Accurate poverty when poverty encountered distributed PV receipts?

Polaris solar PV net news: PV poverty is poverty alleviation work in new ways as new areas of expanding PV market is conducive to people’s income, lifestyle changes benefit the masses, has obvious industries and social and economic benefits.

Precise, accurate, fair, unable to work the poor for poverty alleviation, to ensure their timely access to revenue from electricity sales, from “Golden Sun” blood transfusion, such as poverty alleviation to hematopoietic pro-poor change.

Due to agricultural facilities to benefit more complex, only measured households with poor earnings distributed mode.

And boundary conditions

In accordance with national provisions, present relevant documentation, fees fixed, fee rates, in yuexi County, Anhui Province as an example, the poor installation of 3kW rooftop power generation systems, investing 10 Yuan/w, according to the one-third of the provinces, counties, farmers put construction funds, that farmers need to account for 10000 Yuan.

According to Anhui Province of light resources and sunshine Shi number, years using hours number by 1025 hours calculation (reference 2014 China solar power construction statistics evaluation report), battery pieces attenuation rate reference National Energy Council on sought played market role promoting PV technology progress and industry upgrade views of letter (country can fully new can (2015) 51st,) in the Supreme attenuation rate ceiling (first years attenuation rate 2.5%, 25 years within attenuation rate 20%), 25 years within electricity estimates following:

Er, payback period and income estimates

Household-type distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation projects in all Internet terms, tariff is calculated by 1/kW.h, payback period calculations are as follows:

Sales revenue 11867 1–4 years;

Sales revenue 56138 20 years before;

Taking into account the terms of State subsidies for 20 new benchmark di21-25 years price by local desulfurized coal-fired electricity price 0.4069 Yuan/kWh calculations (according to the national development and Reform Commission on reducing coal-fired electricity price and electricity price for industry and Commerce issued the notice to change price (2015) Regulation No. 748), the total income of 5226.

To sum up, farmers invest 10,000 yuan, in the fourth year of cost recovery, the remaining 21 years can get stable profit.

Original title: when poverty encountered distributed PV, precise poverty alleviation and income?

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