“Intelligent solar tracking system” why is economic accounts?

Polaris solar PV net news: Internet “+” catalytic, traditional photovoltaic companies in transition to the intelligence of the beginning of the Internet pressure increases, “always on the smart track system” means CITIC BO intelligent transformation of PV “top heavy”.

Always on the intelligent tracking is committed to creating stability for the intelligent tracking and photovoltaic power generation system based on economic benefit of high capacity. “Never stop” after full of imagination, Bo is CITIC hopes and plant and plant operation and maintenance of utility investors “chemistry” of smart PV systems.

President Han Qinghao for intelligent tracking system in the new energy is very concerned about.

(Reporter Wang Shasha) CITIC BO launched a variety of new photovoltaic tracking product, is set in PV power plant operation and maintenance strategies in the future. Different from other companies, “selling” strategy, CITIC BO’s ideas through products such as the intelligent tracking system, and gradually establish a subdivision scenario a small PV ecosystem.

At present, the CITIC BO intelligent solar tracking system has established a single axle, inclined uniaxial, biaxial and four products with adjustable fixing system, and get a large-scale application. “As far as current photovoltaic technology, to further improve all aspects of PV power generation, seems to have encountered a bottleneck in the short term, in the face of pressure from large investment gains, and how to further reduce costs and improve power generation, photovoltaic power plant investors cannot avoid the real problem.” CITIC Chairman Bill CAI Bo told reporters that the component conversion efficiency significantly within a short time difficult, upgrading the efficiency of the inverter is getting slower, in this case, how to further increase the generating capacity is indeed a problem. Based on this we set our sights on solar tracking systems.

CITIC blog took with other platform Giants go different ways: segmentation strategies. “Now everyone says that based on smart PV of ‘ energy Internet ‘ explosion is possible through a ‘ burst ‘ products or systems. But I think that this platform specific smart product to support. “CITIC BO Wang Shitao, the Chief Engineer said. In his view, smart PV implementation is required by a large number of intelligent devices, different usage scenarios to form ecosystems, according to the specific needs of utility investors offer corresponding solutions.

In short, this is a niche market.

Intelligent tracking system is a good example. Power plant investment group CITIC blog tracking system product positioning is the pursuit of efficiency, benefit from power plant lifecycle investor. Traditional mode, profit model mainly depends on the parties between investors and manufacturers, asymmetry of information between manufacturers and vendors. From the component vendor perspective, valued in the past was mainly how the plant capacity; other carriers and device makers are limited to provide operation and maintenance management and equipment.

President Han Qinghao details in the new energy smart tracking system.

CITIC BO is hardware equipment-tracking from the PV system breakthrough power station solved the “small circle” among the people, equipment, benefits of connectivity issues, providing them with “redundant” solution. CITIC BO which is a so-called “smart PV” point.

“Track system” just a path needs-CITIC BO “smart track” on PV industry of imagine more than Yu this: in track technology aspects, CITIC BO “never downtime” select has GPS timing of way, to gets local of time and longitude degrees, System internal used high precision of astronomical algorithm to obtained track angle, external of conditions has does not effects to track system gets corresponding track location of information, clock track Sun. “The premise of stability of these tracking systems. “Wang Shitao said.

CITIC Chief Engineer Wang Shitao Bo Han Qinghao to President of new energy in introducing Intelligent tracking system.

For most people in the industry, PV tracking systems is small enough, it is not PV power plant just needs. In fact, even if the Tracker on the promotion of electricity have been recognized, but some investors are still reluctant to venture. One must face the cost and reliability issues. 7%~10% tracking system will improve the system cost, and later also with devices running the risk, cost, and so on. In addition, years of running Tracker will malfunction and wear and tear. If Tracker fails, the system will be significantly decreased.

In this regard, said Wang Shitao, although redundant tracking system from the view of some increased costs in the short term, but the owners are more concerned about the costs of investment proceeds from the power station can take back, if electricity generation increased enough, the owner doesn’t care if “redundancy” system increases costs. In fact, Bo the redundant backup systems, CITIC, from a product design perspective, equally to the cost per watt is very small, compared with the additional revenue to the customer can be ignored. When we were doing technical solutions to customers, usually at the proposed project site selection, measuring the power output percentage increase than 5% more than investment costs increased.

For example, if the investment costs are rising 8 points, power output increased by 13 points, so the revenue will increase by 5 points, 5 points real gains can be assured, will not be wasted owing to lack of reliability of the system.

Wang Shitao introduction, “this intelligent,” never stop “the tracking system until 2015 start entering the domestic market on a large scale, we primarily overseas, returned to the domestic market this year, mostly home owners began accepting these concepts, that is, through the use of” intelligent tracking “system to improve their income.

And some power plant investors ‘ fears on the other, is, in the United States of large power station, solar tracking system had over 50%, in which billionaire investor Warren Buffett has invested $ 2 billion acquisition in the United States of 750MW monomers of the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant in California, this plant was used in flat single-axis trackers. This proved largely niche utility investor tracking system in the field of recognition.

According to the survey, global PV market in 2012 to about 10GW 2GW,2020 years or more. IHS’s latest report also predicted that global sales of single-axis solar Tracker expected explosive growth in recent years, and in 2020, more than $ 2 billion. China’s market for tracing in 2015 there will be an outbreak, are expected to explode to 1GW is estimated to be about 300-500MW,2016 years.

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