The Central Bank again cut rates PV major plus

Polaris solar PV NET: people’s Bank of China decided to cut since May 11, 2015 the financial institutions ‘ lending and deposit benchmark interest rate.

Financial institutions cut the benchmark one-year lending interest rate from 0.25% to 5.1%; cut the benchmark one-year deposit interest rate from 0.25% to 2.25%, combined with market-oriented interest rate reform, financial institutions top of the deposit interest rate floating range adjusted by 1.3 times times the benchmark deposit rate is 1.5 times; other grades of lending and deposit benchmark interest rates, individual housing common reserve fund loan and deposit rates adjusted accordingly.

Financial institutions ‘ benchmark lending and deposit interest rates table

People’s Bank of China on May 11, cut interest rates by 25 basis points, in the wake of interest rate cuts, if some companies are running required banks large loans for PV power plant project, it may mean that the company’s loan interest rates would reduce the return on investment be increased.

Reporters learned from the GCL investment analyst new energy PV plants, photovoltaic power plant net profit after the cut or increased by more than 2%. PV big positive.

Original title: people’s Bank of China cut interest rates by 25 basis points PV major plus

“PV” Godfather Yang Huaijin anxiously Allied transformation

Polaris solar PV net news: hareon 2014 annual report released on April 23, nearly 950 million Yuan loss. Because 2013-2014 had two consecutive years of losses, hareon stock exchange delisting risk warnings that have been implemented. Since April 24, hareon “wear star hats” becomes “*ST sea run”.

For nearly a month, executives, and major shareholders were publicly denounced by SSE, negative news hareon solar technology Corporation (hereinafter “hareon”) has recently had a new self-help initiatives.

On May 6, to raise funds, hareon, Chairman Yang Huaijin will sell its *ST hirun unlimited flow of 80 million shares pledged to the mysterious man Zhou Quan.

In response, on May 8, Yang Huaijin told Xinhua in a telephone interview, said the pledge is just a normal financing, because the stakes are scattered, large shareholders to exit, and is now preparing to introduce a new strategic investor.

“The photovoltaic industry feels very big in the past, but now it costs down, it is more and more wide application, large energy industry prospects will be very good. “Yang Huaijin went on to say that there are no big investors dominate the industry, as the industry recovers, you need to have the financial strength and broad international vision of strategic investor join hareon.

The evening of April 29, hareon 2015 released first-quarter, the company achieved 23.67 million yuan in net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies. In view of this, hareon Foundation road tunnel.

Rises and falls of investors by surprise

On April 23, the SSE hareon shareholder, Chairman and managing director Yang Huaijin denounced hareon shareholders Jiangyin jiurun pipe industry Co Ltd, Jiangsu zijin Electronics Group Ltd and hareon executives criticized.

Incident cause stems from a “high dividend and transfer” option. The evening of January 22, hareon three shareholders Yang Huaijin, jiurun pipe industry, zijin electronic collective proposal: hareon over more than 1.5 billion shares as of December 31, 2014 equity base, to capital reserve per 10 shares 20 shares to all shareholders. The news came out, hareon answered the next day trading.

Hareon released “high dividend and transfer” prior to the plan, shares a sweep after Yin fell around and behave well. Since January 5, hareon shares continued to rise. From January 14 to publish “high dividend and transfer of” plans on January 22, hareon rare “seven up”, shares rebounded to 9.37 Yuan, the next day, the price limit to 10.31 Yuan. At this time, but stock prices fell back around. One short week, hareon throws yukui 800 million Yuan news, stocks were suspended immediately.

From the launch of “higher dividend and transfer” plan, to inflate prices, shareholders ‘ cash holdings, announced huge losses predicted, less than a month time, hareon shares such as roller-coaster ups and downs, investors by surprise.

Suspicion in the industry, close to 36% in the early gains, or because “high dividend and transfer” scheme due to leaks.

In fact, as early as “high dividend and transfer” programmes before the introduction, when the rebound, these three shareholders have already implemented a reduction plan. Only on January 7, 12th, 16th and 20th Grand electronic block trading cumulative reduction of about 177 million shares, set on 1.26 billion yuan, and there are Yang Huaijin is December 31, 2014, a fall of 2.5 million shares; jiurun pipe industry in January 14-28th, cumulative reduction of 157 million shares, cashing more than $ 1.3 billion yuan.

“If this wave took place in Indonesia after the Spring Festival, as the broader market also jerking off, many investors would not consider hareon specially for it. Crucially, rose before the announcement completely deviates from the largest increase in market of only 5.61% in the same period, the dealer does disc formation apparently. “Dacheng Law firm securities lawyer Liu Shaohu said to reporters.

Liu Shaohu believes that if allegations of insider trading and market manipulation, the company itself, the Chairman, directors need to take administrative responsibility. In serious cases, crimes alleged stock market manipulation, insider trading, using undisclosed information such as criminal offences.

However, hareon in response to public inquiries on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said the above shareholder proposal “high dividend and transfer”, the “do not know if hareon 2014 for information about annual results”.

Liu Shaohu believes that major shareholders of listed companies in the performance of the company’s case is not known, work together to put forward returns to shareholders “high dividend and transfer” programme, which clearly should not.

Hareon solar explanation, the project started late, started construction projects over the same period to promote the restriction the other hand restricted by the National Energy Board relevant policies in late 2014, delaying their projects progress, which greatly reduces the project can achieve profit for the current period.

“High dividend and transfer” program questioned

It is worth mentioning that, the night of April 16, zijin hareon shareholder electronic signing, Wu and Yang Huaijin boat tripartite agreement on termination of the action of the unanimous agreement, announce the termination of relationship between the concerted action.

Meanwhile, the company announced the withdrawal of the delegated members of its Board of Directors. Accordingly, hareon Lu Keping, Chairman of the former controlling shareholder of Jiangsu sunshine group is no longer the actual control of the company. The move means, hareon is currently in a State of no actual control.

Analysts say purple with electron-withdrawing, the fundamental reason lies in performance embarrass hareon listed more than four years. Annual report released April 23, 2014 deficit of 950 million Yuan, rather than continually invest in PV industry better profit fled before the high stock prices.

The evening of May 6, hareon reported fundraising Chairman Yang Huaijin will hold 80 million hareon unlimited sale of shares pledged to the mystery man Zhou Quan, pledge of shares of the company’s total equity capital 5.08%. On May 8, Yang Huaijin told reporters, the pledge was a normal financing, because the stakes are scattered, large shareholders purple with electron-withdrawing, is currently preparing to introduce a new strategic investor.

“The photovoltaic industry feels very big in the past, but now it costs down, it is more and more wide application, large energy industry prospects will be very good. “Yang Huaijin told reporters with emotion, there was no big investors dominate the industry, as the industry recovers, you need to have the financial strength and broad international vision of strategic investor join hareon.

The pledge, is excluded under the above-mentioned hareon share prices significantly lower, the first plan for large shareholders to reduce its pledge of significant changes. Also, does not rule out the mystical pledge Zhou Quan and Hai run PV correlation of asset reorganization in the future.

Hareon Huai Yang at the helm, is to promote the domestic photovoltaic industry’s earliest advocates. He had cooperated with Shi zhengrong, Suntech sent the NASDAQ and has co-founded four solar companies, and culminated in the two listed. Because of the good performance, Yang Huaijin in the industry known as “Godfather of PV”.

Major shareholders out to look for another ally

Hareon pledge rate high

Reporters check out find hareon ultra-high pledge day worst in 2012 and 2013 in the PV industry is most concentrated in the second half.

On June 28, 2013, Yang Huaijin sell hareon holdings limited circulation shares 53 million shares pledged to the Alliance trust. At this point, Yang Huaijin 99.55% 141 million shares have been held by the pledge. Earlier, Yang Huaijin also had 87 million shares pledged to the Jilin trust.

In fact, 2011 backdoor ST Shannon listed in just more than a year, hareon the stock right pledge on several occasions, when almost all the major shareholder participation.

Press Statistics, zijin hareon former largest shareholder e-262 million shares, accounted for more than 25.27%, which 99.62% has been pledged.

Its 30 million shares pledged to the Bank Suzhou branch in Nanchang, 35 million shares pledged to the Bank of Jiangsu Jiangyin branch that 95 million shares pledged to the Minsheng Bank Wuxi branch. One of the largest proportion, is also the last one, you are collaborating in a trust company, 100 million shares pledged to the founder of East Asia trust.

Currently hareon Jiangyin jiurun pipe industry company one of the top ten shareholders, at 193 million shares, accounted for more than 18.61%, which 80.31% has been pledged.

And the purple e-path is similar to after the initial cooperation with bank financing, jiurun pipe industry to shift financing trusts, on June 20, 2012 and on September 6 will be totals 75 million shares pledged to the export-import Bank, become trust financing will find a third time, shares pledged 80 million shares.

In addition, Jiangyin hareon seventh to tenth place shareholder’s stone investment limited, Lu Guoxiang, Lu Guorong, Du Yuhua, as well as other major shareholder equity is in the hands of Jiangyin ainaji investment limited 100% all pledged.

First-quarter profitability on track

The evening of April 29, hareon 2015 issued a quarterly report, according to the report: within the reporting period, the company reported revenue of 1.654 billion yuan, compared with the same period a year earlier, up to 31.53% achieving 23.67 million yuan in net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

Changjiang securities analyst believes that large shareholders zijin electronic withdrawal hareon is not necessarily a bad thing. To meet gradually to the power station the deep needs of business transformation, hareon also needs greater financial backing, this requires zijin electronics gave way to strategic investors.

Hareon of accelerating the layout, released in March, the company focused on establishment of 8 companies at home and abroad, mainly for solar PV projects and other related services.

Hong Ta securities analyst Yang Xiaochun believes that domestic power plant developers and power plant operators, hareon solar is one of the few who can develop hundreds of megawatts of power projects in China and abroad companies, development should not be underestimated. And for six bad hareon, negative news had been basically digested enough, profits can only be regarded as firm back on track in the first quarter of the first step.

