Sunrise in the East: “leasing +” surprise energy Internet

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) “Internet + capital lease” for playing a bigger role in boosting the PV industry.

May 19, Oriental day liters released bulletin said: and full funding subsidiary day liters Hong Kong intends to respective of owned funds investment established day liters financing leasing company, registered capital 500 million Yuan, which company holdings proportions 55%, day liters Hong Kong Holdings 45%; company to owned funds investment established full funding subsidiary Sun Alliance MoE (temporarily named), registered capital 100 million Yuan, Sun Alliance MoE will with modern digital communications, and Internet, and mobile communications and the real networking technology, through cloud computing, and Data will be new energy power plants and organic integration of the Internet, creating a whole new ecosystem of energy production and consumption, investment and financing. At this point, has completed East sunrise from the traditional energy companies to energy Internet material.

Industry insiders said, the future may see more companies like SPI, Oriental Sunrise occurs, resolve the shortage of power station construction period financing issues on the one hand, and adapt to currently-booming “Internet +” strategy over the long term for the company’s power plant business will play a supporting role.

Oriental Sunrise new energy investment Department director Li Wei

Creating energy, “ecosystem”

“PV station of financing leasing market space huge”, Oriental day liters new Energy Corporation investment Department director Li Wei in accept Arctic star solar PV network reporter interview Shi said, 2015 China planning added PV station construction scale for 17.80GW, and on roof distributed PV power project and the all spontaneous use of ground distributed PV power project not limit construction scale, if by current PV station construction cost 8 Yuan/w measuring, PV station construction of funds needs about for 142.4 billion yuan If calculated by 2014 28.05GW grid-connected PV cumulative installed capacity in China, PV can be securitised funding needs estimated at 224.4 billion yuan, total 366.8 billion yuan funding needs. The future, as the focus of national energy development direction, PV development space is very big.

“The company at home and abroad, PV power plant investment, construction and operation of photovoltaic power generation projects have achieved good results, to bring a steady profit. Therefore, investment in financial leasing companies and e-commerce platform, which itself is also a normal extension and expansion of the company’s business, thanks to the good opportunity for industry development, country-and industry-related incentives, and our determination to become bigger and stronger, allowing the implementation of investment decisions to follow. “Li Wei said.

It is understood that the “Sun Lian Meng” (tentative name) in fact, the original intention of setting up to create an open platform, not only for the East part of Sunrise utility assets. “Sun Lian Meng” (tentative name) Although set up by rising investment in the East, but it is a separate company, as its sponsors and investors, rising in the East will maintain an open attitude, welcome to other valuable partners in a variety of ways, such as a large e-commerce platform, Web, existing small and medium sized P2P platform company, industry investors to participate.

Finance lease push for new photovoltaic technology

It is understood that under the “made in China by 2025” strategy, China will persist in innovation-driven, intelligent restructuring, strengthening the Foundation, green development, speed up the transformation from manufacturing to more power. Adopt fiscal measures such as subsidies and accelerated depreciation, and promote technical renovation of traditional industries. Modern business models represented by the leasing industry will also bring strong financial support for the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.

“China is the world’s superpower PV module production. Photovoltaic power generation in the United States business segments above most of the SolarCity is of use through leasing. “Li Wei said. In the new course of technological upgrades, whether component products upfront research and development innovation, or existing photovoltaic power generation system of accelerated depreciation, leasing will play an important role.

Currently rising in the East before listing solar modules and solar cell sales, mainly engaged in manufacturing. After the listing, with capital markets platform, expanding the solar module production capacity, and formation of downstream PV power plant development, construction, operation and parallel patterns in both sides at home and abroad.

Energy involved in early Internet double business hand

Due to the photovoltaic plant invested larger amounts on EPC and utility investors, upfront has a strong need for funding. Compared with bank loans, leasing itself is a combination of financing and extension of the body, can better access to early stage financing, so far in the EPC business, power plants worldwide investors hopes to complete business transactions through this channel.

Actually, early in 2014 early Oriental day liters on began research energy Internet, “we combines PV industry of features and needs, and national power reform of development direction and company established of long-term strategy target to determines company in the field of point, eventually decided first from financing leasing platform, and Internet financial service platform, business plate first starts with, through financing leasing company of channel docking new energy station assets, Brought electricity to the long-term stability of the Sun-renewable resources revenue as investors seek long-term and stable return on investment protection. “Li Wei said that such a business model can enliven new and existing power plant resources in the energy sector, making the initial developers of new energy power plants to get more money, achieve long-term rolling PV development goals.

Li Wei also stressed, financing leasing company and electric commercial platform of established, is Oriental day liters entered energy Internet of a point, future and not only limited to in financing aspects of business, certainly, to reduced operations cost, improve enterprise benefits, while makes investors has stable long-term of investment proceeds, “Sun Alliance MOE” (tentative name) first will attract quality of, and scale smaller of station assets entered platform, and PV station of long-term stable power proceeds will to investors not only brings high of proceeds, more is long-term stable, Rather than short term high investment returns, in the formation of the long-term interest rate cuts in the future channel, more valuable.

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