United States, California, running into “energy Internet” era

Polaris solar PV net news: in the area of distributed PV electricity how to dispose of, has always been more concerned about the problem. Is taken by “spontaneous use, allowances Internet access” model, and the United States of “net power” mode and the mode is relatively close, is the user through the application his family selling surplus electricity generated by the solar panel directly to power, but the power can not go power market bidding.

Now, the United States State of California and the emergence of a new power of disposal, fast approaching “energy + Internet” mode.

Recently, the California power grid have adopted provisions allowing enterprises to purchase the roof of distributed generation installations and commercial electric power generated by the system, and then reaches a certain quota, these packages can be sold to the wholesale electricity market.

The new milestone in the development of a new initiative called energy. Power of this initiative will undoubtedly be distributed PV has brought huge benefits, because it would have distributed PV to create one “net power” new sources of income outside of the settlement, which realizes “net power” pave the way for a business model to settlement.

California independent system operator said on Tuesday the group, including public-sector enterprises, the future of rooftop PV systems can be power, battery power, plug-in electric cars electricity even better combine to power markets. This case shows that the small scale power is becoming the main force of the energy community.

According to Bloomberg new energy finance analysis, due to the decline in the cost of “zero down payment” lease installation services, distributed home roof photovoltaic industry has become the fastest growth in California solar power generation industry. In 2014, the State distributed home roof PV power installed capacity rose 50%, and utility scale photovoltaic power installed capacity compared with only 15%.

Reporter, “energy + Internet” prototype of the model has been achieved, meaning that residents of California now, if they don’t have enough power, you can purchase additional electricity from solar panels to the roof of the family meet their own electricity. For traditional electric power enterprises, this is also a new competition.

Original title: United States, California, running into “energy + Internet” era

Sun power doubled first half net profit to grow by more than 70% plans PV inverter production

Polaris solar PV net news: since the first half of 2015, policy impact, and PV markets pick up, PV business profitability also improved significantly, most enterprises out of the red. Among them, the giant Sun power of the inverter is particularly eye-catching.

The evening of July 20, Sun power released its first half of 2015 results reports. Report shows, the company achieved revenues of 1.784 billion yuan, an increase of 91.53% to achieve the net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of listed companies of 166.3065 million Yuan, an increase of 73.9%.

Report shows first half of 2015 PV inverter output totals about 1.98GW. However, in its financial report, the Sun power noted that the order backlog increased in the second half of the year, expects annual output value of about 405 billion yuan (800 million u.s. dollars). Its solar power system integration business revenue also increased, in 2015, 267% jump from a year earlier in the first half. Its business segment sales reached 680.8 million Yuan (109.6 million u.s. dollars).

Since the end of May, in a month’s time, sunlight power supply continuous and rising in the East, Solarfun, CSR Zhuzhou, Jiangsu kuangda four PV developer signed a strategic cooperation agreement, under which priority use of Sun Power Inverter products.

Sources said Sun power plans to raise the annual output further 5GW to meet strong demand expected in 2016 and beyond. Sun power officials say, and order backlog significantly improved in the second half of this year, have the confidence to achieve the annual business plan.

“Dry goods” PV industry chain 2015-half situation and prospects for the second half

Arctic star solar PV network news: July 22, China PV industry association in Beijing held “2015 first half of PV industry development and second half of prospect” seminar, Ministry, and Energy Council led and the related research institutions, and financial institutions, and advisory analysis institutions and place industry organization people all scene, and PV Enterprise representative with analysis first half of global and the China PV industry chain the link development situation, and pre sentenced second half of industry development trend.

The Ministry of

The following according to the Ministry of electronics at the meeting, Peng Hongbing, Deputy Director of floor finishing without a spokesman for my proposed amendment.

1. macro-industrial economic analysis: 2015 1 May, industrial added value is lower than the GDP growth, greater downward pressure on industrial economy. Photovoltaic industry trend growth, 2015 1 May grow by about 30%.

2. the development of the industry and the overall situation: energy consumption and the reduction of manufacturing costs the overall level of the photovoltaic industry, conversion efficiency has improved, but the character still has most of the photovoltaic business does not meet the requirements of industrial development under the State Council level.

3. risk: changes in international trade; economic downside risks; our PV enterprises have insufficient technical reserves, if its disruptive technologies will break the industry as a whole;

4. solution: comply with the national economic development strategy, and State “along the way”, and “made in China” 2025 “,” Internet + “development strategy.

5. policy-oriented: with strength and sense of social responsibility and sustainable development ability of enterprise in the domestic market in the Guide, play an exemplary role.

Department of energy

Xing Yiteng of the following according to the Department of energy’s new Energy Division Director to speak at the meeting finish, without amendment.

1. developments in the first half: continues the previous rapid momentum of the photovoltaic industry, China has become the world’s largest photovoltaic market. 15 new installed capacity of about 7.5 million-kilowatt in the first half, an increase of about 150%, which distributed about the new 1 million-kilowatt. Electricity in the first half reached 19 billion, essentially flat compared with last year.

2. future trends: solar energy is a leading energy industry of the future, 45, photovoltaic power generation for about 20 million/year ~ 30 million-kilowatt the scale of development.

3. power: power cuts in the local areas only, first half of them have been abandoned when optical weight of about 1.8 billion-kilowatt, Xinjiang, Gansu power larger proportion.

4. development of guidelines: subsidized industry alone is no vitality, while pushing the Treasury Department to expand subsidies to promote technological progress, promote cost reduction.

5. policy oriented: regulate the order of upstream and downstream development, focus on reselling flagging issues joint Ministry to promote technological progress and the upgrading of industry. ① linkage in upstream and downstream link set threshold, the low-end, low-quality product out in the market. II promoting the popularization of advanced applications such as the leader programme, “leader scheme” launched annually 2 to 3 bases, almost 2 million per year to 3 million-kilowatt.

The NDRC Institute

Following at the meeting, according to the national development and Reform Commission’s Energy Research Institute researcher Wang Sicheng floor finishing, without amendment.

1. submit an enhanced action to address climate change–the national independent amendment of China’s energy consumption after deduction of the contribution.

2.2015 registration and start conditions: 2015 record amount is likely at least to 20GW (without spontaneous use project leader and photovoltaic projects), in addition to Henan, Sichuan and Hainan provinces did not release records exceptions, all other province completed the record. Project starts in the first half more than 40%, the main remaining projects affected by financial factors.

3. distributed PV to risk: developers should pay attention to decentralized PV projects to implement the land property, Central nongban of the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of land and resources, State administration for industry and Commerce jointly issued a stressed: “the nature of land ownership does not change, red line does not break through, farmers ‘ interests are not compromised” triple bottom line. State Forestry Administration issued strict approval procedures.

4. the photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic system costs

5. trends in technological innovation

6. intelligent operating


Following at the meeting, according to Hu Gao, a researcher at the national renewable energy Center floor finishing, without amendment.

1. renewable energy subsidies for development status: additional renewable electricity price as the only supporting the development of renewable energy sources, the Ministry of all other special funds had been withdrawn. Additional renewable electricity price increase of electricity prices accounted for about 30%.

Renewable energy electricity price additional

2. renewable energy subsidies are in big demand, demand maximum wind solar subsidies, renewable energy development depends on our renewable energy economy of the future costs to minimize how much level.

2020 non-petrochemical energy-planning objectives

Total subsidy requirements

3. renewable energy subsidies in development proposals

① strengthening the management of additional renewable electricity price

II to promote Advanced photovoltaic technology product applications and industrial upgrade

To establish long-efficiency mechanism


The following according to the electric power Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang Wenjing sort of statements made at the meeting, without amendment.

1, PV systems has begun to enter the “Internet +” era, the technical aspects of the specific forms are as follows:

2, components, packaging materials and technology with the development of the package further reduces

3, from batteries to components are working together to overcome the phenomenon of PID

4, conventional battery efficiency improvement has been very small, only lower prices to compete with road

5, PERC battery technology has fully matured, has entered the stage of mass production in foreign countries, Chinese companies have been behind in this

6, HIT battery is considered to be the most competitive price and efficient batteries, there are already a large number of equipment manufacturing enterprises involved in early stage technology development, future 2-3 will go into mass production scale. Hoped that Chinese companies do not HIT on the battery behind.

First half of 2015

The following according to the Photovoltaic Industry Association Chairman Wang Bohua sort of statements made at the meeting, without amendment.

Overall condition:

1. the polysilicon production is about 74,000 tons, an increase of 15.6%;

Wafer and cell yields were 4.3 billion and 18.2GW;

Module production is about 19.6GW, an increase of 26.4%.

2. PV installed capacity is about 7-8GW, an increase of nearly 30%, ground power station is about 6.5GW.

3. PV profitability improved markedly, most enterprises out of the red.

First, by type of industry

1, polycrystalline silicon

(1) the first half of the 16 companies that have production capacity of 172,000 tons;

(2) production rapidly, but still large number of imports;

(3) the cost has reached world leading level;

(4) imports still increased, but decreased;

(5) the decline in product prices, the majority of enterprises are still the break-even point;

Other information: solar-import-substituting capacity enhancement; take the IC development spring, electronic-grade silicon material breakthrough is accelerating.

