Trimmed down Trina solar photovoltaic shipments in the first quarter the world’s top

Polaris solar PV net news: Europe to “double back” sticks to curb rapid Corps of China PV, PV module manufacturers production integration and competition intensified around the global market competition is the first club played quietly.

In a series of strong policy stimulus, China PV module manufacturing and power station construction chased each other to appear again. PV information provider PV-Tech the latest tracking data show, compared with the list last year, first quarter of 2015, global PV module lineup there have been subtle changes in the top five.

In the photovoltaic industry has been low-key and famous, or even ridiculed as a conservative by peer solar solar energy limited (hereafter referred to as Canadian solar, NY:CSIQ), became a dark horse. Solar 1230MW shipments in the first quarter, slipped the Trina solar Ltd (NY:TSL) out of the champion of the world and instead jumped first. Trina is 1026.2MW a narrow gap in shipments in second place for the time being.

Had for years first, still struggling on the path of profitability of Yingli (NY:YGE) continued to decline, down to third place, its shipments to 754.2MW. JA Solar and jinko fourth and fifth.

More than 10 years, as China’s first known PV enterprises in the international market, Suntech solar, Yingli, day and Canadian Solar has been the world’s top five positions.

PV-Tech survey showed that solar and two consecutive years of locomotive Trina gap is rapidly narrowing. Canadian Solar is expected in 2015, PV module annual shipments of about 4.0GW-4.3GW, Trina solar expects shipments for the 4.4GW-4.6GW.

In addition, expanding quite rapidly in these two years ja growth industry is also concerned with the apt, new forces to join in 2015 the global race for the first camp has more points and variables.

For many years firmly occupy the top ten solar, Trina solar, Yingli compared, former did not materialize and the small and medium enterprises in China have gradually surfaced. Their brand is low, but by way of contract work for a large company to achieve a beautiful curve big leap.

Like the last two years, accelerated significantly in aerospace electromechanical, rising in the East, Sheng optoelectronics, eging photovoltaic, Li Tenghui enterprises also showed a strong force after actual shipments difficult to equal, the emergence of these strength Regiment, new round will begin in 2015.

CEC statistics show, 5.04 million-kilowatt new PV cumulative installed capacity nationwide in the first quarter of this year, including new PV cumulative installed capacity of 4.38 million-kilowatt, add new distributed PV cumulative installed capacity 660,000-kilowatt. Earlier this year, the National Energy Board set PV installed capacity target of 17.8 million-kilowatt, second half of the year will usher in a new round of installed wave component shipments to more intense competition.

Just last week, China PV industry association released the first half of the domestic photovoltaic industry 2015 development and related data. First half of this year China produced around 74,000 tonnes of polycrystalline silicon, 4.3 billion wafer, 18.2GW cell and 19.6GW modules. Which component exports reached 6.1 billion dollars in the first half, and component exports account for relatively large.

National top ten rankings, Suntech Power Rankings are controversial. Ranking according to Solarbuzz, Suntech does not appear on the list of the top ten, has appeared on Bloomberg’s top ranking. PV-Tech think that Suntech changes several times, suffer a certain impact, thus ranking dropped, but its application in the global PV market the brand still ranks first, the overall strength is still to be reckoned with.

However, as the 2015, one of the world’s first solar giant’s existing capacity of the camp was fully released, as well as some intelligent production line expansion, once borrowed a giant meal of small and medium enterprises will also be challenged, it’s hard to continuing large-scale existence. New round of reshuffle or to come.

Original title: crowding out Trina solar photovoltaic shipments in the first quarter on the global top

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