Acquisition of solar-thermal power generation first single El strong transition energy

Polaris solar PV net news: the night of August 30, yili energy said in a statement, to the solar thermal power plant in Gansu province capital increase and to provide funds for construction loans, investing nearly 1 billion yuan. Behind this merger has profound meaning, little-known solar-thermal power plant in Gansu province, is currently the only one endorsed by the country’s largest solar thermal demonstration project by the power plant business. Photovoltaic and solar-thermal power generation was the second after another emerging solar technologies, is ideal for large-scale application in Northwestern China, by solar-thermal power generation technologies, solar thermal energy conversion and storage can be achieved balance of day and night, making full use of the desert light and heat resources. Starting from the desert of yili energy, further improve the development of desert industry chain.

It is understood that by Gansu photothermal-50MW molten salt tanks for the construction of solar thermal power projects in Aksai, Gansu province started in 2013 September 12, this is China and the world’s first commercialization of high temperature molten salt bath solar-thermal power stations. Yili’s clean energy industry chain, thus building an important part.

In 2011, the yili energy’s parent company yili resources group company headquarters was moved to Beijing, seeking information on technology, human resources, finance, Highlands, layout to the ecological environmental efficient and clean energy finance network investment and operation transformation. The ecological restoration industry chain from the desert continues to expand, clean energy, finance, and Internet penetration, expanded its business segments. Upon completion of this acquisition, yili after clean use of coal, energy, and in one fell swoop into solar thermal power, a new clean-energy strategy emerged.

Get solar thermal power generation

Application and construction of solar thermal power technology, is another outlet of new energy investments in the future. Yili energy into solar thermal power generation sector, indicating it was usher in a spurt of development cycle.

A solar-thermal power generation to engage in research who told reporters that while solar-thermal power stations in China lag behind United States 20, but with the speed of China’s development and context of the energy revolution, about 5 years time to catch up with the United States is not a problem.

In recent years, due to tight international energy, solar-thermal power generation technology continues to mature, especially in the face of global climate change, many countries have begun to have high hopes for solar thermal power, solar thermal power is already in the context of international development. In 2010, the rapid increase in the global solar thermal generators, more than 4GW. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has predicted that by 2050, the solar thermal power to meet global electricity demand of 11%, emerging economies more eye-catching performance of solar-thermal power generation market, trillions of Yuan industry is taking shape.

Compared to PV quick lunge, solar-thermal power generation appear sluggish. But in the new family of energy, solar-thermal power generation compared to photovoltaic power generation, easily connected to the grid, energy storage can be controlled. Long term, as the Sun’s light is free, solar-thermal power generation has a significant cost advantage. After the recovery of investment costs of solar thermal power station, electricity costs will rapidly decrease, have a considerable amount of profit margins.

Therefore, the best placed to replace solar thermal power generation thermal power, bear the load of props. Race of solar-thermal power generation will become the capital of the Blue Ocean.

In March 2012, published by the Ministry of science and technology of the solar power technology development “Twelve-Five” transition plan proposed: 35 year period, solar thermal power plant to build 100MW solar thermal power station design and equipment supply. Since then, the National Energy Board also proposed, at the end of 2015 solar thermal power installed capacity up to 1000MW. Since then, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Department also has issued a direction of solar thermal power as a strategic energy technology innovation.

As the country’s energy system reform to approval of decentralization reforms are advancing, solar thermal power will no doubt accelerate after PV, solar thermal power will be an investment outlet.

However, the development of solar thermal power generation is so urgent, the advancement of solar thermal power stations are not ideal. Twelve-Five time has been less than half a year, generation capacity up to 1000MW apparently have been unable to finish. And the Chinese Government had pledged that by 2020, China’s thermal power installed capacity by at least 3 million-kilowatt. In the present context is almost empty, and development of solar thermal power generation, is imminent.

In this context, solar thermal power generation in China will step by step to the front, from 2010 to 2014, China has embarked on a variety of technical route of solar-thermal power test circuit and the demonstration engineering of small hydropower station construction, but as of now, there is no large commercial projects than 50MW. Building access above 50MW, through international cooperation and common development to gain experience after digestion and absorption and gradually expand localization ratio.