2, wafer

(1) the yields of about 4.3 billion in the first half;

(2) Silicon high concentration, including single crystal rods gradually shifting to the Northwest, industry concentration and continuously improve;

(3) the unit energy consumption: below 40kwh/kg per cent of single crystal and polycrystalline fell to 8kwh/kg;

(4) exports: about US $ 1.2 billion

(5) export: focus on China’s Taiwan, and Korea and Malaysia;

Polycrystalline silicon wafer exports mainly concentrated in the GCL, LDK LDK, Chun several enterprises,

Silicon chip exports are mainly concentrated at Lungi, Central, Comtec;

3, cell

(1) first half of production was approximately 18.2GW;

(2) the poly to the mainstream, percentage of single crystals in the improvement;

(3) high performance batteries modification or expansion is accelerating;

(4) battery production lines worldwide is obvious;

(5) exports of nearly 400 million yuan in the first half;

(6) the main export region for Korea, and India, and Japan, and so on.

4, component

(1) first half of production was around 18.5GW, amorphous silicon solar cell is still the mainstream;

(2) differentiation of capacity utilization is obvious;

(3) earnings: profitability improved, SMEs are still close to the breakeven line;

(4) exports: reached 6.1 billion dollars in the first half;

(5) exports: Japan and the United States remains our main export areas, emerging countries, such as Honduras, PV market intelligence quickly expanded.

Second, according to the business situation

1, PV installed capacity and investment and the application of

(1) new installed capacity in China in the first half by about 7-8GW, cumulative installed capacity reached 35GW;

(2) PV investment enthusiasm from the early years of manufacturing shifting to the PV application, except financial institutions, many traditional businesses into photovoltaic investments;

(3) according to incomplete statistics, first half of 2015, a-share listed companies in solar stocks, amount raised reached 26 billion yuan used for PV power plant, power plant scale up to 3GW.

(4) PV applications were diversification development trend, PV combined with poverty alleviation, agriculture, the environment, climate and so on.

2, manufacturing profitability

(1) due to the high financial costs, even though capacity utilization compared with last year, return to a reasonable level, gross profit margin increased, but net interest rates are still below 3%.

(2) first half of 2015, 29 components companies total sales revenue and net profit growth of 8.9% and 9.7%, respectively.

(3) first half of 2015, 29 components an average net profit margin rose by 6.5 percentage points.

(4) while the profitability has improved but is still weak.

PV power station design process

Polaris solar PV net news: construction project in China is generally divided into project planning, project preparation, project implementation, project completion and acceptance is a stage design of photovoltaic power stations can also be divided in four phases.

1.2.1 stage of project planning and decision making

The main tasks of this phase is the project investment necessity, possibility, feasibility and why investments, and pebbles, important issues such as how to implement the scientific theory and comparison.

Decision based on the feasibility study is the core of the stage work. Photovoltaic power plant feasibility study report is based primarily on GD003-2011 PV of the interim measures for the administration of the project.

According to the National Energy Board, released on August 29, 2013 of the interim measures for the management of photovoltaic power station (new “2013” No. 329), 2013 11 also released on 18th of the interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects (new “2013” 133th), PV and the national team management of distributed solar power projects were implemented for the record.

PV interim measures for the administration of the provisions of the “provincial energy departments based on the Department of State investment project management provides for filing of PV power plant project management”, “PV NET opinions issued by the provincial power grid company, decentralized access low-voltage network and the scale is less than 6 MW of PV power plant project network by municipal or county-level power grid enterprises to produce. The PV power station for the record management-general rules. Provisions such as the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, photovoltaic power plant Union City Administrative Department of energy to implement records management, for the basic criteria: (a) qualification of application report of the engineering consulting firms: (b) city-level stability and social stability and low risk identification issued by project.

Distributed PV power project management provisional approach clear provides: for distributed PV power project, “from power business license, and planning location, and land pre, and soil and water conservation, and environment effect evaluation, and energy-saving assessment and the social risk assessment, support sex file”, “to 35,000 v and the following voltage grade access grid of distributed PV power project, by to city level or County grid enterprise according to simplified program handle related grid procedures, and provides grid Advisory, and power table installation, and grid debugging and the acceptance, service”.

1.2.2 project preparation phase

Project after filing, you can participate in the project preparation phase.

Conditions, project owners prior to the preliminary design of the PV modules, inverters and other devices for tenders. Design should generally provide the technical specification of the equipment.

The core work of the stages of the preparation of preliminary design, which is based on the approved feasibility study report. Preliminary design task is to determine the site-wide design principles, design standard, design programmes and major technical problems.

1.2.3 project implementation phase

The main task of the implementation phase of the project design is built around construction needs, providing the following products or services: ① provide technical specification for use by the owners to bid for other devices, and technologies involved in the final agreement; II construction map drawing, as the main basis for on-site construction, installation ③ on-site technical services.

1.2.4 completion phases of the project

During the project phase, the designer’s main task is the preparation of as-built drawings.

Because changes to the construction in the construction process will inevitably, in order for the customer (owner or user) can more clearly understand the pipeline of the actual trends and the actual installation of equipment, after the completion of the works prescribed by the State construction units must be submitted to as-built drawings. But in practice, many cases are construction site changes and engineering contact form of as-built drawings prepared by a design party.

1.2.5 PV power station design standards

Prior to 2009, domestic PV standard is IEC standard of translation. Starting from 2010, Wei Li of China PV development, formulated, promulgated a number of domestic photovoltaic power plant design standards, these standards for photovoltaic power stations provided the basis for the design.

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Why Japan Golf course into a solar power plant technology company?

Polaris solar PV net news: according to foreign media reports, Kyocera (KyoceraCorporation) recently announced that it will Kyoto Golf turned into a solar power plant.

This is a picture of Golf: flowersofparadise, people wear colored golf shirts, if you’re lucky, the Court may also have one or two in the pool. Kyocera well-known multinational companies recently said the well-known sports could be revamped.

According to the United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation, upper-class golf clubs in Japan has always been noted for its expensive. But in 2014, according to a report by the Economist, because Japan Golf course over development, the average seat pitch rate less than the 1990 40%. One solution is to golf turned into a solar power station.

Kyocera has started to Kyoto abandoned golf course into a 23-megawatt solar power plant, and plans in Kagoshima Prefecture to another abandoned golf course development into a 92-megawatt solar power plant.

A green action can be shown in many ways, this is a good decision?

The independent newspaper said the conventional golf area is wide and unblocked, and usually is the ideal location for solar power plants. Other sites have also been used. Last December, Kyocera announced at the Kamakura dam reservoir development and operating a 13.4-megawatt floating poses solar power plants, is expected to be completed by March 2016, claims to be the world’s largest floating poses solar power plant projects. The national geographic reported, the plant covers an area of 45 hectares, will install 50,000 solar panels, electricity for 5,000 homes.

Advocates say, abandoned golf course into a green energy centre in crowded Japan provides much-needed clean energy.

PlaceMakers LLC corporate environmental strategist f. Kaid Benfield on the Huffington Post said, not all abandoned golf course can be converted to a solar power plant. He said, “why not put part of the land used as a recreational and ecological projects or project development, development density appropriate for real estate projects can include a variety of shapes and prices of new houses, closely linked the sidewalks, shops to serve the residents of the community. The most important thing is, why not seize the opportunity of alteration in the suburbs back to suburbia, creates a potent and many suburbs now much-needed places? “

Now, Kyocera seemed ready to continue to develop solar power plants projects. Expect Japan Kyoto area will commence operation in September 2017.

Related news:

Japan Golf course will be built in the site of Kyoto Kansai largest PV power station

Original title: why Japan Golf course into a solar power plant technology company?

Look at energy barons fashion labels

Polaris solar PV net news: scattered clouds in a pale blue curtains moving upstream, clear sky net clear. Network World is still noisy, which we’ve maxed your circle of friends apart from farthest from the Earth’s asteroid—Pluto, also a prominent Beijing bar attractions in a corner of the dressing room.

Unwilling to believe that dressing room incident “Godfather of trend” for UNIQLO. This perfect garment business, should love each piece of fabric the same material, care of their reputation is; its output more than just clothing, it is a comfort against the skin.

But yesterday the video passed out the offensive, has made the Japanese companies mired in pain. Stop by mentioning its authentic face Novak Djokovic, recently won a trophy component does not.

Switch to the channel, and to talk about what energy bosses who are fashion labels. Notes on fashion is not what you wear, what you all let the mind relax and interesting things, you can include “fashion” category, such as enterprise architecture.

Concord Group’s recent move, went to Suzhou Dushu Lake. Before giving up core of Suzhou Industrial Park, a landmark live, went to the Dushu Lake? They have, in their own land to build a House.

GCL Suzhou headquarters location

When Shi red around the Asian photovoltaic industry, Mr Zhu Shan-sensitive to things and slow to speak, the two have a different philosophy of doing things. Headquarters building this thing for the company, he spent six years later than Shi.

