Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (7.27-7.31)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review:

1. the Energy Council: first half of 2015 photovoltaic building profile

Recently, the National Energy Board releases first half of 2015 information profile for PV building, data show that as of the end of June 2015, national PV capacity was 35.78 million-kilowatt, in which the PV power station 30.07 million-kilowatt, distributed PV 5.71 million-kilowatt. In January-June the national new PV installed capacity 7.73 million-kilowatt, in which new PV installed capacity 6.69 million-kilowatt, new distributed solar PV installed capacity 1.04 million-kilowatt.

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2. on further regulating the construction of photovoltaic projects in the province, Sichuan province, matters related to the management of notifications

To further strengthen the management of photovoltaic power generation industry, recently, the Sichuan provincial development and Reform Commission, provincial energy Bureau issued the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects on further regulating the province issued the notice on matters related to the management, from the system to regulate the PV power plant construction in Sichuan province.

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3. the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission notice on distributed photovoltaic-related issues

Recently, the Qinghai development and Reform Commission, distributed photovoltaic-related matters, the main contents: various forms of distributed PV applications; establish a standard project management mechanisms improve photovoltaic power management provide simple and effective network operation services; strengthen quality management of distributed photovoltaic engineering; implementation of the acceptance system.

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Market review

1. West up light “shocking” Gansu is the most prominent

Rapid development of PV industry in China in the first half of this year at the same time, some problems are gradually exposed. In this, the “abandoned” problem is allowing people to “shocking”. In January-June this year, the State grid (excluding West Inner Mongolia) cumulative “abandoned” quantity of 1.733 billion kWh, all concentrated in the three provinces of Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang in Northwest China.

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2. arguing PV “58th article”

Around the “moratorium on applications for polysilicon processing trade imports” (“the 58th article”) or abolition of domestic solar upstream and downstream enterprises, there is a clear difference. Represented by GCL upstream firms, want the strict implementation “, 58th” restrict polysilicon processing trade imports, make up for the existing policy loopholes and protect domestic polysilicon industry the longi shares represented by the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise, you want to let go of polysilicon processing trade imports restrictions, especially for high-end imported polysilicon, which is more conducive to the development of the domestic high efficiency solar cells.

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3. the approval by the State Council located in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province renewable energy demonstration area

Recently, the State Council approved the establishment of renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou of Hebei province, the establishment of the demonstration zone will not only promote the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy, will also help Games bid. The plan proposed, in promoting the reform of energy and electricity at the same time, the establishment of new large-scale integration of renewable energy power system planning system, electricity market system, the development of regional integration mechanism and benefit compensation mechanism.

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4. the PV industry subsidies by at least 10 billion yuan in arrears outstanding

PV enterprises in arrears of the Government subsidy issue has been mentioned. According to the Beijing daily reported China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua on July 22 in the first half of 2015 “PV industry development and prospects for the second half” seminar that, due to lack of renewable energy surcharge, payment of subsidies program complexity, data compiled 15 photovoltaic power station operators, PV subsidies totalling more than 10 billion yuan in arrears.

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5. the PV inverter quality “lifeline”

Hot PV power station fire accident occurred, although the first time, including inverters, components, electrical system vendors try to distancing the relationship. But cleared include scale, industry research institutions such as TUV Rheinland is not difficult to find the report, released after the accident, but controllable factors in the installation process, more accidents occur in step-up and high voltage parts, and this one, inverter and combiner box become a high risk of accidents.

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Comment article

1. the global energy Internet: fantasy or reality?

Global energy Internet, which aims to solve energy supply crisis, environmental pollution and climate change three challenges of ambitious ideas, date since last May, far from imagine that in the heat of public opinion. “Cold shoulder” underlying causes, not only in its background are too ambitious, but also on the economic and technical feasibility of is difficult to grasp. Outside the inner circles of energy, “bad”, “not see” journalists often hears voices.

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2. Red Wei: Please stop the CBRC PV from the door!

Old red seen in recent days a message Strip dumbfounding, the invisible threshold exposure PV launched private bank “two high left” Wen were shut out in the industry said, “conveys the CBRC established by the private banks ‘ 12 rule ‘ … … According to people familiar with the matter said, in the 12 rules, also requires that private bank sponsor should not be mining, real estate and the ‘ high remains ‘ restricted industries, such as steel, flat glass, photovoltaic industry enterprises. ”

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3. PV subsidies: how big is the gap between China and?

Government subsidies for PV companies not only China, United States, too. But with the Chinese Government subsidies compared to relying solely on renewable energy electricity price surcharge is imposed by, United States the photovoltaic subsidy funding more and more flexible. The other hand, Chinese solar subsidies make up in terms of installed capacity, United States PV subsidies up in research and manufacture, through supporting key enterprises, with its core of advanced technology, and seize the photovoltaic technology.

