Rainbow refinement into the photovoltaic industry three years planned installed capacity of 1GW

Polaris solar PV net news: Rainbow and merchants of the capital investment limited liability company signed a cooperation agreement, jointly invested 5 billion yuan to set up a “merchant Rainbow new energy industry investment fund”, and expand the power plant finance leasing business. Within the next three years, Rainbow refined plans to develop 1GW solar PV power station.

According to the agreement, total 5 billion yuan of funds will be introduced by phases and merchants capital payment amount should be less than the total funding of 25% should be higher than 10%, Rainbow refined subscription amount, remaining funds are obtained through banks and other financing channels. Funding the establishment of objectives for the development of solar energy industry, and refinement is responsible for the investment of the Fund by the Rainbow PV power plant maintenance and management. In addition, the two sides also plan to set up financial leasing platform, opening up financing channels.

Rainbow refined installed capacity planning: three years 1GW

According to the China business daily reported, China Merchants Rainbow new energy industry investment funds were a period of four years, the first two-year investment period, two years after the recovery period. Rainbow refinement in 2014 begin solar power investment, operations management, and reserve project in capacity-building so far around 600MW; 1GW installed within three years of the company’s goals, and reached this target may need to cooperate more closely with merchants.

At present, the Rainbow essence of the solar PV power plant is mainly distributed in Anhui, Jiangxi, Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces, in addition to continuing in the future to expand outside the power plant holdings, also plans to add “energy Internet + financial platform” category, this China Merchants cooperation will be further pursued.

It is understood that the Rainbow refinement is currently holding on line ratio is not high, but in China began to have “abandoned” the problems emerging at this moment, Rainbow refinement for grid-connected solar power station set and must carefully plan to avoid the abandoned light power on finance and negative impact on the rate of return on investment. In this regard, the Rainbow essence, Chairman, the Secretary said, the company will be in accordance with the State of photovoltaic power generation and local policy of selecting excellent factories, sunshine or other areas, and with “along the way” policy introduced photovoltaic power plant investment overseas.

Original title: Rainbow refinement into the photovoltaic industry three years planned installed capacity of 1GW

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