“Architecture is the use of structures to express ideas of scientific art. “Ten years ago, the godfather of Shi, first to share their passion for architectural aesthetics. Build one yourself mansion status, consistent with his art, and left this world with some missing.

Contemporary reports is this:

Former Suntech, is hidden in the depths of a piece of sheet.

Shih told reporters after the House structure. Unfortunately, people do not know where to go, still laughing Peach Blossom Spring.

2009 was finished after 3 years (2012 “world environment day”, June 5), the ADB President Kuroda (now known as Japan’s Central Bank Governor, head of Asia’s richest country note) is happy to see Dr with him on the side, hand in hand for the ADB project completion and opening of the headquarters building of rooftop PV system.

“The project is provided by 2040 Suntech photovoltaic components, total area of 6640 square meters, with a total installed capacity of 571-kilowatt, is expected to provide some 610,000 kilowatts of clean electricity each year … 10,000 words omitted here … Remain 80% for output power of 25 per cent, compared with the same type of product on the market, can provide users more power over 25 years 6.7%.

This is the model of Asian Investment Bank, but don’t see the roof

Once, Shi also has a lot to do business abroad (they used to be the richest man, business is unlikely to survive), according to reports, some of the subsidiary’s Board of Directors each year, are arranged near the Sydney Opera House of Shi’s private or open on their yacht. (In this case should be applauded … Pause for a few seconds and enjoy the intoxicating beauty of Australia)

Meeting in Sydney, we went over and uncle but really has a passion for yachts for a while, their fisherman’s Wharf opened in Shanghai was also a yacht, a Party. At that time, Wang Sicong haven’t grown up, looked outside the classroom window.

In these two years, everyone KeyPoint fashion, moved to the station’s publicity on the building from the aesthetic and overall style. Ever seen a video, a Norseman named technical interpretation of the aerial energy companies use a photovoltaic power plant. Huge size and exciting music, instantly enhancing corporate image by a few notches.

Later, in the view of some chic fun power station into, such as Thailand and Korea Chuncheon Station design, like removing a sardine.

Look at one of the wonders of the mountain.

For nearly two months, a stream of black road show “strong wind” came to slightly dull solar market has injected freshness and texture.

Pictured above is the National Conference Center’s green treasure event. Peng Xiaofeng giant arena in the background, spend a few minutes interpretation of the dream. A breakthrough in personal, no teleprompter, no manuscript, on the entire journey without drink. (Scene a bit Grand, please feel … )

On July 15, Sheng photoelectric launches in the same dark layout …

The pursuit of fashion, did not stop there. Fashion in style. The difference between style and fashion is quality, and this should be of most concern in the energy industry.

Original title: energy barons fashion labels

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (7.13-7.17)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, issued by the Department of energy in 2015, Jiangxi province, the second instalment distribution plan for photovoltaic power generation project

To ensure that the photovoltaic power generation in Jiangxi province completed annual construction of 600MW scheduled tasks smoothly, recently, the provincial energy Board issued the second distribution plan in advance, 5 surface photovoltaic power generation project in JI ‘ an city, the scale of construction 111MW. Thus JI ‘ an city, two groups of a total of 40 roof and ground distribution plan for PV power generation projects in the province.

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2, the local taxation Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Finance on specific PV farmland occupation tax policy of the

Recently, the requirements of photovoltaic power stations construction in some areas of Inner Mongolia land or other land, both temporary and permanent land or lease land, formed the fact that construction of the building or in the non-agriculture, shall be levied on arable land occupation tax. However, no change of land for a power plant photovoltaic panel array properties and function of maintaining the status quo and existing agricultural land, no farmland occupation tax.

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3, Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission issued the implementation programme on accelerating clean energy construction in Guangdong notice of

Guangdong Province has great potential for development of clean energy including nuclear power, natural gas and renewable energy such as wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation. Speeding up the construction of clean energy in the province, promoting and optimizing the structure of investment, steady growth, develop Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission, in conjunction with the relevant units of the province on accelerating the implementation of clean energy development programme.

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4, Dongguan city development and Reform Commission on the Organization of distributed PV financial aid project notice

Recently, Dongguan city, to speed up the construction of distributed solar power projects, the municipal development and reform Department decided to be financial benefits of distributed PV projects. Subsidy for the period from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016, make municipal development and reform Bureau of distributed solar power projects. Grants total capacity 62MW, first-come-first-served by application time, the portion is not subsidies, has enjoyed the national “Golden Sun” and “BIPV” except for project grants.

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5, issued by the Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission on 2015 construction of photovoltaic power generation implementation notice

2015, Shanghai will not occur under leave a light, photovoltaic power generation construction scale ceiling does not. Considering the area (s) resource condition and development based on the basis of factors such as, combined with the district (s) reported annual implementation plan, 2015, the programme for the construction of photovoltaic power generation new 200.1 MW, of which 56 MW, distributed PV 144.1 MW of PV power station.

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6, China quality certification centre for photovoltaic products “leader” certification program

China quality certification centre for photovoltaic products “leader” certification programs cover photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and PV off-grid inverter inverters, photovoltaic, photovoltaic energy storage photovoltaic products, such as the back panel. This certification will focus on product efficiency, adaptability and durability of construction of “leader” index evaluation system of advanced technology, companies can submit applications for certification by CQC site.

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Market review

1, 56 photovoltaic companies vie for the Datong 950MW “leader” planned power station project

On July 11, 2015, before 10 o’clock in the morning, a total of 56 companies in China water resources and hydropower planning and Design Institute submitted the tender documents, to compete for “national advanced technology in mining subsidence area in Datong, Shanxi solar demonstration base” 2015 1GW 950MW project planning right. The statistics, 23 companies bidding 100MW project right, 33 companies bidding 50MW power, winners will soon be made public.

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2, 52 billion clean-energy base in the Hexi corridor approved construction of photovoltaic power generation programme clear

Recently, the National Energy Board approved the programme for the clean-energy base construction in Hexi corridor, Gansu province. Among them, the programme for the construction of clear and concrete construction of photovoltaic power generation, new wind power projects 5 million-kilowatt, 1.5 million-kilowatt new photovoltaic project, online organizing has been built, wind power and PV power projects 1.3 million-kilowatt project 2 million-kilowatt.

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3, a third battery capacity up to 4.5GW by the end of United States demand affects prices

United States last week sentenced 2012 China solar energy double-reverse review results, making Taiwan and the third property the importance advancement outside of China. Plans for the United States market operators, application rates and component production costs will be the key. EnergyTrend survey results show that at the end of a third battery capacity will come to 4.5GW, then the battery will face price pressures.

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4, new energy or favor YC model number PV enterprises listing

Traditional ways of financing such as bank loans and bonds, may be difficult to meet the needs of photovoltaic companies. In this context, many solar companies began experimenting with new modes of financing, the latest concern is the YieldCo mode, it is because of this new way of financing, many PV companies began its PV splits, seek a separate listing.

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5, the European industry calls for the lifting of China’s photovoltaic products of lowest price limited

The end of 2015, the European Commission will decide whether to extend restrictions on Chinese-made solar products for 5 years. On Wednesday, Germany machinery and equipment Association, BayWa, EnBW company, 30 companies and associations in Berlin, jointly asked the European Union to lift the restrictions on the grounds that European import costs have been artificially inflated by 10%, hindering the photovoltaic market developments.

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6, Zhejiang province took the lead in simplifying PV on-grid price reviews the entire application process will save at least 1 month

Price Bureau of Zhejiang Province, recently issued on further simplification of PV on-grid price clearly in the notice of approval procedures, has been put into operation and follow the procedures to complete the record of photovoltaic power generation project, may apply directly to the local power grid enterprises settled on-grid prices and subsidies, Government pricing departments at all levels are no longer separate approval.

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Comment article

1, PV and the agricultural Union is not an easy

At present, our country is in transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, agriculture modernization in different fields in different degrees, is in modernization process. Needs to be clear is, PV and the agricultural Union is far from easy. PV agricultural policy uncertainty, lack of clear policy definition. In addition, the PV lack uniform standards of agriculture, although they each have their own standards, but does not apply to the other side, there is still no clear standard applicable to agriculture also applied to PV.

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Oil-rich 2, why switch to solar energy?

Saudi Arabia, this traditional, typical of the oil countries are looking to complete a solar field is perhaps the world’s largest investment. Their motives may not care about global warming, because they do not want to see the most is the end of the age of oil. They invest in solar energy as a means of maintaining its status as a global oil power.

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PV VS coal 3, who was shot on the beach?

If PV play Ultimate with the coal in this century to PK, then the bond market is a “Dragon Sabre”, which gets the world. With solar-oriented growing renewable energy on a global scale, the coal market is already struggling.

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4, Hung-Wei: China PV may once have been a 30-year

History, must have accidentally, if by chance did not seize, history might be another. World China PV industry is so competitive, if not some accidental, PV will be an inevitable, in order to achieve the first position in the world today, may be 30 years later thing.

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5, energy “hits” how much power?