Original title: “PV” Godfather Yang Huaijin anxiously Allied transformation

2014 solar panel market: Chinese manufacturers dominant

Polaris solar PV net news: United States research firm IHS in 2014 was released on April 23, the output power of solar panel manufacturers the world rankings.

Top ten manufacturers shipments accounted for a total of around 49%, and 23.7GW. In 2013, about 48%, in 2014 the ratio slightly increased.

Chinese companies remained dominant in the market. IHS listed reasons including: China is the largest market in the world, and the Chinese market is closed to overseas manufacturers of solar panels.

Manufacturers other than in the Chinese market, China, Japan and the United States and other overseas markets also maintained good sales performance. Top ten manufacturers in China manufacturers accounted for 7.

This 7 home manufacturers respectively is: days collection light (first bit, 2013: second bit), and British Lee Green energy holding (second bit, 2013: first bit), and solar Sun power (third bit, 2013: third bit), and hanwha new energy (fourth bit, 2013: tenth bit), and Crystal section energy holding (fifth bit, 2013: fifth bit), and Crystal o solar (sixth bit, 2013: Nineth bit), and Yu fai Sun (eighth bit, 2013: seventh bit).

In addition to outside manufacturers in China, the top ten there are sharp (seventh, 2013: the fourth) and Kyocera (tenth, 2013: seventh) two Japan manufacturers, United States only first solar (Nineth, 2013: sixth) a business finalists.

Trina solar output size up 30% from a year earlier, took the lead beyond Yingli. Hanwha energy due to problems with the new Q-Cells combined, ranking tenth last year jumped to fourth place.

IHS forecasts 2015 the global market will increase over the previous year 30%, 57GW.

World factory solar firms average 61% starts in 2014, 2015 is expected to increase to 69%. Among them, the leading manufacturers operating rate is expected to reach more than 90%.

Related news:

2014 World’s top ten ranked solar PV module suppliers (table)

Original title: 2014 solar panel market: Chinese manufacturers dominant

The under the dome, “SSE” person: Green thinking of Chen Jianguo

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) “and God said let there be light, and there will be a light of the world. To surpass Sun electric light better benefit to the people. “In the interview, surpass Sun electric Chen Jianguo, Chairman of the phrase” day “in the phrase in the past.

Surpass Sun Electric’s Chairman Chen Jianguo

Recalling the history of surpass Sun electric, seems to reflect a word–“off the beaten path. “It is this spirit of dare to do, surpass Sun electric from a traditional motor soft starting of enterprise’s successful transition to a new energy photovoltaic industry leader. Currently, surpass Sun Electric’s products and services covering the PV inverter and PV power plant EPC, an active power filter and power quality of intelligent dynamic compensation optimization, electric vehicle charging, storage and intelligent power systems, such as four fields.

Transboundary PV inverter industry first began business transformation

In the 2015SNEC exhibition, surpass Sun electric has launched in the industry was first developed 1500 volt DC-power photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, combined energy inverter, as well as the SPS series string type photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, showing its strong innovation capability. Especially high power 1500 volt DC PV grid-connected inverter, in the current circumstances, can bring power to traditional two-level more than twice times the mainstream inverter, can effectively reduce wiring losses and civil engineering, construction costs, while increasing the plant’s generating capacity.

When it comes to surpass Sun electric initially the reason for entering the PV inverter industry, said Chen Jianguo, Chairman of surpass Sun electric “a company is selling a start of high-voltage motor liquid state soft starting equipment. Because of the low technical content, low barriers to entry, leading to a large number of enterprises to enter the market, accompanied by the homogeneity across the enterprise is serious, even vicious competition, affect corporate earnings then surpass Sun electric choice for the broader prospects of active power filter electric energy quality optimization. Due to the active power filter and PV inverter on the principle of similarity, surpass Sun electric has an inherent advantage in this new energy in photovoltaic industry, so we’ve focused on this PV inverter PV system on the development of key equipment. “In 2009, surpass Sun electric has established a new Center for energy research and development, within the research and Development Center in as little as 3 years, 1-1000KW will develop full range full range of PV inverters grid off-grid, 500KW, MW PV inverter at scientific and technological achievement appraisal by experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units rated as” Advanced “.

Change concepts, mastering the market initiative

Back in 2011, at the time, most countries still shrouded under the shadow of the economic crisis. The domestic photovoltaic industry, is experiencing winter, United States PV under double reverse stick hit China PV industry development very difficult.

“Poor and variable flow, it lasts forever! “Surpass Sun electric realized that China’s PV enterprises want to ride out the storm, we must change our concepts, components cannot be limited to easily accept exports, and should have the courage to go out and do turnkey project. Then, surpass Sun electric and another map of the expansion of the PV industry – photovoltaic power plant EPC. It is understood that in 2012, surpass Sun electric foray into photovoltaic power plant General Contracting to undertake a first year hundreds of megawatts of EPC projects in Qinghai have 5 EPC projects constructed. Photovoltaic power plant EPC turnkey projects only increased by a factor of 4 times.

Take follow-up actions expeditiously and then surpass Sun electric through scientific and technological innovation, the inverter as the core, and collector boxes, DC distribution cabinets, transformer, high voltage switchgear, HV SVG, automatic monitoring and management system in full flower, which has woven a solid strong integration technology network.

Thrown by the under the dome Green thinking

To this day, I believe many people Chai Jing under the dome, the documentary is still fresh. With the transformation of the global energy landscape, traditional energy sources gradually reduced, walked the same pollution first and treatment later apparently has fizzled. Enterprises in development at the same time, pay more attention to the value of the social contributions. In the interview, Chen Jianguo haze was also concerned about this issue. He said that “China’s development of new photovoltaic energy industry has been quite some time, photovoltaic power plant’s total installed capacity has reached dozens of GW, photovoltaic energy in order to reduce air pollution and the development of fossil fuels, but the reality is that always bothered us smog has not eased. ”

“This situation and the western area of the desert wind up phenomenon not unrelated, abandon rate and even 20% in Gansu area above. “Chen Jianguo said,” despite the radiation resource in the Western region, land costs are far better than in the eastern region, but itself is not so much electricity in the Western region, to dissolve anything. This is West abandoning the embarrassment of light power, and one reason why haze is still raging in the eastern part. ”

With two sessions on smog and other environmental problems have been mentioned, companies are looking for a crack haze of prescription, and promote the use of new-energy cars is one of the important means to control smog. Chen Jianguo considered “renewable energy to really shore up the wider application of new energy vehicles, as well as the sustainable development of the industry. If there is no PV, new energy vehicles cannot be called real green and pollution-free. ”

It is understood that the new energy automobile power system technology surpass Sun electric is another series of new energy technologies. 2015 SNEC exhibition, surpass Sun electric has launched a new energy vehicle photovoltaic power system. The project is day electric develop jointly with Dongfeng motor, models for the “East wind” A08 electric commercial vehicles. This car uses high performance flexible solar module technologies (electrical efficiency of up to 20% or more) and intelligent control technology of photovoltaic components, can be a good solution to the current common short ranges, charging for electric vehicles are not easy issues such as weight, vehicle batteries, so as to relieve the electric grid will not charge worry-free.

The charging of electric vehicles as a constraint to an enormous bottleneck in electric vehicles in General, it has been introduced, developed by surpass Sun electric wall-mounted, free standing, mobile full range of electric vehicle Chargers, charging products as well as integration of charging and discharging, storage products, practicality, reliability and high degree of intelligence to solve marketing woes, China has contributed to the popularization of new energy electric cars.

Take “along the way” wind go out

If you say “Internet +” is a recent popular concept in the field of smart PV, surpass Sun electric can be said to be in the front. Surpass Sun electric at the show also came out with a boxing-style intelligent micro-grid optical storage device. According to reports, the device uses containers integrated solutions, energy storage, grid-connected, charge and discharge control functions such as day and night operation can be achieved. During normal operation of the grid, and excess energy grid; when a power failure occurs, release the battery energy to power local loads. Day and night, charging, discharging, on-grid off-grid intelligent switching, all without human intervention, particularly suited to the rural and pastoral areas, mountainous areas, border posts and other areas without electricity and renewable electricity without having built substation to avoid transmission and distribution losses, reducing or avoiding the additional cost of transmission and distribution, construction and installation costs low.

“Photovoltaic intellectual network, green could enjoy” it is day electric brand tagline, is also an important direction of surpass Sun electric. As the country “along the way” strategy proposed, many PV companies are bullish on “along the way” along the PV market development prospects of individual countries. Surpass Sun electric is no exception. Chen Jianguo said “along the way in the vicinity, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam and backward economy, everyday life powered by diesel-fired power generation costs are relatively high. But the Sun in these areas are rich in resources, suitable for promotion of photovoltaic applications, photovoltaic products to surpass Sun electric is happy to be the place to go. ”

Solar Impulse 2: a plane trip (pictures)

Polaris solar PV net news: from a crazy idea to try to lead a clean energy movement and see what those crazy scientific adventurers how solar plane’s ideals into reality.

Every April season, cloudy weather in Chongqing has a special charm, best suited to sitting at the window watching the wet streets and swaying leaves and possibly with a Sichuan accent can be heard, “burnt”, mixed with sighing, surprise and laughter followed them.

But in Chongqing at the airport, two aliens in a flying suit seems particularly worried, anxiously pacing in front of airplane pilots-Bertrand Piccard (Beterand Picca) depressed to lament that China’s weather makes people unpredictable, three weeks ago, and they just fly to Chongqing from Myanmar city of Mandalay, they were only six hours in Chongqing.

Unpredictable weather often makes flight planning delays

Bertrand plane is the world’s first solar-powered airplane–Sun power, 2nd (Solar Impulse 2), the plane will be completed in the next few months an unprecedented task: does not use any fuel-biofuels has 35000 kilometers around, and Mandalay, and Chongqing is the airplane flight around the world in the course of a station.

Mandalay to Chongqing was somewhat breathtaking, Bertrand needed to fly his plane through a war zone to North Myanmar. Come to Chongqing when winds suddenly accelerated from European control center issued instructions to slow down Bertrand of Monaco, on a screen at the control center, planes fly backward.

