In 10 counties in Shaanxi Province PV poverty alleviation pilot project

Polaris solar PV net news: on September 1, the reporter was informed at the Shaanxi Provincial poverty alleviation Office, Department of finance and provincial poverty relief Office recently issued a circular, this year, the financial aid funds will be 20 million Yuan, Shaanxi Province, photovoltaic pilot for poverty alleviation in the 10 counties to promote lifestyle changes in poor area, promoting poor population’s income.

It is learnt that the PV is one of the States to determine accurate poverty for poverty alleviation, and new approach to poverty relief and development work, with obvious industries and social benefits. For well Shaanxi Province distributed PV poverty, innovation poverty way, Shaanxi Province will according to “Government Guide, and farmers participation, and market operation, and returns into” principles, take financial poverty funds input and poverty object, and investment enterprise common participation, variety funding way, adjusting measures to local conditions carried out PV poverty work, makes project District St poor through collective dividends, and investment shares and the charged roof, and space, and mountain shortage slope rent, and engineering management labor income, way increased income.

The identify 10 pilot counties for: lantian, Tai, and changwu, Yijun, and Pucheng, extend, Jia County, Mian, and luonan hanyin, and. Every pilot County of 2 million Yuan, funding cuts to the County, according to the following principle of arrangement used in the pilot counties, can be selected 1-2 of a certain size, mass enthusiasm high immigrant concentration camp or poor villages, distributed photovoltaic pilot project for poverty alleviation.

Notification requirements, financial aid funds to registered households in the pilot counties distributed PV equipment project grants, grants up to 20,000 yuan per household. Meanwhile, encouraging people to pay equity participation, the enterprise by way of donations or donations of equipment, working in PV to the alleviation, multi-channel solution photovoltaic equipment and funding problems. It is reported that before the end of September, pilot projects are all under construction, before the end of the operation as a whole.

Original title: PV in our province, in 10 counties in poverty alleviation pilot project

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