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4. subsidy cuts United Kingdom renewable energy model?

United Kingdom has been a model of the renewable energy in the past 3 years, renewable energy, including wind and solar power generating capacity over 1, 22% per cent of Britain’s electricity. Recently, however, United Kingdom join Spain and Germany’s “negative” camp, first announced at the end of June, beginning on April 1, 2016, elimination of onshore wind power subsidies in advance, on July 22 after revealed that further reductions in subsidies of renewable energy projects, including the phasing out of subsidies to small solar projects, changing the way renewable energy projects to apply for grants, change to bio-energy project grants, etc.

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5. us Media: China will be the beneficiaries of Clinton’s energy policy?

: Presidential campaign, Obama promised to “save the Earth”, while Clinton is announcing will help people reduce electric bills. But us media have questioned, Clinton probably will ultimately benefit China. According to the United States News 27th dailycaller, United States Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton • Clinton promised in his first presidential term in the US 500 million solar panels installed, a second-term for each family to provide a sufficient number of alternative sources of energy, the commitment to wide acclaim.

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Enterprise version

1. crowd out Trina solar photovoltaic shipments in the first quarter the world’s top

Europe and America have to “double back” sticks to curb rapid Corps of China PV, PV module manufacturers production integration and competition intensified around the global market competition is the first club played quietly. In the photovoltaic industry has been low-key and famous, or even ridiculed as a conservative by peer solar solar energy limited (hereafter referred to as Canadian solar, NY:CSIQ), became a dark horse. Solar 1230MW shipments in the first quarter, slipped the Trina solar Ltd (NY:TSL) out of the champion of the world and instead jumped first.

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2. vote solar landscape increasingly clear: five-year plan to invest 200 billion yuan

Opened less than a year later, China Minsheng investment joint stock company (hereinafter “vote”) billions of photovoltaic layout outlines are becoming clear. In mid-July, the journalist be investigated both in Ningxia yanchi, tongxin, accompanied by the people in Ningxia company project manager, told reporters, zhongmin in yanchi shots to build the world’s largest single grid-connected PV power plant project will be launched at the end of this year, tongxin County, 200-megawatt project will be at the end of September this year grid.

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3. the “farce” progress: zhongke hengyuan sued Suntech first-instance judgement

Recently, zhongke hengyuan downwind international “dogs blood Opera” finally have new progress. On July 30, 2015 zhongke hengyuan announced today, the company sued Wuxi Suntech Power Co Ltd (hereinafter “Suntech”) contract dispute the judgement of first instance. On July 23, 2015 and receive notice of case, case number: (2014) No No. 00022 Su Shang.

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4. shareholder Gintech energy tongwei group or the world’s first photovoltaic cell Overlord

Faced once-forlorn and frustration of the photovoltaic industry, well-known entrepreneur Liu hanyuan, Sichuan suddenly glow with a new spirit. Recently, the world famous “King of aquatic feeds” lightning to swallow Taiwan’s largest solar plant Shang Yu Crystal energy, desperately wanted to show its influence in agriculture.

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5. the LDK LDK overseas debt restructuring has come after the success of the new Chairman

Following the successful resolve of overseas debt, kinky LDK LDK managed to survived. Company production stabilised, senior also carried out a new layout. LDK LDK’s most critical moment on the Board, “fire Captain”-Xinyu Liu Zhibin, Chairman of State-owned companies as its new Chairman. Peng Xiaofeng took over three years ago Tong XING, great snow, retire in the interim Chairman and Director, continued to serve as President and CEO.

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Character articles

1. Peng Xiaofeng: why is he called China’s “El ˙ musk”?

After a year of silence, before new energy Tycoon Peng Xiaofeng frequent appearances in mainstream media vision in the near future, former venture is blocked, can now join SPI green treasure reappearance. Someone commented that this Pang after the low life again, and the same fate as Shi Yuzhu of the roller coaster has a lot of similarities; others believe, Peng business remains firmly in the photovoltaic industry and green energy treasure into the SolarCity mode of China, his energy Internet ambitions, is seen as a living Chinese version of “El • Thomas g.”

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2. Taiwan fathers of solar: Motech Chairman Zuo Yuanhuai passed away due to illness

Taiwan solar company Motech former Honorary Chairman Dr Zuo Yuanhuai, passed away due to illness, at the age of 68. Dr left the optoelectronics Division of Motech, with its deep industry experience, consolidate Motech’s leadership in solar energy industry, Motech staff inquiries are both sad and lost a spiritual leader.

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