Perhaps because different structures, this aircraft has a 72-metre wingspan, wider than the Boeing 747 jumbo jet, compared with 2.3 tons of weight, and a car almost the whole plane unusually clean, smell a trace of diesel smell, because his 17248 solar powered entirely from covering the entire wing.

-Bertrand Piccard and André-boxuboge

Born in a hot-air balloon madness

-Bertrand Piccard was born in Switzerland family of famous explorers, also a psychiatrist. In 1931, his grandfather, an inventor, Auguste-Piccard, who travelled on a homemade hot air balloon rises to 15781 metres up in the sky, and become the first humans to reach the stratosphere.

In 1960, Jacques Piccard rode his father (Auguste-Piccard) deep-sea submarine design “, teliyasite (Trieste)” dive to the deepest depths of Earth the Mariana Trench “Challenger deep”.

1999-Bertrand Piccard, balloon flight around the world the birth of a solar flight of ideas

1992, dang Bertrand-Picard in first session across Atlantic balloon game in the won has champion Hou, he launched “Centennial spirit balloon” project, March 1999 he first challenge midway no landed driving balloon of global flight, although has last balloon of flight experience, but in thousands of meters of altitude, Bertrand moments to relief, worried once fossil fuel provides of energy consumption had fast, he on will from altitude fall.

At the beginning of the hot-air balloon flight, carrying Bertrand 3700 kg of propane fuel, complete range of 42810 kilometers, after 19 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes and finally reached Egypt, 300 miles southwest of Cairo, when a place called moot, only 40 kg of fuel.

“The ability to manufacture an aircraft, using solar energy to fly? “The idea began circling in his mind, it might need a solar aircraft can fly day and night!

2003 Bertrand to Switzerland Federal Institute of technology Lausanne (EPFL) introduced the plan, who immediately agreed to carry out feasibility studies. The study was conducted by Andrei boxuboge (Andre Borschberg) led, he was an engineer and professional pilots. Andrea childhood obsession about flying, grow up to accept Switzerland’s air force fighter pilot training.

The flight around the roadmap on May 9, they will fly from Nanjing lasted five days and five nights in Hawaii

The project on November 28, known to the public. That night, the computer-generated from the solar plane concept map on CNN repeated.

Professional test pilot Marcus Schadel (Markus Scherdel) carried out its first test flight, checked the flight envelope of the aircraft, and proved that it has the ability to fly at night. On July 7, under the direction of Andre, “shinin 1th” solar night flight for the first time in aviation history, flying 26 hours in total 10fenzhongling19miao.

That was a record setting three world records: the maximum flight altitude (9235 meters), the longest flight time (26 hours 10fenzhongling19miao), as well as total climbing height (8744 m).

In 2015, to create Sun power 2nd global practice of this crazy idea.

Built in the shipyards of magic craft

Sun power, 2nd aircraft structure diagram

Candles are not invented by Edison, but he has invented a light house lamps. If you look back at history, all great innovations are created by people outside the industry, because they do not have the industry’s heavy burden.

With the idea of building solar-powered aircraft, and Andre Bertrand identifies aviation manufacturing companies, but when they hear this amazing idea, immediately rebuffed.

Funny thing is, great innovation always on the edge. The plane eventually turned out to be made from without that the aviation industry and shipyards, and view the final list of sponsor partners participating in the cooperation, not one is specialized in the manufacture of aircraft “on a large enterprise” all look like a plane and no associated brand. And one of the most important partners are some of the big names of the layman: elevator Schindler (Schindler), the chemicals group Solvay (Solvay), brand name watches, Omega (Omega).

Special structure makes the Sun power 2nd face extreme weather

Solvay offers intelligent nylon fiber for the production of the pilot’s flight suit. When it’s cold and the fiber infrared heat into the skin’s surface, and you can prevent pilots sweating during high temperature.

Omega wrist watch technology have shifted to flight control, construction of the Omega instrument allows pilots to flight tracking flight path and angle of inclination in the course, remind them of the wing angle is over the normal limit.

Aeroplane pass at the slope angle reaches 40 degrees before issuing an alert, Sun power, 2nd pilot tilted at angles reaching 5 degrees when an alert is received, installed in the pilot began vibrating sleeves inside the device.

In order to ensure landing in poor visibility after sunset, Omega has developed a lighting system using LED lights, lamps and the Swatch watch internally same made of resilient plastic outer shell for protection. The entire system comprises a protective glass, wiring, power transformers and connectors, weighs less than 2 kilograms, and power consumption of less than 100 Watts.

These seemingly does not have an associated company and the aviation industry, many entrepreneurs have participated in aviation investment, interest in space exploration.

At an air show, but also a global new energy lab

From the incredible idea to the aircraft, this is not the end of Bertrand and his partners, they hope to create sunshine power 2nd to lever the fulcrum of global energy revolution, at least by way of solar plane to fly around and let more people recognize the great value of solar energy has been ignored.

“First of all you need a good idea, and to make every effort to complete it and, moreover, you have to find strong partners to overcome unexpected difficulties. “When it comes to myself how that abstract ideas into reality, Bertrand said.

In fact, there is always a group of people in this world, their dreams don’t get bogged down now, instead of looking at the sky and in the future, these people may live in different industries, but with complicity with one mind, once the great ideas, it’ll strike a match as in the wood pile, in a visionary force in different sectors will work together to turn it into reality.

This story was Director of the clean energy sector. One society participation of new energy experiment except Government developed policy, scholars fen pen insistently, more needs as Tesla, and Volvo, and Sun power 2nd, such of action who with can attract public note of way let mass believes technology brings of better, may is a paragraph products, and once experience, and a field show, but is can promoted more power common participation, let technology from suspected of eye in the a step step go into reality.

For example, Tesla has been defined by many automobile manufacturers as savages from the Internet, but when May 1 Tesla Energy was released, more people are beginning to realize that Tesla is not just selling cars, he has bigger ambitions of the subversion of existing energy structure compared with Thomas g vision for clean energy, electric car, but as the new energy preaching tools.

Similarly, in March of this year, Volvo joint geek Park project are automatically driven into China, Volvo automatic driving experience camp in Beijing. Both camps of autonomous driving and for promotion of clean-car concept, is represented by a show of form so that more people believe in the power of technology, and also attract more industry join forces to advance automated driving technology and clean energy in automobile field from vision to reality.

Sun powered 2nd too, flight around the show’s meaning is not confined to refresh a record’s adventures, but with this much-anticipated method calls to like-minded people around the world, which can attract a lot of the best partners.

For example, 84% per cent of global air traffic by the international air transport association represents more than 240 airlines, Sun power, 2nd provides technical and operational assistance, in order to take off, landing and support to gain full cooperation of Governments and air navigation service providers.

Internet giant Google to provide Google Sun power, 2nd Hangouts, Google + YouTube and social networking platforms to support.

While the fly for live streaming, live coverage provided by Swisscom Solutions maintain the antenna is compact and light case. Implement the transfer speeds 50kb/s only low bandwidth solution, can live in real time see of pilots in flight video.

December this year the world’s decision makers will meet in Paris, France, at the United Nations climate change Conference (COP21), they will be for a new climate agreement to take decisions, and Andre Bertrand co-sponsored named in the global flight # clean # in the future (#futureisclean) initiative.

May 9 Sun power, 2nd from Nanjing started crossing the Pacific for 5 days and 5 nights of the most challenging difficult flying, until then, reporters at the Nanjing’s interview with the team of adventurers will be contained in human history.

Q&A questions and answers

S=Solar Impulse 2

Reporter: what this aircraft has advanced technology?

S: Sun power 2nd solar cells equipped with industry-leading conversion rates, which reached 22.7%, thickness to just 135 µm, which is equivalent to the average diameter of a human hair. Compared with conversion rates of household solar panels only 16%.

Reporter: why did this flight and a technology experiment?

S: this is the core of the consumption of energy and transmission, high conversion rates for aircraft flight energy. We are exploring how to make not so much a new aircraft as to our understanding of how to conserve energy.

Reporter: which countries in clean energy deserves more attention?

S: very interesting is that many years ago, when China entered the clean energy market, is no longer competitive compared to its clean-energy and other energy, China knows that competition is the only way to reduce costs, so the competitiveness of Chinese clean energy now. We have seen a lot of electric cars in Nanjing, and Shanghai electric car more than worldwide.

Reporter: clean energy from our lives far away?

S: the technologies we use today are gradually gaining access to the market, we use thermal insulation materials allow us to 9000 meters altitude, under extreme conditions of massive headwind in normal flight. Our partners are integrating this technology into the refrigerator. If you use the refrigerator made of insulating material, which will reduce energy use by 50%.

Reporter: what advice do you have for young geeks?

S: today’s young people learned a lot of knowledge in schools, but can make you successful is that you don’t know about the mystery. If you want a hot-air balloon to fly faster, then you have to break the balance, will balloon to more efficient, meet the stronger wind.

Original title: Solar Impulse2: a solar plane trip

*ST Guang Xia restructuring slipping through “Phoenix” to add new stories

Polaris solar PV net news: “yinguangxia” is a name that is best known in the Chinese capital markets, from “great blue” was to initiate an investigation, restructuring failed twice, in the a-share listed companies, history as it twists and turns, after several waves of companies can be said to be unique. In front of “yinguangxia trap” after being dubbed “Phoenix”, now *ST guangxia is once again the impact restructuring and extraordinary General Assembly held on May 11, 2015, for the first time, will vote in consideration of the motions on the reorganization of the company, can be said to be *ST Guang Xia once again faced the moment of life and death.

Can be seen from restructuring package * St guangxia complexity and the reorganization of the parties show sincerity. Main content in order to avoid cross-holding, * St guangxia directed repo yinguangxia shares held by Nanjing East railway and logged out; *ST Guang Xia Xiangning East railway shareholder by issuance of shares purchased with cash purchases worth $ 4.487 billion yuan and Nanjing Eastern railway assets, restructuring is completed, ningdong railway became a publicly traded company subsidiary. The 4.96 Yuan per share issue price, lock 3. While ningguo, Shenhua Ningxia coal transport companies, Xinda assets, Huadian power international, energy in Ningxia aluminium commitment, *ST Guang Xia in the three consecutive fiscal years after completion of the transaction amounts to not less than 1 billion yuan in net profit, if the actual earnings number less than 1 billion yuan, and ningguo transportation company will be cash compensation.