Energy is an important material basis for human existence and development. Flat technology for energy systems through the Internet, promoting energy production and use patterns change, help to improve the efficiency of energy use and optimize the structure of energy use. Energy Internet openness, Internet, peer, sharing, intellectual properties, will make the industry releases more stunning energy, to build a secure, stable, economical, clean modern energy industrial system

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Enterprise version

1, change in the refinancing of stock market volatility more than energy companies or

Although huge shocks in the early July 9 a-share market is gradually stabilizing, but some listed companies are also facing a reality that refinancing can proceed? reporter recently collating information found several listed companies but has not yet been disclosed are seasoned stage of completion. Top view of some listed companies, although there are rumours that the refinancing of more than 5 billion yuan would be suspended, but does not exclude adjusted issue price or the development of new programmes and other measures, as soon as possible to deal with future ups and downs of the stock market.

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2 complex Pan Yingli, business and financial data over the years

On May 15, Yingli Green Energy (YGE) to the United States SEC (SEC) submitted a report, the high debt risk to disclose for the first time, helped by the news, sending its shares almost halved in just two days after. Photovoltaic industry, spring is coming, and Yingli is still struggling with debt.

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3 Braised combined PV of financial alchemy, deep core logic

Recently, the PV industry (mainly downstream power station area) suddenly is like playing chicken blood, PV enterprises bond issuance, sending shares of the stock, sell House sell room in just two months to raise nearly 15 billion yuan. Among them, the Hong Kong-listed arm of the China Merchants company joint financing of PV more compact frequency, well-known object of financing, financing and funky money mess, its “financial Alchemy” stood out. So, combined with PV financial alchemy, what are the main tools?

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4, promising solar projects China fangda group threw $ 1.6 billion to build photovoltaic power plant

On July 13, China fangda group said in a statement, wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen new energy and Guoxiang Chi energy in Xinyu city, Jiangxi province signed joint development deal, joint development of 200MWP photovoltaic power plant projects, projects valued at 1.6 billion yuan. Fangda group Secretary of the Board told reporters that the current 1.6 billion yuan of funding is tentative self.

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5, Sichuan Leshan polysilicon manufacturers took place leakage burn up large smoke

July 13 10:30 A.M., wutongqiao district, Leshan city leak combustion of chemical enterprises. Wutongqiao district, according to the Government Press Office informed, the event caused no casualties. Shortly after the incident, local netizens say anything in an online posting. Netizens said, 10:30 A.M., heard a “bang” a loud noise, then saw local Yongxiang polysilicon plant rising from the big smoke.

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Character articles

1, Qu Xiaohua: do “boss”

After the solar, an increasing number of PV enterprises successfully listed on the NASDAQ, and set off a wave of overseas listings of Chinese PV companies. In fact, in these companies, Canadian Solar is not the most prominent one. But Qu Xiaohua always stay ahead. In the company gradually expanded in the process, he gives solar position remains unchanged, namely, “does not make the industry boss.” In his view, sound more important than the first fight.

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2, “arbitrary” and “capricious” Miao Liansheng

Yingli’s fate, like a roller coaster, and moments from top down to the bottom. Speaking of Yingli’s ups and downs, you have to tell Miao Liansheng, Chairman of Yingli.

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3, the world’s largest grid-connected PV power station chengbafeite “cash cow”

Buffett’s investment value in “cash cows”, volume is large enough, growing attractive enough photovoltaic power station is good business for his new look. BHE Renewables company recently announced that after two years of construction, in United States California 579MW photovoltaic power plant for the construction of the project “Solar Starprojects” has been successfully completed, began on-grid power.

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Local taxation Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Finance on specific PV farmland occupation tax policy of the

Polaris solar PV net news: each League City Finance Bureau, taxation Bureau, manzhouli, Erenhot City Finance Bureau, taxation Bureau:

Recently, in some parts of the communication, requirements to PV power station construction of cultivated land occupied by, or other agricultural land, both temporary and permanent land or lease land, formed the fact that construction of the building or in the non-agriculture, shall be levied on arable land occupation tax. However, no change of land for a power plant photovoltaic panel array properties and function of maintaining the status quo and existing agricultural land, no farmland occupation tax.

B, agricultural photovoltaic power stations do not have land or agricultural land, no farmland occupation tax.

PV power station construction and operation, in conjunction with the above directly associated access roads, inverse transformer stations, office buildings and other subsidiary facilities occupied land or other land shall be levied on arable land occupation tax.

Four, taxpayer a temporary occupation of arable land, or other land, arable land tax under tax rules.

Five, centralized PV power station, refers to the ground by installing photovoltaic panels photovoltaic array construction of photovoltaic power station PV power plant facility agriculture, refers to the use of agricultural greenhouse, greenhouse free space at the top to set up and install photovoltaic panels construction of photovoltaic power plant.

Original title: local taxation Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Finance on specific PV farmland occupation tax policy of the

Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission issued the implementation programme on accelerating clean energy construction in Guangdong notice of

Polaris solar PV net news: Guangdong development and reform to new functions (2015), No. 396

SHUNDE district-level municipal people’s Government, the people’s Government, provincial departments, limited liability company, Guangzhou power supply Bureau of Guangdong power grid co Shenzhen power supply Bureau Ltd:

According to Government plans, to accelerate clean energy in our province-building, promoting and optimizing the structure of investment, steady growth, I appointed research developed in conjunction with the relevant authorities on accelerating the construction of our province’s clean energy plan, agreed by the provincial people’s Government, it is issued to you, please earnestly implement. Problems encountered in the implementation process can reflect to me.

Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission

The July 13, 2015

Annex 1

On accelerating the construction of our province’s clean energy plan

The province has great potential for development of clean energy including nuclear power, natural gas and renewable energy such as wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation. Guangdong Province is located in the southeast coast, rich in renewable energy such as wind, solar, and has great development potential, nuclear power plant is rich in resources, with the conditions for large-scale development of nuclear power; natural gas market. After years of development, Guangdong nuclear power, natural gas and renewable energy has made certain achievements, reach a certain size, while promoting the development of related industries. Accelerate the development of clean energy to improve the energy supply capacity, optimizing energy structure, drive the development of related industries and promote economic growth is of great significance. In order to speed up the construction of clean energy in our province, this programme has been formulated.

A, State of

(A) of the progress made.

1. nuclear power. Province province is the nation’s first nuclear power, uranium resources and nuclear power plant is rich in resources, with the advantages and basic conditions for further development of nuclear power. At present, the province has built the Daya Bay nuclear power base and the Yangjiang nuclear power station unit 1th, total installed capacity 7.2 million-kilowatt; Yangjiang nuclear power unit 2-6 and the construction of the Taishan nuclear power station, a project is, the total installed capacity of 8.9 million-kilowatt. Huizhou, lufeng in nuclear power, nuclear power and other projects being carried out preparatory work.

2. natural gas. Dapeng LNG project has been built in Shenzhen and Zhuhai Golden Gulf LNG project, the West-East gas pipeline and gas supply facilities, supply capacity of about 35 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year; natural gas main pipeline network built about 2000 km, the initial formation of inner and outer ring of gas pipeline network in Pearl River Delta, as well as the connected gas transmission network in Northern Guangdong. From 2014 to 13 billion cubic metres of natural gas consumption, gas consumption, mainly in such areas as power generation, commercial, residential gas, power gas total gas consumption of more than 50%.

3. wind power. Our province’s onshore wind technology development about 14 million-kilowatt, mainly in the coastal regions and Northern Guangdong, Guangdong high altitude mountain; offshore wind farm offshore 5-30 meters depth area develop capacity of about 11 million-kilowatt. At present, the province has built onshore wind power capacity of about 2.35 million-kilowatt, had approved the project installed capacity of about 1.98 million-kilowatt. Accelerating the construction of onshore wind power at the same time, actively promoting the construction of offshore wind energy. Zhuhai South network Mount Laurel (200,000-kilowatt), Yue Zhanjiang foreign law (200,000-kilowatt), Guangdong Yangjiang Sha BA (300,000-kilowatt), Hua Yang Jiang Sha BA (600,000-kilowatt), cgnpc Yang Jiang Nanpeng Island (400,000-kilowatt), 5 offshore wind energy project is carrying out preparatory work.

4. the solar photovoltaic power generation. About 2,200 hours of average annual solar radiation in our province, is South-North pattern, Eastern Guangdong Province belong to the three categories of solar energy resources coastal areas, other areas belonging to the four categories. In recent years, the State-aid policy, driven by solar photovoltaic power generation in our province achieve fast development currently build photovoltaic power capacity of about 580,000-kilowatt in the province, is building the capacity of about 200,000-kilowatt. Foshan Sanshui industry zone, conghua City Industrial Park, Shenzhen qianhai zone was declared a national demonstration zone of distributed PV applications, planning a total installed capacity of 260,000-kilowatt.

(B) there is a problem.

1. nuclear power. Under the influence of factors such as safety, technical and public communication, nuclear power a long construction period, while nuclear power construction progress greatly influenced by national policies, in accordance with national unity deployment project construction.

2. natural gas. I the cost of natural gas utilization is high, natural gas consumption is only 5% per cent of the province’s total energy consumption, construction of natural gas pipelines and gas storage facilities cannot meet the market demand, Guangdong Province, in Western Guangdong natural gas main pipeline network is not yet accessible.

