PV PV mounting systems industry in the era after the wind to

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) in recent years, with the development of photovoltaic industry, PV business has changed in the past, “the stones” approach to development, different from the previous staking and occupy the market, earnings of power plant owners and EPC now pay more attention to power stations. And ensure the profitability of PV means generally, there are two kinds: one is to reduce the cost of investment; the second is to improve the capacity, these two approaches applies to fields of the photovoltaic industry, mounting industry is no exception.

Fixed VS track, who is the owner of true love?

PV mounting system on the whole is divided into tracks and fixed, can be understood as a simple, fixed bracket combination early in the design phase of the local environment, climate and other conditions in the fields calculated well in advance a fixed point at which can guarantee the maximum solar radiation to reach the maximum capacity, with component generally will not fix the readjustment. Tracking bracket is installed on the mounting track systems, photovoltaic modules can be realized following the Sun angles itself to move timing.

Statistics show that in a large solar power plant projects, cost accounting for PV projects with a total investment of around 21%, and investing in solar PV mounting systems total cost of around 3%.

Fixed stent, with power station components intact, one day will “waste” a lot of solar energy, but its prices are far lower than the track bracket, can reduce a lot of upfront costs for the owners. If the tracking system used in the plant, the system cost will increase 7%~10%, and later also with devices running the risk, maintenance costs, increased utility costs while tracking system, but the use of tracking system for power plant generating capacity will also increase. Power station owner faced with two choices, either choose the lower fixing bracket so as to ease current financial pressures, or choosing to invest in relatively high tracking bracket, in order to achieve the highest power.

Meibert (Xiamen) new energy company Chief Executive Officer Chan Hay

According to understanding, Meibert (Xiamen) is a has fixed and track type two species products of enterprise, for fixed type and track type how select of problem, Meibert (Xiamen) company Executive President Chan Hay said “select which species products actually depends on customer himself of needs, if customer itself of funds compared tension, so on can select fixed type bracket, if customer in funds aspects no pressure, on can select late electricity relative high of track type bracket. In addition, the track type with a fixed type has its own advantages, fixed bracket convenience decreases the cost of manual installation, and not under the influence of wind speed, power generation is relatively stable. Tracking bracket for power plant generating capacity upgrade has a distinct advantage. ”

Under the industry turmoil, businesses need to back

With the expansion of the yearly PV power station construction, many companies took a fancy to the photovoltaic field of this cake. While the solar frame nature because it was unable to get rid of rough machining of steels, the relatively low levels of science and technology, number of businesses expanded the c section of mounting business and supports enterprises to reach thousands. More and more intense competition in the industry, as it is more than low prices, outstanding, quality mixed industry turmoil, in this case, quality of the PV power station is under threat.

For the stent industry phenomenon of low price competition, said Chan Hay “one divides into two price wars should treat, from price war to some extent can promote innovation, improve technology and raise the level of the industry as a whole, but malicious price competition can damage the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Short term low price competition might win a place for the enterprise, but the decline in product quality will be hidden to PV for quality, such as scaffold safety is not high, the pressure difference causes the photovoltaic power stations do not run smoothly, the station owner caused great losses in the EPC, while such conduct will result in customer loss of confidence in business were worth. Of course, all organizations need to consider cost control, our client is no exception, under such circumstances, Meibert (Xiamen) adhering to the “quality, service and design” concept, continually optimize cost control and upgrade product design, improve work efficiency, to give our clients a reasonable price and high quality products. ”

Quality and service, corporate foothold

PV mounting systems are important components of photovoltaic power plant, if the design is not reasonable, quality standards, in the climatic accidents, to the plant’s effects may be fatal. Scenes on the ground, for mounting snow resistance, corrosion resistance and durability have higher requirements. Scene on the roof, you require a good stent product flexibility and strong wind resistance, we can produce a high degree of, can meet all kinds of roof installation requirements, as well as to ensure the stability and ease of installation of the bracket.

Chan Hay introduced “fixed low price bracket, and can ensure the smooth operation of photovoltaic power plant for 25 years, practical, and is still the mainstream market. Meibert’s flagship brand 2015SNEC exhibition MRac series are stationary technical routes. ”

According to reports, Meibert (Xiamen) MRac series bracket is mainly suitable for large PV installations, the product has a high degree of pre-installation characteristic, applies to the ability to withstand snow is more demanding of the installation area, as well as front and rear left and right and up and down direction to adjust the entire system, greatly reduces the requirements for precision. The series mounting system through a variety of different design ideas, without sacrificing support overall strength, reduce project costs, increase the efficiency. Supports high-quality aluminium alloy 6005 material having high strength and corrosion resistance, specializing in structural design under the premise of ensuring system strength, installation time is greatly improved, significantly reducing installation costs.

Meibert (Xiamen) MRac series flat-roof PV mounting system mainly through the cement base or fixed ballast system as a whole in order to achieve a strong wind resistance. Through targeted research and optimal design, MRac roof PV mounting system with a variety of roof hooks and clamps, parts of the scaffold system reduced stability strengthening, quick installation, easy to transport, significant savings in installation time and labour, can be applied to most of the roofs, and good flexibility, high degree of business, can meet all kinds of roof installation requirements.

Chan Hay said Meibert (Xiamen) core philosophy is “quality and service”. Product quality and service is the foothold, no quality, all the promises are empty promises without service, even the best products will be buried.

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