China Southern power grid donated 6 million Yuan to build “mother of happiness (PV) power station”

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 23, the China Women’s Development Foundation, the national women’s Federation jointly organized by the Ministry of development “2015 China Women’s charities ˙ Forum on women’s entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation under the new normal” held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Initiative to fulfill social responsibilities of China Southern power grid company, donated 6 million Yuan, in the development and construction of Guizhou province, “mother of happiness (PV) power plant” project. After the completion of the project, to become the country’s first Government, businesses, charitable organizations to jointly develop PV project.

Examples of terrestrial photovoltaic power station (information above)

Photovoltaic power plant can do something for the feminization of poverty?

This is many people’s first reaction after the news.

In fact, “PV poverty” is a national advocate and support the new strategy. China Southern power grid company has been developing the social responsibility norm and give full play to advantage of China Southern power grid and, therefore, China Southern power grid after repeated consultations with the China Women’s Development Foundation, decided to jointly develop “mother of happiness (PV) power plant” project.

As development projects initiated by the Foundation for women, of course, has always been concerned about the impact of the project on women in poor areas, consider the possibility of promoting women in poor areas of employment opportunities, quality improvement, and more active participation in social development, and so on.

At present, has been preliminarily determine the location for the project, bijie city, Guizhou province, weining County town Board at the end of the village, about planned installed capacity of 400-kilowatt photovoltaic system, with an average annual power generation is about 469,200 kWh can achieve average annual electricity sales revenue 469,200, business cycle in more than 25 years, the benefits of the project will be used to support the development of poor women in the production and improve their living conditions.

PV power station after its commissioning, daily operations will create many jobs, not only local women to make a living, to increase women’s income, whereby relevant vocational skills, scientific knowledge taught local women, is of positive significance for the promotion of women’s development in the poor areas.

Why choose weining?

Examples of terrestrial photovoltaic power station (information above)

Speaking of weining, familiar people all know: 2009 approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, weining, becoming China’s first “comprehensive management of poverty-alleviation in karst areas pilot project” counties, take up the exploration of karst poor areas of poverty alleviation and development task of the new road.

Weining County out of poverty in recent years has made significant achievements, but because of a weak, poor, poverty alleviation task is still daunting, the initial location of the village at the end of the poor is even more common, and Yi are most common. Can help them out of a “PV poverty” of the new road, is significant.

And weining of natural conditions is for “PV poverty” provides has may–here is located in Wu Meng of top, for latitude, and high elevation, and plateau platform of geographic features, makes here of light resources and wind resources for Guizhou of Crown, weining County average sunshine number for 4.14 hours, average sunshine number for 1812 hours, was meteorology territories named for “Sun City”, while, mountain slope more, for carried out PV power pilot.

In addition to power generation, photovoltaic power plant can do?

Virtual village project is located at the end of

The public impression of photovoltaic power generation, is probably the acres and acres of solar panels, but do you ever wonder, in fact, under the plate or another mystery?

The “mother of happiness (PV) power plants” will also be taken into account in the design of power plant in electricity generation at the same time, achieving “expert”.

To maximize the poverty reduction benefits of this project, in the case of land as conditions allow, the local population can be adapted to local conditions in growing crops below the PV modules, there are conditions for tourism development, can all show perfect combination of PV and ecological environment and agricultural production, and fully embody the “PV anti-poverty” demonstration effect.

PV instances in agriculture, power generation and growing balance. (Information above)

Weining, as many nationalities autonomous counties, such as profits from the plant each year in the allocation of a portion of the funds, as national cultural heritage of women necessary subsidies, is expected to greatly enrich local cultural activities and training of national women, pull the poverty development in national regions, can also promote the progress of local cultural and educational undertakings, so as to contribute to the overall development in the ethnic areas.

Original title: Southern power grid donated 6 million Yuan to build “mother of happiness (PV) power station”

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