This backdoor Fang Ningdong railway, assume the ningdong energy and chemical industry base of railway construction and operation and management responsibilities, in Ningxia is the only specialized local railway company, its own operational and under-construction route mileage of 247 km, connecting the ningdong area main mines, power plants and chemical factories. As the first project in Ningxia “ningdong base” to flourish, ningdong coal production and consumption will grow rapidly, production from 68.9 million tons is expected to increase to 140 million tons of coal and thermal power installed capacity is expected to increase from 8.79 million-kilowatt to 19 million-kilowatt, coal, chemical products production capacity is expected to raise from 10 million tons to 30 million tons of coal consumption is expected to raise from 46 million tons, 200 million tons. Benefiting from the growth in coal demand are expected in the next 3 years Nanjing East railway revenue CAGR of around 30%, and net profit growth of more than 50%. After injecting good assets Nanjing East railway, the company’s future performance to solid growth.

According to a recent announcement, ningdong railway to acquisition of Inner Mongolia China PV power companies in the near future, the company engaged in the development and application of new energy, 30MW photovoltaic grid-connected power generation projects have been generating electricity. If the reorganization goes smoothly completed, * St guangxia, through the entry point into the renewable energy industry through diversified development to further enhance corporate profitability.

*ST Guang Xia told reporters, ningdong railway assets of high quality, good cash flow and profitability is relatively good, through this restructuring to the company, Nanjing East railway complete operating assets, will significantly improve the quality of assets of listed companies, elimination of listed companies may now risk suspension or delisting.

In back city mechanism pour forced zhixia, left *ST wide summer of time has not more, despite ningdong railway is Ningxia of quality assets, and has “area along” and new energy concept property, however for *ST wide summer of future, once deeply hurt of investors also can have confidence, is to see this times shareholders will of voting results, and listed company follow-up of actual performance.

Original title: *ST Guang Xia restructuring slipping through “Phoenix” to add new stories

To see the Sun “blooms” of intelligent power station (map)

Polaris solar PV net news: this thing called SMARTFLOWER (smart flower) is a solar storage battery group, part of the foreign company has developed the smart home, but it is used as power supply units.


For us, solar energy is clean and cheap source of energy, so what good is a big problem, a foreign company has invented SMARTFLOWER, which looks different from typically covers a large household solar panels, look something like flowers.

It is very smart: in one day, it will rotate with the direction of the Sun, it is said that it will 40% more than traditional fixed solar panels into power, and even more amazing is that it will automatically expand during the day, windy day or night you turn off. Is also very simple to move it, pulling up and erected again in another place on the line.

Original title: see the Sun blooms of intelligent power station (map)

See what prudent Germans built solar house (photos)

Polaris solar PV net news: the Germans known for its rigorous, then how do they build solar house? Together to find out.

Is based on this:

Basement is like this:

Main structure is like this:

The frame of a House after the factory assembled directly after transportation to the site.

Walls are as follows:

Walls from the outside in as follows: red brick maintenance system + sheet + insulation + waterproofing layer structure OSB+ plasterboard for interior wall + decorative materials

Roofing is like this:

Equipment in the basement is like this:

Houses used by a wide variety of devices installed in the basement, air cleaning, gas, electricity, water, gas and so on.

Fresh air system is as follows:

Breathe fresh air system is not a simple device, but with the function of heat exchange and the evolution of air equipment, he ordered the air circulation inside the House while heat in the House will not be taken away, make the room temperature constant.

Weak systems is as follows:

Windows are as follows:

Reject cold bridge effects of wood, glass with three layers of two hollow, excellent thermal insulation properties.

Solar energy is as follows:

Solar energy is not only to provide electricity and hot water, is said to have panels, many of which are made in China, so jealous of the European Union, also wanted to impose anti-dumping duties.

Septic tanks are as follows:

Is green! Solve the problem of line into the water, and using biogas energy.

When completed is as follows:

Original title: look at how prudent Germans built solar house

Combined PV $ 50 million convertible bonds subscription has nothing to do with Ma

Polaris solar PV net news: the night of May 7, on “the Ma Fund jointly combined into photovoltaic power plant investments,” the news spread like wildfire. On May 8, several media Web sites are still in the “Jack Ma, Alibaba’s joint PV convertible bonds subscription” and other titles, as a news issue.

Originally, Hong Kong-listed company combined PV May 7 evening paper said, intended to be invaluable asset management Holdings Ltd (hereinafter “the Diocesan capital”) of indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the company allocated $ 50 million convertible bond (CB), the conversion price of HK $ 1.3266, raising funds for joint PV on buy solar power plant in China. Part of the site’s title makes people feel, and diocesan capital is Jack Ma, aliens, or Alibaba’s Fund.

Evergrande real estate group Chairman Xu jiayin has canceled plans big investments in solar, but Shi Yuzhu, Apple and other Lady continues to inject capital into the industry, it is not difficult to find, seems to be in the photovoltaic industry, industry bigwigs of all ages have already invested in a few minutes. And he might really will pay attention to this area, toubi money coming in to practice hand. Market for “combined photovoltaic and Ma” story was sold, as of press time, during the close of the morning of May 8, United Solar’s shares rose 6.4%, at HK $ 1.33.

So, MA visited the PV business? ‘ Diocesan capital with Jack Ma, Alibaba, what does it matter? Reporter did some investigation and found, that’s not what happened. That the Ma fund investment combined photovoltaic and other inaccurate news, as of press time, combined with PV did not clarify.

Diocesan capital has nothing to do with Ma

Combined PV has been partner of the intensive search for convertible bonds. The company said in an interview with reporters, 2015, up to now, the combined PV has been paired with matching equals about 3 billion Hong Kong dollars, involving company assets, including the East of fosun international, ping an insurance, China Merchants Fund, China fusion Diocesan capital.

According to combined PV of yesterday’s announcements, the Diocesan capital or buying $ 50 million of convertible bonds placement project is still in the phase of intent, not signed a final agreement.

“The Diocesan capital” against the background of what is it? Why do I put it together with Ma?

Bulletin reference: it is the former President of the ICBC, Hong Kong Branch Sun Xinrong together part of the founding shareholders of Alibaba group co-founded primarily engaged in investment banking and asset management. Content not covered in more detail, but will make people think, MA of the founding shareholders of Diocesan capital figure. Thus, “Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Fund jointly combined PV of” rumor also appeared.

And according to reporter understanding, investment joint PV of company name for “Hangzhou Diocesan investment management limited” (Xia said “Diocesan investment”), statutory representative artificial Sun Xinrong, established date for July 15, 2013, its operating business including investment management, and investment advisory (except securities and Futures), and Enterprise Advisory, and economic information advisory, currently in Hangzhou, and Hong Kong, and Shanghai, and Beijing, and Xiamen, to has do institutions.

Diocesan investment shareholders include Jin Qinliang, Gao Shengmin, jinjianxin and Sun Xinrong, a four-person, no Ma name. Vice President of the Diocesan investment company Sun Wei confirmed to reporters, his company was to cooperate with integrated PV, but the Diocesan investment is “Ma Fund” says market misread. Diocesan investments, which shareholders was the initial founder of Alibaba, which has not revealed details.

Outsiders misrepresented claims, combined PV to send a clarification announcement now? Combined PV does not respond positively, the company said the “detail” a diocesan capital background.

Actual investors, who the hell is?

The actual history of the Diocesan investment, how are we doing?

Based on publicly available information, its major shareholder for Sun Xinrong he Bank (hereinafter the “Bank”) of the Senate. Its September 1989 to join ICBC Zhejiang branch, has worked as a Chief and Deputy General Manager of international business, 2000 was sent to ICBC’s Singapore Branch Vice President in 2004, was transferred to ICBC, Hong Kong Branch and served as Vice President, General Manager of Hong Kong credit card Center in 2005, took over the post of President of the Hong Kong Branch. In 2009, he has also served as the President of Xinhua joint metallurgical holding group Xiamen Beijing, from 2011 to 2013 in December also served as a founding partner and President of road industry investment fund management company, is now a diocesan asset management group, Beijing Road, Xiamen Fund general partner, Chairman and CEO, and so on. He himself is the major shareholder of the Diocesan investment, capital of 6 million Yuan and the remaining shareholder contributions of between 1 million ~200 million.

According to the Diocesan investment website shows, its potash group, has invested include Asia-road after Beijing University, Guangdong radio and television networks, and so on. At the end of 2014, it has also been established focusing on new sources of “clean technology fund”. The Fund has completed investments in solar photovoltaic companies, whose core business is sales of photovoltaic ceramic tile, photovoltaic projects EPC integration and the roof, ground power projects and operations. And investment enterprises, currently cooperates with several local governments, companies, committed to the development of China’s “firstsolar+SolarCity”.

Sun Wei said, the joint enterprise is not PV, is a solar company to be listed. The follow-up, Diocesan capital will also work with the enterprises to carry out in-depth cooperation, the introduction of PV of fixed income products, such as.

Insofar as the Diocesan investment said on its website, its next Fund will target to refuse incineration power generation equipment industry, has recently been communicating with a considerable potential for development of environmental companies, complete tune and identified specific investment programmes. The project is currently being raised, winning a lot of investor interest.

Link Jack Ma, Alibaba and the PV industry, this is not the first time. January 2014 late on has rumors said, Alibaba is launched balances treasure of II period project “regularly treasure”: Alibaba is and a large PV station investment, and operators chat, expects will PV station assets financial securities of, and through is launched of “regularly treasure” will combines the operators of powerful Central Union and grid resources, opened subscription PV station assets of green channel, but then was balances treasure denied.

MA with integrated PV rumors of cooperation mentioned above, combined photovoltaic response to reporters will respond as soon as possible.

