Bosses love to play with IT for transboundary water energy giants!

Polaris solar PV net news: raise blurted out Apple iPhone mobile phone and want to open brush Taobao shopping immediately cat, domestic and international IT Giants have always had a trumps field of inviolability of the Lion King.

However, the bosses of “ambition” only this?

Not enough! Most people have to label bosses when the Giants invariably played across borders.

Wildest, most strategically across most of them deserted, turned out to be energy!

Apple: PV make up that I was bitten off

On why Apple logo bite off one early story, Apple fans understand but still strange.

However, it doesn’t matter why now bitten off! Because Apple’s investment in the photovoltaic field is there to back it up!

On April 16, NO.1 world market value of the company will be SunPowerCorp. in the construction of two invest in solar PV power plant in China.

Worthy of attention is, Apple’s Vice President of Environmental Affairs, the former United States Environmental Protection Agency Director lisha¬∑jiekesen said that Apple in the United States of facilities has been 100% the use of renewable energy. Next, in China in order to realize this goal.

It is no wonder that, in July, the Hongyuan County, ABA Prefecture flower workers are installed PV power station phase II project of high efficiency solar photovoltaic power generation facility, the world’s first of the year, with a total installed capacity of 20MW plateau and high efficiency photovoltaic power stations will be built and put into use. Recording the ancient Apple invest in PV-related videos from Apple hangs on its official website a high profile.

Google: every time Google is an emission reduction

Compared with Apple, Google to clean energy are already sounded the charge.

Up to now, the world’s largest Internet company has 16 renewable energy projects all over the world has invested more than $ 1 billion.

However, the IT giant is not satisfied in the present. On Wednesday, Google announced that it would buy the Spinning EDF Renewable Energy Spur wind power projects. The project is located in Oldham County, Texas, which Google will pay 200 million dollars of investment.

Spinning Spur wind power installed capacity of the project is 161MW, can provide electricity for 60,000 families, end of 2012 has been in a State of full load power. Google senior wrote in his Blog, new energy is a very wise investment, Spinning can Spur project services for the local population, but also can bring profit to Google.

Reporter learned that, in fact, Spinning Spur2 billion investment can only be second. Early 2012 at a cost of US $ 280 million SolarCity project is Google’s largest investment in new energy, SolarCity has United States native 15,000 solar projects, 10 States nearly 90,000 homes for rent can be solar power systems.

Investments such as solar renewable energy, is to establish corporate environmental image PR strategy, and reduce energy consumption cost of an investment in the future. According to Greenpeace data, from 2009 until now, Google share of clean energy use has risen from 36.4% to 48%.

In addition, Google also in the Solar Inverter, solar house, solar roof, solar-powered aircraft actively exploring in the area. Although a very sad news is that at the beginning of May this year, Google’s solar-powered aircraft Solara50 crashed shortly after taking off.

Ali: Ali Baba from more than an energy treasure

Alibaba, China’s largest Internet company and the world’s second-largest Internet company. On September 19, 2014, Alibaba landing New York Stock Exchange, shares United States depository $ 68 a share offer price, became United States financing the largest IPO.

Since March the Prime Minister Li keqiang “Internet +”, the upsurge of all walks of life picked up a discussion, head–energy 20% GDP, is no different, exploring energy Internet outlet became the darling of the media works in the energy sector.

In this context, the Group also will not miss such a good time. Its aliyun announced in March to cooperate with Sun power, jointly issued “smart solar cloud.” To be wisdom in PV power station, energy, Internet, Internet financial services, cloud computing, big data, information security, carry out extensive cooperation in the field, to jointly promote cloud services business development in related fields.

According to the North China electric power University Professor Zeng ming told reporters in March, Internet draft energy action plan from the Department of Energy Conference, Alibaba, Sun has always represented. Perhaps it is meeting for both parties, “flirt”, can be so pleased to finalize this cooperation.

Baidu: the public seeking his 1100 degrees

Is the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu, the largest Chinese-language Web site. In 2005, Baidu in the United States NASDAQ breaking first-day gain of highest number of records, and became the first to enter the NASDAQ stocks of Chinese companies.

“Searching for her hundreds of” more than 10 years in the past, has not satisfied the largest Chinese search engine Baidu’s position. Stick, map, Baidu was recently reached to the energy sector.

It is understood that Baidu cloud computing (yangquan) Centre for solar PV power generation projects two months ago (May) grid-connected power generation.

As one of the biggest data centers in Asia, Baidu cloud computing (yangquan) Center took the lead by high voltage DC offline, UPSECO technologies, increase the efficiency of power supply from 90% to 99% above; with no raised floor air distribution method, server delivery efficiency 20 times.

Baidu cloud computing (yangquan) Center of innovation once again becomes the first application of solar PV technology in the data center, the Baidu and the local green data center building has landmark significance.

Huawei: photovoltaic industry, “Wolf”

Huawei is the world’s largest providers of telecommunications network solutions, the world’s second-largest telecommunication base station equipment supplier, the world’s second largest supplier of communications, the world’s fourth largest think tank expert machine manufacturer, is the world’s leading supplier of information and communications solutions. This year, fresh from the oven in the Fortune Global 500 ranking of World No. 228.

And early development of the slow and steady is different, Huawei’s goals are often aggressive ambitions. As early as a few years ago, Huawei will dare to go beyond Apple and Samsung, earnings for the first half of this year on media communication, Huawei Huawei Terminal consumer BGCEO, said Yu, Chairman of the company, Huawei’s goal is not only to become the first to surpass Apple in the domestic market in two years.

Not only that, but Huawei in the PV field, also known as “Wolf”. Journalists access to information found the end of 2014, shipments of smart PV solutions for Huawei as high as 4GW, orders 5.5GW, catching up with industry leader Sun power. Company insiders are revealed to the media, in accordance with its own internal data is measured, is already higher than the Sun power company 5%, became the first.

Huawei successfully into a killer app in the market mainly through the core equipment of PV inverter PV power station. Huawei entered the solar PV sector doing three things: one is the innovative design of the PV inverter products and transformation, the other is pushing the string to replace the centralized, three are new customer advocates, shook the PV inverter in an instant “traditional view”.

This year, it has high profile announced that shipments will double again up to 8GW, that number will hit the global industry leader.

Tencent: the latest official CP out

While Tencent has been saying “what others do I follow”, but recent actions in the field of energy show that Tencent does not always seem to be imitating. Official, State-owned enterprises in cooperation with Tencent talk was its name, real what is the last version of the official CP.

On May 25, the Sichuan Provincial Government announced cooperation with Tencent, both sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chengdu, “the Internet +” full deep cooperation. Meanwhile, the State grid power company in Sichuan province was signed with the company “Internet + network” project cooperation agreement formally implemented “Internet + network” strategy, carry out more comprehensive and deeper strategic cooperation.

According to the agreement, both sides will rely on its user data, cloud computing, social and media platforms, create a development environment of the Internet industry in Sichuan, to create industry clusters, promoting “Internet +”, promote the optimization and upgrading of industry and economy in Sichuan transformation, information management as well as raising people to facilitate closer cooperation in the area.

The Sichuan Provincial Government says in support of Tencent in Sichuan and the landing and the implementation of the project, especially those micro-payments, Internet banking, content and creative industries, Tencent network, Tencent Chengdu office and other business operations.

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