reached 52% per cent of exports, external trade cases this extremely easy.

With the domestic market and in recent years the rapid start, high dependence of PV industry in China was obviously relieved. However, in the face of huge memory capacity, meaning to China PV industry in the international market, should not be underestimated.

Throughout 2014 China PV products import and export data, it can be seen that the entire industry is still high dependence on foreign export market structure is not stable enough, risks are still high.

In 2014, China’s import and export volume of solar photovoltaic cells $ 18.28 billion, an increase of 15.09%. Among them, exports of 14.41 billion dollars, an increase of 17.27%, export volume grew by 8.05%; imports $ 3.87 billion, an increase of 7.62%, imports grew by 6.25%.

This suggests that export dependence of photovoltaic products in China is still too high.

From the export structure and market point of view, PV product exports are also evident the following main issues: relies too heavily on processing trade, has not yet been formed independently developed systems, structural instability of the export market, emerging markets at any time there is a risk trade friction and so on.

Market structure is still not stable

2014 photovoltaic cells market statistics

In 2014, the Chinese PV share of exports to the traditional markets-Europe, drop large increases in Asia, Latin America and other emerging markets is clear. Japan and the United States and the Netherlands before three China PV market. And since installing causes United Kingdom market imported from China PV module in 2014 and short-term surge.

That year, China solar photovoltaics Europe exports to $ 2.816 billion, fell 24.25%, or even dropping below 20% per cent of exports of lower-level, China PV product exports share of only 19.55%. Among them, exports to the EU accounted for more than 19.05%.

Meanwhile, become China’s photovoltaic products are mainly exported to markets in Asia, its exports were the largest proportion, reaching US $ 7.854 billion, an increase of 42.73%.

2014 growth’s largest market, are Latin America and other emerging markets, exports of $ 486 million, rose as high as 159.21%.

It is worth mentioning that, since United States PV two-handed backhand for the second time to China and Canada to China PV double reverse warning cases affected, in order to avoid retroactive punishment is imposed by the tariff, photovoltaic cells are exported to North America and short-term surge in China, an increase of 27.52%, total exports 16.4%.

2014 Chinese photovoltaic cells export country statistics

From exporting countries, Japan ranked in 2014, PV product exports to Japan amounted to $ 4.88 billion, total exports accounted for more than 33.86%, the year grew by 61.24%. Whereas in order to avoid trade frictions lead to retrospective taxation, I am United States exports $ 2.168 billion, also 29.35%.

In addition, because the United Kingdom Government’s decision after April 1, 2015, the installed capacity greater than 5MW of ground-mounted PV systems will no longer be eligible to apply for subsidy under the renewables obligation certificate mechanism, which led to late 2014 United Kingdom installing photovoltaic market boom, thus stimulating a surge in Chinese exports of photovoltaic products on the market.

Thus, United Kingdom PV products for the export market in 2014, ranking China fourth annual PV products compared with imports from China rose 156.24%, the total amount to $ 899 million.

Processing trade high

In terms of export trade structure, for now, still occupy a major position of processing trade and general trade maintained stable growth.

Data show that 2014 annual China solar cell processing trade exports US $ 7.585 billion, exports accounted for up to 52.64%, an increase of 15.75%.

Meanwhile, the trade generally also showed rapid growth in its exports to 6.35 billion dollars, accounted for more than 44.07%, jumped to 25.95%.

Significant growth in general trade exports, shows that photovoltaic cells manufacturing level in China is continuously improving.

On the internal distribution of exporting provinces, is still the traditional province of Jiangsu photovoltaic products account for nearly half of exports, solar photovoltaic cells, Jiangsu Province, annual exports of US $ 6.734 billion, 46.73 per cent share. Zhejiang and Hebei is ranked second to third, 1.246 billion dollars respectively in exports and US $ 1.194 billion, accounted for more than 8%, an increase of more than 15%.

Export orders should be standardized

Currently, about half of China’s photovoltaic cell and its products for export, showing China’s PV industry external dependence is still relatively high.

As the domestic photovoltaic market developments stand, although the State has issued a series of policies to boost photovoltaic industry, but still be financing market, high construction costs and long payback period, network difficult problems, needs to be addressed.

To some extent, PV industry in China is still faced with raw materials, market “two out” situation, exports are still the main way of processing trade, reached 52%, external trade cases this extremely easy.

Also, due to the low level of overall industry profits, and insufficient investment in research and development, most photovoltaic production enterprises have not been built sophisticated research and development system, in addition to prices of export products, and other elements of competitiveness.

In recent years, China’s exports of photovoltaic products were frequently trade frictions, blocked exports to traditional markets in Europe and America.

In 2013, India, and Australia are starting to launch trade remedy cases; in early 2014, United States second launch anti-dumping countervailing investigations against the Chinese solar products, export Canada PV product against a double warning.

This shows, our structures of photovoltaic products for the export market are far from stable.

In addition, worthy of attention is that since 2013, some small photovoltaic companies in Japan and other signs of emerging market sales has begun to appear, you should beware the signs of protectionism in the market.

According to customs statistics, photovoltaic cells and modules in China export enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other coastal areas, solar product exports more than $ 500,000 from 2013 the number of enterprises increased from 330 to 413, 2013 due to shortage of funds, was near collapse of small photovoltaic companies, by way of OEM profitability, also start squeezing export market.

2014 photovoltaic cells export provinces and municipalities in China statistics

In view of this, industry has entered a period of formation of market-led adjustment. In this context, industry export order specifications, and related standards, self-regulation codes, etc, have to be established. (This is an excerpt from the book, the photovoltaic Business Guide for international business, slightly edited, author Sun Guangbin Vice Secretary of China machinery and electronic products import and export Chamber of Commerce, Chamber President Jason for Chinese solar PV products branch staff)

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