Original title: combined PV $ 50 million convertible bonds subscription has nothing to do with Ma

Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (5.4-5.8)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, Anhui provincial energy Board notice on further strengthening the PV power plant project development and management

For ordered advance Anhui Province PV station development construction, promoting Anhui Province new energy industry health development, according to national energy Council on further strengthened PV station construction and run management work of notification (country can new can (2014) No. 445,) and national energy Council on specification PV station investment development order of notification (country can new can (2014) No. 477,), file requirements, combines Anhui Province actual, released related matters notification.

For more details

2, the Suzhou City Government on promoting the sustained and healthy development of PV industry in Suzhou

To implement the energy development strategy of the State to promote PV science and technology progress of enterprises and promote photovoltaic applications, according to national, provincial policy on promoting the sustained and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, Suzhou reality, put forward many views and identified by the end of 2016, photovoltaic industry, Suzhou city, the annual output value exceeded 50 billion yuan, photovoltaic power generation capacity to more than 300MW.

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Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission on clarifying the PV 3, notification of project approval and building management-related matters

According to national energy Council PV station project management provisional approach (country can new can (2013) No. 329,) and the distributed PV power project management provisional approach (country can new can (2013) No. 433,) provides, for specification Fujian province PV power project approval and the construction management, better service enterprise, promoting PV power industry ordered health development, made has related matters notification.

For more details

4, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, policy on the issuance of notification of interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects for the record

In order to regulate the management of distributed solar power projects for the record in Guangxi to promote distributed generation applications, agreed by the autonomous regional people’s Government, and distributing the interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects for the record of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region informed (Gui Fa changed energy [2014]946), light, earnest implementation.

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Market review

1, the foreign media: European Photovoltaic Industry refer to charge companies to avoid tax

Foreign media said the European Association of manufacturers of solar energy once again complained to the European Commission, accused Chinese competitors products to Europe through third countries, trafficking in an attempt to evade import duties. EUProSun President, Germany solarworld Vice Chairman nicishike said, nearly 30% of photovoltaic products in China through means of evading the EU tariff measures mentioned above.

For more details

2, the PV industry in China by Europe “plot”

Three years later, the sniper struck again on China PV industry in Europe. Sources recently said that European PV Manufacturers Association filed an appeal once again, accusing Chinese companies sought to evade import duties. In September 2012, the EU began for Chinese enterprises to conduct “double reverse” investigation, and ultimately to collect three years of anti-dumping and countervailing duties. Insiders believe that this farce is just prior to the European and American “double reverse” a continuation of China PV industry should take this collaboration to enhance cohesion, to face international competition.

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3, imports of polysilicon prices double ground to suppress domestic enterprise survival

2015 3 April country polysilicon prices have plummeted, from 139,000 yuan/ton decline in the beginning of March until the end of April 120,000 yuan/ton, declined to 13.7%. This predicament of imports was mainly due to both volume and price suppression, polysilicon prices plummeting, polysilicon inventory needs to be digested, businesses ground to survive trouble again, March polysilicon imports thousands of South Korean and American vulnerability is a double bond, specific analyses, please see article.

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4 changes to quota system, electricity is not PV power station are facing challenges

In recent times since the June sunshine solar power investment, Executive Director, written by Yang Peng Libin, President of investment, LLP “Peng 12” Melaleuca in the photovoltaic industry, and pointed out that, with liberalized power generation side and selling side, without protection from the quota system, renewable energy projects, including the PV power plant there will be massive deaths.

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5, PV capital games started

In recent days, British media reported news sparked widespread concern in the photovoltaic industry, according to the report, Chinese solar companies need to raise tens of billions of dollars in funding this year to achieve the desired expansion of capacity. According to the National Energy Board recently announced the solar installed capacity 2015 target calculated 17.8 GW plan 2014 its capacity increase of installed capacity of nearly 70%. Industry experts say this means that large State-owned enterprises and debt-laden private enterprises with a total investment of more than $ 23 billion, with most of the money will come from State-owned banks and domestic bond and equity markets.

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6, photovoltaic industrial park defeat: hundreds turned out then I do not know

In 2012, is the photovoltaic industrial park construction more than a year, many Governments build photovoltaic industrial park, has reached more than 300 enterprises. “Speed on” after many photovoltaic industrial park the naught, is empty at the beginning of the completion of these parks, is itself a shell, not so much, not so much demand, enterprises actually materialize.

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Comment article

1, the Buffett investment opportunities: distributed generation or the next target

In this shareholders ‘ meeting, focusing on topics ranging from distributed energy to daily consumption, Buffett Chinese investors a lot of inspiration from both ends of the floor. Among them, Warren Buffett himself particularly focused on distributed energy companies on the future investment opportunities at this year’s shareholder meeting asked whether the distributed generation of an existing utility systems will be threatened, he said: “distributed energy resources we have always been very concerned, the best defense is a very low-cost energy. In our country there are few who truly used solar energy. ”

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2 channel, PV financing loan details

Photovoltaic industry into the positive development of all long overdue phase, are getting ready. Photovoltaic application is however an industry subject to capital and policy, when an investor when calculating the return on investment, revealed that all the investment of free funds, annual return of only around 10% (even less than one o’clock); and if 70% even more than through bank loans, even if interest rates are slightly more than 7%, 20% per cent own funds annual returns can be achieved. So PV investors financing options is a must.

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3, Hong Wei: photovoltaic power plant investment really make money?

On May 3, “51” holiday of PV industry in a storm of exclamations, rolled out social for large State-owned China Guangdong Nuclear Investment in PV markets “PV treasure”, its annual income up to 13%! See this news, numerous problems in Hung-Wei myself, also conducted a cursory study of this product, the conclusion is the first instinct: such a high return on investment promotion, not conducive to the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry.

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4, the list, why is it so controversial domestic inverter manufacturers collective fraud?

A PV industry Web site recently released a PV industry rankings of the top 20, including power stations, EPC and modules, inverters and other categories. Inverter company shipments in this data has caused an uproar within the industry. In the top 20 in the enterprises of inverter shipments up to 20.12G Watts, far exceeding the “grid-connected capacity 10.6G w inverter output 3G w” and 13.6G Watts. Many inverter business executives have said that someone lied inverter manufacturers.

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5, the LDK to create “+ Internet new energy” is a “myth” or a gimmick?

In August 2014, once RSVPs PV mogul resigned as LDK LDK LDK Chairman, Dim and off. After just 5 months, he is super cool concept “Internet + PV of” green energy high profile return to treasure wealth management products. It is understood that the Green treasures on-line 3 months, has launched 18 projects, with sales of more than 200 million Yuan, against the dollar assets of the international version is coming soon. But observers believe that under the current situation, distributed PV dilemma is difficult to break, green treasure of sustainable high yield “myth” is hard to sustain.

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Enterprise version

1, hareon huge loss of nearly 1 billion yuan Huai Yang “redemption”

Hareon solar annual report data show that hareon 2014 annual losses of nearly 950 million Yuan. Because 2013-2014 had two consecutive years of losses, hareon stock exchange delisting risk warnings to be implemented. Since April 24, hareon “wear star hats” becomes “*ST sea run”. Puzzling is that multiple enforcement actions, frequent hareon solar PV market layout, map of its investment in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, as well as India, and Singapore, Mauritius and other countries and regions, waiting to rise from the ashes.

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2, tianwei debt improved sources said CCB will be imposed on the group loans

Recently, the Baoding tianwei group said it could not honour 85.5 million yuan of interest this year, becoming the first domestic bond default by State-owned enterprises in the country, just broken in the market led by State-owned enterprises bonds against “good” more than when still warm, but sources said China Construction Bank loans against tianwei group. Insiders believe that breaking the rigid payment is not realistic any time soon.

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3, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal has arisen now LDK contracts trade dispute case upheld

According to the people’s Court daily reported that on April 30, was entrusted by the Supreme People’s Court, people’s Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, LDK LDK Solar Technology Ltd and Guangxi Yuchai machinery company limited contract dispute of the case publicly. The Supreme People’s Court trial finals-d companies of the second ground of appeal not valid, facts are clearly established by the judgment of first instance, the law was correctly applied, should be maintained. Therefore, dismissed the appeal and upheld the.

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4, the main occupation cannot stop bleeding Yingli reluctantly sold the short term debt

On April 29, Yingli SNEC international solar PV Exhibition in Shanghai, announced news that excite investors, said the company was ahead of the central securities depository and Clearing Corporation Limited pay 1.27 billion yuan to reimburse Ying Li, China of the three-year note issued in May 2012, all principal and interest due, this also means that much attention of Yingli’s debt crisis.

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5, Salvation, *ST wide summer: to inject quality assets into the photovoltaic industry

“Yinguangxia event” broke out 14 years around its disposal the aftermath, most long and tortuous restructuring story of China’s capital markets have arisen. Today, the former “first unit in Ningxia” *ST third impact reorganization of the guangxia, instead of restructuring the assets, the trust and confidence of investors than restructuring. Then, after restructuring the company’s business prospects? *ST Guang Xia with the previous cut, to get out of “yinguangxia trap”?

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Character articles

1, Zheng JianMing downwind speeches inside out: after the acquisition of Suntech’s larger strategy game

Buy Suntech compared to the radical and beyond in the PV field, followed by a long period of time, shunfeng photovoltaic seemed very low-key, even the company changed its name to “wind for clean energy” from a major event, nor does it give any description in the media. However, reporters from all parties to understand the situation, Zheng JianMing seems to be “next great chess”-layout based on low-temperature geothermal power, wind power, photovoltaics, water power, and other clean energy low carbon cities of the whole integrated solution.

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2, Hung Wei-PV: carrying a burden to someone 1 time to get ahead of others Yang Huaijin

Know Yang Huaijin PV entrepreneur is an idealistic, just don’t know he’s older than the Red judgement of “ideal”. For the same “ideal” because it “ideal” red Wei has yet to forget the distance between ideals and reality, so inevitably this super idealist worried. Old red eye in the Huai Yang, long life on the road, who are advised not to carry 1 time times heavier burden than others: not only enriching people’s cultural life, but also enrich people’s material life.

