EU: Netherlands tax inspection found 30% of component products, China evading tariffs

Polaris solar PV net news: late last year, lasted for several years on China PV companies double reverse into the end stage of the survey, now EU has begun on China’s solar companies to launch a new round of tax investigations. Foreign media reported on 25th, people familiar with the matter said, the European Union anti-fraud Office (OLAF) is investigating the Chinese solar panel manufacturers and importers, doubts the enterprise to escape import duties aimed at ensuring fair market.

The survey focused on investigating whether Chinese rivals, “falsely declaring that the product was not made in China”. European Photovoltaic Manufacturers Association (EU ProSun) complaint to OLAF, other Chinese competitors bypass this collection of customs duties within the scope of exports to the European Union, tax evasion and to sell their products at lower prices. It was 2013 the European Commission reached an agreement allowed Chinese manufacturers to export products to the EU at the lowest prices since China solar energy equipment producers are facing the most serious challenge.

The survey sponsor company for Germany solar world (Group) (SolarWorld) and the European Association of manufacturers of solar energy (EU ProSun). Foreign news agency quoted informed sources as saying, OLAF “ongoing” investigation. In March, the Netherlands tax inspection in some sites suspected of avoiding tax raids found that some importers through Malaysia and Chinese Taiwan FTZs introduction of solar panels. EU ProSun said, nearly 30% of the Chinese solar energy products through third parties to evade European Union tariffs on transport.

The end of the year was supposed to be the Central European PV export “price promise” the expiry date of the agreement, solar panel maker did not expect the European Union to the EU brought tax evasion investigation. Central solar trade war begun in 2012, in September of that year, and in November, the polysilicon solar components produced in China by the EU, such as double-reverse inquiry. December 2013 double final landing, the EU accepted 121 Chinese companies price commitments and to the double tax levy for a period of 3 years. Among them, the anti-dumping duty of 27.3% to 64.9%, countervailing duty rate for 0-11.5%. In 121 companies under the dual control of quantity and price, enjoy the treatment of exports to the EU duty-free.

According to the reporter, wants to block China’s overseas Foundry products to enter the market at low prices for more than just the European Union and United States have adopted similar measures. Germany solarworld Group (SolarWorld) Americas branch prior to United States official investigation China Enterprise OEM applications for tax evasion investigations, United States has also been investigated.

Chinese solar PV industry executives said the United States and Europe to China whether double or as a tax investigation, is the price a trade war, which “hard fair.” Some companies say has always been strict compliance with the EU solar agreements, but the EU’s business surveys is often very suddenly.

Despite repeated investigations overseas but domestic PV manufacturers are still in a “best of times”. As an environmental protection and green industry, photovoltaic power generation has become the Government and enterprises to seize the commanding heights of a low carbon economy an important part, has also been supported by Government policies. Shanghai Daily earlier reported in the latest edition of the renewable portfolio standard has been reported to the State Council earlier this year, renewable energy is expected to introduce quotas, 100GW by 2020 PV installed capacity planning.

“Chinese products in the future will demand more mining of steam, which is an important part of diversity policies. “Lin boqiang, Director of China energy research center of Xiamen University, told reporters,” the next is the main battlefield of competition for enterprises in emerging markets. 2013-2017, Asia-Pacific and Central Asia solar energy demand is expected to be accounted for 50% of the total solar energy needs. ”

China mechanical and electrical products import and export Chamber of Commerce has also stated publicly that the domestic PV manufacturers diversified export strategy is starting to show. According to the data provided by the Chamber of Commerce, in 2013, photovoltaic products exports fell nearly 18% on the basis of 2014 for bottoming in January-November, exports rose by almost 16%, to 13.1 billion dollars. Among them, the Japan market grew 67%, reaching us $ 4.5 billion, 33% per cent of total exports; United States market grew by 35%, to 2.1 billion dollars, 16% per cent of total exports; European market contracted 30%, less than $ 2.5 billion, shares 18.75% per cent.

Market participants also believe that solar energy enterprise development space is enormous. Since January of this year, domestic a-shares index of solar energy nearly doubled from around 1200 points, outperforming the broader market. Bloomberg solar on the NYSE index rose more than 54% a year, and also robust.

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