3. wind power. Province within some wind resources good of mountain was included has ecological rein district, land wind electric project location by limit; by land planning adjustment, and land, and forestry with to approval slow, and supporting grid facilities construction progress not match and part to city clear not development wind electric, factors effect, currently I province some wind electric project is has was approved, but yet starts construction, in must degree Shang restricted has I province land wind electric construction progress. Offshore wind energy project involving maritime, shipping, marine function zoning, marine environmental protection, military and other fields, early coordination is difficult, approval and cumbersome, time-consuming; offshore wind power project is expected to benefit poor, affecting the progress of project.

4. solar power. Roof owners benefit from limited offers a rooftop are not enthusiastic, distributed PV roof needed resources to implement more difficult; investment business owners worry about the roof instability affect PV power generation earnings. In addition, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other coastal provinces in the State subsidy policy was further based on the provincial as well as city and County subsidies, rapid development of photovoltaic power generation, the province did not introduce subsidies, relatively slow development.

Second, the development goals

(A) until the end of 2015 goals.

–Nuclear power. By the end of 2015, the province built nuclear power installed capacity will reach about 8.3 million-kilowatt (from 2014, new installed capacity of 1.08 million-kilowatt, the same below), under construction nuclear power installed capacity is about 7.8 million-kilowatt above.

–Natural gas. By 2015, the province build supply capacity of about 39 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year (new natural gas supply capacity of about 4 billion cubic meters/year), supporting the gas main pipeline network built around 2083 km (add approximately 83 km of pipe network) to build natural gas power generation (including combined heat and power, peak power, distributed generation) about 15.52 million-kilowatt (capacity about 1.2 million-kilowatt).

–Wind power. By the end of 2015, onshore wind power capacity reached 3 million-kilowatt (capacity 700,000-kilowatt).

–Solar photovoltaic power generation. By the end of 2015, photovoltaic power installed capacity reached 1 million-kilowatt (capacity 500,000-kilowatt).

(B) until the end of 2017 goal.

–Nuclear power. By 2017, the province built nuclear power installed capacity will reach about 14 million-kilowatt (from 2014, new installed capacity of 6.8 million-kilowatt, the same below), under construction nuclear power installed capacity is about 4.7 million-kilowatt above.

–Natural gas. By 2017, the province’s natural gas supply capacity of about 47 billion cubic meters/year built (new natural gas supply capacity of about 12 billion cubic meters/year), supporting the gas main pipeline network built around 2863 km (add some 863 kilometers of pipe network) to build natural gas power generation (including combined heat and power, peak power, distributed generation) about 20 million-kilowatt (capacity about 6.5 million-kilowatt).

–Wind power. By 2017 onshore wind power capacity reached 4.2 million-kilowatt (capacity about 1.9 million-kilowatt), offshore wind reaches 300,000-kilowatt.

–Solar photovoltaic power generation. PV power capacity reached 2.2 million-kilowatt by 2017 (new installed capacity of about 1.7 million-kilowatt).

Three key, major tasks and projects

(A) the safe and efficient development of nuclear power.

1. the main tasks. Yangjiang nuclear power unit 2-6 and speed up construction of Taishan nuclear power projects under construction actively Earth nuclear power, a project approved by the State as soon as possible and approved projects. Do nuclear power station project in Huizhou public communication and other preparatory work, promoting the project conditions reported to the State for approval as soon as possible according to national unity deployment, promote nuclear power in Zhanjiang follow-up nuclear power projects in provinces such as preparatory work, as soon as possible into the State nuclear power development plan and allowed to carry out preparatory work.

2. key projects. In 2015, the Yangjiang nuclear power station unit 2nd built, advance Earth’s nuclear power project, towards the Earth’s nuclear power of a project approved by the State; added nuclear power installed capacity 1.08 million-kilowatt new year, new investment of 18 billion yuan. In 2016, built of Yangjiang nuclear power units 3rd (1.08 million-kilowatt) and Taishan nuclear power unit 1th (1.75 million-kilowatt), promote Earth nuclear power project; the annual new nuclear power installed capacity totals 2.83 million-kilowatt, new investment of 21 billion yuan. In 2017, the Yangjiang nuclear power station built unit 4th (1.08 million-kilowatt) and Taishan nuclear power 2nd unit (1.75 million-kilowatt); annual new nuclear power installed capacity totals 2.83 million-kilowatt, new investment of 17 billion yuan.

(B) in an orderly way using natural gas.

1. the main tasks. Active expansion of the natural gas supply channels, increasing import of LNG resource to accept domestic onshore gas pipeline, greater use of South China Sea natural gas. Speeding up construction of gas main pipeline network, especially Guangdong Province, Western Guangdong natural gas main pipeline network construction to speed up the completion of Guangdong Province, Guangdong LNG project pipeline project, the West-East gas transmission line, Guangdong, LNG project in Western Guangdong, Guangxi regional project and associated works. According to “a net across the province,” principles, implementation and construction of natural gas resources, and step, to advance in stages, gradually formed the province’s networking and resource sharing, open, safe and reliable natural gas pipeline system. Developing natural gas. Working in the heat load set (type of) moderate industry park construction of gas-fired cogeneration power plant, according to local conditions to develop the natural gas distributed generation, combined with the peak demand natural gas peaking power plant construction.

2. key projects. In 2015, the Guangdong Dapeng LNG project built fourth tank project in Zhanjiang in Western Guangdong, Guangxi LNG project spur line project, and new supply capacity about 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, about 83 km trunk natural gas pipelines, natural gas power generation capacity of about 1.2 million-kilowatt, annual new investments of about 9.8 billion yuan. In 2016, built Diego Fu LNG project in Shenzhen, Guangdong LNG project, new natural gas supply capacity of about 8 billion cubic meters/year, natural gas trunk pipelines, natural gas power generation capacity of about 400 km 300,000-kilowatt, new investment of about 20.5 billion yuan for the year. In 2017, strive to build Northeast natural gas trunk pipeline project, the West-East gas transmission line route in Fujian and Guangdong, Guangdong, Guangdong, Xinjiang coal gas transmission pipeline engineering, new supply capacity of about 13 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year, about 380 km of gas main pipeline, natural gas power generation capacity of about 5 million-kilowatt, new investment of about 20.5 billion yuan for the year.

(C) to speed up the development of wind power.

1. the main tasks. In accordance with the “land before and after the sea”, “after the first offshore, high seas” principle, developing wind power. Order standard onshore wind development, continued to develop the onshore wind resources in coastal areas suitable for wind power development, proper development of wind power resources in mountain areas. The orderly development of offshore wind energy resources, through pilot demonstration projects construction of offshore wind power, promote the development of large-scale cluster. Focus on outside Mount Laurel, Zhanjiang, Zhuhai, Yangjiang Luo Sha BA, Yang Jiangnan Peng Islands and other offshore wind projects.

2. key projects. In 2015, promoting China-top in Yangjiang, China resources in lianzhou times, Huadian xuwen huahai onshore wind projects, annual new built onshore wind power installed capacity 700,000-kilowatt, new investment of 6.5 billion yuan. In 2016, pushing cgnpc Dechen dadingshan, CR xuwen Fukurai, yuedian Dianbai your child such as onshore wind projects and Mount Laurel offshore wind energy projects in Zhuhai, new build wind power installed capacity of 700,000-kilowatt, with onshore wind power installed capacity 600,000-kilowatt, offshore wind power installed capacity of 100,000-kilowatt, new investment of 7.4 billion yuan. In 2017, the new build wind power installed capacity of 800,000-kilowatt, with onshore wind power installed capacity 600,000-kilowatt, offshore wind power installed capacity of 200,000-kilowatt, new investment of 9.2 billion yuan.

(D) promoting solar photovoltaic applications.

1. the main tasks. Make full use of all kinds of industrial parks focused on connecting the roof is rich in resources, load stability, grid access and strong advantages, promote the scale application of distributed PV; support for commercial enterprises, public institutions, industrial plants, individual residents roof construction of distributed solar power projects. Land resources are plentiful, grid access conditions are good areas to develop photovoltaic encouraged agriculture combined, Yue Kwong mutual complement and other forms of photovoltaic power generation. Advance, Sanshui, Foshan, Guangzhou conghua, qianhai in Shenzhen national demonstration area for distributed PV applications.

2. key projects. In 2015, promoting town, Yangdong 50,000-kilowatt PV, Yangjiang yinshan South medicine base ground such as PV PV, Zhongshan galanz 60,000-kilowatt distributed PV photovoltaic projects, Sanshui, Foshan, Guangzhou conghua, qianhai in Shenzhen the national demonstration area of distributed PV applications, annual 500,000-kilowatt new build photovoltaic power capacity, new investment of 4 billion yuan. In 2016, the new build photovoltaic power generation installed capacity 600,000-kilowatt, new investment of 4.8 billion yuan. In 2017, the new build photovoltaic power generation installed capacity 600,000-kilowatt, new investment of 4.8 billion yuan.

(E) promote the development of clean energy industries.

