Polaris solar network on July 28, 2015 highlights review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary of July 28 news, global energy Internet: fantasy or reality, five months before the photovoltaic solar module exports more than US $ 5.9 billion, energy micro-grid new guidance released open a new situation for the development of energy industry and so on, as follows:

Global energy Internet: fantasy or reality?

Five months before the photovoltaic solar module exports more than US $ 5.9 billion

Energy micro-grid new guidance issued to open energy storage industry development in new situation

Bosses love to play with IT for transboundary water energy giants!

Reverse mergers: SoloPower can realize film counter attack?

Rainbow refinement into the photovoltaic industry three years planned installed capacity of 1GW

Hebei Baoding planned rise of the low-carbon building “PV demonstration zone of Taihang mountain”

Hunan Changsha community solar power encounter “growing pains”

Micro-grid markets in North America in 2020 will reach us $ 829 million/year scale

Mrs Clinton vowed after his election to the United States providing 500 million solar panels

Solar suppliers flocked to seize Australia energy storage market

Commercial solar-thermal power generation projects in China to the latest statistics (table)

New PV system combines power generation and energy storage function

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