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3, the new Fortune 500 rich list released: Li Hejun topped the average net worth of the recapitalisations

New Fortune 500 rich list this year’s wealth indicators hitting new highs, the list threshold of 200 million dollars higher than last year (RMB, same below), up to 4 billion dollars. List of average wealth of 11.31 billion yuan, which is 500 average exceeded tens of billions of dollars of wealth to the rich. Along with the rise of environmental protection and new energy sectors, founder and Chairman of Chinese films the generation of the solar unit 165.5 billion Yuan Li Hejun’s richest billionaire won.

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4, under the dome, “SSE” person: Green thinking of Chen Jianguo

“And God said let there be light, and there will be a light of the world. To surpass Sun electric light better benefit to the people. “In the interview, surpass Sun electric Chen Jianguo, Chairman of the phrase” day “in the phrase in the past. Recalling the history of surpass Sun electric, seems to reflect a word–“off the beaten path. “It is this spirit of dare to do, surpass Sun electric from a traditional motor soft starting of enterprise’s successful transition to a new energy photovoltaic industry leader.

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Photovoltaic power generation project in Fujian for the record management decentralization

Polaris solar PV net news: photovoltaic power generation project in Fujian this year for record management decentralization, the emergence of new changes.

Yesterday, reporters learned from the Xiamen City development and Reform Commission adjusted, PV power stations by the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission for the record; distributed PV projects record adjustment is by the national development and Reform Commission, Xiamen City to accept the record; uses its own residential and other construction of distributed solar power projects, but also by the power grid enterprise registration totals reported to the national development and Reform Commission, Xiamen City record.

Original title: photovoltaic power generation project in Fujian for the record management decentralization

Return a “Invt”: specialize in “string”

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2013, being jilt Invt inverter out of the national top ten, “BG and MG series inverter inverter series” or pain medicine, product architecture to actively “downsizing”.

In 2014, the deep-set Invt key Games products price for PV product system strategic transformation of unacknowledged, one year later, named “BG and MG series inverter inverter series” two products for the beginning of British Witten will be tabled at the final answer.

(Reporter Wang Shasha) on April 29, the Shanghai New International Expo Center, one warm exhibition staged Witten’s booth in the UK. Show starring British Witten in this show published on the MG and BG series string inverter, exhibition’s background is in one year, what does Invt, changes in how it happened?

Said truth, first eye see MG series inverse variable device and BG series inverse variable device, all are and does not realized that this is a paragraph belongs to “British Granville Teng” of inverse variable device, because regardless of from grid features also is appearance volume Shang for, than up British Granville Teng past of big machine products, MG series inverse variable device and BG series inverse variable device are has and original products pattern is big of different.

Trace, which is what strategic transformation that yingweiteng in the system of photovoltaic products are changed.

Invt electric photovoltaic product Director Feng’s own statement, Britain Witten has been regression in PV product system for such products, and is in line with international standards are built into the development process system of inverter. In fact, more direct understanding, previously British Witten photovoltaic product development team of hundreds of people, hundreds of people were divided into different groups in the development of several different power inverter product, but now is to centralize all resources, hundreds of people are driven to develop new systems and processes for planning, the inverter.

In such a transition, Invt PV product sectors had been making determined efforts. So the “BG and MG series inverter inverter series released just sales sense not so simple.” In an interview, Feng said: “we would like to MG and BG series can bring new ideas to Invt photovoltaic products the establishment of new standards-setting, establishment of the new system, which is our main objective. ”

Change is an urgent

For Invt, first half of the year, continues to be a tough six months. Statistics show, as represented by the power UPS and photovoltaic inverters new energy products despite the rapid rise of realized revenues of 184 million Yuan, an increase of 83.1% to achieve gross profit 44.17%, but fell to 2.5%, as well as with former “rivals” huichuan compared British Witten photovoltaic business did not highlight the direct advantage.

Gradually “lose power” seems to be becoming the was known as “the inverter first brand” in the shadow of the PV field, has for many years such a situation with that own-brand sales, for many years export of domestic frequency converter “Invt” than like a “worldly” in “Heaven”.

Statistics show that English Witten was made independent inverter brands number one, in the “peak” when British Witten not only dominant leader in sales of domestic brands, and at one stage forced huichuan et established businesses. As early as in October 2010, British Witten to 280,000 sets of results into low-voltage inverters sold four, becomes first-year sales reached nearly 300,000 low-voltage frequency converter stage own brand.

But with solar PV market competition environment of changes, and British Granville Teng PV products positioning allowed, and development power too dispersed, and market coverage enough, causes, especially years Qian launched has more power (concentrated type and group series type) products system, led to products line sharply expansion, dispersed has advantage inverse variable device products of development, and products market covered and the channel resources,, British Witten also began reflection.

“We will not abandon the centralized inverter (power) development, focused on string inverter development,” Feng said.

In this case, change has become an inevitable trend, men slit his wrists, bitter experience has become the only option for the first independent inverter brand.

Transition road

Invt inverter’s restructuring began in the end of 2013.

That year, the living environment of China PV industry has undergone fundamental changes, and big brands little brand madness of strangulation (price war), as well as upgrading China’s procurement needs of utility investors ended the reconstruction of inverter inverter can sell the good times. From the market itself, Invt must follow the inherent regularity of the photovoltaic industry to move forward.

In this regard, Invt photovoltaic research and development team, led by Feng also agreed that Invt speed and scale can no longer be pursued, its next target should be “done on products, product, so fine products.” Step by step in product development to “overall positive product development system” transition, while the existing product structure to “downsizing”.

For this reason, Invt began “bulldozed and rebuilt” into PV early implementation of its product strategy, and identified the establishment of a unified system of products, return to a core product, to create three, including technology, internationalization, and system transformation strategies of core competence.

And Anglo-Witten also hopes to market structure changes to achieve “vertical function system/integration, horizontal product line pull” matrix management system and organization support resource consolidation in the market, market-oriented and technical superiority into market advantages through system.

Lineup of readjustment

British Witten photovoltaic products of strategic transformation took only a year.

In November 2013, the strategic transition towards the ending of Invt release news, formally released its new string inverter transformation strategy as the core of the product, and first to show its full of core competence in hardware and technical parameters.

According to yingweiteng of official expressed, “British Granville Teng” in has has series platform of based Shang, combines domestic, and outside distributed PV power system application of needs, success launched has iMarsBG series three-phase group series type (more group series type) grid inverse variable device, the products can great to meet has Australia, and United Kingdom, and Germany of latest grid standard, can widely application Yu building roof of distributed PV grid power system, for customer stream to provides efficient, and security, and low cost of clean energy. ”

Implementation of the strategy of new products at the same time, British Witten card and to its core product line for adjustment. “MG series products used more small more light more simple of more internationalization of structure design; can ready to, and double road MPPT configuration; while used RS485 comes standard with communications, can selected GPRS, and WIFI, and Ethernet, data acquisition Terminal, through Internet achieved remote monitoring; machine used IP65 protective grade, perfect adapted households both inside and outside various run workers condition; its high stability, and high price of products advantage, can covered more market. ”

It is reported that Invt PV products in the future in the “core” product under the framework and redistribute power, including next-generation-family string MG0.75~3KW (TL), MG4~5KW (TL), as well as commercial and ground power station market-oriented three-phase BG4~6kW (TR), BG8~17kW (TR), BG20~40kW (TR) five product lines.

Moreover, Witten would also present five product escalation update. Is expected in the next 35 years later, the series will form new independent product system.

Among these, the BG and MG series inverter series inverter is Invt entered a new stage after the first product. “For the MG series BG series inverter and inverter, you won’t find a similar product. “Feng, describing, BG and MG series inverter series inverters are Invt team after long time, completely positive to the development of new products, is a truly high quality inverter, especially its stability and power conversion efficiency is excellent.

Feng said Invt photovoltaic product development Foundation has now transformed into the development of international standards and procedures add synchronization mechanism for interactive systems engineering and higher application development team. “Technology is the first to fall. If the products do a great job, and PV investors don’t pay intended departure from the technological research and development. British Witten’s original aim was, through its own technology, develop patented products, resulting eventually in industrialization, “Feng said.

Look, Britain and Witten had been walking in on a correct path. But as feng says, “although to a certain extent, Invt made considerable progress but Invt photovoltaic products still need to be implemented in the operating system in power plant investors ‘ actual needs, the road is still very long. ”

Late leader to jump the queue by frequency converter inverter of the show, British Witten honors the burden of needless, the future in the field of photovoltaic products, Invt needs top design levels of directional stability. All changes will be accompanied by pain and growth, and in the process, Invt most need to adhere to the most basic customer needs and business logic.

Household PV power plant in Guangzhou, why not move it?

Polaris solar PV net news: their own power stations, no worries about not only electricity, can also sell electricity subsidies, this new generation model was quickly attracted reporters, after Guangzhou citizens to understand and have installed and found that it’s purpose is to “free + money” look. But the reporter in an interview only to find that household PV power plant is not easy to earn money.

Photovoltaic power generation in recent years as the country vigorously promoted a new form of energy, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces have now been promoted and popular, but this new energy technology in Guangzhou are struggling. Panyu, in 2014, the first grid-connected residential installations, so far, only 18 families in Guangzhou this thing.

Brought family difficulties of photovoltaic installed, the most important is the old topic of “right to the roof.” Therefore, today’s grid-connected households, most of the Villa residents, to have full control over their roof, but the installers in the old town are few.

Install a home photovoltaic, the cost is not small, many installers treat it as a long-term investment, but really wants back is not optimistic.

A case study of Huang Yulin Guangzhou PV installation families first, and at first the old engineers expected to be back in the 6-8, but with nearly a year to see, not a cost of maintenance and care, the entire device is sold back to the electrical efficiency may be more than 10 years.

At the beginning of installation, many residents confidence on national and regional subsidies, in Canton, per 1 kWh of electricity, even if all for personal use, can also get 0.42 Yuan of State subsidies and subsidies for 0.1 Yuan in Guangzhou.

In practice, however, want subsidies, must go around the national development and Reform Commission reported, only enter the directory of State subsidies, can pick up the money, the process is very cumbersome. It was installed in recent months, applications have not responded.

