Manz: integration solutions racing high performance PV module market

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) PV modules are subject of PV power generation, assume the burden of power. According to the relevant statistics over the next five years, photovoltaic manufacture and supply end-market standard crystalline silicon using conventional solar wafer manufacturing technology, using high quality silicon manufacturing technology of high efficiency crystalline silicon and thin-film technology it three.

Reference solar cell technology, can not help but think of disturbing the Fiery crystalline silicon and thin film of last year’s mainstream battle, two technology companies nu-brush, in order to get the industry to respond. For each hold two technology enterprises, talk about who are the main problems to avoid some bias. Then for a company that holds two technology companies is how to treat this problem? This reporter interviewed the Manz group Germany Corporation solar sales VP, IN-JEA LEE.

Efficient components turned out to seize the domestic PV market

IN-JEA LEE agrees with crystalline silicon is the mainstream this view. He thought the now traditional technology probably accounts for only a small part of the film, crystalline silicon is by far the largest master, crystalline silicon is still the mainstream within the next few years. Most crystalline silicon process and materials have already been standardized, so that industry can continue to flourish, to reduce costs. Contrast thin-film technology is still at the manufacturers each have their own different techniques, except for CIGS, other technologies make the process flow and production equipment, materials, cannot be standardized, so as to not able to reduce the overall cost. However, crystalline silicon technology profits is not too large, so in the future, only those who know how to control the cost of the manufacturer, or relatively high efficiency of manufacturers can survive.

Regardless of the route of two crystalline silicon and thin film technology is a brother or a competitor, Silicon is the mainstream position within a short time will not be secure. And in recent years other Silicon products–efficient components quickly became popular and let people see the potential for amorphous silicon solar cell development. According to understanding, efficient component is not refers to directly reduced PV battery pieces of cost, its real of value is, improve conversion efficiency let by needed battery Board reduced, thus not only narrowed PV power system of accounted for to area, and can reduced station using of auxiliary material, as bracket, and cable of cost, installation battery pieces by needed of high artificial cost also to reduced, makes high wattage security lights number component overall Shang more has cost advantage.

EnergyTrend has made it clear that energy think tanks: mastering techniques, must be a key factor in PV manufacturing enterprises to survive or grow. Well-known PV market research firm Solarbuzz also said in its annual report released in March 2015 “efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells is expected to take a bigger share of the market, vendor market will grow 200%”. High performance components are highly sought after, Suntech, longi shares, Li Tenghui and other manufacturers have launched efficient components in projects, landing the PV market.

EnergyTrend points out in a study by 2014, 1-2 years in the future, efficient techniques such as PERC, n-type single crystal component technologies are the focus of concern. It is understood that Germany Manz group product line also involves the area of high performance components, Manz offers the industry’s leading cSi production solutions, average efficiency of up to 20.6% of the PERC battery.

Total solution cost reduction, efficiency

Reduce costs and improve power generation efficiency is the goal of every photovoltaic business pursuit. IN-JEALEE thinks, whether it’s reducing costs or increasing efficiency, should not focus on only one. Due to the evolution of the photovoltaic industry is very fast, if confined to the lower cost, and does not promote efficiency, after a period of time, and focus only on low-cost products marketed has no way, so it must find ways to improve conversion efficiency while controlling costs, so to keep up with the industry in the future.

IN-JEA LEE says Manz ya-Chi’s idea is to provide customers with PERC efficient battery production total solution, allows customers to online upgrade in the original production, rather than to expect customers to purchase a new product line. MANZ PERC production solutions, including the market’s most efficient battery passivation coating technology and laser fire back hole technology can help customers improve their efficiency. Manz is the only one able to provide back passivation coating for the PERC battery production equipment with laser equipment company with openings and therefore have certain cost advantages. To help customers improve efficiency at the same time, but also a way to reduce production costs, because the customer only needs to upgrade its production line equipment, and without the need to buy a new product line.

Full service technical support

Manz on crystalline silicon technology, mainly focusing on battery production, Manz solutions, devices used throughout the manufacturing process. “From the first to the last station of line accounts, including a starting material inspection, image processing, measurement processing and so on. Manz provided in wet etch tank inside PECVD loading and unloading systems. Next, screen-printed on the back end link, Manz also provides a screen printing or screen printing technical support twice. Last stop of the sorting links separator image processing needs to be done, make electrical measurements and some fragments of the testing, these are done by Manz team. “IN-JEA LEE said. Currently, Manz also has opened the PECVD technique, laser technology, as well as backside wet etching of polished, these devices are currently offered by Manz in crystalline silicon solar equipment.

In addition to their own production equipment, Manz also actively cooperate with other academic and research institutions, using some external resources to enhance their product’s technology. IN-JEA LEE says Manz on top of the technological equipment in the future, will provide clients with high quality solutions.

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