Japan Toki city implemented PV system

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan Toki city Gifu Prefecture has implemented occupy land area of more than 1000m2 system of photovoltaic power generation equipment to declare, for beginning on August 1 of the Toki city photovoltaic equipment set set out in the guidelines. Installed photovoltaic power plant operators need to Toki for 50 days in advance of submitting reports urban planning course development guidance unit.

The city’s guidelines set forth in the operator’s duty and obligation: “planning matters, prior to the living environment might be affected within the local self-government Council, informed plans and methods of construction, to take into account the adjustment”, returns needed “with record to inform the local government status of written documents.”

In addition, the responsibilities and obligations of the operator also provides that “should fully take into account settings area and surrounding area of natural, landscape and environment, efforts to prevent accidents, hazards and disasters” and “when there are accidents or disputes, operators must assume the responsibility and resolve, and to take measures to prevent a recurrence.”

There are more than 20 local governments above a certain scale photovoltaic power equipment construction reporting system, most of them in construction area above 1000m2 or solar panels power project as an object. Low-voltage grid (power output less than 50kW) projects PV equipment required land area slightly below 1000m2. Local government reporting system is based on the high-voltage grid-connected photovoltaic project for the object, which is becoming a standard.

Original title: Toki city implemented PV system, 1000 square meter report

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