Energy micro-grid new guidance issued to open energy storage industry development in new situation

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 22, the National Energy Board issued the guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as the opinion), encouraging networking, independent new energy micro-grid demonstration projects. The publication of the opinion, will help enhance the micro-grid technology, energy technology, energy management technology development, will also be tested for next change and energy development and exploration.

The views clear for new energy micro-grid, through demonstration projects to establish up to high volatility of renewable electric power transmission (with) reserved local power system integration.

Photovoltaic and wind power due to the higher volatility, was dismissed as “garbage” and accepted by the grid limits. Vigorously develop clean energy policies, under the guidance of network opening its accepted restrictions on wind power, has followed up with rapid growth in the photovoltaic and wind turbine. However, this did not change the wind and new energy high-impact effects of fluctuations on the grid problems.

Industry experts say, guidance for construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration project, clear wind, light industry and storage industry association of complementary, not only for the energy industry provides a number of more than 100 gigawatts of wind market, but also for the booming wind industry a new booster.

Original title: energy micro-grid new guidance published

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