Abandoned in the West “shocking” Gansu is the most prominent

Polaris solar PV net news: rapid development of PV industry in China in the first half of this year at the same time, some problems are gradually exposed.

In this, the “abandoned” problem is allowing people to “shocking”.

PV industry association in China’s “PV industry development and prospects for the second half first half of 2015” seminar, the State grid Energy Research Institute, said Li Qionghui, Director of the Institute of new energy and statistics, in January-June this year, the State grid (excluding West Inner Mongolia) cumulative “abandoned” quantity of 1.733 billion kWh, all concentrated in the three provinces of Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang in Northwest China.

The Western provinces “abandoned” serious

China PV industry association data showed first half of the year, PV installed about 7~8 gigawatts, cumulative installed capacity reached 35 GW. Due to low manufacturing profit margins in recent years, many traditional businesses are starting to invest in PV applications.

It is understood that the first quarter of this year, China PV 11.29 million-kilowatt new record volume. Among them, the power station 9.26 million-kilowatt, 82%, essentially flat with last year. National new grid-connected capacity of 3.99 million-kilowatt, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Xinjiang in the top three. Among them, the power station 3.27 million-kilowatt, 82%. The first quarter of this year, national PV full load hours, an average of 294 hours, national photovoltaic power plant in the first half hour at full capacity is approximately 560 hours.

However, the policy environment is good, market order and progressively improve, “abandoning” problem continues.

It is understood that the first half of this year, Gansu province “abandoned” the most prominent, in January-June, the cumulative “abandoned” power 1.141 billion kWh, State grid area “abandon” 65.8% of electricity. Followed by Xinjiang in January-June, “abandoning” power 463 million kWh. Qinghai today January-June “abandoned” quantity of 128 million kWh. New energy for hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources engineer Qin Xiao said at a seminar, hercynian, Hami, Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and other regions in the North to this year’s “abandon” problem “disastrous”. “Some parts of ‘ abandoned ‘ is higher than the provincial average, ‘ abandoned ‘ rate of about 15%, individual project ‘ abandoned ‘ rate even up to 30%~40%. “Qin Xiao said.

Should take into account the wider to dissolve

“Abandon” phenomenon is not a new problem. While “abandon” power causes vary, but are influenced by local absorptive capacity is not strong, power grid construction, external power transmission and restricted by limited channel capacity and other factors.

“Some parts of Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, the varying degrees of ‘ abandoned ‘ problem was mainly influenced by the development of irrational, sync matching power grid construction and other factors, resulting in PV power plant to dissolve contradictions once again highlighted in these areas. “Li Qionghui said.

Beginning in 2011, each year the PV industry in China has a “Installing tide”, in the midst of this, in the past two years and especially. It is understood that three quarter of 2014, and scale really only 400 MW of PV installed in China, and one quarter of “installing” scale is more than 600 MW. Because PV power station construction period is short, often lead to power station completed, matching lines are still lags behind.

“Give up”, but statistics showed that first half of the year, the highest in the State network of new grid-connected PV capacity in the region of the top three is still in Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces.

“In Qinghai province, the power to dissolve the market size restrictions, even under load to maintain double-digit growth estimates, by 2020, the PV of Qinghai province to dissolve is still seriously inadequate. PV electricity does not take into account a wider range of Qinghai to dissolve the case, the province’s new PV installed capacity term ‘ abandoned ‘ power will be difficult to avoid. “Li Qionghui said.

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