Jordan issued updated bidding results to the solar market in the Middle East “a strong signal”

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Jordan’s second round of bidding the solar power purchase agreement, four international companies have been granted a 50MW solar photovoltaic projects, solar industry hopes the results will help the Middle East market to take off.

Although 33 companies submitted proposals, but only 24 submitted financial bids.

The top four price is on average lower than in the first round of bidding price of 50%, reflecting the country’s solar energy costs significantly reduced.

According to the solar energy industries Association in the Middle East (MESIA), the winning price is the first bidding round in Dubai (DEWA) 200MWIPP item price is less than 10%, is considered to be the lowest ever.

MESIA and Founder President Vahid Fotuhi said, these results indicate that for stable markets in the Middle East, six to eight cents a share is setting new standards for utility-scale solar projects.

He added: “This means that solar power is cheaper than natural gas. ”

In the second round, Greece GIKarnomourakis SunRise is surprising the company’s lowest price bidder, given their current project portfolio in Greece, they never built project of this size.

MESIA, another bidder for the top four, Fotowatio/ALJ in the Middle East thanks to Saudi Arabia Abdul Latif Jamil (ALJ) strong funding support, and Fotowatio strong IPP experience, could be a “very positive” large-scale solar IPP. SaudiOger, another Saudi company, also located in the top four, MESIA two Saudi companies are expected to become the leading solar energy players in the future.

Fotuhi says local medium Jordan developers have made good progress, Evolution Philidelphia Solar and Solar for the fifth and last, far ahead of many established players, like Mainstream, SunEdison, AcwaPower and ELF-ENEL.

He added that the market was surprised, Saudi ACWA Power power engineering company did not offer the lowest quote.

MESIA, a statement said: “Jordan’s results would send a strong signal to other solar energy market, especially Saudi Arabia, the current wait-and-see attitude on the solar energy market in the region. ”

“Riyadh can now see that solar energy than conventional power generation resources and very competitive. If they decide to follow the footsteps of Amman, we will see the solar energy market in the Middle East ever to take off. ”

In August 2014, quoted Jordan grid too much stress, Ministry of energy and mineral resources of the country cancelled a round for four 100MW wind and solar projects procurement, second round grant incoming messages received.

Original title: Jordan issued updated bidding results to the solar market in the Middle East “a strong signal”

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