Development path of solar-thermal power advantage but hard

Arctic star solar PV network news: as this year July, China is construction, and planning in the and in development of large commercial light hot power project of number has nearly 40 a around, Assembly machine has over 3GW, but limited Yu is not clear of policy environment, most project of actual advance is slow, especially Central led of related project, in no clear electric price support of premise Xia, project made progress of possibilities almost for zero, light hot power project obviously subject Yu electric price policy and wandering not Qian.

Investment Advisor Guo Fanli, Director, Research Director pointed out that, following the wind and photovoltaic power generation after the popular, solar-thermal power generation gradually into people’s vision, solar-thermal power generation with multiple advantages, but in our overall progress is slow. In the “Twelve-Five” renewable energy planning, solar thermal power total installed capacity target is 1 million-kilowatt, but due to the technical and cost hurdles, construction was stopped, leading to the present is actually put into operation only controlled in delingha, Qinghai 10MW of commercial power station projects from the “Twelve-Five plan” a distant goal, solar-thermal power generation to want to enter a phase of rapid growth is accelerating to break barriers that currently exist.

Compared to photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation has a unique set of advantages. First, light hot power is a high quality of clean power, used mature of storage hot technology Hou can achieved full days 24 hours stable continued power, relative Yu wind electric and PV not stable not adjustable of defects, light hot power on grid more friendly; second, in light hot power industry chain in the basic not appeared PV battery Board production process in the of high energy, and high pollution, problem, is real of environmental green clean energy; last, light hot power of industry economic led force strong, its industry chain radiation range involved glass, and steel, and chemical, and Machinery and other key industries of the national economy, especially for serious overcapacity already exists in China’s glass-and-steel industry has a strong leading role, employment of solar thermal industry development and economic contribution is far higher than the PV.

Solar thermal power generation is still in the boot of the prepare phase, but because of global energy structure adjustment, technological advances and other factors, solar-thermal power generation would be a viable investment. With the increase of proportion of renewable energy to meet peak electricity demand and maintain the reliability of the transmission system will become increasingly important, large-scale renewable energy storage requirements are increasing, while the storage system of solar thermal power stations to meet the energy needs. PV installation and reduced cost of development at full speed, but it does not disadvantage has not been effectively addressed, in contrast, solar thermal power generation already have low cost energy storage solutions, as an emerging technology will also have a lot of performance improvements and cost optimization of economic capacity and, hence, have good investment prospects.

According to the national energy-saving emission reduction commitments, “Thirteen-Five” solar-thermal power total installed capacity reached 50.01 billion kW size, under this goal, many realistic thresholds constitute obstacles to development of solar-thermal power generation. Light hot power maximum of obstacles is lack policy oriented support, which most important of is electric price policy, now local Government has approved has many project, but due to no introduced Internet electric price policy, project of investment returns has uncertainty, this led to most has approved of project delay cannot starts construction, so Internet electric price policy of missing has became restricted light hot power engineering construction of key a ring. In addition, solar-thermal power generation technology compared with foreign countries there is still a large gap, lack of power plant operation and maintenance experience will bring more challenges for power plant maintenance.

If you want to accelerate the pace of solar-thermal power pursue photovoltaic power generation, from both solar-thermal power generation to its own conditions and external environment to improve. From its own conditions, solar-thermal power generation equipment manufacturing industry should focus on independent innovation, based on our local environment and conditions research and development technology and industry-building, it is necessary to adapt to China’s specific conditions, to avoid introduction of PV industry technology and production lines, simple link duplication, competition and trade friction road, a truly independent solar-thermal power generation industry. From external environment optimization view, about sector should as soon as possible developed effective of policy to started and expanded market, most critical of is introduced clear of electric price policy, can directly used and wind electric, and PV power similar like light hot power benchmark electric price policy, this can to light hot power investment enterprise, and manufacturing clear of signal, also in financial credit, aspects proposed support and offers policy also light hot industry development has must of promoted role.

Original title: road to development of solar-thermal power advantage but hard

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