1. the main tasks. Accelerating clean energy use at the same time, actively promoting industrial development. Speeding up the construction of nuclear-fuel industrial park project, actively coordinate the nuclear group, China Guangdong nuclear power group and getting the National Defense Science and Industry Council and other relevant departments to support, promote nuclear fuel settled in the province as soon as possible and speed up the construction of industrial park project. Focus on the development of megawatt-class wind turbine sets of units manufacturing industry, by 2017 and 5 MW and above large offshore wind turbine manufacturing and application. Strengthen the study of solar efficient photoelectric conversion technology, key technology bottleneck breakthrough solar cell manufacturing equipment, promote the development of industrialization of solar cells.

2. key projects. Promoting composition of large-scale nuclear fuel industry Park, Ming-6.5 MW offshore wind turbine and industrialization of key components of projects, high concentration solar cell expansion and efficiency projects. In 2015, the new investment of 900 million yuan in 2016, new investment of some 1.3 billion yuan in 2017, new investment of 1.6 billion yuan.

Summary calculations, 2015-2017, the total new investment in clean energy projects in the province about 147.4 billion yuan, are investing funds from enterprises to solve. New investment and capacity shown in the table below, information on specific projects as detailed in the annex.

New investment in clean energy in our province of 2015-2017 and capacity planning

Four measures, work

(A) speeding up the project.

In accordance with the unified deployment of orderly development of nuclear power projects, promoting projects completed and put into production on schedule, promote follow-up projects preparatory work within the province, as soon as possible into the State nuclear power development plan and allowed to carry out preparatory work. Actively promote construction of gas power project has not yet started to implement the approved conditions, to start construction as soon as possible, studies on the construction projects cannot be properly adjusted, ordered forward with follow-up electric preliminary work. Scale clusters to develop offshore wind power, support and design units, wind power developers, equipment manufacturing, construction units, industry alliances, and offshore wind energy project design, construction, operation, and maintenance processes, reduce costs, ensure quality, reduce risk. Industrial Park, large corporations, public institutions and actively install using distributed PV.

(B) increase coordination support.

Relevant departments of the province and around the city to form a consensus to support clean energy development. Development and reform Department specifications to facilitate project management, further simplify the registration procedures, facilitate new energy sources such as photovoltaic development. Land and resources departments actively supporting clean energy projects to support. Marine Department to speed up its offshore wind power projects with sea pre-trial, sea EIA and other supporting documents for work. Forestry sector to support moderate and orderly development of onshore wind resources in mountain areas, wind power project is located in the woodland protection and utilization planning and forestry eco-line-related provisions, as well as strict implementation of forestry eco-environmental protection and soil and water conservation measures, law and compliance audit of projects related with forest land. Environmental protection departments support the proper development of wind power resources in mountain areas, and promote the coordinate development and ecological environment of the project. Power grid enterprises to further improve grid-connected power generation project management, promoting supporting synchronization network engineering and new energy projects completed and put into production. Concerned, be proactive, to solve in the development of clean energy issues and problems, promoting the projects completed and put into operation as soon as possible.

(C) strengthening policy support.

1. introduction of provincial funding policies. Follow-up to the General Office of the provincial Government of the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (Yue Fu (2014) 9), reference to practices in other provinces, according to province, from coal-fired power plant electricity price in the lower left part of the funds for wind power and solar power subsidies, specific subsidy programs separately.

2. perfecting the incentive mechanism. The statistical, economic and information technology, environmental protection sector solar power consumption into cities and enterprises energy saving and emission reduction. Support elimination of distributed PV units according to the conversion of energy or reduce the emissions involved in relevant transactions. PV power generation projects are encouraged voluntary carbon emission reduction trading.

Annex 2: clean energy investment plan, Guangdong Province (2015-2017) “PV part”

Original title: Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission issued the Declaration on accelerating the construction of our province’s clean energy programme for the implementation of the notification

1GW! Oman why to build world’s largest solar thermal EOR projects?

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 8, 2015, the Oman oil development company (PDO) announced a landmark event, the company will work together from the United States State of California Solar EOR (secondary oil extraction) common to create the world’s largest solar project developer GlassPoint EOR projects. The project will start construction in late 2015, scheduled to be put into operation in 2017.

The program is called Miraah, are expected to invest as much as $ 600 million, will cover an area of 750 acres of desert. And before the GlassPoint in Oman solar EOR project for the construction of a similar, Miraah project will also be used on glass greenhouse in aluminium sheet reflector captures the Sun’s rays and heat together produce steam. It is worth mentioning that, Miraah peak thermal power output of the project will be more than a 1000MW, what exactly is this concept? We can compare, built by First Solar company, located in the United States currently in operation in the world’s largest solar energy project in California’s installed capacity of 550MW, equivalent to only about half of Miraah. Although the latter refers to the electrical power.

So why would the Middle East oil giant to build such large scale solar EOR projects? PDO a wide range of business areas, which also include heavy oil exploitation. To make heavy oil flow to facilitate mining often requires huge amounts of water vapor, the current PDO may burn natural gas to generate steam, however, with the increasing depletion of gas reserves, this approach is not feasible in the long run. After three years of study, the PDO (its daily oil output reached 1.25 million barrels) concluded that the use of solar energy is a much more affordable way.

Map: Miraah project

Miraah after the completion of the project is expected to produce 6000 tons per day of water vapour, enough for Amal for 35000 barrels per day of heavy oil production. In the year that solar energy will replace about 5.6 trillion British thermal units of gas-enough for more than 200,000 of the Oman people power. GlassPoint Vice-President John O’Donnell said in an interview on July 8, “EOR project of solar energy building and use Oman opportunities for higher-value uses of natural gas, you can make the Oman economy is more diversified and to create more employment opportunities. ”

Miraah project really did deserve the title of world’s largest solar project? After all the solar collector to convert solar water vapor, rather than States like California that large-scale solar thermal power plants convert solar energy into electricity. But Mr O’Donnell said that in fact, no difference between the two, “the power of 1 Watt and 1 Watt in the thermodynamic values are the same, but in a different form. ”

Oman petroleum development company solar steam systems in the past five years have done countless tests, and GlassPoint in 2012, the company has also established a small pilot project, but the San Francisco company’s technique because of its simplicity and reliability are even better advantage of winning Miraah project. From a distance, this system is like a column like agricultural greenhouse–but full of “greenhouse” is not a tomato, but – like the thin pieces of mirror foil bending wire hanging from the ceiling like to wear. Moving slowly as the Sun in the sky, small engines pulling wires to adjust the tilt angle of the mirror, so that the reflected light is concentrated on the tube with water.

PDO and Glasspoint in 2013, on May 21 announced first solar EOR project successfully put into operation in the Middle East, the daily solar EOR projects can produce 50 tons of steam, into the PDO in Oman Amal West oil fields in the South, driving heavy oil recovery. The project of thermal power 7MW, and trial runs of the test results show that for the first time, steam capacity exceeded expectations 10%. It was thanks to the good performance of the model project, only the Miraah project today.

Many other solar developers have tried other ways to produce steam. BrightSource company in California for Chevron to build a steam generating system covering an area of 100 acres, through individual mirrors to concentrate sunlight on a 300-foot-tall tower. But in Oman is not applicable, because Oman very windy, the wind is often mixed with a variety of sharp debris, and the debris is likely to scratch the mirror.

When Sun, workers used mechanical brushes automatically clean GlassPoint project shed, because the glass house can play a role in protecting internal facilities, so the project’s mirrors and much more than any other solar reflectors the light engine, and much cheaper. PDO’s managing director Raoul Restucci said in a telephone interview on July 8, “we invest a lot of energy on the pilot project, and then we found GlassPoint technologies are incredibly simple, and it is beyond the imagination of a great job. ”

GlassPoint companies in California in 2010 for Berry petroleum company building a heavy oil projects, which later was acquired by Linn Energy Company. O’Donnell said later because the surge in shale gas supplies Solar steam California economy is not significant, but this will be in the planned overhaul of California renewable fuel standard improvement, the plan can better motivate the development of low carbon energy projects. Miraah project is expected to replace a lot of natural gas and help 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60,000 cars.

Once the Miraah thermal power station is completed in 2017, is expected to become the world’s largest solar project, but only Oman solar plan for a start. Since then Oman petroleum development will also increase the size of Miraah power station 1 time so full for Amal steam required for oil exploration in the area of providing it. Since then, Oman also has more than 20 countries need to use steam to enhance oil recovery. And Oman’s neighbours is also interested in fact GlassPoint also has been working with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia oil company about it. However, many global giants are still in a wait-and-see attitude, because the 60% stake in PDO is by Oman in the hands and 30% owned by the Netherlands Royal Dutch Shell control, Netherlands Royal Dutch Shell, one of the GlassPoint investor.

Don’t expect GlassPoint companies to get support from environmentalists who opposed using oil, because environmentalists are watching their favourite solar managed to find an affordable way to help produce more oil, must be horrified. O’Donnell said, “only after the economy reaches a certain level can achieve large-scale development of solar energy, telling those people count on. ”

Original title: 1GW! Oman will build the world’s largest solar-thermal EOR project

Tesla, and LG scrambling to enter Australia solar energy market

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Bloomberg, sunny Australia is attracting such as Tesla, LGChem solar supplier. Solar technology is increasingly being applied to home and business power in reserve.

