Lion technology acquisition huali electric cast raised photovoltaic projects

Arctic star solar PV network news: event: slammed lion technology intends to issued shares and the paid cash phase combined of way, acquisition China force special 100% equity, pricing 660 million Yuan, issued price 12.66 Yuan/unit (consider capital Provident Fund turned increased equity of effect), lock period 3 years; while, company intends directed raised supporting funds 660 million Yuan, issued price 13.2 Yuan/unit (consider capital Provident Fund turned increased equity of effect), lock period 1 years, for paid purchase assets of cash on price, and Charged per transaction intermediary costs, construction of “Shang Jin town, Shiyan city, Hubei Province, yunxi 30MWp grid-connected PV power generation projects”, construction of “Fujian lions new energy plant photovoltaic power generation project”, as well as supplementary huali, corporate liquidity, supplementary liquidity ratio does not exceed total intends to raise matching funds for 50%.

Watch: acquisition of Chinese special forces, support company growth

This acquisition marked China master intelligence transmission and distribution of power systems engineering and energy management technology integrators, both at home and abroad with excellent performance of large power projects, for companies to develop smart energy management, Internet business for sale technical support. After the acquisition, the company has a core part of the intelligent energy management technology, intelligent transmission and distribution technology, integrated energy engineering, energy management, will become the industry at the same time mastering automation technology, multidisciplinary project implementation experience and implementation capacity of one of the few enterprises of power engineering.

Performance compensation commitments China forces 2015, 2016 and 2017 to achieve net profit of no less than 60 million Yuan, 78 million Yuan and 101.4 million Yuan, if the 2015 this transaction cannot be completed, performance compensation commitments huali 2018 to achieve net profit of no less than 131.82 million Yuan, thickened the performance of the company.

Point two: the strategic layout of three business and promoting industry chain development

Company main products are lead Starter batteries for motorcycle, sold in Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries of the motorcycle battery replacement market. Since 2015 and accelerate the strategic transformation of the company and new business layout, based on the starter battery for motorcycle business, promoting advanced battery manufacturing, new energy vehicles and clean electric power industry chain development, three major business segments “troika” model to keep pace.

(1) advanced battery manufacturing companies invested 500 million Yuan to build the end of 2014, with an annual output of 100 million lithium-ion battery production project, is expected to begin operating in 2016 to support companies in the development of electric vehicles and energy storage business needs and vehicle energy storage power systems research and development production, automotive lithium-ion battery pack Assembly and design of the BMS system

Production business, vehicle power management system to further enhance the company’s research and development capabilities.

(2) new energy vehicles: deepening strategic cooperation with the Tongji automotive design Research Institute, vigorously promote the company’s own brand of pure electric concept vehicle – Dai Le 〃 started and folding lithium electric bike product launch.

(3) clean electric power industry: the company is intended to establish a cover clean energy generation, energy storage, smart, the sale of electricity transmission and distribution, smart energy management services, from the supply side to the demand side of a complete industrial chain, focusing on layout of PV power station and energy storage devices, micro-grid construction and operational capabilities, energy Internet card.

This time adding vote for PV projects are as follows:

Yunxi County, in Shiyan city, Hubei Province, Jin Zhen 30MWp grid-connected PV power generation projects on: the total installed capacity of 60MWp, this phase of the project for the overall planning of a project to install 30MWp, this phase of the project is completed, annual electricity to 32.94 million degrees, 32.94 million yuan of annual sales revenue, investment recovery period is 8.1 years.

Fujian lions new energy plant photovoltaic power generation project: using models for spontaneous use, the more power is expected to scale to 6,879.7MW, with an annual sales revenue of 7.15 million Yuan, investment recovery period of 7.8 years.

Original title: lion technology acquisition huali electric cast raised photovoltaic projects

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