Meanwhile, these are already installed and has even sold a lot of power back to the grid “old power” residents still do not have their electricity back. China Southern power grid internal financial systems requirements, all expenditures must issue a VAT invoice, for residents, this is difficult.

Since PV is difficult to make money, why States and utility companies are promoting? At this time, is not a personal home account, to calculate a sum of environmental accounts. Per 1 kWh of electricity savings equates to reduce using heat generated by the carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other pollution, photovoltaic power plant on the environmental effects of the family, there are still important. How Guangzhou should break barriers, should the relevant departments to reflect on.

Original title: Household PV, Guangzhou, why not move it

Policy of broad prospects for solar thermal industry is eager to help

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation prospects? Policy “climate” could help industry maximize? What Enterprise Innovation problems? In recent days, industry experts and first-line solar companies gathered in 2015 China Summit on clean power “solar thermal industry and technology development forum”, for the development of solar-thermal power generation industry and construction advice and suggestions.

Solar thermal power plant more environmentally friendly

“The ‘ Twelve-Five ‘ during the national 863 and 973 project and other major projects under the guidance of SCI papers issued a solar thermal power generation in China ranked first in the world-wide, the number of patents increased, and is now ranked fourth in the world. Chain continuous improvement, construction materials needed for a conventional solar thermal power project, equipment has been fully achieve national self-sufficiency, some China-made products have begun to export to international markets. “The national solar thermal industry technology innovation Federation Vice-Chairman Tian Li said at the Forum.

According to Tian Li introduction, solar thermal power is a combination of traditional thermal power technology and solar energy heat utilization technology, using low-cost thermal storage technologies to achieve continuous and stable power generation, which can bear the base load, and peaking units, is considered most likely to replace the traditional thermal power technology. At present, solar thermal power projects have been built domestically has reached 15 MW, first flight 10 MW Tower project and cgnpc 50 MW trough projects are under construction, demonstration power plant project under construction can be up to 3 gigawatts, the industry has developed immense.

However, reporters learned that the electricity market as a whole has entered a phase of slow growth since last year. According to statistics, the 2014 total electricity consumption rose less than 4% than “Twelve-Five” low average growth rate of at least three years before 5%, national 6,000-kilowatt, and above average utilization hours of 4,286 hour of power generation equipment, down 235 hours, was the lowest level since the reform and opening up. Among them, national thermal power, 920 million kW of installed capacity, equipment average utilization hours of 4,706 hours, down 314 hours of wind power installed capacity of 95.81 million-kilowatt, equipment average utilization hours 1905 hours, down to 120 hours.

“In the economic circumstances of the new normal, and electric power system reform will continue to enhance the share of new and renewable sources of energy, solar thermal power and wind power and PV compared to lower carbon emissions, with more excellent eco-friendly properties. “Tian Li believes that solar thermal power will become the new choice of new energy power generation.

In an interview, many experts said, with focuses on development of wind power, photovoltaic power generation intermittency and randomness inherent in natural resources, and will inevitably encounter when using bottleneck, desert wind, abandon light phenomenon appeared. Electric power planning and Design Institute, Sun Rui, Vice described, usually equipped with solar thermal power generation storage system, in cases where no sunlight can still be normal power, but can also help regulate the effects of fluctuations such as wind power, solar power, reducing the impact on the power grid. In the West focus on building solar thermal power plants, better able to solve the problem of transportation in central China electric power to the East,. Thermal and photovoltaic, wind power is not competing, but complementary.

Industry is eager to policy as soon as possible “anaphora”

According to the National Energy Board released in 2012 solar power development “Twelve-Five” planning of solar thermal power generation installed capacity in 2015 and 2020 targets are 1 million-kilowatt and 3 million-kilowatt respectively.

“So far, installed capacity goal for 2015 1 million-kilowatt impossible to achieve. Although solar-thermal power generation projects in our country a lot, but construction projects is very limited, achieving less grid-connected power generation projects. Overall, solar-thermal power generation in China is still in its demonstration and extension of the primary stage, there are still many challenges to be faced. “The NDRC Energy Research Institute researcher Shi 璟li said, first of all, solar-thermal power generation technology in the long-term reliability of commercial power station still needs to be verified. Due to China’s “three North” area, Qinghai-Tibet plateau, high altitude, wind, dust and other weather features, Spain or the United States is difficult to apply directly to domestic and foreign technology needed to be adjusted accordingly or to carry out independent research and development, meet the requirements of long term reliability. Secondly, economy and competitiveness of solar-thermal power generation is still needs to be improved. It is because of some weaknesses in technical and industry, makes the current high cost of solar thermal power generation, still continuing advances in technology to reduce costs.

Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission renewable energy development Center researcher Sun Peijun believes that development of solar-thermal power generation industry’s core problem is two-fold, one is the high cost of application; the second is national policy, especially feed-in tariff is unclear, and puts industry into “policies in the market, market policies” of the cycle.

September 2014, supcon solar technology co Central Delhi, Qinghai solar-thermal power projects approved feed-in tariff (tax) to 1.2 Yuan per kilowatt hour. This is the first solar thermal power generation projects in China official price. National development and Reform Commission said in a document, “in the future I will according to the development of the solar thermal power industry and other relating to the construction and operation of demonstration projects, research benchmark for developing solar thermal power plant electricity price policy”. But until now, there are no other explicit policies of industrialization and market-oriented development of solar-thermal power, solar-thermal power generation industry eagerly looked forward to the relevant policy clear.

In the Haiyang Energy Group Corporation light hot career Department General Manager Zhang Haobin expression has on domestic light hot policy of what time expects: accelerated introduced Internet electric price, guarantees internal proceeds rate; Government on owners using localization key equipment gives must subsidies or policy preferential treatment; encourages traditional technology progress, on supporting industry chain for support, promoting cost reduced; encourages key equipment manufacturing, and integrated enterprise using mature or technology development commercialization project, active validation its commercialization technology reliability.

Bottlenecks also needs innovation

“Solar thermal power generation currently has identified the following main problems encountered what time: first, the policy environment needed to improve; the second is has been set feed-in tariff, weak support; the third is inadequate economic and financial reliability demonstration project, the lack of commercial application. Meanwhile, domestic products encounter technical barriers abroad, weak industrial support system, electricity cost competitiveness needs to be improved. “Zhang Haobin said.

“Solar thermal power generation is growing in China and even in the world’s future energy demands of the phased approach, however development of solar thermal power generation still has a long way to go. “Hundred Jerry new energy limited Xue Lingyun Chairman think, currently restricted China solar light hot power technology of development has factors has, a is domestic of solar light hot power no after mass of demonstration, no related validation experience; II is solar light hot power cost relative for partial high, future faced with fierce of competition, only will solar light hot power of cost down coal electric of integrated cost zhixia, to health go down.

“Innovation throughout the enterprise’s business processes, and cannot wait until the industry downturn, business development have a difficult time to be innovative. Because knowledge is the need to accumulate, the teamwork culture takes time, and cultivation of innovative consciousness is needed, an innovative project is in need of sources, are not remembered and overnight. “Sunrise solar Jiao Qing, Vice President of the East too, said Sun rises in the East, through constant introduction of new products in the market, achieved better development performance, margins, which are benefiting from innovation. Moreover, innovation is awareness from entrepreneurial training. Sun rises in the East in 2009 introduced an outdoor solar testing device with the highest precision by 2010, 18 laboratories have been built, covering the whole industrial chain. In 2011, the company has invested 15 million Yuan, built the world’s largest solar simulation laboratory. He concluded that all innovation must Center on the market for research and development. For example, solar thermal utilization includes not only solar water heaters also include solar heating, solar air conditioner, solar industrial applications, commercialization remains to advance in this direction.

Original title: policy of broad prospects for solar thermal industry is eager to help

Photovoltaic in Shanxi province poverty alleviation: 50 pilot village PV power plant construction started

Polaris solar PV net news: PV poverty alleviation is one of the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council to determine accurate ten key projects for poverty alleviation. In accordance with the arrangements of the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council and the National Energy Board, Shanxi province, as the Organization to carry out the work of the first batch of pilot provinces, beginning in October 2014, choose light resources and network conditions, motivation high, and have been working for the Foundation of linfen and Datong cities of fenxi, daning and Jixian, Tianzhen, hunyuan 5 counties as photovoltaic pilot counties for poverty alleviation. In each county to determine 10 file set card poor villages, a total of 50 villages launched 100KW distributed PV pilot work, each pilot villages in the province in accordance with the standards of 500,000 yuan, a total of 25 million Yuan promoting poverty alleviation fund, subsidies for PV power plant project construction, while supporting enterprises take advantage of barren hills and agricultural facilities in 1-2 of terrestrial concentrated PV power station 10MW.

At present, the 50 pilot villages of 100KW photovoltaic power plant construction has started, of which 10 villages have been built, grid-connected 3 village has produced gains, the pilot counties to support terrestrial concentrated PV project demonstration enterprises construction planning, financing, land have all been implemented, will be started in the near future.

National PV industry leading enterprise in the field of Yingli group, Hina group, Beijing Zhong Fu Yuan construction engineering company, BYD Co Ltd, the Huaneng group, as well as the Lu an coal group, Datong coal mining group, Shan group-owned enterprises of Shanxi province, has been involved in, and are actively seeking to participate in the construction of photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, the pilot work to advance smoothly, a strong momentum. PV project in Shanxi province in the pilot work, take four steps to ensure the project’s orderly proceed apace.