According to statistics from Morgan Stanley, Australia’s solar market size of us $ 18 billion. On the usage of solar panels at home, Australia’s leading position in the world. By 2040, about half of families are expected to rely on solar power.

Tesla plans early next year to Australia on sale solar cells. After Germany zhihou, Australia will be a Tesla in the United States of second country doing business outside. Korea LG Chem battery giant and Japan by Panasonic this year respectively in August and October in Australia sell solar panels. LG Chem 30% wished to occupy the country’s solar market.

Investment research analyst SanfordC.Bernstein analyst Michael Park (Michael Parker), “said Australia has (solar power companies are required to) all the advantages–abundant sunshine, traditional high energy costs, low financing costs, this is a good test market. ”

According to research firm Bloomberg new energy estimates that by 2040, the solar field will receive investments of US $ 3.7 trillion, and people’s interest in solar energy is rising sharply.

Original title: Tesla LG scrambling to enter Australia solar energy market

Photovoltaic industry or open recovery mode: construction plan of Guangdong 1.215 million kW

Polaris solar PV net news: June 29, Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission official issuing the release 2015 years of PV power projects in Guangdong province notice of proposed 2015 PV power station construction plan of 1.215 million kilowatts in Guangdong Province. Recently from national to local PV support policy-intensive stream of a miniature. Industry generally felt that good policy, driven by PV industry will open the recovery mode and into the development cycle.

Photovoltaic industry is expected to be fully warmed up

Earlier this year, the National Energy Board issued the 2015 programme for the construction of photovoltaic power generation, raised in 2015 photovoltaic capacity to 17.8 GW, rose as high as 67.9%, PV power station building received substantive promotion. Followed by the introduction of PV series of supporting policies for poverty alleviation.

In preliminary national policy support, PV-local policies also available. Take Guangdong as an example, at the end of last month, Guangdong Province, issued the order 2015 years of PV power projects in Guangdong province notice of proposed 2015 PV power station construction plan of 1.215 million kilowatts in Guangdong Province. PV power projects increase in size at the same time, let go of distributed solar power projects. In addition, PV subsidy policy is also of concern-Bloomberg launched intensive, many provinces have launched include the initial investment subsidies, subsidies, including subsidies for different combinations.

In this context, solar PV business in implementing enterprise frequently shot placement, and even changed the past war “powerful alliances”, and financial capital such as banks have aggressively entered the field of photovoltaic. The industry believes that, under the policy push, new concept promoted by PV industry will step into the development cycle.

Easy power control Xu Haibo, President of the Institute that, along with a number of support subsidy policies of each floor, the PV industry has gradually bottomed out, overall sentiment is improving, it also means that the domestic photovoltaic industry is fully warmed up.

This view has also been strong evidence of authoritative data. 1-5 months of electronic information industry data released by the Ministry showed that photovoltaic industry rebound in investment, an increase of 62.8%. Industry overall recovery performance could be further verified, currently published 2015 announcements in the company of almost 70% in red. According to Department of energy data, new PV installed capacity amounting to 5GW,17.8GW in the first quarter is not out of reach, is achievable.

“Matthew effect” will be more obvious

You can see from this round of policy support, the Government’s goal is not just to subsidize PV enterprises, more importantly through survival of the fittest, which regulate the industry productivity.

Released in June for the promotion of advanced solar technology applications and industrial upgrading of the views put forward, the National Energy Board will arrange a special market scale “leader” plan for projects using advanced technology products. According to early implementation of programmes currently under way declarations and review project point of view, or in the second half of this year will have more than one PV “leader” demonstration bases have been approved.

Industry experts think, and currently China advance distributed PV power application model district construction as, implementation “lead who” plans, and on its technology products proposed more high requirements, in must degree Shang is to to latest of PV products technology and commercial using mode set reference benchmark, speed up behind capacity exit market, and advanced technology products into market of speed, promote PV industry overall technology quickly upgrade.

Xu Haibo said that technological progress and reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation will continue to be industry development theme, good policy, driven by technical competition will be more fierce in the photovoltaic industry, enterprise technology development and industrialization of capacity needs to be further strengthened.

Industry experts believe that, in 2015, the photovoltaic industry is still facing complicated domestic and international situations, both domestic industry good policy environment continued to improve and international export market uncertainty caused by trade protection and Government policies. But overall, domestic PV market will still maintain a rapid growth, China’s PV industry will continue to expand the scale, large industry constant, weak being weaker, “Matthew effect” will continue to ferment, industry concentration will be further promoted.

Earlier this year, the National Energy Board issued the 2015 programme for the construction of photovoltaic power generation, raised in 2015 photovoltaic capacity to 17.8 GW, rose as high as 67.9%. Followed by the introduction of PV series of supporting policies for poverty alleviation.

Late last month, Guangdong Province, issued the order 2015 years of PV power projects in Guangdong province notice of proposed 2015 PV power station construction plan of 1.215 million kilowatts in Guangdong Province.

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“The Internet +” will increase the photovoltaic sector investment boom of the

Industry people of views is, in good policy of promoted Xia, domestic PV industry will in 2015 into strong development cycle and pull whole industry chain benefit, this which has two a according to, while is current national policy on distributed PV of incentive intent obviously; on the, current China business on energy interconnected of exploration has started, PV power also participation to distributed energy and Internet of combined among.

It is worth mentioning that the current “Internet +” concept is in the ascendant this year, domestic many enterprises in exploring new models for energy Internet, including Alibaba, Internet giants, this will also enhance the investment boom of the photovoltaic industry.

Recently released the “Internet +” action guidelines, finalized wisdom 11 key areas such as energy development goals task-related support measures. The industry generally believes that this will have important implications for energy Internet floor. Analysts pointed out that the energy Internet top design of the Internet + intellectual energy action plan introduced late in the year, it also means Internet industry is represented by smart grid energy landing development from the concept stage into the fast lane.

Original title: photovoltaic industry or open recovery mode: construction plan of Guangdong 1.215 million kW

MIP agreement struck off lists of the European Union, “added green”

Polaris solar Reuters: EU plans to PV module manufacturers in China are Solar Electronics Ltd (Znshine) from the EU minimum price (MIP) protocol name. On July 3, the European Commission (“EC”) issued an official document said, were bearing the components originating in third countries actually made in China.

MIP agreement struck off lists of the European Union, “added recruits.” According to the MIP Protocol, if the selling price is not below the minimum price set by European Commission, Chinese solar modules can be sold in the European market to avoid anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

Official documents revealed that, in view of the violation of the agreement, Znshine will be removed. Such the European Commission investigations into cooperation with the customs bodies of the members of the European Union.

The European Commission claimed that Znshine sold to the European market some components from mainland China but labeled as third-country label.

Over a period of time, Znshine has been introduced to the European market “made in Japan” solar modules. However, the document does not set out the European Commission “third countries” is Japan.

In addition, the document said, in quite a long time, Znshine there are any components on the date of shipment and invoice “misleading information” part–this is in breach of MIP Protocol obligations.

MIP-based agreement, invoice date is crucial because the European Commission will need to figure out to what extent the minimum price applicable to invoices. EC Znshine an invoice issued by the abnormal has been found, and have not yet accepted the company’s explanation–“this technical mistakes result from a less experienced employee. ”

In March this year, members of the European Union published a paper, proposed solar solar, Sheng photoelectric Yuhui solar PV modules from Central Europe and the lowest price (MIP) removed because they have broken the MIP Protocol activities and arrangements.

Today, the European Commission ruling requested that Znshine removed from the agreement. However, other Chinese manufacturers will not automatically be excluded from the MIP Protocol.

European Commission solemnly wrote in the document: “this violation liability lies with the exporting producer itself. Monitoring results did not reveal most of other exporting producers or the China machinery and electronic products import and export Chamber of Commerce (CCME) any systemic failures. ”

European Commission ruling, whether Znshine or CCME are being given the opportunity to comment or explain. (Translator: Krystal)

Original title: MIP agreement struck off lists of the European Union, “added green”

Oriental rising demand for large quantities of 17.5 meters in mid-July to Shandong province ninghai tender notices

Polaris solar PV net news: bid number:

Tender code: CBL_20150706_15919094

Opening time:

Industry: transportation and machinery electronics, energy, and other

Category: domestic tendering

Source of funding: other

Region: Zhejiang

Tender agent:-

Tenderee: Sunrise in the East new energy

Due to operational needs of the company in mid-July will need 40 17.5 m car from ninghai, loaded to loude, xintai Shandong. Request finished within 1 month.

, Tendering requirements:

1. supply ability, reasonable price, service logistics company.

2. the bidder must be in accordance with the People’s Republic of China laws established enterprises with independent legal status (companies).

3. Fund capability, good financial standing.

Second, application methods

Details can send mail to a specific mailbox or phone consultation.

Third, contact

Contact person: Xu Huiqin

Phone: 0574-59953183

Email: sunny@risen-lighting.com

China reportedly plans to sell solar PV manufacturers production line

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan solar cell makers revealed that several Chinese solar maker plans to sell solar-grade silicon wafers or crystalline silicon solar cell production line, trying to reduce operational burdens, to focus its resources and energy to have significant international competition of product line or business.