Reporter from billion Lee energy understand to, is construction in the of Gansu Aksai solar hot power station, used slot type high temperature melt salt hot power technology, project first 1 Taiwan 50MW hot power station is construction in the, years electricity 300 million degrees, plans Yu 2016 built production, and Gansu Aksai project also just is solar light hot power of model sex project, future, this a project medium-term planning 5 million-kilowatt, forward planning 15 million-kilowatt.

Gold vanadium energy technology company Chairman guanjingdong think, melt salt slot type technology of advantage is, melt salt this media is a low cost, and long life, and heat transfer performance good of high temperature, and fever pass volume and low run pressure of heat transfer media, while is not flammable, and nontoxic, and environment friendly of excellent heat transfer media, and thermal conductivity oil is exists must of security and environment hidden; melt salt media can makes slot type power station of run temperature improve to 550 ℃, run temperature of upgrade is means with power station power efficiency of synchronization upgrade. Select the molten salt trough technology that fits the world of solar-thermal power generation technology development trends.

To ensure a successful first 50MW power station construction, the projects will be selected through practical project experience of successful operation of equipment and service providers. Collector technology from Italy the national energy laboratory of ENEA. Chu Re, heat transfer systems from Germany the Linde Group and Switzerland Paula Moss company, heating equipment from Italy Archimedes solar, mirror provided by Reflex, Tracker provided by BFR, solar salt from Chile SQM supplied.

Bigger and stronger new energy

After the merger, yili orientation of energy, ecological restoration and investment in efficient and clean energy production networks into one operator. A predominantly ecological restoration and clean energy, and related financial, Internet extension of the industrial system, gradually build is complete. It can be expected that future yili energy, is a green energy Green + financial + multi-development of the Internet industry groups.

Characterized by clean energy, yili energy’s new energy sector more prominent, in the technical field of the clean and efficient use of coal, its micro-coal atomization technology with independent intellectual property rights, and will continue to increase the intensity of technical innovation, transformation, instead of the traditional coal-fired boilers, plans to build 3 years steam 30000 ton/hour scale, becoming the leading energy supply and service providers. At present, yili energy “micro-atomization of coal” technologies have been in Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin province successfully settled. Yili energy chemical Park in yishui County, Shandong province implemented the 500t/h steam supply center, a project has been completed and put into production. Micro-atomization of coal thermal technology economical, clean and thermal efficiency is comparable to natural gas.

From last year to this year, yili group has resources in Hebei province and Tianjin municipality signed the strategic cooperation agreement, on the clean-energy business has enough orders to protect in the future, this business will be in places such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Shandong and Jiangsu, Zhejiang industrial park pushed large thermodynamic transformation and community areas.

It is understood that yili energy have been around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in central Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Baoding, Chengde, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Langfang city, invested central heating (steam) Center, and then to steam supply Center for the Center, renovation steamed within 150 km around 20000 tonnes of coal-fired boiler, equivalent to rebuild stocks of coal-fired boiler in Hebei province 30%.

With micro-coal atomization technology independent intellectual property rights of yili energy will also dock in solar thermal power technology and the applications of this technology spread. The merger of cooperation, an important factor is that solar thermal power stations, needs to have alternate molten salt heat, while in the case of insufficient light access and yili micro-coal atomization technology with independent intellectual property rights, just to heat and power technology convergence, function of each other.

Yili energy yili resource group’s main business. Undertaking the important mission of transformation and upgrading of yili. In gradually introduced PV power and light hot power two new energy business zhihou, billion Lee energy of new energy plate gradually appeared out clear of commercial path, to desert ecological repair for based, vast of desert area, will makes billion Lee energy put sufficient of sun light made a door big business, formed “Internet + financial + heat” of commercial mode, building up a covers multiple new energy business of listed company. Yili resources group’s objectives are: to within 3 years to become the world’s leading clean energy enterprises.

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