Peng Xiaofeng: why is he called Chinese “aier·masike”?

Polaris solar PV net news: after a year of silence, before new energy Tycoon Peng Xiaofeng frequent appearances in mainstream media vision in the near future, former venture is blocked, can now join SPI green treasure reappearance.

Someone commented that this Pang after the low life again, and the same fate as Shi Yuzhu of the roller coaster has a lot of similarities; others believe, Peng business remains firmly in the photovoltaic industry and green energy treasure into the SolarCity mode of China, his energy Internet ambitions, is seen as a living Chinese version of “El ˙ musk.”

“Famous now”: 30 years of achievement the wealth myths

SPI green treasure turned flaunts a purposive far-reaching mission: to let everyone become producers and harvesting of solar energy. Peng Xiaofeng in good faith for the third venture, SPI green treasures by “+ financial + Internet new energy” innovative business models, PV industry in connection with ordinary investors, the left hand c-right hand-side b, create a combination industrial chain. SPI green treasure to solve the problem: there is no harder to build photovoltaic power plant to solve financing difficulties, so as to promote clean energy to replace fossil fuels and improve ecological environment.

SPI introduced green energy to the public when Bao, Peng Xiaofeng has referred to SolarCity, which not familiar to domestic enterprises, in the United States highly sought after, by Tesla owners and business legend El ˙ musk built. SolarCity has hundreds of thousands of homes installed solar roofs for free so that you can provide cheaper electricity prices, its momentum very rapidly.

SolarCity because Peng Xiaofeng successfully combined with China’s national conditions, to create SPI green treasure, he is regarded as China’s “El ˙ musk.” In fact, Peng Xiaofeng and musk of similarity, not only in what he did to distributed PV of “localization” attempts, more is a legendary life and entrepreneurial experience.

“Famous to get” this sentence in the two-person may be appropriate. Born in 1975, Peng Xiaofeng, 24 years old already have their own factory in Suzhou, 3 years later, Peng Xiaofeng by Liu Xin of the PPE Group, has accumulated billions of wealth. When musk is the University of Pennsylvania, who do not think, in almost the same age, experiencing the life of two people, ultimately has the wonderful intersection.

PPE is labour-intensive industries, is already very mature. There have been studying dream Peng Xiaofeng apparently don’t. 30 years old this year, and his transformation into the photovoltaic industry, and this time, he found a career in “true love”.

In July 2005, the LDK established, specializing in solar wafer production, high purity polysilicon and solar module manufacturing. Peng Xiaofeng in this industry with amazing speed of wealth-creation. Two years later, saiweichenggong in the United States listed on the New York Stock Exchange this year, at age 32, he, with net worth of 40 billion yuan to become the richest man in China’s new energy industry. Peng Xiaofeng ineloquent, strong, resolute character each time in the company’s development also reflects on the node.

That same year, Ocean 34 musk has been through several wars fame, worth more than $ 300 million. Business Internet, clean energy, and space in three areas. Tesla company founded in 2004 in particular, leapt to become the focus of world attention.

At this low ebb, they fight back

But the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience, does not guarantee business success. Tesla, management and production process is not smooth, musk encounters a problem, the young billionaires putting all the money into research and development. Peng Xiaofeng is not surging, beginning in 2011, excess capacity in the global PV market, under the background of lower demand, making PV module prices slashed led LDK business external environment deteriorated. Later, Peng Xiaofeng resigned in saving on all the functions, PV business myths tell of a paragraph.

While LDK underperformance, but members of the public praise of Peng Xiaofeng cique did not disappear: his easy-going style, heavy hearted river barons, let him venture once again assembled a friend. Although the company suffered bankruptcy, but credibility has never been bankrupt, he gained public acclaim. It is because Peng Xiaofeng has accumulated a good personal reputation, less than a year after leaving sinovideo his portable SPI green treasure again.

In a sense, although Peng Xiaofeng and musk and experience overlap in areas, but Peng Xiaofeng going through a more difficult business environment and more sinister low life. He lives with his tough “personality” implemented to fight.

Subvert the old rule: adoption of new energy to change the world

At Tesla and musk with a technical means to redefine the means of transport, Peng Xiaofeng in the photovoltaic field, reduces the cost of power generation, prices from 8 yuan per ten years ago down to 0.8 yuan per unit. As set out later, Peng Xiaofeng, to shift the focus of their businesses to photovoltaic application laid the Foundation.

Although with a different emphasis, but in essence, the people actually involved in the energy Internet, they constructed a new business model in new energy, to overthrow the old rules in different ways.

For purposes of musk, new energy electric cars did not meet his “ambition”. Through SolarCity electricity storage using Powerwall, on closed-loop towards the household electricity supply.

But that’s not all, either Tesla, or like Powerwall, actually is a market for the musk Gigafactory, and in his plan, it will be the world’s largest lithium-ion battery production factory, Powerwall and Tesla, need to use lithium-ion batteries, new energy vehicles alone, it will make the market a little cramped, drive does not Gigafactory capacity. In this way, Thomas g set up a whole new field of energy of the whole industrial chain, allows users from the source to the terminal are inseparable from their products. From power generation to electricity, allows users to fully exist without the power grid of the country.

Great minds think alike, business logic in Peng Xiaofeng, a complete industrial chain is equally important, he is more “game”.

Although State restrictions, Peng Xiaofeng could not be fully replicated SolarCity pattern, but SPI green treasure continues to actively expand its own roof resources, the acquisition of Shanghai Yazi roof you can prove it. A leading supplier of integrated roofing system, can bring plenty of roofing to SPI green treasure resources and technical services solutions.

Roofing resources, SPI Bao’s new green dimension intelligence to solve textual layout. It is a resident of distributed and small commercial exclusive brand of distributed generation systems, is the provider of intelligent small PV systems. Miss this link, showing the green treasure for key segments of the industry chain control.

In April this year, SPI green energy treasure complete the world-famous ZBB energy storage technology company’s strategic investment, the two sides signed a 4-year, with a total combined output power of 40 MW of energy storage system. Peng said great significance for development of photovoltaic energy storage, which will help SPI green can seize the treasure in the global business development process.

On the b side, roofing resources, power generation equipment, and energy storage devices, Yan Peng Xiaofeng is doing integration of dense stitching, likewise, c-Terminal layout also go hand in hand. In addition to the popular, based on photovoltaic power plant leasing project “beautiful orange”, “beautiful orange” series, recently launched products, post 1, 2nd, all sold out on the day. This product is, which marks the green treasure through the outlet of new energy vehicles, officially entered the civilian areas.

In recent days, said Peng Xiaofeng, SPI green treasure approaching the new energy car rental business, which means that the company will further the civilian market, accounting for Internet end users of energy resources, that SPI brings more green energy treasure of imagination.

Peng Xiaofeng under coups, the Chinese “El ˙ musk” is creating a new world in the field of new energy.

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