PV development needs the support third-party data

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, a seemingly big PV companies award, due to data fraud may suffer from industry and media criticism. Authoritative and neutral data is missing, even many winners: “inaccurate data, leads to the award of the gold content is very low. ”

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In the circumstances of a national drive to develop clean energy, PV development are maturing and rational, many troubled industries are gradually able to mitigate the problem of the development of, and lack of national authoritative data platform and slow update rate, coordination with the rapidly developing PV is enough. At present, the PV industry cannot change data collection simple and rough, always in “talking to themselves” State. That reality obscures the real development of the photovoltaic industry data at the same time, it also increases the difficulty of national strategy of developing photovoltaic, which can be seen from some Government reports one or two, many Government reference information required majority from authority data abroad.

“Selection and award” the gathered is the most popular activity, according to the data set forth different awards are awards for the best of reasons. Some enterprises to meet their financing needs for various awards in droves, even by heavily buying prizes. This phenomenon also occurs in the current of the PV industry. In the enduring popularity of the contest, the lack of statistical data provided by the adjudicating body has the right to speak, activity data provided by the candidate enterprises themselves, are not easy to understand reporting data cannot be full guarantees of impartiality and objectivity. Quite water award, “money prize”, and even prizes tailored to enterprise data are not uncommon in the PV industry, not only reduces the level of winners, also led to a flood of enterprise’s vicious competition.

Third-party trusted data to promote photovoltaic boom logos

Data is missing something overnight, set up large data is not an easy thing to do, but “Internet +” wave of the rise for PC-open new ways, but also for the energy Internet platform provides new possibilities of data analysis.

To envision as a representative of a group of energy companies in China is rapidly building up energy that great big data platform, the vision in the field of wind power has been in the top three energy in the PV field, select out of the manufacturing industry, to concentrate on making authoritative third-party data platform roads, avoid “is both referee and player” arising from a variety of ills.

Now this model has received widespread industry recognition, vision launched Apollo PV TM cloud platform to achieve a full range of data collection, and for missing data of the photovoltaic industry provided timely additions. Apollo solar TM cloud platform not only gets data from the inverter, also available as weather station, bus, meter boxes, DC Cabinet, or even collect data directly from the string component, then formed a diversity of data, more reliable than a single data, big data analytics to efficiently support subsequent mining and value creation. From the PV power plant planning and design, construction and inspection, maintenance, and asset management to the asset life-cycle assessments and transaction data platform. For investors to provide risk management services for each station the entire life cycle of the asset risk assessment and rating, overall performance of comprehensive evaluation utility to determine station’s transactions and potential trade value, real address industry pain points.

With third-party, independent, objective and impartial as well as Apollo PV TM characteristics of cloud platforms, envision energy won this year’s annual “Internet PV platform innovator” award at the same time also have the support of the PV industry of domestic and foreign certification bodies. Leading solar company ja solar PV TM cloud platform, transit vision together, the Apollo, which, since the beginning of January, vision of Apollo for transit PV PV TM cloud platform has provided more than 20 centralized monitoring of distributed power station. Unlike energy cooperation with international authoritative data TÜV Bayern, domestic PV data step by step with international practice stage. With features such as third-party, independent, objective and impartial Apollo PV TM cloud platform, with its powerful online data platform, combined with the TÜV southern Germany under major line to test, evaluate, for photovoltaic plant monitoring, asset management, operations, investment analysis, and other more efficient provision of value added services. This reporter learned that, envision energy TÜV southern Germany plans against the second half, will jointly publish third-party modules, inverters and power plant performance benchmarking data together for the rational development of the domestic photovoltaic industry.

Original title: PV development needs the support third-party data

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