Internationally competitive product line focuses on its own branded photovoltaic modules, ground-mounted PV power station construction and operation is a competitive business, sources said.

Such as Suntech Power Holdings and LDK LDK and Yingli Green energy holding such first-tier manufacturers of photovoltaic solar energy has suffered major financial difficulties. However, many Taiwan solar wafer and solar cell manufacturers have plans to set up production lines in mainland China, in hopes of competing for more orders (market demand drives growth in orders), especially those with high conversion efficiency of solar wafer and cell order.

Original title: China reportedly plans to sell solar PV manufacturers production line

Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (6.29-7.3)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, issued by the national development and Reform Commission of Guangdong Province on notice 2015 years of PV power projects in Guangdong Province

On June 29, the Guangdong provincial development and Reform Commission issued the order 2015 years of PV power projects in Guangdong province notice notice mentioned 2015 1.215 million kW PV power station construction plan of Guangdong Province. 2014 closing of which 315,000-kW in 2015, new 900,000-kilowatt.

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2, Shandong province, Shandong development and Reform Commission on issuing the distributed notification of PV Application Guide to Declaration of special funds

Shandong province starting size of 100 million yuan of special funds, with investment subsidies or incentives to support it. Has been built in accordance with arrangements built to scale incentive funds, projects according to the actual scale of construction arrangement of investment grants. Individual project grants or awards are in principle not more than 5 million Yuan.

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3, Inner Mongolia issued under the national development and Reform Commission in 2015-new 800,000-kilowatt PV project implementation notice

2015-60 new PV power generation projects in Inner Mongolia, size 800,000-kilowatt. Addition, “notification” in the requirements, for included construction programme of PV power project, except in project construction to established full funding subsidiary situation outside, in project built Qian, shall not change investment subject, shall not to transfer construction index for purpose change project owners units, once verified, canceled project construction index, not application subsidies electric price, involved transfer index of both Enterprise 5 years within shall not participation I district PV power industry of construction and development.

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4, on Zhejiang Province in 2015 renewable energy Special Fund for the development of competitive distribution announcement

Zhejiang Province, according to the renewable energy Special Fund for the development of a competitive distribution programme (Zhejiang energy (2015), 7th) provides a competitive allocation process has now completed the recommended reporting and review phases, enter the announcement stage.

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5, Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the scale indicator instructions 2015 year PV record notice and related issues

Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued local 2015 years 500,000-kilowatt (of which 250,000-kilowatt specifically for PV supporting PV projects in the pilot counties for poverty alleviation) PV record size indicators to the distribution. Among them, the roof, distributed PV power generation projects and all of the spontaneous use of distributed solar power projects on the ground do not limit construction.

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Market review

1-5 photovoltaic projects being selected list of national energy Board energy innovation 2015

Recently, the National Energy Board for 2015 energy innovation and special projects for energy equipment experts review results are public, including 5 PV projects selected.

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2, the tiller: PV business transfer market

Facing the European Union and the United States again “blaming” China PV industry but calm. By the end of 2015, EU PV “price promise” was going to expire, the EU is again on Chinese PV companies have launched “anti-circumvention” survey. Industry sources said, the past few years, Chinese PV companies export to European shares sharply, facing the harsh trading environment, did not rule out the possibility of give up the European market in the future will focus on new market.

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3 May polysilicon imports continued rising prices down us borrowing “processing trade” last crazy

According to the latest customs statistics, May 2015 China poly silicon is 11085 tonnes were imported, breaking tons in two consecutive months on the basis of the increase 1.7% per cent. While polysilicon from the United States, South Korea and Germany continue to price shocks, May import price dropped to 18.42 dollars/kg, per cent decline to 17.7%. Import of polysilicon prices “double pressed” domestic polysilicon companies have high inventories, domestic prices are falling almost below cost line, impact of the dumped imports on the domestic market still continues.

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4, China’s emission reduction programme: 2020 PV installed capacity 100GW (with plans for full text)

On June 30, the Chinese Government submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change secretariat climate change national independent contribution files, namely the enhanced climate change action-the national independent contribution. Paper, non-fossil fuels by 2030 the share of primary energy consumption accounted for about 20%. Accelerating the development of solar power, by 2020 PV installed capacity up to 100 million-kilowatt per cent.

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There are ample PV 5, or the second half of “leader” program base is approved

Earlier this year, the National Energy Board on the situation of the photovoltaic industry to monitor the meeting to be held, PV will be implemented “leader” planned in 2015 as priority. Specifically, the index advanced certain market support for the key equipment, technology, through market-led and PV industry technology progress and a reduction in costs, enhance competitiveness. In this regard, Xie Hongwen told reporters, according to early implementation of programmes currently under way declarations and review project point of view, or in the second half of this year will have more than one PV “leader” demonstration bases have been approved.

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Comment article

1, returning to China First Solar will do?

Almost extinct in China United States PV companies, Daniel—FirstSolar recent low-key return. It is said that the company has in some cities research, but what things to do are not yet public. We guess the next, the layout of the company may be.

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2, photovoltaic power station of listed companies frequently finance what is the real intention?

Since the bull, due to stock market liquidity improves, the pace of corporate finance and investment. With the promising concept of renewable energy, to build various types of PV plants financing more and more enterprises than investors dazzled, overwhelmed. So, photovoltaic can really give investors good returns? If not, what is the purpose of these listed companies ‘ financing?

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3, photovoltaic power generation system to rent or to buy?

At present, the domestic financing PV projects are still not optimistic. Photovoltaic power plant lease or buy modes have been plaguing the industry, in fact, in some developed countries, exploration have come a long way, jade stones from other hills may serve to, take a look at Australia and the United States of two different models, to get the answer.

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4, solar revolution to solve intermittent problems

Lose even more subsidies, renewable energies can also develop to the extent of what is now one of the hottest topics in the world. Solar kill leather fossil fuels, one must solve the intermittent problems. Get the solar intermittent power problem solved, is the best way across the enterprise and multinational construction connected to larger and more flexible electricity grids.

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5, Mr MODI promised “cake” do you dare to eat?

According to the India Ministry of new and renewable sources of energy, official sources India Government planned in 2015 1500MW solar power generation capacity in the country; as of March 31, 2016, India solar power installed capacity is expected to exceed 2500MW. At present, India’s first solar power project tenders for the contract is about to start on a global scale.

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Enterprise version

1, GCL restructuring chaori solar energy: the truth go from here?

In the midst of controversy, *ST the integrated reorganization plan of more than 2 billion yuan in its second provisional shareholders ‘ meeting was adopted without a vote. However, the programme upon exposure, immediate investor dissatisfaction. Investors said the above restructuring plan, 1 Yuan/share offer price was too low, and counterparties, Jiangsu GCL and Shanghai-Indian actual control respectively, Mr Zhu Shan and Zhu Yufeng, both for the parent-child relationship.

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2, ja: behind the back of financing desired

Hebei company JA Solar want to end 8-year United States NASDAQ eventful years, opening in the privatization process, along with the PV module manufacturing industry extends to the lower station business trends, solar company finance needs more strong, “withdrawal from stocks return to a-share” appeared dark. Listed in order to finance, and quit, perhaps to better financing.

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3, BP: no new energy assets in China

United Kingdom 2015 issued by the oil company BP World Energy Statistics Yearbook showed that renewable energy market share in 2014 continues to grow, a record 3% per cent of global energy consumption, ten years ago the percentage was only 0.9%. Today, BP renewable energy dream had been dashed. Because in the field of renewable energy has advantages of loss and Mexico Gulf oil spill compensation pressures BP to optimize assets, have been split by the wind, solar and other renewable energy businesses.

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4, the proposed 2.3 billion holding 11 taiji industry of science and technology layout of PV

On June 30, after six months after the suspension of taiji industry, announced a restructuring plan, the company intends to 4.61 Yuan per share price, will be increased by about 493 million shares, acquired the 11 technology 81.74% of the stock they hold. The price of the deal is estimated at 2.272 billion yuan. In the view of the industry, as the 11 technology in photovoltaic business advantages, this also means that taiji industry layout of solar photovoltaic industry.

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5, involved a shares plunged Eicon Technology, new energy stocks fell below issue price

Collapsed more than spark a chain reaction of the market in recent trading days. Previously on the market watch, there are many new projects of the company, was seriously injured. This reporter has learned, including Eicon Technology, Jiangsu kuangda mechanical and electrical, aerospace, Beijing Express and Eastern Sunrise 5 new energy stocks have not been completed, issuance, while underlining the power plant market loves technology and shares of Jiangsu kuangda, is below the reserve price of SEO. If the a-share market continued the callback, then the additional twists and turns of the two companies.

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Bill Gates intended $ 2 billion bet: “investments in clean technology” out of the winter?

On June 25, United Kingdom, the Financial Times reported that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said, over the next five years, plans to vote for $ 2 billion in the area of transformational clean technology, in order to enhance the human capacity to cope with climate change.

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