Taiwan, Chiayi City proposed setting up solar energy promotion to promote the sun roof million scheme

Polaris solar PV net news: Government to promote green energy use, beginning in 2012 to promote “sunshine roof million” project, green energy to facilitate in June 2015, approved by the Mayor to serve, the formation of “solar set of Chiayi City and promoting group” is currently seeking professionals to join our team to assist in accelerating the review of future sun roof of Chiayi City.

Buildings roof set solar photoelectric facilities part, can according to “set renewable energy facilities from again please led miscellaneous license standard” of simplified process application, from again handle miscellaneous license, another Chiayi City currently amendment building management autonomy Ordinance draft Institute on the will solar facilities Yu roof, and roof highlight real of set height and the area relaxed; relaxed part stay Interior Department construction Department of approved Hou, Ka city will can created more favourable of solar facilities set environment.

Original title: drive sun roof million planned Taiwan, Chiayi City intends to set up solar team

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