Leaders attach importance to and promote strong

October 2014, Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office under the State Council and the National Energy Board determines to implement PV after the first pilot province for poverty alleviation, Shanxi province poverty relief and Development Office immediately with preparations of the provincial development and Reform Commission to proceed with photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation, and on December 4 to the Governor of Li Xiaopeng, Deputy Governor Guo Yingguang were reported. Li Xiaopeng Governor, and Guo Yingguang Deputy Governor on this height attention, proposed to caught national implementation PV pro-poor pilot work of major opportunities, will PV pro-poor as Shanxi implementation “5+3” features industry development (cattle sheep mainly scale farming, and facilities vegetable flower, and nut forest, and small grains, and Chinese herbal medicines, five big features industry and tourism pro-poor, and PV pro-poor, and electric commercial pro-poor, three Dah Sing of features industry) of important content, as support guide enterprise participation industry pro-poor development new of field, For poor villages and poor masses create income opportunities. Deputy Governor Guo Yingguang devoted provincial poverty alleviation Office, head of the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments to participate in coordination meetings require provincial poverty alleviation Office, provincial development and Reform Commission, specialized offices and agents are responsible for this work, and choose have a basis in the construction of village PV power plant, Enterprise building terrestrial concentrated PV plants in linfen city of Datong city, a certain base of Advanced photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation. City, and County two level on carried out this items work height attention, as linfen city specifically established has by municipal Deputy Secretary Wang Wenying any leader, municipal government Deputy Mayor Wang, and NDRC Director Shi Xuejin, and pro-poor Office Director Yang Gangjie any deputy leader, related members units participate in of PV pro-poor project advance led group, regularly held joint, informed project situation, research solution problem, promoted engineering construction, while also developed introduced has on accelerated advance linfen city precision pro-poor PV power project construction work views, and Precision photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation, linfen, linfen city, project management approach, the PV of the poverty alleviation project plan, implementing rules of the photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation projects in linfen city, a series of institutional documents, for normal PV project management, engineering, construction, and gains the lead in exploring the use. Datong active assist mountain coal group, and with coal group, provincial enterprise towards grid indicators, construction PV station, implementation PV industry pro-poor project, currently mountain coal group and Shenzhen BYD group, and Beijing seven group cooperation in lingqiu County construction of 100MW PV station has completed investment 460 million Yuan, end of can grid power, with coal Group also in early construction tashan PV station of while, active towards participation to PV pro-poor station project construction in the. On April 21, the provincial executive meeting after hearing solar poverty alleviation pilot project report, decided to fight for further State support, Enterprise and local initiative into full play, to expand the pilot to accelerate progress. On April 23, the Shanxi provincial Office of poverty alleviation and enforce provincial leaders instructed, and organization of provincial, municipal and county-level poverty alleviation Office, national development and Reform Commission, net of Shanxi electric power company and the country involved in PV both inside and outside the enterprise, poor province held seminars, in-depth study and research to advance work in this specific plan.

Funding to protect inputs

Light resource conditions, according to Shanxi province, and the National Energy Board of the photovoltaic pilot programming outline for poverty alleviation (for trial implementation), 100KW village PV power plant needs to invest 800,000 yuan. For actively promoting photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation, the Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office is arranging special payments. Provincial village set at 500,000 yuan for each photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation of entire villages to advance project funds to support the building of village 100KW photovoltaic power plant, which funds totalling 25 million Yuan at the end of 2014 is released to the pilot counties. Arrangements at the provincial level, linfen city grant funds on the basis of, specifically with 3 million Yuan for each pilot logistics support fund of 100,000 yuan. Second, participation in corporate-sponsored. On village level 100KW PV station construction gap funds, spirit voluntary principles, take Enterprise pad funding or directly donated, way solution, as linfen City Organization each participation ground concentrated station construction of bid enterprise, construction 1 a pilot village 100KW PV station and complement funds gap; tianzhen 10 a pilot village PV station construction gap funds, all by PV pro-poor ground concentrated station construction Enterprise China can new energy Shanxi Branch donated. 10 pilot village PV power plant construction, hunyuan gap funding, all by PV ground station construction enterprises for poverty alleviation hunyuan wind and new energy fund. Three villagers investment for shares. High enthusiasm in PV to the alleviation of the village also expressed its willingness to take villagers collected money, shareholder dividends, such as building photovoltaic power plants for poverty alleviation. The above approaches, provided effective guarantee for the smooth progress of the pilot project.

Targeted, precise poverty alleviation

To ensure that the photovoltaic pro-poor pilot projects play a driving role model in poor villages and poor people increase their income. Shanxi provincial poverty alleviation Office property collectively owned by the clear village 100KW power station, power stations all owned by the village collective dominance. 10MW above ground from enterprises of a PV power plant capital construction, property investment companies, investment companies took out photovoltaic power plant a certain proportion of the proceeds to support poverty alleviation and development. Building ground station occupied land, all land belongs to the State; circulation of collective-owned land, land owned by the village collective. According to estimates, poor villages to build 1 100KW photovoltaic power plant and grid-connected power generation at 12.15 million yuan of income per year after, can provide collective 25 years of continuous and stable income. Enterprises 1-10MW terrestrial concentrated PV plants, can come up with at least a year after the grid returns above 1 million Yuan to support local poverty reduction efforts. Tianzhen County, Shanxi branch and Huaneng new energy agreement each year come up with PV ground power projects for poverty alleviation 30–50 percent of net profit, for the region of poverty alleviation and development. For ensure PV pro-poor income precision inputs pro-poor career, with to poverty population body, linfen City developed programme, clear has PV pro-poor income management approach and using into, main from following eight a aspects on poverty village and poverty population gives support: a is 0-3 age children integrated development project, and II is warm student engineering, and three is out workers personnel accident disability insurance, and four is elderly life grants, and five is agricultural technology demonstration project, and six is improved project village based facilities and the other public project, and Seven is to support cooperatives and enterprises mainly BA is helping the poor to microcredit, poverty alleviation, support industries or the establishment of village-level mutual funds. Each village used funds for the project, and submit an application by the village collective, post approval arrangements for poverty alleviation, effectively playing the capital efficiency.

Extension of the pilot, and vigorously promote the

Implementation of PV poverty, ATD can implement precise requirements so that poor people benefit directly, and can promote the growth of investment in poor areas, and promoting regional economic development, is a current Lee, and profit in the long run, both facilitate poverty alleviation, and development of good projects. Currently Shanxi province has in implementation PV pro-poor aspects has made obviously effectiveness, this items work can smooth advance of causes: a is linfen City carried out PV pro-poor pilot work action fast, measures real, now has has 5 a village level station grid power, and formed has set more perfect of advance mechanism and management approach; II is some provincial SOE as Lu Ann group, and with coal group, and mountain coal group, in around construction of large PV ground station, has has part began grid power, Construction of large terrestrial concentrated PV plants with mature experience; the third is some well-known enterprises in Shanxi province to develop wind power stations at the same time, also expressed their willingness to participate actively in the PV power station construction; four poor areas of Shanxi province is the most illumination adequate resources-barren slopes protected agriculture in vast, now has formed a certain scale, construction of photovoltaic power plant has a unique advantage. Currently, linfen city has proposed implementation PV pro-poor general planning, decided in Jixian, and daning, and fenxi 3 a pilot County 30 a built document state card poverty village construction PV pro-poor station of while, integration various pro-poor funds, in 12 a county planning arrangements 60 a village construction PV pro-poor station, currently each county engineering construction has gradually started, strive to October late Qian all built grid, national PV pro-poor engineering pilot project construction pantomime in linfen city held. By 2020, and strive to build 1000 100KW photovoltaic plant of installed capacity, achieved filing state card a poor village full coverage throughout the city. Province plans in organization implementation good Datong, and linfen cities 5 a pilot County work of based Shang, to national energy Council towards 500MW PV pro-poor grid indicators, will PV pro-poor pilot work expanded to 36 a country dingpinkunxian, this year first in each county select 1-2 a built document state card poverty village carried out PV pro-poor pilot work, while support guide has conditions of enterprise active participation PV pro-poor project construction, increased pro-poor development funds inputs, widened poverty masses increase channel.

Original title: photovoltaic, Shanxi province poverty alleviation: 50 pilot village PV power plant construction started

Latest PV roadmap for advanced battery materials and concepts

Polaris solar PV net news: the sixth edition of the international photovoltaic technology roadmap released, demonstrated in crystalline silicon PV value chain the key to continued cost-cutting measures.

Same as the previous version, the Roadmap identifies reduction of material costs, improve production process and the transition to advanced cell technology as a big target in the sector, in order to remain competitive.

Years in the industry after a difficult period, the road map report, as companies continue to strive to reduce cost in the value chain in 2014, they began to turn a profit.

The road map report, the so-called price curve, seen in history is that every doubling cumulative shipments of PV modules, average selling prices declined by about 21%, will continue in the coming years. Defining the concept of a new duplex and single-sided contact battery introduced, coupled with improved behind before wafer, cell and module technology as a key driver towards goal.


The roadmap pointed out, polycrystalline silicon remains the most expensive material for crystalline silicon solar module, therefore continues to be the focus of further cost cuts.

Same as before, the roadmap is relative to the expected technology from Siemens, fluidized bed reactor technology will increase its share. Other processes, such as upgraded metallurgical-grade silicon, is expected in the foreseeable future than conventional technology does not produce any significant cost advantages, but will continue to be used in the market.

In the production of silicon wafers, the roadmap pointed out that savings through thinner silicon wafers can yield decrease losses, increase the recovery rate. As the demand for thinner wafer becomes more important, 2025, diamond wire saw is expected to significantly increase its market share.


Latest roadmap confirms expectations of previous versions, which gradually shift from p to n-type Silicon market. Over time more p-n to achieve more efficient technologies.

In addition, however, the road map is expected, Si module efficiency in the production of more than 20%. Points out that all cell technologies has “tremendous potential” evolved over time to improve performance.

In the area of advanced technology, the roadmap is expected to double-sided contact solar cell concepts is a mainstream market, PERC battery back surface field solar cell received a lot of market share.

In addition, by 2025 hetero-junction solar cells are expected to gain market share as high as 10%. Another leader is both sides of double-sided photo cell structures. The road map is expected by 2025 two-sided cells will grow to around 20%.

To sum up, the road map is expected in 2015, yields to 60GW. It is expected to increase by 2022 to 80GW in 2030 and rose to a peak of 220GW. Since then, demand will fall again, to 2040 for 150GW by 2050 minimizes 100GW.

This roadmap shows that this model revealed for the PV module market was not “open-ended” and therefore would not require “open-ended” capacity. But, as long as the manufacturers can continue to innovate and develop competitive and reliable Silicon power generation products, PV in coming years will be a “significant” market.

Original title: latest materials in PV roadmap and advanced battery concept